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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 26, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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box and learned that she can be her much needed kidney donor. the signs looked like something from tinder. duran has been waiting for a donor for several years. >> it's so cute. >> gosh, how emotional is that. >> i gave my last tinder date a baked apple pie. showed me up. speaking of kidneys, those delivery trucks are all over the place right now. it's the busiest time of the year for the postal service, u.p.s. >> you never know what they're carrying. they made an extra special delivery. >> jason henley makes a living making deliveries but in september, that delivery was life-saving to a man he barely new. >> i blew him off at first thinking why would you want to give me a kidney. >> greg hall often signed for deliveries in oklahoma city and when jason learned greg was diagnosed with kidney failure, did he what he said he was called to do.
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he gave greg his kidney. >> i believe that people matter to god. if they matter to him, they should matter to me. >> ten weeks after surgery, both are thankful. >> does this thanksgiving have a little more meaning for you this year? >> just the fact that i'm not hooked up to a machine it's a difference for me on this thanksgiving. >> reporter: what do you think, jason, better to give than receive? >> definitely, if i could sustain losing another kidney, i would do it again. >> a reminder to us all while good things may come in small packages. >> it's my brother right here. >> the best things don't come in a box at all. linsey davis, abc news, no. >> wow, that is. >> quite a bond for those guys. coming up, avoid a thanksgiving turkey disaster. the bird has to go in the oven at some point today. >> make sure it comes out just right with some tips from the butter ball turkey talk line. i'm not going to say gobble gobble, stick around.
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so here we are early on thanksgiving morning. and there's a turkey that needs to be cooked. for many, that's where the trouble starts. >> this year we're not messing around. we need an expert. joining us now on the phone is margine with butter ball's turkey talk line. margine, good morning.
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>> good morning. >> i got to ask you, an this point, am i in trouble if my turkey is still alive? >> if it's still alive, you better catch it quick. >> but margine, there are a lot of people who are first-time bird cookers this thanksgiving. what do you do if you've left the gizzards inside and forgot to take them out? >> a lot of people panic over that, but it's not a problem at all. it's really part of the turkey. i don't know how good the giblets will be after they've cooked inside the bird, but it's not going to hurt the turkey. >> okay. so margine, what would you say then is the most basic thing that you can tell us to do to ensure success when we are cooking our turkey today? >> well, the best thing is to have a meat thermometer because then you can monitor exactly when the turkey's done. it will not overcook that way. and because overcooking gives you dry meat.
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and so a meet thermometer is really important and i know it's a little late to get one at this point. >> if you don't have one, is there another way to gauge timing and how ready the bird is? >> well, you know, we do have some charts with times. and if you kind of follow that, that will be a big help. but you can pierce the skin on the thigh area. that's the last part to finish cooking. and if the juices run clear, that's an indication it's done. >> who knew. >> that's good to know. what do you do if you've overcooked the bird and it's way too dry? >> well, all you can do is add either some you know broth or some gravy and serve it with the gravy to help, you know, mask that. there isn't anything else you can do really. >> margine, my turkey is supposed to look black at the end, right? >> no, not quite.
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not quite. golden brown is what you're looking for. >> but and going back to, all right, say i've caught the turkey and it's still frozen at this point. is it too late to defrost it and still make it in time for dinner? >> probably, unless you only have a two-pound turkey. it takes 30 minutes per pound to defrost in cool water. so you know, a 20-pound bird, you have to have ten hours before it will deprofit. if it's still frozen at this point, you really can't cooking from frozen. it's just a little harder to determine when it's going to be done. and it won't cook as evenly but you know, worst comes to worst, you'll have to do it that way. >> what's better, stuffing inside in the cavity or outside? >> it's really a personal preference. i like mine inside the bird. but you do have a few cautions, and one is, don't make your
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stuffing ahead so that you're putting cold stuffing inside the bird or it won't get done. rather, you can get all your ingredients ready if you're cooking part of the ingredients, do that. and refref rate that but don't mix it with the crumbs till it's just ready to go into the oven. do the mixing in the bird. and then check the temperature. it needs to reach 165 to know the stuffing is safe. >> there's so much to think about. do you also know the number to pizza hut just in case everything goes wrong. >> oh, no, it won't go wrong. you're going to have a wonderful turkey today. >> margine, you have a happy thanksgiving. >> thank you it's been fun to be with you. >> margine with butter ball's an turkey talk line. you are such a lifesaver every year. thank you and happy thanksgiving. >> the funny thing is she's actually having tofurkey. she's an expert. now that you've got your turkey
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sorted out, are you ready for some football sflb that other thanksgiving necessity straight ahead. ? sflb that other thanksgiving necessity straight ahead. sflb that other thanksgiving necessity straight ahead. that other thanksgiving necessity straight ahead. friends coming over?
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ >> welcome back. when we think about thanksgiving, thoughts drift to turkey, family, and of course, there's footballable. >> yeah, there's that. and that's obviously a big part of the day and it's why we present a special edition of cris collinsworth cheat she the known as with reena. >> that's right. no one's ever said it that way. >> chris certainly hasn't. >> three games on tap beginning with the philadelphia eagles flying into detroit to take on the lions. the last time we saw the eagles they were getting hammered by tampa bay. that was this past sunday. that loss dropped philly to 4-6. detroit has won two straight despite only scoring 18 buttons in each game. i want to give you a brief
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history here. the eagles haven't played in detroit on thanksgiving since 1968. >> wow. >> philly has won seven of its last eight meetings against the lions. we'll see who starts for them at quarterback beginning 12:30 eastern time. >> everyone has won seven of their last games against the lions probably. >> oh, come on. >> so much for the first game of the day. the lions are coming along. the second has the undefeated carolina panthers going down to dallas to take on them cowboys. >> dallas course coming off a win against miami in which they welcomed back quarterback tony romo. the cowboys 3-7, but are still hopeful they can string some wins together and finish on top of the nfc east. when it comes to carolina, you can start with cam newton. he threw five touchdowns in carolina's demolishing of the redskins on sunday. panthers have scored at least 27 in their ten straight wins this season.
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we're talking an average just under 30 points a game, 11-0. here comes carolina. >> i love how you come out with these facts. you just spew them thanks to jack. >> i do my research. >> game three preview with the weather report. forecast by the way calls for light rain and dense fog in green bay. tonight perfect conditions for the packers to face their ancient rivals the bears. >> anyone who saw the packers beat down the vikings on sunday might have gotten the idea that their offense was clicking into gear. fantasy players with green bay rung back eddie laci might expect big points. chicago coming off sunday's two-point loss, their offensive expected to welcome back both matt forte and alshon jeffrey. bears quarterback jay cutler had a bad week for green bay going to-4. >> all right.
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this morning on "world news now," america on alert. >> security beefed up across the country as the holiday weekend begins, despite not specific threats. tensions remain high as the global fight against terror continues. speaking out, the american band caught at the center of the paris attacks. detailing their horrifying ordeal. how they were trapped with nowhere to go, waiting for the killers to reload before making their escape. rough roads ahead for millions across the country. icy highways and flooding alerts across many states and the high winds in california blowing away, wow, this market before shoppers could grab food for the big feast. and "the mix," what happens when thanksgiving dinner doesn't go as planned? from burnt birds to messed up kitchens? a little laughter will help ease the pain on this thanksgiving
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thursday, november 26th. >> announcer: former abc news, this is "world news now." >> never cooked a thanksgiving meal. >> ever? >> good morning on this happy thanksgiving. >> so mama has always cooked you dinner mama has always cooked. >> you're a lucky boy. >> some guy that i call down the street for reservations. >> dinner out, huh? >> absolutely. it looks like the pilgrims threw up on the deck. >> great job with the decorations today. >> they did, but man, we went big. >> we went very big. i didn't tell them i actually put up my christmas tree today. >> you did today? >> i did. >> we're moving ahead one holiday at a time. >> we'll focus on thanksgiving today. lots of folks are working on the bird about now. we're glad you're tuning in. tips coming up soon. >> absolutely. it's not too late to get some tips. there are the celebrations that will be taking place today. the president trying to make everyone is safe. let's get started with that. he was looking to ease the anxiety as millions of americans do gather for thanksgiving.
3:02 am
less than two weeks after the attacks on paris. >> the president insisted there are not specific that's that's aware of to the u.s. they're doing everything possible to keep the country safe. with more, here's abc's david curly. >> reporter: with tens of millions of americans on the move tonight, the president tried to offer some reassurance. >> we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. >> reporter: but there are more police in airports, train stations and what are called soft targets, shopping malls and other public places. homeland authorities call it a reinforcement of existing security. >> i want the american people to know is that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> reporter: not all travelers were reassured. >> him saying that doesn't -- doesn't really make me feel more at ease. >> reporter: a worldwide travel you alert remains in effect for those heading overseas, as millions take to the air. heightened concerns about security. are you worried? >> no.
3:03 am
it's not something i like to think about, but i trust that they're doing a good job. >> reporter: across the country, security lines long, with tsa expected to handle a 40% increase in fliers. >> if you're scared by it and let it run your life, then you'll all be in a house somewhere just hiding. >> reporter: in new york, balloons being filled for the thanksgiving parade, with police planning additional presence. after briefing the president, the secretary of homeland security sent his own message to americans to travel. with raincoat and briefcase in hand, he boarded an amtrak train for his trip home for the holiday. the president did say if a specific, credible threat is discovered, it will be shared with the american public. with that, the president wished the country a happy thanksgiving. >> tomorrow marks two weeks since the attacks in paris. we're now hearing more details about the assault on the ba da clan theater. the eagles of death metal was on
3:04 am
stage as bullets started flying. advice founder shane smith sat down with the band for an exclusive interview. shawn london was the sounds engineer that night. >> he reloaded again and that's when we all ran. i picked a girl up and basically had to push her forward to get her to go because she was in such shock. the front doors are glass. and there was a glass door. so i went to push it and i mean, i'd say a foot away from me hitting the door it shattered. that means a bullet hit. we just got through it and we ran out. we had to jog over bodies dead out front. >> band members are grateful for all the support they've gotten from fans. lawmakers in france voted overwhelmingly to extends air strikes against syria into the new year. the campaign intensified since authorities cited spec threats against french they're thes. german chancellor angela merkel is promising to stand by france
3:05 am
saying it will do everything possible to prevent attacks like those that devastated paris nearly two weeks ago. iran is now getting involved in the aftermath of that downtowned russian jet. the iranian president blames turkey for heightening tensions in the region saying the plane was flying in syrian air space at the time. turkey says it fired on the jet only after warning the pilots they were flying in turkish air space. one of the pilots denies there was any warning. another night of protests in chicago over the death of a black teenager shot by a police officer 16 times. newly obtained dashcam video shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald running from officers. police are facing questions because no voices can be heard. they're blaming it on technical difficultieses. we're learning about a spring of complaints lodged against the officer who pulled the traeger. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: those new details on chicago police officer jason van dyke's past. according to civilian watchdog group invisible institute, at
3:06 am
least 20 citizen complaints filed against van dyke since he joined the force in 2001, including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs. but so far, van dyke has not been disciplined. and, we are also learning more about what officials claimed happened the night of the shooting back in october of last year, when they were responding to a call of a man with a knife breaking into cars. >> he wasn't dropping the knife and he was coming at the officer. >> reporter: but investigators now say that dash cam video shows laquan mcdonald never threatened van dyke, and in fact, was walking away when van dyke shot him 16 times in 15 seconds. the video sending shockwaves across chicago. protesters taking to the streets. state's attorney anita alvarez facing criticism for investigating the case nearly a year before charging van dyke with first degree murder, and responding to allegations officers deleted surveillance video from a nearby burger king the night of the incident.
3:07 am
>> it doesn't appear that they've been tampered with and did not reveal, you know, any of that kind of evidence, however, the investigation will always continue. >> reporter: a district manager for the chain telling abc news the investigators did tamper with the video files. van dyke's defense argues he feared for his life when he opened fire. >> this is not a murder case, despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: legal experts say a first degree murder charge for a police officer is rare. why is it so unusual? >> because it's a hard case to prove, and particularly against a cop. to be convicted of first degree murder, it has to be shown that you intended to do serious bodily harm or death and that you had no justification for it. >> reporter: and yet another round of protests here in chicago. this group, making their way through downtown. all of these protests, so far, peaceful. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> those protests continued late into the evening. nearly 47 million americans are expected to travel this holiday weekend. rain, ice and snow may cause
3:08 am
delays in the central portion of the country. the weather is already a problem in the higher elevations of northern california. chains are required on vehicles traveling through the sierras, but drivers further east should also watch for icy and slippery roads. half an hour south of there in sacramento, 11 people were injured when a sudden strong gust of wind blew through a flea market. six or seven tents were tossed in the air. luckily many of the hundreds of shoppers had already left for the day. all the injuries we're told were minor. now to a white house tradition you might say is for the birds. each year the president pardons a turkey or two. not members of the opposition party. >> that wouldn't happen in washington. this year's turkeys came from california are named honest and abe. president obama says america is the land of second chances but he admits it was a close call. >> i confess that honest looks like good eating but this is a democracy. abe is now a free bird.
3:09 am
he has told us the turk of the united states, totus. >> look at the girls. i love this. they're actually laughing at the jokes. trying to indulge daddy. >> these are some of the jokes that he tortured them with. they actually laughed through it. he said you know, capital believe that was his seventh one. time flies even if turkeys don't. >> oh, boy. >> yeah. dad jokes. >> oh, dad jokes. but the girls were so great. i can't say enough. it's hard. you got to do a lot of these obligation whz he you're at the white house. putting up with dad's jokes on an national level, got to give them credit on that one. >> coming up, we've got some shopping deals to start the season without all the stress. >> an outrageous scene at the airport. baggage handlers seen as tossing around a bag as part of a game. and thanksgiving dessert, as well. coming up. >> i'm jacqueline. if you're looking to put a
3:10 am
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okay. so no airline passenger wants to see this. uniformed baggage handlers caught on camera playing toss
3:14 am
the suitcase. >> oh, man. >> a attention at san jose california's airport tweeted this video to southwest airlines. but it says check the uniforms. they don't belong to southwest. alaska be airlines has stepped up to say these are our people. >> whoa. >> than the bag was a dummy filled with magazines. sure it was. >> makes you feel better? >> no. i don't know that it was filled with magazines. >> that's why you've got to drive places these days. >> yes. >> for many today is the day for family gatherings. for others it's the parades or football games. >> many others are making battle plans for black friday or as it's becoming black thursday. abc's rebecca jarvis has some tips on getting the best deals. >> reporter: so, how do you know when a deal is really a deal? prices online are changing constantly. take this hello barbie doll. originally listed on for $74, then $69, then $59 in just a few days. we went to work on yolanda
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this year. rebecca jarvis, abc news, chicago. love our rebecca jarvis. she has the best tips on business and shopping. >> we do need to take note. those were some good deals out there. >> uh-huh. christmas isn't that far away. >> it's noted. coming up in our next half hour, an old friend sets the scene for us while they were blowing up the big parade balloons here in new york city. the stars of the show are ready to fly in just a matter of hours. >> first, what better way to finish off your thanksgiving feast than with some delicious des sers. recipes that include rum, yes, real rum. some ideas from an expert coming up. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
let's hope you have plenty of utensils on your table today for the thanksgiving feast especially when it comes to dessert. >> look at some of these
3:18 am
delicious possibilities. >> oh. >> awesome someness. awhile back i spoke to an expert how to finish off your meal. pumpkin pie is the classic feast topper. but what if you're looking for something with a bit of a modern twist but still want to be seasonal? joining us is the author of this book, joslyn delk adams the author of "grandbaby cakes." what's with the name of the book. >> it's inspired by my grandparents. they used to call meet grandbaby. still do. also i had a nickname as an adult called baby cakes because i used to make the best cakes in the neighborhood. i merged the two together. >> now as an adult you're making cakes and then some. >> yes. >> what do we have. >> clacks with a modern twist perfect for your thanksgiving table. starting here, i have a classic yellow cake. who doesn't love this? this is like the quintessential dessert that you remember growing up. right? but this is the one that's done perfectly. it comes -- i'm telling you, it
3:19 am
is beyond amazing. you will love this. everyone will enjoy it because it's a clack, right? >> is there like a certain kick to that. >> the thing that makes it amazing is the butter honestly. it's tons of butter, tons of eggs and sugar, is the stuff we love and deserve. >> so butter and sugar. that's all we need. >> that's what we need for thanksgiving. and then here, here is a modern twist. so on my thanksgiving table we always have candied sweet tomatoes, candiedium. this is a cake twist on that. it's got a buttered rum and candied sweet potato rum cake. >> you had me at rum. >> we're talking real rum. we only do real here. it's got a streusel that goes through it and it's spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and a fantastic crumble top. so you can have this for breakfast tore do it a little later. >> good deal. >> so then here, this is another twist. so everyone thinks about like. >> it's literally a twist.
3:20 am
>> isn't that cool? really pretty pan. you think about the traditional german chocolate cake. this one is a pound cake. the inside of the cake tastes like a brownie. it's so dense and delicious. it's so moist. so deep. and you're like, and kind of heavy. >> it's really, really heavy. >> it's got the classic frosting and you can just sprinkle a little bit more of the coconut on top just to make it really pretty. >> and add a little bit of rum on top. >> that, too. you must love rum. do you love rum? >> i like it all. >> and then lastly here, i've got some coffee toef pumpkin cupcakes. everyone's talking about pumpkin pie. no, you need these cupcakes. they're really, really sensational. they've got a cream cheese topping. i love to adjust a little bit of nutmeg on the top, just spring offal that on. it looks really beautiful and elegant. and you're like okay, you want to taste it. >> that's really, really nice. >> isn't that delicious? you can add this little toef
3:21 am
sauce and kind of drizzle that over the top. >> you don't feel bad? >> not at all. >> not at all. >> not at all. i'm like wherever you're going with this, not at all. i never feel bad. >> about the calories? >> it's thanksgiving. this is the time to undulg, right? >> it is the time to indulge. it's not like the traditional apple pie or the pumpkin pie. >> i think you can always have those, too. it's always fun to mix things up and surprise people during the holidays, too. >> these are perfectly -- in the book you have about 50 different recipes. >> yes. so i love to tell people if you're a beginner baker, you can start with this and you know, really go to down. you don't have to be intimidated by baking. you can start new memories with your family especially during this holiday season. >> i don't know if i can pull it off. i've always said the only thing i could make are reservations. >> no, i'm telling you, start with my easy recipes. you'll be baking in no time. >> he i love that. >> i started baking and i had to call the fire department.
3:22 am
thanks, joslyn delk adams. >> look forward to your cooking. > no, you don't.
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i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels.
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dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this. okay, we're going to start "the mix" this time on thanksgiving with, this unofficial i guess you would say facebook research. they asked people from different states what they're thankful for. they found out and kind of split it up to see what different states what, people in different states are saying they're thankful for. for your state, your home state, florida. >> yeah, i'm thankful for oranges because it's sunshine orange day. but they wrote down living near the beach. >> that's what the majority of people in florida are saying they're thankful for this thanksgiving. >> in texas, they say it's the rain. >> okay. in tennessee, in alabama and georgia, there's a current theme going on there. god in tennessee, god's love, alabama god's forgiveness, georgia, god's word. >> you know what they're
3:26 am
thankful for in alaska? >> children's laughter. i like that one. >> why? >> because it can make you happy. kids laughing. oh, my gosh. doesn't it give you a warm feeling inside? that's the rum. >> they do that. thankful for kid's last ter. i would think alaskans have more to be thankful for than that. but who knows? thanksgiving dinner thanksgiving disasters. you don't cook. you've never cooked thanksgiving dinner. here are some thanksgiving dinner fails. this is thanksgiving turkey, tad overcooked. >> is this al actual photo from your thankful last year. >> no, it was not. this is a sad attempt to infuse octopus and crab legs into a turkey into good idea right there. >> i appreciate the effort. >> someone will butter fingers or mittens and dropped a turkey. this turkey had so much potential. >> can you imagine after so many hours. >> a little too much whiskey for that turkey. >> someone couldn't make a pumpkin can be dessert with the directions on the box.
3:27 am
>> doesn't everybody cook with alcohol? >> i don't know. >> while they're drinking. > this one someone drops a pie. that's an embarrassing cooking moment. >> that was not grandbaby. you're absolutely right, jack. this grandbaby would not be happy with that one. >> this is not part of the grandbaby cakes, but this is the dessert apparently of the moment. the new dessert. take a look at it. can you figure out what it is? >> is that primp kin pie spice. >> it is. >> chocolate. >> it is all of those. it is called a pie caken. it's beak a combination of cake and pie. so you can have your cake and eat your pie, too. >> now, why did we not bring this into the studio. >> oh, man. >> you can do that with cherry and peach cobbler. >> so that looks like throwup. >> that does not. that looks like dinner to me. >> does that look great? it's a combination of everything. you don't have to decide anymore. >> somebody call and get one of these on set
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," thanksgiving storms. terrible conditions for millions of americans making the holiday drive a nightmare. snow and ice hitting the west as massive amounts of rain are dumping on the south. the complete forecast straight ahead. on alert. police and government officials doing their best to ease tensions. no credible threats made clear, but americans being urged to remain aware on this holiday weekend. and new this half hour, the mother of a baby left in a nativity scene not charged. >> new surveillance footage helping to identify the mom who left the newborn unattended with the umbilical cord still attached. >> and behind the scenes of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. original "world news now" anchor lisa mccree checks out the balloons and all at workers getting pumped up for the big day and getting some help from
3:31 am
young fans. it's thanksgiving day, thursday, november 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning and happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> don't worry if your turkey's not working out. there's always chinese or pizza. >> there is. you have lots of options on this thanksgiving. it's just your poor kids are going to be devastated. >> don't, lay it on them. >> and ruin them. >> says the guy who has takeout on speed dial. >> yeah, absolutely. thanksgiving day, it is all about uber food delivery. >> oh, boy. but it's not for a lot of people. traveling, we'll get right to the problems many people are facing. nearly 47 million people are traveling this holiday season. >> a lot of people. security is tight at airports and bus and train stations. most of which are packed with travelers. but outside of northern california, not many delays are reported yet. more now from abc's clayton sandell.
3:32 am
>> reporter: the weather threat is not taking a holiday. snowing on busy california highways, dust storms blinding drivers in salt lake city. thanksgiving storms are bringing big helpings of ice and water. a winter mess of snow and sleet from the great lakes to the plains. california and oregon have more than a foot of snow in some places, along with crashes and spinouts. >> it is so dangerous out here. you really want to get your chains on so you can make, you know, the safest drive up there. >> reporter: in washington state, giant waves. winds knocking out power to 50,000. this falling tree nearly killed heather adams. >> i could see the tree coming. two seconds later, i might not be here. >> reporter: in colorado, the chowdhury family is leaving early. >> we just want to be -- not have to be on the roads if we don't have to. >> reporter: to beat the storm on their 12-hour drive from denver to dallas. the big concern now is freezing drizzle that forecasters say could you coat the highways in a dangerous layer of black ice
3:33 am
from here in colorado all the way to iowa. clayton sandell, abc news, littleton, colorado. >> the difficult weather isn't limited to the country's midsection. >> for the complete accuweather forecast we turn to meteorologist justin povick. good morning, justin and happy thanksgiving. >> reena and kendis, thanks. and good morning. happy thanksgiving to you, as well. high pressure is going to be drawing down some cold temperatures, and it's going to be a wintry day, believe it or not, from denver into northern nebraska where the snows will come down at a heavy clip. we're talking ice storm conditions over western kansas and the texas pan handle where we could have a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of ice. denver metro 3 to 6 inches of snow. very tricky travel throughout the daytime hours today and tomorrow throughout oklahoma and also kansas and then further south and east, the big concern is for a flood threat. thursday night and also into friday, extremely heavy rain over much of the south. reena and kendis, back to you.
3:34 am
>> justin, thank you. president obama trying to reassure americans who may still be jittery following the deadly paris attacks. the president insists there is currently no specific and credible intelligence indicating a terror plot against the u.s. he said they're taking every possible step to keep the country safe. he was flanked by his national security team who urged americans to go about their normal activities. >> we want to encourage the public as the holiday season begins to travel, be with your family, celebrate the holidays, go to public events. go to public gatherings, but be vigilant and be aware. >> than said, in a show of confidence and trust in national security, secretary jeh johnson left the briefing and headed home for thanksgiving on amtrak. he had a security detail with him, but he was showing he's like one of us. and he feels safe. a new round of protests in chicago overnight over the fatal
3:35 am
police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. but they were relatively peaceful as president obama joined those calling for calm. posting on facebook, like many americans i was deeply disturbed by the footage of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. this thanksgiving, ask everybody to keep those who suffered tragic loss in our thoughts and prayers and to be thankful for the overwhelming majority of men and women in uniform who protect our communities with honor. police in minneapolis have arrested four men for firing at a group protesting the deadly police shooting of jamar clark. hundreds of mourners filled a local church for clark's funeral. speakers thanked protesters for keeping up the pressure that helped launch a federal investigation and getting the names of the officers involved released to the public. >> now to the latest on the e. coli outbreak from chicken salad. blame it on the veggies. testing points to a problem with the onion and celery mix used in the chicken salad sold at costco.
3:36 am
it sickened at least 19 states in seven states. while costco uses an the same vegetable supplier nationwide and that number is likely to grow, the product has been removed from store shelves. stunning new details about the death of football great and abc broadcaster frank gifford. his family now revealing that he suffered from the same severe head trauma found in dozens of other pro football players. with more, here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: he was a gridiron hall of famer. >> sends frank gifford flying around. >> reporter: an icon in the broadcast booth. >> hello, again, everyone. frank gifford with al michaels and dan dierdorf. >> reporter: announcing "monday night football" for 27 years. married nearly 29 years to his wife, kathie lee. his family revealed that the nfl star suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, cte, caused by repeated hard hits to the head. cte, detectable only after death. a team of pathologists just now diagnosing gifford after he died of natural causes at the age of
3:37 am
84. gifford, no stranger to big hits, suffering one of the era's most famous head injuries in 1960. knocked unconscious in a game, carried out on a stretcher. cte has been discovered in numerous players, like hall of famer junior seau, who took his own life. according to gifford's family, he was dedicated to understanding the connection between repetitive head trauma and its associated cognitive and behavioral symptoms, which he experienced first hand. but they hope their revelation will inspire others suffering from the disease. and gifford's family also hoping to turn this diagnosis into a positive, hoping to be part of the solution to a, quote, urgent problem confronting anyone in football on any level. reena, kendis. >> ryan, thank you so much. a mother who left her newborn baby in a nativity scene of a new york church will not be charged. the baby boy was discovered by a custodian laying in the manger wrapped in towels. the mother came back the next day to make sure he had been found. new york has a safe haven law
3:38 am
that allows people to anonymously drop off newborns at a church, hospital, police station or fire station. there's dashcam video this morning of a wild high speed chase near new york city. take a look at this. speeds were as high as 110 miles an hour, and when police tried to slow him down, the murder suspect went the wrong way and sped through a gas station. but it was the infamous new jersey turnpike that did him in. the fugitive got stuck at a toll plaza. there were no injuries in the end. a florida woman says it's a miracle she escaped without injuries when her e cigarette exploded inches from her face. she had been using it for nearly a year with no problems recharging while she slept till her and her fiance woke up to find the bed on fire. the maker of the e cigarette has pulled that model from the market. another reason to give up. >> that stuff, yeah. okay. around this time of year, any
3:39 am
self-respecting turkey that's still alive should be hunkering down out of sight. >> but bob and ted have no such worries. that's because they're beloved members of a new jersey family who say they'll never end up stuffing it and eating it and putting it on tear table. bob and ted are royal palm domestic turkeys considered too small to be cooked. >> there's not much meat on that. come on. >> the owners say they love bob and ted so much, they'll be eating pasta today out of respect for their fellow turkeys. >> i just ordered one from stop and shop for the family today. >> did you? >> i sure did. >> good on them. 41 million turkeys will be consumed today. but bob and ted will be safe. >> and two pounds of tofu. >> at your house. >> at my house. all right. well, coming up, blowing up the balloons for the big parade. >> original "world news now" anchor lisa mccree is back with a behind the scenes look before the thanksgiving day parade. >> i just love that woman.
3:40 am
she's fantastic. later in "the skinny," will smith contemplating a career change. the fresh prince possibly running for office? is this right? is that copyright? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer:"world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information, call this number now. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. stand by to learn more. >> i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about a popular life insurance plan with a rate lock
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♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ of course. who didn't know that? >> beautiful. well, besides you were talking about the cackling.
3:44 am
>> yes. >> we had a conversation about that during the commercial break. besides the feasting there's the shopping or for some the home delivery. business expected to be brisk for companies that bring fixings right to your door within an hour or so. that's limited mostly to big cities. but if you'd rather walk off some of those calories toys 'r us, best buy open at 5:00, target, macy's and sears open at 6:00. walmart open all day. but the patti labelle pies won't be there. black friday deals don't start till 6:00. >> at walmart. >> yeah. >> good. >> patti. >> patti. >> of course. ♪ on my own >> sorry. >> thanksgiving means big parades in many cities including right here in new york with believe it or not the balloons are the star attraction. they started blowing them up. >> they are. it's a tradition here. they're hovering just a few blocks from where we are right now ready to fly this morning. we sent our special correspondent lisa mccree to
3:45 am
show us what it takes to make them take flight. >> reporter: wake up "world news now" viewers. i'm back. it's lisa mccree, your first "world news now" anchor. >> hello from new york, i'm aaron brown. >> i'm lisa mccree. back here on this gorgeous fall day in new york city to watching blowing up of the balloons of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> wake up "world news now" viewers. it's almost time for the parade. ♪ >> reporter: so how do these elite athletes, the best balloon wranglers in the world, fuel up for their big job tonight? i know that's what you're wondering. what does the perfect balloon wrangler need to eat? >> chili and egg sandwiches. >> so you're paid in chili and onions. >> yes, we're paid in food and the food is delicious. it's so good. >> it's the best food ever.
3:46 am
>> reporter: eat nothing but like reindeer meat and stuff. >> absolutely, all raw. >> exactly. >> reporter: what is fun about being in the cold in the middle of the night on a dirty new york street? >> the kids really. >> reporter: what do you like about the balloons? >> the balloons are ginormous. >> reporter: they are ginormous. they don't get paid any money to work here. you know what they get paid in? >> what? >> chili and doughnuts. >> what the heck? that's weird. >> how about you, what's your favorite balloon? >> toothless. >> reporter: toothless. your favorite balloon is toothless. i wonder why. does anybody know what the one, the one that's the duck with the scarf? >> isn't that from like little nursery rhyme? it's from aflac. >> it's either classic literature or a commercial for insurance. >> yeah. >> this is going to be on abc news. >> oh, wow.
3:47 am
>> my grandma watches it. so she could probably see it. >> reporter: your grandma watches abc news? probably not what research wants to hear. so that's it from the 2015 macy's thanksgiving day parade. staging area and balloon inflation. back to you, kendis and reena. and happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> oh. >> lisa, happy thanksgiving. that was just awesome. >> so great having her back. >> that was awesome. >> now you know why she's a legend. did you ever know they eat chili and egg sandwiches? >> i didn't know that but i did notice a line of port a potties on central park west. it all explains it now. >> i love that piece. >> when we come back, a hollywood "a" lister who has had it up to here with politicians. as we look at the balloons. >> and someone is denying me the music of my favorite rap collective. stay tuned, "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> welcome back. it's "skinny" time on thanksgiving morning. and we start with will smith, apparently thinking about making something of a career change. > yes, smith says he may soon need to run for political office. the "men in black" star tells the hollywood reporter when he looks at the political landscape, he's so incensed he
3:50 am
can't sleep, and he seems to be ready to do something about it. >> quoting here, smith saying at some point in the near future, i will have to lend my voice to the conversation in a different way. unlike kanye west who will be running in "20/20," smith doesn't say how high his political ambitions go. >> as high as a g-6 will let him go. clearly. >> next up, getting the holiday spirit with adam sandler. >> you remember he debuted the original version of his hanukkah song on "saturday night live" back in 1994. there's been versions 2 and 3 since then and now version 4. here's a sample from his quote list of people who are jewish. ♪ gordon levitt enjoys eating kugel, so does stanley jake gyllenhaal and the two guys who founded google ♪ ♪ adam levine wears a jewish star, so does drake and seth rogen ♪ ♪ goldberg has a gold yamaka to
3:51 am
match the belt he won from hulk hogan ♪ >> oh, sandler goes on to mention scarlet johannsen, getty lee from rush, ron jeremy and even jared, the former subway guy. >> i love ron jeremy is getting love from the hanukkah song. and elsewhere. he sings about our old friend shia labeouf who he calls half a jew but 100% nutty. and finally sad news for you, reena. there is new material coming from wu tang clan out there somewhere. and you can't have it. >> yeah, this is just so heart breaking. unfortunately, my favorite rap collective's secret, one-of-a-kind album "once upon a time in shaolin" has been purchased -- i'm a really big fan -- purchased by an unanimous american buyer for "an undisclosed figure in the millions." shaolin is a reference to staten island. here's the worst part.
3:52 am
the 31-track album contractually capital be released till 2103. i love you so much wu tang clan. >> we will wait.
3:53 am
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♪ well, she danced the waltz, the cha-cha, rhumba, and bindi irwin did it better than all the other contestants on "dancing with the stars." >> now she's ready to get back to real life and her work. irwin talks about it, and we're up "up all nightline"" with abc's nick watt. >> bindi and derek! >> reporter: a 17-year-old high heeler pulled from the australian outback won it all. >> the new champions of "dancing with the stars.." >> reporter: where does bindi irwin get that spirit? her dad, the late great steve. >> oh, crikey. >> the crocodile hunter which made steve and baby bindi
3:56 am
household names. steve, of course, was killed by a stingray back in 2006. and just before the final, bindi posted this family snap writing the day before i had to wave good-bye to my hero without knowing it would be the last time, but dad, i know you walk beside me always and your strength lives within me. i love you. >> it was probably two weeks after dad passed away that i said to mom, so, when are we going to start filming again. i think i'm able to use all of these different avenues to spread my message. >> reporter: and this is her message. >> every time we lose an animal species, it's kind of like losing a brick from the house. pretty soon the house just falls down. >> reporter: now bindily hang up the high heels and pull back on a pair of muddy boots helping mom run the world famous australia zoo. they've rescued and rehabbed 58,000 animals in the past ten years. >> we have conservation projects
3:57 am
globally helping animals like rhinos in kenya, tigers in sumatra. we work with elephants in cambodia. it's a phenomenal, phenomenal project. >> is there going to be a day when you declare victory? >> no, i always think that. it's one of those things you're never going to wake up and say that's it, i've saved the world. i'm done, now i'm going to be an astronaut. >> reporter: or a pro dancer. >> exactly. >> i can't believe that i'm here. just thank you for changing my life! >> reporter: queen of the outback and now queen of the dance floor. i'm nick watt for "nightline," los angeles. >> she has undeniably the best spirit. >> she does. >> just the best. >> only 17 years old. how cool listening to those two in their french accents. very cute. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, rain, snow and ice complicating holiday travel. temperatures in some areas dropping into the single digits, plus high winds tearing apart tents at a flea market. we're tracking it all. on alert, the president meeting with his security team amid heightened security concerns. his message to the country as americans get set to celebrate thanksgiving. new this morning video just released showing the moments before a teenager was shot and killed in chicago. plus, what we're learning about the officer charged with murder. and, yes, it is turkey day. the president pardons two lucky birds, plus, out of this world, what are they eating in space for the holiday? and the thanksgiving fails that you just have to see.


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