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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  November 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. saturday, november 21. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a birthday party is disrupted by gunfire at a delaware bowling alley. a jury comes to the decision in the case of a woman setting her neighbor's home on fire. bundle up if you're heading out, that's an understatement. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's chilly out. >> reporter: the funny thing when you look at the numbers which i will show you in a second, we're close to where we should be this time of the year.
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you in the meantime there's the view, philadelphia international airport. it's quiet out there, we don't have too much going on, just a slight breeze out of the northeast this morning. temperature-wise, here we go, 29 in allentown. below freezing, 30 in reading, 34 in lancaster. 40 for trenton. 42 in philadelphia. below freezing for the pine barrens of south jersey, vineland below freezing, millville, below freezing, as well. dover, 34, wilmington, 39. look at the 24 hour temperature change anywhere from 15 to 22 degrees colder than the same time yesterday thanks to the first cold front that swept through, we have another cold front a secondary cold front that will push through late tonight into tomorrow morning reinforcing the colder air. boy, is that going to bring a big change to our weather monday. we'll see a combination of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon, all that snow, that white you saw out west across the great lakes that will pull to the north and move into
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canada fortunately for us. sun and clouds today, seasonable high of 54 degrees when i come back we'll talk about the colder changes for the second half of the weekend, and then a huge warmup just in time for turkey day eva? >> thanks, chris. police say an argument set off gunfire in the parking lot of pleasant hills bowling alley in newport. during the fight, someone pulled out a gun. police are questioning some people. investigators have not announced any charges or the motive. new, a stabbing leaves a man fightings for his life. crime tape is up outside the windsor apartments in west oak lane. a 46-year-old man was stabbed several times. he was wheeled into surgery overnight in critical condition we're told a person is under arrest and facing charges. the city of brussels is you
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remembered its highest terror alert this morning, heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the capitol of belgium. the city is under a level 4 terror alert which indicates a serious and immediate threat. bruferls is home -- brussels is home to the network mastermind of the terror attacks. turkey has arrested a new suspect in the paris attacks. he is thought to have scouted out the site before the siege. two syrian citizens under arrest helped him get across the border. he was capture at a luxury hotel in turkey. 130 people were killed in the harris attacks.
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protesters took to the streets of center city protesting against american involvement in the middle east and institutional racism among police and military in the u.s. there's been a spike in applications for gun permits in the wake of the paris attacks. the hopeful gun owners will have to wait. the approval takes 45 days. security is high because of the paris attacks and the 2013 boston marathon bombing. the city of philadelphia is securing extra security some seen, some unseen. benjamin franklin parkway is closed from 18th to 25th for the rothman institute 8k which starts in an hour and a half. all vehicles must be removed from the race course route by
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tomorrow. any vehicles still there they will be towed. >> spectators please remember if you choose to carry a bag of your own for personal items they must be searched by security prior to entering the start finish zone. all the road croars -- closures are on our website we'll be live tomorrow morning for the start of the philadelphia marathon. a woman will remain decades behind bars for setting her neighbor's home on fire after a jury returned a guilty verdict. >> reporter: throughout the trial donna trup showed no remorse after burning down a home. the family was say indicationing
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when the home wednesday up in flames. the family said it's a phone call they will never forget. >> it was a few minutes of panic. >> reporter: she may have been pulled off the crime, but morris installed a surveillance system on his home before heading to florida. crup blamed morris for her son's drug addiction. >> it was all for nothing, nothing at all. >> reporter: the family lost a cat and all of their belongings but retaindz something special the love of thereof community. >> literally put coats on the back before we got to the fire scene. they melt us at the sanatoga exit and put coats on our back. >> you made us realize how
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special life is and how lucky we are off to so many people care for us. >> a home is about being with people who care about you and love you. >> the family has moved into a new home and neighborhood, and they love it. the detective tells me today he is going to get on his recliner and open up his laptop and book a trip to disney. in lower pots grove, channel 6 "action news." >> janet powell daily has been charged with abuse of a corpse and theft. the funeral home has been operating without a license since 2012. an 8th annual found in atlantic county has tested positive for rabies.
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a galloway township homeowner found it dead in a pile of leaves. health officials say people should stay vigilant. >> be careful with bats, because they have the potential to carry the disease and a by the from them may not be so obvious. it's not something that would be looking like a gash. >> health officials are urging people to make sure sure their pets are protected with a rabies vaccine and remind children to stay away from wild animals. chris christie was delayed after a passenger had to be removed from the plane. the passenger got out of his seat paced back and forth and took pictures of the flight crew. the flight was leaving from san francisco heading to boston. he refused to sit back down and the pilot turned the plane around. at no poinlt did the governor -- point did the governor interact with the passenger or did the
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passenger threaten the governor. details on changes for one airline. looking like a white thanksgiving, not here, in the midwest. >> reporter: some guys have all the luck. i'm just kidding, i know you don't want snow around here for thanksgiving. we have quick changes in the forecast. it's some of the coldest air so far. we'll have a huge warmup on the way that will put temperatures back in the 60s. i'll have that when we come right back.
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>> breaking news, a tractor-trailer is causing problems on 295 in camden county. two tractor trailers crashed into one another on 295 near exit 25 in belmawr around 15 minutes ago. the force of the collision caused one of the tractor trailers to jackknife. there were two people injured in the crash. the right and center lanes are blocked. traffic is able to get by in the left lane. stay with "action news" and for the very latest. snowplows and shovels are getting a workout in south dakota. location, location, location, that's who got the snow. they got slammed with more than
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15 inches. chris and i are not getting along this morning, because he is loving the snow. our bosses are watching, stick him out there. >> reporter: i lived in chicago for three years, 40 below zero windchill, i know about snow and cold. i'm saying it snows in this part of the viewing area. even for me being a snow lover that's too much too soon. i agree with you on that one. 15 inches of snow it's not even thanksgiving. that's a ton. there's the view, beautiful shot in cape may. sun is starting to rise, we'll have a partly to mostly sunny sky throughout the day. it will be a little bit cooler, but overall it should be a nice weekend, just cooler compared to where we've been over the last three or four days. 54 degrees that's the high temperature we're shooting for today. low temperature reading, 42. allentown below freezing in the 20s. poconos 33.
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reading, 30. lancaster, 34. and millville below freezing, sitting at 31 degrees. you add to that a slight breeze out of the northeast it feels 3 to 4 degrees cooler. the temperature rangeses are 8 to 23 degrees colder than yesterday. the colder air moving in will be reinforced by colder conditions moving across the high plains and the great lakes. that will sweep through in the second half of the weekend. we'll go sun and clouds this afternoon all the snow moves into canada, toronto, northern maine, vermont, new hampshire you'll see snow out of that, that's as far south as that system gets close toward us, as it pushes off to the northeast and away from the delaware valley. that's good news. all that mitch will steer clear of the delaware valley. cold conditions, current
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temperatures, 16 in bismarck windchill of 6. wichita, 33. saint louis, 43. there's the reinforcing shot of cold air that will get in here tomorrow, that will set up a 48 hour cold stretch of weather where temperatures will feel like winter. as you look ahead here these are the surface maps there's the low racing on to the northeast takes the rain and snow along with it. for us behind the front, the wind pick up out of the west/northwest. tomorrow the eagles game will be freezing. that puts windchills in the low 30s. when he get into monday, future tracker, 52, 53, 54 for philadelphia. upper 40s, low 50s, north and west. we'll see an increase in
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cloudiness as the day wears on. overnight tonight, the clouds roll through, we'll allow for a spotty shower, i think that's a little bit overdone. tomorrow, partly sunny skies and temperatures in the 40s start to finish. 50 degrees is the high on sunday. here's monday morning, 20s and 30s low temperatures. bundle up we've got cold stuff coming. 50 degrees in reading and allentown. 54 we'll call it seasonable. cape may, atlantic city and dover 55 degrees. overnight tonight, cloudy and mild. overnight lows should be in the 20s north and west, you'll be near 40. 47 for cape may, millville, 44 degrees. philadelphia marathon early in the morning it's chilly. windchills in the 30s, bright, breezy, 47 by lunchtime. the windchills will probably range anywhere from 32 to
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37 degrees, bundle up, you can take the layers off as you're running. breezy and cold sunday, 50 degrees. monday, sun, chilly, 46. himself windchills in the upper 30s and low 40s. wednesday, sunny skies, 54. thursday, more sun, 60. friday more sun, 3. next weekend, sunshine and warmer temperatures. i said i had to make you happy, i hope i accomplished that. >> it's the holidays. >> reporter: 60 is nice. meteorologist karen rogers was inducted into the broadcast pioneers hall of fame last night. karen has been with the "action news" family since 199 of. she said she is honored to receive recognition for a job she considers one of the greatest blessings of her life. a big congratulations to karen! "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are
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>> welcome back everyone, 6:23 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast. the travel trouble spots will be the northern portions of the ohio valley as well as great lakes. you have a good snowstorm from des moines, iowa to detroit. chicago, indianapolis you're included in that, as well. snowfall totals will range from 5 to 10 inches. we have heavy rains from saint louis pushing south through the state of arkansas. look at the snowfall totals this is already on top of the snow that has fallen upwards of 15 inches. chicago, iowa, another 3 to 6. this will pull north into canada. it will not push south and east and head toward the mid atlantic. there's a break for us. as we look at the major hubs across the country. believe it or not there's no reported delays out west. philadelphia, 42 all flights on
6:25 am
time. midway and o'hare it's cold, no delays. 39 in boston, chicago, the freezing mark of 32. in in sports the winless sixers hit the road and the eagles prepare for tampa without two key starters. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning who didn't see this coming, the eagles are saying sam bradford is out for the game tomorrow against the bucks with a concussion and shoulder injury and ryan matthews is out. mark is an which he san --chez e start. >> reputation can help in the knowledge of the offense. i feel good wilt, i feel comfortable and ready to go. >> reporter: there are a few
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guarantees in life, death texas and the sixers loss, they dropped another one last night. sixers and hornets, charlotte up by 13. nerlens noel comes off the bench, 16 points for him. sixers down 11. they never hold a lead in this game. walker 7 assist. they are in miami later on today. it's only been two games villanova has been running its competition out of the gym. the same held true last night with tennessee state. game high 17 points for jeng jenkins. 86-61 the final. temple and butler from puerto rico. first half, bond 13 points.
6:27 am
the owls lead bias many as 12. they go cold in the second half. 16 points come after half-time, temple falls 74-69. 6abc has a big day of college football on tap today. penn state hosts michigan at noon. the nittany lions are unbeaten at home. michigan, ohio state meet at 3:30 and tcu and oklahoma tonight at 8:00. dick vermeal former eagles head coach since 2011 the soul are the winningest franchise in town. >> a popular animal shelter in philadelphia is facing an urgent situation the kennels at the animal care and control team are full. that means there's a big push to
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find homes for dogs and cats if you're willing to open your heart and home. act is all of these free and half price adoptions through sunday. a
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>> new overnight a pedestrian was killed after being hit by a
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car in delaware. heavily armed police patrol the streets of brussels amid new terror threats. there's extra security measures in place for the philadelphia marathon following the deadly paris attacks. meteorologist chris sowers is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's cold. >> reporter: it is cold this morning, some areas are in the 20s now, as we look live on sky6 live hd from our temple university camera. it's a quiet morning out there, just the slightest breeze, the e big story, the headliner right now colder temperatures, 30 in slatington, 29 in martins creek. oxford, below freezing, 31. chester, 37. center city you're the warm location, 44. glassboro, 38. hockessin 39. we have cloud cover overhead right now. that will pull away.
6:31 am
we'll have a combination of sun and clouds, a nice looking afternoon the slightest breeze. you go to the west that's where the big snowstorm is right now. as that pulls off to the northeast it drags another cold front through, enjoy today. today is a good one. 42 degrees, by 11:00 a.m., 50. mostly sunny skies, 2:00 p.m. we'll see the clouds increase, 5:00 p.m., it's mainly cloudy 52 degrees shootings for a high of 54. how cold will it get you ask? get a load of this. these windchills by monday morning. they disappeared on me. let's try that again. all right, i'll show you those numbers when i come back with the full forecast coming up in a few minutes, i'll have warmer changes around turkey day and the seven day. >> "action news" newsroom of the tractor-trailer accident we told you about earlier this
6:32 am
morning. 295 south and westville, gloucester county. two tractor trailers crashed into one other, the first of the collision caused the tractor-trailer to jackknife. two people were injured in the crash, traffic is getting by in the far left lane. new this morning, a man is dead after being hit by a pick up truck in delaware. it happened at 11:00 p.m. in bear. police say the man was crossing route 40 when he was hit. the driver stayed at the scene. no word on when charges will be fired. wilmington police are investigating a shooting that left a 19-year-old man hospitalized. it happened near 20th and west streets last night. the victim was rushed to christiana hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest in stable condition. no arrests in that shooting. brussels has raised it's terror alert to level four.
6:33 am
the highest level as one of the suspect as from the paris attacks remains at large. heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the capitol of belgium. a level four terror alert indicates a serious and immediate threat. brussels is home to the suspected organizer of the paris attacks. brussels is searching for those involved in the terror attacks. meanwhile, this is the scene in paris last night as large crowds gathered. it was one week ago last night that terrorists attacked 6 different locations in paris and killed 130 people. some parisians refused to be cowed by the terror. police are looking for salam who
6:34 am
was stopped at the belgium border, but let go. mali was under attack by terrorists. a peace corps volunteer and expert in global health her work took her to the african nation. president obama supported mali. >> this is another awful reminders that the scourge of terrorism threatens our nation. this stiffens our resolve to meet this challenge. we'll stand with the people of mali. the attackers used fake diplomatic plates to get inside the hotel was hosting peace talks. the former french colony was
6:35 am
battling islamic extremists with the help of the u.n. and french forces. penn state is beefing up security for its final home game against michigan. there are no known threats, but they decided to increase security as a precaution. gates to beaver stadium will open at 10:00 a.m., a half-hour earlier than usual to give security a chance to pat down fans. extra security measures will be in place for philadelphia's marathon. homeland security officials have showered mayor nutter there is no known threat to the city. all runners and spectators will be screened as they enter the start and finish line on the benjamin franklin parkway. that will include a search of any belongings. a philadelphia judge has thrown out 88 drug convictions pushing it to 650.
6:36 am
dann cuellar has the details. >> reporter: common pleas court ruled that the 88 cases were tainted by allegations of police corruption. for one woman and her mother who were caught up in the tainted cases the decision brought tears of joy. the nightmare began on february 12, 2010. neither had a prior criminal records but they were accused of drug trafficking charges and trafficking children. they were acquitted on the officer's testimony and sent to prison. they lost their home under drug forfeiture laws. >> they took everything, our good name, our house, money, everything, just taken away. our freedom. >> reporter: she said she was not able to google her own name because of the bad things said about her. >> i thought i'd change my name because people won't google me
6:37 am
now i don't have to do that any more. >> reporter: so far 648 cases the officers handled have been thrown out tainted by allegations of corruption. >> that's a travesty, i hope the new commissioner will follow the lead set by commissioner ramsey. >> reporter: recall -- rawlinss sells cases for iphones. >> i pray for them, i don't like them, hopefully everything comes around, and clear it has. >> reporter: of the seven officers only one was convicted, the other 6 were acquitted. there are still 500 more cases that need to be reviewed and the district attorney's office said they will be reviewed one at a time. at the criminal justice center,
6:38 am
dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> a jury has convicted a lehigh university professor and his wife of defrauding nasa. they were convicted on 6 counts of fraud. they told nasa they were working to track climate change, but grad students and researchers did all the work on the project. they will spend 20 years in prison. professor harris is free on bail after being charged with stalking an employee. the 66-year-old harris tried to puncture tires he is an associate professor of economics. the victim came to police after her tires were flattened. >> he was observed placing a
6:39 am
nail against her tires. >> university police say there was no reason to believe this was directed at any other staff or students. harris is on administrative leave barred from campus and having contact with the victim. >> a balloon goes awry at a hot air balloon festival landings on top of a power line. and chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment. we got a guy t
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a guy coming out he is in the hole. >> a tv pilot describing a scare for a firefighter in houston, texas. he fell into a hole of the roof of a burning home. fell firefighters were below him. they possessioned him on the ladder and brought him down safely. a hot air balloon landed on a power line in arizona. the appointment urged them to standstill and not touch anything until crews cut the power and the lines. a good samaritan pulled the girl from the bucket. everybody is okay. the accident happened during a hot air balloon festival. the woman said she would fly again. hot air balloons scare me. >> reporter: that would end it for me, i've always wanted to do
6:43 am
hot air balloon. how do you control it? >> do the 6abc zoo balloon. >> reporter: exactly, let's get you outside, as we look live on sky 6. they say the platt bridge, a nice morning around the delaware valley. mainly clear conditions, a few clouds upstairs, it's cold and blustery. 42 in philadelphia, dewpoint, 23. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. they will pick up later this afternoon. it will be breezy today, tomorrow and the first part of monday, as well. that will make temperatures feel cooler than the actual numbers themselves. 33 in the poconos, 31 in millville. 40 for trenton. 42 in philadelphia. a windchill 38 degrees, feels like 31 in millville. that's the air temperature not much of a breeze there. allentown, 28 and the poconos 27 degrees. satellite and radar, we're enjoying sunshine this morning
6:44 am
we'll see an increase in clouds from the west and the east later this afternoon. just as the sun begins to set we should go mainly cloudy at that point. the system is centered over the heartland of the nation stretching northward into the great lake states that will get closer to us, we'll see the clouds lower and thicken overnight tonight. there could be spotty showers after midnight. as a matter of fact it wouldn't surprise me if all the rain pulled to the north and we didn't see anything tonight. some of the forecast models are hinting toward an isolated shower here or there well after midnight. the snowstorm in the great lake states today that pulls north tomorrow. the secondary cold front sweeps through tomorrow, that reinforces the breeze out of the northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. we'll windchills to contend with tomorrow morning. monday the storm continues to pull away. monday it's down right chilly with temperatures struggling to
6:45 am
get out of the mid to upper 40s, you factor in the winds it will feel like the 30s. future tracker 6 with the windchills, sunday morning, windchills will not be a factor today, it's tomorrow. 8:30 it will feel like the low to mid 30s out there. all day long it will be chilly with the winds, 1:00 p.m., 39, 42 for philadelphia. so if you're heading to lincoln financial field for the eagles buccaneers game you'll need to bundle up. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening windchills in the low to mid 30s. it's going to be a blustery sunday. by monday, we'll see windchills stuck in the low to mid 20s, monday morning. we'll pull out of it by afternoon, monday is a cold day around here. sun and clouds for the lehigh valley, cool, 50 degrees that's the forecasted high in allentown. jersey shore, a tad bit milder, but still cooler than where we've been, sun and clouds, nice, 5 degrees. increasing clouds.
6:46 am
slight chance afternoon isolated shower overnight tonight. sun and clouds, breezy, 54 is the high. mild 39 degrees outlying suburbs, 37 for center city. the numbers are above average. 54 degrees, weather looks fine for the temple game at the lincoln, noon start time. breezy and colds sunday, philadelphia marathon, it's going to be chilly. bundle up in layers, you can take the layers off as you're running. windchills in the 40s, monday 46 is the forecasted high windchills in the 30s. wednesday, 54 degrees, 60 on thursday, and 63 on black
6:47 am
friday. turtle chomped on lettuce, visitors get to name the new hatch purchase of special merchandise will help with conservation efforts.
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three big films hit theaters twheekdz -- including the last of the "hunger games" saga and julia roberts saga. here's matt o'donnell. >> reporter: "hunger games" is the fourth and final film in the "hunger games" series. >> we have one enemy that's president snow he corrupts everyone and everything. >> reporter: it is nation is in a full scale war.
6:50 am
catness teams up with her friends to stage an assassination event on the president snow. what lice ahead is the greatest challenge she has ever faced in any arena. secret in other eyes is a thriller featuring an all cast actors and nominee. >> you can cycle through the entire population for a year. >> that's what i did. >> for a year? >> for 13 years. >> reporter: julia roberts are a fight in it team of investigators, nicole kidsman is clair their supervise. they are torn apart when the teenage daughter is murdered. ray uncovers a new leads, but no one is prepared for the shocking
6:51 am
and unspeakable secret that follows. >> i owe my daughter that. >> reporter: the night before is a holiday comedy featuring seth rogan. >> i lost my family, you guys have been with me every since then. >> reporter: they are life long friends who have an annual tradition sending christmas eve together. now that they are entering adulthoods the tradition is coming to an end. they decide to make the last one as memorable as possible and set out to find the holy grail of christmas parties in new york. enjoy your time at the movies, i'm matt o'donnell. channel 6 "action news." >> facetious and friends in southwest -- neighbors and friends gathered last night to
6:52 am
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6:00 -- welcome back, everyone, 6:54. would he have cold stuff across the great plains and chicago. we have windchills close to zero across the high plains and the
6:55 am
rockies. this cold air will march east, but it will modify. let's look at the jet stream. we'll see a dip in the jet that will allow the cold air to sink into the great lake and the ohio valley sunday into monday. it will be colder especially monday, high temperatures in the 40s with windchills in the 30s. as quick as the cold air moves in it will move out just as fast. this is thanksgiving, black friday, look where the jet stream is then, it's up in canada. depending on how much cloud cover we get, it will determine how warm we get. we have temperatures in time 50s and 60s next week. if you're heading to lincoln financial field, temple taking on memphis. winds out of east at 5 to 10. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. >> are the doors in your home looking dull? the designers of the live well
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sounds like it pays to knock it off. fewer more budget friendly project ideas go to live it off. tune into knock it off sunday night at 7:00 p.m. on the live well network. is the room spinning, but you didn't get off a ride? health check on what it might be and the cause. a local veteran is ordered to leave the restaurant with his service dog. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles.
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7:00 a.m. saturday november 21. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," a birthday party is disrupted by a gunfire at a delaware bowling alley. a montgomery county jury returns a decision in the case of a woman charged with setting her neighbor's home on fire. bumgdz up, you'll need -- bundle up, you'll need a coat as you head outside. >> meteorologist chris sowers is outside with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. you have a big coat on today. >> reporter: you need a heavy coat and gloves an hat.
7:00 am
slatington, fleetwood 29 degrees at the 7:00 a.m. hour. pottstown, 31. martins creek 29. patchy frost developing north and west. oxford, 31. saint davids, 5. glassboro, 35. hammonton, 30 degrees, 36 in browns mills. woodbine 36 and hugo 36 degrees. satellite and radar, just a few clouds up above right now, but we are expecting a mainly sunny sky to start saturday and a few clouds rolling in as the day wears on. the snow you see on the left-hand side of the screen that's the snowstorm pushing through the great lake states. that will not affect us as it pulls away from the delaware valley. for today, sun and clouds, we'll call it seasonable because the


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