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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 24, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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background, even though it's a dire one i'm pleased to be with barack obama to send that message across to the entire world. thank you. >> we have time for a few questions. >> this is a question for both of you, what is your reaction to turkey shooting down a russian plane today and does this draw nato into a confrontation with russia, how do you keep this from spiraling out of control and what does this incident mean for future prospects of military coordination with russia? and president hollande, ahead of your trip to moscow on monday, what is your -- trip to russia given what happened today. >> first of all, we are still getting the details of what happened. i expect to be in communications
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potentially directly with the president sometime over the next several days. turkey like every country has a right to defend its territory and its air space. i think it's very important now to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other and find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. i do think that this points to an on going problem with the russian operations. in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition supported by not only turkey but a wide range of countries and if
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russia is directing their attention towards dash and isol, some of those conflicts and potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. and i think this underscores the importance of us making sure that we move this political track forward as quickly as possible. like president hollande, our view from the start has been that russia is welcome to be part of this broad based coalition that we have set up. there has never been a point in time where we said, we don't want russia or other countries that may have differences with us on a whole host of other things, to avoid working with us against isol. the challenge has been russia's focus on propping up assad rather than focusing on isol.
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i had a conversation with president putin in turkey and indicated to him at the time that they make that strategic shift and focus on the vienna process and try to bring the parties together and execute a political transition that all parties would agree to and refocus attention ongoing after isol, then there is enormous capacity for us to cooperate. until that happens, it's very difficult. it's difficult because their priority it attacking the moderate opposition that may be future members of an inclusive syrian government. russia is not going to get the support of us or a range of other members of the coalition. but i do think there is the
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possibility of cooperation the sooner we agree to the political process, the less likely you'll have the kinds of events that took place, apparently, today. >> the event that took place is a serious one and only regret it. turkey is currently providing all the information to nato so that we can find out what truly happened and whether turkey's air space indeed was entered into but we must prevent an escalation, that would be extremely damageable. the only purpose is to fight
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against terrorism and isis, this is what we must do, all of us. we, turkey, russia -- and what just took place like barack said, means we need to see what the risks are, risks of escalation, i will therefore be traveling to russia this week. because we have this resolution of the security council and it does show that we must take action against isis and terrorism and that resolution is voted unanimously in a way that was the broadest possible coalition. then i will ask president put putin -- what i told the russians a number of times
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already, that the strikes must be against isis. against terrorism. and those who precisely are threatening us, they are threatening the russians like ourselves in europe. like france, that was targeted over the past two days, we must therefore coordinate ourselves and coordinate on that basis and make sure we are all acting against isis and part of the political progress one that must lead to the solution and we all know what the parameters of the solutions are or are not. we know that is there is a -- today. mentioned in the -- aircraft carrier east of the
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mediterranean, as a matter of fact there are also russian forces, and therefore agreeing with president putin to share intelligence to act in coordination and not conduct ourselves and it's already the case and will continue to do so. -- >> mr. president the americans have some special forces in syria, beyond the words and what is happening, are you going to send some special forces as well to syria, are you considering some grown intervention there? mr. president beyond the emotion we can feel here and beyond this beautiful statements, for more than a year we heard of you saying -- >> good afternoon, you have been watching president barack obama and president hollande holding a
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news conk at the white house, this a week and a half after the interest attacks in paris. rick williams along with sara bloomquist. first lets get back to breaking news in philadelphia at this hour, the police chase that led to the fiery crash and the shooting of a state trooper. >> it happened on the schuylkill expressway and i-676, the vine street expressway, police were pursuing a vehicle when it slam nood the back a school bus forcing both to burst out into flame. one suspect got out and opened fire and hitting a state trooper in the shoulder. four people are in custody, including two men that were handcuffed on the highway. john rawlins is live near the scene. >> reporter: hi sara, i'm on 21st street, the overpass for the vine street expressway this is where the incident ended and it's a crime scene but it's
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wrapping up. this began on i-676, four men inside of a white car we believe and two were taken out of the car and the car just took off with troopers pursuing this is where it ends, the white car rams the rear of the school bus and no kids were on board but sparks a fire and gunshots fire and exchanges between a state trooper and at least one suspect in the car, the trooper was wounded in the shoulder and his vehicle peppered with gunshots, anywhere from 10 to 20 shots fired according to witnesses. and again troopers resolved the situation and we talked to a gentlemen that was in a nearby office trailer and he described what he saw. >> there was a gun fight going on down there, between the state police and someone we could not see underneath the bridge.
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underneath the bridge there, the state police kept telling the guy to put the gun down, for two minutes he must have told the guy put the gun down, put the gun down and the next thing i know i saw the state police running east on the expressway. >> reporter: well, the crime scene continues to be cleaned up here now, all the investigators are gone and they have removed the bus and removed the various cars involved here and the police cars struck by bullets, the state trooper's car and the reconstruction team packed up their gear and is gone, i-676 westbound is open and has been for 40 minutes and eastbound remains closed pending the cleanup taking place right over there. live in center city, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. 6 abc viewer, captured law enforcement running down
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eastbound 676 with their guns drawn chasing the suspects this morning and another officer leaping over a barrier to assist and then he records the car just starting to smoke behind the school bus. our coverage continues with katherine scott with more on the wounded trooper's condition. >> reporter: sara, the trooper is inside recovering, he was taken inside to hahnemann hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, a number of officials came to the hospital and mayor nutter said he walked in the room and asked how he was doing, and the mayor said no how are you doing? >> the trooper is in stable condition and good spirits, awake and alert and talking and that is the most important thing right now. >> reporter: now police
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commissioner ramsey was also here at the hospital as well as district attorney seth williams and the circumstances are under investigation but we are getting a clearer picture with suspects fleeing a traffic stop and hitting a school bus on 676 and no children on the school bus, we see police and officials coming in and out of hahnemann this morning. the states attorney says it's on ongoing investigation and two suspects were detained with the help of good samaritans but law enforcement is still gathering details, this is a joint investigation with philadelphia police and state police, he was at career day at central hospital when he learned that a trooper was shot and was relieved to see him doing so well. >> when up stared and met with the trooper and he was in good spirits. and joking. the nurse was talking to him and asking him questions about his medical history and his best
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friends were there. and he appears to be a college classmate of one of my best prutsers, andrew, and he said make sure he doesn't handle the case and he was joke. so he is in good spirits. >> back here live at the emergency room entrance at hahnemann, a different picture, law enforcement is out here and there were law enforcement vehicles on vine street and that rush is over and that state trooper is inside now recovering and a lot of relief he is in good spirits and recovering. we are live in hahnemann, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, all of this forced police to close main highways this morning, lets get an update on that from karen rogers. >> reporter: for a while we had the schuylkill expressway shut down and the vine street expressway shut down in both directions and gridlock everywhere, we are looking at this charred school bus being towed away right now, it left
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the scene and now looking live at the vine street expressway this is eastbound right now and we see eastbound blocked and i was wuching a min ago and we were watching workers, penndot removing debris from the vehicle fires and westbound the traffic is moving and eastbound traffic prepared to reopen. we were watching the vine at the schuylkill and seeing how it was diverted off there, but right fow looking live, police crews still on the scene, this is the eastbound vine still shut down and this is westbound vine, and police helicopters on the westbound vine, that was shut down for a while and eastbound still blocked at this point, as we continue our tour through some of the areas right now, we can show you i-95 and we watch i-95 the traffic being diverted off the vine street expressway, and 95 southbound you can't go to the ben franklin, but i-95
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southbound you can go to the vine right now and the schuylkill has reopened as well but we see gridlock around the area especially spring garden and ben franklin parkway as people try to take that to avoid the closure, and threw see some of that traffic stacked up. >> we have streamed live coverage of the incident all morning at, our coverage continues there with updated information as well as dozens of images from the scene. more "action news" when we come right back.
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turning to other news, the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for americans due to increased terror threats overseas.
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>> reporter: aaa estimates 3 parking lot 8 million people will fly through sunday to get where they are going for the holiday and the state department issue aid warning to travelers. >> flyers have mixed feelings about the warning from the state department, telling travellers to be alert. >> it's worry some to all people with what happened with regards to paris, yes i'm a little worried. >> you can't let it hold you back, have you to keep ongoing with it. i'm not going to let that stop me. it doesn't deter my from travel either, and it comes on threats of isis from new york and d.c., at philadelphia international airport expect to see k-9 units out in the open, previously that was behind the scenes. security is expected to be tighter across the country
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especially with the recent attacks in paris and the heightens measures in belgium, authorities say expect stricter measures throughout the week and tsa may have to take off their shoes and go through extra checks. they are asking flyers to come earlier. reporting at philadelphia international airport, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news."
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you video of the suspects, take a look at the video who engaged the state troopers in the chase and details are coming in but what we are told is that a car with four people were stopped traveling southbound on the schuylkill near girard in what is called a live stop, that is a stop where the car can be impounded where the driver is not properly licensed or the vehicle is not properly registered. they were taking out suspects when the driver and one of the suspects took off and it ends up with the car crashing into the school bus and that burst into flame and so did the school bus. one suspect began rapidly firing at the troopers, we are told there were nine bullet holes in the front of the vehicle and another trooper shot in the shoulder, they believe there may have been more than just the 10
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shots fired. >> i was coming around the 10th street bridge there, and you could hear at least eight to ten shots, pop pop pop really quick and you could smell the gunshots. a guy was on the ground and he had his cell phone on him and they were yelling at him to put down the phone and he got up and ran away and it took a while for the fire trucks to come and everything gotten gulfed. >> the guy that was on the ground got up and ran away? >> they were screaming at him to put the gun down and he got up and darted away and they cuffed him and brought him back. >> reporter: now, the suspects are being turned over tractor trailer state police for them to begin their investigation because this happened on a state roadway, they will take the lead but the philadelphia police will
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likely be involved in this investigation, we are also told that the two people on the side of the road that were already patted down that those two people were caught by police in a nearby neighborhood. we are waiting momentarily, that some of the people here will come out and give us additional details. >> all right wendy thank you. david is here with a check of another chilly day in the accuweather forecast. >> cold this morning and getting better now. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that we are looking dry and outside we have sky 6 and lots of sunshine and a few clouds, and those are getting out of the picture and we xpeb to remain sunny the rest of the way today, as we look at the temperatures, we are still cool, 47 in philadelphia, and winds out of the west northwest at 10 miles per hour. not as strong as yesterday and we'll add a few more degrees and yesterday will be more comfortable than yesterday was, take a look at the earlier cloud cover, it started to break up
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and lake-effect snow no longer an issue as the temperatures rise to the north and west, 50 is your high in philadelphia and 47 in allentown and reading and 48 in wilmington and 50 in millville and we'll get up to 50 at the shore as well. chilly today but not as windy as yesterday, the rest of the way 50 is your high at 3:00 and 56 at 5:00, and down to 40 by 7:00 and another cold overnight, the overnight low 32 that is what you can expect at dawn tomorrow morning. tomorrow overall continues our improving pattern, we'll get a high of 53 and sunshine and tomorrow is a big travel day, the day before thanksgiving and we'll be in good shape for that, and not as chilly and decent sunshine in play tomorrow, heading up to boston, it looks to be cool, temperature 43 at 3:00 and dry obviously. and farther down the pike in the south, sprinkles and shower as
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long the southeast coast and generally speaking nice traveling conditions, if you are flying down in this direction and finally north and west of us, detroit it's chilly and 49 and dry and chicago looks to be dry. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we are going for the chilly high today 50 degrees and a fair amount of sunshine and then tomorrow 53 degrees and milder. for thanksgiving, partly sunny skies and high of 63 degrees if are you headed to the parade, the 8:00 temperature will be cold enough for coats and gloves, but by 10:00, 52 and by the time we wrap up the parade at noon, all the way up to 60 and on to the high of 63, it's one of the parade forecasts where it's dry. and not raining and not too terribly windy with the way things look, and maybe you can peel off a layer or two. a mix of clouds and sun there,
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the next system is on saturday, and a couple of sprinkles or showers around and not looking like a lot of rain and we are dry for the temple game for uconn as they wrap up the season. 50 degrees then on sunday, and 49 is your high on monday. >> all right david, we'll be right back to wrap things up. stay with us.
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fighters. the intelligence work that needs to be that will do it for "action news" at noon, we'll send you
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back to the white house with president barack obama and french president, francois hollande. >> president obama and the french president wrapping up their press conference in the east room of the white house. saying they stand together, the united states and france, stand together in this war against isil or daesh. the words both presidents used. win. of the toughest rhetoric isil will lose. i want to go to jon karl in the east room. both presidents ruled out


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