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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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washington, d.c. with the white house as the president is closely following this situation. megan. >> reporter: sharrie brian good afternoon. casualty numbers 27 but keep in mind these are preliminary numbers. law enforcement officials have actually had to do a security sweep floor by floor at this hotel that was targeted this after a morning of terror. the guests of the radisson blu hotel in mali ushered to safety at a nearby sports center after a deadly standoff with terrorists. this eyewitness said they shot staff and were shouting allah hu' akbar. they shot at guards and took 170 people hostage. >> al-qaeda fill rated group has claimed responsibility. i'm not in a position to confirm the voracity of that claim and so i think it's too soon to tell right now. >> reporter: located in mali's capitol of bamako it was hosting five u.s. depth
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personnel. >> about a dozen americans including chief of mission personnel that in that dozen were rescued. i have no u.s. injuries or deaths to report at this time. we're working to verify the safety and security of u.s. citizens there in bamako. >> reporter: this incident follows the paris attack, twin suicide bombings in beirut and the downing of a russian airliner all happening within a month. mali is no stranger to islamic extremist activity. this is the second attack on a hotel this year n2012 france was forced to send in troops after islamic fighters linked to al-qaeda gained grounds. the u.s. embassy is asking any u.s. citizens in that area to continue to remain vigilant of their surrounding. in washington, megan hughes channel6 "action news." >> thanks very much. it has been one full week since attacks in paris and french authorities announced today that another wounded victim has now died.
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that brings the death toll to 130 from that coordinated siege last friday. police are still looking for two suspected attackers. meanwhile a third body was discovered in the apartment where ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud and his female cousin were killed during a raid on wednesday. prosecutors have not yet announced that third person's name. >> police are working with school officials in plymouth whitemarsh to get to the bottom of a sexting scandal. this was more than just a few students sending pictures to one another. this one involved a file sharing service. trish hartman is working this story for us. she's live at pw high school with the latest on the investigation. trish. >> reporter: sharrie, students and parents say they're disgusted by the sexting allegations here at plymouth whitemarsh high school. school officials say they're cooperating with police to find out who is behind it. >> definitely something her mother would definitely talk about 'cause her mother is
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constantly on her phone checking her phone. i think she even tracks her phone. >> reporter: that kind of parental involvement is exactly how police say this sexting scheme at plymouth whitemarsh high school was uncovered. a mother saw inappropriate pictures on her daughter's phone and called police. a drop box account containing nude photos and videos of current and former students was being shared among students and has since been shut down. junior anthony vega says the principal addressed the situation in school. >> they were telling us about the investigation and that they were narrowing down the people and they wanted us to continue like we would normally document the montgomery county district attorney was already scheduled to hold educational seminars next month in the district about the dangers of sexting but some parents say they're not sure that will have much impact. >> you can constantly bring the up but kids are going to do what they want to do. they don't worry about the
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consequences until after it happens. >> reporter: we spoke with the school's ice hockey coach who says the issue needs to addressed at home too. >> more time with your siblings and your parents and your family. >> reporter: now, an e-mail was sent home to parents from the principal addressing rumors about a threat to the school. that e-mail said that rumors about a threat were unfounded. that e-mail was not in regards to the sexting investigation. that investigation is still active and ongoing. live at plymouth whitemarsh high school. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> what a difference a day makes. beautiful out there this afternoon. meteorologist adam joseph out there enjoying it albeit way jacket on today. >> it's a little on the cool side today compared toes high to yesterday's high of 67 degrees. as we look at the numbers right now it is 53 in philadelphia but our high for today came at midnight when it was 63 degrees so we've been falling through much of the
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day with those west-northwesterly winds. pittsburgh 47, binghamton in the lower 40's and what a change in the midlantic and northeast with that cold front that passed through with the rain last night we're anywhere between nine and as much as 16 degrees below where we were this time yesterday anywhere from buffalo binghamton here in philadelphia and right down to richmond, virginia. as we look at satellite and radar we're sunny now but notice to the west we have some clouds, some rain and snow. this storm is going to work to our north and west and we'll get clipped by a couple of showers here late saturday night early sunday morning but ahead in that accuweather forecast that will bring temperatures further down into the weekend and we're tracking the coldest air so far this fall season although it's going stay pretty bright and dry through your saturday and sunday. we'll chat about all those numbers coming up alicia in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. loving this story today. it was a day filled with life changing moments for students at crystal ray philadelphia high school.
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many of them found out they got accepted to college and some could not contain their excitement. >> i'm going to go home and i'm going to run in there and go like i got accepted to college. >> admissions representatives interviewed the students and offered them acceptance letters on the spot. the schools were also granting scholarships to make college affordable. >> yeah, i got accepted actually. yay! >> when i first came here i thought, man, i'm just going community college. i have options now. >> i think a lot of our students maybe didn't see college as a reality so that is our way of showing them they can do it, they can achieve it. >> we love those smiles there. by the way crystal ray is a catholic school serving low income highly motivated students. these students are part of the first grafting seen sore class make dag even more memorable. how fantastic is that sharrie. >> that's what it's all about.
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alicia thank you. race weekend for the philadelphia marathon and that's exciting news for runners and their families but it's also a tense time for city leaders in charge of security for the thousands of people who will be out on the streets. eva pilgrim live on the art museum steps which will be at the center of all the action this weekend, eva. >> reporter: that's right, sharrie, race weekend is officially under way and we're standing right here where the start-finish line will be for the philadelphia marathon. you can expect thousands of people and a lot of extra security. >> we are so excited about the gore-tex philadelphia marathon weekend kickoff. (applause). >> i'm running the half marathon. my first. >> i'm doing the full marathon. like christmas eve, you know, it's like christmas day running this marathon and it's our city, our race. we love it. >> reporter: the city of brotherly love is well coming
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60,000 spectators to clear them on. >> our great city. take in the beautiful city along the schuylkill river. >> reporter: the ben franklin parkway will close for the week and starting at 6:30 tonight the marathon race course will be closed starting at 2:00 a.m. on sunday because of increased security all cars along the route have to be moved by that time or they will be towed. those roads will reopen as runners pass by and the streets are cleaned. >> spectators please remember if you choose to carry a bag of your own for personal items, those bags must be searched by security prior to entering the start-finish zone. >> reporter: runners will be given a clear plastic bag for the things they want to bring to the race. the focus now, getting to the finish line. >> i want to prove to myself that i can do it. >> it definitely helps having long legs but these legs are heavy so have i work extra hard. >> what are you doing after. >> we're goin going to drink be.
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[laughter] >> reporter: just a little more than two hours left until the parkway here closes. we have a full list of the closures and the roads where the course will be. you can look at it on our web site at the race kicks off, the marathon, at 7:00 a.m. on sunday. live here at the art museum, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." >> all right, eva, and good luck to all the runners. of course there will be some traffic implications given that this weekend but there are some issues out there to deal with right now. >> absolutely. let's check in with matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with a look at how things are going this friday. hey, matt. >> yeah, sometimes the week feels like marathon, doesn't it brian and sharrie and we're finally at the finish line which we're happy about on this friday afternoon. let's look at that marathon route. this is the ben franklin parkway where you can see preparations are under way. tents set up and as eva said the inner drives of the parkway will close again at 6:30 tonight. they were closed throughout the day. they are opened for this afternoon's rush. outer drives will close
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throughout the day tomorrow and again on sunday. they'll stay opened during the overnight hours so that's the situation on the ben franklin parkway. down below on the vine street expressway plenty of westbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill as you can see. over on 95 this isn't the way you want to spend your friday afternoon. poor guy broke down here on the northbound lanes close to the exit for the betsy ross bridge. police helping him out now but the left lane is out of commission so things are extra heavy as you come out of center city from penn's landing where the speeds are just in the teens on up to that disabled vehicle near the betsy ross bridge. on the southbound side approaching academy there was a crash. that's been pushed off to the side and if you're using the boulevard instead of 95, watch out for a northbound accident by rising sun in the outer drive there closed to the dunkin' donuts. in bordentown burlington county debris on the jersey turnpike southbound approaching exit seven blocking the two left lanes of the outer drive in berlin a crash along franklin avenue at egg harbor road. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this friday afternoon. newport delaware pothole alert
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along 295 south. plenty of volume along 95 as well. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> never a shorter taj out there. matt, thank you. still ahead, the united states government decides to release a man convicted of spying on america. >> plus, see philadelphia from an entirely new vantage point. we take you to the new observation deck in one of center city's tallest buildings. >> and you've probably heard of eel on the shelf. we'll introduce you to the creator of mensch on a bench coming up.
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>> the government of nigeria says a group of suicide bombings that killed at least 49 people this week was definitely work of boko haram. one person blew up a crowded marketplace killing 34 people. there were a pair of suicide bombings in a different city later that day.
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those attacks claimed 15 lives. according to the global terrorism index boko haram has killed more people in the last year than isis has. though boko haram pledged its allegiance to the islamic state back in march. >> a plan convicted of spying on the united states was released from prison today after 30 years lined bars. jonathan pollard was freed on parole today. he'll wear gps ankle bracelet and the government will monitor any computer he uses though his lawyers are already challenging those terms. pollard was a former u.s. navy intelligence analyst. he was arrested almost 30 years ago to the day for providing classified information to israel. he pleaded guilty in 1986. here's a look at today's closing numbers. all three in positive territory, the dow up 91 the nasdaq up 31 and the s & p 500 up eight points. >> philadelphia's towering tourist attraction is getting ready to open its doors. the observation deck atop one
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liberty place is 57 floors above street level with floor to ceiling windows and check it out, 360-degree views of the city. on a clear day like this one you can see all the way to the cooling towers in limerick montgomery county. the observation deck opens up november 28th. katherine scott will have a look at what else it has to offer coming up tonight at 5:00. >> abc's shark tank has really jump started some incredible small businesses making people's dreams louse hold names. you may have heard of the christmas elf on a shelf. well hanukkah competitor mensch on a bench is one of shark tank's bestsellers. the creator stopped by our studios to give us a sneak peek at tonight's update show. >> i say we've produced the first jewish character since old testament. >> the mensch yiddish for a good person has become a viral hanukkah must have and it all started when creator neal hoffman was walking through a
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department store. >> he asked for a elf on a shelf. i said dude you can't you're jewish you can have a mensch on a bench. the idea was born. i wrote the book that night. >> once hoffman brought the mensch on a bench to shark tank a star was born but not where his investor lori grenier made a few tweaks. >> i kuehl her the best product person of our time owner steve jobs. >> laurie helped him look month are friendly and to date more than 100,000 have been sold. >> i think we'll double our sales this year just because he's cute. >> and the mensch line is expanding. there's a singing menorah that teaches kids hanukkah prayers. >> ♪ >> mensch munch chocolate bars and hoffman has even teamed up with elf yourself. >> ♪ >> you can now turn you and your family into mensches you're dancing around sing a hanukkah song. >> but with all the kitsch he says the real goal is to
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celebrate jewish tradition. the new soft dreidel teaches little ones their letters. >> give it a spin and a throw you've run. have more meaningful jewish interactions as a family. >> now to date almost a million dollars worth of mensches have been sold. hoffman says he just sold the rights to the book for an animated tv special and on tonight's shark tank find out how he's in the process of adding a female hanukkah hero. that's tonight at 9:00 on 6ab 6abc. the fun-aka in hanukkah. >> it's all there apparently. alicia thank you. >> i love that show. makes you feel like you're one idea away. >> we're so close but here we are still at work. time for the accuweather forecast. >> let's go to meteorologist adam joseph with details on what the weather holds for us. >> [inaudible] >> can we hear you? is your mic on.
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>> hello. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh. no microphone? >> no microphone. >> darn. >> get this man a mensch on a bench, will you? >> when we come back hopefully we'll have adam with the forecast. >> still ahead a group of eighth graders spend a day on an ivy league campus. find out what's behind the unique program at penn. >> the terror attacks in france and elsewhere are having an impact right here at home. vernon odom looks at the trend involving guns over the last week in pennsylvania. >> and it's a heartwarming melting actually update to a story we first brought you on big talkers. meet the little guy now known as baby ones and find out how this little preemie is doing coming up in big talkers.
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>> ♪ >> time to get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's do it. adam joseph standing by. >> it's all good stuff as we go into the weekend despite a little chill pulling in saturday and sunday, we look live on cape may's sky6.
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a few folks there kind of looking out over the open waters. a lot of blue but also a little chill in the air today compared to yesterday. it is 53 in philadelphia, 52 in cape may, 50 degrees in reading. we've got a northwesterly wind so it's equally as cool or warm depending on how you look at this from the northwest through philadelphia down at the shore so no sea breeze for anyone from cape may up to long beach island. winds though you felt them today anywhere between 10 to 12 miles an hour at the present time. those are sustained winds. gusts anywhere near 20 or so miles an hour. winds ease as we go into the overnight hours. in willow grove that's where the 6abc high school huddle game of the week is. it's the fighting tigers and bears oh my but what about the lions? whoever wins can roar like a lion. clear and chilly northwesterly wind five to 10 miles an hour at 7 o'clock 45 degrees and typical football weather in the fall at 10 o'clock 42. as we look at satellite and radar high pressure is in control so lots of sunshine here but as we look to the
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west there is a storm right now near omaha and we're watching this rain and snow push toward chicago and the great lakes. it's a little clipper system but it's going to work well to our north and west so it really misses us with its precipitation but just west of chicago des moines iowa we're looking at a stripe of six to 12-inches of snow there and most of the great lakes picking up a few inches as we did get into the weekend but for us it is dry saturday and sunday. saturday as we look at your wind chills not too bad. 50 south and east, 40's to the north and west but for that philadelphia marathon while you're running it sunday morning if you are at 8:30 we're looking at wind chills in the 30's so a very cold start to your sunday morning and then for the eagles game in the afternoon at 1 o'clock, 40 degrees in allentown, feeling like 43 in philadelphia and just 30's to the west of city and low 40's to the south and east. so, a big chill coming in this weekend especially with that wind. your four day at 4:00 forecast sun way light wind tomorrow at 54 degrees and then we'll kick those winds back up here on
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sunday very chilly a high of just 50 but you saw those wind chills. 30's to the west during the afternoon and only 40's for the city south and east. and then air temperatures are only stuck in the 40's on monday but we'll lose the wind at least, so monday may actually feel warmer than sunday with temperatures only at 46 and then sunny but still chilly on tuesday, 50 degrees, so a dry stretch over the next four days and notice the temperatures bump up on tuesday. we'll let you know what that means for the travel day and thanksgiving in the next half hour. >> adam thank you. dozens of philadelphia business executives spent a night on the street to help understand the plight of the homeless. 76ers ceo scott o'neill was among those who slept outside in the cold and rain with just a cardboard box and a sleeping bag as their shelter. their one night of discomfort makes a world of difference for the homeless children served by the covenant house in germantown. over the past three years the executive sleepout has raised
4:26 pm
more than $235,000. a wilmington day care is opening its doors to help those less fortunate. today the cool kids learning center on officially adopted three senior citizens and three families in need. they were gifted with thanksgiving dinner baskets decorated by the children. the day care community was inspired to give back in the wake of recent crime in their city. they hope to show the good that's still happening throughout wilmington. >> well, dozens of middle school students from west philadelphia got to experience college for a day. students from henry lee elementary took a campus tour of the university of penn. it's part of an annual event where grade school students are offered a temporary taste of college life. school officials say they hope the experience will excite and motivate these students to pursue a college degree. >> well, you can get a head start on your holiday shopping at a christmas bizarre going on this weekend. for ah its 70th year trinity united methodist church in bordentown, new jersey, is
4:27 pm
hosting this bazaar. you can find clothing crafts and of course plenty of food there. the bizarre is open until 7:00 tonight and doors reopen tomorrow morning at 10 o'cloc 10 o'clock. >> still ahead here at 4 o'clock we explain why gun store owners say they've seen a huge jump in permit applications over the past week. >> plus, an update on a family who captured the internet's heart with the emotional birth announcement here. how the infant nicknamed baby buns is doing one month after being born 17 weeks early. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 and "action news" continues with a freebie friday designed to get you into the holiday spirit. >> a brave police officer puts himself in the line fire and we're not talking about a gun. >> come here bud deem i'll take it. i'll get it off your head. come here, come here. >> well, you won't want to miss just how long that jersey shore cop was willing to risk a foul fallout to save a skunk in need. >> and another round of drug convictions are null and void in philadelphia. why a judge squashed nearly 100 cases involving narcotics officers. >> but first it has been exactly one week since 130 innocent civilians were gunned down in paris leaving the globe shaken and scared.
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in the seven days since the heinous attacks, many of us have searched for ways to ease the anxiety and for some that comfort was found in a firearm. for more on the sharp surge in gun permit applications locally we turn to our reporter vernon odom, he's live outside a gun shop in collegeville to explain. vern. >> reporter: good evening, sharrie. here in key parts of pennsylvania in the more heavily populated sections for that matter it is apparent that folks now more than ever want to bear arms in the wake of those atrocitys in paris. it has been as busy as it can be here in the chester county sheriff's office this week. since last friday's isis massacre in paris, applications by those seeking gun permits have doubled. the horrific pictures from france and belgium spurred gary gallagher into action here in west chester. >> on the way over here, i'm sure. >> reporter: the jump in the demand for firearms here the
4:31 pm
sheriff says is a direct fallout from the paris attacks. >> we normally will process up to 100 applications. this week we have processed as of today 200 and i have a waiting room full of people. >> reporter: two sheriff's in western pennsylvania and allegheny and west warren counties have seen the same kind of surge in applications for permits to legally carry concealed handguns. no surprise to sheriff welsh. >> people are feeling vulnerable. and they feel they need to defend themselves and when you look at the attacks in paris, they were multiple. >> reporter: mass shooting events like paris almost always trigger a jump in permit applications but this time gary gallagher decide its time for him to start packing. >> we invite immigrants and make it easier for folks to come over here and it's hard
4:32 pm
for me to imagine how, you know, some of those bad people can't slip through. >> reporter: brian, one other note tonight. it does take a $20 fee and some 45 days to get that application processed done. live in collegeville, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon thanks very much. a philadelphia judge has thrown out another 88 drug convictions tainted by allegations of police corruption. that brings the total number of cases overturned or dismissed so far to 648 with at least another 500 to review. each conviction had been linked to seven narcotics officers accused of shaking down drug materials. only one of the seven jeff 43 walker admitted his guilt. he's now serving three and a half years in prison. the other six were acquitted following a contentious trial back in may. >> last night "action news" showed you exclusive video of
4:33 pm
a philadelphia funeral director booing brought into central detectives. today we can show you 72-year-old janet powell-daily's mug shot after she was formally charged with abuse of a corporation and theft. that comes after three badly decomposed bodies were found at a straub mansion garage just a block from her funeral home. one was in a coffin, two more were in cardboard boxes. officials say powell-daily's funeral home had been operating without a license since 2012. >> "action news" is getting details about an incident on board a flight carrying new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie. he was on a united flight from san francisco to boston when a disruptive passenger had to be removed from the plane. a different passenger tells abc news the plane boarded, taxied and was on the runway for takeoff when they were told there was an operational issue. the plane then returned to the gate and that's when the disruptive passenger was removed.
4:34 pm
christie's campaign says he never interacted with that person. students at one wilmington high school got an unexpected half day thanks to a malfunctioning sprinkler system. "action news" was outside the delaware met school on french street as students waited to be dismissed early. fire officials say the sprinklers started going off on the second floor just before noon. well, when they couldn't get the water to stop the school was evacuated and the system was eventually shut down. investigators are still trying to figure out why the sprinklers went haywire and how much damage was possibly done. >> the nation's first african-american weather reporter was honored today at the pennsylvania convention center. at its 46th anniversary celebration the urban affairs coalition gave trudy haines the living legacy award. haines formally worked at our sister station in detroit. she went on to become the first black television reporter in philadelphia back in 1965 so a fitting honor
4:35 pm
there and congratulations to her. >> absolutely. miss haines, yeah. speaking of our weather we are looking forward to the weekend. >> she brought a glorious day. lots of sunshine compared to yesterday's soaking rain and we'll continue that sun right through the weekend despite a little chill. as we take a look live right now at the ben franklin bridge, you can kind of see those oranges and yellows in the horizon, the longer wave lengths of light the only colors that you can see this time of night. that's why it kind of plays off on the horizon there. beautiful shot at 53 degrees and notice the dewpoint. it's 15 degrees. that is super dry air with those winds out of the north-northwest at 12 miles an hour. as we look at the numbers to the west, they drop even further, 44 in detroit, 36 in green bay. international falls it is 21 degrees and much of the great lakes is setting up for a snowy starter to the weekend. but in the for us. one of the big games is the eagles game 1:00 p.m. on sunday at the linc. expect a chilly breeze with your temperatures only in the
4:36 pm
40's with wind chills in the low 40's so if you know the stadium very well and your seat if you're on the shady side bundle up 'cause those winds will howl through that linc and it's going to feel mighty chilly but you know what, i don't think those fans care one bit. >> nope. >> i think they're there for a win. >> we'll have that seven day and the thanksgiving forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> sounds good adam, thanks. >> is your place to turn this weekends when you need up to the minute forecast information. use the links there to follow our team of meteorologists because they're posting updates all the time on facebook and twitter. >> hundreds of local high schoolers are moving and shaking for a great cause. >> ♪ 400 lower moreland high school students are in the middle of a dance mini on that. it kicks off at 10:00 a.m. students stood side by side and warmed up and then they took that's right a fun obstacle course. the mini on that is a 12-hour straight dance-off.
4:37 pm
it's all in an effort to raise awareness and money to fight pediatric cancer. this is the ninth annual mini on that held at lower moreland high school. last year the students raised more than $175,000. >> looks like fun. innovative smartphone technology is allowing people to help save the lives of strangers in our area. "action news" anchor rick williams live in the news room to explain this one. hi, rick. >> hi, brian thank you. that's right we're talking about a mobile app called pulse point. it sends out alerts when someone needs cpr and if anyone in the area, anyone close by who happens to know the life saving skill, they can immediately help out. now, emergency officials in burlington county teamed up with virtua hospital to launch the use of the app. this technology is the first of its kind to be used in south jersey and the greater philadelphia region. >> the most important thing in any cardiac arrest is for someone who is close by to immediately start cpr. >> coming up at 5 o'clock
4:38 pm
health check tonight, ali gorman tells us exactly how pulse point works and how you can sign up to be a potential life saver. neat story. that and much more when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5 o'clock. sharrie, back to you until then. >> rick thanks. we'll see you then. two different organizations are working together toward one important goal. the lady margaret animal foundation presented a $4,000 check today to the trenton animal shelter's trust fund. the donation brings trenton one step closer to building a brand new facility for homeless pets. mayor eric jackson was there to thank the foundation for its fundraising efforts. the auction cam caught a sea turtle having a knack at camden's adventure aquarium this morning. he chomped on some lettuce during an exciting group of visitors. this weekend the aquarium is putting a spotlight on sea turtle awareness. visitors will help to name a new hatch ling and play a sea turtle edition of survivor.
4:39 pm
all proceeds from special turtle merchandise will help with conservation efforts. >> here we go. a police pursuit in ocean county, new jersey, was caught on camera and let's just say the escapee was carrying a particularly potent weapon. >> this is a skunk with a burger king orange juice on its head. and it's stuck. >> yeah, stuck. that's the voice of ocean gate police officer jonathan whitney just before he started chasing that temporarily blinded skunk down the street. whitney cautiously approaches the animal several times well aware of the potential for a very stinky situation and then the moment. >> come here bud. come here, come here, come here. there you go. it's off. >> there you go. not only did officer whitney avoid getting sprayed somehow, he managed that mega watt smile for the camera well aware this video would go
4:40 pm
viral. >> and yes, it has. >> and he's thrilled that he did not get sprayed. >> yeah. i'm sure he's happy about that. >> ♪ >> still ahead from mini makeovers to a gym pass year sharing deals that are 100 percent off coming up. >> an inpant named baby buns proves he's his miracle baby. how the baby born 17 weeks early after 17 years of trying is doing today. >> plus bunch 'ems may be a child's dream toy but they're apparent al parent's nightmare. when i they're proving to be such a problem when it comes to hair. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with that full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues on this friday afternoon. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> well, as we all know breaking up can be hard to do but facebook is hoping to make eight little bit easier. a new feature is designed to prevent from you being
4:43 pm
bombarded by an ex's posts and pictures. it's an automatic option for anyone who changes their facebook relationship status to single. you can remove your ex from your news feed, untag yourself from old photos and prevent your ex from seeing your updates. and you can do all of this without having to unfriend or block them. facebook will test the breakup protection tool on mobile devices in the u.s. before deciding whether to offer it anywhere else in the world alicia. >> obviously. >> uh-huh. >> this had to happen. all right. big talkers now. an absolutely heartwarming melting really follow-up to a story we first brought you here on big talkers. remember dana and her husband arkel from virginia. after 17 years of trying to have a baby, she surprised him with the announcement that they were having a baby boy by putting some buns in the oven. their video went viral and now millions of people are so overjoyed to hear that baby
4:44 pm
buns is here. little caleb came 17 weeks early weighing only 13 ounces. but now he's almost one month old, growing quickly. he's about a pound and a half and he's said to be doing great. mom and dad say his premature birth was scary but they are blessed. >> god is good. he's a miracle. caleb is a miracle. >> i just want to say continue to pray for us because we he do have a long journey ahead of us. >> mom and dad say they are so thankful for all of the kind and encouraging facebook messages they received and that they can see and feel all of those prayers working as baby caleb their little miracle grows and speaking of families, love this story so much today. when we tie the knot it's to show our commitment to celebrate love union and happily ever after. a ed wering ceremony can apparently go just beyond the
4:45 pm
couple. yes, they're married. that's the hodge family and they just finalized their adoption of their three-year-old son todd. the little guy so excited to be a part of the family they all got married, mom and dad finalizing his entry into the family by exchanging rings, all matching to symbolize that they are now one as a family. the idea was apparently todd's and now he wears his wedding ring to his parents proudly. think about this one before you or santa checks off that holiday list. these are bunch 'ems. it's a new toy with well a little snag. you sigh the sticky spheres that kids use as building blocks they're wildly popular. they're getting caught in kids' airport. the bunch 'ems work because of they have a velcro-like hook but they're pretty hard to get out of hair. parents are flooding the internet with one big sos, how do we get them out. one family says they tried for hours with multiple vegetable
4:46 pm
oils and hair conditioners combs crow shea hooks even forks. so the manufacturer? canadian toy company spin master created a youtube video on how to get them out should they end up in hair. it takes some oil, a lot of conditioner and a comb and a little bit of time but 33 do remind you they are not meant to go in the hair. they're meant to use as building blocks but you know kids they throw things everywhere. >> everywhere. >> alicia thanks very much. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> let's head over to matt pelman with a look at how things are going. hi, matt. >> i've got some bunched up traffic that's a little bit hard to get rid of as well on this friday afternoon brian and sharrie. as we look live at the schuylkill expressway especially bad now on the eastbound side which is moving at this pace, a very, very slow one from just past belmont on into south street, 46 minutes the about three times what it should be by the way but at south street we had a broken down vehicle that they just got cleared out of the way. so, both lanes now reopened there on the eastbound
4:47 pm
schuylkill but damage is done and you're looking at single digit speeds as you pass girard avenue in those eastbound lanes. broken down vehicle on 95 northbound by the betsy ross bridge there i showed you during the last half hour, that's gone but we still have the crash on the southbound side approaching academy. it's off to the side but still attracting attention. crash on the boulevard northbound by rising sun has cleared out. one to watch out for along new castle along federal school lane at route nine river road. bigger problems on highway one where they're doing construction during rush hour soon blocking the northbound left lane in bear between 40 and 273. you're looking at single digit speeds coming up from new castle red lion. you can use 13 and seven or even state on 896 to get around that and 42 plenty of southbound slowing here in bellmawr headed into the sun glare up ahead. northbound is also backing up headed toward 295. jams, jams everywhere. we'll check them again, brian and sharrie, in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right, thank you my friend. meteorologist adam joseph back with there exclusive
4:48 pm
accuweather 7-day forecast next. >> ♪
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> ♪ >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. i think you've got some pretty good news for the weekend. >> yeah, little chilly but it's going to be dry, sunny a little windy on sunday but nothing like yesterday. >> a dry weekend. >> yeah, as we take a look lie right now on sky6 our cape may camera, the ocean almost looks a little reddish in nature and again we're almost near sunset so you get those longer wave lengths of light so the oranges and reds they kind of give a glow and you can see one fisherman there standing and then he's got his pole right to the right, a beautiful night to be outdoors despite a little chill. as we look at double scan live radar around the region lots of sunshine, wall to wall today so not tracking any precipitation whatsoever. we've had a northwesterly wind the entire day and that helped to bring in the cooler air
4:51 pm
from canada and the great lakes so 50 degrees in allentown as well as reading 52 in millville. right along the shore not any cooler than it is inland, 51 sea isle city to 53 degrees in beach haven with the ocean temperature at 56. as we look at satellite and radar we've got crystal clear skies right along the entire eastern seaboard. but you look to the west and you can see a little storm here bring something snow and some rain through parts of the middle part of the country and the northern plains heading towards the great lakes and anywhere from chicago into the central parts of high what picking up maybe six to 12-inches of snow. back at home it's clear and chilly and we are back to normal for the overnight lows despite that looks really cold 29 in reading, 28 in allentown, 36 in trenton, 38 in philadelphia and at the shore temperatures in the upper 30's. it's a pretty jam packed weekend for events around here in philadelphia. the runners forecast for
4:52 pm
tomorrow morning, the rothman 8k cool with a north-north evil wind five to 10 miles an hour, the air temperature of 39 degrees and for the marathon on sunday, it turns very breezy out of the west, 10 to 20 miles an hour but a little warmer than it will be on saturday morning between 44 and 47 but with that wind it's going to feel like it's only in the 30's. then over the weekend into early next week the jet stream will dip way to the south but notice it's not very large in size when you take a look at the scope of the cold air with temperatures only in the 40's and 50's. it will be in and it will be out of here, so we will bottom out in those temperatures here for the start of next week. wind chills on sunday morning during again that marathon, 39 in philadelphia, 33 reading, 37 in wilmington, feeling like 40 in millville and sunday afternoon when we have the eagles game feeling like 44 in philadelphia and still only in the upper 30's sunday afternoon for our western suburbs. exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, sunshine with a light wind tomorrow at
4:53 pm
54 degrees. the wind presidential candidates up and the temperatures drop a little bit on sunday of 50 and then we're only stuck in the 40's on monday, 46 for highs with sunshine but monday may feel warmer than sunday because of the lack of wind and wind chill. but then we're back to 50 here on tuesday with sunshine and then smooth travel on wednesday, 54 degrees and then for thanksgiving and black friday mild at 60 degrees with sunshine and clouds, so look at that seven-day forecast. >> wow, yeah. >> no rain whatsoever during the holiday it's perfect. >> adam thank you. freebie friday is coming up next.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> it is freebie friday and just a reminder for you, a very delicious one farmers road drive through in chadds ford serving up free 12-ounce
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good morning honey shakes every morning throughout the month of november so still some time to grab one of those. 'tis the cease ton for indulging. you get a jump start on your new year's resolution. la fitness offering a free three day guest pass for you and a friend. we have the form you need the print out for that one. for all of your upcoming holiday parties and events sephora offering a free 15 minute minute mee makeover where you can learn new techniques. there are nd sessions to choose from. if you're a beauty insider at sephora you can attend free beauty classes learn how to put on those fake eyelashes that's one of the lessons you can do there. speaking of the holidays there are fun events on tap tonight in just about an hour at peddler's village santa claus is coming to bucks county for the annual grand illumination celebration. free cider and toast marshmallows. starts at 6:15 but goes on until 10 o'clock tonight and tomorrow at the wood mere art museum on germantown avenue the circle of tree celebration
4:57 pm
in chestnut hill it starts at 5:30 with hot chocolate cider cookies lots of music. they're also taking toy donations for less fortunate children so a lot of holiday fun on tap this weekend. have a great one you guys. >> yes. >> you too. >> thanks very much. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam an adam adam and ds for a full hour of "action news" "
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the holiday rush has begun. more than 500,000 people in the philadelphia area are traveling more than 50 miles to reach their thanksgiving destinations this year. most people will go by car but those using trains or flying are doing so with a lot of extra company. friday night and the big story on "action news" is the kickoff of the holiday travel season little early. >> that's right believe it or not the turkey day trek begins today for some. "action news" reporter john rawlins live at philadelphia international airport for us. travelers will notice a few changes there this year won't
5:00 pm
they, john. >> reporter: they will indeed. hi, guys. so it begins, the holiday travel time. here at the airport they put out a reminder today that if you're coming to the airport don't look for u.s. airways signs they're not there because yours aye ways and american airlines are fully merged but if you're coming out here to catch a u.s. airways flight or to pick someone up you need to know which terminal is involved. osier ways uses a west bce and f but flying is only part of the story on thanksgiving travel. in the philadelphia area nine out of 10 of us who will travel will travel by car this holiday. the cheapest gas prices in seven years fueling our traditional over the river and through the woods. in the air, t.s.a. nationally is expecting the biggest number of holiday passengers in its 14 year history. at philadelphia international airport this will be the first thanksgiving where u.s. airways has been replaced by american airlines. travelers have to know which one of five terminals to go to and become familiar with new service kiosks. given that there will b


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