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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 17, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. a minute of silence spoke
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volumes today all over paris, france. the people of the city are grieving, but they're also defiant. french fighter planes are bombing isis strongholds in syria. according to france's president this means war. the big story is one of the world's great cities trying to regain its composure as the country tries to set a course for its future. >> france is at war. the acts committed in paris on friday evening, these are acts of war. >> the french president, francois hollande said that the united states and russia must come together to lead an international collision to destroy the islamic state. meanwhile the scene of thousands of parisians gathering around to mourn the deaths of the 129
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victi victims. and they netted arrests and weapons. two main targets they identified abdelhamid abaaoud as the mastermind of the attack, and the search goes on for salah abdeslam of belgium, called the only attacker to escape. but the iraqi intelligence tell the press that their sources show 19 terrorists took place in the talk, and others with hands-on support. that made it a much bigger operation than many terrorists accounted for. in turkey president obama called the bloodshed a terrible and sickening set-back in the campaign. showing you two pieces of video, this comes from isis which today threatened washington, d.c. saying "we will strike america on its ground in washington.
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and this is video, pictures obtained by abc news from inside of the the wall where the death metal band is playing and then the sound of gun shots. 89 people would die inside of the hall. that new threat issued by isis that we told but prompted stepped-up security in washington, particularly on the metro system of the homeland security officials say despite the rhetoric they know of no specific threats to land marks and they have always been considered a target. the philadelphia police are echoing those comments saying one of the keys to safety is for the public to act as law enforcement's eyes and ears. >> the best thing that can be done to improve security at all targets, including the soft targets is a very vigilant and involved public. we need the help of the public.
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their full involvement, their engagement. >> and going live to chad pradelli in cities, philadelphia. as you know, officials say one ever the attackers was found to have documents saying he was a syrian refugee, and that sparked immediate reaction here in the united states. >> that's right. anti-immigration sentiment is growing here in the united states. critics worry the attack in paris will only fuel that sentiment. as france mourns a political hot potato in the northwest. refugee resettlement. largely half of the governors are opposed to accepting syrian refugees. and governor chris christie one of them. >> i don't trust the administration to effectively vet the people they are asking us to take in. we need to put the safety and security of the person people first. >> immigration at the forefront
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for months. donald drop made in part of it. >> i think they really have to go through the process and really see who they are letting in. but this is american with and we don't slam our doors. >> how do you know they are note another terrorist? how do you know we are north bringing it on america's soil? how do we know it is not on the streets. >> i think it is short-sighted to not have open arms for people who need a place to go. >> the penn campus, the muslim law student association and other students busy making signs preparing for a solidarity with the friend of people tomorrow. and the students, there is concern of backlash. >> it crosses out of hand. after previous incidents there were numerous anti-islam. there is always a backlash.
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but again i think it is important to remember that this is not representative in any way, shape or form. >> and governor markell and governor wolf from pennsylvania both said they would welcome syrian refugees. chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> the coverage of the terror attacks and the world response continues right now on and you will find photographs from around the scene and the world. >> and mayor michael nutter told the attorney general that gun violence in american cities is domestic terror. -- terrorism. and nutter said that they feel unsafe because of the interest national terrorists but the same
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exists for many in american communities. the philadelphia police trying to find out who let two infant body in kensington it turns out the bodies were medical specimens for use at a hospital or university. officials say the male and female bodies have been preserved, possibly in f a mother and son accused of can selling drugs out of their home. confiscating thousands dollars of marijuana, hair -- heroin body. and joann badey and george badey. and badey happens to be involved in the township and a former commissioner. not indicting this man's near anyway.
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and new details about the patrol officer who opened fire on a knife-wielding suspect in the 3200 block of f street at kensington this morning. the 26-year-old tried to stab the officer through the driver's i'd window. the officer drew his gun and the officer shot the man in his right arm and right hip and he is in stable condition. a special group of women took the reins of a public in center city all for charity. all widows of the philadelphia police officers served as bartenders. friends of faulkner, chuck capacity and others were there to spoke support. the proceeds from the event
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widows stand strong will go to their fund. and raising eyebrows today. urban outfitters getting into the restaurant business. they are buying celebrity chef marc vetri's eateries. and christie live outside of a restaurant on north broad street and you have all of the details. >> fashion, food, preparing you normally if you in the mall, not an individual store. one urban outfitters customers says they wi could welcome. and announcing they are buying the vetri family restaurant, the chain famous for pizza. >> i couldn't see it come out of left field. >> and declining an on-camera interview, bus spending on casual dine something expanding. and there is an opportunity to expand the pizzeria concept and marc vetri called it a perfect match.
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>> pizza and all that. >> i guess urban would be a good source. i think it would bring more people in. >> shoppers spend more on signing out than clothes and urban outfitters no exception. the stock fell almost 9% during the afternoon traiting. no specifics yet, but pairing it with food could drive more food traffic between its 240 stores. >> you want order food on line, but you can, but if it is not here, why not. >> and like clothe sincerely that helpful? >> they are experimenting in restaurants, something the customers say is it a win-win. >> i look shopping and i like food. if they make good food i will buy the clothes i guess. and three spaces in l.a.,
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brooklyn, austin designed for people to shop, and even for events putting a swift on the shopping experience. reporting live in spring guarding for channel 6 news." >> thank you. still to come on "action news," joining in the reindeer games. and reversing course. and these talks of tax-pair paid equipment sitting unused. the powerful storm will have an impact on the weather and i let you know now in the forecast. and helping to keep professional athletes on top of their game. and everyone who exercises has access to the technology. i show i how you can test your slack and how it can help. and the sixers are in search
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of their physician win against the fachl ricks when "action news" continues.
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the cherry hill mall no longer charging a fee to visit santa claus after the outcry that the policy was grinch--like. and it is only one of 12 like it in the country. this year they required purchasing a photo package of $35 to $75 to see st. nick and that made parents anything but jolly. they took to social media to explain saying not only is it not in the holiday spirit but it excluded the low-income families. >> we never want anyone to feel they are excluded or can't come here. and you can visit with santa for
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free, no longer a purchase. and tens of thousands of thousands of dollars of wi-fi equipment unused sit in storage the past five years on the taxpayer's dime. and sharing this video with "action news" inside of a city-owned warehouse. snacks of networking equipment filed floor-to-ceiling, most in the original wrapping. and they are urging the city to put it to use but they tell "action news" they can't. not only the technology is outdated, because it was purchased with a homeland security grant there are strict federal rules on you it can be disposed of or sold. it was purchased in 2010 to be used as a wireless communication system for public safety
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officers a system the city is no longer interested in developing. our special worth on southwest trusting that -- sweat testing only down for athletes but now it is main street. and every athlete can test their southwest. and ali gorman explains why it is helpful. >> it seems like an odd thing to do. knowing more about how you sweat could give you a competitive efrj. inside practice the philadelphia flyers are working hard of the hockey a fast-paced, intense game. because of that and extra padding, players work up a sweat quickly. the doctor is an expert in hydration sports diet, in charge of testing the players' sweat. >> what levels of sweat we release during practice and the salts that come out of our body. >> experts say that everyone sweats differently in terms of
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volume and concentration. having the exact information helps athletes and coaches determine what players need to replenish their body. >> going to be ready for your event, your game, your triathlon or you can recover from a previous event or practice. >> every day athletes have access to the same sweat test. heat sports scientists offers an online testing kit. we recruited two local athletes to try it out. 29-year-old jessica burns an instructor at fly wheel in center city, a tough cycling class. and first she emptied her bladder and stepped on the scale, and then applied the sweat patch to her arm and she is off for a 45-minute work out. the same for 43-year-old tom who competes in triathlons. we set him up before an hour-long training run. >> i think a sweat a lot. >> and after the work out they
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are accurately weighed and the patches are removed, placed in a tiny tube and sent to be analyzed. >> your sweat is going to the lab. >> results are emailed a few days later. jess is a mild sweater 600 milliliters per hour and sweat loss mild. 12 ounces of sports drink to repleni replenish, careful not to over hydrate. and many drink too much. >> one of the bringing warning signs are the athletes who gain weight. >> todd was right, a significant sweater losing 2.39 liters per hour. his salt loss is also severe. he should drink a liter and a half to replenish and a solution with a high concentration of
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electrolytes, or need extra sodium through his diet. he will try the solution to see if it makes a difference for him. and jess is happen to know she is doing what is best for her. the kit costs $75 and more information on how you can get one on the white house unveiled a 17 recipient of this year's presidential medal of freedom. among them posthumously is yogi berra, barbra streisand and others. and president obama presents the award next tuesday at the white house. wouldn't you love a ticket for that. >> quite a line up. >> big-time names in that show.
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and cecily tynan and the accuweather forecast. >> cooling things off tomorrow stormtracker showing it is dry out there. a few clouds from the west, and temperatures starting to drop down from the high of 70 today in philadelphia. now down to 50. allentown dropped down to 47. wilmington 46. notice millville even cooler in the poconos. millville sheltered from the wind. and sea isle city 54. satellite 6 and action radar showing the cloud are trying to move in from the west. a lot of dry air over us. most of those really breaking apart. in the meantime a very powerful storm system rolling out of the rockies in the plains. we had about three dozen reports of tornadoes. and you see the watches lining up ahead of the cold front. the good news about the
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tornados, fairly unpopulated area. the threat of shifts east towards dallas, oklahoma city. and it is wrapping around, blizzard warnings around denver. 1-2 feet of snow. the system driving a cold front our way thursday bringing us heavy rain. tomorrow a good amount of sunshine but cool breeze. k the school-day forecast, maybe sure the kids have jackets for the bus. noon and the reason the backdoor cold front moved down from the north, and most of the systems move from the west. it allows the canadian high pressure to build in. cool, 56 degrees and winds out of the east-northeast. wednesday, ahead of the cold front a surge of miler air. 61 degrees and clouds. and across the great lakes, a cold front in our region
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thursday bringing us a soaking rain. 1-2 inches of rain are possible. the heaviest in the afternoon. we can get gusty winds. the forecast, good amount of sun sheen tomorrow and much cooler, 56 degrees. wednesday clouding up, 61. thursday the soaking rain, 67 degrees. behind the system a touch cooler friday, 58 degrees. saturday for the temperature game seeing some clouds with another cold front, 54. behind the front the coolest air this season for the philadelphia marathon, for the eagles' game, the high only 49 degrees. but if it is a little too chilly for you, rebounding back into the low 50s monday, partly sunny and high of 52. temperature stepping down. and good for a marathon run. >> it is perfect. you can start with layers and take them off as you heat up of the spectators and volunteers should really bundle up. >> thank you.
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quite an accomplishment for cub scouts in new jersey tonight. it was one day the scouts from pack 222 were able to collect more than 1700 nonparishable food items. and tonight they boxed up the donated food for three different food pantries. a night of fine dining in gloucester county helping struggling families get back ton their feet. local chefs in the taste of south jersey in deptford. the largest fundraiser providing food, shelter and clothing to the homeless. and karen rogers was there greeting guests and speaking to diners. and 6abc encouraging you to help out your neighborings in need.
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dallas mavericks in town, sixers looking for share first win. >> their very first, number one. they put up a fight. >> yeah. >> i will keep you waiting on
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the results on that. 0-10. that is not exactly the best start to a season. the sixer lost the last 20 games dating back to last year. sixers and mavs tonight. and i know you are a fan of wrestling growing up. and the fourth quarter sixers down 6. and okafor a nice move to the hoop. and the sixers within 4. and tied at 79-79. noel, the sixers have the lead. and under 2:00 to play, dallas up 3. dirk nowitzki, 21 points. the sixers now 0-11! they lose 92-86. >> we have to do a better job of executing down the stretch to close out a game. we didn't in san antonio, we didn't tonight. we need to. it's part of growing up. >> young team. the eagles lost the game yesterday. they also lost a quarterback. for how long? that's not really known at this
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power. sam bradford knocked out of the game in the third quarter with both a concussion and shoulder injury. the eagles say no timetable set for his return. if he is out this week against the bucks, mark sanchez with the start. his intercept late yesterday a back-breaker. and coach kelly says the birds could easily have a much better record than 4-5. >> we've lost to atlanta by a field goal or less. and we lost to washington by a field goal or less, and this game by a point. if someone makes one more play we have an opportunity, but we didn't. those aren't executions, but it's what we really have to understand how important each play is when you are out there and the attention to detail and doing the little things right are the difference between us winning and losing. ahead after the break, why the eagle
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the eagles oath the bucks, a winnable game. with seven games left the birds are far from dead. >> we are in a division right now where there is a lot of turmoil, a lot of teams that are struggling, too. at the same time we have just got to get this ship going in the right direction and pick it up and start with the buccaneers and get it going. i know we can do it. brandon graham at ben franklin high school in afternoon in spring garden section of philadelphia speaking to the juniors and seniors about the importance of education and working hard. graham also stressed to them about making the most of their opportunities.
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nick foles not quite working out in st. louis. the rams benched the former eagles' quarterback. throwing just one touchdown pass in the past four games. foles ranked 29th in the nfl in terms of passer rating. >> thank you. "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline." his guests are liam hemsworth, tracee ellis ross and music mash-up from "jewel and the gang." and "action news" continuing at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪
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