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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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finding evidence of another terror plot in the works. >> translator: everything leads us to believe that considering the dearmament the structured organization and determination, they were ready to attack. >> reporter: cell phone records led them to this apartment building, hoping to find the mastermind of the attacks, abdelhamid abaauoud. >> i heard gun fire, it went crazy, gunshots and explosions here there and everywhere, it went on for ages, people were running from everywhere. >> eight people were detained but abdelhamid abaauoud was not among them. but they have not identified them. including a woman that blew herself up with a suicide belt. and police are searching for two killers that carried out the paris massacre and figuring out who the terrorists texted before
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the terror attacked. the chilling message found out side of this theater, here we go, we are starting. >> two officers were hurt in the raid, more of 100 that took place overnight in france, as the manhunt continues. >> the coverage of the investigation and aftermath of the paris attacks continues on, we posted images of that raid as well as photos of the victims notice attacks. >> they broke into a home and threatened the family inside and what happened next ended with a shootout in berks county, and the homeowner that was shot protecting his family is telling us his story. walter perez is covering this he is live in olney township. this started because of a mistake made by the criminals? >> reporter: that is right, it hatched in the home behind me here and the indications are that the armed home invaders
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were looking for the people that previously lived inside of this home and we are told lived here until a few short weeks ago. jennifer wegman said she and her 10-month-old baby just moved into this home. >> our third night there, and 2:00 monday morning a guy bursts into the house. >> reporter: one guy bursted into the bedroom pointing a gun at the wegmans, eric grabbed his gun and opened fire. he when down the stairs only to find the other suspect downstairs. >> i raised his firearm raised but i had mine already and i fired and he fled out the door. >> he got into this car and took off. the break came when this hospital surveillance footage caught the man bringing the
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wounded to st. joseph's of's hospital. 24-year-old edward martinez and eric green of reading and brandon smith of reading and a fourth suspect whose identity is not released. >> jennifer wegman says her husband is her and her baby's hero. >> i'm proud of him and proud he wooz willing and prepared to defend us. i knew he was not going to say oops sorry and walk away. it was going to be us or them and thankfully it was us. >> to be clear. all four suspects are arrested. we are not releasing the identity of the fourth suspect, because he is still in the hospital and not formerly charged in the case, eric wegman is shot in the leg and is expected to fully recover. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it is time now for a first check of the accuweather forecast. as we are tracking a round of rain coming our way in the next
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24 hours, adam joseph will be around in a bit lets head over to cecily tynan. >> we have a solid band of rain stretching from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico and severe weather tornado watches posted, parts of alabama, georgia and the panhandle of florida. but the leading edge is still 400 miles away, we are seeing showers bubbling up ahead of it, but today just dealing with clouds. satellite 6 along with action radar showing us we started the day with peeks of sunshine and the clouds are rolling in and they continue to thicken in the overnight hours, and then the rain moving in and temperatures now showing it's pretty warm, we are in the warm part of the storm, 61 in philadelphia, 65 in washington, d.c., and overnight lows likely will be actually warmer than our average highs for this time of year. so it will be a very mild night
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and future tracker showing the rain is moving in during the morning commute, 8:00 in the morning, you can see generally southeast of philadelphia, rain across western suburbs, this rain fills in and intention if is into the afternoon, the storm timeline showing the rain arriving from the west to the east between 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning, this is the key time between 11:00 and 6:00 this is when we get the heaviest rain and a chance of thunderstorms south of philadelphia, it tapers off at 7:00 to 11:00 and behind that system i'm tracking the coldest air so far this season. details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. today we are teaming up with philabundance once again. sara bloomquist is hosting the
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food drive, we love these five words, the phones are now open. >> the number to call is on your screen 1-877-940-6222. our call takers here to take your calls for the next two and a half hours until 6:30 tonight, this is all part of the 6 abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive, tonight all proceeds we collect go to help philabundance, the region's largest hunger relief organization, we are joined by our partners, from both acme and philabundance as well as dunkin' donuts. and speaking of dunkin' donuts, i want to bring in lou conti. tell us how dunkin' donuts is part of the effort? >> well, since 2011, the dunkin' donuts franchise in philadelphia has raised over $400,000 to give back to hunger relief efforts
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and half of all hot and cold coffee sales thanksgiving day are donated back and saturday the 28th we fin another drive before all 50 cents of a coffee coupon on our mobile app will be donated to the local food bank and so we are hoping to raise another $150,000 this year. >> reporter: why is this a priority for dunkin' donuts and what can you say to encourage our viewers tonight? >> it's important to give back, and dunkin' donuts is a big part of the community, and one of the big pillars to them to give back especially to help hunger relief and we encourage everybody to do the best they can to give back. >> thank you lou. philabundance estimates that $750,000 people in the delaware
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valley are threatened with hunger and they provide meals for those people and many are children and senior citizens. the number to call again is 1-877-940-6222. you can also log on to our website at for additional information. again, we'll be here until 6:30 tonight, please join us, and please call 1-877-940-6222. brian back to you in the studio. >> i think i spy tony luke on the phones behind you. >> a special guest yes. time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets do it with matt pellman standing by in the traffic center with our first look. >> that drive a worthy one and this drive a frustrating one on this hump day afternoon, we are live along the schuylkill expressway in university city westbound come the headlights and a bunch of them are headed down to south street, an earlier crash we started the afternoon with here, it's gone and now a
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little residual volume from east avenue and we are watching a crash in east bradford chester county along creek road close to 322, the fire and police helping you around that. so far still dry, no problems on the bypass through 202. and approaching 12 and street where we had all the frustrations with the construction last week, speeds of 65 miles per hour, so not impacting them a whole lot. watching downs wires in gloucester township, shutting down hicks town turner road, new brooklyn aerial road is your alternate. watch for the downed wires and bordentown a crash at 206 southbound side by farnsworth avenue restricting traffic and an accident on the new jersey
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turnpike near 7 a, we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead a local school district finally reaches a deal for a contract for teachers. and the hearing today to determine if kathleen kane can keep her job. and a fire tears through a local meeting house and wedding venue, what people looking forward to their big day are saying about their plans. and time for another one of adam's outdoor adventures, he is live at sesame place in langhorne. >> reporter: yes, they are gearing up for their holiday season and that kicks off on saturday, we are giving you a sneak peek before it opens to the public, they are practice in a few minutes, with the very new christmas parade down sesame street and a preview of some of
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your furry characters, we'll light the one, two, three christmas tree and the kids, are you xits excited to see cookie monster? this is adam our producers son. he is shy. high five.
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today in harrisburg four aided to kathleen kane are testifying before a panel deciding if kane should be removed from office. they are talking about the type of work suspended lawyers are allowed to do. the state suspended her license last month after she was charged with perjury, if she is removed from office because of that suspends office, it would be the first time that constitutional
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provision was used this century. kane believes that the only way they could take her out is some form of impeachment. they expect a decision by thanksgiving. it took 10 months but teachers that work in radnor township have a new contract, they approved the agreement yesterday and the agreement rewards teacher's hard work and is sustainable in the long-term, details have not yet been made public. >> nearly 500 children are taking a free turkey home for their families for thanksgiving, they are giving away free turkeys to students in three of their schools that they run. they stopped by universal in west philadelphia, the give away
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benefits university creighton and blue fork. and here is a call to action center, the lines opened up at hurricane katrina, just call the number on your screen, 1-877-940-6222. we have people standing by waiting to take your call, you can also log on to and find the philabundance donation page, we'll check back in with sara bloomquist in a few moments. and numbers of importance, the closing numbers, the dow soaring to 248 points. and the nasdaq up 89 and the s&p up 33 points on the day. well, some claim that the war on saturated fat is over. and some wonder if that means if it's okay to eat regular butter again. here is health reporter, ali gorman with a preview of our special report at 11:00. >> the options seem endless in the butter aisle, butter versus
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margarine and stick versus spread and all kinds of vegetable oils. >> i like to cook with butter and use margarine on my toast. >> we talked to experts to find the healthy choices. >> should be interesting, and time for accuweather and with the rain coming in tomorrow, we are bringing you a special wednesday edition of outdoor adventures. i spy elmo. >> reporter: he is right behind me and we have cookie monster here and they are extremely popular especially with the little ones around here, we are doing it today because it wouldn't be good to do it today in the pouring rain, first we have to give you the accuweather forecast. you, is this your first christmas tree are you seeing lit this year. >> yes. >> how excited are you. >> who is your favorite
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character? >> elmo. >> is he here? it's 61 in philadelphia and 67 in the lehigh valley and atlantic city coming in at 60. as we look at satellite and radar, clouds locally here with sprinkled and showers in western and southern parts of our area, and if we widen out, the massive storm slow to progress across the country, from cincinnati to atlanta to alabama the main area of rain and tornado watches in parts of florida and alabama, thankfully we won't see severe weather tomorrow, we'll get a good soaking. tonight it's cloudy and breezy and mild with periods of drizzle developing, 54 to 58 degrees, that is above normal for this time of year for lows, and if we look at future tracker to time the rain, the rain arrives at 7:00 a.m. in lancaster and reading, a good portion of the
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area should escape a good part of the morning rush, then pockets of heavy rain by lunch time and that continues in the afternoon at 5:00, pockets of heavy rain in the lehigh valley and southern parts of new jersey and a very wet day, almost from the start to the finish, and then it will end from 7:00 until 10:00. rainfall totalled we could bet .75 inch of rain and atlantic city shy of .75 inch and reading showing a hot spot coming in over an inch of rain, your four day at 4:00, mild and breezy and rainy tomorrow, again, a good sign with this we won't see severe weather at 67, cool westerly wind and sunny on friday and down to 54 dry on saturday, and brisk and chilly with a west-northwestly wind, only 49 for a high come sunday, i think it's time, we can count 5 to 1.
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we are counting down to the christmas tree. five, four, three, two, one! merry christmas! there it goes. the one two three christmas tree, you can hear -- what do you think of the magic wand. >> it's wonderful. >> it is wonderful isn't it. >> it's a 30 foot tree guys, abby can i have a hug? good job lighting the christmas tree for all the little kids, come saturday through december 31st, check out the christmas tree and see your favorite characters and they have a sing along, we have more coming up at sesame place in the next half hour. high five everybody! we'll see you in the next half hour. >> love that little girl. it's wonderful she says. >> septa open a brand new shelter for people waiting for
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buses and trolleys. that is part of a bigger effort spreading across the city, and a huge fire rips through a building in center city. and how it is impacting people having weddings there. if your little girl likes to play with tom at the train and you are like the parents of this little one, and notice there are no girls in the holiday catalog, how the little girl is taking mattel on.
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we are still working to learn the name of a driver that died this morning in an early morning crash on the atlantic city expressway, it happened just after midnight in the westbound lanes, what we know about how it started and the damage it causes and the way it's impacting people and a driver lost control and went off the road and hit a group of trees and that person died at the scene and there is no word yet what caused this crash. a philadelphia woman says her
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nephew is the reason they escaped her burning home alive, this is all that is left of the house on columbia avenue on overbrook, the woman was asleep when the flames broke out at southbound 30 this morning her nephew happened to be walking past the area season saw the fire and kicked in a window and woke her up. the authorities say it started in the back of the home and damaged neighboring houses. fewer bus and trolley passengers will have to stand out in the snow and rain as they wait for rides in philadelphia because the city plans to double the amount of transit shelters, 600 new ones going up in the next five years, the first one at broad street and cecil b. moor moore avenue, and the exiting ones will be replaced with the new more sleek design.
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and the big brothers big sisters program many a unique unveiling today. they put together a puzzle showing how much the first niagara foundation is donating to the philadelphia region, it took place at the people for people charter school in philadelphia, once the kids got the puzzle pieces in place, they saw the grand total $125,000. a new scholarship is underway in center city philadelphia, the scholarship fund philadelphia launched its event at the national constitution center, dozens of family came out to apply for one of 2,000 k through eight scholarships and parents demanded answers from governor wolf about the ongoing budget stalemate. still to come on "action news" we are following rain coming our way tomorrow, we have more on that and a lot more
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. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams, and brian taff. >> hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the surprising discovery of what you reportedly can't find in a thomas the train toy catalog. >> plus, is the device that
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brought down a passenger plane, the answer according to isis is yes. >> plus, an overbrook arson suspect may have successfully torched a dozen cars this month but they never heard what they said about starting a fire. we start in burlington county with the investigation into a fire at an historic house used for weddings and meetings. nora muchanic is live for us at the scene in morristown with the story. >> reporter: hi there sharrie, we are outside of the community house in morristown, you can take a look up there now, there are crews working to sealp and cover the roof of this local landmark that opened in 1926, they want to cover the roof before the rain comes of course, yesterday's fire shut down what they consider the hub of
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activity in downtown morristown, beth is heart broken about the fire that damaged the morristown community house, ats favorite spot for weddings and other events. >> i'm sad to see it burned and it's my prayer that we can get together and fix this. >> this is a learning day to find out how long it's going to take. >> danny says the damages are contained to the front of the building known as the east room and smoke and water damage below but the wall room is fine, that is a relief to christine she and her fiance have a wedding plans in july of next year. >> hopefully if it's cosmetic stuff it can be done in time. >> it's still under
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investigation but fire officials think they know the cause. >> everything looks like it's leading towards an electrical issue in the attic area. >> reporter: cleanup crews spent the day removing debris, and local members of the rotary club collecting the gavel that they ring each week. >> we have our meeting every week in the ballroom and we are going to the ymca tomorrow. >> we. >> reporter: shocked and hope it's back and running soon. >> they are tarping up the roof and have fans to air it out and the power is restored while a number of groups are scrambling to find other locations for meetings and events, ironically the community house was in the middle of a fundraising drive for donations here and now they
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will need local help more than ever. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we turn our attention overseas this afternoon where officials are still longing for the ring leader behind the terror attacks in france. earlier this morning the police carried out a raid in suburban paris thwarting another possible attack. they did not find the mastermind or another fugitive they thought was hiding there two people and a police dog were killed including a woman that blue herself up with a suicide belt. >> and france authorities say three people are still in critical condition and 41 others are in intensive care. meanwhile isis is claim that this is the device that brought down a passenger jet over egypt
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last month. that a can of soda and another edition of their english language magazine, isis says the hidden ied was smuggled on to the jet last month, and they confirmed it was a bomb that took down the plane. david muir will have more on the alleged soda bomb and this morning's deadly police raid live from paris, after "action news" at 6:00 tonight. police are searching for two armed robbers who assaulted a store clerk and threatened him with a machete in southwest philadelphia, the 40-year-old employee was smacked over the head with a gun, inside of the grocery store on south 54th street, one of the masked suspected also waived the machete as they stole cash from the register and the other acted as a lookout.
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both men were seen heading west on belmar street and they injured an employee and the employee was treated at the hospital. philadelphia police say an artsnist accidentally set himself on fire trying to torch 11 cars in overbrook. you can see the suspect running from superior automotive with his arm ablaze. the arson happened on november 6th, police have not released a good drips of the suspect, but it's a good bet that the perpetrator has burns on his left hand and arm. and now there are concerns at allentown high school, this is george washington high school in the somer ton section. many parents and students say fights are an every day occurrence and they no longer feel safe, eva pilgram is at the
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meeting now and will have a live report at 6:00. three montgomery county dentists are give can bag to members of the the military. jay freedman and his colleague are organizing the give vets a smile program, for vets that do not have insurance. they can get a free checkup and cleaning in jenkintown or landsdale. they are all part of donated dental services part of a statewide nonprofit. time to turn the spotlight on to the generosity of our viewers, once again 6 abc is hosting a donation drive to help feed those in need this holiday season. sara bloomquist is live in the call to action center, how are the donations coming? >> reporter: we want to get the phones ringing, the number to call is 1-877-940-6222. all proceeds we collect tonight benefit philabundance, these are the people helping to feed the
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most vulnerable in this community this holiday season, tough to think about people being hungry as we approach thanksgiving and christmas, now is the time to give, any amount is welcome, many people they provide meals for are children and many are senior citizens as well. we have volunteers from philabundance and acme and dunkin' donuts and special guests taking your calls tonight, we have nick bear and chef luke paldino from steaks. and acme is one of our partners in this effort, to feed the hungry and joining me is susan york from acme, susan tell me what acme is doing for the community this time of year. >> as we have done in the past acme is happy to sponsor the 6
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abc holiday food drive, we raised 160,000 pounds of donated food and $65,000 in monetary donation, we make it easy, our customers and associates alike are very generous, they can come by and drop of a nonperishable item or at the register buy a $1 or $3 or $5 certificate or a $10 bag of items that the food banks already need. >> thank you susan. we need you to participate, we need you to donate tonight to philabundance, call now 1-877-940-6222. you can also log on to our website at for more information. back to you in the studio. >> such an awesome effort sara, lets get the phones ringing. local students got to see special powers come to life on stage this morning. ♪ ♪
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well, more than 100 kids took part in matilda today. and what they can do to change the world. >> i love that. the philadelphia zoo introduced two of their newest residents, meet the zoo's two red panda cubs, they were born in june and taken care of behind the scenes, they were also known as bear cats, their population is in decline and the local zoo officials say they are committed to saving them and the cubs haven't been named yet and the zoo is looking for input before the public names them. >> still ahead here today if you have not signed up for health care plans, you can navigate the open enrollment process. >> one minute she was standing
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in line and the next she was on the ground, why police in ohio a woman attacked a complete stranger while waiting in line at wal-mart. >> and find bridges and rail sets and locomotives in the thomas the train catalog, but one mom says you won't find any girls. how she discovered the gender gap. >> we are live at sesame place, where it's looking a lot like the holidays, they are prepping for the very merry christmas, it runs through december 1-st. we have kids going around on the ferris wheel, if are you afraid of heights, i'll bring you the full accuweather forecast.
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the suspect grabbed her by the hair and slammed her on the ground and striking her repeatedly, kenworthy left with bruises inflicted by someone she calls a total stranger. >> i don't know this woman from adam, i don't know where she came from or where she lives. the wal-mart employee says someone rammed someone with the shopping cart two days before the assault at the same store, they are trying to identify her based on the surveillance video and the car in which she drove away. big talkers now and holiday toy catalogs are suppose to bring joy and not sadness, that is what amanda thought when the thomas the tank catalog came in the mail.
4:43 pm
but in the catalog only thomas is shown playing with the products, reece's mom says there is one girl playing in the background of one photo that we confined online. all you will see is boys seeing with the toys, laws posted a note on facebook saying how much reece loved thomas and how much she has learned about trains and team work and our daughter would be crushed if she thought trains were not for her. she wants all girls to feel that trains are just as much for them as they are for boys, so far no word back from mattel. i will tell you my little girl also obsessed with thomas. and a morning routine in the classroom about positive reinforcement, making sure every student is special and important and it's amazing stuff here. the teacher chris ulmer is posting a video that has gone
4:44 pm
viral, showing how they start their day with compliments for each of the eight special education students. >> you are very funny and very smart and you do a great job every day and you make everyone laugh every day because you are so silly. thank you for being a good student. >> those kids have been in his class for three years and he says they get a boost from starting the day feeling good and more motivated and better behaved and more active in activities, more positive activities to start the day. that is the big talker. >> thank you alicia. we have breaking news chopper 6 hd flying over the scene in west philadelphia where philadelphia gas works is investigating a gas main break, they are opened up the street here and employees are working, this break was reported just before 4:00 this afternoon, this is happening in the 1500 block
4:45 pm
of vine street, again this is still an active scene where there is a report of a gas main break, we are being told that the situation is under control, but out of precaution some residents have been evacuated. again, this is west philadelphia, chopper 6 with a live look now where you see the philadelphia gas works employees working where they have opened up the street getting to the bottom of this gas main break in the 5500 block of vine street in west philadelphia, but there is word out of precaution that residents have been evacuated. we'll keep an eye on this and give you updates as we get them here on 6 abc. >> obviously traffic implications there, there are others as we get a check of the roads right now. lets head to matt pellman live in the traffic enter. >> add it to the laundry list, a long list this afternoon and delco delays to boot. northbound side is locked up
4:46 pm
from 452 to curlin street and this broken down vehicle, looking to toe it out of the way and giving it extra slowing on 495, and in east bradford, the fire and police helping you around it at creek road and sugars bridge and highland road are better bets for you, and an accidents involving a pedestrian at main street and broad at uni vest, and welsh road at 63 and valley road. a house fire going on in hunting park, a demonstration at 52nd and spruce, unless you are demonstrating avoid that area in the car. and the is a hundred block of the vine is the issue that brian and sharrie just told you about. normal times in the great northeast, but downed wires in gloucester township by trump national golf club. new brooklyn aerial road is an alternate and a couple of
4:47 pm
bridges are closed down at the shore. the margate bridge and the townsends inlet briblg. >> very good matt. before we step away for a break we'll remind you about our 6 abc holiday dunkin' donuts food drive, volunteers are collecting donations for philabundance until 6:30 tonight, if you would like to put a meal on a table for people in need, the number is on your screen, 1-877-940-6222. another way you can go to our website at for a link to donate.
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time to head toe sesame
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place and adam joseph. looks like you have a view up high adam. >> reporter: not bad, going around and around and around. not only am i having fun, but the kids are having fun as well. hi! >> hi! >> reporter: they are all having a blast as they gear up for a very furry christmas it opens up on saturday, santa will arrive and a picture with him and of course they have so many sing alongs with favorite characters and so much more, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it is cloudy here and thankfully we are not dealing with any sort of showers, some near newcastle and parts of chester county and that is it, overnight there are a few scattered showers and sprinkles and patchy drizzle around but the main area of rain comes in tomorrow morning, present numbers in philadelphia, 61 degrees and dover we are sitting at 60 and trenton 67 warm degrees and reading a
4:51 pm
little bit cooler with the temperature coming in in the upper 50s, as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar we have the powerful system cutting across the country, painfully slow from the ohio valley to the tennessee valley down to atlanta, a 400 mile stretch we are dealing with heavy rain and near the panhandle of florida and parts of alabama dealing with tornado watches, we won't see severe weather with this but we get a good soaking of rain, for tonight it's mild and some pockets of drizzle and showers developing with low temperatures between 54 and 58 degrees, future tracker at 8:00 tomorrow morning, you can see in the western suburbs, the rain starts to arrive and if you leave early enough tomorrow morning you'll beat the rain in the heart of the delaware valley for the rush hour, and it takes over the viewing area and by 3:00 we are dealing with heavy rain in and around philadelphia and much of the area and then it's out of here in the evening hours, by 1:00 in the morning we are
4:52 pm
clearing things out of here and then we dry out thursday night, what to expect overall, .75 to 1.25 inch on average, the heaviest is during the afternoon hours, the evening rush hour is ponding on the roadways, and that is the slower of the two rush hours, and a thunderstorm in far southern delaware and new jersey, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mild and breezy and rainy tomorrow at 67 degrees, friday, school northwesterly wind sets in and drys out and it's sunny and 57 and sunshine and clouds and 54 sunday and saturday only 49 a cold win for the eagles and the marathon runners, and less wind, we bottom out at 47 for a high and we swing it around tuesday into wednesday, leading up to thanksgiving and sunny and milder with temperatures in the low and mid-50s. all right so, here at sesame
4:53 pm
place it's great year round and they are putting up lights and practicing for a brand new neighborhood christmas parade down sesame street, we'll try to get a glimpse of that guys in the next half hour. >> are you guys still having fun? >> let me hear it, they are having fun. these this is one of three seasonal rides and we'll go to the castle swing coming up in the next half hour and also santa's workshop, they are still working on it and he arrives here on saturday and we'll get a sneak peek of his place. from you scared of heights this is your best view. thanks very much. what is the deal is coming up n.
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today in what's the dole,
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choosing the right health insurance, you know this it is the law, everyone must have coverage or pay penalty and for 2016 not signing up somewhere will cost you $695, so the gurus at wise bread shared tips for open enrollment, first know your deadline, open enrollment is earlier this year and must plans must be in place by 2015, know if are you going with your employer or the affordable care act. people with the government plan act are paying 15% more so lay your options outside by side, don't just price shop it may be cheaper up front, run the numbers and see if the plan with the lowest up front cost is the cheapest when you actually need it and finally take advantage of
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the hsa or health saving accounts they allow you to take pre-taxed money out of your paycheck and stash it away for out of pocket health care costs, contact lens or prescriptions or anything. it's like free money. >> love it. thank you. now for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join us tonight and every night, for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the suspects mastermind in the deadly attacks in paris remains on the run tonight. but french officials believe that intense police raids overnight may have averted another terror disaster. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the deaths and arrests of several people suspected of being behind the attacks last friday in paris.
5:00 pm
>> the suspected ring leader has not been found yet, david henry is live now with the latest from paris. >> reporter: the french officials say they have prevented another terrorist attack that was actively in the works. that after an hour's long siege at an apartment building in a suburb north of paris. residents were jolted awake at 4:30 this morning as police moved in as what they describe as a terror safe house, 5,000 rounds were fired and numerous explosions were heard. >> we felt the building shake and there were guys upstairs screaming shoot, shoot, police rounded up eight suspects and two were killed including a woman that detonated a bomb vest, two police officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the building partially collapsed and authorities are not sure if the mastermind


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