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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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they, john. >> reporter: they will indeed. hi, guys. so it begins, the holiday travel time. here at the airport they put out a reminder today that if you're coming to the airport don't look for u.s. airways signs they're not there because yours aye ways and american airlines are fully merged but if you're coming out here to catch a u.s. airways flight or to pick someone up you need to know which terminal is involved. osier ways uses a west bce and f but flying is only part of the story on thanksgiving travel. in the philadelphia area nine out of 10 of us who will travel will travel by car this holiday. the cheapest gas prices in seven years fueling our traditional over the river and through the woods. in the air, t.s.a. nationally is expecting the biggest number of holiday passengers in its 14 year history. at philadelphia international airport this will be the first thanksgiving where u.s. airways has been replaced by american airlines. travelers have to know which one of five terminals to go to and become familiar with new service kiosks. given that there will be big
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crowds, the advice to holiday flyers. >> we're recommending along with the t.s.a. at least two hours prior to departure because we want to make sure that your experience is enjoyable and comfortable. >> reporter: to date 34,000 out of american's 39,000 seats were filled but fliers said the system was. >> perfect. >> reporter: no problem. >> no problem. >> reporter: any sense that the security was greater than normal or anything like that? >> i wasn't conscious of it, no. >> reporter: amtrak also expecting big crowds. it is adding extra cars and trains and as for security -- >> people can expect to see amtrak police out along the railroad, on our trains, in our stations. they'll maintain a very robust presence as they always do but especially around the holiday and especially given the recent events. >> reporter: there will be changes on amtrak this holiday period. travelers who don't want to sit in the main waiting room can buy a day pass to the quieter club acela. and for $25, they can bring on the train a cat or small dog in a carrier this thanksgivin
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thanksgiving. well, the pets on the train is sort of an experimental or pilot program by amtrak along the northeast corridor at this point. it's only cats and dogs at this time. there's a limit on weight, 20 pounds and you need a reservation. but at least at this point in time for thanksgiving rover can take the train with you to see grandma. john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> it has been a good day for travel. we have clear skies tonight over the ben franklin bridge. isn't that gorgeous? the nice weather will continue through the weekend but it is going to get colder. let's get our first look at the accuweather from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> beautiful fall day today. the front that swept through last night that brought us that rounds of rain brought us clear skies clear skies today but also a return to more seasonable temperatures back down into the 50's after yesterday in the 60's its 52 degrees currently in philadelphia, new york city, washington, d.c. 53.
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out to the west temperatures are in the 40's so compare this to 24 hours ago, it's 11 degrees cooler in philadelphia, pittsburgh 18 degrees cooler and binghamton 17 degrees cooler and also much lower humidity. now, double scan live showing that there's a storm system that is bringing snow across the midwest. could get four to 8-inches near chicago. that will low pressure will be cutting up towards lake erie so what that will do, it will drag a cold front our way and that brings us a wintry chill by sunday morning. the philadelphia marathon tailgaters for the linc, the wind chill at 8:30 in the morning will be in the 30's and look at pittsburgh, the wind chill 19 degrees and that core of the cool air will be moving in on monday. so, this is what's ahead. temperatures will be trending down as we head through the weekend. the coldest day so far is on the way. however, we're looking at a good amount of sunshine and generally dry conditions. could have one shot of some showers over the weekend.
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i'll talk about that and have a sneak peek at thanksgiving. i think you're going to like it. all the details in the accuweather forecast. monica. >> thank you cecily. is the place to turn this weekend when you need updated forecast information. you can follow our team of meteorologists as they post their updates on facebook and twitter. >> in other news tonight there are conflicting reports of the number of people killed when islamic militants attacked a hotel in the west african nation of mali. happening this morning at a hotel popular with westerners in the capitol of bamako. the united nations puts the number dead at 27 tonight. a number of people were taken hostage during the attack including several americans. all of the hostages have been freed. police went from room to room. at least two of the terrorists were killed after an exchange with mali security forces. an extremist group has claimed responsibility. a woman killed during a police played a paris suburb did not blow herself up as
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previously thought. wednesday's raid targeted terrorists involved in last week's shootings and bombings in paris. the raid ended with three people killed including the suspected architect of the attacks. officials say the woman found dead in the raid was a cousin of the mastermind and was shot to death. >> police and prosecutors in montgomery county are trying to get to the bottom of a sexting scandal at a local high school. according to officials, the mother of a student at plymouth-whitemarsh high school saw inappropriate pictures on her daughter's phone. now, that led investigators to a file sharing account allegedly packed with nude photos and videos of current and former students. "action news" reporter trish hartman has been following the investigation for us and she'll have the response from school officials coming up at 6:00. >> from our delaware news room about 50 workers at astra seneca in wilmington have been laid off. a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical company says the cuts are part of an effort to become more efficient. more than 2,000 people
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employed by astra seneca in delaware. worldwide the company has 50,000 workers. the new observation deck at the top of the iconic skyscraper one liberty place offers breath taking sights of philadelphia and beyond. >> and in just one week visitors can visit the newest at track. katherine scott has the story from high above center city. >> reporter: 57 floors up, 883 feet above street level welcome to one liberty observation deck. floor to ceiling windows, 360-degree views. city hall, the camden waterfront. you can even see cooling towers in limerick. >> today we're looking at limerick. today we're looking at trenton. at a we're looking beyond wilmington so right now visibility is about 40 miles. >> reporter: general manager evan evans explains the finishing touches are in the works. the final push to the public opening. the idea here is to offer new vantage point from the top of the iconic skyscraper but not be so far removed as to not
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feel the presence of the city you're overlooking. even the music that's playing all has a philly connection. >> if you only had an hour to philly this is the place to do it. you'll see what the heart and soul of philadelphia is. >> reporter: ben franklin is a theme throughout and these are the feet, size 96 they're on the second floor. his head is up on 57th. here he is one 752nd ride in an express elevator later. >> everybody rushes to two things when they get up here. first take a picture with themselves with ben franklin and second is to look out at the view and see something they're familiar with. >> reporter: a tool to assist your own eyes six multi lingual interactive touch screen kiosks. you can zoom in and out of neighborhoods different landmarks and other point of interest. text pops up where you can learn more. >> this is mega pixel feet tomorrow. it's a series of images that were taken from the top. >> reporter: this penalty box is one of free chair zones which you can sit and learn about area sports news sick and culture. while the photo ops are
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countless it's something about being there and seeing in it person. >> it's extraordinarily powerful. you can't articulate in a picture, can't articulate in words. you just have to see it. >> reporter: you can starting on november 28, high above center city, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> time for a check of our evening rush hour, the "action news" traffic report. >> t.g.i.f. matt pelman in the traffic center. how we looking on 95. >> ben's sides 96 shoe, that's what you wear as well, rick. >> true. >> dealing with had some super size delays unfortunately on 95 on this friday night as we look live here girard avenue and not helping us out in the distance if you got your magnifying glass maybe you can see it, there's a broken down vehicle approaching allegheny taking out the right lane. penndot assisting. we're down a lane. three getting by coming north of washington avenue. pretty much a stand state. on the big picture southbound approaching academy there's still a crash on the shoulder
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attracting attention. had a lot of sun glare. that's becoming less of a problem now but caused slow speeds especially through delco. there's a crash along city avenue by orchard road by saint joe's and of course we're getting ready for the big philadelphia marathon so during the day today the inner drives of the ben franklin parkway were closed. they reopened the outbound inner drive for the afternoon rush but it will close again at 6:30 and then the outer drives of the parkway will close during the daytime tomorrow and sunday. one more thing down in bear, delaware, still doing construction on highway one northbound. huge jam there. stick with 13 and seven or even 896 as alternates as you head home this evening. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> sounds good. >> somebody out there has a winning match six ticket worth 1.9 million. pennsylvania lottery officials say it was sold at the travelers food market. winning numbers are on your screen right now and if you are the big winner and you don't know it good for you. lottery officials say sign the back of that ticket and give them a call asap.
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>> much more still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. you can save a life by getting a simple alert on your smartphone. in health check ali gorman explains how a new app is connecting people in cardiac arrest with anyone who knows cpr a. >> a popular farmer's market in burlington county back opened for business after fire damaged several buildings there. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic will take us there for the latest. we'll have those stories and much more. cecily is back with that full accuweather forecast including the weekend when we come back. >> okay.
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e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle has been seen in six states. new cases reported in california new york and ohio. cases also reported in minnesota but most of the illnesses have been in oregon and washington. the agency says the investigation is ongoing to determine the specific food that is linked to the illness. so far 45 people have been infected. >> time for health check and new mobile technology has come to our area. it could help save people when they have a heart issue. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman was at the launch today. she joins us with the story
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ever second counts. the quicker cpr is started or a defibrillator is used the better chances are for survival. that's how this new mobile app aims to help. hundreds of virtua health managers held up their smartphones. after downloading a new app that enables them to become potential life savers in burlington county. the app is called pulse point. here's how it works. if someone in a community suffers cardiac arrest, 911 is called. ems teams are dispatched. at the same time a pulse point alert goes to people who have signed up who are cpr trained and located within a quarter mile of the patient. >> the most important thing in any cardiac arrest is for someone who is close by to immediately start cpr. >> reporter: in fact, studies show bystander cpr significantly increases survival rates. so does using an automated externaexternal defibrillator od
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quickly. the pulse point app also shows the closest aed. >> we're bringing both the cpr and the electricity to the patient as quickly as possible and that's what will make a difference inch the app was just launched in burlington county but its success has been proven in other areas. drew bassy of oregon seen here in the hospital after cardiac arrest last year says it saved his life. he went down in a parking lot. a security guard called 911. at the same time scott brawner an off duty firefighter got an alert through pulse point. he was working out at a gym next door. >> turned my radio off and then gave me just a series of beeps and i got a google map of the location. >> when scott got to me i wasn't breathing. i had no pulse. if he hadn't performed cpr i wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: and virtua and burlington county will be offering more free cpr classes to nonclinical workers at the hospital and also to residents
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in burlington county. they're trying to get as many residents as possible to become potential life savers. we have details about those classes on rick and monica. >> thanks so much. >> thanks ali. >> dozens of families in new jersey will have a lot more to be thankful for this thanksgiving. 41 children went home with new parents today. their adoptions were finalized in camden county in honor of national adoption day. how about that? and to celebrate there was a luncheon for the families. camden county consistently has among the high of the number of adoptions finalized in new jersey every year. preschoolers in wilmington learned about the true mean of the holidays giving back. young children and their folks cool kids donated food to families and three senior citizens. the kids got to hand out the baskets. the day care owner says she wanted to show some good to counter all that recent violence reported from wilmington. >> we have an update tonight on the holiday food donation effort we held earlier this
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week to raise money for philadbundance. we he hosted a live call in donation drive. many called and others went on line to make donations. thanks to your generosity we know food banks around the area will be able to provide nearly 30,000 meals to feed our neighbors in need this holiday season so thank you.
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>> ♪ >> kids in west oak lane brought thanksgiving dessert home if school today thanks to carthage investments ho donated 90 man in a pies to westwood elementary school. weren't by one the kids got pick up their pies this morning. today is the last day for thanksgiving pie in the sky sales. proceeds help man in a provide meals for people battling life-threatening illnesses through the dell vare. >> locally crafted gifts are for sale all in one convenient place. the made in philadelphia holiday market opens tomorrow at dillworth park but the action cam got a sneak peek for you today. check it out. vendors were there putting finishing touches on their booth. the market is built to compliment the christmas village at love park p it will be opened through december 27. another great place to get your holiday shopping done this weekend at the christmas
5:21 pm
bazaar in bordentown new jersey. it's the 70th year trenton united methodist church has put on the event. don't those look cute. you can find clothing crafts lots of food there. the bazaar is open until 7:00 tonight and doors reopen tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> you might have heard of elf on the shelf. there's a hanukkah counterpart becoming something of a holiday stay it's called plench in a bench. mensch is yiddish for a good person. the creator came and with the idea when his son elf on the shelf. problem was their family didn't celebrate christmas. he came up with an alternative and pitched it on shark tank. >> we have a menorah that teaches hanukkah prayers. we have a dreidel that tells them whether it's two thumbs up for good. have more meaningful jewish interactions as a family. >> investor lore he regrenier
5:22 pm
catches up with the toy's creator heading into the busy shopping season. tonight at 9 o'clock it's after last man standing and dr. ken 20/20 follows at 10:00 followed by "action news" at 11:00
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>> time for accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan keeping an eye on the week. going feel more like november but perhaps some sunshine,
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though. >> exactly. and today definitely felt like fall. temperatures in the 50's this afternoon but this photo shows what we were dealing with, blue skies not a cloud in the sky today and temperatures definitely not only cooler, also dealing with some gusty winds. philadelphia reporting a peak wind gust of 34 miles per hour, allentown 30, trenton 24, wilmington 29 and in atlantic city a peak wind gust of 33 miles per hour. so, these winds are out of the northwest behind a cold front that moved through last night that brought us that good soaking rain and this is what's pulling down cooler air. philadelphia currently 52 degrees. allentown 47. wilmington 46. and millville currently 48 degrees. so, satellite6 along with action radar is showing if you're looking for clouds don't look here because we have clear skies, all thanks to this high pressure that's building in. and what this high pressure will do overnight is really slacken the winds and with the clear skies we'll have good radiational cooling. any of the heat really absorbed by the earth from the sun during the day goes
5:26 pm
straight into the atmosphere so overnight lows dropping down into the upper 20's and upper 30's. seasonably cool. in the meantime this is what they're dealing with in the midwest. very strong low pressure is bringing some heavy snow across the midwest. sioux falls south dakota reporting more than a foot of snow already and that swath of six to 12-inches will continue to push to the east just west of chicago but this low pressure is not heading our way. it will be cutting up across the great lakes into canada, so i know you may be disappointed but we're in the going to be getting the snow but we'll be getting the cooler air on sunday and monday. ahead of that system tomorrow at the linc as temple takes on the memphis tigers looking really nice. lots of sunshine, kickoff temperature 50 degrees, by the fourth quarter 54. winds out of the east at five to 10 miles per hour. then of course we have philadelphia marathon weekend tomorrow morning for the 8k at 7:30 in the morning i'll be running, it will be cool, little bit breezy but the wind
5:27 pm
is not a big concern, 39 degrees. maybe wear arm warmers and gloves and sunday for the marathon it will be breezy winds out of the west up to about 20 miles per hour. not quite as cool though at 7 o'clock 44. by noon 47 degrees so a good idea if you're running the marathon dress in throw away layers you can take off as you warm up and anything that you discard goes to charity so it's really a good thing to do. tomorrow 54 degrees, cold front moves through saturday night. could bring us a round of some showers in the wee hours of the morning on sunday. generally coming through dry, a chilly wind 50 degrees. monday the core of that cool air, 46. it's one day, though, up to 50 on tuesday. wednesday for traveling looking great, 54 degrees. and i know rick williams is trying to decide what to wear for the thanksgiving day parade and adam will have that forecast in the seven day. >> i've decideed. >> you've decideed. >> a vest with no shirt. >> wow. >> that's scary. >> yeah, no.
5:28 pm
whew, television. >> television. >> much more to come in our next hour of "action news" at 5:00 a south jersey police officer comes to the rescue of a little critter who got himself in a sticky situation. we'll show you. >> the gyrocopter pilot goes back to court. >> agencies again joining forces to make sure the less fortunate stay warm when the weather turns cold. >> those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" for you tonight. it was one week ago when terrorists laid siege to paris killing dozens of people and tonight we are learning more about the raid that resulted in the death of the paris mastermind. a year after devastating fire here we take a look at how the columbus farmers market is coming back. i'm nora muchanic. i'll have that story coming up. >> and will it be bradford or sanchez? eagles decide who will lead the team against tampa bay sunday. jeff skversky with those details. >> and now the latest on the deadly paris terrorist attacks that happened one week ago
5:31 pm
today. french authorities announced today that another person has died the injuries bringing the death toll to 130 people. french lawmakers extended the state of emergency for three months. this raid, the so-called raids on suspected terror cells like the one in saint-denis is continue. marci gonzalez is live in paris with more on that. >> reporter: rick it also extends the ban on public gatherings but this is the exception with the vigils being held tonight all across the city of lights. candles illuminate the scenes of one of paris' darkest days. one week after the chaos and carnage, a peaceful somber remembrance of the victims. a reflection tonight on the deputy who led the scene that took down the attack's so-called mastermind describing the dramatic scene wednesday as officers raided the terror cell's hideout in the suburbs of paris.
5:32 pm
>> one of them was shooting and another one was sending grenades through the windows. >> reporter: one of the suspects detonating a suicide vest. but the battle in this building on the verge of collapse continued. >> i went downstairs, see pieces of someone and we knew that they could. >> reporter: the officers survived and now investigators say three suspects were killed, a man who still hasn't been identified, this woman, and her cousin abdelhamid abaaoud, the accused isis ringleader behind the terror attacks. the raid taking down at least part of the terror cell investigators believe was ready to strike again. and police still looking for two more suspects carried out nearly 190 searches across france overnight and took 17
5:33 pm
people into custody. live in paris, marci gonzalez channel6 "action news." rick, back to you. >> thank you. a man who spent the past 30 years in prison for spying on the united states was released from prison today. jonathan pollard a former u.s. navy intelligence analyst was arrested for providing classified information to israel. he pled guilty in 1986. as a condition of his parole, pollard must wear a monitoring bracelet and the government will monitor any computer he uses. >> the florida man who piloted his gyrocopter through washington, d.c. and landed on the u.s. capitol lawn plead guilty today in federal court. douglas hughes agreed to plead to felony charges of operating a gyrocopter without a license. he had faced more serious charges carrying a potential nine years in prison. prosecutors have agreed to ask for no more than 10 months behind bars while hughes' attorney wants probation instead. hughes has said his april 15th stunt was a way to call attention to big money in
5:34 pm
politics. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the developments in paris as well as the other top stories from around the world. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> in other news tonight the philadelphia funeral director accused of mishandling human remains is behind bars. only "action news" was there last evening as 72-year-old janet powell daily was brought into central detectives for processing. today she was formally charged with abuse of corpse and theft. jewelry that 3-d composed bodies were found in a straub mansion garage a few months ago just a block from her business. officials say powell daily's funeral home had been operating without a license since 2012. chopper six was over the northbound lanes of i676 in camden a short time ago. new jersey state police say they found a stabbing victim running along the highway trying to get help. this is near kaighn avenue. an ambulance rushed to the scene to take the man to cooper medical hospital. his condition has not been released. still not clear who stabbed the man and where exactly it happened.
5:35 pm
a year has passed since a fast moving fire tore through part of a popular burlington county market and tonight merchants are looking forward. it was back on november 18th 2014 when 11 businesses housed in a building number four of the columbus farmers market went up in flames. since then it has been a monumental task trying to get everything up and running again. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has that story from springfield. >> this is remarkable. i come here and i was like oh my gosh, it's completely different but still quaint. >> reporter: done florida hughes is one of the shoppers browsing through the new building number four at the columbus farmers market. what i was year ago this week on november 18 that flames through this landmark a fire gutted the structure leaving only twisted metal and beams. 11 businesses were burned out. one of them wicker emporium has been located at the mark for 37 years and just recently reopened. >> wins was a year, wow. it was the worst year of my
5:36 pm
life but the nightmare is over and the store looks beautiful and the market is looking beautiful and we're so excited to be back imchopper 6hd shows us the new building floor from up above. it allows shoppers to walk from one end of the market without going outside. johnny cloy's shoe repair was burned out in the fire. he's also recently back in building four and couldn't be happier. >> customers, everybody like it. >> reporter: anna's corn cafe opened thursday and behind the plastic four more restaurants are still being completed at a new food court. >> we have people coming in and they're saying oh it's beautiful down here and they're excited about it and they're ready to come back. >> reporter: merchants are hoping the old crowds come back as they gear up for the holidays. the market is open on thanksgiving in fact it's one of the busiest days of the year here. managers say a lot of people put their turkey in the oven and then come here to start their shopping. >> we've been coming out here since the fire -- well before the fire and since the fire. >> reporter: a year after
5:37 pm
that terrible fire one of the oldest and largest flee mark in the delaware valley has recovered and merchants are looking forward not back. in springfield, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> it is smoother sailing tonight for drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike after a crash slowed the morning commute. chopper 6hd over the westbound lanes just west of the valley forge exit. a tractor-trailer somehow crashed about 8:30 this morning and it took crews two hours to clear it. only one lane of traffic was getting by then. luckily the truck driver was not hurt. well, police say four men one of them armed barged their fly a home in southwest philadelphia overnight. the home invasion robbery happened in the 1600 block of south frazier street. investigators say the suspects took some items and ran. fortunately no one was injured but they are still on the loose tonight. and -- go ahead rick. >> thank you monica. an eighth animal found in atlantic county has tested positive for rabies. a bat is the late of the case but the disease has also been
5:38 pm
found in a fox a skunk and a raccoon. galloway township homeowner found it dead in a pile of leaves. health officials say people should stay vigilant. >> be very careful with bats because they have the potential to carry the disease and a bite from them may not be so obvious. it's not, you know, something that would be looking like a gash. >> health officials are are making people to make sure their pets are protected with a rabies vaccine and remind children to stay away from wild animals. local children will stay warm this winter thanks to philadelphia first responders. the union is partnering again with city council for operation warm. starting today they'll be raising money to buy new jackets for underprivileged students. since it started back in 1998 the operation has provided coats to 2 million children nationwide. this year's mission goes until december 18th. >> all right, time to get another look at traffic out there. matt pelman man in the know.
5:39 pm
>> tell us some good news, matt, thousand. >> i don't know if you want to know what i know because it's not so good on this friday night. problems in delaware county now, rick and monica. these are the southbound lanes of 95. you can see the travel times are way above what they should be. and not helping us out is this broken down vehicle southbound by the exit for the commodore barry bridge taking out the left lane. police just pulled up on the scene but you're moving at a snail's pace on 95 southbound from past the airport through this point at the barry. northbound is also backed up with a plenty of friday afternoon volume. elsewhere in delco chester heights by concorde pizza watch out for a crash along route one baltimore pike at stony bank road. have a wreck in upper gwynedd along sumneytown pike. a broken down vehicle on 95 northbound approaching allegheny cleared out. that's good news. demonstration going on by city hall. watch out for rolling closures along broad arch j.f.k. and market a crash on broadway
5:40 pm
near crown point road. have a good weekend rick and monica. >> thanks matt. >> a south jersey officer comes to the rescue of a critter in an awkward situation. we'll tell you how it ended. >> and they put on their dancing shoes and limbered up for a big fundraiser in montgomery county. we will show you. adam. >> a stepdown in temperatures today back to the 50's and if you look at the north and west you've got 40's and 30's and we're tracking the coldest air so far this season. i'll let you know when it arrives in accuweather. >> in sports, jeff skversky here with eagles news. temple news and even some flyers news when "action news" comes right back. a lot going on. >> yeah. >> ♪
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5:43 pm
>> come on. let's get this off your head. come on. >> a police officer in ocean gate new jersey went on an unexpected adventure lately. officer jonathan whitney had to rescue a little skunk that got its head stuck in a juice box. before he could remove the car ton the skunk led whitney on amount long foot pursuit. after several attempts he was able to remove the juice box and he did it without getting sprayed. how about that. dozens of young athletes and police officers hit the field in west windsor township new jersey for a great cause. students and staff at mercer
5:44 pm
high played a flag football game with police from hamilton township. the game helped raise money for the police participating in next year's police unity tour. very cool. >> turning to sports we know -- we now know who will be quarterback for the birds when they play the bucs this week. it's either skversky or sanchez. >> i'm going with you. >> you definitely know there's going to be a loss on sunday if i'm anywhere near that football field. they'll go mark sanchez. bradford still not ready. of course no surprise here. sam bradford officially ruled out for sunday's game against tampa bay today because of his concussion. running back ryan matthews also ruled out with a concussion. so, mark sanchez will be the man under center and under the spotlight sunday against the buccaneers. sanchez has played 10 games for the eagles in that time, he's made 15 turnovers but the veteran quarterback lopes to tur --hopes to turn the page suy at 1:00 and get the birds flying. >> every experience, every
5:45 pm
repetition can only help in knowledge and your grasp of the offense so i feel good with it. i feel comfortable and ready to go. >> we're very comfortable working together not only have we played games last year but i think you always have to be prepared as a team to utilize a backup quarterback. >> sanchez will be first to tell you backup or not he prepares to start every week. no matter what. so in a case like this week, it feels normal. espn's sal paolantonio has more. >> here's the bottom line for the eagles game against the tampa bay bucs on sunday. mark sanchez in eight of the 10 games he's played for the eagles has thrown an interception. in those two games where he did not throw a pick, the eagles won by a combined score of 47 points. so, it's incumbent upon his offensive coaching staff and head coach chip kelly to put mark sanchez in a position to succeed. the eagles cannot lose back to
5:46 pm
back games. at home against the dolphins and the bucs. chip kelly may never recover from that. >> all right, sal, college hoops now. eleventh ranked villanova looks to start three and oh for the ninth straight season when they face east tennessee state. nova has not lost a nonconference home game since 2012 against temple. speaking of temple, the owls facing ranked butler today in the puerto rico tipoff. they start off fass, bond 13 and 13 for him, temple up as many as 12 in the first but it slips ay what. butler's tyler louis scores 14 of his 16 after the break. final, temple can get within four, josh brown no other way, oh, no, temple loses 74-69. both of their loses this year have come against ranked teams. the sixers will try to avoid falling to oh and 13 tonight on the road in charlotte. dating back to last season the sixers have lost 22 straight games. it's one of the longest
5:47 pm
streaks in nba history. the flyers they have their own problems right now. they scored the fewest goals in the nhl. how about zero last night despite going into overtime. head coach dave hakstol is trying to take the positive out of the game if we got a busy stretch here its a real porn stretch. we've been able to get points here the last three nights. we're still not happy with that. we want to do a little bit better. >> it's a playoff edition of high school huddle tonight after "action news" at 11:00 marple newtown and up are moreland the game of the week both nine and two coming into play. >> wow. >> went go back to what we started talking about. you don't want me even near that game good that's impressive. >> we'll take your word for it jeff. thank you. hundreds of lower moreland high school students are dancing the day away. take a look.
5:48 pm
>> ♪ the kids are participating in a mini on that modeled after penn state's dance-a-thon. the students are hoping to raise more than $176,000 so they can beat last year's fundraising record. the mini on that is to raise money and awareness to fight president particular cancer. delaware county officials helped unload thousands of pounds of food today. the action cam was at the first united methodist clump in media part of the county's annual thanksgiving food drive. they have been collecting food since october. part of their collection was delivered earlier this movement more than 13,000 pounds of food. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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>> more than 800 business and community leader gathered at the pennsylvania conception vendor today an event sponsored by the urban affairs coalition. it's aimed at driving change and economic growth in urban communities. the morning was their 46th annual breakfast by the way today. participants celebrated the group's mission and honored stand outleaders in the community. >> trudy haines one of the pioneers there. good for her. meteorologist adam joseph here taking a look at the weekend. you doing the philadelphia marathon this weekend. >> i'm like you. i'm not. >> what do you mean like me. >> it he could. >> being lazy this is weekend. >> okay, like me.
5:52 pm
>> you know what it's going to be perfect out there. a little on the breezy side with temperatures cooler. >> flies for runners they like to. >> absolutely. as we take a look at double scan live radar around the region crystal clear blue sky today. temperatures dropped from 67 yesterday and today's temperature we only topped off in the middle 50's during the afternoon but our actual high temperature came at midnight when we were 63 degrees but since that 63 at midnight the temperatures have fallen throughout the day. right now 52 degrees in philadelphia, 48 in millville, 46 in wilmington. north and west upper 40's. mount pocono 41 and at the shore upper 40's to around 50 degrees. all is clear back at home right now. we have nothing going on. high pressure in control but we do have a system near omaha nebraska and this is heading to the east and then it's together to make a curve well to our north and west so all this precipitation in the form of rain and snow will miss us to the north and but west of
5:53 pm
chick could pick up to a half foot and a foot of snow overnight into early tomorrow. back at home it's clear, it's chilly tonight and back to normal as well. up are 20's in the suburbs to around 38 degrees for center city. and the winds much lighter only four to 8 miles an hour. and then we get a quick dip in the temperatures. the jet stream is going to carve itself way down to the south. so we get a quick hit here of some really chilly air for sunday and especially on monday. but like i said it doesn't last long. that jet stream is going to buckle back up into canada and we get a mild flow out of the southwest as we get into the middle part of next week which is perfect timing for the travelers along the east coast and also for thanksgiving. so, as we take a look at this big weekend in philadelphia for the marathon on sunday, bright and breezy. again, temperatures not bad in the 40's but then were you factor in a wind 10 to 20 miles an hour from the westerly direction it's going to feel like it's in the 30's so you're hoping most of that west wind when you hit it as a
5:54 pm
tail wind kind of kick it into high gear because you're going to have a head wind at some points there out of that 10 to 20 miles an hour wind direction. as we look at sunday also in the afternoon we have the eagles game going on, a chilly breeze with there wind 12 to 20 miles an hour. kickoff temperature 48. by the fourth quarter 47. so, if your seats are on the shady side of the linc definitely going feel pretty chilly and need a few layers. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, some but a light wind tomorrow at 54. then that winds kicks back up on sunday as the temperatures drop. we're going for a high of 50 in philadelphia but only 40's in the suburbs and in fact the western suburbs of philadelphia the wind chills in the 30's the entire day. we lose the wind on monday. but the temperature drops to 46 degrees and then we start to turn that corner towards the warmer on tuesday at 50 degrees and then back to 54 on wednesday with some smooth travel along at least the midatlantic and then it's dry and mild for thanksgiving,
5:55 pm
60 degrees and continued mild for the shoppers on black friday at 60 degrees and i know rick you were saying you're waiting to see what that forecast was on what you were going to wear. not warm enough to take your shirt off like you wanted. >> thankfully. >> you never know. >> let's all say thanks. >> i'd be running the other way if that was the case. >> that would be some parade that's for sure. is the place to turn for updated information. our meteorologists are posting updates all the time on facebook and twitter.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more coming up next at 6 o'clock. following develop. s on a hotel siege in mali. >> dozens of students could be caught up in a sexting scandal at a montgomery county schoolly we'll have those stories and more at 6:00 for the entire "action news" team
5:58 pm
i'm monica malpass. have a good night an great weekend. "action news" at 6:00 next. >> good night. what is what is [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night a philadelphia court throws out yet another batch of drug convictions and the city of philadelphia welcomes thousands of runners for marathon weekend. but the big story on "action news" tonight is more terrorism, more death and this time it's in the former french colony of mali. and there is late word tonight that one of the victims was an
6:00 pm
american. >> (sirens). >> un and mali troops raced to the radisson hotel in the capitol city of bamako after islamic extremists stormed the building with guns and grenade. mali troops were helped by u.s. and french special ops forces but word is that 27 civilians were killed. 12 bodies were found in the basement of the hotel, 15 were found on the second floor. an extremist group led by a former al-qaeda commander has claimed responsibility to attackers were killed. it was a week ago today that terrorists carried out their deadly attacks in paris killing 130 people. today we learn that police have found a third body in that apartment in the paris suburb of saint-denis, the scene a seven-hour shootout between police and terrorists wednesday and now police are saying that the woman d


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