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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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heart of the south jersey community and that is next. in france and in belgium the desperate search continues, a as authorities try to track down a pair of terrorist. one day after it reopened, authorities have begin shut down the eiffel tower. it is four days and counting since the the terrorist
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attacks, on the streets of paris. tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is new information from france, it the now appears that there was one more terrorist then first thought. the search goes on for salah abdeslam, who was original willly the only attacker thought to have escape. officials say he made his getaway into belgium but tonight authorities now say that there was a ninth attacker and despite dozens of raid by police and the military, his whereabouts are unknown. isis strong holdness syria continue to be pounded by war planes from three countries tonight, france, the the u.s. and russia. these are french fighter jets taking off for bombing runs over the city of rocca which isis considers its capitol in syria. yesterday french president frances hollande called on russia a and u.s. to put their difference is a side and lead a coalition for the purpose of destroying isis.
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secretary of state john kerry, who was in paris, said prospect of the cease-fire between syria's government and opposition is promising and if that happens, he says, it opens things up for in his word a whole bunch of things. kerry visited president hollande to show american solidarity today. hollande plans to come to washington next week to talk to president obama about cooperation on fighting islamic extremism. in hanover, germany to day police evacuated a soccer stadium, 90 minutes were the the the start of the game between germany and netherland. police received mounting evidence through the the day of a possible bombing inside of the stadium. german chance lar angel merckel was scheduled to a attend and no explosives were found. in london the stadium a wash in the french blue white and red and prince william took part in a ceremony to honor victims of the paris a attacks, before the the game,
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between britain and france. the russian security service for the first time today called the crash of the metro jet air us about a terrorist act. russia's fsb security service said that the homemade bomb caused the crash on october 31st killing 224 people. of course, isis claimed responsibility for the bombing. president vladamire putin vowed to hunt down, and punish those responsible, where ever they are hiding those people. now to breaking news regarding air france. federal officials say that security concerns, forced two flights bound for paris to divert to different airports in the united states, late tonight. actual any north america. bomb threats were reportedly called in anonymously. both planes landed safely, the flights involved one from washington dulles airport which diverted to halifax, canada in nova scotia. the other from lax which landed in salt lake city.
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the philadelphia marathon is sunday and with all of concern about so-called soft targets, security will be on the mind of many. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live on the ben franklin parkway, chad, what is the city doing to ensure that everybody a's peace of mind. >> reporter: jim, the city says there will be beefed up security for the philadelphia marathon. you can see over here some of the fencing has been brought in. the city says parkway here in this immediate area will be shut down on both side and there will be checkpoints, every other block for about six blocks to make sure that the start and finish line are safe and secure. >> we are working diligently and collaboratively to make sure that our operations teams in advance and on site are well prepared, integrated, mobile. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter tried to reassure the city that it is ready for the philadelphia marathon. since the boston marathon attack in 2013, the the city had has deployed extra
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security, some seen, some unseen, melinda hill was in boston during the attack cheering on her sister. she will be running this weekend. >> i got the to say i'm definitely nervous just because of the flashbacks of what happened in boston and having been there and all that kind of thing. >> reporter: don berk wits was a participate in boston and he too will be making the 26-mile trek this weekend. >> i think, you know, there will be a height and he awareness. i think that will go a long way to try to deterring potential a a attacks and you never know, but, you know, i don't feel insecure running the race this weekend. >> reporter: both of these endurance athletes say life must move forward. process of him to run in boston the the year following the a attack. they look forward to putting their times to the test. >> is there a sense in the running community of resilience. i mean it is an endurance sport. it is one that does promote resilience and really embraces
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resilience. >> we cannot be afraid and we have to keep, living our lives, and moving toward our goals. >> reporter: organizers say that runners and spectators should arrive early, with the the extra security. i'm live on the parkway, chad pradelli for channel six a "action news", jim. thanks, chad. have of course our coverage of the investigation and aftermath of the paris attacks, continues, at the six right now you can view current photographs, and tributes from around the world. traffic backups, a bound tonight on the pennsylvania turnpike, in west nant the meal chester county as a result of the deadly accident. police say tractor trailer driver lost control striking the the concrete median in the westbound lanes near bowl time road overpass. truck then burst into flames as captured by an "action news" viewer. turnpike lanes will be reduced there while crews inspect damage to the roadway.
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this was the scene as flames attacked the the moorestown community hours in moorestown, new jersey. fire fighters converged on 16 east main street, we know of no injuries. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the scene tonight, dann? >> reporter: jim, fire fighters say historic moorestown community house was built like a fortress. it is made out of brick, stone and has a slate roof but inside is a mess with heavy smoke and water damage. it may be sometime before the building is back in operation. chopper 6hd was over the scene shortly before the fire broke out right before 5:00 o'clock. >> when we arrived our initial crew found heavy black smock pouring from the second floor on the a side of the building, front side of the building and fire that was extending up in the a attic. >> reporter: within minutes a second alarm had to be called bringing in extra fire fighters from surrounding communities. many residents rushed to the scene when they heard historic building was on fire.
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>> unaudible. >> this is moorestown. first one. one of the first here. >> reporter: it took fire fighters more than an hour to bring the fire under control. the building was established in 1926 as a non-profit community center by eldridge johnson one of the founders of the rca who lives down the street. >> it has been a center of town. it has been the house, living room of town. >> we have had, picnic is here, parties, everything. library used to be in the the right-hand side, that was the moorestown library. >> i didn't believe it. it is one of those things like moorestown isn't moorestown without the community house. so, it is really sad. >> reporter: officials say it may be sometime before the building is up and running again. >> right new is there a considerable amount of damage and with the water damage from the fire fighting efforts it will be sometime before they are backup operational. >> shame right before the holidays. >> yes, it is a shame. >> reporter: back here live at moorestown community house where you can see broken
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windows there on the second floor. it seems number of events will have to be canceled until they can get the fire restoration guys out here and see how long it will take to get things back together again. we are live here in moorestown, new jersey, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. police have after arrested a former choir director at a delaware middle will school, charging him with 27 counts of third degree rape. officials say that gary smith, age 43, of newark, was involved with a 13 years old girl. at hb du pont middle school in hockessin. >> he should get arrested. get out of here. >> district attorney in lehigh county, pennsylvania, is tea fending allentown police, after a confrontation between officers and high school students was caught on camera. it happened friday night, when police were responding to a call about a group of teenagers fighting but the the scene quickly escalated when police say the teens weren't difficulties percent.
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the disperse. did have a says they want stiffer penalties. it is had hats off tonight for a wawa clerk in south jersey, whose random act of kindness made him something of the social media superstar. "action news" reporter christie lleto has that story. >> reporter: kyle, is a stranger bonded by an act of kindness. kyle is 16, with autism. he stopped in at this ventnor wawa with his family. while ordering he asked for patrick's wawa hat, something you are not supposed to give away but patrick did. >> when i handed him the hat the smile on his face was so big. >> he struck a cord with you when you saw kyle. >> i had an older brother. i knew he was special need. i thought it would be nice to give him my hat. >> reporter: in,ly he thought wow get in trouble forgiving away wawa property but instead it was the opposite. kyle's family posted pictures of the 16 year-old wearing his new wawa hat and story behind
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it went viral. >> thank you for the the had hat. >> reporter: "action news" was there when kyle returned tonight even gifting patrick with the hat to replace the one he had given him. >> i feel like i will cry. >> reporter: isabel is kyle's twin sister. >> when somebody else is that nice to him, you you know, it is feeling like he doesn't even have autism because they are treating him just like a normal guy. >> he didn't have to do this. >> in, he didn't have to do it. and for patrick to treat a customer like that it the is amazing. >> reporter: patrick proving a kind gesture goes a very long way. >> i didn't expect this at all. i expect it just to be giving him hat, i didn't expect anything out of it the. >> reporter: kyle's family says this wawa in particular has become his favorite. a as for patrick well, his boss says his random act of kindness just landed him employee of the month. in ventnor christie lleto, channel six "action news". still to come on "action news" tonight, fight over fares, judges propose a a 50
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million-dollar fine against uber in pennsylvania, but we will explain why. on health check it is not hiv but new research find another s td has hit record levels in the you had and mostly a affecting teens and young adults, cecily. storm system bringing severe weather from the deep south and bring us heavy rain and filled by coldest air mass of the season. i will have details in the accu weather seven day forecast. erin o'hearn with a special report tonight about using cell phones for education, rather than distraction inside local schools, ducis rodgers with the eagles new quarterback dynamic plus plenty of college basketball when "action news" continues tonight
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needless to say park nothing philadelphia, now is there an app for. that it is called meter up. it day buys thursday for a 3406 pilot program in four zones a across the city before rolling out city wide. the app will notify users before the meter expires so they can feed the meter from afar using their phone.
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however, extending time, like that will cost double the rate, and then triple. the kiosk themselves aren't going anywhere. two judges are recommending fining uber a record 50 million-dollar for operate nothing pennsylvania without approval for six months last year. the the decision issued today is subject to approval by the the state's public utility commission and uber spokesmen says the the company is extremely disappointed and hopes to come to a reasonable resolution. louisiana governor bobby jindal is a candidate for president no more. he dropped out of the race today with the words i have come to the realization that this is not my time. jindal says he is not ready to endorse another candidate but will support the eventual republican nominee. on health check at 11:00 a new government report find many sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise with one infection more of a problem then ever before. researchers a at the the cdc
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says chlamydia has listen to record levels. 1.4 million infections were reported last year. gonorrhea and syphilis cases also spiked. the most effect demographic 15 to 24 years olds, one of the dangers is that some of these s td's can cause infertility in women but many young people are not getting tested and they are being untreated. there was a special guest at tonight's first show of the play becoming doctor ruth, the well known sex therapist and author, doctor ruth west himmer was at the walnut street theater to see performance about her life and afterward she held a discussion with members of the audience. these days teenagers, seem to be glued to their smart phones and while many people see them as a distraction two local schools are putting them to better use. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn explains in this special. >> reporter: report it wasn't so many years ago cell phones were forbid men almost every
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classroom seen as a distraction to learning but schools are now changing the rules and their perspective on how fingertip technology can utilize to enhance learning rather than impeding it. >> i think before the the internet was the boo ge y man was like do you not bring anything off the internet in the classroom. >> reporter: soon schools found themselves in the canned dry with computer labs being part of the curriculum for decade. being in an isolated environment was antiquated. >> walk in the building and it is like backing in a a museum. >> reporter: we visited germantown academy and hatboro horsham to see how they're involving by allowing appropriate smart phone use in the classroom but also social use in designated area germantown academy has interest graded a digital citizenship program that spans kindergarten to 12th grade teaching student responsible social media use to and stand copy right and fair use on a digital platform. >> here at ga we feel
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citizenship, whether it is you and i engaged in the conversation face-to-face or whether we happen to be engaging, via text over our phones. >> every student says hey, can i look up a word on my iphone. i say yes. i feel like a few years ago i would be told to get a dictionary. you don't need phones. we have books for that. >> reporter: at hatboro horsham the perspective on smart phones in the class and hallway also changed six years ago. instead of forbidding smart phones teachers got creative. >> it is a matter of taking advantage of the technology that they have at their fingertips but most importantly teaching them to use it respectfully. >> reporter: even germantown academy library has evolved. this um iser the school donated thousands on have books to make room for innovation center equipped with smart board and a 3-d printer. educators have learned that their role is changing as well. >> to really have a a human being able to say what are you finding finding there? what is it coming from. let's consider it. >> it is more of an advantage because when i use it in
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school. >> reporter: in this a hatboro horsham senior science class students use their smart phones to take pictures of the traditional lab work and they post to twitter and web page that can be shared with other classes in the school and around the country. >> it add one more level of interest, excitement, and it is using something that let's face it, they all have them. they have come out of the womb with this attached to their hand. we might as well put them to use. >> reporter: schools are using social media like twit tore communicate with students and parent about snow days, school events, and announcements. administrators from both schools say that by not integrating smart phones in the classrooms every day they are simply not preparing this generation, for the real world. i'm erin o'hearn for channel six a "action news". just keep yikyak out of the schoolhouse, that is for sure. >> they will not have to communicate face-to-face, they always have their faces in the phone. >> accu weather forecast with cecily tynan. >> we are cooling things off
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tonight, and warming up a little bit tomorrow. storm tracker six live double scan which you can see on the storm tracker six app shows we don't have any rain out there but temperatures are really beginning to fall off. the poconos around the freezing point, quakertown is 37, pottstown 38. and in center city still holding at 43 degrees. pine barons in new jersey is cooling off, hammington down to 34. vineland 37. hockessin delaware 42. the ocean temperature is 55. that does not impact the temperatures and air temperature, definitely a little bit milder then inland in the lower 50's. satellite six with action radar showing we did have a good amount of sunshine. we can see thin cloud trying to move from the west but we have dry air in place. really just evaporating and that means good sky conditions tonight, to see the leonid meteor shower that peaks between midnight and dawn. best thing to do is getaway from city lights. get to the park, look up a and east.
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if you miss it, don't worry, it is not that great this year. generally ten to 15 meteors per hour. it is right before dawn. you can see jupiter, venous and mars all in a line early tomorrow morning. speaking of lines, satellite six with action radar showing this line of heavy downpours and thunderstorms. this is all ahead of the cold front. low pressure is funneling down heavy wind. part of the colorado and kansas and that system will bring us some heavy rain. future tracker showing tomorrow lots of cloud in the morning, some peaks of sunshine at 7:30 in the morning. temperatures in the the 40's. the as we head in the afternoon it will be more mild. today's high 57. 1 degrees above normal. we will be in the lower 60's. good amount of cloud. sprinkles west of philadelphia a look at what happens on thursday. this is when we will get heavier rain moving in the morning and over spraying our region by the afternoon, thursday could get around an
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inch of rain. future tracker showing around an inch in philadelphia a could be further in the northwest, more and then we will dry it out and cool down as we head through the weekend. exclusive seven day forecast mostly cloudy, 63. few sprinkles west of philadelphia, main rain event on thursday with some heavy rain especially in the afternoon, 67 degrees, friday, sunshine is back, seasonal and cool. 58 degrees. the saturday for the temple game mixture of sun and cloud, 54 degrees. reenforceing cold front moves through dry on saturday and that brings us the coldest air mass so far this season on sunday. a chilly win, 48 degrees. the race temperatures in the lower 40's for philadelphia marathon. bundle up heading to the eagles game. 49 degrees on monday and tuesday. as we recover back up to 52 degrees. wednesday on thursday and definitely on the chilly side on sunday. >> did you know good morning america is celebrating its 40th birthday? >> do i. >> i know you know. that they are doing so with a
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40 hour live stream event. that kick off at 5:00 o'clock tonight. it will end thursday morning with the giant on air celebration. lets take a look at the live stream event tonight, one direction is there, has been performing several of their new songs. the celebration continues tomorrow on gm a, which begins at 7:00 right here after "action news". ♪
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football players in norristown will have new equipment when they take the the field next season. eagles tightened, zach ertz handed out new equipment. he signed autographs for the the young athletes. in all dunkin' donuts and good sports donated $20,000 worth of helmets, jerseys, all equipment needed for these young football players. that is a great the night. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> eagles get back to work. number seven on the side line. >> he has a quarterback situation with the bird. it seems like we always do eagles said lit about sam bradford's conditions but all signs pointing toward mark sanchez starting sunday with the bucks. bradford good did not the practice today. he is dealing with the shoulder injury and concussion. he will to be cleared by an independent near role goodies before he started practicing. sanchez took snaps with the first team today. two quarterbacks air as different as night and day so adjustments will have to be made. >> they definitely have different personalities.
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mark is more, rara, sam is more studious guy. there is that difference. >> mark is a little rara type leader. sam is more reserved. if you look at it from that perspective. sam has a big time arm. mark has a talented arm as well. there is not too much difference between nine. >> to the ice, flyers need wins in order to get those, they need to score goals. that is not happening lately. flyers are next to last in the nhl in goals per game average. hosting kings pick it up tied at one in the third. claude giroux his sixth of the season. the flyers lead two-one. under a minute to play, and lucic beats steve mason a crushing goal that ties the game. we will go to a shoot-out. andre kovitar skating in on mason and kings have the the advantage. at the the other end jake voracek need this to keep the shoot-out going. the the flyers lose a tough one, three-two. still ahead, handful of
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college basketball games, villanova gets off to a slow start against nebraska, but wait until you see run they are on. dropped on thousands more items. my giant.
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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my giant. at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. college hardwood, we will start with villanova ranked number 11th in the nation. home with nebraska. this is a team they should destroy but an dry white bucket puts nebraska up by seven. jay wright calls a time out. in the sure what he said but it work. nova goes on a 22-two run to end the half. darrell reynolds from letter merion high. villanova wins 87 hospital 53. basketball is three-seer for first time in 33 years. quaker win 60-54. lasalle hosting rider. explorer shoot 53 per september from the floor. he had 27 in the opener over weekend. lasalle cruises, to a 73-67
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victory. that is it for sports. philadelphia police explorer cadet program promoted more than a dozening young men and with men tonight. ninety-five others were sworn in. ceremony took place at fop in northeast philadelphia the program is for young adults from age 14 to 20, who want to pursue a career in law enforcement. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guests are josh hutcher son, science bob, and music from walk the moon. a "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell. meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪ guillermo: >> jimmy:
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>> dicky:.dicky: from hollywood "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- josh hutcherson, "science bob" pflugfelder, "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. and music from walk the moon, with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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