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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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on this monday, november 23 we're following breaking news this morning. a fiery crash has shut down a portion of i2950 in south jersey, we're live with the details. >> dangerous fumes seep into several homes in south jersey overnight. >> break out the hats and gloves and extra layers we're waking up below the freezing mark. >> fans have harsh words for eagles after another loss. >> let's get a preview of weather and traffic and head
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over to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: look at all the empty seats at the end of the game. i have a heavy coat on this morning with gloves. we have a lack of cloud cover, 9 additional stuff coming off the great lakes will not make it here today. 34 in philadelphia. down around the freezing mark. 32 on the nose in trenton and wilmington below freezing in allentown and reading and lancaster. 33 in millville. a little better in sea isle. the windchills are making it feel like the 20 this morning as the winds are rolling in the teens at times dropping out of the north and west. so definitely a cold start and colder than we've experienced for much of the season so far. by 8:00 a.m. we'll be at 34 degrees. by noon, 41 and we'll get up to a high of 46. even at 3:00 p.m. it will feel like the 30s because of a ten to 10-mile an hour breeze. when i step inside we'll talk about milder air returning as
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the workweek goes on, we'll get an early look at thanksgiving, karen rogers that's coming up from accuweather. >> reporter: all right, dave we have an accident in gloucester county, new jersey, a head-on collision that sparked a vehicle fire, people were trapped in the wreckage, katherine scott is on the scene warning us 295 southbound near thoroughfare all lanes blocked southbound. northbound is getting by, stick to kings highway or the new jersey turnpike instead. a big accident in gloucester county, new jersey happening in west deptford, 295. traffic is stopped 295 southbound. i want to take you to merchantville in camden county. we have a collapsed manhole blocking the left lane 38 northbound at route 70. expect slowing here. looking at i-95 building volume, southbound near bridge street we had an accident where a car struck a police cruiser that was helping somebody else that he was disabled that accident
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cleared, we're seeing building volume on i-95 southbound. the northeast extension was shut down because of a vehicle fire southbound approaching quakertown. it's reopened, we're seeing slowing in the area. you might want to head to 309 southbound instead of the northeast extension. >> katherine scott is live at the scene of the south jersey crash, she joins us live in west deptford. are we going to her, here. here she is, live at the scene, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt, we are learning what exactly happened the southbound crash on 2935. as karen was saying traffic is a mess. you can make out the lights from all the emergency vehicles up ahead. you can see they are on the scene. the investigation is underway by new jersey state police. the southbound lanes are closed, traffic is getting by in the northbound lanes. this happened around 4:30 a.m. in the somebody lanes of 295 in
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west deptford near the water tower. a woman was driving the wrong way driving northbound in the southbound lanes when she smashed into a pick up truck that was traveling southbound. the pick up was forced to the side of the road dangling over the guardrail. the pick up truck burst into flames. both drivers were trapped inside their vehicles and needed to be extricated. we've not been told their conditions. but we know they were both taken to the hospital by ambulance. again, expect delays if you're in the area. emergency workers remain on the scene, southbound lanes are closed for the accident investigation. again, we don't know why the driver was going the wrong way in the southbound lanes that will be part of the investigation. we're live in west deptford, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> okay, katherine, thank you for that. new this morning, high levels of carbon monoxide forced several people out of their homes in philadelphia overnight.
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fire crews were called to baker street in manayunk this morning. pgw crews check out three homes. a carbon monoxide alarm alerted one of the homeowners to the leak. katherine scott had details on that this morning and bring more to you as it comes in. shots rang out on a new orleans playground injuring 16 people. 500 people were at the playground for a block party and music video shoot in the 9th ward last night when two groups opened fire on each other. everybody scattered when police arrived. >> it's hard to police a community when a bunch of guys pull out guns and shoot people. >> the mayor is urging people to come forward with information so police can follow up. >> investigators are trying to piece together what happened moments before a woman was hit
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and killed on 495 in newport, delaware. investigator say a man and his wife were driving along they highway when wouldn't got into an argument. -- when they got into an argument. the wife got out of the car and walked along the highway when another car hit and killed here. police think alcohol was involved. >> a man in the lehigh valley is facing charges. his out of control vehicle crash landed inside a home in white hall township early yesterday. the driver was taken to the hospital. we do not know the extent of his injuries. police say he will be taken to jail once he is released from the hospital. nobody was hurt. 6:06. good news for the holiday at the gas pump. let's go over to maribel aber live at the nasdaq in time square. every time i fill up it cost
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less an less. >> you'll be paying less for gas for your thanksgiving road trip. the national average is 2-point sh. that's 70 cents a gallon less than a year ago. prices have dropped 11 cents as crude oil prices keep falling. right now futures are pointing to a lower open. we have a busy week for economic data and reports on home sales and consumer spending and personal income due out. apple pencil are in short supply and prices are soaring on ebay. ipat pro is going for $500. the short annual created a four to five week wait there's a wait for the smart keyboard, as well. >> i'll stick with the generics. $500? >> you still need a number 2 to
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take the sa at at >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live showing we have clear skies overhead and we are checking sunshine later on looking south along brolt -- broad street toward center city. temple had a big win this weekend. we'll see what happens on thanksgiving day with the eagles. 31 degrees in allentown. 29 in reading. 26 degrees in lancaster. really chilly out there. in philadelphia, 34 currently. 33 in millville. we have that breeze coming out of the north and west, kind of chasing the storm system away from us, so the women's are currently in the -- the windchills are currently in the 20s. blips of cloud cover coming down from the great lakes, they will fall apart before he this get
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here, we are expecting mainly sunny skies. lots of sun in the lehigh valley, some of the clouds will slip through occasionally. mostly bright. the breeze at 10 to 20 miles per hour will keep the windchills in the 20s and 30s. at the shore, brisk and chilly, 48. look out for the windchills in the 30s in philadelphia. here how the numbers will go, 34 degrees by 8:00 a.m. in the 30s by 11:00. 45 by 2:00 p.m. high of 46 around 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., clear skies, 43 is the temperature there. windchills this will part of the package all the way. right now we're in the 20s, we get up to noon in the 30s. not that far above freezing across the region and staying there until the dinner hour. definitely a day for coats and bundle up. you'll need sunglasses for the
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sun. the jet stream will have a tendency to recede over the next couple of days. just in time for the holiday we're looking at mild air returning. you'll see that in the seven day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, brisk and chilly today, lots of sun, 46. cold tomorrow, we bounce up to 50. cold wednesday morning, we improve to 54. for thanksgiving it will be great for the parade. you'll start out with temperatures in the upper 30s at down. by the time you get to the parade route we'll be in the mid 40s, by the end of the parade we could be up to 60 degrees and high of 66. partly sunny skies nice an thanksgiving. very mild mix of clouds and sun on friday, 68 is the high. saturday, 58 degrees cooler showers mainly in the morning, i think we're dry for the final regular season temple game at lincoln financial field in the
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evening. >> 6:10 still ahead on "action news," the eagles drop a game that most good teams should have won and i guess they are all flying out of here, we hear from the fans who bothered to stick around. >> a baby wasn't expect to do make it after his premature birth on a crews ship, but this week a family has a lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: we have an accident in new jersey, a head-on collision. i'll have the details to help you get around it, when "action news" comes right back. 6:14, philadelphia
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international airport on sky6 live hd bundle up today, it's a little chilly as it normally is this time in the fall. >> let's head over to karen rogers a serious accident, good morning. >> reporter: it's my worst nightmare, someone driving the wrong way down a road and heading toward you. katherine scott saying that's what happened on the scene. we have video coming in. you can see the mangled wreckage of the car. head-on collision sparked the vehicle fire, both drivers were taken to the hospital. there were people entrapped in the vehicles there, horrible scene on 295 southbound in new
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jersey. they have those lanes blocked, 295 southbound shut down near thoroughfare what you're seeing on your left is northbound traffic coming through. we have some restrictions, northbound is getting by. it's southbound heading on 295 you can't travel. take the new jersey turnpike instead or kings highway, 295 all lanes blocked as you head near thoroughfare. a head-on collision that sparked a vehicle fire. merchantville, camden county, route 38 westbound at route 70. a collapsed manhole blocking the left lane here. an accident in bucks county an accident at river road at ferry road. let's show you what it looks like on the schuylkill expressway, building volume no major problems. this is past montgomery drive eastbound traffic heading toward center city. you can see volume building at conshohocken and montgomery from girard. how about the temperatures it's
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a cold day, below freezing. 30 in quakertown. 29 in fleetwood. 28 in knew holland. 27 in coatsville. 29 in chester. 32234 levittown. 33 in hammonton, 30 in glassboro. cold start, cold finish. a man is shot in the back in an attempted robbery in tioga, nicetown. this happened at erie avenue. let's head over to annie mccormick who just arrived at the scene and live with the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning, tam, 39th district police are holding the scene on 17th between erie and pulaski. you can see the police vehicle blocking at 17th and erie. detectives on the scene, before 5:00 a.m., we are told an adult male was riding his bike in the area. he pulled over to a news stand. it was there that he reported to
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police that four men in a vehicle pulled up, one man got out of the vehicle was armed and attempted to rob him and shot him in the back. remarkably the victim was able to get back on his bike and ride several blocks until he collapsed. it was there, police did not hesitate, they scooped him up and brought him to temple hospital. i am told that victim is in stable condition. at this time we're still waiting to get a description of the vehicle to get out to you, but we know the vehicle with four men inside including the suspected gunman was last seen heading down pulaski avenue. if you have any information you are urged to contact them. reporting live in nicetown-tie nicetown-tioga, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> eagles fans are losing faith after another embarrassing loss to a beatable team. winston tied a rookie record at
6:18 am
5 touch down passes. mark sanchez threw for three touchdowns -- two touchdowns and three interpretations. >> interceptions. >> i was very disappointed with the eagles. >> very embarrassing, 38-14 when we left. it's not looking good, man, we got to make changes. >> the birds have fall to 4-6. a miracle baby who divide the odds has been reunited with his family just in time for the holidays. hayden morgan was born early back on a cruise ship. he weighed one pound. his mother has stayed by his side, his father had to fly back to utah. a cross country transport plane
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flew him to his home state over the weekend. he still ises has to stay in the hospital, but now he'll be surrounded by his whole family. mind over matter, researchers think a contagious thought can actually make you sick. rush relief to your tough symptoms. [deep breath] to put you back in control. [doorbell] coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf.
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and donating. an "action news" investigation found some of the donations are costing local charities thousands of dollars. >> reporter: it is said that one person's trash is another person's treasure, but sometimes it's just junk. >> people don't have bottles of lotion, i can't sell that. >> reporter: a camera captured dirt donations that were left behind at local charities. >> people bring junk. >> reporter: plus we didn't expect to see while rolling. follow my investigation charity junk drop on "action news"
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tonight at 1:00. >> good investigation. >> reporter: i've got an investigation in grofort county. i want to stake you there, we have all lanes blocked, you're traveling fine on 295 southbound. then you hit zero all traffic is stopped, 295 southbound blocked near thoroughfare. state police hope to open one lane coming shortly. we'll keep an eye on that. northbound traffic restricted. stick to kings highway or the new jersey turnpike instead, dave. >> reporter: on the big board, karen, we're dressing the kids in winter coats this morning and this afternoon not a bad idea as the windchills will be an issue all the way. right now we're in the 20s in some neighborhoods. milled 30s by 9:00. low 40s by noon, high of 46 around 3:00. with a ten to 20-mile an hour wind blowing it will feel like the all day today. not much precipitation though with the system pushing away
6:23 am
from boston, look at how clear it is from across the country. we're not expecting any major delays at the airport weather wise. all green aircraft shows you that. any place we have any significant cloud cover is boston an chicago. >> a new study finds it may be possible to think yourself sick. researchers asked 360 adults to rate their health. the group was exposed to the cold virus and monitored for three days, those who thought they were less healthy actually got the cold. >> the sixers are on the roads tonight against the timber wolves they have not won a game in 9 months. they have dropped 24 straight games since last season. they are three shy of breaking
6:24 am
the nba record of the longest losing streak of all time. >> i feel sorry for the men on that team. 6:24 we'll break down some of the over the top outfits from american music awards. >> a fiery crash is backing up a big highway in south jersey. >> reporter: that's right, matt, 295 is a shut down southbound lanes shut down, we're live coming up at 6:30.
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wrong-way driver causes a head on crash on 295. traffic is clogging up at the moment him we're live at the scene. >> a chain recreation crash
6:30 am
lives -- reaction crash leaves several cars mangled including a police cruiser a mess. >> let's go over to david murphy with weather and karen rogers has a difficult compliewt on the roads. >> reporter: -- commute on the roads. >> reporter: take a look at satellite we have clouds popping down off the great lakes probably evaporating before they get here, i suppose it's possible we'll get a little bit of that, but generally speaking it looks bright. 34 degrees in philadelphia. 31? allentown. still in the 20s in reading and lancaster. 33 in millville. 32 in trenton. with the wind ripping out of the northwest with the teens in most spots, the windchill is making it feel like 25 degrees in philadelphia and worse in some of the other spots to the north and west, definitely a morning
6:31 am
for coats. it's a short week at school with thanksgiving on the way. 8:00 a.m., cold, 43 degrees. the high is 46 degrees, but we'll have windchills in the 30s. karen, milder air is on the way for the holidays. >> reporter: we have a large crash in west deptford, new jersey, katherine scott is live on the scene. people were trapped in the vehicle fires. the accident happened southbound we have all lanes blocked southbound near thoroughfare exit number 20. police hope to open one lane shortly. northbound is he restricted, but traffic is getting by. in the area, use new jersey turnpike or kings highway as the alternate, the bicker problem in gloucester county, new jersey. we have a problem in delaware county, this is just coming in, i-95 southbound near 322 we're seeing an accident involving
6:32 am
these two vehicles look how dark it is as penndot zooms around. you can see someone else walking around the scene. i-95 southbound near 322. police not on the scene. you want to watch for the accident. look how dark the vehicle is, maybe we have an emergency worker coming to the scene or people trying to get into the right lane. river road we've got an accident here causing a problem it cleared at ferry road. i just got off the phone with the police, state police northeast extension southbound problem. it was shut down southbound for a vehicle fire. it was a piece of construction equipment that caught on fire, still a big delay, stick with 309 southbound instead, tam. >> let's stick with the situation in gloucester county. we'll check in with karen shortly. let's go over to katherine scott live in west deptford with the latest on the fiery crash that has made for a difficult scene
6:33 am
all morning. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we are told there was a wrong-way driver in the southbound lanes of 2935. two people were taken to the hospital. we do not know their conditions. the lights of the emergency vehicles are on 2935 as the accident investigation continues. southbound lanes of 295 are closed in west deptford. traffic is moving northbound. this happened around 4:30 a.m. right near the water tower in west dep ford. we're hearing from first responders, the woman was driving the wrong way northbound into the southbound lanes, when she crashed into a pick up truck head on. the pick up was forced to the side of the road and dangling over the guardrail. the pup -- pick up truck burst into flames. both drivers were taken to the hospital by ambulance. expect delays it's a mess
6:34 am
traffic wise. emergency workers remain on the scene. state police are investigating. why the driver was going the wrong way in the southbound lanes, will be part of the investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. more breaking news out of tioga nicetown section, a man was shot in the back during an attempted robbery. the victim was riding his bike before 5:00 a.m. near the intersection of 17th and erie avenue. annie mccormick is live at the scene she'll have the latest in a live report coming up in just a few minutes. >> developing philadelphia police officer escaped injury when an suv slammed into his police car in the city's frankford section. this happened after 2:00 a.m. on the southbound lanes of i-95. police say a car slammed into the back of the tanker truck. medics had to remove the driver of that car from the wreckage him while all that was going on, police say an suv slammed into a parked police cruiser.
6:35 am
the officer was outside of his car and wasn't hurt. the driver that hit the cruiser is being tested for dui. turning now to the terror threat abroad. belgium remains on the highest alert for fierce of immanent attacks. officials arrested 16 people they say are linked to possible attacks. a man suspected in the paris attacks is not among those in the custody. authorities think salah abdeslam left paris after the attacks and returned to his hometown near the belgium capitol of bluffs. the at a be in -- brussels, the attacks in france killed 130 people. "g.m.a." will continue our coverage here and overseas. "g.m.a." starts at 7:00 a.m. >> police are looking for a man who they say is armed and dangerous. row say castro shot his wife in
6:36 am
the chest last week. he was evicted from the home after he -- after she got a protection from abuse order. no no word on the current condition of his wife. eagles fans are losing faith after an embarrassing loss to a beatable team. the eagles could not stop winston, he tied a rookie record with five touchdown passes. mark sanchez threw for two touchdowns and three interceptions. fans left the stands well before the game was even over. >> very disappointing they were my team, now what's going to happen, they will go down with the buccaneers, seriously? >> very embarrassing, 38-14 when we left. it's not looking good. the birds have fallen 4-6. they face the lions in 2r0eu9 thanksgiving day.
6:37 am
-- detroit thanksgiving day. >> who has the better record since andy reid left town, andy reid or chip kelly. >> andy reid. >> reporter: he did great the first year and he is doing great this year. live double scan we have dry conditions after coastal rain yesterday. taking a look outside, sky6 live hd camera bouncing a little bit as we focus on the river rink with all the ice it will feel like skating weather today with the winds and cooler conditions. 34 degrees, sun coming up, but feeling like winter this morning. with the wind running northwest at 12, you have windchills in the 20s. bundle up as you head outside. as we take a look at satellite there goes the rain and the clouds, got a little bit of cloud cover spinning off the great lakes. lake-effect snow in new york and western pennsylvania. the cloud cover will begin to
6:38 am
erode getting closer to us, with dry air in place, but can't rule out clouds getting through. it will be bright, but chilly. with the winds running ten to 20 miles per hour we'll windchills that will make it feel worse. right now the windchills are in the 20s. even at the height of the afternoon heating and from noon to 6:00 p.m. it will be close to the freezing mark much of the day, and windchills in the 30s. temperatures in the 40s and windchills in the 30s today. 46 in millville. 43 in allentown. 44 in wilmington, trenton and toms river. upper 40s down the shore, what a break there. this is a pretty quick dip we're experiencing, you have a trough in the jet stream ushering in the chilly air today. that jet stream will recede back to the north, thursday and
6:39 am
friday just in time for the holiday milder air will return into the picture. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chilly today, nothing we can do about that. 46 is the high, sunny and brisk we've got windchills in the 30s in terms of how it feels. sunny with less wind tomorrow. cold in the morning, high of 50 in the afternoon. cold wednesday morning, milder in the afternoon high of 54. and then we get to thanksgiving day it looks like great weather for the parade. in the morning at dawn upper 30s, by the time you're setting up your seats down there along the parade route we're probably climbing into the 40s, and very quickly getting into the 50s. by the end of the parade we're up to 60 maybe better than that. afternoon high of 66. thanksgiving looking good, partly sunny. very mild on friday, 68. a front comes in on saturday, increases the clouds and gives us a shower mainly in the morning and we're back down 58 degrees. it's cooler on sunday, an dry
6:40 am
there. >> okay, thank you, david. it is almost 6:40 still ahead an explosion rocked a public bathroom in japan and police believe foul play is involved. >> a medical student who rescued a kidnapping victim remains hospitalized while police identify the man who shot him. >> reporter: i-95 approaching cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city jamming past academy to cottman. we'll have an update on the accident on i-95 in delaware county and the big problem in new jersey when "action news" comes right back.
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view of our city right now. the view on sky 6. but it is cold out there, 6:43, 36 degrees, the good news by the time we get to thanksgiving it will warm up by the middle of the day, quite considerably. >> we're starting out roughlily on the roads -- roughly on the roads, karen, what have you got, karen. >> reporter: it's my greatest fear you're driving down the highway and someone is coming at you. a crash people trapped in the wreckage. it's happened on 295 near thoroughfare. northbound we have scenery instructions in the area. if you you're going northbound you want to hit 42, southbound heading near paulsboro you can't go on 295 southbound. we can see the waze app
6:44 am
southbound is crawling as people realize all the traffic is stopped. northbound there's slowing, as well. northbound on 295 in this area. watch for this stick to the new jersey turnpike, instead. no problem heading southbound on the turnpike, or use kings highway a terrible accident scene. northbound we have the left lane blocked. southbound it's both lanes are blocked. state police hope to reopen one of the southbound lanes. we hope this do that shortly in the area. new at lansdale broad street at hatfield street an accident. i've been showing you this accident on i-95 southbound at 322. i'm not seeing any emergency vehicles, you've got a car, another off to the side, you see just the right lanes are getting by on i-95 southbound in delaware county at 322 creating a jam from the delaware state line to 322 no flares out there, that's a stricty accident scene right now happening in delaware county. so in addition to the all the problems we've got dry roads it
6:45 am
is cold out there, below freezing 26 in would it, 29 in kennett -- 26 degrees in coatsville, 29 in kennett square. 29 in hammonton. 32 in glassboro and 33 in dover. we're staying in the 40s today, matt. >> thank you, karen. a gang of four men at least one of them armed mugged a guy riding his bike on a philadelphia street. annie mccormick is live from the scene in the tioga-nicetown section. >> matt we are told by the police that the man is in stable condition. take a look at the vo -- video when we arrived on the scene. a male was riding his bike, a car pulled up, one man got out of the vehicle and attempted to rob the victim and shot him in the back. remarkably, the victim was able to ride his bike several blocks before he collapsed.
6:46 am
police did find him and brought the victim to temple hospital else in stable condition. back out here live, police do not have a description of the vehicle it was last seen heading down pulaski avenue. it happened at 17th and erie. if you have any information contact police. reporting live from tioga nicetown, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> new on "action news," a suspicious explosion rocked tokyo, but nobody was injured. japanese media reports the blast happened in a public restaurant at a shrine that honors japanese who died in war. police suspect foul play, but have not said why. >> a man is in custody when he opened fire on a police officer.
6:47 am
the officer recognized the man and the man began to run. the suspect fired at the officer hitting him in the shoulder. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. the search is on for a man who tried to kid nam a -- kidnap a woman and shot a medical student who tried to stop it. they say this surveillance video shows kane drag ago woman toward an -- dragging a woman toward an suv in new orleans on friday morning. kane demanded money from him and shot gold when he said he didn't have any. gold is in the hospital in guarded condition. coming up, a live preview from "g.m.a." >> a teenager is under arrest in the murder of a pregnant pastor's wife. details next. ♪
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(vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love.
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during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. on "g.m.a." let's turn to amy robach for a live preview in new york city, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, coming up next on good morning we're talking about the worldwide terror threat. brussels on is on the the highest terror alert, soldiers are patrolling the streets, schools and subway systems are closed. we're live with the latest. attacks in paris have made terrorism a top concern on the campaign trail. this is helping donald trump. his campaign is picking up steam leading in three battleground states. can his latest controversial
6:51 am
comments hurt him. "g.m.a." on the money how to save more than $1,000 on heating your home. we have the hidden ways to cut your costs. the star-studded american music awards were last night. performer also gathering for the biggest night we have all the highlights on "g.m.a." >> thank you amy. >> reporter: we have two accidents on i-95 one in either direction. we'll start with the newest one and the jam that you see at this point, i-95 southbound we're jammed from ridley park to 322 we have an accident blocking the right lane involving a penndot truck hitting a guardrail you're jammed from i-95 past the blue route, southbound delay. now we'll head to the northbound delay look at that, it's a mess because of an accident i-95 northbound at 322, two vehicles involved with that one blocking the left lane. you're jammed northbound and
6:52 am
southbound on i-95 with accidents near 322. it's a mess this morning. it's not the kind of morning you want to stop and get out of the car. 31 in allentown. 29 in reading, 33 in millville. when you factor in the winds that are running in the teens. it feels like the mid 20s. if you're dressing the kids winter coats this morning obviously. i would keep them handy this afternoon, even though we're going to to the 40s we'll have windchills in the 30s. there's the high of 46. we'll have a fair amount of sunshine look out for that 10 to 20-mile an hour and windchills in the 30 os. >> os -- 30s. san diego police believe a batch 6 synthetic marijuana caused ten people to get sick. five adults and five minors were
6:53 am
found passed out vomiting or unconscious. the majority were taken to the hospital. two are in serious condition. police have arrested an 18-year-old in connection with the murder of amanda blackburn, the pregnant past tore's wife who was shot during a home invasion. the 15-month-old son was home during the shooting. this was called a terrible and senseless crime.
6:54 am
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philadelphia police are searching for a gunman after a man was shot during an attempted robbery in the city's tioga nicetown section. the victim was riding his bike when he was shot in the back at 5:00 a.m. near 17th and erie. the southbound lanes of 295 are shut down after a fiery wrong-way crash in gloucester county. it happened in west deptford. both drivers involved were rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: that horrible accident scene causing problems, 295 still shut down near thoroughfare. our 4th problem of the morning on i-95 southbound near the airport we have a vehicle fire happening southbound causing a problem and that's northbound,
6:57 am
dave. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. we have sunshine, but it's cold, high of 46 degrees. it's misleading because it's going to be windy out there, windchills in the 30s. >> "g.m.a." is next, for tamala edwards, david murphy, karen rogers, i'm moot matt. have a great monday extra great week! you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant.
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good morning, america. breaking right now. belgium on alert for an imminent attack. 16 arrests overnight. special forces storming a neighborhood. a major city on lock down. subways and school closed. security here at home stepped up as well. from sporting events to tree lightings, as isis makes new threats against the west. donald trump surging in the polls as terrorism takes center stage on the campaign trail, but he's under fire for a story he's telling about 9/11. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> trump also under fire for what he said about the this protester at one of his rallies. the big chill. temperatures tumbling this morning. freeze warnings across the south after the first major snow storm of the season. a foot and a half falling in so


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