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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 25, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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this is the teenager who will face the scales of justice for allegedly shooting
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a pennsylvania state trooper, he is 17, but within the past hour he has been charged as an adult, giovanni coto will spend the rest of this night being processed by philadelphia police. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is very latest on the the shooting of the state trooper, and the the confusion that accompanied it on the vine street expressway. this is what it looked like when the suspect's car slammed into a school bus on 676, both vehicles, went up in flames. then retn to the scene of the shooting live, with "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad, take us through what happened there this morning. >> reporter: jim, below me is where pursuit ended and where troop are patrick casey was shot. 676 was running smoothly right now but it was shut down earlier today after a gunfight involving police. fiery wreck just part of the chaotic few minutes on the philadelphia a highways. just feet away, trooper
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patrick casey's cruiser was stopped an i676, his windshield writled with bullet the holes. a a few minutes earlier trooper casey and others were in pursuit of the juvenile, speeding down the the road with the loaded gun, firing outside his window. >> a at some point during the pursuit trooper casey went around the suspect vehicle and tried to box him in or do a stop. >> reporter: that is when the juvenile slammed in, jumped out and opened fire again hitting trooper casey once in the upper shoulder. casey and other troopers return fire, and steve milwaukee was startled by wrapped popping noise. >> i got you the, looked and there was a gunfight going on down there. it was between state police and somebody we could not see underneath the bridge. >> reporter: at alleged shooter was apprehended by troopers and philadelphia police seconds later after jumping the median. >> they told him to put his gun down. >> reporter: frantic ordeal bee again just before 9:00 a.m. when trooper pulled over suspect vehicle on the
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schuylkill expressway for expired plates. four people were inside. occupants exited the vehicle but juvenile shooter jumped back inside and sped off. trooper casey was just arriving on the scene, and persued until the crash. two of the occupants ran off. one who was already handcuffed did not. trooper casey was taken to hahnemann hospital where he is in good condition tonight. >> he is a bucks county resident. the as i said earlier his family was notified immediately, they were transported from bucks county by troop m in trevose and his brother is with him with his brother's fiance. >> reporter: the bus that was rear ended and caught fire was unoccupied except for the driver. he was uninjured. his family tells me tonight he has in comment. i'm live from center city, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim? >> thanks, chad. lets switch live to dann cuellar at state police bellmawr barracks. dann, is what the the latest on the shooting suspects and
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other three individual caught in the original traffic stop. >> reporter: well, jim, just a few moments ago state troopers led the alleged gunman 17 year-old giovanni cotoe out here in handcuffs. he was taken out in a green jump suit a after they served a search warrant on him for his clothe ago this he was wearing to be examined for gun residue from the weapon fired at the the state trooper. he faces all sorts of charges and was being transport todd his arraignment. prosecutors are asking for high bail. the shooting was all captured on the trooper, trooper patrick casey's dash cam. >> they did a terrific job. very heroic. i watched video. he was spot on in everything did he. >> reporter: the captain of the state police say darn cam video shows trooper patrick casey being fired upon as he sat in his patrol car as the suspect was attempting to flee. one hot shot strikes the trooper in the shoulder. he in turn fires eight shots at the gun man through his windshield. >> those shots again came from
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our trooper outside of the car. >> reporter: depending himself. >> yes. >> reporter: yes. >> he responded immediately to the gun fire that he was taking. he was very heroic. he put himself in harms way for the the protection of others. i cannot ask him to do a better beyond then did he. >> reporter: tonight the 17 year-old suspected gunman's father said his son made a wrong decision to hang out with his friend and get caught up with this. >> that is my son. i got to be there for my son. no matter how bad it was, i got to be there for my son. >> reporter: what do you think he was doing when did he this. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: how do you feel about what happened. >> i don't know, i don't know what happened. >> reporter: well, a state trooper was shot. >> i don't know what happened. >> reporter: now, the fourth person being sought turned himself in after seeing his picture on the news but he was questioned and released without being charged. it does not appear that the others involved in this situation will face any charges but that is still unclear at this point.
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we will see what ultimately had happens to the the others in the case. as for coto he faces three counts of criminal intent to murder, three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of assault on law enforcement officer a and on and on. prosecutors will be asking for high bail. we are live at state the police belmount barracks, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". and at this hour we are learning more information, about a police involved shooting tonight in camden. law men were call to the area of alabama and independent, for a domestic dispute. police say that officers encountered a man and subsequently fired at him. that man is now in very critical condition a at cooper university hospital. we don't know, if the man was armed or not. traffic tragedy unfold in the felt evenville section of philadelphia a tonight. a woman was kilt, a man injured when southbound car slammed into a tree. it happened in the 4,000 block of roosevelt boulevard, at
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7:00 p.m. in conshohocken a woman was critically injured tonight after being struck by a pickup truck on fey yet street. it happened near seventh, at 7:00, the unidentified victim was rushed to paoli memorial hospital. nobody was hurt tonight when a two alarm fire broke out in a cheltenham home. chopper six was over the smokey blaze on the 7300 block of poke avenue. fire fighters knock down the flames within 20 minutes. protesters are gathering tonight, on the the streets of chicago. they have been blocking traffic on the the cities near west side. police superintendent says his department is ready to handle protests but he is urging that they stay peaceful. the protest began just hours after the police, released this squad car video of the shooting of 17 year-old laquan mcdonald in 2014. the teenager was shot 16 times. late today police officer jason van dyke was charged
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with mcdonald's murder. police were responding to a call of somebody break nothing to cars and stealing radios. there is new information tonight about plans for a second terrorist attack in paris. this was the massive raid that killed terror ring leader abdelhamid abaaoud, and now authorities have learned that abdelhamid abaaoud and a second man were planning a suicide attack the very next day, on paris financial center. authorities in brussels, which is still on lock down, says that there is another sleeper cell and ten militants still out there, somewhere. in washington, president obama and french president hollande vowed to escalate air strikes against islamic state in syria. obama and hollande also called on russia's vladamire put continue on join international effort but only if putin end his expert for syrian president assad.
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meanwhile one of the putin's war planes was shot out of the sky today by turkey. turkey said that the russian plane crossed in to its air space from syria and ignored repeated warnings. both pilots ejected but one was killed by syrian troops as he parachuted to earth. putin is denouncing a stab in the back, as he called it. this is a first time a nato member has down a russian plane in half century. back in this area of bucks county, they are refusing to send millions of dollars in tax toes harrisburg until lawmakers pass a state budget. the county commissioners voted unanimously tonight to withhold the payments, starting at noon time today. that amounts to about five million-dollar a month. but the county says it is spending about six million-dollar a month from its reserves to maintain programs that the state should be paying for, and that otherwise it would run out of cash by the even of the the year. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget for 147 days, and a deal this
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month has fallen apart with no new proposals in the work. atlantic city and old revel casino may have something to be thankful for this holiday. developer glenn straub has a apparently struck a 45 million-dollar deal with utility company. to resolve their differences and buy out the building power plant. the two have been the at odd, since straub bought the revel in bankruptcy court this past april. straub says he will look to reopen a gambling hall, offering casino operator a 30 yearlies but a smaller operation then the old revel. he says he hopes to have part of the property opened by next summer. possibly including an indoor, outdoor water park. clock is ticking down to the six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade, thursday morning and that means it is time to polish those right teens. >> ♪
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>> practice, yes, we're talking about practice, a record 34 performances will pack the parkway for this years parade, and now in its 96th year. behind the scenes six abc production crews are readying the the lights, cameras, all to prepare for thursday's action. if you are not going down to the the parade the best seat in the house is in front of your television thursday morning. our brad cast with the six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade begins at 8:30 with your hosts, as always, rick williams, and cecily tynan. still to come on "action news" tonight the star studded line up to celebrate america's highest civilian honor, we will take you to the medal of freedom celebration. plus minutes after the miracle trophy was handed out on dancing with the stars we have post game reaction from the dance floor, cecily. 43 degrees to day we climb up to 50 but i'm tracking much warmer air moving in time for your thanksgiving holiday.
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will i'll have details in the accu weather forecast. i'm nydia han. before you click send you have to see our hidden camera test, just how safe packages you or your delivery person leaves outside, i have the results of our "action news" test. we will hear from both sam bradford and mark sanchez, ducis rodgers with the quarterback question, coming up when "action news" continues tonight.
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it was an all-star line up tonight for america's highest civilian honor. president obama awarded 17 people, with the medal of freedom tonight at the white house. the illustrious list of recipients includes steven speilberg, barbara industries an, gloria estephan, james taylor, willie mace and late
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yogi berra among others. one of the biggest soap opera stars ever has died. david cannery won five daytime emmys during his 27 year career on abc's all my children. he played twins adam and stewart chandler. kelly rip a played his daughter on the show. he was 77 years old. bindy irwin, the the daughter of the steve irwin, is celebrating tonight in hollywood where she won the season's mirror ball on ndncing with the stars. >> bindy and derek. >> this is the scene, just moments ago, as tombergron made the announcement. she and her partner beat out nick carter, gracious nick said bindy deserved it a and bindy herself was almost speechless. >> this experience these last three months, has changed me, so much, and just helped me to really grow as an individual and i can just feel the the
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love of derek as my big brother. >> bindy will be on the next flight to new york for appearances for good morning america and the view and good news here, just this week, abc announced that season 22 of the dancing with the stars will visit the dance floor in march of next year. adele's new album 25 has high note, today it set the record for first week sales with 2,433,000 albums sold since its release on friday. that passes the record held for the past 15 years by n'synx. their in strings attached but adele did not need a week, she dit in over three days. part of the reason the singer/song writer refused to allow her album on music streaming sites. on health check at 11:00 getting to baby asleep safely. it seems baby may be ignoring a new risk. new research find deaths and injuries related to crib bumpers are on the rise despite decade of warning from
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pediatricians that they are in the safe. babies can suffocate, if they get their face stuck in the padding of the bumpers. most of the the deaths were a among infants between four and five months old when they are just learning to roll roll over. most safe way for baby to sleep in the crib is flat on his or her back with nothing else in the crib, no pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, or bumpers. now to a problem that hurts even more during the holidays, package theft. if you think your packages can be left outside unprotect you should think again. nydia han has the the results of the eye opening results of the hidden camera test. >> reporter: we know packages get stolen but just how quickly can parcells get swiped? we went under cover to find out. supposed to be a happy time, you know, we go to work every day to make money, to make money for this kind of an occasion and it is a bad taste that is left in your mouth.
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>> reporter: this surveillance video shows thieves lifting christmas presents in south philadelphia. the packages get stolen year round. >> i noticed that they are delivered and it was not at my doorstep. >> reporter: after dark, a set of knives grabbed her porch in northern liberties. she posted bit on line. earlier new castle county police posted this surveillance video on social media investigators say it shows william barnett and christine ross pulling in the driveway and snatching two packages off the front porch. in grays ferry someone walks up and carried off a package. in south philadelphia thieves follow a fedex truck and then returned to scoop up the package. and then in just the first three months of last year, police in newark delaware told "action news" that at least a dozen people in the south gate apartment were victims of the par sell theft. >> it is such a shame. >> reporter: despite reported cases of theft people continues to leave them unattend. it wasn't hard for "action news" to find quite a few. this package una attended even
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though parcells got stolen a few doors down. >> it says it. >> reporter: "action news" decided to do a hidden camera test to see just how safe your packages are. how long might it take for a package to get swiped. >> we will test it the two ways. >> reporter: we set up an under cover operation, and then, put a package on a stoop in northern liberties. watch what happens, the very first day, in just a matter of hours. our package, is taken. >> i cannot believe that happened, in broad daylight. >> reporter: barbara who lives here knows packages get swiped in her neighborhood. she has had her own stolen but is still struck buy our video. >> so what do you think about that. >> i think that is brazen, yes. that is pretty jarring. somebody just walks right up across and just takes it. the a absolutely makes me very mad. >> reporter: authorities say the the most important thing consumers can do is file complaints. >> people might the not complain but they will not get bumped f they don't complain
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we won't know it ever happened and we might not be able to identify them. we have something going on on this block or this neighborhood. >> reporter: of course, to prevent package theft if you are not home during the day is have them delivered elsewhere. you can have your packages delivered straight tour near post office or fedex and ups location and have them held for you. you cannery direct packages even on the way. more tips are on six i'm nydia han for channel six "action news". sage advice from nydia han. what about the accu weather forecast and specifically, thursday. >> and it is going to be really nice for thanksgiving. the we are warming things up as we head through thanksgiving and black friday and cooling things down as we head through weekend. storm tracker six live double scan is showing tonight a dry night, quiet night and temperatures are dropping off as especially in millville, millville has sandy soil. it is in a valley. it is sheltered from the wind. it is down to 26 degrees. colder in millville then the
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poconos. poconos 32. ski resorts are making snow a at night this week. allentown 35. reading 35. wilmington 34. philadelphia an urban heat island effect. 42 degrees. holding in that warmth a little bit longer. satellite six with action radar is showing it if you look at the eastern three-quarters of the country we have got a little bit of the cloud cover but it is dry. you have to head to pacific northwest to really get any measurable rain or snow across the mountains so the travel forecast for tomorrow is looking great. plenty of sunshine, dry, all the way from new england to the mid-atlantic to the south east all the way out to the plain states. the you remember last year? i was tracking a winter storm on the way the the day before thanksgiving but much better, this year thanks to the high pressure. it is moving off eastern seaboard so this gives us a return flow. temperatures will begin to climb. 53 degrees tomorrow, which is seasonal and then heading in to thursday high pressure moves further east so that
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brings us the the wind out of the south, so we will see temperatures even warmer, 63 degrees, 10 degrees above normal but it will pick up some moisture in the form of cloud. i don't think thanksgiving morning will be really bright and sunny. we will see low cloud to start and then partly sunny skies but all and all a great forecast. it does than the get much better then this become partly sunny. wind light. great for balloon hand letters. bit of the chill in the air 8:00 o'clock 44. we will warm up to 51 by 10:00 . by noon when santa climbs art museum steps by 58 degrees. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast tomorrow back to seasonal levels. plenty of sunshine. fifty-three. we will bump it up 10 degrees on thanksgiving. some cloud early in the day. friday up near record warmth, 68 degrees, and then at saturday, some changes, a cold front will bring possibility of a few showers in the morning, doesn't look to be a lot of rain. late sunshine late in the afternoon with a high of 52
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and then temperatures stepping back down in the 40's on sunday, monday, and tuesday, periods of rain as storm system cuts in the great lakes so good news is we will keep the forecast dry through last friday and early next week goes downhill but by then the holiday is over so great timing. >> that is right. >> that. residents of bensalem, were able to cheer tonight that santa claus is coming to town. exactly one month away from christmas eve, jolly old saint nick made an early visit to bucks county tonight. bensalem fire fighters let them bureau their fire truck for a sleigh. santa helped decorate 25 trees outside bucks county visitor center on display through january 5th. members of the the narberth ambulance found another way to come to the rescue tonight. tonight they loaded their ambulances full of turkey dinners and then headed out to deliver the food to families in need in lower merion, narberth, conshohocken and
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west conshohocken.
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it does feel weird we are two days from the eagles will game. >> very short week. hopefully they have things correct in that short amount of time who will the quarterback be this week? detroit? it is a closely guarded state secret or coaches themselves just don't know yet. no official quarterback has been named. mark sanchez and sam bradford split time with the first team, both are preparing to start. bradford has passed concussion protocol but dealing with that non-throwing shoulder injury. bradford says he is feeling better. >> it is really hard to put a percentage on it. i know it feels better today then it did yesterday. i was able to do some things out there yesterday. hopefully it continues to get better. that is in the the next 48 hours. >> you have to prepare and take reps seriously. that is what we have done all week. i'll be ready to go on thursday. >> we need this game as bad as we needed one all year. i hope i'm's out there. brandon graham is going
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home, linebacker was born and raised in detroit and played college ball in michigan. graham bought 40 tickets for family and friend, some will be pulling for the the bird, some may not. >> they have 55 but they have grand mom, because they was hoping i would play with them. but they have the lions, graham a across and 55 and it is half eagle, and half lion. so that is how they do it. >> still a ahead, a big honor for penn's football coach. plus hear is what on the line when temple takes on
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eagles football is sinking, temple football is cat's meow. it was a spirited practice as owls are preparing to host u-conn on saturday. win would give temple its first ten win regular season in school history. it will earn the school a spot the in the conference championship game december 5th. coach matt rule knows u-conn is no give me. >> this is a team in connecticut that matches us. this is a match up. we're built the same way. so, you know, sometimes we play teams that aren't built like us because it is easier for us because they don't want to withstand the beat ago this we want to do. this team will stand there and it the will fight us. we will fight them. >> and huge honor for penn football coach ray fiori, named the ivy league coach of the year. in his first season he led quakers to a seven-three
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record, six-one in ivy league play and conference championship title. he is both honored and humled by that honor. jimmy kimmel live next up, followed by night line. jimmy's guest are chris evans, robert downey junior, kristin ritter and music from fall out boys. "action news" continues at the four credit 30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy a and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardener, good night. >> ♪
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