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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday november 18th. >> more violence and terror in france. at least two people are dead and several more are in police custody as french police raid an apartment with suspected terrorists inside. >> new details of a mosque threat down south and it's a case that has ties to the delaware valley. >> fire rips through an overbrook home overnight ahman just walking along the street helps a woman escape the flames. we are live at the scene. >> but first up let's get a preview of what you can expect in weather and traffic. for that we have karen rogers and dave murphy. good morning. >> good morning, guys. another chilly morning across its region. we are going to see some early sunshine before the clouds get thicker. take a look at satellite.
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you can see the cloud cover, the thickest of it still out to the west but as we move through morning and into the afternoon that will change and we'll wind up mostly cloudy through most of the day. here's those chilly startup numbers. 44 degrees in philadelphia right now, still in the 30's, the mid 30's in fact in allentown and reading. we are now up to 40 in trenton and wilmington or in millville i should say. 44 in wilmington, 56 a little bit milder down along the coast. winds not all that bad coming in from the water. 9 miles per hour breeze in philadelphia but with these cool startup numbers it's a chilly one. by 8 o'clock 45 degrees. by noon up to 60 and this afternoon we will cloud up but we'll be a little bit milder than yesterday with a high of 63 around 3 o'clock. rain is on the way tomorrow. might see a little bit of a sprinkle around this afternoon or this evening but the big stuff arrives tomorrow morning and continues to through most of the day. i'll have future tracker6 showing you the arrival and departure coming up in a couple of minutes. karen, what are the roads and rails looking like this morning. >> we've got a problem already. a new accident coming in right
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in our camera here. this is chester county 202 northbound right at 252. you can see the accident. we've got police, penndot, emergency workers all blocking the two left lanes. so, traffic has just got to squeeze by off to the right. in addition to that we've got a couple of vehicles off to the right shoulder as well. so, you've got the two left lanes blocked, the right shoulder and traffic's slowing in this area on 202 northbound at chester brook boulevard here in chester county. expect some slowing past the scene right now. i want to switch over now to the vine street expressway. we can see traffic moving again. it took awhile to clear that construction overnight. it was closed overovernight but here's westbound, eastbound moving okay but the crews will come back tonight at 11 o'clock so we'll see the construction continuing then. live on i-95, this is your southbound traffic starting to slow up already here approaching cottman. you've got that building volume. again approaching girard. southbound as you head towards to center city a little bit slow right there. in bear, though, new castle county we expect some slowing here. the construction is out there. we're already seeing speeds of 36 miles an hour.
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this tends to get worse before it gets better. the construction is northbound between route 40 and 273. everybody on twitter was talking about this one. it's blocking the right lane. it's there again today for at least another half hour matt and tam. >> thank you karen. and of course we begin with the breaking nice out of france as authorities hunter down the terrorists wanted for those attacks on paris. >> french agents raided an apartment near paris overnight leading to an intense standoff with gun shots a bomb blast and arrests. >> "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live in our satellite center many a changing story. she's got the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning changing by the minute matt and tam. this raid has been going on for more than seven hours. now i think we have a lie picture of the situation right now. can we take that picture because we do have new information that just came into "action news." abc news is reporting that two terrorists have been killed and seven other -- seven other people have been arrested. you can see that live picture. it looks like there are two armed authorities outside a
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church and that they've forcefully entered that church. you can see the door is sort of blown out there. now, this is all happening about a half hour north of paris in the suburb of saint-denis. one of the suspected terrorists who was killed was a woman who apparently detonated a suicide vest. seven other people have been taken into custody as you mentioned, three of those were inside the apartment where the suspected terrorists were hiding. there are also reports that some police officers were wounded in the raid which started around 4:20 this morning paris time. now, loud and continuous gunfire was heard throughout the neighborhood in the last few hours. residents captured the drama as it unfolded. take a listen. [gunfire] >> reporter: okay, so people in the area clearly anxious and on edge as this situation developed at a raped pace and continues to develop. people have been recording what is happening on their cell phones. now, french officials say it's
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believed that abdelhamid abaaoud the alleged mastermind of the attacks who you see there was inside that apartment but we don't know his current status. abaaoud is a belgian citizen and until this morning he was thought to have been in syria. he's believed to be in his 20's. now, as we said there are also reports of multiple officers being injured but new information, two terrorists are dead, seven other people have been arrested and as we said multiple officers injured. of course we'll bring you any breaking details as they come into "action news." we're live in the satellite center erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you for that. meanwhile our coverage of the investigation and the aftermath of the paris attacks continues on right now you can view current photos and tributes from around the world. >> more breaking news here. fire left an overbrook home in ruins overnight but thanks to a plan who was walking nearby a woman inside escaped with her life. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along columbia avenue where crews remain on the scene. katherine. >> reporter: matt, we spoke
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to the woman who lives here and she said that it was her nephew had a happened to be walking by who helped her get out of her home safely. she did not -- was not injured in all this but her home which has been in her family since the 60's is in ruins. and firefighters have been winding down operations here but they remain on the scene in overbrook continuing to wet down hot spots. they're also investigating the cause of the fire. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for an evaluation but again, we're told it's nothing serious. this happened around 1:30 this morning on the 6100 block of west columbia avenue. thick flames ripped through this home raging through the first and second floors. we're also told there was fire in the basement. witnesses tell us the fire started in the back of the home and then it just quickly spread. eventually the roof collapsed. it took an hour to get the fire under control. the woman who lives here tiffany booker tells us she wasn't injured but she believes this start fred an outside grille. she said when she left it there last night the grille was secured but when she
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walked outside this morning it was on the ground. her nephew said it was fortunate he had been walking by. >> i'm walking past to go to the chinese store get a cigarette, i see my under a house on fire from the back. and i just kicked the window in try to get her to come out. >> reporter: his aunt's home has now been condemned. heavy equipment will be here later to take it down. the other side of the twin is damaged but authorities don't know yet if that has to come down, too. a third home has some damage to the siding and a window. nine people have been displaced. again, the fire marshal remains on the scene investigating the cause and the origin of this blaze. we're live in overbrook, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you for that. it is 6:07. new on "action news" the arrest of a texas man accused of making terror threats in a case that has ties to the delaware valley. texas authorities say gloucester township police notified them after a local man received messages from someone named clayton alexander cancelor. this is his picture.
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unidentified man claims cancelor posted disturbing photos of ammunition along with a direct message on facebook about shooting up a mosque. police arrested cancelor but they didn't find any weapons. police say the 26-year-old lives less than a mile from a mosque. cancelor is now facing a list of charges. >> a pennsylvania judge wants to fine uber for having operated in the state without a license. maribel aber explains in our market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi there, matt. first off uber could face a 50 million-dollar fine for app rating in pennsylvania without proper approval. two judges are recommending the fine which must be approved by the public utility commission so if it's approved it would be the largest fine ever imposed by the agency. uber spokesman says the company is extremely disappointed and hopes to reach a "reasonable resolution." stocks gained back gains. futures pointing to a lower open. we have a report on housing starns the minutes of the last policy meeting of the federal reserve due out later today. american airlines makes big
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changes to its frequent flier program. the airline will start awarding miles based on the fare you pay and not the distance you fly. the move is similar to changes already made by delta and united. american flyers will earn 5 miles for every dollar spent on the base far and fees. the change will take place in the second half of next year. that's the latest in business news from the nasdaq. because to you matt and tam. >> we're chilly this morning. lower into the 30's than we were the last couple days. >> i know. >> ooh, right. storm tracker6 live double scan slows you we're dry. as we take that all important look outside it does look like the east is getting bright and there are clouds moving in from the west but 33 won't be in here in time to knock out that early sunshine. i think it does get cloudier as the morning goes on though. 44 degrees in philadelphia. here come those 30's. 35 degrees right now in a.m. town, 36 in reading. we are out of the 30's in millville and trenton but just barely. 44 in wilmington. milder down by the shore in places like cape may.
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here's the lack of cloud cover early. we'll probably get some early sun but by the time we get past about 10 or 11 o'clock all the way up to noon it does look like the clouds are socking in most of the area so we'll go mostly cloudy today. during the afternoon and evening there is even a chance of a little spotty sprinkle or shower popping up although it's not going to be a lot of rain today. as we take a look at the lehigh valley a little milder this afternoon with a high of 58 degrees. you'll still need your coat as you're out and about. lots of clouds, a little bit breezy it's a times. down the shore more of the same. a bit milder with a high of 63, lots of clouds and the possibility of a little bit of a breeze at times. and then today in philadelphia, mostly cloudy, a bit milder than yesterday with a high of 63 and those winds running eight to 16 miles per hour with any early sunshine fading behind clouds for most of the day. as we roll through the day, 45 degrees by 8 o'clock. 57 by 11 o'clock and a little bit milder this afternoon with 62 at 2 o'clock and a high of 63 around 3 o'clock. as we take a look at tomorrow, again, a little spotty
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sprinkle late today or tonight but the main rain is going to be coming in tomorrow morning. by 6 o'clock when we are right here on "action news" looks like storm tracker6 live double scan may have the opportunity to begin tracking this to the west. as we go up into 9 o'clock there's a chance before the ends of the rush hour a good portion of the region starts to get wet with steadier rain out to the west. 3 o'clock it's still kind of damp out there and the evening commute even though the rain may be dying down in intensity still looks wet. this is pretty much an all day rain tapering off in the evening. how much are we expecting a half inch to an inch in general. this these are new model runs. you can see that's the range tianjin rally. we're looking at 63, lots of clouds today, maybe a sprinkle around in the afternoon or evening. windy and rainy tomorrow a-mild high of 69 but it is going to be wet. and then all of that is gone, breezy and cooler on friday, 58 degrees. some sun returning. for the weekend even cooler air settles in, 54 is saturday's high with a mix of clouds and sun and in the upper 40's on saturday and sunday. if you're leaded to those
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eagles games or the philadelphia marathon, dress appropriately. we are back into the 50's by tuesday. >> okay thanks, david. 6:12 now. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the search for a fourth intruder who escaped the wrath of a gun holding homeowner in berks county. >> a south jersey community wonders what the future holds for an historic building that went up in flames. karen. >> we're looking pretty good right here 611 bypass at limekiln road but we do have an accident nearby and we'll have the latest with that accident on 202 coming up. >> and "good morning america" brings its 40th anniversary celebration to philadelphia. that's later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. everybody is getting going, getting that morning commute started. as you take a live look at the traffic making its way across its platt bridge, it is 6:15, 46 degrees. >> looks like you got a backup here on the big board. >> in chester county this accident on 202 northbound right here at 252 we can see the accident blocking the two left lanes. we've got police and emergency workers on the scene but also up ahead blocking the right shoulder so you have the two left lanes right shoulder blocked. traffic just kind of squeezing by and that's why you're jammed right here on 202. look for this accident, 202 northbound near 252 as you head towards king of prussia
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you'll be dooling with this one this morning. and we've got a new accident coming in to us in doylestown. watch for it on ferry road southbound at iron hill road. police are on the scene but they expect it to clear pretty shortly. this construction cleared early. caused big headaches yesterday up at highway one northbound between route 40 and 273. the construction has cleared. earlier i showed you they were traveling 30 miles an hour here, now it's 55 so we see those speeds have gone back up. construction though blocks the left lane all day until 3 o'clock in the afternoon on 55 northbound at route 49 so you're going watch for there one in cumberland county. seeing speeds of 65 miles an hour through this area but you're slower as you get closer to the busier area near route 42. let's look at the temperatures through the region. it's chilly out there, just in the 30's. 38 in pottstown, 37 in quakertown, 36 in chester but the roads are dry. we have no weather related problems this morning. 37 in hammonton. 42 in dover, delaware. we're watching for the real rain and spotty rain to occur later tonight but lots of clouds overall, 63 for your
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high, a milder this afternoon than yesterday matt. >> thanks karen. the ongoing search for a fourth man who carried out a home envision in berks county that left two other suspected robbers and the homeowner wounded. it happened on the unit block of mill road in olli township early yesterday morning. the homeowner told police he was awake can concerned by that a man pointing a gun at him. the victim grabbed his own gun and exchanged fire with two intruders. investigators receive a tip a short time later that two men dropped off two gun shot victims at the hospital. the two wounded suspects and a suspect ed accomplice are in custody. the homer was treated for a gunshot wound his leg. there may be some time before the moorestown community house is up and running again. a two alarm fire ignited in historic burlington county building yesterday evening. chopper 6hd flu over the scene at 16 east main street in moorestown. it took firefighters more than an hour to bring the fire under control. no word on what sparked the
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blaze. >> two top aides for kathleen kane set to instead of before t. legal experts testified yesterday about what kind of work that a suspended lawyer can and cannot do. the state supreme court suspended kane's law license after she was charged with perjury in montgomery county. the committee is supposed to offer its opinion on cape's future by thanksgiving. >> 6:18. the package deal. two puppies need a love home and here's the catch. you need to also take their friend the pig. david. >> but he's a really cute pig and the dogs -- we've got sweatshirts on the kids. what your a jacket this morning. it's pretty cold in some suburbs with a few temperature in the 30's. most of us in the 40's. drexel lasalle are our colleges of the morning. when we come back we'll give you your day planner forecast let you know how mild it's going to get later on and we'll take you to the airport. >> ♪
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>> people in arkansas are dealing with widespread power outages and damage after severe weather moved across the state. thunderstorms with tornadoes speed winds flocked out power and ripped the roof off of a business in downtown hot springs, arkansas. witnesses describe the storm as a massive dark cloud filled with intense lightning. fortunately no one was hurt. >> nasty stuff there. we've got dry roads but an accident that's causing some delays. i've got an up 88 to you. instead of the two left lanes looks like just one left lane may be blocked at this point but they're out there with crews on the scene. you see the flashing lights. this is 202 northbound at 252 as you head towards king of prussia we're slowing now past the scene. we've got the left lane blocked. we also have the right shoulder with another vehicle there so kind of a mess in chester county. meanwhile -- well, that's very dark. there's the roosevelt boulevard there at ridge avenue. no problems between oxford circle and the schuylkill this morning, dave. >> well, the sun is coming up a little bit later on but we're not going to see a whole lot of it. we're in the 30's in some
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outlying suburbs right now, low to mid 40's elsewhere. by 9 o'clock in philadelphia, 49, maybe still squeezing out some sun. clouds will have a tendency to get thicker this morning and through the afternoon. mostly cloudy by noon, 60. a little milder this afternoon. 3 o'clock your high is 63 degrees and then 60 by 6 o'clock. little bit of a breeze and obviously clouding up. can't totally rule out a little afternoon or evening sprinkle around 2:00. this is the main rain maker for us. if you're traveling this morning down to new orleans you've got heavy weather there, also along the gulf coast. chicago has been a little bit wet this morning and a few sprinkles in atlanta. no major delays right now a is denoted by all these green aircraft but showing rain if chicago, a bit of light rain in atlanta with thunderstorms possible later today. so, check with the airline or check your e-mail to see if the air shrine contacting you about any problems to those destinations later. matt there thanks, david. some claim the war on saturated fat is over. while others wonder if that means it's hell three to go back and eat like butter like
6:23 am
just butter-butter. here's health reporter ali gorman with a preview of a especially report you'll see tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: the options seem endless in the butter aisle. there's better versus margerine stick versus spread and all kinds of different vegetable oils. >> i like to cook with butter, use margerine on my toast. >> reporter: we talked to experts to find out which are the healthiest choices tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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>> new on "action news," two puppies and a pig are looking to move into a new home together. the trio known as triple p, patti the pig pickles and paprika. the animals have developed an unusual bond and our staff favorites is the animal rescue league in berks county. all three were abandoned and left in a stray building in september. they're ready to be adopted as a group. >> come on somebody take the 3p's. well, new here on "action news," a cumberland county father has filed a complaint with the t.s.a. after security workers confiscated his son's new toy. david and his five-year-old son levi were coming back from home to mechanisburg after the boy's first trip to disney world. a buzz light year flip grip toy was his big souvenir but according to the t.s.a. web site realistic replicas of firearms have to be in checked baggage. the family didn't have any, they only had carry on so the toy got tossed. the t.s.a. says it isn't commenting just yet. >> i'm erin o'hearn here at
6:27 am
the big board. "good morning america" celebrating its 40th anniversary in a big way. and the viewers are benefiting. "gma" is streaming live for 40 hours it's a marathon. it started at 5:00 last night but one of the biggest moments happened just before midnight and all i'm going to say is one direction. >> ♪ >> reporter: that's one direction's hit song drag me down. they performed a number of songs to the usual enthusiastic crowd in new york city which is the story of their life. if you're a 14-year-old girl you would know what i mean. philadelphia was part of the big celebration. celebrity chef gordon ramsey whipped up midnight snacks at high street on market in olde city and you can watch "good morning america"'s live streaming event on our web site and if you don't ramsey is going to have a few words with you and you do not want that, guys.
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>> no, you don't. a dramatic and violent police raid nets terrorist arrests near paris. >> new information still coming in on a number of arrests and casualties at the scene of the standoff. we'll break it down for you in a full report. that's up next.
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>> braking now on "action news" in france a woman detonates a suicide vest during police raids in a paris suburb aimed at taking out the mastermind of the terror attacks. >> new from the overnight the fbi updates his investigation into the air france flights that had to be diverted due to anonymous threats. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday. let's get you whether and traffic with david and karen. >> off to another chilly start guys. there's some sun coming up over the horizon nice and
6:31 am
bright early on. satellite shows you how clouds are getting thicker out to the west and north and as we go through the morning those clouds thicken up and we expect to wind up mainly cloudy. 44 degrees currently in philadelphia, 37 in allentown. 36 in reading. these numbers are improving a little bit but it is still on the chilly side and we do have a bit of a breeze coming in off the ocean. 9 miles per hour in philadelphia adding to that cool feel. it's going to be more cloudy as we roll through the day today, kids and coworkers. 44 degrees is your current temperature on your storm tracker6 app and we'll probably still be on or about that by 8 o'clock. we'll get a little milder this afternoon. by noon, 60 and then by 3 o'clock your high is 63 degrees. but clouding up. a couple sprinkles late today or tonight here or there or a light shower in a couple neighborhoods and then steadier rain arriving as we move into tomorrow morning. i'll have future tracker6 tracking the arrival and departure of tomorrow's rain and we'll talk about how much we're going get. for now karen rogers chilly out here. i hope those people got the heaters on in the cars. >> hopefully they do, dave. that's right, beef got a new
6:32 am
accident leer just watching now as penndot is pulling up on the scene. not seeing police here just yet. this is delaware county. i-95 it's northbound just past the delaware state line involving this tractor-trailer, another vehicle here. you can see the slowing. we now have penndot here. it's all in the center lane. so tricky when you have an accident in the center lane many people are seeing it, they've got to get to the left, got to get to the right now we have a penndot crew walking up to the accident scene. expect a jam from namaans road past the delaware state line. you can see this car over here, the guy calling meals right now. it's a mess on i-95 northbound past the delaware state line. here we are southbound approaching cottman and we see that delay southbound really kicking in. academy to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard. already a 26 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. we've got an accident here in doylestown as well. ferry road southbound at iron hill. we really expect that one to clear shortly but still out here at the moment. one more accident to get to. it's busy out here. this is chester county. 202 northbound at 252 and we
6:33 am
can see the accident blocking the left lane, also blocking the right shoulder. look at this jam right here we've got i was try to get off to the right hand lane a at this point in chester county on 202 northbound. matt. >> a deadly standoff with terrorists stretch through the night leaving two suspected terrorists dead and leading to seven arrests. >> it was a dramatic raid that unfolded there in the suburb of paris. french police hit hard showing up in force in the middle of the night all in an effort to try to get their hands on the mastermind of last week's brutal attacks. it's still not clear if they were successful. >> we joyner run o'hearn live in the satellite center where she's been gathering new information all morning. >> reporter: it keeps on coming. french authorities won't release the flames of those who were killed or who were taken into custody but authorities do confirm that the military operation is now over. but obviously a lot of authorities and police and armed guards remain on scene in a town just 20 minutes north of paris called saint-denis. they are focusing in on an
6:34 am
apartment there and a short time ago we saw them raiding a church, a basilica nearby. now one of the suspected terrorists killed was a woman who apparently detonated a suicide vest. seven other people have been taken into custody as we mentioned. three of those were inside the apartment where the suspected terrorists were hiding. there are also reports that some police officers were wounded in that raid which started around 4:20 this morning paris time. loud and continuous gunfire was heard throughout the neighborhood in the last two hours. residents captured the drama as it unfolded. take a listen. [gunfire] >> reporter: now, people in the area clearly anxious and on edge as the situation developed at a rapid pace and people have been recording what is happening as you see there on their cell phones. now, french officials say it is believed that abdelhamid
6:35 am
abaaoud who you see right there the alleged mastermind of the attacks was insides that apartment but we do not know hi status at this time. abaaoud is a belgian citizen and until this morning he was thought to have been in syria and he is believed to be in his 20's but authorities have been looking for him for some time. now within the past few minutes we learned some new information. eight people were detained in an airport in turkey. authorities say there are members -- they could be members posing as isis -- members of isis posing as refugees as they make their way to germany. now, of course you can get all the breaking news at and of course we'll bring you updates throughout the morning and our later newscast but a lot of developments abroad this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you erin. "action news" learned overnight that authorities have cleared two air france flights that were diverted from paris due to anonymous threats. one plane that took off from lax made an emergency landing in salt lake city. the other flight from dulles
6:36 am
diverted to halifax nova scotia. neither the fbi nor royal canadian mounted police found any evidence of danger on that plane. the passengers in utah took off again around midnight. our coverage of the investigation and aftermath of the paris attacks continues on we'll update our web stories with any new information as soon as it comes in. >> there is breaking news in the overbrook section of philadelphia where a woman escaped her burning home all thanks to her nephew who just happened to be coming by. katherine scott is lie on the scene. she's got details on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and we've been speaking to the woman who lives here. she said she was downstairs asleep when suddenly she heard glass breaking and heard her nephew's voice saying something is on fire and you can see the fire is out but there is a lot of damage here in overbrook. firefighters remain on the scene and we're told that the home where the fire started has now been condemned. heavy equipment will come
6:37 am
later today to take down the home. it is a twin home. it's unclear if the home next door has to be taken down, too. l and i will have to go inside and check it out. this happened around 1:30 this morning on the 6100 block of west columbia avenue and heavy flames were just pouring out of the first and seconds floors. there was fire in the basement. witnesses tell us the fire started in the back of the home and it quickly spread. the roof eventually collapsed. it took an hour to get the fire under control. we were speaking to one man who said he happened to be walking by when he saw the fire in his aunt's home. he kicked in a window to help her get out safely. his aunt tiffany booker says she believes it start fred an outside grille but she said when she left that grille last night it was secure. >> there was a grille cooking in the yard. the grille was closed, locked, covered, you know and i wake up and all i hear is the glass breaking and it's the glass in the kitchen. when i do come outside the
6:38 am
grille is on the ground. >> reporter: and back here live where the fire marshal remains on the scene and is still investigating the cause, one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation but we're told it's nothing serious. nine people have been displaced. the home where the fire started again has been condemned. the other part of the twin home was damaged. we don't know the extent and the home across the breezeway also has some damage to it. again the cause remains under investigation. we're live in overbrook, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. new this morning a driver was killed after losing control and landing an suv in the woods. this happened along the atlantic city expressway in hamilton township around midnight. new jersey state police closed the westbound lanes while emergency crews were on the scene. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> 6:38 is the time and happening today, the philadelphia school district will hold a parent meeting to address concerns about recent violence at george washington high school. this is video taken back on thursday of a violent outburst at the school in the city's
6:39 am
somerton section. students say there are fights nearly every day and some don't even feel safe. parents say the fights have been a problem for years. a school police officer died of a heart attack after breaking up a fight last year but again, 33 will hold a parent meeting today to address these concerns. >> turning to dave murphy to talk about the whether. when i walked out one of the cars had a little bit of frost. >> chilly out there this morning. storm tracker6 live double scans shows us we're dry across the region this morning and as we take a look we are looking at -- >> sorry, david if you stand over here you can continue talking. you can talk into my mic. >> we are looking at dry conditions across the region this morning and as we take a look outside sky6 showing you that we have plenty of cloud cover around out to the west but actually a fair amount of sunshine. what's a fair amount of sunshine coming up? there we go. there is sky6 right now showing you that we are indeed looking on the bright side
6:40 am
across the region. all right, so let's go ahead and get you to the current conditions and we are looking at a cool start. 44 degrees in philadelphia. your dewpoint down there at 37. winds oft east at 9 miles per hour. so, it's a little bit on the breezy side. future tracker6 right now showing you that the cloud cover is going to be getting thicker as we go between now and noon. i think as soon as 10 or 11 o'clock this morning the clouds are definitely going to get quite thick and then as we go through rest of the afternoon into the dinner hour a couple of sprinkles and showers possible in the northern and western suburbs. i think the basic story, though, is that it's just going to be cloudy in most neighborhoods. a little bit milder this afternoon, 45 by 8 o'clock, 57 by 11 o'clock. your high today will be 63 degrees. we'll see that probably by about 3 o'clock. and then high temperatures are going to be getting up into the up are 50's. allentown 58, reading 59, 63 in philadelphia, 65 in millville and low 60's this afternoon down the shore. future tracker6 then picks up the rain story tomorrow morning. a couple of light sprinkles and showers late today and this evening.
6:41 am
but the main rain holds off until tomorrow and at 6 o'clock when we're on the air storm tracker6 live double scan will probably be picking up some of this out to the west. during the morning commute looking at rain pushing into the center of the region. steady rain out in the western suburbs and then as we go through the rest of the way, does look like it's still going to be damp with some of the heavier rain starting to get over toward the east of us by about three to 6 o'clock. the evening commute though even though the main might not be as intense still looks wet and slow. the last of this rain getting out of here probably by about nine or 10 o'clock. how much are we he expecting? still going for a half inch to an inch of rain across most spots with maybe a little bit more here and there. your seven-day forecast shows a high today of 63 degrees, lots of clouds building after some early sun and maybe a couple of sprinkles this afternoon or this evening. windy and rainy tomorrow as you just saw. mild with a high of 69 but it will be wet out there. and again a half inch to an inch of rain in most spots. dry again on friday, breezy and cooler, a high of 58 degrees. and on saturday, cooling down
6:42 am
even farther. we're going 54 on saturday. 49 for a high on sunday. bundle up if you're headed to either the philadelphia marathon sunday morning or those two football games. staying in the 40's monday and up into the low 50's again on tuesday. >> all right, thank you david. it is now 6:42 and when we come back courtroom escape. the search is on for a convict who asked for a breather and then just never came back. >> a grandma stands her ground during a gas station ambush. karen. >> this accident on 202 northbound right at 252 has been pushed off to the shoulder. people are still getting out of the left lane. i think they left a flare. we'll virginia uphere as well as an accident involving a tractor-trailer on i-95 coming up. >> movie theaters are weighing in on what you can and cannot wear to the upcoming star wars premiere. that's next up on "action news."
6:43 am
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6:46 am
another vehicle here. it's all in the center lane which is tricky. we've got penndot on the scene. we're watching live as police pull up now as well so center lane blocked and a vehicle off to the left shoulder. this is happening in delaware county i-95 northbound just past the delaware state line and with police, penndot, a tractor-trailer and another vehicle you can see you're slowing here. we're already jammed northbound 95 from namaans road to past the delaware state line with this accident so watch for this one as you're heading towards the chichester area you're dealing with this accident in the center lane. look for the to be a problem. let's go to the big picture and see what else is going on out there. we have some other problems through the area and we're looking at a jam-up on i-95, 17 miles per hour at cottman, 23 miles an hour at girard. schuylkill expressway we've got 25 miles an hour westbound from the boulevard to belmont. westbound near south street about 18 miles an hour. 36 near girard eastbound so you're looking at some slow spots there on the schuylkill as well. we have an accident leer that
6:47 am
just cleared in doylestown and on ferry road southbound and iron hill road traffic is moving a little bit better right there. i want to bring back in our traffic window here and see what it looks like. we're looking a lot better. this accident here was on 202 at 252 northbound and now we're looking at traffic moving a lot better. we had a jam northbound 202 past great industria valley to . construction crews on the garden state parkway southbound between great egg toll plaza and marmora. look for that construction in south jersey. meanwhile no big weather related problems today. tomorrow is the wet day. for today it's 44 degrees in philadelphia. a milder afternoon with a high of 63, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. happening now there's an intense manhunt under way for a convicted rapist in north carolina. deputies say gary simmons just disappeared during jury deliberations. he feared spending 52 years in
6:48 am
prison. simmons was last seen on monday when his lawyer gave him 10 minutes to go outside and clear his head and he never returned. two movie theater lanes released costume guidelines for star wars fans who plan to dress up for next month's premiere. amc and cinemark will not allow face coverings or threatening toy weapons at showings of "star wars the force awakens." cinemark will not let you bring in light sabres and amc banning darth vader masks. this is enforcing a current policy. "the force awakens" comes out december 18th a month from today. it's from disney the parent company of 6abc. >> 6:48. accuweather is tracking dry conditions and then some rain much later. also remember to join "action news" starting at 4:00 this afternoon for a live donation drive to benefit philadbundance. volunteers and some special guests will be on the phones taking your donations until 6:30 p.m. >> ♪
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6:51 am
>> the roads may be clear and dry but it doesn't mean we're problem free out there. let's take you to the accident in delaware county. an accident involving a tractor-trailer and another car. it's blocking the center lane. we've got police and penndot on the scene i-95. this is northbound past the delaware state line jamming from harvey road now to past the delaware state line. this is a slow go, dave. >> all right karen on the big board very cold this morning in some northern and western suburbs. we've got mid to upper 30's. coatesville just 36. 38 in pottstown, 36 in
6:52 am
chester. so, bundle up a bit. winds aren't all that strong but it obviously is chilly. a couple of 30's in south jersey in hammonton cinnaminson gloss bro', 49 flea49 degrees. the clouds will thicken up. a couple afternoon sprinkles our showers or maybe this evening and matt tomorrow we have that rain coming. >> thanks, david. 64-year-old grandmother faced off with a suspected carjacker in missouri. you see the woman at a gas station near saint louis on sunday night when a man walk up to her car told her to get out demanded her keys and said he had a gun. >> i said really? i said go away leave me alone and i was going to try to shut the door and that's when i realized i couldn't get the door shut. and so i started kicking and screaming and beeping the horn. that's when he yanked on my clothes and ripped them and
6:53 am
threw me out and pulled me to the ground. >> grandmother suffered scrapes and bruises to her hip arm and head. police used the car's on star system to track it in north saint louis where they also found the 26-year-old carjacking suspect. he's charged with first degree robbery. >> ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55.
6:56 am
french police launched a massive raid on an apartment in a paris suburb overnight. investigators believe the planner of the paris terror attacks was inside. french authorities say two suspected terrorists are dead and seven other people are under arrest. a. a philadelphia woman escapes her burning home overnight thanks to her nephew. he had been walking along columbia avenue in overbrook and noticed the flames. >> let's go back to this accident involving a tractor-trailer on i-95 really jamming up northbound past the delaware state line with this accident blocking the center lane and a new multi-vehicle accident in south philadelphia right now 26th street southbound approaching penrose avenue, police on the scene and it's a slow go dave. >> most areas in the low to mid 40's right now. it's chilly. 42 inby 9 o'clock in philadelphia. it is going to be a bit milder this afternoon with a high of 63 but the clouds are going to thicken up fairly quickly this morning. it stays cloudy today and tomorrow we've got rain. >> we have a special "gma" coming up after us. 40 years they're celebrating. you'll see all the people that you know and trust already and
6:57 am
some old friends will pop in for something special. >> they don't look a day older than 39. [laughter] >> we'll be back in 30 minutes with weather traffic and any breaking news updays. for karen rogers, matt o'donnell, dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. enjoy your wednesday. >> see you later.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. we have major new developments in the attack on paris right now. a massive raid this morning, gunfire and explosions rock a paris neighborhood. police target the mastermind of the terror attacks. residents warned to stay inside away from windows. a female suicide bomber blows herself up. another terrorist killed by police. at least seven arrested. do police stop a second attack just in time. panic here at home. >> air france 065. are you still dumping fuel? >> emergency landings overnight. two air frars jumbo jets diverted because of bomb threats and the fear spreading across europe. a bomb threat canceling a soccer game in germany, the nearly 50,000-seat stadium evacuated as new air strikes pound the isis stronghold


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