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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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crash in fairmount park. the stage set for a thanksgiving tradition. the annual parade review next. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is the night before thanksgiving. we hope that you have a wonderful holiday tomorrow surrounded by friends and family. we have a lot to talk about
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tonight and turning to power reporters but first going to melissa magee with a holiday forecast from accuweather. she is at the big board. >> we had a nice warming trend. it started today with temperatures slightly above average. and that trend will continue as we get into the holiday on thursday. currently outside in philadelphia it's 40. chilly in the poconos, 32. and 38 in trenton. along the coast sea isle city a touch milder at 50. and satellite 6 and action radar mostly clear sky with high pressure in control. no problem for the 6abc/dunkin' donuts thanksgiving parade. partly sunny. light wind as well. balloons shouldn't have issues flying in the sky. and 8:00 in the morning chilly. and by noon tomorrow we are in the upper 50s. it is dry across our region, but we'll fly to the for plains and futuretracker showing you by
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thursday, 4:00 in the afternoon, an area of low pressure with winter storm warnings and watches posted. and tapping into a piece of this energy for the second half of our holiday weekend. letting you know how it may impact us. >> thank you. aa afshga spekdz this to be busiest travel-situation. 542,000 of them are philadelphia area residents. 9 in 10 people will be driving. that's typical, but they have something extra to be thankful. the average price of gas 74 cents cheaper that this time last year. it is the lowest since thanksgiving 2008. hearing from some of the folks on the way to grandmother's house or where the loved ones will be. she is at 30th street station.
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>> for some people it is smooth sailing and others, major headaches trying to get home for the holidays. >> getting home for the holidays not always easy. >> it is ridiculous. i had a lot of problems. >> spending almost 3 1/2 hours from gridlock. >> i was extremely scared. >> on the road -- >> we did not hit traffic until we crossed the border into philadelphia. >> aaa says 9 out of 10 driving 50 miles or more. >> gas prices pay a roll? destyeding whether to drive >> absolutely. >> and crowded. >> this is the busiest travel period. the typical wednesday 83,000
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people, but here at 30th street station today they had around 141,000 customers. >> it was kind of a crazy time but i finally made it home. >> and fighting the long lines and crowds to be home with family. >> we can expect the same crowded highways and stations sunday when everyone returns home. the wednesday before thanksgiving is not just busy for travellers, it's also a rush hour of shorts at supermarkets. and "action news" visited the wegman's in cherry hill, there wereffic jams. and they feel it is worth it to be with family and friends.
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>> and the 6abc dance ex-tran begans i can't. llwill will will d'weather >> who came up with that phrase? i know it is somebody in the news room. it seems to kick off the season. let's make magic and give you a little tour. ready, three, two, one -- blast off! what have we here? a season of thanks. and here's hoping all you and your families have a lot to be grateful for this holiday season. over here, it looks like busy on ice. what would the holiday be without disney on ice at the wells fargo center? skwh r and look at this. what a showboat.
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looks like a lot of people on this river boat. and this is amaziamazing. look at that giant seahorse holding the seashell with the thing-a-m thing-a-magies. and american runs on dunkin' donuts, breakfast in the often. and over here, the statue of liberty, liberty and justice for all. it looks like somebody will be rocking and rolling tomorrow. look at the big guitar on the front of that. and folks we would be remiss if i did not show you what appeared to be the grand marshal himself. and turkey tasting great tomorrow. and thousands of rehearsing and
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rehearsing for tomorrow's big parade, let's take you there. ♪ >> center stage putting the touching on the major production for tomorrow's big parade. the upper darby shooting stars tapping away. and one, two, three -- ♪ >> the kappa dancers and the team earning up the town. they are fabulous. >> i am excited. >> and the weather will be nice, not worried about bundling up. >> we are expecting a big show tomorrow, you have to win. >> behind the scenes -- they were working out technical
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glitches making sure everyone is on could you. and 34 musical numbers the most we ever had. >> and others working on the festive atmosphere. getting ready for the big show? >> absolutely. >> on schedule? >> you bet. >> this is how is all began. looking back on parades in the city, tradition started by the original department owner. and as seen from the footage from 1966, there is mickey mouse in 1932. and the great balloons. it has been a remarkable 96 years. four years high of a hundred, still going strong. >> happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving!
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>> so the countdown is on. it's all systems go for tomorrow's big parade. you don't want to miss it, happy thanksgiving everything, tosses it back to you. >> that is our tradition. if you are not headed to the markway to see all of those floats in person, 6abc will bring the parade to you. the live broadcast at and moving it up to thanksgiving night. at the target in winfield heights we thousand people already lining up, willing to camp out on the holiday. a family affair.
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>> we try to debt things done as efficiently as possible. while me mom is cooking i try to work it out. >> and she is ta we have all the details shoppers need to know on our website at which stores are open tomorrow, mare hours and when the doo door-buster deals beginning. and we have some things only available to "action news" viewers, the black friday playbook. and called the thundercat leaders on and off the field. and "action news" reporter walter perez has that story. >> the first thing you need to
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know about the thundercats cheerleaders, they are fierce. >> we won our local competition this year and last year and the regions. >> and in two weeks they are in disney world forcheerleaders. and they chose up at the 300 ministry in spring guarden serving meals. >> the coaches say winning championships is great, but not the point. the point is taking young people and teaching them to be caring, giving young ladies. members of the coaching staff say when the girls were offered the opportunity to trade a night in a practice to treat people in mind they jumped at the chance.
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and they say they are setting an extraordinary example. >> they are in it just to win, but also giving back and serve. and looking at their heart it shows they are true champions. >> coach robinson says he could not be any broader of his team. >> i feel always trying to help out in the community. and they work hard in school. they are hard-working young ladies. >> people help us. >> the thirdercat on december 2 and in the championship the following day. other news tonight, police say this car explosion was a result of a stolen car slams into an s.u.v. two men in the stolen car jumped out and ran, captured a short distance away from the pennsylvania state troopers.
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>> and your >> the tense standoff on the vine street expressway between pennsylvania state police and suspected shooter, giovanni cotto. delivers on 676 watched from their cars feet away from troopers who had guns drawn. cotto just 17, but charged with attempted murder and related counts, and held on $3 million bail for allegedly shooting trooper patrick casey during the gunbattle. i do and "action news" there as casey left hahnemann hospital, a .45 calendar still in his shoulder. >> are you feeling ok? >> feeling much better. >> pretty harrowing experience? >> you have can say that. >> happy to be going home fo
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thanksgiving. >> very happy. and casey's father also weighed in on the situation. i wish he wouldn't have been shot but what are you going to do? that is the job he chose. >> the police are looking for lewis who was originally in the car with cotto. still to come on "action news," president obama re-asures the country about security. >> if you are on the fence about getting your child a dog, research on health check may sway your decision. this is not a real-life game ever jenga, an incredible story of surviving crumbling bricks coming up. and jim, it is 40 now in philadelphia but temperatures south and west in the 60's. and tapping into that for the holiday weekend. details in the accuweather
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forecast. the sixers are in the lead with minutes to go. what happens? and ducis rodgers with the highlights from the eagles' game plan tomorrow when "action news" continues tonight.
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video just in to "action news." a deadly shooting in willingboro and they are tight-lipped about the circumstances. we know the gunfire rang out after 9:00 outside of a convenience store. and as we learn more than details we will post them at investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this house fire in newark, delaware. breaking out at 8:30 on tamara circle. the firefighters had it under control by 9:00 before anybody was hurt.
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the morristown community house open less that a week after damaged by the fire. the ballroom, pool and garden room are reopened of the crews are working in the attic where the fire broke out. officials say a couple of weddings had to be moved, but everything else on schedule. president barack obama encouraged americans to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with the knowledge that the government is doing everything possible to keep them safe. about obama surrounded by his security team when he said that there is no specific and credible intelligence indicating a terrorist plot on the united states. >> the bottom line is this -- i want the american people to know entering the holidays that the combined resources of our milita military, our intelligence and homeland security are on the case. >> the country's resilience in the face of those who try to do us harm is something we can be thankful for. and one day after turkey
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shot a russian plane out of the sky. up with of two pilots, both who eject the was killed. the surviving pilot talked to reporters with his back to the camera insisting he did not go into their airspace even for a moment. and today they released audio of the warnings to the russian pilots. >> russia says it is sending a warship and defense system to the region. and may give thanks that he had only scratches when the smokestack fell on on his equipment. and he tried to knock it down with his equipment but two million pounds of bricks gave way at once. and he said things have gone wrong, but never like this. "healthcheck" at 11:00
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tonight, man's best friend may also have benefits for little boys and girls. a small study found that children between 4 and 10 years old who have a pet dog were less anxious, specifically a reduction in social and separation anxiety. however, having a pup did not seem to make a difference in the amount of physical activity the kids got or their weight. alarminger -- a larger study did >> looking really nice for thanksgiving with mild conditions, especially for november. showing you what is going on with stormtracker 6 radar, you see it's dry. no issues with precipitation tonight. and no issues tomorrow. showing you the picture outside. the action cam outside earlier tonight at the art museum with the lighting of the tree ceremony there on the art museum
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steps. it's cooling down at this hour, the high today in philadelphia 55. right now 40 in the city. at the freezing mark in the poconos. 34 in lancaster, 33 in the pine barons. and trenton 38. and 50 in beach haven. and satellite 6 and actions radar, a mostly clear sky from new england down across much of the southeast. and pressing into the midwest tracking an area of low pressure storm system that will be impacting a portion of this region as early as tomorrow. a piece of that energy will snake eastward into our area for the second half of our weekend. but until that time, enjoy thanksgiving tomorrow. sunshine and clouds. a mild afternoon. 9:00 in the morning 48. friday, the shoppers and morning cloe clouds and moisture.
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and then high at 68. and tracking the cold front, the same one out of the northern plains working eastward. getting to the start of the weekend on saturday, that front stalls to our south. it is damp and dreary. high temperature of 57 degrees. and tracking the low pressure to our south and west and have to track the progression of that, more than likely leading to on-and-off showers saturday and sunday. and seven-day forecast nice and mild tomorrow. 64 degrees. friday, morning clous clousdz -- clouds, warm and records in reach. and and atlantic city close to the record. and then mostly cloudy, but temperatures are dropping off quickly. sunday cloudy and damp and high of 50. bright but cool monday, in at 49 degrees. tuesday, however, another chance
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of rain. same on wednesday at 53. and really nice for the holiday, something to be thankful for. >> happy thanksgiving. >> to you as well. the doors open tonight for the second annual thanksgiving on the block holiday dinner. the block church, richmond hall and community groups hosted hundreds of philadelphians who fell on hard times who cannot physically cook or neededcha companionship and they got that tonight. [door knocking]
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football is an appetizer before the turkey and let's hope it tastes ok. >> let's home the eagles aren't turkeys in the game tomorrow. the eagles have to win tomorrow at detroit or the season is completely lost, it may already be for that matter. a couple of weeks ago this game looked like a very winnable game, not so much now. and jeff skversky with the bird in detroit. >> the eagles are 6-0 on thanksgiving, but the big question is, going into this game, who will attempt to lead them to a win tomorrow? sam bradford or mark sanchez. bradford a full participant in practice today but questionable. not taking the first-team reps. le and and chip kelly may be without his center, hobbling as he arrived in detroit.
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the eagles cannot afford to lose three straight. how will the team respond? can they respond in a big way against the lions? >> we better. we have a lot of hungry guys in here, a lot of embarrassed guys who are ready to make a statement. >> and everybody feeling good. with the short week everybody is ready to play and get the bad taste out of their mouth. >> the eagles have not lost in detroit in 38 years and desperately need this one against the lions to save the season? detroit with the eagles, jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." the ice, the goals are hard to come by for the flyers, the wins just as elusive. first period, no score. and a laser. the eighth goal of the season. the familiar feeling and the flyers lose 3-1.
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ahead, penn basketball turning some heads. while the sixers continue.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. no team wants to be that team. the team that thes sixers lose to first -- or that the sixers beat first. entering with 16 straight losses to begin the season. in boston, the three and just before the half time buzzer. sixers up by. fourth quarter lead down to 2. and jahlil okafor. and the sixers are up by 5. 19 points for the rookie. but late in the game the sixers clinging to a 1-point game, and a couple of big threes and the sixers lose 84-80. and that is two losses shy of tying the nba mark with the first start to a season. and knowing each other well,
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and roberts lead the explorers with 20 points. and the game's leading scorer on the other side. 31 points, 10 wins, improving to 4-1. the term head over heels or heels overhead? and nashville goalie, both going after the puck at the same time. and wow, getting the worst end of it. that's a look at sports. "jimmy kimmel live" next. his guests tonight, melissa mccarthy and one direction. and continuing at 4:30 a.m. with traffic. and for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night and a great thanksgiving tomorrow.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- melissa mccarthy -- "lie witness news" -- and one direction on hollywood boulevard. with cleto and the cletones. and now, for clarification, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody.


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