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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, a new fundraising campaign will benefit the philadelphia school district. and police make an arrest after a woman is shot and killed on
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her way to board a septa trolley. but the big story is the search for suspects behind the paris terror attacks, meantime leaders in the u.s. and around the world are fighting isis. >> reporter: france is now making demands of the military union, support military action, one person is calling this the september 11th for europe. they are mourning the 129 victims of last week's terror attack and hoping for the recovery of the 359 people still hospitalize the. law enforcement is responding to the terror attacking by an aggressive international manhunt. 28-year-old abdelhamid abaauoud is thought to be the architect of the carnage.
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the investigation has spawned 160 raids around the globe in france, italy and belgium, doeses of weapons were seized and dozens of peopleted or seized. in the united states, a new isis video threatening washington has a city on edge. >> we are doing an enormous amount with our homeland security team, the fbi, counter terrorism and cooperation from other countries to prevent that from happening, washington, d.c. is always a target and new york city is always a target. public event -- >> french involvement in the fight against isis is intensified with the strength of air attacks. in france the u.s. embassy lit in the french colors while back at home the u.s. senate
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expressed their solidarity. >> president obama says that secretary kerry will meet with the french president at the white house next week. >> megan thank you. our coverage of the investigation and aftermath of the paris attacks continues on, we have also posted photos from the scenes and tributes from all around the world. >> turning from the news, the man is now charged in a deadly accident while trying to catch a septa trolley yesterday. 23-year-old malaki armstrong went through the red light while trying to drive around the trolley, investigators say he struck and killed marian wilson in the crosswalk, armstrong smelled of marijuana and is charged with vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. a tornado outbreak left a path of destruction across four states last night. as many as 38 twisters struck in texas, oklahoma and nebraska.
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one was up to a mile wide and it destroyed an oil and gas facility in the texas panhandle. the winds were powerful enough to flip a truck in dallas there, so far no injuries are reported. that same weather system is headed in our direction and expected to bring heavy rain later on this week, but for now this is what november should feel like, as we go live outside with sky 6 hd, cooler more seasonable temperatures are back. lets get a check of the conditions with meteorologist, david murphy. >> on the east coast a fair amount of sunshine and clouds trying to filter to the east and bright in the morning and now recally afternoon, this is the system that is changing things for us over the next couple of days, especially on thursday, a low pressure center slowly inching towards the east, look at the cold air wrapping around that. there are blizzard warnings in
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colorado today because of that. but we are looking at rain it's too warm on the east coast for anything more than that. as this pushes back it's ground zero for the rain, maybe we'll wind up with an inch, inch and a half. it doesn't look to have severe weather and a rumble of thunder. the cloud cover that pushed in overnight has not reacted well and is moving away, and there say prong of this on the way and a few clouds welling up in delaware, it is winding up being a cloud and sun mix. 55 in wilmington and 57 in sea isle city, notice the winds coming down from the east-northeast, bringing in cooler air than what we experienced yesterday, the current temperatures are running below this time yesterday, we are 13 degrees cooler in philadelphia and down 15 in allentown and 16 in trenton and
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14 degrees down by the shore now versus this time yesterday, we'll be cooler and last week down to 70 in neighborhoods, today in philadelphia 58 around the average high and the low 44 closer to the normal high. i would rather not see the 39 but that is what we'll get tonight. we have the rain coming in and i'll have future tracker 6 showing the arrival and departure time and a look at the weekend. as the winter heating season arrives, new jersey's biggest utility is granted a rate hike, pseg is granted permission to build new lines, and they will have rate hikes every year for the next four years. plans to build a new casino in south philadelphia is moving forward, last night a city councild it for full
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consideration, green wood gaming submitted the plans, courtish faced allegations that they discriminations against black employees and patrons at other properties. they say the accusations are outrageous and false. today is the second public hearing for a state senate panel considering the removal of attorney general, kathleen kane, her law license is indefinitely suspended during the investigation. they have a month whether to recommend the full senate consider her removal. a group that sponsors the philadelphia school district is launching an ambitious campaign to help students improve their
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reading skills at the same time. katherine scott has more on the right books campaign. >> reporter: the idea is to get the right books to these kids at the right time and part of that is making sure that every classroom has a library and this morning's fundraising campaign kicked off at clara barton elementary. leaders like mayor elect jim kenney, and superintendant william hite pulled up a chair and read to the kids. they hope to raise $23 million by 2017 to match investments from the william penn foundation, they provide every kindergarten to third grade teacher with comprehensive training and the maximum effect of having the right books. it costs $5 million to install a
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classroom library, the goal of the right books campaign is to get a library for every k through fiveth grade classroom having the right books matters. >> we know we can expose children to the right level books when they are learning to read they stand a better chance of becoming sufficient readers. >> you read books and some books are harder, and some you learn personality stuff and the easy books don't teach you a lot of important stuff. >> reporter: well, this morning's donations are just the first step, it's a long way to go to $3.5 million and officials say it's going be a community effort to raise the funds. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. still to come on "action news" at noon, an assault outside of a delaware shopping
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center, police want to talk to this man after a woman was groped after she fastened a child into a car seat. and two lifelong friends find out they were switched at birth.
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police in delaware investigated an assault in a parking lot, they want to talk to this man considered a person of interest, someone groped a woman on friday afternoon after trying to fasten her child in the back of a car seat in her vehicle. is happened in the collegeville parking lot in newark, the man was sitting in a dark gray ford focus parked next to her vehicle. and details are emerging about the murder of a pastor's wife in indianapolis, a neighbor's surveillance camera caught the possible killer, police believe the so-called person of interest shot 28-year-old amanda blackburn in her home last week after burglarizing the neighbor's home, blackburn's husband was at the gym at that time according to police, he spoke about his
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wife today on "good morning america." >> she served people and loved the people that were unloveable and gave love to people that didn't have hope for a future. >> pastor blackburn says days before dying his wife wrote in her journal only jesus knows the future. police are searching for a gunman ta shot into a school bus, students from the science acdy were on their way home last night and one built came in and exited the other side. the children huddled on the floor and no one was hurt and a different bus took everyone home. so far no description of the shooter. two lifelong friends grew up thinking they were somehow in the wrong family, now 40 years later, dna tests confirmed that the native american men found
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out they were. their suspicions drove them to have dna tests, nobody knows how the mixup happened and the minister is asking the federal government that ran the hospital where the two were born to investigate. police in massachusetts helped a dream come true for a young boy battling cancer, 5-year-old chavez forte was sworn in as an honorary police officer, the pitsfield police gave him the opportunity and gave him credit for saving the day after helping to arrest a suspect. >> nice story. still to come on "action news" at noon, businesses affected by superstorm sandy could get another chance for help from the federal government. and a new study on coffee, the discovery that harvard
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small businesses that were affected by superstorm sandy could have another chance at receiving government help, they could apply for new loans from the administration and it makes it easier for borrows to receive more money. the influential magazine motor trend named the top vehicles of 2016, volvo's xc 90
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wins best suv and chevy camaro earned best car and truck is the chevy colorado, all are subject to hundreds of miles of test drives before the winners are actually chosen. >> health check this noon adds to the growing amount of coffee is good for you. researchers looked at the data of hundreds of people and people that drank a lot of coffee had a lower risk of heart attack, not just the caffeine that provides benefits but something in the compounds of the coffee beans. the flu vaccine can help in more ways than one and save your employer a lot of money, it's estimated that $10 million is spent every year for direct cost of hospitalization and lost
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earnings account for a loss of $16 billion. as the season approaches, we are teaming up to help feed our neighbors in need, join us tomorrow for a live donationest to benefit philabundance, we have volunteers and special guests there to take your donations, sara will be there, go to to get a link for the philabundance donation page. >> that is right i'll be the interviewer. the "action news" team sought working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. the designer doll may be pretty special but nowhere near as special as the commercial, how mattel is breaking down barriers for the new limited edition barbie. a woman stopped at mcdonald's for a gobbler and left with so much more, what an employee did for a boy with
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auti autism. and david murphy has your seven-day forecast.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back now with i guess the seasonable forecast for november. >> some people look at today and says it is cool but it's exactly what you expect for this time of year. stormtracker 6 live double scan there is no rain out there. as we take a look outside. there is plenty of sunshine across the region including the platt bridge in south philadelphia, live on sky 6 hd and it is a good looking day just feeling cooler than yesterday. your temperature is up to 55 degrees, that is not too bad, dew point 39 and the air is still dry and winds north-northeast at 11 miles per hour, the breezes are up a bit and that adds to the chilly feel
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and 50 degrees in allentown and 50 in reading and 50 on the nose in trenton and 55 in wilmington, 56 degrees there, satellite showing you that in the morning hours a sweep of clouds that are trying to get through and now we start to get some of that development over delaware and this little prong of cloud cover pushing down toward philadelphia and we enjoyed a sunny morning there could be a sun and clouds mix, we'll go with the sun and clouds idea, 52 is the high there cooler than yesterday obviously and at the shore clouds and sun and a high of 56 degrees, jackets up north and down south if are you up walking today, in philadelphia, a jacket on a bad idea, a high of 58, a couple of degrees above average and winds east-northeast at 8 to 16 miles per hour. more clouds tonight and chilly
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too, with the temperature dipping down to 44 degrees and the breeze a bit of a factor, but not that windy tonight. as we look at the evening commute, we will likely need sunglasses and sun breaking through during the early portion of this, by 5:30 we are well past sun down and the temperatures starting to dip too, and by 7:00 we expect to be at 49 degrees in philadelphia. as we take a look then today, we have the 56 degree high, sunny and cool, center city getting closer to 60 degrees and the high pressure center swinging away from us, we have a bit more southerly flow that gets us up to 63 for the high, in the evening, a couple of light sprinkles or showers in a few neighborhoods are possible and we are keeping our eyes on the front as it pushes towards the east and we get several hours of steady to heavy rain in the morning and doesn't get out of here until the evening, most of us see an inch of rain, some go
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as high as an inch and a half, in terms of rain, tomorrow evening a sprinkle or shower, the model is not selling this all that well. really on thursday morning at 9:00, 10:00, starting to see the rain gathering in the western suburbs, by 4:30 we might start to be on the other side of it in reading and lancaster, we are still wet up into the evening hours. much cooler today and 58 is the high and a few more clouds gathering in some spots, tomorrow even more clouds a high of 63 and we get the sprinkle or shower around in the evening and the main day is thursday, rainy and milder with a high of 69, and at time a soaking rain getting through and it doesn't stop until the evening with an inch or more on the ground then. breezy and cooler and 58, and the coming weekend we go for cooler highs, 52 on saturday and 49 on sunday, and could be a couple of spotty showers around too.
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if you head to football games this weekend, and for the philadelphia marathon, the runners may want to peel off as the race starts but it will be chilly to start out. upper 30s at dawn and his for the beginning of that. >> thank you david. this next one straight out a story book. just like winnie the pooh, this bear in maryland got himself stuck in a predicamenpredicamene became stuck in a milk can, they used an electric chainsaw to get his head out of the can. and he later regained consciousness and walked off into the wilderness, there is still nora head on "action news" at noon. philadelphia police are looking for this grocery store robber, how he ended up in the basement of a port richmond store allowing him to break in. the first for "dancing with the
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and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. here are stories we are following now on "action news" at 12:30, an international manhunt is underway for two men in connection with the deadly terrorist attacks in paris. and a local man is arrested
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for breaking into the house and attacking a student while he was sleeping. the philadelphia department is going high tech, when you can pay for parking in philadelphia using your smart phone, no quarters needed. police are searching cities across europe as two men connected to last week's deadly terror attacks remain on the loose, the two men were former neighbors in belgium and spent time in jail,elhamid abaauoud is said to be the mastermind and isis has taken responsibility for the attack and threatens to hit washington, d.c. next and officials are doing everything to make sure that does not happen. >> we are doing an enormous amount with the homeland security team and the fbi and other countries to prevent


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