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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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start morning, david murphy has weather and karen rogers is watching a crash on 295. >> reporter: we have be -- we have lake-effect snow in western pennsylvania and new york state. 35 degrees in philadelphia. freezing in wilmington, close to that in trenton and millville and below freezing in allentown and in the 20s in reading and lancaster. down the shore 38 in sea isle city. the winds are strong enough in the teens in spots to drive the windchills in the 20s, yes we are talking windchills it's that time of year again. 22 in allentown. obviously you look at the numbers, you know you need layers this morning and maybe the gloves. 33 degrees by 6:00. 34 by 8:00 a.m. mainly clear and cold on the bus stop, it will be a short week for the purpose of the kids with thanksgiving coming. 34 degrees on the storm tracker 6 live app by 8:00. we're going up to a high today
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of 46 degrees under the sun. there will be a brisk breeze blowing. things get better as we head toward the holiday, details coming up. >> reporter: we have a serious accident in gloucester county, new jersey, 295 southbound near thoroughfare a head-on collision that sparked a vehicle fire. someone is trapped in the wreckage. they are intermittently blocking all lanes southbound on 295. we saw much slower speeds, but it's affecting traffic in both directions because so many emergency workers coming to the scene. avoid this area altogether. stick to kings highway or the new jersey turnpike. the big accident is in gloucester county. we have a vehicle fire that was blocking the northeast extension southbound in quakertown. the crash has cleared, but there's slowing on the northeast
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extension. we had an accident on bridge street where a car hit a police cruiser that was helping a disabled vehicle. that has cleared. vine street expressway will close again tonight at 11:00. the big accident is in gloucester county, new jersey. >> let's stay with the story and go outside to katherine scott live in west deptford with the latest on the crash on 295. >> reporter: good morning, tam we are waiting for more information on what happened here. we do know there were injuries. you do want to avoid the area, because emergency workers remain on the scene as they continue to clear away the crash and investigate. this happened in the southbound lanes of 295. the road is elevated, you can see the lights from the emergency vehicles that are still up there. you may see cars moving in the northbound lanes where traffic is getting by. what happened remains under
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investigation. we're hearing two vehicles collided and burst into flames. it happened at 4:30 a.m. in the southbound lanes of 295 in west deptford near the water tower. two people were trapped and had to be extricated. we have not been told their conditions, but there was an does not and fire after that. expect delays, you can see the lights of the emergency vehicles remain on the scene. this remains under investigation. live in west deptford katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> developing a philadelphia police officer escaped injured when an suv slammed into his police car in frankford section of southbound 295. medics had to free the driver of the car out of the wreckage, he was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries, but as of now is said to be in stable condition. while this was happening, police say an suv slammed into a parked
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police cruiser. the officer was outside of the car and not hurt. the driver of the suv is being tested to for dui. nearly a dozen people are displaced after a two-alarm fire damaged two homes in nicetown section. the fire broke out on the 3600 block of north 21st street. a couple with 8 children say she escaped with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs. it is not clear what sparked the blaze. >> brussels bull gem -- belgium remains on high alert for fears of immanent attacks. police arrested 16 people. the man suspected in the paris attacks is not among those in custody. authorities think salah abdeslam left paris and returned 0 to his hometown near the belgium
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capitol. the attacks in paris killed 130 people. "g.m.a." starts after "action news" at 7:00 a.m. new on "action news," a frantic search is underway for a man armed and dangerous. police say jose castro shot his wife in the chest last week. he was recently evicted from the home after his wife got protection from abuse order. he may be in a dark jeep grand cherrokee. police arrested abdella ward for wearing a shirt with the word police written on it. there was were handcuffs and loaded gun in the vehicle. he was arrested and not linked
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to any other police incidents. eagles lose to a beatable team. they could not stop jamisis winston. eagles. qb mark sanchez threw two touchdown passes and three interceptions. fans cleared the stands well before the game was over. >> very disappointing the eagles, they were they were my team, what's going to happen, they will go down with the buccaneers seriously? >> very embarrassing, 38-14 when we left. it's not looking good, man, we got to make changes. >> the birds have fallen 4-6. seriously? they are in detroit on thanksgiving day, folks the lions are 3-7. it's a beatable team, but -- the last two games not the case for the eagles. >> winston is not that great a
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quarterback. five touchdown passes. >> we should have beaten that team. >> reporter: people in detroit be looking at the eagles saying saying -- don't choke on your turkey whatever you do. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at precipitation free skies which is nice. as we look outside we have sky6 live hd we'll see sunshine coming up over the horizon, i don't know that it will have an impact on the rice at the river rink. it will be on the chilly side. dewpoint, 17. winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. the cloud covery fretter is pulling away -- the cloud cover from yesterday is pulling away. the lake-effect snow will die away before it gets here. look for predominantly sunny
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skies, but chilly. upper 30s by 11:00. 45 by 2:00, high of 46 around 3:00 p.m. it will feel like it's in the 30s, though, because we're looking at winds running ten to 20 miles per hour. as we take a look at the windchill profile. you can see between now and noon feeling like it's down around the freezing mark and not much better through the height of the afternoon and in through the evening. the windchills will be a factor today. it will be a chilly one. high temperatures cross region even without the wind are not balmy. 43 in allentown. 44 in reading an trenton. 46 in millville. if you're down the shore you're catching a break you get up into the upper 40s today. the trough in the jet stream will be relatively quick. you can see it's a narrow trough. the jet stream will move back to the north which will usher in more and more mild air and by thursday, thanksgiving and friday, the afternoons in particularly will feel pretty
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good and the parade forecast too bad, as well. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. 46 degrees sunny and brisk today, starting out the workweek with coat weather for the this morning and this afternoon. and then tomorrow it will be cold in the are morning down around the freezing mark. less wind in the afternoon and high of 50. still lots of sun. 54, generally sunny on wednesday, a few clouds. thursday on thanksgiving it looks like great parade weather. at the down, it will be in the upper 030s, by by the time the parade starts we'll be in the mid 40s. we'll see 60 before the end of the parade and high of 66 degrees. a very nice thanksgiving on tap, partly sunny skies no precipitation. very mild on friday, high of 68. the front comes through and knocks us back to 68 with clouds especially in the morning on saturday, i think we're in time
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for the temple game which they need to win to get the aac rating. >> police know who they are looking for in connection with the the shooting of a medical student. >> reporter: we're on route 42 traffic is moving fine at creek road. a big problem not that far off, head-on collision coming up. >> two hollywood a-listers had quite the wedding event this past weekend.
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>> welcome back taking a live look philadelphia international airport. it's a cold morning, you might want to reach for the scarf, gloves and hat today. 37 degrees out there. >> big problem in south jersey, what's the latest, karen. >> reporter: the big problem is in west deptford, 295 southbound exit number 20. the accident was happening southbound. head-on collision, after the cars collided it sparked a vehicle fire and people were trapped in the wreckage there all lanes have been shut down southbound on 295. you want to watch for this they have been intermittently shutting them. northbound we have restrictions as well. traffic is getting by, people on the waze app talking about this as well.
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major accident 295 southbound. it's not far from crown point road and delaware street right here. what you can do is stick to the new jersey turnpike which basically runs parallel you're seeing speeds at 65 miles per hour. no problems on the turnpike. use kings highway, instead. avoid 295 southbound with crews on the scene with this horrible accident scene. in merchantville, camden county, a problem route 38 westbound at route 70 a collapsed manhole. expect slowing, but traffic is getting by. bucks county river road at ferry road a new accident here causing problems. outside live in morrisville route 1 pennsylvania avenue. traffic is moving fine, the road conditions are nice and clear, no weather-related problems, but it's cold out there. 30 degrees in quakertown. 31 in martins creek. 29 in saint davids. kennett square and chester. temperatures dipping below freezing in a lot of spots.
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hammonton, new jersey at the freezing mark and browns mill only a little bit above it. we're in the 40s today. >> a suspicious explosion rocked tokyo. the blast happened in a public restroom at a controversial shrine who honor japanese who died in war. police suspect foul play but not said why. a man is in custody in saint louis after opening fire on a officer. the suspect was known to police attempting to run. the officer chased the man that led to a struggle. the suspect took out a weapon and fired at the officer hitting him in the shoulder. the officer who recently graduated from the police academy is expected to make a full recovery. officials from the u.s. justice department are in minneapolis. they will begin an investigation
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into the shooting death of jamar clark. the key issue is whether authorities should release to the public video of the fatal shooting. police say clark was aggressive with paramedics and police and reached for his gun. others argue he was handcuffed when he was shot. both officers involved in the shooting were placed on standard administrative leave. the search continues this morning for a man who tried to kidnap a woman and shot a medical student who tried to stop it. this surveillance video shows kane dragging a woman toward the suv on friday morning in new orleans. peter gold pulled up and tried to help her. he tried to rob gold and when he said he didn't have any money, he shot him. else in guarded condition. gop candidate donald trump
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reopened the debate about terror and torture. >> i would bring back water boarding? yes it's peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> trump claims he saw thousands of people in jersey city, new jersey, cheering when the world trade center came tumbling down 9/11. there were reports of that happening around the world, but no reports of that happening there. a washington post poll shows trump is leading ben carson. hillary clinton is proposing a new tax break for people caring for their aging parents. she is proposing a tax cut of up to $6,000 and take taking additional security benefits of those who have left the workforce to help ailing loved
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ones. budget talks in pennsylvania have hit a snag. there's not enough support to pass a state tax to off set sales tax for school taxes. >> 911 takes place give a chilly prospective of a woman who ignored road signs and caught in flooding. >> reporter: it's cold this morning, temperatures in the 30s and winter coats may be appropriate. this afternoon we could probably go back to sweatshirts, but it's still kind of chilly. i'll have the day planner coming up and the forecast let you know where the numbers are going today.
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>> the driver of a are tractor-trailer slamming into a virginia deputy's cruiserrary -- cruiser and fire truck splitting it in half is facing charges. the truck driver and the firefighter and sheriff's deputy were injured but expected to survive. it is constantly trying to remind the public to slow down at emergency scenes. >> please help me my car is in the water. >> that woman admits she drove around a road closed sign in washington state. that led to her being trapped in flood waters. the incident happened in seattle. she thought she could make it. she called 911 but had to wait 45 minutes before rescue crews could reach her. >> i'm losing my brakes, oh, my god, somebody please.
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>> i know you're scared they are coming out to help you out. >> rescuers had to get a backhoe to get to the woman. once they got to her she was drenched and cold, but okay. >> road closed mean road closed. >> reporter: and the emergency workers need to risk their lives, but at least she is okay. >> we've got a mess in new jersey, in west deptford, gloucester county you're moving fine and then you hit zero, and then the road is shut down, 295 thorough fair head-on collision, a mess of a scene, northbound is restricted, as well. stick to kings highway or the new jersey turnpike. lionville chester county no problems on route 100, dave you're clear and dry. >> reporter: all right, karen, the sun coming up later on right? , but this not so good, it's chilly out there, it's below freezing in the northern and
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western suburbs. the windchills are making it feel worse. on the thermometer. 30 in warrington. 21 in saint david. across the river in south jersey, 33 in glassboro, 34 in buena. 35 in woodbine. the freezing mark in hockessin, 34 in dover, delaware. if you're going out to run errands bundle up, the afternoon will be better than the morning. 46 degrees, there will be a wind blowing at 10 to 20 miles per hour. even at the best of times it will feel not too far above the freezing mark today, tam. so layers today. >> and you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at the storm tracker 6 live double scan anytime of day at our website head to sophia vegara is now a married lady. the modern family actress and joe manganiello tied the knot over the weekend. they said i do in a ceremony in
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the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. this is the rehearsal on at the hilton on city avenue. children picked up their outfacilities and practiced
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fancy -- outfits and practiced fancy footwork. it's down to four couples on on "dancing with the stars." the couple with the lowest combined judge viewer vote will be eliminated. the surviving couples perform tomorrow knight in the finale. the last one standing will receive the mirror ball trophy. whole it be? one direction won the top award at the music awards. the weekend had a big night. he picked up r&b artist. taylor swift lost. to ariandi grande. jennifer lopez hosted the show and looked amazing.
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this season bring back the holidays on this monday, november 23 we're following breaking news this morning. a fiery crash has shut down a portion of i2950 in south jersey, we're live with the details. >> dangerous fumes seep into several homes in south jersey overnight. >> break out the hats and gloves and extra layers we're waking up below the freezing mark. >> fans have harsh words for eagles after another loss. >> let's get a preview of weather and traffic


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