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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hospital where casey is being treated but we begin with wendy saltzman live in winfield heights where police are holding the shooter. >> reporter: police tell us there are two individuals who are still on the lam following this morning's dramatic traffic stop with police. and we have two individuals here here, the shooter and another person of interest being questioned at police state barracks and three state troopers returned fire on 676 during this morning's rush hour commute. this individual arrested after a police chase and fiery accident. according to state police, the original traffic stop was for an expired renlstration, four males were removed from the car, one was handcuffed and the juvenile
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fled. >> the suspect began to fire at trooper casey. the suspect hit trooper casey's car and then lost control and went into the back of a school bus. >> the bus burst into flames and luckily no children were aboard, and at the same time a shootout was underway between a driver and three state police. upon impact with the school bus, the suspect jumped from the car and continued to fire at trooper casey at which time he began to return fire while he was in his car. >> reporter: trooper casey was hit in the shoulder and is in good condition, with the help of two other officers, the shooter was apprehended. >> he was the shooter, the only one in the fleeing vehicle, we had three troopers that returned fire, state police expect the shooter to be charged with attempted homicide and the male
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about 20 years old handcuffed at the initial scene but now the work begins to track down the accomplices, that may hold the answers to why a juvenile would cause a shootout in rush hour traffic and cause an explosive scene. >> we have a possive i.d. on number three, we are still working to identify number four. >> reporter: and the state police are taking the lead on this investigation since it did happen on a state highway, they say they are questioning the shooter and the other person they have in custody right now and they have teams out on the streets looking for that third and fourth person. the captain said he believes that trooper casey responded heroically even shooting from inside of his car. i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6
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"action news." and "action news" viewer joined the action and shows police running down 676 with their guns drawn chasing the suspect and one officer jumped over the jersey barrier to help out and video of the car starting to smoke behind the school bus, you see it a little bit there, it ends up in a massive ball of flames, we'll have more viewer video and other posts about this story coming up at 4:30 today. in all the commotion, the best news is the trooper at the center of all of this is going to be okay. vernon odom is live at hahnemann hospital, about what we know about trooper casey and his injuries. >> reporter: sharrie, trooper casey will be in the hospital at least overnight, mostly for observation at this point. state patrol officer, patrick casey was raced from the shooting scene to hahnemann
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hospital, listed in satisfactory condition with a flesh wound to the left shoulder the officer is expected to make a full recovery. >> trooper casey was struck once in the shoulder and is in good condition and he is speaking to his friend and family all in the hospital with him. >> and we have taken into custody the shooter after a brief foot pursuit. >> immediately after the shooting, casey's state police colleagues converged on the hospital to see what the extent of his injuries were and top city officials that signal that trooper casey's wounds were not life threatening. >> he is in stable condition and good spirits and medical personnel are working with him. >> the trooper is in good spirits and he was joking with me and so that is always a good sign and if you can laugh at my dumb jokes it's a real good
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sign. >> reporter: sharrie trooper casey is remaining in the hospital as i said overnight, he is lucky it was only a flesh wound in this case, state police refused to say if he was wearing a bulletproof vest when all the gun fire went down this morning. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. encouraging news, he is in good spirits. offer coverage continues at, and can you see dozens of pictures and videos from the scene and the latest information from investigators. >> good to hear he is doing well this afternoon. as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast, big difference temperature-wise. adam joseph is outside. >> still a chill in the air but we are running 9 or 10 degrees above where we were in spots yesterday, 50 in philadelphia, 50 in millville and 51 in dover but still in the 40s over to the north and allentown and trenton and reading and more cloud cover
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to the north and helping to move the numbers to near 50 in fact as we look at the 4 hour change, it's 8 degrees warmer in reading and 9 degrees warmer in wilmington and 11 degrees warmer in dover, we are moving in the right direction if you like it warmer and we have hit rock bottom this week so far. as we look at satellite and radar, early morning clouds to the south and a few clouds to the north and not much in the way of precipitation in the atlantic, if folks are jumping ahead of the busy travel day, all the airports, zero delays with dry weather across much of the country, that will spill into wednesday and we'll talk about your wednesday travel forecast coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. speaking of holiday travel, as you head to your destination, a brand new warning for all u.s. travelers, because of increased terror threats, the state
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department issued a rare worldwide travel alert for all americans and for this holiday travel week aaa estimates that could effect 3.6 million people that are going to be flying. at philadelphia international airport expect to see k-9 units out in the open, that was in place before the new alert, to add heightened security. and even hiring tsa precheck flyer to take their shoes off or undergo random checks, the heightened measures in belgium and threats made against new york and d.c. by isis, travels we spoke to say they understand. >> i think it's worry some to all people with what with regards to paris, yes i'm a little worried. >> you can't let it hold you back, have you to keep ongoing with it, i'm not going to let
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that stop me. >> the tsa says that extra safety measures are also in place and they will not elaborate on exactly what, they recommend though if you are flying go earlier to avoid what could be longer lines. >> a lot of people on the move this week, from the skies to the roads now, it's time for a check of the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center. >> we have lines here as well, on these roads here this afternoon, as you said earlier today, all eyes were on this spot, the vine street expressway by the schuylkill expressway where the mayhem unfolded. the 37 and worst bottleneck in the united states, so the vine street expressway getting a lot of attention but not for good reasons. westbound is also backing up substantially heading towards 76
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this afternoon and bigger problems on 95. these are the southbound lanes, of course right in the work zone at cotman avenue, and there is an accident involving that tractor trailer taking out that lane, causing substantial delays from woodhaven from the accident scene ahead on cotman to 95 southbound. a lot of people getting out of dodge and people are taking the turnpike and we started with an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at norristown and speeds are recovering into the 30s heading eastbound and lets grab the ipad done the commuter report on this tuesday, in some cases feels like a thursday. they are just north of exit 3. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> thanks. the crew from a philadelphia
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radio station stepped outside into love park for a holiday traditionation. this is the annual turkey trop, it benefits the philadelphia homeless shelter and the families it serves, a record number of people signed up for meal assistance this year. the chester city firefighters union steps up to help the team today in the form of special delivery, the off duty firefighters offered free time to drop off 400 pounds of turkey from the group's headquarters in chester, this will help feed dozens of residents all throughout the delaware valley. an international incident, a key u.s. ally shooting down a russian fighter jet. >> and president obama welcomes the french president to the white house, what the two leaders say about the fight against isis.
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and the website that just ranked us number one for a specific kind of shopping and we want to talk about a special web chat, doctors from virtua are taking questions about pain in young athletes, head to to ask your questions and get involved.
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turkey shot down a russian fighter jet along the border today, turkey's prime minister says that the plane ignored 10 warnings that it was invading turkish air space, two pilots were on board at least one is reportedly dead and president vladimir putin called turkey's action a stab in the back and warned of significant sequences. that complicated a white house meeting today between president obama and french president,
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francois hollande. they talked about the fight against isis and coordinating with russia is one of the key topics. >> in the east room of the white house, president obama and french president, hollande stood united. >> it's true that 9/11 we all felt american, but after the 13 and of november americans felt french. >> obama pledging support in the fight against terrorists and making another push for syrian refugees. >> there are words on the statue of liberty, words we know so well, give us your poor wanting to be free. >> hollande has pledged his country would accept even more of the refugees, at the same time that french intensify its
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military action in the region, and the french president outlined the specific plan against isis. >> the priority is to take place key locations, and it's a matter of urgency to close the border between turkey and syria and prevent terrorists from crossing the border. >> reporter: and among president hollande objectives, his primary one is to get the united states and russia lined when it comes to fighting the terrorists, after he leaves here he will be headed next to moscow. live in washington, channel 6 "action news." back to you brian. >> thank you. a chicago police officer accused of shooting a black teenager was charged with murder today. jason vandyke was indicted in the shooting of lakwan mcdonald, they are expected to release
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squad car video. it shows mcdonald walks away from police while holding a knife. the coroners report shows he was shot in the back at least twice and that mcdonald had pcp in his system at the time. >> just how safe are your packages when they are left on your doorstep, here is nydia han with the preview of a hidden camera test. >> it's not just a nuisance but a crime and it happens all too frequently, we put a package on the stoop and waited. see what our cameras captured. >> can't believe that happens. >> find out what you need to do, to protect your holiday packages this holiday season. for a lot of people this week is when holiday shopping kicks into high gear and it turns out you could not be in a better city to find a small
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business, yelp rated philadelphia number one, and they did reviews for the mention of the word gift, honolulu, seattle and oakland and seattle and portland, oregon, rounded out the top five. >> the dow up 19.5 points and the nasdaq up.3. now the temperatures headed up today and more tomorrow, adam joseph has the details. >> we hit rock bottom with the low temperatures, some of the coldest numbers we have seen since the spring, allentown and millville 21 degrees, a bitter cold 24 in trenton and atlantic city, look at that, double 2's that was it as we started our tuesday, numbers are til below
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average and you feel a chill in the air and it's better than yesterday at this time. 44 allentown and 49 in wilmington and 50 in millville, philadelphia and 51 in the southern part of delaware in dover. earlier this morning we were socked in the cloud cover and then the sunshine took control in the area, especially south-southeast of the city, still to the north and west of the lehigh valley and northern montgomery county and buck county and that is why we are only in the 40s today to the north and we saw 50s south of the city, where you saw more in the way of sunshine returning. tonight a moon lit sky and the when ter chill is back and 32 for philadelphia, and 30 for wilmington and 32 in dover, and mid-30s at the shore, and cape may at 35, as we take a look at the country right now, this is pretty remarkable as we go into the busier travel days of the year, you see nothing whatsoever going on from the rockies to the
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east coast, just a few clouds here or there, but overall a quiet scene that is really great as we get into your wednesday, if are you traveling to boston i-95 to the north or taking a train or plane, sunny and dry, and south to richmond and sunny or try, and pennsylvania turnpike westward, point, sunny and dry and little to complain here weather wise for the travelers tomorrow, for thanksgiving itself, partly sunny and mild and if you head down to the 6 abc dunkin' donuts 6 abc parade, already 50 degrees in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon sunshine and clouds and temperatures hit the low to mid-60s around here and your four day at 4:00 forecast, sunny and seasonable tomorrow at 53 degrees, it warms quickly here throughout your thanksgiving with temperatures at 63 degrees and as we hit the malls, or you
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guys hit the malls, i'll stay home. on friday, we are making runs at records as we approach the upper 60s and then a front comes in early saturday with showers returning sun in the afternoon with temperatures slamming down to 52 degrees, and then it gets colder, in the seven-day forecast, which i'll share with you guys in the next half hour, remarkable. >> adam thank you. up next generous donations in time for the holidays, the incredible amount of money that poured in to save a philadelphia landmark, we get back to the coverage of our big story, a trooper shot on the vine street expressway another live report from the scene. and coming up in big talkers, there are name that were not each on the charts in 1985 but we'll break down the top 500
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baby fames.
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the fire that badly damaged a car wash in bustleton starts because of a fire, they tracked it to a transformer, it happened on bustleton avenue near norwalk road. peco crews had to make repairs to the power lines and nobody was injured . 71 philadelphia students celebrated an important job well done, wearing pink hats, the 5th through 12th graders gathered in philadelphia for a grill abrasion complete with lunch. they earned 16,0$16,000 in the
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month alone. >> great work by them. a historic cruise liner has the money they need to stay afloat. the money being raised to save the ss united states. says it raised $6,000 over the last several weeks and that is enough to maintain the ship until next year, now the group managing the vessel says they no longer have to sell the ship for scrap, the group wants to turn it into a museum. philadelphia's official christmas tree arrived today at city hall, the action cam was there as workers brought the tree up broad street and into the courtyard, it's set for december 3rd and we'll bring you live to the tree lighting here on 6 abc. turkey baskets are on their way to trenton area families today. the meals were paid for by donations collected during the
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bordentown's tradition 5-k race. still ahead adam joseph has the latest on your thanksgiving day forecast. we'll look at viewer videos from the scene from this morning's shootout and fiery crash. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone
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for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the latest on a story unfolding since 10:00 this morning, that is the time of the
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pursuit, that began as a routine traffic stop that ended in a fiery crash between a state trooper right there on the vine street expressways, that trooper later identified as patrick casey, that state police captain says he is going to be okay. >> the bullet is still lodged in his soft tissue damage and the doctors i have spoken to and it's always better to leave it there for a period of time before it is removed. the data will be removed is yet to be determined. >> lets find out how this wild morning unfolded. john rawlins live at the scene in center city. it was wild john? >> reporter: wild and confused at times brian. simply put though an intense gun battle played out on the surface of 676 behind me here, the suspect driving his car at the time actually started shooting
4:30 pm
at the police officer while is the suspect was still behind the wheel in the midst of tuesday morning traffic. what ended with a burning bus and car and a wounded state trooper on eastbound 676 began minutes earlier with a car stop, two troopers stopped the car and removed four men, one jumped back in the car and fled. patrick casey pursued the car on 676 using his cruiser to try to stop the car. >> the suspect car came alongside the trooper's car and the suspect began firing from his car at trooper casey. the suspect's car slammed into the back of the bus and the suspect came out his son blazing. >> trooper casey started to take fire and when the suspect got out of his car and trooper casey started to return fire. casey is hit in the shoulder and a nearby man comes out. >> there was gun fire and guns
4:31 pm
drawn, and it was like something out of the movies. >> like wrethage smoldering the police officer can be heard yelling for the suspect to put down his gun. >> for two minutes they must have told the guy, put the gun down, put the gun down and the suspects were put in custody and what was a crash erupted into smoldering fire. >> reporter: what you are looking at is the remains of some of that glass, and penndot swept most of it up and it's not a threat for driver going by and trooper casey is doing well and felt well enough to chat with the mayor as well as d.a. seth williams and is surrounded by loved one, he is 31 and joined
4:32 pm
the state police in 2008. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> our team coverage continues on this police chase and the shooting of the trooper, alicia vitarelli at the big board with videos and photos that came in from viewers. >> viewers were right there on the scene as this was unfolding, joined the action and sent us some amazing perspectives, this is law enforcement running down 67 6 with their guns drawn, and one more officer leaping over the barrier here to help out and then he records that white car, just starting to smoke and then you see what happens there. the front crushed into as it pummeled into the back of the school bus, amazing video they were able to capture from where they were on the road and "action news" viewer, matt yost
4:33 pm
was capturing from a different angle, capturing the moment that the car exploded sending the bus into flames as well. listen here as he pans to the trooper's car and then hears this terrifying sound -- pretty incredible stuff, matt sent in this still picture of the car engulfed in flames and the pop you heard something pinging off the car there causing it to make the sound and of course go up into flames, we zoomed in on this photograph we took of the trooper's cruiser. you can see the bullet holes in the front window here, this picture bob thornton snapped of the suspect in the median, he is in handcuffs, one of four suspects in custody at this
4:34 pm
point. a frightening see consequence of events that occurred in broad daylight this morning, and it's amaze that it ended without a loss of life and with that trooper in good spirits today and on the mend. >> incredible images, i believe troopers have three people in custody and looking for one other. when you see breaking news happening, share it with us and post it to social media, with the #6abcaction or email it to us at >> police departments across bucks county are joining forces to make sure thanksgiving for a happy one and departments came together in northampton for roving dui check points ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. it's often called black wednesday in the bar injury because the boost in business that bar owners see and it's great to have fun, police say that drinking and driving simply will not be tolerated.
4:35 pm
>> our quota tomorrow night is zero, if we reach our goal and have zero duis we'll consider that a complete success. they made that announcement at the site where four teens died in a crash 40 years ago thank he were classmates and teammates of the dead and injured. this year the fire department is urging all the chefs to keep an eye on what you fry, commissioner derek sawyer demonstrated cooking today at engine 50 in philadelphia, this includes keeping paper products away from the stove stops and if you plan to deep fry a turkey, never do it inside or use a frozen turkey. thanksgiving is the number one day for cooking fires.
4:36 pm
this is operation thanksgiving, members of the community relations unit along with the police athletic league gathered at police headquarters to package food baskets, each one has bread and a turkey and cranberry sauce and vegetables, it was purchased from employees that work on the force. >> dozens of people lined up with their bags and shopping carts in west philadelphia this afternoon because allegra pizza is giving away turkeys and fixins to all that need a hand, they provided thanksgiving meals for 300 people. >> the only safe place to deep fry a turkey is outside and that will be a perfect place to be on thanksgiving day. >> i'll cook this year if that is the case. we are moving up in the temperature department, as we get into the end of the week, a live look at sky 6 hd over center city cloud cover upstairs
4:37 pm
and a break or two of sun there, can you see the dew point at 25, the dew point is low and dry and winter like air in place. north-northwesterly wind at 10 miles per hour. not much in the way of windchill, looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan no, are you looking at us going what is going on, it's not broken and nothing going on anywhere in the eastern half of the country. and a great radar scan as we head into the travel day tomorrow, as we look at the board from atlanta to charlotte to chicago to boston, full sunshine with temperatures in the 50s, and boston is the cool spot coming in at 45 degrees. we'll chat about that in the seven-day forecast and there will be a big drop in temperature coming up in the seven day. >> thanks adam. well, the holiday shopping season is here and we have a warning for the consumer about toys that are potentially
4:38 pm
dangerous and on store shelves, monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on this. >> of course shoppers are headed to the malls and going online to get the goodies on the wish list this christmas. but a local group says be aware of several of them. it showed off toys that have hazards including toxic chemicals and small parts and other toys they are so loud they can damage your hearing. coming up at 5:00, more details about the toys and what to look out for, also a local bride and her dad were determined to carry on a wedding tradition, despite incredible obstacles, ali gorman has more on that touching story coming up on health check. more stories coming your way in just a bit. >> thank you monica. the historic houses of fairmount park are getting ready for their 44th annual christmas celebration, to spread the word the park held a party in
4:39 pm
rittenhouse square, they carved some of the treasured houses and some of those will be open to the public for holiday tours starting next wednesday, december 3rd. yes next week is december. they will be decked out to the theme of the the 12 days of christmas. some local ed katsers are using the game of golf as their lesson plan. they say that golf is a game of honestly and responsibility. school's golf unit got a grant to enhance the program with brand new equipment custom fitted for the first graders. still ahead today, how would you like to get rid of the double chin or the back fat without hitting the gym or going under the knife, it's possible if are you willing to deal with a little cold, how doctors are freezing away those trouble stubborn spots. >> all the tricks, what do the
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names jova and riker have in common? they likely didn't exist before 1985, and other names your parents probably have not heard of and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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a group of men who opened up fire at a rally at the precinct. it was in protest of the shooting of jamal clark. police are still looking for more suspects.
4:43 pm
a canadian man may be a clown by profession but a hero by choose. due due the clown, was in toronto and he noticed the man chasing people and his dash-cam captured the man going toward two women threatening to attack them and then he ushered them into the car alongside two other clowns one that was pregnant. >> bang bang like four times. >> i love that he did the interview in clown gear and in a man ripped his side-view mirror off. and police believe that drugs play aid role in this. at the big board with the big talkers now in utah a father is heart broken endefiniting when his newborn baby girl was
4:44 pm
adopted without his consent. utah law says that biological fathers don't have to give permission before adoptions take place and that is what happened here, little caylee's mom decided to put her up for adoption without warning and her father in tears but helpless, in order to keeper he had to file a paternity the day before the adoption was filed. his lawyers are fighting to get her back and change that law. very sad, but speaking of babies, these names were pretty much nonexistent in 1985 but soared to the top of the charts, now releasing the hot list of the most popular names, they call them distinct and some are words, and some have never been used before. lets look at some of them --
4:45 pm
lyric, like words to the song and nova a star that brightens. and an aztec maim that means you'll always be love and zuri african. for boys, riker, and kyler is the new tyler or kyle or combination. kayson like and jackson, a hybrid and braxton, you guys keeping track over there. >> it's different. everybody wants a name that stands out. everything new is old again. >> and what is new is new.
4:46 pm
>> thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now, lets head to matt pellman keeping on eye on how things are moving. >> the name schuylkill conjured up fear in the minds of drivers and that is understandable today. especially with the vine situation earlier on that caused delays. now a vehicle fire that happened just under a half hour ago in the eastbound lanes by the montgomery drive on ramp and all the activity associated with the fire is confined to the gore point and the fire crews have left is the scene, penndot is there and police are there, people are still slowing down and traffic is heavy from schuylkill to montgomery. and an eastbound gaper delay that is sizable and spilled back to the vine street expressway, a sea of parked taillights on out to the schuylkill expressway, eastbound everything is open and you may run over glass from the issue today but everything is open and not too bad on the
4:47 pm
eastbound vine. over on 95 a southbound accident by cotman, pushed off to the side, this is still the schuylkill expressway, trust me on that 95, upper moreland east of the high school look for a crash at davidson road. and 422 north accident as you head home to limerick this after foon. adam joseph is standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up next.
4:48 pm
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adam joseph joining us now we have a lot to be thankful for in the cloudless days, as we head into tomorrow and the shoppers on friday and changes
4:50 pm
over the weekend, and you know what? we are actually looking at the weekend, the holiday first. especially with the holiday. as we look at sky 6 hd we look at philadelphia international airport much of the country good news in the weather world if are you traveling. if they get on the speaker and say they are delayed because of weather, that is not the case. around the region, some clouds in the area but overall everything is looking good on this tuesday. still a bit of a chill in the air with temperatures in the 40s, especially north and west we have thicker cloud cover today and more in the way of sun south of the city, 50 millville and 51 in dover and at the shore temperatures in the upper 40s presently. there you can see the clouds lurking just to the north and west and more in the way of sunshine and clear skies to the south and to the southwest, and
4:51 pm
as we go across the country it's quiet east of the rockies, the only weather we are watching is a storm spinning from the northern and south skirting the pacific northwest and bringing snows from lake tahoe and sierras and rain near san francisco and this eventually creates a storm and thank giving day. 24 in the suburbs and center city. and the winds start to pivot and turn in the southerly direction, that is a warming trend for us. as the winds veer to the south, and part of your wednesday and thanksgiving, we are looking at a pretty dry forecast. for the travel day, sunny from the mid-atlantic to the mid-atlantic and the midwest.
4:52 pm
and interior sections are try as well. and for the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thank giving day parade there may be more in the bay of cloud cover in the morning and breaking sun at the end of the parade and 51 at 10:00 and jumping to 58 degrees as we wrap up santa claus heading up the museum of arts steps. seasonable tomorrow and 53 as we warm on thanksgivingcks more clouds around here and warming to the low 60s and near records on friday, 68 degrees, before a front comes in early on saturday morning, returning sun in the afternoon after a few showers of 52 and turns cloudy on sunday and late day showers and 48 and a chilly raw rain looking to set up here monday into tuesday. and at least the rainy part of the forecast is in the second half of the seven day and not the first half.
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earlier this year an injectable fat came on to the market but there is one way to make the trouble spots go away. debbie gruber kept herself lean and healthy, after her 50th birthday she noticed something. >> i am conscious of my neck and chin. >> but surgery was not an option. >> instead debbie froze the chin away with cool sculpting, it worked for a bulge on her upper back and cool sculpting is used for the middle and thighs and
4:56 pm
other areas, now the fda approved a smaller appcater for other areas. >> we can get rid of fat in specific zones. >> vacuum power pulls it into the hand peas for an hour of icy cold. >> once the fat cells are frozen they will die and excrete them normally. >> they will be gone. but this is not carte blanche to healthy living. >> keeping your shoulders immobile ill for an hour is not easy but tolerable. six weeks later she saw subtle changes can. >> i definitely see more tigh tightne
4:57 pm
tightness. >> here is pictures of debbie before and after. it usually taking 12 weeks for peak results and the applicator is good for lips and cheeks and costs $100 each for more than one zone. >> have you to be able to tolerate the cold. >> alicia thank you. >> pricey and icy. now for sharrie williams and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff, we hope you'll join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 9:00. >> hi there. >> thank you coming up on "action news" at 5:00, they may make a baby's crib look nice but the soft bumpers could suffocate an infant. details straight ahead. those stories and more next at 5:00.
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get out of the past. get fios. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a simple traffic stop in center city turns into a
5:00 pm
shootout with state police and one police officer was hit and the crash caught a school bus in flames. the big story is the developing story we are following since this morning, the shooter was arrested at the scene but two more suspects are at large tonight. we are learning more about the trooper hit by gun fire, he has been on the force since 2009 and we are told he did return fire today. vernon odom is live outside of hahnemann hospital, but first lets go to sara bloomquist live at the scene with the lightest. rick and monica, the vine street expressway is open to traffic this evening, from high up above you with make out the charred pavement, the 17-year-old is charged with atemmed murder. >> it's lik


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