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tv   Action News Weekend 7PM  ABC  November 21, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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initial chicago, catches fire. plus, giving back, a local community is helping the hungry have a happy thanksgiving. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a lock down of one of europe's largest cities n brussels, belgium, bars, cafees and subways are shut down. city is on a high leather warning level at american embassy is urging u.s. citizens in us before tolls shelter in place. regardless travelers from here are headed for belgium, either way, "action news" reporter
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jeff chirico is live at philadelphia international airport with much more, hi there, jeff. >> reporter: hi there walter. despite that warning flights to brussels continue as normal. one just left, minutes ago. and those on board tell me that they are not worried. it was business as usual at american airlines check in counters, flight 750 to brussels, on time for a 6:45 departure. even though the city remains on lock down threat of an ice ace tack imminent according to security officials. >> they hear from people from belgium, they are all a little bit scared of what is happening, shopping malls, you know, no one coming out of their home. >> reporter: increased terror alert shut down brussels metro system shopping centers and restaurant but karl zimmerman of cherry hill whose parents live there say he is going anywhere. >> i think everything is safe. i talk to my folks and they said the airport is safe. i can't imagine some people are worried. i'm not. >> reporter: despite terror alert and recent attacks in paris those traveling to europe say they are not concerned. >> we will be careful.
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we look out but there is nothing you can do. there is really nothing you can do. if someone is determined to shoot you, they will shoot you. meanwhile you have to live. >> i think it is probably safe inner paris and brussels probably madrid or even philadelphia at the this point. >> i refuse to be scared. >> reporter: it is carla demorris, returns home to brussels she focuses on the positive in her life like her grand children that she visited here in philadelphia. >> reporter: are you worried about your security that you go back to belgium right now. >> i don't want to think about that. i'm already blessed. >> reporter: now, the terror alert comes as intelligence officials, believe that a suspect ring leader of the paris attacks is hiding out in brussels. the those heading there now will be told to shelter in place, and avoid large crowds. we're live at philadelphia a international, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". walter. >> thanks, jeff. new information today about the attacks in paris.
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an accused look out for the terrorist who helped carry out the attack is in custody. turkish police say the man who isabel gum and two others were planning to travel to syria before they were taken in custody. in paris officials are working to identify a third suspect, killed during this weeks raids. investigators now say that is the person who detonated a suicide vest and not would the man who died after refusing to earned iser to police. there have been more than 800 raid in france since the attacks. state of emergency there now allows those raid to continue for at least another three months. and back here at home, midwest tonight first big snowfall of the season brought more snow then expect. parts of the iowa, wisconsin, illinois and indiana got up to 20 inches of snow creating hazardous road conditions and resulting in more than 500 flight cancellations. forecasters there were calling for 20612 inches. you see that does not happen around here. we have meteorologist melissa magee hoist much more accurate with the accu weather forecast. hi there melissa.
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>> hi there walter. this was an early season snowstorm across the northern plains and midwest. check out the snowfall totals across that region. footville wisconsin, 17 inches. the south to coat, 16 inches. same thing for rock rapid iowa. north capron illinois, 14-point will. chicago's o'hare airport picking up 11 inches of snowfall. storm tracker live, double scan radar, hd showing you the storm pressure over the ohio valley. a lot of the moisture and snowfall lifting off to the the north and east. we will track this cold front working its way eastward across mid-atlantic region. the as it does it will lose its steam. having said that, however, what happened to northerly surge of moisture on the way. so at midnight future tracker six is showing a couple of spotty showers are likely but this moisture will start to clear out as we get into 6:30 on sunday just in time for festivities, taking place across the delaware and lehigh valley. we will talk about what is ahead, spotty showers likely late tonight during the
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overnight hours and we have philadelphia marathon and philadelphia eagles at home at the link tomorrow. preview of what you can expect for those activities. a brief cold shot of air is coming our way. we will talk about how long that will stick around with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. and as our temperatures cool down this weekend, stay with six for the very latest forecast. use the the links there to follow our team of meteorologists, they post updates all the time on facebook and on twitter. we have some breaking news to pass along to you, from berks county, they have found the the body of missing college student, jake on marberger pennsylvania state police say he died of a early is inflict gunshot wound at the the picnic area of hawk mountain sang war any albany township. marberger, from cheltenham township, attended washington college in maryland, and resulted in lock down at the that school and cheltenham high due to possible threats of violence. a crash involving a tractor trailer created quite a mess this morning on i295 in gloucester county.
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at with 6:00 a.m. a tractor trailer slammed in the rear of another truck causing to it jackknife near exit number 25 in westville. two people suffered minor injuries, but the crash ended up shutting down two lanes of the the highway for about four hours. from our delaware news room someone opens fire in a parking lot of the crowded bowling alley last night. investigators say it started as a disturbance involving young people. whole thing unfolded before midnight at pleasant hills bowling lanes on west new port pike in new port . fight broke out but suddenly someone pulled out a gun and opened fire on the crowd. investigators found blood on the parking lot but still no word if anyone actually got shot. also in delaware police are investigating an accident in bear, delaware that ended with a pedestrian killed, just after 11:00 o'clock last night 36 year-old michael plang was trying to cross route who when he was struck by a pickup truck. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver did stop at the the scene, no word if any charges are pending tonight. tomorrow is race day, in the city of brotherly love.
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some 30,000 people will be taking part in the philadelphia marathon starting at 7:00 a.m. run hours run 26.2 miles were more ambitious ran the 8k rot man's institute 8k this morning. "action news" at the the starting line along ben franklin parkway by the art museum. if you are running the marathon tomorrow, or just planning to cheer on the the runners, you will to have contend with stiff security measures. head to six for much more of what to expect and details about road closures, along and around the the course. a major effort, underway right new to help fight hunger in the delaware and lehigh valley. six abc and dunkin' donuts have launched our annual food drive to make the holidays a bit the more special for those in need. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> yeah, more there. >> reporter: for members of the cub scout pack 243 in ardmore picking up the bags of donated food from front porches... is kind of like a scavenger hunt for a good
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cause. >> we donate it to the people that need it. >> reporter: scouts went door to door saturday morning picking up non-perishables and loading them into a truck. also helped six abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive in the 30th year of feeding the hungry during the holidays. >> it is something we all should do, it is just giving back, and when you are able to do such a thing and then you bring your young kid up to start doing such a thing, it is always a good thing. >> it goodies to give back to others and be grateful for what you have. >> reporter: last year 883,000 meals were generated through foot collections, on line donations and dunkin' donuts hunger campaign. the the scouts with troop 147, have been doing this for years. they spent the day sorting donations at evangelical lieutenant can church of the trinity in south philadelphia. organizing the food before it heads to philabundance. fifteen year-old dj brown says that for him, this is a perfect way to prepare for thanksgiving. >> doing your duty as a scout
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and as an american, you know, just helping everybody out, it makes you feel good about yourself and make you feel good you are able to help other people and you are fortunate enough to do that. >> reporter: food drive isn't over yet, collections will continue during thanksgiving day parade and donate on line through the end of the year at six reporting from south philadelphia, trish hartman, channel six "action news". a popular holiday tradition in philadelphia is back and opened for business. today was grand opening of the christmas village at love park. special early opening, marks the first time that the village has ever opened before thanksgiving. the open air german-style market offers international and locally created gifts and decorations. and it was a very special day at the move is in manayunk this morning. "action news" anchors monica malpass, sarah bloomquist and tamala edward hosted a special screening of disney's got dinosaur. we here at six abc are proud to said, the walt disney company has donated more than
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one million-dollar to food banks, all across the the country. developing news, coming up next, fire breaks out at one of chicago's most iconic sky scrapers. we will have an update. a neighborhood in philadelphia comes together to help a local hero, with dozens of volunteers, did for a veteran in need. and how goodwill from the papal visit back in september gave a man the idea to help the homeless today in center city. plus temple football team tries to get back on track, jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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we have developing news from chicago's iconic magnificent mile. a fire on the 50th floor of the john hancock building left several people injured. hancock building it city's fourth tallest sky scraper. it started in one of the buildings residential unit. it is a mix of office, retail
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and residential. the police officer is among those injured. pope francis visit to philadelphia just keeps on giving back. back in september dwayne autry filled his pickup truck with left over pallets of water bottles which were supposed to be handed out to pilgrims for free. today he made good on his promise and passed out that water to homeless people in love park. volunteers from his church, sharon baptist, were there to help home. he served hot lunches to those in need as well. fifty youngsters, also aspiring fire fighters, have a better understanding of what it is like. the. >> left, right, left right. >> today they celebrated their completion of the philadelphia fire department's explorers program. that program, now in the second year, gives city kid hands on fire and e ms training. more than 500 families will have a full spread on the table this thanksgiving, thanks to the bar is ter's association of fill, a group of attorneys who packed and handed out all of the fixins
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at the cozen police athletic league center. each family got ten to 15-pound turkey, canned vegetables, stuffing, corn bread and rolls rolls. vietnam war veteran from northeast philadelphia can finally enjoy his back yard, once again. friend, home depot employees and volunteers from an organization called renovating hope came together to give burt slimmer's home tl c. they built a new deck out back complete with the ramp to make it wheelchair accessible. even though he recently lost his leg, he is not too keen on asking for help. >> i would have two good legs, yeah, we did this whole house. i was always working, but now i can't, so i asked for a little help and eaved is it. it was very nice. >> it wasn't all work, group also took time to honor his local army veteran with a ceremony thanking him for his service to our country. sports is coming up next on "action news", temple tries to recapture some of its early
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on sports, temple proving it has fight left. >> still, and that they went out here, they're in, clinchers in the division. temple trying to save their season after falling out of the top 25, so how do they respond today? temple will allow ten touchdowns in the last two games. they keep one of the highest scoring teams in college football out of the end zone, all day. temple showing their support for friend. the owls, hold 21st ranked memphis to field goals today. how about this, down in the second, cherry and white, fighting back. that is david hood, what a run. owls out in front 14-six. bj walker breaks school record
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for the most touchdown passes. temple wins 31-12. if they win their finally next week at home against u-conn, they will win the division. >> are we go to go do it or not? i don't want to slide into a championship game. i don't want somebody else to lose. almost exilerating, this is what it is. this is a playoff game this was a championship caliber game. you have to feel like you want to win those. we won it which is how we play. that is what i like. >> penn state with the big one against michigan. they are trying to beat a ranked team for the the first time ever under james franklin and finish undefeated at home for the first time in seven years. the last player to play for joe paterno playing their last home game against 13th ranked michigan. christian hackenberg, throws it up, said blackn the el takes the lead. michigan answers right back. so third quarter, town four, penn state gets the ball. oh, no, deandre hopkins
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fumbles. michigan gets it. lead to the touchdown. the wolf rears runaway witt later in the fourth. penn state loses 28-16. they have dropped two straight for the first time this year. villanova needs to win their finally against james madison to stay alive in the playoff race but fourth quarter up three, it slips away. zach fumbles on back to back drives. they turn it over four times today. reynolds gone and so is nova's playoff hopes. villanova loses 38-29. season is over. and penn playing for ivy league title begins cornell, they come out on fire, flee flicker, alex torqueson to eric fewer toy ryan o'malley, penn wins 34-21 and clinch a share of the ivy league title. most played rivalry, in college football lehigh and lehigh quarterback is a beast. he accounts for five touchdowns, four in the air. lehigh wins 49-35.
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their first w over lafayette since 2012. wow, that looks cold. delaware wins, as well. look, let's be honest, it doesn't feel like eagles are a playoff team right now. but craze year things have happened. eagles also started four-five, two years ago and went onto make the playoffs. talk about a must win tomorrow at home with tampa bay. mark sanchez will start for the injured sam bradford. if the eagles win and redskins lose, that is it, the the bird, believe it or not, will be in a three way tie for first place. >> it is a game, man. we got to win. we have to win a game. that is the the the most important thing. we have to win a game. >> we have had three games, three losses, by a combined six points. it is tough. we have all of the confidence in the world that we're a good team but we have to prove it on sundays and it starts this week with tampa bay. >> can the the flyers, and
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sixers, finally get their acts together? both in action tonight. the flyers hoff scored fewest goals in hockey are just underway in ottawa. winless sixers start at the top of the hour, down in miami. college hoops, st. joes against florida. first half, phil will like this deandre bembry, with a career high 17 for him. late second half, tied up, florida, they pull away. ending the game on the 12-one run. st. joes loses their first of the the year 74-63. penn trying to go four-zero for first time in 37 years but they are blown out. they are blown out by 37 points, on the road in washington. yes, it is ugly. penn loses their first game 104-67. lasalle is up next on wednesday, drexel by the way falls to zero and three. >> yikes. >> all right. thanks, jeff. up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
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recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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the accu weather forecast. >> it wasn't bad today. >> no, it wasn't. >> temperatures were nice and seasonal. tomorrow if you are running in the race, marathon you know i'm not. >> i will be asleep. >> it will be a little chilly for the the start. here at storm tracker six live double scan radar you can see it is dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation. we will show you picture outside. action cam was outside earlier this this afternoon in fairmount park. we can see wall to wall sunshine bright, crisp blue sky and seasonal numbers for this time of the year.
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chill, however moves in as early as tomorrow. high today in the city, 56 degrees. 2 degrees above the average. record was 74 setback in 1931. outside this evening it is 48 in philadelphia with a stiff easterly wind. thirty-seven, up in the poconos. forty-eight in wilmington. dover at this hour 50, along the coast in sea isle city, coming in at the 53. here is satellite six with action radar, we have a partly cloudy sky turning cloudy as we go throughout the overnight hours and first half of the day tomorrow. we will widen out the picture here and what we are tracking is an area of low pressure. early season snowstorm coming out of the northern plains moving in the great lakes. the area of low pressure over ohio valley. a lot of the snowfall in this system will work to the north and east of our region but cold front will continue to march its way eastward win that we could have wind on the back side of this as early as tomorrow morning. so, turning cloudy tonight. that is call from accu weather. it is milder tonight then last night. we will drop down to 42 in the
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suburbs and 47 degrees in philadelphia. we're track ago this cold front that for the most part looks off to our north and east but we will tap into a surge of northerly air that moves in the region. that could ignite a spotty shower or two as we go throughout midnight hour and overnight hours but good news it clears out, just in time for our sunday morning, 7:30 in the morning, temperatures in the region in the the lower 40's along i-95 corridor. thirty's north and west of town. keep that in mind heading over or perhaps cheering someone on in the philadelphia marathon. cloud, to start the day, it will be breezy, turning sunny throughout the afternoon hours. keep in mind wind chills will be in the 30's early tomorrow morning but air temperature, by 7:00 a.m. 44, 47, by noon time tomorrow. then right over to the link as philadelphia eagles at home taking on the tampa bay buccaneers. kick off at 1:00 p.m. chilly breeze, west north westerly wind at 12 to 20 miles an hour. kick off temperatures in the upper 40's and will stay in the up are 40's by the fourth quarter. here's the exclusive accu
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weather seven day forecast. cloud to start the day. then late day sun. high of 52. it will be breezy, a cold win develops, on monday, temperatures stuck in the 40's, with the high in the city by then in at 46. a quick bounce back in temperatures, by tuesday, and then at 52. wednesday, gorgeous day, mostly sunny in at 56. and then mild for the the parade on thursday, for thanksgiving, a high of 62, and it is balmy by then. sunshine and cloud next friday 63. mostly cloudy next saturday with a high of 58 degrees. definitely bundle will up, early tomorrow morning and then we are going to see a brief cold shot before thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving this week. >> very nice though. >> very good. >> thanks, melissa. fyi philly is next on channel six. the don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're right back here again on six abc at 11:00. now for melissa magee, and jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here after the game.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm erin o'hearn. tonight on fyi philly. >> it's almost time for the thanksgiving day parade, take a look behind-the-scenes at how the show comes together. >> we'll go for a swim with a local group who teaches scuba diving. >> unwind at a yoga studio with a vegan café. >> and take a tour of america's oldest brewery. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at eakins oval right out front of the philadelphia museum of art. >> the set up is underway for this year's 6-a-b-c dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> it's the oldest parade in the country and it's something we look forward to every year. >> this parkway will be transformed into a one and half mile stage. >> but thursday is the climax of months of planning.


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