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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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home for the holidays. john rawlins live at phl today with details on the extra measures that t.s.a. is using this week. >> reporter: guys it's new definitely new here at phl but it's coincidental that the rollout should come at this time. they've been facing this in for several years. you might have noticed it if you've flown through atlanta los angeles or minneapolis recently. >> another layer is put their by t.s.a. to try to keep the bad gus. >> reporter: meet kina and alex a german short haired pointer. alex is her handler. he makes good with 2 feet and a calming voice. if you should meet them in your travels through security at the airport spiel but don't pet. >> the dogs are working dogs. they're always looking. they may come around sniff around your feet ankles but they won't be too end throughout the day. just go through line like you normally do. don't stop and try to play
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with the dog. >> reporter: kia has a job she's been trained sniff and respond to vapors associated with explosives that mile trail after bad game her nose is far more discerning. a comparison walking into a pizza shop. >> if you walk in you would smell a pizza. these canines could walk into a pizza shop and they would pick up on flour, on the tomato basil and mozzarella. much more refined and sophisticated nose on these dogs. >> reporter: until now sniffer dogs were behind the as soon as with checked baggage and cargo but kia is a pfc. she picked up on the scent of something wrong and let alex know. alex responds with high praise and a brief stint with a favorite play toy for a job well done. >> that's a good girl. >> reporter: pce's are an extra layer security. five teams have been assigned
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to philadelphia airport amount final note about that reward for kia. it was some time with a play toy and reinforcement, some praise, not a snack we're told there is concern they don't want key he ya' and her four other colleagues to have to worry about any extra weight. live at the airport, john rawlins channel6 "action news." brian. >> incredible animal there john thank. the u.s. government is investigating claims that intelligence about isis was altered to make it look like the fight was going better than it really is. the inquiry started because of a whistle-blower at central command. abc's lana zak live in washington with the details. >> reporter: good afternoon brian. yes, the pentagon has now seized a large number of e-mails and documents as they investigate this troubling claim. the president arrived back in washington and amid growing fears about the terrorist threat of isil he's couldn't fronted with another troubling report, this time about the very intelligence he's been receiving. >> one of the things i
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insisted on the day i walked into the oval office was that i don't want intelligence shaded by politics. i don't want it shaded by the desire to tell a feel good story. we can't make good policy unless we've got good accurate hard headed clear eyed intelligence reporter: now fears that the intelligence coming out of central command which oversees u.s. operations in syria and iraq may have been altered to present a more optimistic picture of the u.s. fight against isil. >> it's not as if i've been receiving wonderfully rosie glowing portraits of what's been happening in iraq and syria over the last year and a half. we've had a pretty clear eyed sober assessment of where we've made real progress and where we have not. >> reporter: the president and others are now calling for an expanded investigation. white house spokesman josh earnest insisting the president never encouraged withholding bad news. >> the president would rather
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get that information and make changechanges to the strategy we necessary than not. >> reporter: there is potentially more troubling news. the head of the house intelligence committee says that in addition to isil and syria, he's also worried about doctored reports coming out about u.s. led efforts in afghanistan. live in washington, lana zak for channel6 "action news." back to you brian. >> lana thank you. belgium's capitol remains ohio of the terror alert for at least another week. subways stores and schools are closed across brussells as soldiers patrol the streets. they're reacting to an imminent threat. belgian police continued raids in search of suspected paris attacker salah abdeslam. they arrested nearly two dozen suspects but he was not one of them. >> here at the big board now a teen convicted in a deadly bensalem bus stop crash learned his punishment this morning. last december 18-year-old
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michael shelley drove around a stopped school bus hitting and killing 16-year-old minete zeka who was in the crosswalk at the time. shelley was in court to hear a judge sentence him to one to two years in bucks county prison and five years probation. minete's family and friends were there to show support. the judge said his decision was based on sentencing guidelines. he also noted that shelley was in the under the influence nor was he speeding and he did not show inten intent. minete's family doesn't think the punish. meets the crime. >> they're never going to be happy because they can't get her back. >> that young man is incredibly remorseful. he's heartbroken grief stricken and he has some family in his mind 24/7. >> in addition to the prison time shelley has to donate money to minete's scholarship fund. the judge also ruled that he make a video about the dangers of reckless driving so it can be used as a teaching tool in
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area high schools. brian and sharrie. >> oh, alicia, thank you. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph on a chilly monday afternoon adam. >> yeah, definitely a chilly start to this holiday week but it's not going to last. that warmth is going to race right back in as we head towards the holiday. today in philadelphia so far that high temperature is only made to it 43 degrees. the coldest day in philadelphia since april 9th and the numbers, they're even colder when you factor in the wind. feels like 30 degrees right now in the lehigh valley as well as reading, 29 in lancaster 33 in wilmington and millville and it feels below freezing at the atlantic city airport and just 19 degrees in the poconos. high pressure is in control. it's brought the chill in but what it's also doing is really squashing any storms across much of the country of high pressure in eastern canada an beast of a high in the deep south, kind of voiding much of the area of even clouds so
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this is a great setup as we head into that travel day on wednesday. so, as we look ahead in that accuweather forecast the two will linger tomorrow for one more day. we're looking at smooth travel on wednesday and who doesn't like a warm turkey? i tell you wait until you see the numbers as we head towards that holiday sharrie in that full accuweather forecast in just a little bit. >> yeah, i'll take a warm turkey. >> yeah. >> adam, thank you. well, the eagles they don't have much time to pick up the pieces after yesterday's embarrassing loss to the tampa bay bucks n3 days they'll be in detroit to take on the lions on thanksgiving day. today we heard from chip kelly. sports director ducis rodgers live in the "action news" sports center and the questions are only getting tougher for the head coach at this point. >> sharrie they have to. he's the head coach and de facto general manager so the buck stops with him. they're four and six following that 45 to 17 defeat yesterday. help is on the way if you can call sam bradford help. the quarterback returned to practice today on a limited basis. bradford missed yesterday's
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game with a concussion and shoulder injury. mark sanchez did not fare too well. sanchez tossed three interceptions against the bucs this one returned for a touchdown. eagles lost by 28 points. you have to wonder if the players are still buying into chip and his system. >> we lost the football game i don't think it's time to say hey did -- we don't believe this is this. we got outplayed, we got outcoached. didn't do a good job. you know, coaching in that football game and that's what it is. but that's all it is. you know and we need to move forward. >> chip kelly has taken a lot of heat. is that fair? >> yeah, he's the head man and that's how it goes and i know he understands that but we're not in this business to be affected by what people say about us. that's just kind of comes with the territory. >> the eagles have never been above .500 this season going back to last season chip and the birds have lost nine of their last 14 games. brian and sharrie, back to you. >> tough no doubt. ducis, thank you. >> tough weekend for sure. all right, time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> let's check in with matt
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pelman. happy monday. >> same to you brian and sharrie. we would love to clip away at some of these traffic delays but i don't think that's going to lap until the sun sets. a lot of really nasty sun glare out there as you head home on this monday afternoon. this is 95 the southbound lanes a slow crawl or even stopped at times as you come south of philadelphia international airport through this point approaching 420 on down to 320. we had a nasty ride along 95 through delco this morning and this afternoon no accidents but it is shaping up to be very slow. just off of 95 in chester watch out for a crash along ninth street and madison street there the southbound speeds in the teens along 95. have a crash in honeybrook chester county along 322. that of course the horseshoe pike at chestnut tree road. 422 westbound from ar armand hammer boulevard a wreck on the ramp. northeast philadelphia typical slow speeds through the lights on the boulevard and a vehicle fire in the northbound lanes autoguide fall street in the outer drive so stay on the
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inner lanes northbound on the boulevard toward woodhaven road and in berlin camden county a gas main break is blocking a lane along 73 southbound past taunton road this afternoon. speeds in the 20's as you come south of marlton on this monday. let's grab the each pad do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. i hope you had a nice weekend and yeah lots of people including no you see me talking about the sun glare out there this afternoon. you're winter ising you have the visor down sunglasses on. the sun won't be with us for much more than 45 minutes. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. pennsylvania is in its fifth month without a budget. still ahead the new problem that could derail the deal that was supposed to bring the stale plate to an end. >> donald trump doubles down about controversial comments about american muslims and their reaction to 9/11. >> we're just few days away from the annual 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. up next, we'll go behind the scenes to tell you what you can expect whether you're
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joining us live or watching from home.
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>> ♪ >> we have an update breaking news in ponders. police confirmed to "action news" that two men were shot and killed. this happened just about an hour ago on the 3600 block of jasper street. earlier we said it was a shooting. now we can confirm this is a double homicide. police have not given us any names at this point and they he also have not said who killed them or why or any word at this point on any suspects. of course if we get more information, we'll pass it along. a seconds republican presidential candidate now says he, too, saw video of american muslims clearing in new jersey after the 9/11 terror attacks. ben carson made the remarks following a rally in nevada today. this follows donald trump's comments saturday when he says he saw "thousands of people celebrating in jersey city as the towers fell right across
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the hudson river in manhattan. authorities have widely debunked that as a false report but trump repeated that assertion yesterday claiming he watched the television on tv. critics including jersey city's current mayor are accusing trump of perpetuating a falsehood. >> he's willfully making up lice or he has memory issues and if you have either one of those you have to question the -- his ability to be president. >> the controversy comes as terrorism is surging as an election issue. today's abc news washington post poll shows trump leads with a wide margin as the most trusted candidate to deal with terrorism among republican voters. >> kicking off the work week in the red on wall street. dow off 31 points to close at 17,793. nasdaq off two and a half points the s & p down also about two and a half points on the day. the deal to end
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pennsylvania's five month budget battle could be in trouble. house democrats have e-mailed the rank and file members over the weekend warning about a problem with negotiations. twenty three say republican leaders told governor tom wolf there's not enough support to pass the state sales tax increase. under the deal that tax hike was going offset rebates for local school property taxes. republican leaders say democrats have their own issues to deal with but the two sides are still talking. >> we are roughly two days and 16 hours away from our live broadcast of the 96th annual 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving parade oh, yeah we're countering around here. today on the parkway the steps of the philadelphia museum of art getting decked out in their signature red and green for the big event. the bleachers are up and the broadcast area getting trod roll there. it's a longstanding philadelphia tradition and putting on a parade of this size it takes a village. this is the mother ship, a staff of roughly 30 people
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hard at work at our 6abc studios producing the parade minute by minute. this is john best, 17th year heading up the parade and it is all about the details. in this year's lineup 16 giant helium balloons, 10 smaller festive balloons, 17 floats, 14 marching bands and a record 34 performances and it's all about shining a spotlight on local talents. >> after the performance that you'll be seeing in the air in our three and a half hour extravaganza will be philadelphia performers singers, dancers, celebrities included. we have viva moss who actually performed for the pope when he was here. we have ariel burrell and bianca lion who won america's got talent. >> all local talent and this year's grand marshal is delran native and world cup champion carly lloyd. it is a jam packed program and of course it all comes to a close with these super stars, the grand finale starring
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santa and mrs. claus and our coverage of the 96th annual parade begins at 8:30 right here on 6abc hosted by rick williams and cecily tynan and of course karen rogers meteorologist adam joseph and i will be there handing out doughnuts and coffee. >> let us know where you will be. >> tweet us. we'll come find you. >> alicia thank you. everyone talking about the weather. it is a big holiday and of course thanksgiving and parade coming up. >> shaping up to be pretty nice for all of it. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the word. >> a winner. we get started on the cool side but we'll warm it up as we head towards wednesday thursday and even for the shoppers here on friday. as we look at sky6 live right now we can kind of see those casting shadows as that sun is so low on the horizon as it's setting now at 4:40 and a decent amount of sunshine still with a lack of clouds this late afternoon. winds, though, still driving
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out of that northwesterly direction kind of cut through you the entire day today. 13 miles an hour in reading, 14 in philadelphia, 15 miles an hour in dover and at the boardwalk in atlantic city 17 miles an hour but we'll relax the winds once that sun sets though we won't be talking about a wind chill overnight tonight but presently right now it feels like 29 in lancaster, 30 in allentown, 31 in wilmington, the 33 in millville and at or a little bit below freezing in some of the shore communities like the atlantic city airport. as we look at satellite around lunchtime today we did have this area of clouds that developed in our pennsylvania counties and even some snow showers were reported in the high country of the poconos and that's all because of that wind driving in off of the great lakes breaking some of the lake effect snow showers as far south as scranton and the poconos. as we speed up the time right now bright sunshine still down to the south and the west and a few lingering clouds towards the lehigh valley and bucks county but for tonight the clouds will fall apart, clear
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skies, very cold and then very late tonight there could be a little bit of clouds trying to develop again. 23 in allentown, 24 in reading, 27 in wilmington, 20 in millville and 30 degrees in philadelphia. your day planner for tuesday, decent amount of sunshine again a few clouds maybe in the morning as a little energy rolls through but the majority of the day will be sunny. 41 at 10 o'clock, 47 at 1:00 and 48 degrees at 4 o'clock so still a chill in the air but a little bit better than today. as we look at the travel forecast for the northeast midatlantic, 40's and 50's and notice not much in the way of cloud cover. looking pretty clear down to the south on wednesday as well for the major hubs atlanta and charlotte with temperatures in the 50's and even in the plain states and the great lakes, little bit of cloud cover there but chicago dry, sunny at 53 degrees, so looking pretty good for all of the travelers across much of the country wednesday. your four day at 4:00 forecast sunny but still not too much in the way of wind tomorrow. still wind we'll call it 49 degrees and no travel
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issues locally or across anywhere east of the rockies at 53 degrees and then turning much warmer with high clouds on thursday fighting the sun at 64 degrees for our thanksgiving and then breezy and warm for the shoppers on friday, no jackets needed as temperatures make a run at 70 degrees at the end of the week. >> unbelievable. >> big deal. >> big changes over the weekend. next half hour the seven day. >> adam, thank you. >> yup. >> still ahead an oil tanker, a police cruiser a possible drunk driver and a plan in the hospital. we'll break down a wild chain reaction crash on i-95 today. >> and coming up at 4:30 our black friday playbook. we'll tell you about exclusive deals and special offers just for our 6abc viewers. >> in the master math of the terror and tragedy in france a muslim student is challenging hate one hug at a time. that's coming up in big talker. remember "action news is all about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines.
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accuweather and breaking news and you can communicate with us especially all of us here in the studio too on facebook or 6abc "action news" on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be part of the action here at "action news." we'll be right back.
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>> at least one plan is in the hospital after a chain reaction crash on i-95 this morning. the action cam was on the southbound lanes of frankford. the wreck closed down the highway about 2 o'clock this morning. you could see a career ended a police cruiser. that driver was tested for dui. fortunate the officer was not inside at the time and was not hurt but this is actually the second crash in the chain. that officer had stopped to respond after a car hit a tanker truck. a 50-year-old man had to be cut from that wreckage. he's in the hospital today but we're still working to find out just how badly he was injured. >> well, 'tis the season for giving and donating but an "action news" investigation found some of those donations
4:26 pm
are costing local charities thousands of dollars. here's wendy saltzman with the preview. >> reporter: it's said that one person's trash is another person's treasure. but sometimes it's just junk. >> people donate, you know, half bottles of lotion. i can't sell that. >> reporter: our cameras captured the dirty donations being left behind at local charities costing them thousands of dollars. >> unfortunately people bring junk. we have to clean up junk. >> reporter: plus we didn't expect to see while rolling. don't miss my exclusive investigation, charity junk drops only on "action news" tonight at 11:0 11:00. >> also some good works happening. delicious hot meals will be on the table in time for the holidays thanks to a major effort under way in philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. dozens of food boxes were packed and loaded today. it was led by brown's super stores which includes 11 shop rite supermarkets. dozens of volunteers and city leaders were there to help
4:27 pm
distribute 2,000 food baskets to families who could use a helping hand. >> and there's much more ahead here on "action news" at 4:00 today including video of a man wanted for allegedly attacking a student near the moore college of art and design last week. >> and it isn't three for the price of one, it's three for free. how two pups and one pig wound up at a berks county animal shelter and what you need know if you would like to adopt them. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with deep discounts, freebies and deals just for our viewers. but you have to watch our annual black friday playbook to get them. >> most of us can't imagine running a half marathon that's why what happened to this central pennsylvania teenager is so exceptional. how he wound up accidentally running a full marathon yesterday with a little help from some very dedicated philadelphia police officers. >> and philadelphia police say this costumed criminal was no superhero. he was a super villian. what he's accused of doing to a cab driver on halloween night. >> but we begin now in center city where philadelphia police are looking for a man accused of attacking a college student while trying to rob her. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist live outside the moore college of art and design and sarah you've got video of the alleged assailant
4:30 pm
here. >> reporter: that's right, the victim attends the moore college of art and design right behind me here at 20th and race. she had just left the building and was heading home to cherry street. as you're about to see in this surveillance video the suspect followed her attacked her as he tried to take her purse. that man is still out there tonight and police need the public's help tracking him down. the suspect first appeared on surveillance video around 11:26, sunday november 15. you can see the victim walking south on 20th after leaving the moore college of art and design where she attends. the man tried repeatedly to get her attention. she kept walking and he kept following her onto the 2000 block of cherry street. there the man approached her from behind punched her several times in the torso as he tried to take her handbag. she resisted. the man didn't get her handbag and took off north on wood stock headed toward logan square. the president of the college.
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>> i received a call at 12:30 right after the incident occurred. we sent out a text alert to the entire community right immediately within an hour. >> they put out an alert they e-mailed all of us and just set watch out there's a man who tried to steal her purse. >> reporter: later at the police station the victim noticed she was bleeding from the stomach what appeared to be two small stab wounds. the area surrounding the college near the franklin institute has cameras on every corner. students are taking extra precautions but by all accounts an attack like this here is very rare. >> it is unusual, yeah its a really nice area many people always walking around there's a lot of tourists. >> it's very surprising someone would do it on like a main road. it's just crazy, yeah. >> so it is unusual. i can't recall in the four years that i have been here i don't recall another incident an assault on a student where they were harmed and it was an attempted robbery. >> reporter: now, in the aftermath the college offered a self-defense class to
4:32 pm
students and also reminded them that they do have shuttles and security guards available as escorts. so, the student was treated for those minor stab wounds and the college president said she is doing just fine. if you recognize the man in the video, contact central detectives. live in center city, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." >> all right, sarah thank you. someone else you might recognize here philadelphia police also on the lookout for mr. incredible. well, at least a robbery suspect who dressed up as that superhero for halloween. investigators say the suspect and a female dressed as yeah, mrs. incredible took a $40 cab ride from pens landing to a 7-eleven on ridge avenue in roxborough. once there the incredibles proceeded to buy snacks instead of paying for the ride. the driver told police he followed the couple inside trying to recoup his cab fare then back outside and that's when mr. incredible allegedly punch the 62-year-old driver in the face leading to a severe laceration.
4:33 pm
if you recognize either of these costumed characters who they really are, please call northwest detectives. >> police in new jersey say a delaware county woman accused of causing an accident while driving the wrong way down a major interstate was drunk. investigators say 26-year-old eileen dougherty of boothwyn was intoxicated when she drove north into the southbound lanes of i-295 in west deptford. her prius collided head on with a ford pickup truck near exit 20. incredibly that driver was able to jump out before his truck exploded into flames escaping with just a hand injury. dougherty was also spared from life-threatening injuries, something that stunned other drivers. >> literally had to have gotten on the exit wrong and it's -- i don't know whether -- what they're going the find when they get in the hospital. i just can't imagine somebody intentionally going the wrong way on an exit.
4:34 pm
>> eileen dougherty has been charged with dui and other offenses. the southbound lanes of i-295 were closed for about three hours. >> philadelphia d.a. seth williams is speaking out today in defense of staffers that city council is demanding be fired. williams says the three prosecutors have undergone workplace sensitivity training. all of them were involved in exchanging sexually explicit and raunchy e-mails while working for the state ag's office. nine city council members signed a resolution urging williams to fire them last friday. williams says the men are great prosecutors who have learned from their mistake. >> well, no one was hurt during a fire in delaware county today but crews did have to make one rescue. the action cam was there as firefighters comforted this black cat after they saved from it a burning home on the 1000 block of elmwood avenue in sharon hill. they quickly brought the blaze under control around 1:30 this afternoon. afterwards they wrapped that feline in a purple blanket and
4:35 pm
gave it some water. >> very cool. >> one rescue out of that. >> beautiful day out there. when you look up at the sky, inside the house. once you get out there it's frigid. >> one thing when you look out the window another when you step out that front door. as we take a look at that sun just about to set, low on the horizon on center city sky6 live right now just a few clouds dotting the sky but you get a little hint of those reds and oranges on the horizon. 42 chilly degrees but that dewpoint really low. when it's that low you start to get the chapter lips and cracked hands. winds out of the northwest with wind chills of 35 degrees and in cape may a beautiful shot here, a few of those breakers hitting the shore at 40 degrees, the dewpoint just 17 and right now we have a calm wind and in lake wallenpaupack you've got those boats shrink wrapped. even in the poconos got a couple of snow showers at 35 degrees presently with a northwest wind 6 miles an hour creating a wind chill of just
4:36 pm
19 degrees. we'll talk about a turn around in that temperature department as we head into the holiday later this week. we'll show you all those numbers and the big crash as well this weekend in the seven day. >> we'll focus on the up for now. >> let's do it. >> adam thanks. well, a new class of aerial line workers graduated from peco's training program today. the mechanics will be on the front lines often high in the sky ensuring reliable energy for customers. more than 800 applied for this year's 13 week program but only 14 were selected. they got their diplomas in front of family and friends during a ceremony in upper darby delaware county. >> well, the eagles, the sixers, even the flyers our philadelphia sports teams have been a pretty big disappointment lately and many fans say they're just giving up. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room. monica, we never give up. >> we never give up, absolutely, brian but the eagles embarrassing loss yesterday to the buccaneers was a challenge for many of
4:37 pm
the die hard fans of course one of the recent spate of troubling outcomes for our sports teams unfortunately. we don't like it. the flyers do continue to lose as you said. the sixers haven't won a game yet this season but coming up at 5:00 we're live with how fans are handling the no win situation, if you will, for our beloved teams. and it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in this new jersey casino. we'll take you to the holiday festivities at the tropicana today. they're getting in the mood. we'll have those stories and more coming up at 5:00. guys we'll see you then. sharrie back to you. >> monica thank you. sticking with the holiday mood students at one school are getting into the holiday spirit by learning how to bake. fourth graders at the tatnall school in wilmington were in the kitchen needing dough that will be used to bake bread all part of the school's thanksgiving feast. the students pitch in to cook a colonial style dinner using math and science skills. there's also a history lesson as students of today learn how children from centuries ago helped out with the thank
4:38 pm
thanksgiving dinner. >> if you have room in your heart and room in your home a berks county animal shelter may have just the pets, plural, for you. meet patti the potbelly pig and her two pomeranian mixed best friends pickles and paprika. the unlikely inseparable trio. the animals dubbed triple p sleep together, play together, even go out on walks together. just look at this family portrait here. patti and paprika walk pickle rides. the shelter says they've gotten more than 300 inquiries so far but so far no decision has been made. if you're interested in adopting this group of pets head to for a link and the best part, the adoption fee has been sponsored so all three pets will go free to a house. >> yeah. something tells me they will have a home by christmas. >> i have no doubt. i love that picture right there. >> cute. still ahead, we have an extra
4:39 pm
special what's the deal exclusive just for our viewers. how you can score deep discounts on everything from jewelry to spa packages to clothing this black friday just for watching 6abc "action news." >> and they are six words most of us will never say, i accidentally ran a full marathon. how did that happen to a central pennsylvania teen and how a few dedicated philadelphia police officers helped him to the finish line. >> meteorologist adam joseph he'll be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues.
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get out of the past. get fios. >> we've got some breaking news to get to. chopper 6hd now live over tioga-nicetown, that section of philadelphia in the 4200 block of hick street where we're being told there was a shooting about 30 minutes ago and that one man has been shot in the head there. you take a look from chopper 6hd, we can see a little bit of police activity here but
4:42 pm
we're being told that this male who was shot in the head was rushed to temple hospital for care. now word yet on any suspects or a motive behind this shooting but again, chopper 6hd over the 4200 block of hick street in tioga-nicetown where there has been a shooting. reports of at least one person being injured and taken to temple hospital. as we get more information on this story we'll bring it as well during this newscast. >> new orleans police say they have captured the man who shot a medical student as he tried to stop an apparent abduction. 21-year-old eric cain was arrested caught on surveillance camera doing a woman near an suv on friday morning that's where tulane university med student peter gold drove by spotted the pair and threw his car in reverse. >> he stepped out of his vehicle to intervene at which point the individual that was attacking this other woman pulled a gun on him. >> the woman gold stopped to help suffered only minor injuries but gold was shot in the stomach and remains hospitalized in guarded condition.
4:43 pm
police say cain tried to shoot gold in the head but his gun jammed twice. cain is now charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. >> here at the big board with the big talkers now and in the aftermath of the terror and the tragedy in france, a muslim student in south carolina is following a trend that was set in paris. and challenging hate. one hug at a time. he's asking for people to trust him enough to give him a hug and he's blindfolded himself to show that he, too, is trusting them. he says after the recent attacks in paris he's seen a great deal of backlash against the islamic states and muslim people. he says he's doing this for peace, love and acceptance. >> free hugs an open mind for people of all faiths and all walks of life. you know, it's quite an accomplishment to run a half marathon but what if you missed the turn and ended up just running the whole thing? this is evan, a runner on the
4:44 pm
palmyra high school cross country team in lebanon county. you know, his family, they were all in town to cheer him on yesterday as he ran the half marathon but when he didn't cross the finish line when they expected, 33 got a little worried. his brother peter reached out to police officers sergeant phil mcalum of the ninth district he took this pretty seriously and got his office on the case and on the hunt. turns out evan missed the turn for the half marathon. officers clarence mason and eric leery of the 18th district found him in manayunk and to be sure he made it they followed him back to the art museum on bike while he was running of course to make sure that he got there and he crossed the finish line so there you have it, evan running the whole thing not half, the whole shebang in five hours, 23 minutes and 11 seconds with a little guidance and some clearing on from philadelphia's brother brother . how cool is that. >> that's a jaw dropper.
4:45 pm
>> right. >> i ran that half marathon in one year. i was not going to miss that turn. >> yeah yeah. >> you were looking for that sign. >> but if you did you could just do the whole thing no big deal. >> no big deal. >> pretty cool. >> congrats to him. great work by the police there. let's get another check of the roads right now. >> matt pelman has got the answers in the "action news" traffic center with the upday. hi, matt. >> you don't want to turn this way because traffic is not running so smoothly on 42 right now, brian and sharrie as you try and come northbound this afternoon you're hitting a wall of traffic at route 41 on up to 295. that's because traffic on 295 is jammed solid from approaching the north-south freeway. you're looking at speeds in the teens and even single digits thanks to a crash. northbound on 295 near the white horse pike two left lanes are out of commission. so just one lane getting by and that's the result, 10 miles per hour on 295. northbound side of the jersey turnpike would be a much better bet. still trying to patch that gas main break in berlin southbound side of 73 past taunton road. the right lane is out of commission so speeds are in
4:46 pm
the 20's there. in man clue what township gloucester county a wreck along harrison avenue near schaub road. live at the schuylkill expressway i-76 close to the conshohocken curve. lots of sun glare this afternoon plenty of traffic as well as we embark upon this very busy travel week. you can see those travel times are more than double what they should be in either direction here along 76. eastbound approaching the curve have a broken down vehicle off to the side as well. watching a broken down vehicle on the roosevelt boulevard northbound between woodward and welsh taking out one lane in each drive but at least our vehicle fire north of there has cleared. in westtown township a crash along concorde road at 926. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the five lock hour. >> very good matt. thank you. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. lots of change coming next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. a bit of a rollercoaster coming up but first we go up. >> yes we he do. we're at the bottom and we climb the ladder through your friday before another change comes in over the weekend but it was mighty chilly out there. >> i say cold. >> the one way to keep warm is to eat, right. is that what you do? as we take a look at the action cam taking a look at this squirrel eating his nut there by the tree shivering just a little bit but we'll tell you he's going to town he's enjoying himself. >> getting ready for winter. >> that he is. >> winter you said the word not me. as we take a look at double scan live radar around the region not finding any precipitation at the present time. there were some clouds that developed philadelphia to the north and west and even in the poconos there was a period this afternoon around lunchtime that they saw a few flurries and a couple of snow showers. right now it's just 37 in allentown, 28 in the poconos, 38 in reading, 40 for millville, wilmington, dover as well as sea isle city but
4:50 pm
we still have a breeze out of the northwest so it feels a lot cooler than those present air temperatures. so, you tossed those out the window and this is the number you want to look out and when you head out the door. 30 degrees in allentown, 29 in lancaster, 19 in the poconos and right around the freezing point in southern new jersey and delaware. there's the clouds and a lot of it was because of that northwesterly wind. you can see some of the lake effect snow showers that passed through binghamton and then worked their way towards i80 and the poconos but then fell apart as they pushed to the south. you need a pretty strong wind to get any kind of snow showers off the great lakes to make it into the delaware valley and just north of pittsburgh and erie dealing also with lake effect snows. clear and calm overnight tonight and it will be the coldest night in eight months as we drop back to 23 in the suburbs, 30 degrees for center city but at least the wind is going the ease some so that will reduce some of those wind chills where they could be if that wind stayed up overnight
4:51 pm
tonight. then for tomorrow high pressure gets a little bit closer so it's mostly sunny, less wind, 4 degrees below average but at least we're going to be warmer than today sitting at 49 degrees and then as high pressure fills its way to our north and east the winds start to change direction so we'll call it smooth traveling here on wednesday, 53 degrees, not as chilly and the lack of any precipitation from chicago east to new england and the midatlantic. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, sunny but still chilly tomorrow at 49. no travel issues on wednesday, 53 degrees and much warmer for thanksgiving and for our 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. it will be partly sunny and quickly warming, 42 degrees at 8 o'clock and then by noon when the parade ends, 60 degrees hitting 64 in the afternoon and then breezy and very warm on friday of 68 degrees before a front comes in saturday morning with a few showers, dropping temperatures to 54 and then we're sunny on sunday and then clouds increase monday but
4:52 pm
again, much cooler with highs only in the upper 40's but where it counts in that seven-day forecast we're going to get the warmest days on the holiday. >> love it. >> thanks adam. >> we have exclusive black friday deals and freebies just for our viewers coming up.
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>> ♪ >> black friday is days away and our "action news" elves have been hard at work. >> they've been collectorring special deals. consumer reporter nydia han here with this year's black friday playbook. >> reporter: exclusive deals. the fitness enthusiast the foodie fashionista and even a couple deals to help you relax after the headquarters particular holiday.
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great bargain for kids and families and this year tons of freebies again just for our "action news" viewers. >> ♪ >> reporter: shop at skirt in both rittenhouse square and bryn mawr. >> purchase on black friday and we he will hand you one of these fabulous t-shirts. >> reporter: clothes mentor is also giving away freebie. the first visit viewers to shop in springfield or west chest will receive these sparkly touched receive a $25 gift card for saying "action news" at char i's jeans. in south jersey at the promenade a deal. >> 3 percent of anything in the store that is black. >> reporter: those looking for a little holiday bling fabian and rudolph slashing prices. >> 30 percent off all finished diamond jewelry. >> reporter: mania jewelry in south philadelphia is taking six dollars off its love necklace and for the fitness fanatic unite fitness taking $44 off a one month membership in the new year. at i love kickboxing on south
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>> never have we offered a ticket so low basically its $7.50 a visit. >> reporter: too take advantage of the sesame place deal enter sesame abc at checkout. we posted all the deals you just saw plus more on and guys there's even one that is offering a discount to help you wrap all your holidays gifts how about that. the gift of convenience. >> absolutely. >> perk your ears up. >> sure did. >> nydia good stuff. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 today for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli adam joseph i'm brian taff. >> "action news" at 5:00 summing up next
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. >> ♪ >> monday night and the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of the port richmond section of philadelphia. >> police say two men were shot in the head and obviously a murder investigation has now begun. "action news" reporter christie is live. you have the very latest. >> reporter: monica, police are focusing on this home where they say that two men were shot inside when medics
5:00 pm
arrived both victims were pronounced dead. this is gun violence that sent shock waiver waves through the community in there was a bunch of us standing over there. knob seen nothing or heard nothing inthis woman didn't want her face on camera but tells "action news" she had no idea anyone was shot until a flood of cop cars swarmed her neighborhood block. police confirm two males were shot and killed inside this port richmond home this afternoon. the identity of the victims nor their ages have been released but "action news" cameras were rolling when loved ones arrived at the crime scene. police are now searching for whoever pulled the trigger. >> the tractor-trailer came up and asked us if we flu who this other guy in the house was with the boy there got shot. there was two of them in there he said and we didn't know. we told him no, we didn't know. >> reporter: you didn't hear any gun shots whatsoever. >> no, no. >> reporter: now, today's shooting marks 249 homicides so that means that we have


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