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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 19, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is rain moving into the tri-state area.
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and we're going to get a lot of it before it ends. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board with the latest information from accuweather. >> jim, it's going to be a wet and windy day tomorrow. the rain advancing across western pennsylvania, moving through pittsburgh about 175 miles to the west. but this whole system will be sliding to the east as we zoom out. this is a powerful storm system, that band of rain stretches all the way from the great lakes to the gulf coast. we did have three additional tornado reports today around georgia. severe weather associated with that. we should be missing out with the severe weather, but we will get that round of rain. futuretracker showing 7:30 in the morning you see east of philadelphia not a lot going on. the steadiest rain across the western suburbs. this system really intensifies, and fills in heading through the day. the evening rush hour a wet one. but then a pretty sharp cut-off and we will be drying out thursday night and friday, good
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amount of sunshine. travel conditions tomorrow, the rain arriving, it is west of philadelphia. and thursday evening expect delays for the evening commute. trying out friday morning, but then tracking the coolest air this season of the weekend and the details on that and the full seven-day forecast. >> thank you. since the rain will arrive in time for the a.m. rush hour the morning team will be tracking its impact on the commute. please join us beginning at 4:30. mayday, mayday, firefighter down. firefighter down. he is out of the building now. >> that dramatic call crackled over the radio tonight in darby, delaware county. and it turns out it was not just one, but four firefighters injured in the line of duty. "action news" reporter is live at the scene in the 100 block. >> contractors are boarding up the home where the fire initially started. the cause is under
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investigation. one man who says he lives next door tells "action news" the smoke was so bad he had to feel his way to safety. >> thanks god i got out of the house. >> and chopper 6 there as the fire crews tamed the blaze. >> we were met with a high-heat and high-smoke fire condition and had to make a hasty retreat. >> the flames so intense, four firefighters sent to area hospitals and injuries non-life-threatening. >> the fireman broke through the roof and the smoke was coming out and you saw the flames. >> you felt your way down the steps? >> yeah. there wasn't smoke up there, i just smelled it a little bit. >> and he said the smoke woke him up from the nap next door. >> i thought my house wasn fire, so i was running all around. i couldn't see when i got down the steps, i couldn't see the kitchen or dining room. >> and he was able to make it out along with his neighbors in the burning home. the crews say the fire started
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in the became causing moderate fire damage to one home and heavy smoke damage to others leaving other families having to sleep somewhere else. and fire crews have not specified when the residents will be allow to return to their homes. reporting life in darby for channel 6 "action news." ♪ the world is still waiting to find out if the mastermind behind the paris terrorist attacks was killed late last night. this was the gunbattle between the police and suspect the terrorists in the paris suburb. and tips and surveillance to this apartment where they were on the brink of planning another attack have they are trying to
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determine if one of the victims was abdelhamid abaaoud. and isis released video that talks about a threat to new york. and video of a man with a bomb strapped to his body and video of times square. new york officials say no current threat against the city but at a highened state of alert. and if to taunt russia, isis posted one of these pictures, the soda can supposedly containing the bomb that exploded the jet over the sinai desert. the plane plunged to early killing people on board. and the picture shows wires and a detonator with an on-off switch one day after russian president putin said almost two pound of explosives blew the plane out of the sky. apparently not. i do and the french president francois hollande called for the formation of an international
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collision to defeat isis, similar to the ones destroying the nazis in world war ii. and french and russian bombers continue to pound the isis strongholds, and britain said one its most advanced shift, the h. h.m. h.m.s. defender would support them. and the issue of syrian refugees in this country, on capitol hill they will vote for tougher screenings on syrian and russian refugees. and more on this controversy. >> and the house speaker ryan says there should be f.b.i. background checks before any of the 10,000 syrians enter the u.s. and he is asking the united states to pause on letting them in at all and he is not alone in standing firm against the president in the wake of the deadly terrorists attack.
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>> the responsible thing is to take a pause in this refugee program to verify that the terrorists are not trying to infiltrate that population. >> refugees are pouring into our great country from syria. we don't even know who they are. they could be isis, they could be anybody. what is our president doing? is he insane? >> and fear-mongering as the president says or are they protecting americans from isis? and when they she they won't let in orphans that is posturing. >> and calling it un-american. >> you can do it overseas, in turkey and foreign counties, mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. >> and states are not really allowed to reverse a federal
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decision, we will see what happens home. >> and interesting french president hollande says 30,000 syrian refugees are welcome in his country. >> just the opposite. and in philadelphia, the george washington high school community came together late today to speak out against a real crisis. violence has become routine. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has that story. >> video after video, george washington high school students fighting in the hallways. like algebra and social studies, students say this is the norm. >> a lot of different neighbors bringing different beefs or problems over there. >> no discipline. the students are running around, until very recently it doesn't feel like a school it feels like a playground. >> and this afternoon parents and students in the auditorium were pointing the finger at principal jones saying enough. >> and principal jones should be fired for the lack of what he is doing. putting safety and education in jeopardy.
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>> as our cameras rolled, dozens of students just left, walked ail cross the street, lit up a smoke and just hung out. this, too, they say is the norm. principal jones says the school added four additional staff to monitor the hallways. there are challenges and takes responsibility but is determined to fix them. >> the schools i have been at are challenge schools and turn-around schools and have been very successful. >> and the principal jones plans to have more meetings like this afternoon's in the future to help change the climate at george washington high school. in somerton, chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." the latest in the kathleen kane case. in harrisburg today, four lawyers from the state attorney general's office described the new procedures in place to compensate for the compensation of kane's law license. legal decisions that she would make about a case have fallen to the first deputy, bruce beamer. and the hearing held by a
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special committee charged with deciding if kane should step aside. she has been charged with perjury and obstruction. and "action news" learned the f.b.i. looking into allegations that a former employee of pgw compromised identity of some of the company's customers and used the information for her own personal use. and dann cuellar with the exclusive story. >> what occurred recently was a misuse of customer information by a rogue ex-employee of withing pgw. >> last week they were sending letters to customers letting this emkn knokno knoknow -- le know that they used information to make improper charges. >> out of those customers, only six had information misused. nevertheless we felt it was important for to us reach out to every customer who interacted with this ex-employee. >> the f.b.i. declined to confirm or deny the
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investigation which "action news" learned has been going on for weeks. the subject terminated and they are pgw account closed. and last week pgw started to send letters to the 5,000 customers she had contact with. >> offering a free year of credit support through experian. >> if you are one who is worried about it. apply by calling 877-271-1504. at pgw, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." still to come on "action news" tonight, extra baggage. a protest at the airport underway right now. a preview of the nationwide strike set for tomorrow. and health reporter ali gorman, some health experts say eating real butter and whole milk is not as bad as one thought and may even be better than the alternative. talking to experts that have what you need to know for your next trip down us butter aisle.
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i do and find the directly. and where to track the heaviest rain. and the latest on where sam bradford was today and where he will be this sunday when "action news" continues tonight.
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several dozen workers at philadelphia international airport hit the picket line tonight to draw attention to a national strike set for tomorrow morning. at seven major airports across the country, including in philadelphia, baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and other service workers are walking off the job. the contract employees.
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a house bill would move the presidential primary in philadelphia weeks earlier, six weeks earlier. representing television and others are backing the move. and the pennsylvania broadcasters and the news media association are urging lawmakers to pass the house bill to change the primary from april 26 to march 15. they say it would make the state more relevant in next year's race and encourage more voter participation. and hosting the on-air holiday food drive along with our partners at dunkin' donuts and acme. thankful for the generous contributions for our viewers in the delaware and lehigh valleys. and the money raised benefits philabun dance. and at health check at
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11:00. confusing advise recently when it comes to making the best choices about dairy products. some experts now saying whole milk and real butter are back in favor. and health reporter and registered nurse g ali gorman explains what you need to know. >> headlines such as "butter is back" was welcome news to many consumers. >> yeah! [laughter] >> i'm glad because i didn't have to worry about my cholesterol. >> headlines don't always tell the whole story. when it comes to choosing, things can get confusing in the butter aisle. we asked courtney, a registered dietitian which is the healthiest option. agreeing that butter is not so bad after all. >> but it doesn't mean eat a half stick of butter. >> she and the doctor say despite loosening the recommendations on saturated fat, eating too much is still harmful to your health. >> it is fair to say saturated
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fat raises the bad cholesterol and that is absolutely a risk for heart disease. >> when it comes to butter it depends on how much you use and your heart risk. courtney says if you only use a little butter and not very often that's fine, enjoy. but if you're someone who eats a lot of butter and other foods with saturated fat, then you should look at some of the lighter versions of butter or vegetable spreads. first, stick butter versus spread butter. >> fats solid at room temperature tend to have more saturated fat in them. >> here, tub better is better. >> the stick grams of saturated fat and the tub just 1.5. >> a big difference. >> margin, most have gotten rid of transfats but just in case, read ingredients. anything with hydrogenated oils is transfat and you want to avoid that. vegetable spreads including those with olive oil and yogurt,
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most have heart healthy fats. >> the total amount, 9 grams of fat, 6 coming from the poly and monosaturated fats. >> in the past when people were told to avoid fats they reached for other foods like bread and pasta or low-fat foods with more sugar and calories, leading to a boom in obesity and diabetes. the goal is eat fat with moderation without substituting more carbohydrates. >> if i had to simplify i would say try to eat natural and avoid processed foods whenever possible. if you are going to eat things like saturated fat, like butter, try to do it in moderation. >> and as for whole milk, courtney and dr. raider degree 1% to 2% better unless milk is
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the only food you are eating with saturated fat. i guess the word "moderation" is the key word here. >> when you go to the movie theater and get the big thing of popcorn. >> with the butter on it. and rain on the way and here is cecily tynan and accuweather. >> it is going to be a soaker tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live taking a break before a work out tomorrow. no rain reached our region yet but moving in during the morning commute. and the temperatures, 59 in philadelphia and the average high is 55. sea and really no chill in the air. and tomorrow a warm day with winds shifting out of the south. ahead of the cool front satellite 6 and actions radar showing a pretty good band of rain moving our way. what this will do is bring us periods of rain through the day
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and heavy at tilmes, especially the afternoon. the morning rush, clouds and denver. and south jersey and delaware not a lot of rain. at 6:00, 60. by 7:00, 61. and by 8:00, 62 degrees. temperatures already in the 60s early in the morning. futuretracker showing as we head through the day, this is when the atmosphere will moisten up. 8:30 most of the activity west of philadelphia around lunch time. some rain now moving across south jersey and delaware. look at the temperature, 67 degrees. and then as we head into the evening commute, this is when we have the periods of heavier rain. temperatures still in the 60's at 5:00, and moving pretty quickly towards the coast. at 10:00 moving off the coast. by then, the clouds also breaking around the i-95 corridor and areas to the west. futuretracker showing we are looking at a pretty good soaking. generally about 3/4 of an inch of rain to about 1 1/4.
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and this run shows a bullseye in the far northern suburbs with more than 2 1/2 inches in the poconos. i think it may be a little over done. looking at a healthy amount of rain, but shouldn't be enough to cause localized flooding, that's the good news. the accuweather seven-day breezy and periods of rain. and friday sunday shine back. and winds out of the net. and saturday looking good, sun and clouds and 54 degrees. what happens saturday night, a strong cold front moves through, mainly dry. maybe a shower or two, and the temperatures tumble sunday. brisk and chilly, high 49 degrees. heading to the philadelphia marathon, runners dress in lay i layers. and bare in mind a little tail wind for the final mile, good news. and the link, not much warmer, bundle up.
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and then we keep the sun hein and diminish the winds. and high cooler and a taste of winter. and tuesday mostly sunny and 52 degrees. and wednesday, sunny and milder with a high of 56 degrees. a lot of people running the marathon are asking me will it be dry? >> it looks that way. the cold front saturday night can bring late showers. the bigger issue is the wind. a good day to draft, get behind the bigger people when you are running and let them cut through the wind. i am talking strategy. philadelphia mayor michael nutter host add free event tonight focusing on race and mentoring. and he introduced a film about the organization "my brother's keeper" looking at lives of men of color. it was in old city. and national hunger and homelessness awareness month.
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and tonight the project with amake make-over day at st. mary's shelter. and volunteers gave the guests a free haircut and shave.
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we would like to interest dues you to the philadelphia zoo's newest resident, twin red panda cubs. the brother and sister don't have names yet, the zoo is asking for your suggestions to name the little one. born in june to 5-year-old mom spark, and they made their public debut today. red pandas are considered vulnerable in the wild. these guys will not be vulnerable at the philadelphia zoo. >> you put out at 6:00 for people to send in suggestions to you. ribbons and bow from rich mccannon and his wife, that's the one i like so far. and lilo and stitch. dueses was suggested.
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i think by my mom. it means two. and hearing about the philadelphia eagles. >> and sam bradford still going through the concussion protocol. and reporting that bradford has a separated shoulder. if he cannot go sanchez with the start but chip kelly says it is too early to talk hypotheticals. >> until he is cleared we don't sit around in meetings and and say what about this, what about that, because he may not be cleared at all. >> i feel cool for theable in the sis -- i feel comfortable in the system. if i get to play, then good. the opposing quarterback sunday is the buck's q.b. jameis winston. and he loved watching cunningham even though he was 1 when he last played for the birds. >> and he brought excitement to
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the game, other than steve young. but, you know, i just fell in love with him, you know. and also when i was coming up in high school, my rivals had one you compare to, and my comparison was randle cunningham and i was even more of a fan. and before we show the sixers highlights trouble stats. a season high 31 turnovers, missed 20 3-pointers and entered on a 11-game skid to start the season. what do you supposes happen? the coach's eye about to bleed with tonight's perform as. and ending the first half on a 16-5 run and up 14 at half time. i never saw a team bet on so many back doors. and ellis and george. and the sixers down 22 after three. and budinger throwing in 2 more
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off the bench. >> i felt like we got out worked. and it's just one of the games that i quickly want to forget, dig into it and learn from it. but there's not really much to say about tonight's performance. >> we are 0-12, but the way we lost tonight is un acceacceptau. and still ahead, college basketball,
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college hoops, st. joes hosting buffalo tonight. a milestone for the junior who scored his 1,000th point of his career. and 89-67, improving to 3-0. and drexel trying to bounce back. the dragons drop it 75-66. and "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." for the entire "action news" team cecily tynan and ducis rodgers i'm jim gardner, good night. "action news" sponsored this part by --
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