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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> good afternoon it is sunday november 22 i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." the philadelphia marathon is underway this noon with extra security in place we're live. >> police release new in fact about a pedestrian accident that killed a woman on 495 in delaware. the eagles have a chance to bounce back from last week's
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loss, but they have to do it without sam bradford. a live preview coming up. >> let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers, good afternoon, chris. >> reporter: hi, nydia, it's a bluster afternoon the winds continuing to whip around. 49 in philadelphia. 47 in reading. 47 in allentown. lancaster down to 45. trenton, 48. millville, 47 and dover 47 degrees. and then you factor in the winds this is what it feels like right now. 43 in philadelphia. feels like 44 in trenton. 41 in reading. 38 in lancaster. ho in allentown, 42 degrees in millville. double scan live as expected we have the rains for the purpose of the jersey shore from cape may up to lbi surf city, atlantic city some of it is coming down steadily. the dividing line for the most
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part is the garden state parkway. from that point east it's raining at a good clip. from that point west it's clouds and spritzes and sprinkles. this is pulling away from the delaware valley. as you look at the bottom of the screen we have more wet weather to go, but the extent of how far inland it goes, maybe ten, 15 miles per hour, that's about it. most interior sections of south jersey and philadelphia and the northwestern suburbs should see cloud cover from this and no precipitation. we'll see how it plays out over the next few hours. forecast for eagles game, start time in less than an hour, clouds limited sun, breezy, winds out of the west/northwest 20 miles per hour. temperatures starting to fall slowly. 50 degrees is the kickoff temperature. the 4 quarter we're down to 48. chilly end to the weekend,
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colder tomorrow, we'll have the holiday forecast thanksgiving when i see you in just a few minutes. >> this is the day thousands of runners have been waiting for. philadelphia marathon got underway and continuing right now. thunderstorms are not taking any chances when it comes to keeping everyone safe. >> extra security measures have been in place all morning long. trish hartman has been live along the benjamin franklin parkway where the race is still going on. >> reporter: security is tight for tens of thousands of runners and spectators out here today, but they are happy to see the increased security measures and folks didn't monday waiting in line. they crossed the finish line after running 13.1 or 26.2 miles they are exawlsed and e-- exhausted and elated. runners were happy to see the 67
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security check points on the benjamin franklin parkway where people were screened and searched. >> it was a little safety first, but i think the runners, everybody got in their corrals, as you can see they controlsed the finish line happy to end and excited to start. >> reporter: reese runners from valley forge military academy sailed they were happy to see the extra measures after the attack in paris and heightened alert in brussels. >> i was making sure i was staying alert. >> there's lots of events everywhere where lots of people were gathered. >> reporter: here this can all the if you are marathon finishers crossing the finish line finishing 26.2 miles. people will be coming through for another few hours, roads
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that were closed for the race should be reopened by 6:00 tonight. president obama has wrapped up a nine day trip abroad with a strong message to isis. he said united states and the its partners will not relent in the fight against isis. the plj is to hunt them -- the pledge is to hunt them down and destroy them. the most powerful tool to fight them is to say we're not afraid. >> people throughout human history have found an excuse to kill people because they don't think like them or look like them. and we fight them and we beat them. >> the president defended his stance on refugees saying they are the most vetted and scrutinized individuals to arrive on american shores.
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>> france' defense minister is echoing that message and said isis must be destroyed at all costs. he said the french aircraft carrier was sent to help operations against isis in syria will be operational tomorrow ready to act. tomorrow, francois had a handle will meet with british prime minister in canada. officials say belgium's interior ministry has put many security precautions in place. salah abdeslam is believed to have crossed into the country. even if he is found the threat would not disappear. meanwhile, people in brussels woke up to largely empty streets as the city entered its second
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day of the highest threat level. >> the eagles will take on tampa bay today and they will have to do it without sam bradford. he is sidelined with a concussion and shoulder injury. jamie apody is live at the linc. >> reporter: mark sanchez maybe auditioning for a job. the players that i talked to this week, said sam -- sanchez is more of a leader and runs the ball more. let's look at the field, a short time ago getting ready for is sanchez's favorite target jordon matthews and maybe we'll see more darren sproals.
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jason peters will play. that should help the run game, all eyes will be on mark sanchez and how he performs in the wake of sam bradford. here's what sanchez and the coach had to say about that earlier this week. >> every experience and repetition can only help in your grasp of the offense, i feel good with it, i, fortunately, comfortable and read to go. >> one thing about mark, his worker ethic else in the building very late every 23450eu89. i -- night. he programs himself like he -- e prepares mammals like else going to be the starter. we'll have more on "action news" sports sunday brandon graham joins the sports team in attitude -- studio to break it
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down. the birds need to stop the bleeding and even the record at 500. don't forget the giants are on a bye. a within against the bucks today, the eagles could be back for a tie in first place. jail miss -- jamisis winston will be in as quarterback. he'll be fun to watch. >> a man was shot dead 34u89able times in -- mulleddable -- times in north philadelphia. he was pronounced at the hospital. a deadly accident on 495 in delaware. state police tell "action news" a 30-year-old was driving with
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her husband when they got into an argument. perry got out of the car and started walking southbound near the split when she was hit by a car. perry died at the hospital. police are investigating. they believe perry may have been drinking. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon. thousands of people are without power after a wintry storm slammed the midwest, now they are dealing with a deep freeze. >> what's the key to living longer? a new study shows coffee could have something to do with it. details in "healthcheck." >> plus, meteorologist chris sowers has the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> a deep freeze is setting in across the midwest following a storm that dumped more than 20 inches of snow. temperatures are dropping into the single digits. the heavy snow and deep freeze has combined to knock out power to thousands. a woman in illinois was startled to hear the thunderous crash of a large tree that fell in the front of her house. >> it was loud and i kind of jumped out of bed. it was like what? i had to call 911. the power lines went into the street, it was crazy. illinois and wisconsin could see temperatures dip to zero. >> i got to say i'm so glad i don't live there. i couldn't do it. >> reporter: they need thicker skin out there.
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they get snow in november, but to see that kind of snow is incredible for that time of the year. it's a top five winter storm for several states. huge, huge snowstorm. some areas as much as 18 inches of snow. meantime back here in the delaware valley. there's the view in cape may. we have showers down the shore that will continue over the next few hours. double scan live showing they are being brushed, just barely off the coast. atlantic city and barrier islands getting wet. 49 degrees in philadelphia. it's one of the warmer temperatures at this hour. with the winds gusting around 16 miles per hour feels like the upper 30s, low 40s. dewpoint, 23. the air is nice and dry. north and west, reading, allentown, 47. lancaster you continue to fall. 45. 48 in trenton. 40 in the poconos.
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millville, 47 and dover 47 with the winds whipping around out of the northwest at 15 to 20 in some cases 25 miles per hour. now, these are sustained winds and every now and then we get a gust or sudden rush of air at 25 miles per hour. the cold front is in the process of pushing through. there's the little wave of energy that will ride the front over the next few hours heading northward into new england. maybe getting as far inland as ten to 15 miles per hour. it should stay east of hammonton. mays landing will pick up wet weather. most interior sections of south jersey, mainly cloud cover. north and west you go, we'll see sun and clouds. within the viewing area there's a huge difference from northwest to southeast. there's the garden state parkway, it's the sea isle city and garden state parkway
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northward. as we look at the surface maps there's the snowstorm the storm that produced huge amounts of snow in the great lake states and the northern portions of the ohio valley. now it's up into canada. we're feeling the colder air and the breeze from the system. tomorrow looks to be the coldest day of the season so far in terms of high temperatures. highs tomorrow struggle to reach 44, 45 degrees that's in the city, it will get colder north and west. clouds across south jersey, sunshine north and west, a few spritzes and sprinkles leftover showers for the shornlts. shorepoints, we drop like a rock overnight tonight. it will feel like the 20s tomorrow morning. sun and clouds, windy, 48 degrees is the forecasted high feeling like the 30s in the lehigh valley. jersey shore, cloudy skies, showers, brief period of rain,
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50 degrees is the forecasted high down there. philadelphia we hit 52 we're dropping from this point. clouds and sun, breezy, winds out of the northwesterly at 15 to 25 miles per hour. here we go this is feeling like december, actually, 28 degrees outlying suburbs, 33 center city, clear brisk and colder. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the good news is if you're not a big fan of the colder, it doesn't last very long. 45 degrees tomorrow. tuesday is not that bad, we lose the wind and have a ton of sunshine. close to average, 52. wednesday, 56.thanksgiving day,s break out the shorts. sunshine. >> it's perfect parade weather. >> christmas is a little bit more than a months away, that means it's time for the philly potassium annual christmas
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concert at the kimmel center. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it's the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes. for many people it's the annual christmas spectacular. it's a holiday tradition. when the pops are putting on a show, the fun starts before you enter verizon hall. >> we havearolers. >> the guest singer this year is broadway's lisa roman. >> we have the philadelphia boys choir and the pops festival. >> reporter: the audience comes part of the show in a special sing along. >> everyone wants to sing. >> reporter: the concert will be led by philadelphia native david
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charles abell. >> this is his third year. the orchestra is in love with him, the audience loves him. he does a great job. >> they will have a traditional christmas carols. david charles abell will blow the roof of the kimmel center vrsz hall. >> reporter: the -- verizon hall. the pops christmas spectacular opens for military and first responders only for the first concert. it's nice that they they do that. go to the arts if this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack.
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>> thanksgiving is just days away aaa says you should expect more congestion on the roads. the agency said more than 46 million americans are expected to travel 50 miles or
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more. 90% will be driving. for those flying 25 million passengers which is a 3% increase from last year. on "healthcheck" at noon, fewer adults in the u.s. are lighting up. government statistics from the first half of the year showed just under 15% of americans smoke. that's the lowest percentage since the survey began 1997 when nearly a quarter of adults searched. cdc researchers say it's due to smoking bans and increased costs and tools to help people quit. coffee lovers out there, eva. a new study shows drinking a cup of your favorite joe could help you live longer. none smokers who drank one to three comes a day have a 15%
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chance of living longer. don't overdue it, coffee itself can take full credit to help you live longer or some other factor is involved. >> good i'm going to live a long time. >> the flyers can't score, the sixers can't seem to win. >> we have more highlights on today big game and more on the matchup at the linc that's next. 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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>> the winless sixers are nearing a new nba record and it's not a good one. >> reporter: let's be honest the eagles don't look like a playoff team, but boy that could all
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change this afternoon at home against tampa bay. if the eagles win and the redskins lose, eagles will be tied for first place. talk about a must-win today. >> we got to win this game that's the most important game i believe it, man. the way we lost it was really sickening. >> we've had three games, three losses back-to-back 6 points. we've got all the confidence in the world we're a good team, but we have to go out there and approve it on sunday and it starts with tampa bay. >> reporter: it will start with mark sanchez under center. the sixers have not won in 9 months losing 24 straight just shy of breaking nba record for the longest losing streak of all time. the sixers came oh, so close in miami. first quarter, nerlens noel what a move off the steel.
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okofor sixers up 16 at the a half. they go 7 minutes without a field goal. here comes miami, late 4th. bang ties it at 89. 52 seconds left, dwyane wade? justice winslow, yes. sixers lost 96-91. they have lost 24 in a row. you think wins have been hard to score, please the flyers can't score goals right now. they have the fewest in the nhl. shut out in back-to-back games. ottawa the scoreless drop continues. claude giroux comes close off the post. craig anderson covers it up. this hurts, too, less than a minute later, ottawa beats steve
12:28 pm
mason. he allows four goals, flyers dropped 11 of their last 13 games. college football after allowing ten touch downstairs in their previous two games, temple kept one of the highest scoring teams in the country out of the endzone. temple showing their support for france. there's the owls held 21st ranked memphis to field goggles. david hood on the run. get in there. owls out in front and it stays that way. 4th quarter they put it away. pj walker breaks the school record for the most touchdown passes. femple rp temple if they win at home -- temple, if they win at home against ucon, they win the division. >> finger pointing on the issue
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of syrian reef geese. they were not -- refugees. philadelphia marathon was under the tightest security in its history. those stories and more when "action news" continues. happening right now on
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"action news," an american who survived the hotel attack in mali is speaking out about the deadly day.
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police say speed was the factor that killed a teenager in a crash weekend. a democrat governor is elected in louisiana for the first time in 8 years. >> those stories, but first let's go outside to chris sowers. is it cold out there? >> reporter: the winds are blustery and it's down in the 30s and 40s. quite a difference from yesterday. even though we topped out at 56. it felt good with the sun. today a far cry 678 pottstown winds whipping around at 15 miles per hour. windchill of 39. saint davids 46. chester, 46. center city showing 49. glassboro, 48. buena, 47. dover, 47 and woodbine a soggy 48 degrees this afternoon. the wind will continue to howl out of the northwest as the day wears on. we are expecting gusts anywhere
12:32 pm
from 15 to 25 miles per hour. with the temperatures dropping off with all the cloud cover and blustery breeze it will be cold throughout the day. we're zoom into the delmarva, you can see steadier rains from cape may to lbi. it's mainly east of the garden state parkway, where it is raining it's coming down a good clip. it extends ten, 15 miles per hour inhandle. that's where the line should stay this afternoon. from that point west it's cloudy. this afternoon in philadelphia all points north and west, clouds and sun, breezy and bluster. 52 has happened. we're slowly falling from this point on. as we look ahead we have cold stuff on the way overnight tonight. blustery windchills cold mornings, not only tomorrow morning, but tuesday morning, as well. things warm up just in time for thanksgiving. we're back in the 60s. it is short lived but it will be
12:33 pm
quite cold. i'll have all the specifics on the numbers when i see you in just a bit. >> the philadelphia marathon, thousands of runners are taking partny year's race. >> extra security measures have been in place all morning long, trish hartman is on the benjamin franklin parkway away. it caused a little bit of a delay. >> it did, security was heightened but the runners said they did feel safe and secure that means they can focus on the race. >> i'm happy. >> tears of joy from val reand her husband daniel they ran the half marathon together two years after she had hip surgery. >> it was great, because they told me i wouldn't be able to run anywhere i would have to go back to walking and do other exercises. i love running. >> we used to race all the time
12:34 pm
together, she had to take a back seat while i was doing the races every year here. >> they are among the 30,000 runners and 60,000 spectators watching the race this weekend amid tighter than normal security. while safety measures were heightened after the boston marathon bombings they heard the concerns of runners this year screening bags at the start finish line. >> it crossed my mind, we were at the boston marathon during the bombing. we felt they did a good job, almost to the point it was a hard to get up here. >> five hours and 19 minutes after the starting gun and marathoners are coming through after 26.2 miles. this race course is open until 2:00 organizers say everything is going smoothly this morning,
12:35 pm
now again runners are coming through, these roads should be open to normal traffic again by 6:00 tonight. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> another successful event for philadelphia. >> other news pope francis is condemning the attack at a mali hotel that killed a dozen people including an american. he said he is appalled by the senseless violence. he lives on wednesday for a 6 day trip to kenya and the african republic. he asked the faithful to pray for peace and prosperity. meanwhile, an american who survived the attack is speaking out. alex markward has the latest. >> reporter: broken glass and destroyed rooms in one of the county's safest hotel. 19 people were left dead including an american aid worker. state department contractor
12:36 pm
kerry kempt was there when the shooting began. >> reporter: he ran inside and dove under a table new dining room. >> i knew i was dead. >> you resign yourself to the fact you were dead. >> basically, they never looked, they were shooting the they never looked. >> reporter: in what he thought were his final moments he thought of his family. >> at what point did you say to yourself this is a terrorist attack. >> when i he seen them coming across the street shooting. >> you knew right away. >> of course. >> did you think this could happen when you came to mali a couple of weeks ago? >> it can happen anywhere. you can't hide from it. >> reporter: the terrorists set the room on fire and left, allowing kempt to crawl out through the smoke to the american rest constitutessers trying to -- rescuers trying to
12:37 pm
reach him. a group linked to al qaeda claimed the attack. mali added to the growing list of countries that have suffered recent attacks, france, egypt, lebanon, the threat leveled raised to the second highest level and the president announced a ten day state of emergency. john kerry is heading to the middle east. he leaves today for abu dhabi. he is heading to israel and the left bank. he is set to discuss a range of security and political issues. topping his agenda will be syria, isis and the palestinian violence. gop candidates are weighing in on how to keep syrian
12:38 pm
violence down. >> we should have a lot of the systems and today you can do it. how do you actually get them registered? >> it would be good management. >> should the federal government keep a registry, no. >> hopefully we already have the data base on the groups already here, if we don't we're doing a poor job. >> you got to do what works. >> reporter: hillary clinton said such moves including closing our doors to syrian refugees will not work. new at noon a wilmington man is facing charges after authorities say he was caught impersonating a police officer. he was pulled over in new castle county. he had a handheld radio and handcuffs and other law enforcement equipment in plane view.
12:39 pm
after obtaining a search warrant police found a loaded gun in the vehicle. he is behind bars on $150,000 bail. a car crash in northeast philadelphia has claimed the life of a teenager. it happened on the boulevard before 10e 30:00. police say -- 10:30. police say the 19-year-old was weaving in and out of traffic. he lost control and hit a utility pole head on. the teen was thrown from the car and died instantly. the impact of the crash split his car in half. two other vehicles crashed into the wreckage. the drivers of those vehicles are treated for minor injuries. police center not identified the teenager. authorities in delaware county are investigating after a man's body was found in a creek. police were called yesterday to ridley creek near the 1300 block of sun drive in chester. an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. democrats are celebrating a rare statewide victory in the republican stronghold of
12:40 pm
louisiana, john bell edwards defeated the republican in a run off election. it convinced him not to seek the seat in 2016. it is very unusual pick up for the democrats in conserve -- conservative deep south. >> what happens when you go head to head to the best poker player in the world? james bond censored. we'll tell you which country is cutting james bond's steamiest scenes. >> meteorologist has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, i think you'll have a like on what's happening on thanksgiving, when "action news" continues.
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get out of the past. get fios. past few weeks spinning around
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philadelphia. we were able to tell a young woman she was getting to get the chance to solve the puzzle. >> this was not an emergency meeting just a ploy to break the big news to emily johnson. >> congratulations, you're going to play wheel of fortune. >> reporter: big smile for the students at moore college alter and design. her husband, david and mom joanne all keeping the secret. >> i'm shaking. so we could pull off the big reveal. >> you have dinner in the living room. >> reporter: emily first auditions at the wheel mobile event in atlantic city and made it to the final rounds in center city a few weeks ago. there were like 60 of us in the
12:44 pm
room, i solved the puzzle. i thought that was pretty good. now that she is heading to california she is working on her spiel. >> i work at moore art college and design. >> emily keeping our winning strategy a secret, but making no secret of her puzzle solving skills. >> i'm really good at it. >> reporter: we can't wait to see you win. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. >> very exciting. >> reporter: my brother's wife is good at that show. we'll be sitting on the couch, we'll be three letters into it, we'll -- she'll solve the puz
12:45 pm
puzzle. i'm usually clueless. there we go live on sky6. bluster anne breezy around the delaware valley. shades of gray throughout the area. the exceptions being reading, allentown, you're seeing sunshine, everybody else wall to wall clouds even a few showers showing up at the jersey shore. 49 degrees with a dewpoint of 23. winds whipping around out of the west/northwest at 16 miles per hour. makes the 49 feel like 42. reading, 47. allentown, 47. trenton, 48. millville, 47 degrees. windchills 43. reading, 41. allentown, 40. poconos 32. a pair of 4s for trenton. this is certainly one of the colder days we've had over the last week or so. wednesday, thursday and friday we were in the 60s each and everyday. this is a far cry from that. we're not acclimated to the chill. it will be colder over the next
12:46 pm
24 to 36 hours. the storm is racing by to the northeast pushing through new england. it will reach the mays lapgd -- mays landing border. barrier islands, stone harbor, atlantic city. those folks will see showers over the next couple of hours, everybody else mainly cloud cover, route 47, route 9 wet this afternoon. nothing too terribly heavy just enough to be a nuisance. cloud cover most of the area, far western suburbs sun and the jersey shore still picking up a few showers. overnight tonight, the temperatures drop off. the winds sub vied it will not be as gusty. that will allow radiational cooler to tames. we'll drop into the 20s in the suburbs and around the freezing mark for center city.
12:47 pm
the colder half is the eastern united states. when we look at that, temperature seesaw that i am talking about this time of the year. where one part of the county is usually different than the other, well, as we get into next week, the balance will shift a little bit all that cold will push west back into the northwest portions of the united states and on the east coast we'll see a warmup. high pressure settles on in, temperatures skyrocket. look at the jet stream. there's the packed northwest all the cold pushing into that part of the country. that wind shift out of the southwest. 52 degrees clouds and sun, winds out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. and clear and cold overnight tonight, brisk, 28 degrees outlying suburbs, 33 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing a nice warm up up, brisk and
12:48 pm
chilly, 45. sunny and cool tuesday, 52. we lose the wind. wednesday, 56. thanksgiving day we're up to 64. friday, warm and sun, 65. saturday we'll see showers around, but the temperature isn't too bad for this time of the year, 56 degrees. this conversation tim looks fab -- thanksgiving at this point looks fabulous. children in the jewish community from troubled homes got a strong vote of confidence last night. for more than 20 years they have cared and abused for knee dplected children and -- neglected children and those abused in jewish community. santa was at the montgomery mall today. the event is called caring santa. it's designed for children with developmental needs including
12:49 pm
autism. there are no lines, crowds or music. >> the hope for the national championship for the cardinal's of west philadelphia have been dashed, but they got a nice prize, undefeated pop warner football team boarded a bus to the linc this morning. the kids will see the eagles buccaneers game this afternoon. brady said the tar heels were looked over for the pom warner games at disney world. >> on the people scene and in
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
the latest james bond film hit theaters in india this weekend. they decided to sensor the kissing scenes. this is censor the kissing scenes. they have a long history of banning books music and maps. a montgomery county man took home $7 million last week
12:52 pm
for winning the world series of poker. matt o'donnell sat down with wim and played a few hands. >> how much do you want? >> reporter: it is best to say goodbye to your money early when playing 24-year-old joe mchughen. the 2015 world poker champ. >> do you talk a lot? >> no. >> reporter: i lost the first firsthand of texas hold 'em his flush was slightly better than mine. why do you like numbers? >> i like them better than letters. i liked math more than english. >> reporter: he earned a math degree at arcadia university. his classmates laughed when he announced he is going to play poker full time. he pocket $7 million in prize
12:53 pm
money in las vegas. whose laughing now. >> i'm not showing that. two more played the game. >> gets yourself in the better odds, sometimes you lose even with the better odds, but you keep on going. >> get plenty of sleep and drink water and prepare and never force a hand and cut losses when needed and put a scare in your opponent. he doesn't fight his odds he uses them to his advantage. >> would you make a good psychologist? >> probably not. >> you have to read your opponent. >> if you read your opponent you have to take advantage of them. a psychologist wouldn't do that. it was clear he would have worn us down eventually. future plans, he intends to play more poker. matt o'donnell channel 6 "action
12:54 pm
news." >> matt has a pretty good poker face. >> when "action news" comes right back we'll have a look at the top stories and final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," 30,000 runners took part in the philadelphia marathon. another 50,000 spectators cheered them on in what was the tightest security ever for the race. the eagles face the tampa bay buccaneers this afternoon without their starting quarterback, sam bradley ford is out with a concussion and shoulder injury.
12:57 pm
backup qb mark sanchez stems in today. if they win today they will be tied for first place in the nfc east. >> reporter: we'll have limited sunshine, cloudy, showers down the shore. today is one of the coldest day we've seen so far this season. tomorrow, high of 45. >> it's nydia's birthday today. happy birthday. >> thank you, thank you. [laughter]. >> i hope you have a very good one. coming up on 6abc america's funniest home videos and jennifer lopez hosts the american music awards and that's followed by "action news" at 11:00 and "action news" sports sunday at 11:30. x games are next on channel 6. >> "action news" continues at
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6:00 p.m. tonight. for chris sowers and eva pilgrim, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you back here next weekend. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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-pulls it... -that was an amazing run. -wow! -nice! -oh, my brain! -goodness me! -oh! -are you serious?! narrator: x games real snow backcountry is a video competition. in this event, five of the world's best backcountry snowboarders must each produce a 90-second video part with the filmer of their choice. man: you have the winter to shoot this 90-second part that highlights your snowboarding. narrator: after their videos are complete, they will all gather to share group discussion on backcountry snowboarding and to decide upon a winner. each rider and filmer will cast an individual vote to determine who will win x games gold.


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