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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  November 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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slatington, fleetwood 29 degrees at the 7:00 a.m. hour. pottstown, 31. martins creek 29. patchy frost developing north and west. oxford, 31. saint davids, 5. glassboro, 35. hammonton, 30 degrees, 36 in browns mills. woodbine 36 and hugo 36 degrees. satellite and radar, just a few clouds up above right now, but we are expecting a mainly sunny sky to start saturday and a few clouds rolling in as the day wears on. the snow you see on the left-hand side of the screen that's the snowstorm pushing through the great lake states. that will not affect us as it pulls away from the delaware valley. for today, sun and clouds, we'll call it seasonable because the high have been in in the 60s.
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54 degrees is where we should be. the big story heading into the second half of the weekend, especially monday morning is this, look at these windchills down in the 20s as you wait for the school bus monday morning. we have the coldest air of the season on the way, we'll talk about that and another huge warmup in the seven-day forecast and it arrives just in time for thanksgiving. >> new overnight, gunfire at a birthday in delaware, police say an argument set it off around midnight in the parking lot of pleasant hills bowling alley in newport. bullets hit a car and missed a large crowd of juveniles scrambling for cover. police are questioning people, investigators have not announced the charges or the motive. a stabbing leaves a man fighting for his life. crime tape is up outside windsor state apartments in west oak
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lane section. a 46-year-old man was stabbed several times. police rushed him to einstein medical center wheeled into surgery overnight in critical condition. a person is under arrest and facing charges. the city of brussels is under its highest terror alert this morning, heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the capitol of belgium. the city is under a level four terror alert which indicates a serious and immediate threat. brussels is home to the suspected organizer of last friday's terror attacks. the public has been advised to stay away from places that ray track large crowds. turkish police have arrested a new suspect in the terror attacks, amani is throughout to have scouted out the sites before the siege. he is a belgium man of moroccan
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origin. two syrians helped him get across the boarder. he was captured at a luxury hotel in turkey. there's a spike in applications for gun permits in the wake of the paris attacks. it has doubled. the approval process to get a conceal carry los angeles -- keel carry license in pennsylvania takes 45 days in pennsylvania. philadelphia is applying extra security for the philadelphia marathon. the parkway is closed from 18th to 25th street. all vehicles must be moved from the marathon race course by 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. any vehicles still there will be towed. the race director had this heads up for anyone coming to the parkway. >> spectators please remember if you choose to carry a bag of
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your own for personal items those bags must be searched by security prior to the entering the start finish zone. >> we have a list of the road closures at "action news" will be there live tomorrow morning for the start. marathon. a montgomery woman has been found guilty of getting fiery revenge on her neighbor who was a police detective. donna crup we want as the verdict was read. she was convicted on all charges. she was accused of setting fire to a detective's home. throughout the trial she showed no remorse and denied burning down the home. no sentencing date has been set and she remains behind bars, she faces between 50 and 100 years in prison. a philadelphia funeral director is facing charges 0 this morning, 72-year-old janet powell daily has been charged
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with abuse of a corpse and theft. three bodies were found in a garage a block from the funeral home. the funeral home has been operating without a license since 2012. montgomery county high school officials are cooperating with the district attorney general in the investigation into alleged sexting. a drop box file sharing contains nude pictures of students. authorities are warning students. >> you may think your friends are doing it, it's okay, it's acceptable, but this will follow you forever and has very serious consequences. >> those consequences are worse if the nude pictures shows a minor without their permission. the pw principal spoke to students about sexting before the start of classes. an 8th animal in atlantic
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county has been found to have rabies. it was found in a pile of leaves. health officials say be careful. >> be careful with ballots they have the potential to -- with bats, they have the potential to carry the disease, a bite from them is not obvious. it's not something that would be looking like a gash. >> health officials are urging people to make sure sure their pellets are protected with a rabies vaccine and remind children to stay away from wild animals. a flight carrying new jersey governor chris christie was delayed after a passenger was removed from the plane. the passenger got out of the seat and paced back and forth and took pictures of flight crew. he refused to sit down, so the pilot decided to turn the plane around.
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at no point did the governor interact with the passenger nor did the passenger threaten the governor. a florida police officer got -- is out of a job after he was on stage singing find out what lyrics the officials found offensive. >> reporter: we have a blustery windchill we'll talk about, plus, i have a warmup for thanksgiving, it's all straight ahead in the seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> a two-year-old massachusetts
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girl is reunited with per parents. she turned up 8 miles away naked and bruised. the girl's head was shaved and had cigarette burns. they are questioning her
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babysitter. >> that florida police officer is out of a job he resign after this video surfaced singing in uniform at a concert. he was singing the lyrics including let the killing begin. he was standing alalongside a band member with the shirt of jesus. the police chief said it's not acceptable. power lines and signs were taken out by the shift. geologists think the mountain by the road is sliding. they are trying to figure out why. i don't think i would like to be there trying to figure out it
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out. >> reporter: here on the eastern seaboard live outside, cape may, it's a beautiful morning, a ton of sunshine and high clouds, numbers wise when we look at the temperatures they are where they should be for this time of year. we've been spoiled rotten with temperatures that have been unseasonable warm. we could have a spot shower after midnight tonight. 54 degrees that's the high temperature we're shooting for later on which is on par for this time of the year. 42 is the low temperature. it should be down to 41. that will be the official low temperature so far today. that will be lowering tonight. 29 in allentown and reading, millville, 30. the 24 hour temperature change is impressive across the area. we're running 8 to 21 degrees colder than yesterday.
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thanks to a cold front that swept through yesterday evening during the overnight when most of us were sound asleep. that cooled the temperatures down, that will make for a cooler day today. there's a secondary front to the west which is associated with an area of low pressure that is in the great lake states. that secondary front pushes in the cold air from the high plains. it will feel like monday, it's a one and done type of deal. chicago, northern ohio valley into the southern portion of the great lakes. inannapolis you're on the fence here. if you're traveling to the midwest, check with your carriers to make sure there's no delays they will see 3 to 6 inches with the swath here. they picked up 15 inches across the corn belt. it's a big, big snowstorm it's one of the largest november
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snornls they -- snowstorms theye ever seen out here. we'll see the front pull through, that will increase the winds, that's about it. we won't see much in the way of precipitation with that. model is going 52, accuweather 54, it's a cooler day sun and clouds. overnight tonight, the clouds lower and thicken, one or two spotty showers are possible throughout the area. most of us stay dry. 44 degrees tomorrow morning. allentown 41, reading 40. the benefit of the cloud cover it keeps the temperatures up. 34 in the poconos at 8:00 a.m. ask not that bad. trenton, millville, 45. 53 in wilmington, 54 in philadelphia. allentown, 50. reading, 50. 49 in lancaster sun and clouds, seasonable. 55 that's the popular number for south jersey and delaware. overnight tonight, cloudy skies
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and mild. 40 in reading, 47 in philadelphia. millville, 44. cape may, 47. tomorrow morning, philadelphia marathon you'll need to bundle up in layers, as you're running you can take the layers off. 44 degrees at 7:00. with the breeze it will feel like the 30s. brights and nice looking morning, lunchtime, 47. same deal you'll have windchills in the 30s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, monday is the coldest day, look how nicely the numbers rebound. 54 degrees today. if you're heading to the link taking on memphis, weather should be nice, combination of sun and clouds, breezy, temperatures wise, 54. 50 degrees on tuesday, 54 wednesday, thanksgiving, 60 balmy, and black friday,
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68 degrees. tamala edwards meets with singers in wilmington who found a crafty way to give back. >> reporter: this is salvation army senior center on any tuesday you'll find a group of woman huddles around a table in the back. it's craft class they are making handbags by stringing together used soda can tabs. this is their envelope style bag. this is what we call a tab pocketbook. this is the hobo. you're looking at 1500 soda tabs it took the ladies 125 hours to make, it will set you back 06 bucks, but the goal is to raise money to help the salvation army do what it does from feeding seniors breakfast and lunch to organizing activities that keep their minds and bodies active. >> it helps me to calm my
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nerves. i like doing things with my hands. >> reporter: the ladies learned how to make the purses 6 years ago, sales bring a couple of thousand dollars a year. >> if we sold more bags we could get more money. the soda tabs are donated. >> we have everybody under the sun saving tabs for us. >> reporter: fabric stores give them remnants to line the the b. the left over cord from the pocketbook we can make bracelets for you or a necklace. for the ladies it's a chance to give back to the center that has given so much to them. >> i've been here 1 years, i love doing it. ic make something for the center and make something for myself and children. >> reporter: it created a so hing -- sewing circle bond of
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friendship. >> they are getting the juicest information of the day. it's like going to the beauty shop you sit down and you go yeah, ah-huh. here's a look at what's
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happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. christmas market in love park is opening today. this marks the first time the christmas village ever opened before thanksgiving. it will be opened beginning today at 11:00 and until 8:00 p.m. tonight and again tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. it will be open through christmas. well, reptiles and amphibians and arachnids oh, my, get out the of the chair and visit the super reptile expo.
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it will be held in oaks montgomery county. it features reptiles and amphibians. there's supplies to care for them in case you want one. if you're looking to give someone their forever home. buzzy bowwow meow. get two cats or kittens for the price of one. that's happening from 1 to 3 in narberth montgomery county. that's what's happening in your area. sports is next. come on in pop pop.
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everyone, 7:22 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast. let's start you out with what's going on back home today. in philadelphia today we'll see sunny conditions, 53 degrees. the numbers are right where they should be for this time of the year. at 4:00 p.m. we'll see clouds increase. at 6:00 p.m. as the sun is setting we'll go mainly cloudy with temperatures in the upper 40s low 50s. satellite and radar we have a huge snowstorm for the northern portion of the ohio valley and southern great lake. chicago is getting hammered, same thing with the northern portions of the state of i indiana. bismarck 15 degrees with windchills close to zero. omaha, 24, chicago, cincinnati 36. midway and o'hare seeing delays of over two hours, if you're
7:24 am
flying out that way check ahead. logan you're doing okay up in boston, 39. orlando, 71 we're seeing green planes that means no weather-related delays, newark, 40 degrees jfk and new york city airports temperatures in the low 40s. the only travel trouble spots will be in the midwest, chicago in particular, delays of over two hours. >> sixers hit the road and the eagles prepare for tampa without two of their starters, here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, who didn't see this one coming? eagles announce sam bradford is out in the game against the bucks. mark sanchez will get the start. he said he is prepared.
7:25 am
>> you prepare in the off season, preseason training camp. every reputation will help in your knowledge in the grasp of the offense, i feel good with it and comfortable and ready to go. >> reporter: there are few guarantees in life, death taxes and a sixers loss, you guessed it, they dropped another one last night. charlotte up by 13. nerlens noel comes off the bench, 16 points for him, sixers down 11. they never hold a lead in the game. walker 7 assists. they are 0-13 in the season. villanova has been running it's competition out of the gym. this game never in doubt. chris jenkins part of a 32-2
7:26 am
run. the freshman from great valley high. 86-51 the final. temple and butler from puerto rico yesterday afternoon. first half, bond 13 points. the owls lead bias many as 12. they go cold in the second half. temple falls 74-69. 6abc has a big day of college football on tap today. penn state hosts michigan at noon, the nittany lions are unbeaten at home. michigan ohio state meet at 3:30 and tcu and oklahoma toarchlt -- tonight at 8. dick vermeal is added to
7:27 am
the this, since 2010, the seoul is windyingest franchise in town. >> last night was an evening for comradre and competition at the carousel house in fairmont park. a huge bingo tournament. this is the 40th year in a row for this event. we have much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning. stay with us, we'll be right back. mastering the art of refinement
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was killed after being hit by a car in delaware. heightened alert heavily armed police patrol the streets of brussels amid terror threats. philadelphia marathon new security in place following the paris attacks. let's go outside to chris sowers with the weather. it's sunny out there, chris. >> reporter: it's cold out here, but not out of the ordinary to see these kind of numbers. it's been warm, so when you get a morning like this you're not acclimated wilmington, 38. millville, 30. cape may, 41.
7:30 am
feels-like temperatures we do have a bit of a breeze this morning. some areas feels colder than the actual air temperatures. case in point, allentown, 29. windchill 21. feels like 28 in dover. trenton right now has a feels like temperature or windchill of 32. that's the freezing mark. if you're heading out early this morning. you'll need a heavier coat and gloves and maybe a hat. with the breeze continuing throughout the day out of the east/northeast ten to 15 miles per hour. even the high temperatures will be in the 50s, that will keep it feeling like the 40s. it will feel blustery at times this afternoon. satellite and radar, we'll see a combination of sun and clouds later on. it should be a nice looking day, but a little bit cooler. if you're heading to lincoln field, temple taking on memphis, should be a high powered game
7:31 am
both teams scoring lots of points. 50 degrees at kickoff, 54 in the fourth quarter. we have a gorgeous week heading this way. it will be chilly to start, monday, turkey day and black friday highs well above average in the 60s and ton of sunshine. i'll have all the spisks in the seven day -- specifics in the self day when i see you in just a little bit. >> two tractor trailers collided in gloucester county. they crashed into each other 295 near exit 25. there were two people injured in the crash, no word on what caused the trucks to collide. new this morning, a man is dead after being hit by a pick up truck in delaware. it happened in the front of the governor square shopping center in bear. a 36-year-old man was crossing
7:32 am
route 40 when he was hit. he died on the road. 52-year-old driver stopped at the scene. police are continuing to investigate the tragedy. also from delaware, wilmington police are investigating a shooting that left a 19-year-old man hospitalized. it happened at 20th and west streets last night. the victim was rushed to christiana hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. he is in stable condition. there's been no arrests in that shooting. brussels has raised it's terror alert to four the highest level, this as one of the suspects from the terror attacks remain at large. heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the capitol of belgium. brussels is home to the suspected organizer of last friday's paris attacks. authorities are searching for those involved in the terror network that ocean the the attack from -- organized the attack from belgium. the public has been warned to stay away from places that
7:33 am
attracts large crowds. meanwhile, this is the scene in paris last night. it was one week ago that terror i alsos attacked 6 different locations in paris and killed 130 people. some parisians refused to be cowed by terrorists. >> reporter: salim escaped after the attacks, he was stopped at the belgium border, but let go. mali is under a state of emergency after the attacks, several attackers are on the run. islamic militant stormed the raddison hotel. a peace corps volunteer. president obama supported mali. >> this is another awful reminder that the scourge of terrorism threatens so many of
7:34 am
our nations. and once again this stirchs our resolve to -- stiffens our resolve to stand up to the challenge. >> once inside they started shooting at anyone sitting down for breakfast. the french colony has been battling islamic extremists with the help of the u.n. and french forces. messages were written on bombs dropped on isis. officials have increased security at the penn state game against michigan. gates tow beaver stadium open at 10:00 a.m. a half-hour earlier
7:35 am
than usual to give guards time to search fans. kickoff is at noon, you can watch the game on 6abc. extra security measures will be in place for tomorrow's philadelphia marathon. mayor nutter said homeland security officials assured him there is no known threat to the city. all runners and spectators will be screened as they enter the secure zone on the benjamin franklin parkway. that will include a search of any belongings. >> a philadelphia judge has thrown out 88 drug convictions that pushes the number of convictions 650. >> reporter: 88 cases were tainted by corruption. a woman and her mother who were caught up in the decision brought tears of joy. the nightmare began on the night
7:36 am
of february 12, 2010. they were accused of drug trafficking charges and charged with trafficking children. they were convicted on the officer's testimony and sent to prison and lost their home under drug forfeiture lawless. >> they took our good name, our house, our money, taken away. >> reporter: she was not able to google her own name because of bad things said about her. >> i'll change my name so people won't have to google me or anything. now i won't have to do that any more. >> reporter: public defender said so far 648 cases the officers handed have been thrown out tainted by allegations of corruption. >> that's a travesty. i assume the commissioner coming in will follow the lead set by commissioner ramsey that will
7:37 am
there will be low tolerance for police corruption. >> reporter: for her own part, she started her own website selling cases for iphones. >> as for the officers. >> i pray for them. >> reporter: the 7 officers only one was convicted and the other 6 acquitted. there are five more cases that needed to be reviewed and the district attorney's office said they will be reviewed one at a time. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> a jury has convicted a lehigh university professor and his wife of defrauding nasa. they told nasa they were working to track climate change, but grad students and researchers did all the work on the
7:38 am
700,000-dollar project. they face up to 20 years in prison. william harris utah professor is released after charges of stalking an employee. he is an associate professor of economics. police say the victim came to them after her tires were flattened. >> we conducted surveil eans on -- surveillance and on several occasions he was observed be in and around the victim's vehicle and placing a nail against her tires. >> the two were acquaintances, university police say there's no reason to believe it was directed at other staff or students. harris is on administrative leave. two high ranking officials in the department of veterans affairs has been released for
7:39 am
manipulating the numbers for hiring. the va said they forced lower ranking managers the two stepped into those positions keeping their pay while having less responsibilities. they've demoted to generally workers. a combat veteran and his service dog were forced to leave a restaurant. >> he goes to the bathroom with me, he goes to the mall. >> reporter: atlas is a lifeline for the army veteran who suffers from post track stress disorder. >> it's exhausting to have to look at everything all the time to make sure everything is okay. when i have him i'm not alone, i'm feeling ngsz -- anxiety i reach down and give him love.
7:40 am
>> despite that, he was told atlas could not join them. >> if you would like to, you can wait outside. please move aside because i have a customer coming in, i'm like, i'm not a customer,. >> if you're in business you're familiar with the restaurant 20 some years you need to know what the laws are. >> reporter: the incident is not unusual according to a nonprofit that trains service dogs. many don't know disability laws allows service dogs in public places. they said they didn't know the law and apologized and will welcome the family and the dog. >> people with service dogs don't have service dogs because they want to bring their pets
7:41 am
somewhere. >> reporter: they filed a police report, but the a spokesman with the medford township police department said there's much it can do since it doesn't have authorities to enforce federal disaibt -- disability laws, jeff chirico. >> getting vaccinated against the flu can keep you healthy and help you in the pocketbook, as well. a blanket of snow covers the midwest just in time for the holidays. meteorologist chris sowers has our accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome. it's black friday. find your tag and get cash back for 20% of the msrp
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>> omaha, nebraska got blanketed by the first snowfall of the season. iowa they got more. that's making a slick drive for people driving to the iowa purdue football game in des moines 125 miles from omaha. >> we're all getting sick, sneezing and runny noses. >> reporter: it's funny because we talk about how quick the weather changes, special in that part of the county. they had several times in the 70s, they sent survey teams out because they had a micro burst and now they have a foot of snow on the ground. you'll need a heavy coat this morning if you're heading out early, because temperatures are in the 20s and 30s,
7:45 am
windchills in some locations are colder. you need to bundle up. it's going to be a colder day overnight. we'll warm up nicely by afternoon. flip it over to the graphics, ups and downs, this week, monday was gorgeous, a ton of sunshine. tuesday we cooled it down, 57. wednesday, thursday, our normal high temperature was 54. we were well above average. 67 for thursday, and yesterday 64. today's high, 354 is where we should be. dewpoint 23 we'll see the breeze throughout the day. it will be cooler even though we have a high of 54. 29 in allentown and reading. millville, 30. sea isle city, 41. breezes in sea isle city are out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. 7 in philadelphia, 5 in allentown and most of the lehigh valley. the winds will pick up this afternoon they will ranger
7:46 am
anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour. satellite and radar looks good on the eastern seaboard. clouds increase from the west later this afternoon. more so off the water later this evening. we'll go mainly cloudy around sunset and isolated shower develops after midnight tonight. future tracker 6 later this afternoon, testers are going to -- temperatures are going to range anywhere from the low 40s to 50s across south jersey. sunset, 7:00 we'll see cloudy conditions, 40 for the i-95 corridor. overnight tonight, one or two showers developing. 8:00 a.m., sund morning -- sunday morning, it's cool, but not cold. we'll have 20s and 30s same time tomorrow. runners. philadelphia marathon, should be
7:47 am
already. millville, 45. as the day wears on, sunday afternoon, temperatures will be around 50 degrees, 31 degrees monday morning, 27 in reading, 28 in allentown, and 23 in the poconos. you see the colder numbers marching on through. as we increase the winds, the windchills go into the tank. sunday afternoon the eagles buccaneers game, temperatures near 50s we'll have windchills in the you meaner 30s and -- upper 30s and 40s throughout the day. monday morning, low to mid 20s, so bundle up. today is a cooler day. 50 in the lehigh valley. combination of sun and clouds, cool. jersey shore, atlantic city, sea isle, avalon, cape may, all the way down to the point, temperatures around 5 degrees. philadelphia, 354, combination of sun and clouds, breezy, the 54 will feel like the 40s. overnight tonight, cloudy skies, mild, 39 degrees outlying
7:48 am
suburbs. it's actually not that bad. 47 for center city. the eagles taking on the buccaneers tomorrow afternoon. it's a 1:00 p.m. start time at the linc. look for the chilly breeze temperatures in the upper 40s close to 50 degrees. again, with the wind it will feel like the upper 30s, low 40s. 54 degrees today, 50 tomorrow. monday, 46 degrees. tuesday is nice, chilly, 50 degrees, wednesday, 54 looks all right. look at thanksgiving 60 degrees, black friday, 63. a ton of sunshine through tuesday of next week. if you're traveling anywhere most of the country looks quiet. >> you can find the self day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar anytime. day on our website head to a new "fyi philly" is
7:49 am
coming tonight on 6abc. here's erin o'hern and karen rogers with a preview. >> reporter: here's what's coming up tonight. thanksgiving day parade is right around the corner we'll take you behind the scene. we'll go for a swim with a local group that teaches scuba diving. and the vegan cafe. take a tour of america's oldest brewery. that's tonight on "fyi philly." we hope you tune in.
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>> "healthcheck" this morning, the flu vaccine can prevent illness and it can save your employer a lot of money. ten billion dollars is spent every year on direct costs for hospitalizations an doctors visits for adults who get the flu and lost earnings $16 billion. >> if you feel like the room is
7:52 am
spinning, it's like vertigo, some people get seasonal affect disorder it's tied to food sometimes. >> alcohol, dehydration are factors. certain foods, wine, blue cheese, a lot of different things. >> if you get migraines or allergies your medications for those can help. if the vertigo continues, it maybe therapy that strengthens the ear. balancing will help you stop the spinning. up next, chris sowers takes a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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>> rough housing robots went a few rounds at rowan university. they faced off in the sumo robots scratch competition. the goal is to push the other team's robot out of the ring. hence the sumo. the winners get cash prizes. >> reporter: that's pretty nice. the little one was the one kicking everybody's butt. a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be blustery out there, a little breezy. temperatures in the low to mid 50s, 52 degrees by 3:00 p.m., increasing clouds s.a.t day wears on. it's a nice looking day overall, 54 degrees today. 50 tomorrow, 46 for monday, a chilly wind it will feel like the upper 0s -- 30s, low
7:56 am
40s. tuesday, 50, wednesday, 54 a big travel day. it's quiet here and across the most of the country. thanksgiving sunny skies and 60 degrees. >> a lot to be thankful for. 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's pal will -- paula ferrish a preview. >> reporter: we have breaking news overnight, brussels is on high alert after a serious and immanent threat. security is tightened afternoon the bull gum capitol. -- belgium capitol. we have new details about the deadly terror attacks in mali. an american mother is one of the 27 confirmed dead. who was behind the attack?
7:57 am
alice markward is on the scene. tens of millions of americans gear up to travel for the thanksgiving. we'll have the holiday weather forecast and tips to help you narveght this hectic week of travel coming up on "g.m.a." we'll see you soon, philadelphia. >> "action news" continues at 9:00. two people are hurt when two tractor trailers collide on interstate 295 in gloucester county. hover boards are on many people's wish list this holiday season? just how safe are they? we have some experts weighing in. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. we'll see you back here at 9:00.
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good morning, america. breaking news. maximum alert. brussels bracing for a terror attack right now. subways shut down. the government there warning about a serious and imminent threat. meanwhile, in paris, chilling new information about the suicide bombers. and the trap they tried to set. one of them still on the run. mali massacre. an american among the 27 or the 19 reported dead. terrorists opening fire at that popular hotel. >> panic, panic, panic. painic. >> gunmen armed to the teeth targeting westerners. the u.s. troops that helped bring them down. caught on camera. look at this. a student hero, he spotted a woman being attacked on the street. he moved in to help and he wound up on the wrong side of a gun even taking a bullet. the woman got away.


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