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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:clock on this tuesday, november 17th and here's what's happening. >> national debate after the paris attacks half the governors in this country vow not to take any syrian refugees. we're live with the latest on the divide that's acting governors in our region, too. >> new on "action news" a bullet smashes through a school bus window in pittsburgh marrowly missing students on board. >> after a mild monday a breeze will send us back into some more seasonable weatherly we're tracking the latest. >> let's turn to david and karen with weather and traffic. >> it's definitely chilly on the terrace this morning. a little breezier this morning than yesterday. a fair amount of sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon with jut just a few clouds. satellite shows you some thin clouds have tried to streak in overnight but they're really thin and we'll get a lot of early sunshine eventually looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. 48 degrees is your current temperature, though and up in
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allentown we've now sunk down to 38. 41 in reading, 43 in trenton. those northern areas definitely cool. 47 in millville and 54 in sea isle city. and as i mentioned there is a bit of a breeze that's been sort of waffling between about eight, maybe up to 16 miles per hour. it's 10 currently in philadelphia but on the terrace definitely feeling chilly. notice how the winds are coming down out of the northeast, too. that's a change today. instead of the west. that's cool up there. and that cooler air is going to be drawn in on that breeze. 47 degrees by 8 o'clock. so still chilly through the morning rush hour and then noon 53. this afternoon well you can forget about yesterday's 70. we're only going to see a high of 58. having said there it's a sun and cloud mix today, little bit breezy not a bad autumn afternoon and seasonable for this time of year. we have rain on the way on thursday. details with future tracker6 coming up, karen. >> all right, dave, i know this camera shaky a little bit but bare with me. i wanted to show you we've got this disabled vehicle. you can see police and penndot on the scene. it's blocking right lane in a bad spot. i-95 southbound here between allegheny and girard an area
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that would start to get busy anyway. now you've got the right lane blocked so southbound jammed past the betsy ross bridge to approaching girard. we've got the right lane blocked right there with police assisting. it's been a day for disabled vehicles. we have another one out here and this is in whitemarsh township on barren hill road at center street. this guy has a flat tire and he's blocking a lane. hopefully someone is helping him try to fix that. on the pennsylvania turnpike we had some construction but the crews have left the scene and now we're looking pretty good on the turnpike with overnight construction clearing out. live on the ben franklin bridge no big problem out there. westbound traffic coming into the city, all your lanes are opened. eastbound we still have that construction blocking the right lane. and one issue in south jersey is this downed pole in vineland cumberland county so watch for it on mill road at oak road. you may see some restrictions there, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. the paris attacks that killed 129 people continue to prompt raids and arrests across europe and airstrikes in syria. >> meanwhile french president francois hollande is vowing a relentless response to
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eradicate terrorism. erin o'hearn has the latest overnight developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam. france fired new airstrikes overnight on isis. they hit a command post and training camp in syria known to be an isis strong hold. france's president is demanding that the u.s. and russia come together to lead an international coalition to destroy the islamic state. isis has released a new video saying washington, d.c. is now a target. security remains particularly tight on the metro transit system there. the video states "we will strike america on its ground in washington." however, homeland security officials say despite the inflammatory rhetoric they are not aware of any specific threats to landmarks although they have always been considered a terrorist target. secretary of state john kerry said just a short time ago from a meeting with france's president. >> we talked about the significant steps that we believe we can take together
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in a number of different areas to increase our efforts and be more effective even against dash and we already are doing that. president hollande will be vis sitting washington. >> reporter: abdeal hamid abaaoud the alleged mastermind and salah abdeslam the only attacker to have escaped. while thousands of parisians attend memorials for the 2129 victims raids in france have netted more than 100 arrests and seizures of weapons. matt back to you. >> thank you erin. happening today students at the university pennsylvania will gather for a show of solidarity with the people of france. some have already expressed concerns of a and anti-islamic backlash. >> does cross our minds. after the charlie hebdo incident there were numerous
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anti-islam acts in france so there's always a backlash but again i think it's important to remember that this is not representative of islam in any way shape or form. >> the international human rights advocates and the muslim law students association plan to meet at the courtyard at penn law at 3:00 p.m. >> in the wake of the deadly paris attacks more than half the country's governors say they would not welcome syrian refugees and dividing line is clear between governors in our own region. let's go to katherine scott live in center city with more details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. a lot of passionate opinions on this and the debate continues. should the country's priority be national security or should it be offering asylum to thousands of people trying to escape violence? can it be both? for many there's no easy answer here. the argument has intensified in the days following the coordinated attacks in paris. refugee resettlement in the
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united states. authorities say at least one of the suspects believed to be involved in the attacks entered europe with a recent wave of syrian refugees. now 27 governors oppose letting syrian refugees enter their states including new jersey governor chris christie who spoke about it on a radio show. >> i don't expect this administration to effectively vet the people that they're asking us to take in. we need to put the safety and security of the american people first. >> reporter: in september, the obama administration announced 10,000 syrians will be allowed entry into the united states next year and in delaware, governor jack markell still supports the president's decision despite calls from gop lawmakers not to accept refugees in the first state. in pennsylvania, governor tom wolf said his administration will keep working with the federal government to properly screen and reset tell refugees. his spokesperson issued a statement saying we must not lose sight of the fact that families leaving syria are trying to escape the same violence and unimaginable terror that took place in
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paris in beirut. pins on this are mixed and they are strong. >> i think they really have to go through the process and really see who they're letting in but this is america. we don't slam our doors on anyone. >> how do you know they're a refugee? how do you know they're not just another terrorist? how do you know we're not bringing that onto american soil? how do you know that the next war is not going to be right here in our streets? >> reporter: the final decision rests with the federal government not individual states. but if the states refuse to cooperate, that does make it harder for the federal government so do expect to hear a lot more about this in the days to come. we're live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. our coverage of the investigation and world response to the paris attacks continues on we have also posted photos from the scenes and tributes from around the world. dozens of public school students in philadelphia will have to use alternate transportation to school again today. the district cut ties with a company that maintained 52 school bus routes in the city.
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leahy transportation is in bankruptcy and as a result doesn't have insurance. officials were able to make arrangements for all but 13 of those routes yesterday. as a result, though, some were picked up late, others not at all. affected families are being offered free septa passes and parents who drive their children to school can get reimbursed for mileage. the district hopes to have all routes in operation in the next two weeks. >> it is 6:08 and two major philadelphia businesses are coming together. urban outfitters is buying mark vetri's restaurants but investors don't seem to like what's on the menu. let's go to maribel aber live at the nasdaq if times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam they don't. urban outfitters is getting into the pizza business, we're talking about the clothing retailer buying the vetri family restaurant empire. vests gave the deal a big thumbs down. urban outfitters shares fell more than 7 percent. the sale does not include vetri's flagship restaurant on spruce street in center city is that the stocks snapped a three session losing streak on monday. futures pointing to a it
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higher open. we have reports on home prices and builder's index. marriott is buying starwood hotels. the $12 billion deal will create the world's largest hotel chain. the company would have more than a million hotel rooms worldwide. marriott edged out hyatt to win the bidding for starwood. matt and tam i'll tell you who wins on this deal. all those marriott and starwood hotel rewards members, they win. >> yes, they do. >> i bet you you might be one of them maribel. [laughter] >> i was just saying that actually. >> big smile. >> even flying a city where there's already a lot of marriotts, now you might have better locations. >> storm tracker6 live double scan and we've got no precipitation out there. taking a look outside, lots of sun getting ready to come up over the horizon. the center city sky scrapers this morning in red white and blue, not for america as we often see these colors say on the fourth of july or veterans day but this is looking like a tribute to france just like we're seeing around the world this week. 48 degrees in philadelphia right now. 38 in allentown. so, starting out very chilly
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across the region. similar to yesterday morning. the difference is that this morning the winds are a little bit more noticeable so bundle up a bit and maybe hunch those shoulders as you walk to the bus or just get in the car. 43 degrees in trenton, 49 right now, 47 in millville, 49 in wilmington. satellite showing you how there has been a little bit of cloud cover trying to inch its way in and there's even more out to the west but the early onset of this is going to be high and thin enough where i think we will get a sun and clouds mix through most of the day. and then the clouds will thicken up a bit later tonight. up in the lehigh valley look for a mix of sun and clouds, cooler today with a high of 52 down the shore also cooler than yesterday with a high of 56 degrees. we were in the low 60's yesterday. clouds and sun, cooler. and in philadelphia where we actually acknowledged briefly hit 70 on the thermometer yesterday afternoon, today no such luck. we'll be at about 58 degrees. now, that is a couple of degrees above average and very seasonable. sun mixing with those high clouds, clouds building a bit during the day and the winds eight to 16 miles per hour, a bit more noticeable than yesterday. 47 degrees by 8 o'clock.
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still struggling to 50 by 11 o'clock. and then we spend the afternoon in the 50's with the upper 50's for two or three-hour period. we'll see a high of 58 degrees around 3 o'clock before those numbers plunge along with the sunset. high pressure tomorrow will be swinging that wind in a little bit more from the south. that should add a couple of degrees to the thermometer. we'll get up to 63. but it will cloud up during the day. at night there could be a little one of these sprinkles you see. and then the main rain on the face of this front comes in for thursday and stays with us through most of thursday into thursday evening and it does look like it's going to be a fairly steady soaking rain at times with most of us seeing an inch, some of us maybe even getting up to about an inch and a hal of rain. that's pretty significant. by the time we get to 10 o'clock thursday morning, it look like the rain is moving in from the west and then it really plows throughly during the day. this is the 4 o'clock view. every now and then there's a heavy downpour, maybe even a rumble of thunder the whole thing is over in the evening. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, much cooler today, some
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sun still hanging in there 58 degrees. more clouds tomorrow, 63 maybe rain at night and then windy with the bulk of the rain holding off until thursday morning and then going into thursday evening as you just saw on future tracker, 69 is the mild high on thursday. behind that we cool down and dry out. 58 degrees, breezy and cooler on friday. the weekend looks like even chillier set of numbers there. 52 on saturday, 49 on sunday. could be a little shower around here or there on sunday morning. that will be an issue for those of you headed down to the broad street run to run or volunteer. and of course we've got football games this weekend. we'll have to bundle up for all of that. >> 6:12. up next more stories you didn't see last night including a close call for students in a shot up school bus in pittsburgh. >> a bear with a dairy craving does his best winnie-the-pooh poor thing. karen. >> looking live here on i-95. we had a disabled vehicle southbound near girard. it has since cleared. traffic moving a little bit better but it doesn't mean we're not jammed. i'll show you where the jam-up is coming up.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here at the commute across the platt bridge. actually things looking pretty good there for right now. it is 6:15, 48 degrees.
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it looks like we've actually dropped a couple of temperatures this morning -- a couple degrees. >> little chillier than yesterday, right, karen. >> yeah, temperatures pretty similar to yesterday morning but this afternoon i think is when you're really going fill feel the chill. looking live outside on i-95, this is your southbound traffic right now and you can see how jammed you are approaching the betsy ross bridge to approaching girard right now. we had a disabled vehicle that was blocking the right lane. it cleared but it was in a bad spot. once the lane was blocked we got a little extra heavy on i-95 but it's cleared and all your lanes back opened. it's a slow go on 95 as you head towards center city. let's take you to the maps. whitemarsh township we had a disabled vehicle, guy out there with a flat tire but they were able to fix it. right now barren hill road at center street moving a little bit better this morning. in bear, new castle county, highway one northbound between route 40 and 273, we've got a jam-up because of construction out there blocking the left lane. it's going to stay out there for a little bit longer today. so watch for that. you're jammed from new castle red lion to 273 and i saw some
6:17 am
people on the waze app commenting about that. that's really slow in that area. in vineland cumberland county we have a downed pole it's out there so watch for that one and here's an accident in mullica hill. it's on wolf ford station road near meadow view court. watch nor accident just coming into us in gloucester county. a lot of people take wolf fertilization and try to avoid the delay on 322. don't do that. now you have an accident oncology ford station. in vineland on mill road at oak road. if you go to the waze app we find some people commenting about a jam on 55 northbound as you head near deptford. near route 42 you have a jam-up. it's that time of the morning on route 55. i want to show you these temperatures. it's 48 degrees if philadelphia, 38 in allentown. but 47 in millville. yesterday we lit a nice high of 70. not happening today. 58 for you high. getting back down towards average, matt. >> thank you karen. new on "action news" t-a bullet struck a school bus in pittsburgh with students on board. this is video coming up showing the vehicle's
6:18 am
shattered window. five teenagerrers were riding the after school activity bus yesterday evening and one student was sitting about three seats from where the bullet struck the bus. police are trying to figure out who fired the bullet and why. >> also new the mayor of minneapolis is calling for a federal investigation into the shooting death of jamar clark. this is some new video of dozens of people protesting the officer-involved shooting. hundreds of demonstrators blocked interstate 94 shutting down the northbound lanes for about two and a half hours. 51 people including eight juveniles were arrested during last night's protests. clark was shot by police sunday morning. they said he was a suspect in a domestic assault and he had been interfering with paramedics at the scene but some witnesses say clark was that handcuffed when he was shot. clark's father told the ap his son is now on life support. >> 6:18. squashing stereotypes. the hype over mattel's latest barbie ad is not about the doll. david. >> chilly again this morning and staying cooler this afternoon so we've got the
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>> this picture is new this morning just like winnie-the-pooh got his head stuck in a honey jar a bear in maryland got his head stuck in a milk can many wildlife workers used an electric hand saw to remove the can. the adult male bear was calm but the workers tranquilized him for safety reasons he had his head in a jar. i don't think he would be very happy when he comes out of there. the animal regained consciousness lifted his head and walked off into the nearby woods. >> if he ran into the den with the thing still on him they would think he was the life of the party. >> glad they were able to help him. we have a new accident on i-95. i want to show it to you. it's a little hard to see. it's up ahead. you can kind of making our the flashing lights as your headlights are coming towards you. this is i-95 southbound at the
6:22 am
betsy ross bridge an accident off to the left shoulder. police are on the scene. we have a lot going on on i-95. earlier we had a disabled vehicle i-95 blocking a lane and now we've got an accident at the betsy ross bridge. southbound jams from academy road to the betsy ross bridge and again from allegheny to girard. don't forget with mass transit the new schedules went into effect with the lansdale doylestown line, dave. >> all right, karen, on the big board we do have cool numbers this morning. most areas in the 40's and still in the upper 40's by 9 o'clock. then by noon, 53. today your lie is going to be cooler. 58 degrees and there's a little bit of a breeze blowing so a day for jackets certainly. down 50 degrees by 6 o'clock. yesterday's high was about 70 in philadelphia, so not nearly as warm. that 58 is still a couple of degrees above average. if you are traveling out to the midwest or beyond there's snow isn't denver today. probable delays there. heavy weather down towards dallas maybe extending into houston and also into arkansas. saint louis wet. chicago getting wet but as we check out philadelphia international airport, all green aircraft on the big board. no major delays just yet and the only place we've seen any
6:23 am
rain so far this morning is chicago and right now that shower has passed through, so hopefully you have clear sailing to most of our commonly traveled destinations. matt. >> thank you david. the flyers host the first place los angeles kings in south philadelphia tonight. flyers forward ryan white has an up are body injury that is expected to keep him out as much as four weeks. sixers still looking for their first win of the season. they lost at home to the mavericks 92 to 86 putting them at oh and 11. >> ♪
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>> new here on "action news" the search for the cargo ship that sunk last month during the bahamas during lurk joaquin is over. it is end the the hunt for el faro. all 33 people aboard are believed to be dead but the remains of only one person has been recovered so far. the ntsb did not locate the ship's data recorder a critical part of the investigation into why the ship sank in the first place. >> as the holiday season approaches we here at 6abc are once again teaming up to help feed our neighbors in need. join us tomorrow for a live telethon to benefit philadbundance. volunteers and some special guests will be on the phones taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. our sarah bloomquist will host. log onto for more information. >> i'm erin o'hearn with the boardwalk m. oxford dictionary's 2015 word of the year is impossible to pronounce because it's not a
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word it's an emoji this face shedding two giant tears a usually used as a substitute for lol. oxford's officials say emojis are increasingly booing used as a substitute for alphabet particular script due to the fast pace of digital communication. for the first time ever a boy has been cast in a barbie commercial. the ad features a cute blond boy sporting a mohawk playing with a doll along with a group of girls. strict gender lines in toys and accessories have been slowly breaking down. target has already moved to make signage nor gender neutral. happy national unfriend day. because sometimes 450 friends are just too many to keep track of. what started as a silly holiday by jim plea kimmel a few years ago has turned into an annual occurrence every november 17th. today is the day when participating facebook users take a good hard look at their friends list and choose people to unfriend. and whether or not they really
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like things or not. >> be ready erin. people get some hurt feelings when you unfriend them. >> yes, they do. >> very much so. >> 6:28. upset parents shame a south jersey mall to check its santa policy and check it twice. >> also wild weather moves across the nation's heartland. meteorologist, david murphy is check how long it will impactins here.
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>> happening now on "action news," the french military storms an isis strong hold from the sky as the terror group turns its threats to the united states. >> new this morning, a botched revenge plot lands a local college football player in trouble with police. >> and santa no longer works for a scrooge. a south jersey mall rethinks its policy on paying to see jolly old saint nick. >> let's get you going taking
6:31 am
a look at your we had and weathd traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. >> lots of sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon. take a look at satellite. you can see how some clouds have tried to creep in overnight but they're high and thin and we are looking at a fair amount of sunshine early and probably even late in the afternoon sun and clouds. 48 degrees in philadelphia right now. allentown down into the uner 30's for the second straight morning. almost 50 in wilmington and the mid-50's in sea isle city. little bit of wind blowing as i mentioned 10 miles per hour. notice how it is coming down out of the northeast today and that's a cooler source region. yesterday we had winds from the west and southwest. not anymore. that's going o cool us down. on your storm tracker6 app by 8 o'clock still in the 40's, low 50's by noon and by 3 o'clock that's your high, 58 degrees about 10 to 12 degrees cooler today in most neighborhoods than it was yesterday but seasonable high temperatures. still look at the arrival of some rain a little later in the week. details on future tracker6
6:32 am
coming up karen. what do you have on the roads there. >> not too many issues. here's one i want to warn you about. see the flashing lights. an accident in a bad spot i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. that's an area that would be jammed anyway now you're a little extra slow 'cause you're checking out the accident although it's mostly off to the side. we see police out there on the scene as well. earlier we had a lane blocked i-95 southbound with a disabled vehicle. now you've got an accident so a couple of reasons why it may be extra slow on i-95. here we're looking at cottman. not too bad here. jammed academy to the betsy ross bridge and again from allegheny to girard but a 32 minute ride already. a good size ride from woodhaven to the vine right now on i-95 southbound. we had some construction but it is cleared here on highway one northbound between route 40 and 273 in new castle county. we saw some slow speeds earlier. things looking a little bit better right now. some of that residual delay that we had northbound on new castle between that pointer and 273 is starting to get a little bit better. we had an accident in mullica hill. i called police in gloucester
6:33 am
county they told me they cleared that quickly. wolfert station road moving a little bit better near meadow sealed court amount downed pole in vineland. still causing an issue right our millville at oak road not far from route 55. jammed on route 55 further up as you head towards 42 but you can see here in cumberland county speeds of about 63, 65 miles an hour so moving pretty good there, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. the french military fired new airstrikes on an isis strong hold in syria today while urging a stronger international front against the terrorists. >> in fact secretary of state john kerry is in paris this morning and just a short while ago he addressed the global call to action. abc's marci gonzalez has the full story. >> reporter: this morning the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks and one of the terrorist police say carried out the deadly plan still on the run. a day of raids an siege on this apartment building in belgium where police there was
6:34 am
the they had salah abdeslam cornered turning up empty. molenbeek also home to abdelhamid abaaoud. >> the mastermind selects and trains and motivates the sue site bombers but he never kills himself. >> reporter: this morning the french military responding again announcing another round of airstrikes destroying several isis targets in syria. here in europe no sign of either of these accused terrorists but the evidence of their devastating impact still emanates. the memorials at the scenes where 129 people from 19 different countries died to the somber silent moment shared by thousands. secretary of state john kerry here in paris vows the u.s. will continue standing shoulder to shoulder with this grieving nation. >> no one will interrupt the business of the community, certainly not despicable
6:35 am
cowardly acts of terror. >> that was marci gonzalez reporting from paris, france. delaware governor jack markell and pennsylvania governor tom wolf are standing by their plans to allow syrian refugees to settle in their states. the spokesperson for governor wolf issued a statement saying we must not lose sight of the fact that families leaving syria are trying escape the same violence and unimaginable terror that took place in paris and beirut. new jersey governor chris christie on the other hand has joined nearly half of the country's governors who now oppose syrians seeking asylum here. christie says he doesn't trust the current screening process and would not even accept for or fans under the age of five. he suggested back in september that the u.s. should take in refugees saying this is a compassionate country. >> and this is new from the overnight. russia's head of security is confirming for the very first time that a homemade bomb is
6:36 am
what brought down the metro jet over egypt. traces of explosives were found in the wreckage. all 224 people on board were killed. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and just in the last half hour we have learned russia is offering a $50 million reward for help finding exactly who plantd that bomb, also hearing that egypt has detained two workers there at the sharm-el-sheikh airport. happening today, president obama had other matters also demanding his attention this morning. he's in the philippines for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit. the president joined world leaders under tight security in manila this morning. trade issues and tensions with china are likely to take center stage during the president's six day trip to asia. there's an ongoing dispute over china's territorial claims in the south china sea which other nations say are open waters. the president announced the u.s. will transfer two ships to the philippines navy as parter of an effort to boost maritime security in the region. >> ♪ 6:36. brand new police in newark delaware want to talk to this
6:37 am
guy calling him a person of interest in a parking lot assault. someone groped a woman on friday afternoon while she was bending over to fasten her child into a car seat. it happened in the college square parking lot. police say the woman's attacker was sitting in a dark gray ford focus parked next to her vehicle. a lehigh university football player is accused of breaking into an off campus house and punching a students while he slept. bethlehem police say 20-year-old brian givens path with other members of the mountain talks team broke into the house on november 8. the defensive back from westfield new jersey later admitted he had broken into the wrong house while looking to get even on an assault on the fraternity's president. it's unclear whether other members of the football team will be charged. >> a powerful storm pushing through the planes is spawning everything from dorn toes to blizzard warnings. this is new video of a funnel cloud forming over western kansas. high winds and hail damaged
6:38 am
homes there. in colorado snow is falling fast and furious south of denver. they're expecting up to a foot. airlines canceled about two 20's flights to denver international ahead of this storm. >> you should see some from that storm beginning thursday? >> yeah, fortunately it's going to be warmer here so we're looking at rain and not that snow. if you have travel plans towards denver, boulder any of those places out in the face of the colorado rocky mountains check with the airline as you may have problems today. montno problems precipitation-we here. we have sky6 with sunshine coming up over philadelphia. there are a few clouds out there but generally speaking it's a bright morning and probably staying fairly bright through the day with a mix of sun and clouds later on. 48 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. chilly out there again this morning. winds east-northeast at 10 miles per hour. the bryz a little more noticeable at times than yesterday. there are those clouds, the early streak of them really melting away. eventually we'll see a little bit more cloud cover come in but look for a sunny start and then a few more clouds building as the day goes on.
6:39 am
it's going to be cooler today. by 11 o'clock still struggling to get into the 50's and then 57 by 2 o'clock with a high of 58 at around 3 o'clock. yesterday we actually managed 70 in philadelphia so today a lot cooler but still a couple degrees above average so seasonable. high temperatures across the region little bit cooler up north, 52 in allentown, 53 in reading, 54 in trenton. wilmington gets to about 56 this afternoon and 58 from philadelphia down to cape may. as we take a look at tomorrow, high pressure will still be moving away from us a bit. the flow will be a bit more from the south and we do expect a bump in temperatures. we'll get up to about 63 for a high. it will be cloudy, though and by nighttime there could be a couple of these light sprinkles that you see developing on the model. the main rain from. system is right along the face of that cold front. it won't be here until thursday but at some point thursday morning and in through thursday into the afternoon and evening we are looking at periods of soaking rain, maybe even a rumble of thunder and most of us seeing about an inch, some of us maybe an inch and a half. here are those sprinkles here and there late wednesday
6:40 am
night. again, thursday morning is when the main rain arrives. for the last couple of days it's been holding offer until after the morning rush hour. hopeful that continues but then through the morning, through the afternoon and into the evening we have periods of rain some of it heavy and that is your thursday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today no such problems. much cooler than yesterday but a decent autumn afternoon with a high of 58. tomorrow more clouds, 63. a sprinkle or shower around at night but most of you don't have anything real great. some of you might get away with nothing. thursday is the wet day. windy rainy a high of 69. it will be mild and that will be rain and nothing else but it's going to be periods of heavy rain straight into the evening. then friday we are behind it breezy and cooler, 58 degrees, a lot of sun coming back and even chillier for the weekend the way things are looking now we're going to go for 52 saturday and just 49 on sunday. couple of football games you want to bundle up for those this weekends and the philadelphia marathon on sunday morning in particular looks pretty chilly and it might be a little damp. it's a possibility of a spotty morning shower. >> all right but better too
6:41 am
cool than too warm if you got run. >> that's true. when we come back. search for a killer. indiana police hope surveillance leads. they to a plan who killed a pastor's wife. >> santa is free again. a south jersey mall looses its if this grip on kris kringle. >> eastbound traffic pretty heavy approaching oaks to 23. as you look at the saint gabe's curve, a jam-up on 95 and two more disabled vehicles. eye i'll hell you get around them when "action news" comes right back. patients across the country have spoken.
6:42 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. pretty cool cloud formation. check it out here on sky6. pointing upward towards the sky which will be sunny but a little chillier than yesterday when things shake out in the
6:44 am
afternoon. >> let's head on over to karen rogers see what things are looking like down on the roads. a little volume but that's okay. >> you just played my whole day with that shot. it's a beautiful start to the day. hopefully you can make it a good day today. you've got all day to work on it. looking live at i-95. it's any other a terrible commute. we are pretty slow on i-95, though. this is approaching cottman. that southbound traffic right here, whoa, southbound traffic we'll try that again, it's pretty jammed from academy to the betsy ross bridge where we've got an accident off to the shoulder so watch for that accident on the shoulder. not blocking any lanes but i-95 southbound heading towards center city slow at this point and then pretty jammed from allegheny to girard. gets a little heavier. you there see those slow speeds on i-95 18 at cottman, looking at about 22 miles an hour at girard and that accident near the betsy ross bridge off to the shoulder. it's been a day for disabled vehicles. we had several early this morning. one more on the boulevard just cleared a second ago but it was blocking a lane southbound approaching broad street. so, watch for a little slowing there and we're looking about 17 miles an hour. it is cleared now so hopefully
6:45 am
that delay will start to ease a little but it's a little extra slow there. we also have one on city avenue at orchard road inform lower merion a disabled vehicle there as well and you see the slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway, too. we're looking at 26 miles an hour westbound past the boulevard to belmont. only 18 miles an hour eastbound as you head near this vine so watch for that one right now. i want to show you what it looks like in new jersey. this is route 42. that's your northbound traffic at creek road. getting a little bit heavy at this point as you're coming in from turnersville or blackwood but a 17 minute ride not too bad from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. yesterday we made it up to 70. no way today. you're back to normal. 58 for your high, matt and tam. >> thanks, karen. indianapolis police are sharing their first big lead in the murder of a pastor's pregnant wife. this is one of two similar surveillance photos of a man seen in amanda blackburn's neighborhood on the dye slaw shot and killed. police say an intruder pulled the trigger during a break in last week and believe it could be connected to another burglary on the same street.
6:46 am
>> new this morning two life long friends grew up thinking i'm in the wrong family. i should be in your family. now 40 years later dna tests confirm the foo two men from canada were switched at birth. luke monias and norman barkman say they always felt as if they belonged in each other's families. their suspicions eventually drove them to have dna tests. no one knows exactly how the mixup happened. manitoba's aboriginal affairs minister is asking the federal government which ran the hospital where the two were born to investigate. >> well it appears clerical mall has had an ebenezer scrooge epiphany. social media went into a fizz i after people found out the new jersey mall's santa experience would cost them between $35 and $75. for the second year in a row the mall decided to offer shop areas more high tech santa experience. but it came with a high price. a move that ignite add firestorm on facebook with posts like this one. it's an absolute disgrace that you are charging so much money to get in to see santa but the
6:47 am
mall eventually got the message and dropped the required prepurchased photo package. >> never want anybody to feel like they're excluded or that they can't come here so now you can. you can come in and visit with santa for free. you'll no long very to make a minimum photo package purchase. and you can just visit with santa instead. >> now if you do want the photos or a video experience you still have to pay that $35 to $75 but that is similar to prices in other malls that he were found out but if you want to visit the ler mall and do that experience you should register online. but it's good that it's free. santa has traveled a long way and i think he wants to see as many kids as possible. >> it's bad when the kids end up screaming and crying and you end up paying for that whole horrifying experience. >> traumatizes. >> 6:47. live preview of "gma" is next plus a boy with a badge. police help make a sick child's dream come true.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
>> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach joins us with a look at what's coming up today on this tuesday on "good morning america." good morning, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, tam and matt. great to be with you both. coming up next here on "gma" we're talking about that breaking news russia confirming a bomb took down that passenger plane over egypt last month killing all 224 people on board.
6:51 am
isis has claimed responsibility for that attack and this morning russian president vladimir putin vowing retribution. we'll have all of those details and then the hunter for the most wanted men in there world. police in france conducting over 100 raids last night as they search for accomplices in the attacks in paris. police are still searching nor eighth attacker as well as the mastermind behind it all. we are live in france and belgium this morning and then a "gma" exclusive. the indianapolis pastor's wife who was shot in her home last week as police search for her killer her husband is speaking out live for the first time all coming up next right here on "good morning america." matt and tam, back over to you. >> going to be a big one. thank you amy. we'll be watching. >> we have a new accident. on the roosevelt boulevard you see the flashing lights right there with police assisting. this is the boulevard northbound near wissahickon avenue. it's on the ramp from abbottsford avenue to the boulevard northbound. the accident is on the shoulder but we have a tow truck there, too. people have been slowing down a little bit to check it out.
6:52 am
this is just after we were talking about a slowing on the boulevard southbound where we had app disabled vehicle. now we're looking live and you see more emergency workers coming to the scene with that accident. on the ben franklin bridge this morning looking pretty good. westbound i'd say a little slow from the downside to eighth and vine, dave. >> all right, karen, lot of cars coming over the ben this morning. as we take a look at temperatures it's chilly. similar to yesterday morning. 39 right now in quakertown. 42 in pottstown. from unin saint davids, 41 chester. still hanging onto 48 in center city and across the river in south jersey mid 40's up and down areas like cinnaminson and glassboro, from that buena. milder down by the coast and mid 40's up and down the state of delaware. if you're running errands or sending the kids out to school sweatshirt is a good idea early. this afternoon they can probably keep them handy because it will still be rather breezy and cool. neumann university saint joe's university our colleges of the morning. if you have errands to run or shopping to do today, might want to wait phil a little bit later. we'll be in the 40's by 9 o'clock but by 3 o'clock you get that high of 58 degrees. a little breezy and cool today
6:53 am
but seasonable. just not quite as mild as yesterday matt. >> thanks, david. police in massachusetts helped a dream come true for a young boy battling cancer. five-year-old chavez forte has stage four malignant neo plasma. police swore him in yesterday as an honorary police officer. they also gave chavez a full tour of the station and told him he saved the day by helping to arrest a suspect. >> ♪
6:54 am
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>> here are the top stories on "action news." new jersey governor chris christie among nearly half of the nation's governors who now oppose syrians seeking asylum in the u.s. delaware governor jack markell and pennsylvania governor tom wolf are standing by their efforts to reset tell syrian rev he jees in the u.s. lehigh university football player faces charges for breaking into an off campus house and punching a student while he slept. police say 20-year-old brian givens later admitted that he had broken into the wrong house. >> and as we look outside live we see a jam on i-95. we've got an accident here on the left shoulder on i-95 southbound near the betsy ross bridge. so you're rather jammed approaching cottman to girard but a 30 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine certainly isn't terrible dave. >> the weather is not too bad. chilly this morning, 48 degrees by 9 o'clock but we're looking at sunshine mixing with a few clouds and that's going to be the story today, sun mixing with
6:57 am
occasional clouds. 58 is your high. a lot cooler than yesterday but that's a couple degrees above average so we'll take it. >> right. >> you we don't have a choice. >> you'll take it no matter what. >> want to do this gloam why not. >> sure. >> i'll check my schedule but i think i can. >> for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. good morning america is next. we're back in about 25. >> ♪ for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant.
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good morning, america. breaking news, russia confirms for the first time a powerful bomb blew its passenger plane out of the sky. putin vows revenge against isis. russian warplanes and long-range missiles already pounding the isis capital in syria. as the search for the most wanted man in the world intensifies overnight the massive manhunt for that eighth terrorist and mastermind behind the paris attack. more than 120 raids across france and security stepped up in our own capitol. >> i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. >> monments and mass transit on alert as isis now threatens washington. a major storm packing a powerful punch in the middle of the country overnight. a tornado outbreak spawning dozens of reported twisters. major cities on alert this morning and a blizzard dumping up to two feet of snow in some


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