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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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is killed when fire tears through a philadelphia home. >> president obama tries to calm the concerns of americans as millions gather for thanksgiving during heightened fears of terrorism. >> a philadelphia tradition continues. we are just hours away from the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. good morning, everyone, it is 5:30 on this thanksgiving, tam and karen are off we we have nya han, david murphy and matt pellman. >> reporter: guys we are off to a good start. it's a little chilly out there. if you're heading to the parade bundle up, we have temperatures in the 30s. you can see how satellite has the clouds coming in from the west. these will be more prevalent over the next hour sore, but they are high and thin enough where sunshine could work through them most of the day. 67 degrees on the parade route. 31 in allentown and 34 in
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trenton. the freezing mark in wilmington. winter coats and extra gear early. the balloons are getting inflated at inflation station, we'll not have any problems flying the balloons today. 35 degrees by 6:00. 36 by 8:00. we go into the day, 35 degrees by 8:00. noon, 49. 3:00 p.m., 53 degrees we'll get milder than that. that's a graphic i forgot to update. the high today will be 63 degrees and noon we'll be getting up to 60 along the parade route. matt pellman it's a day we start out chilly. you're outside for the parade things get better as you watch the balloons go by. after you eat the huge thanksgiving dinner you'll feel warmer after that. good morning, everybody, we're along schuylkill expressway 76 a lot of people are out and about,
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heading eastbound toward center city. the ramp from the schuylkill expressway to spring garden will close because of the parade and mlk drive as well. they have not gone into effect just yet. we have an accident on the ramp to gladwyn on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. it's mostly off to the side. you can get by without too much of a problem. a new crash city avenue at route 1, wynnewood road at saint charles borromeo seminary. a few closures, eakens oval, kelly drive, jfk boulevard shut down between 30th and 16th and 20th street is closed that means detours on the septa bus routes and otherwise we're on a holiday schedule on mass transit that means a sunday schedule.
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>> the parkway is primed for america's longest running thanksgiving day parade. katherine scott is checking out the finishing touches at inflation station. >> reporter: at inflation station we're watching the giant balloons going up. the next balloon is fragle rock noon. garfield santa is ready to go. he has been sandbagged. he was the first of more than a dozen. garfield santa came in a small package that is now inflated. let's go to the video you can see him going up. there's going to be 16 giant balloons in the parade today. ten festive balloons, 17 floats, 14 marching bands and partridge in a pear tree. these will be fun to watch whether you're along the parade
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route or the living room. in years past they have had dog balloons and there's a message behind this balloon. >> reporter: this is our first year having a cat balloon we always have dog balloons we raise money for the animal control shelter in philadelphia. our volunteers come out. this is our 5th year, we want to spread awareness that there are many amazing animals at the shelter waiting for homes. back here live at inflation station where the fragle rock balloon is ready to go up. they are spreading it out and hooking up the hose, it will be inflated. there will be 32 balloon handlers on the fragle rock balloon. some of them say they got up early this morning they want to be part of the spectacular parade that many have grown up watching. katherine scott channel 6 "action news."
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>> it is spectacular, our family is heading to the parkway later this morning. thank you, katherine. president obama encouraging americans to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with the knowledge that the government is doing everything possible to keep us safe. the president has surrounded by his security team when he said there's no specific and credible intelligence caipght -- indicating an terrorist plot on the united states. >> i want the american people to know heading to the holidays the combine resources of our military and homeland security agencies are on the case. >> you might notice more police in transit hubs and shopping malice and other places. the president added the country's resilliance is something we can be thankful for. if you're traveling take "action news" with you, the free news app offers latest news and
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weather and traffic. >> a man lost his life in the city in a fast-moving fire and it could have been presented. flames filled the home after midnight in tioga nicetown. that's where crews found a 37-year-old man dead at the scene. it took is a minutes to get the fire under control. there were no working smoke alarms in the house. the action cam was on the 500 block of norris street in norristown, there was a small fire in the basement. it was contained there. crews are still working to fix the attic where the fire started in the historic building last week. it has reopened thanks to the community. >> reporter: the community house has such deroutes that ancient
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people pulled together to help make it happen. >> the facility's executive director said some weddings had to be moved after the fire, everything will happen as scheduled including the annual tree lighting next month. >> the eebltion -- eagles will help set the thanksgiving table. the 4-6 eagles are desperate for a win in detroit. the lions are 3-7. the eagles are undefeated on thanksgiving day and have not lost to the lions in 38 years. kickoff at 12:30. let's play that game now! do you believe that? never lost on thanksgiving. >> reporter: wow! okay. >> we'll see what happens. >> reporter: yes, storm tracker 6 live double scan, here's hoping, though. we have no rain, of course, we take a look outside, we are looking at some clouds overhead. there's the river rink by penns
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landing. it's chilly enough across the region to do a little bit of skating. 37 degrees in philadelphia. some of the suburbs closer to the freezing mark in a couple of spots you're below freezing. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. winds will not be a factor today they will be very light. satellite shows you how clouds are sweeping in from the west. we'll see breaks and we're going for a sun and clouds mix today. at the parade this morning i'm encouraging as i have the last couple of days bring winter coats and extra gear for the early stages. parade. as you set up along the parade route we're at 38 degrees. 10:00 a.m., 49 degrees, an noon, 58. closer to 60 and partly sunny skies and light winds. not a bad morning for the parade starting out cooler than where we finish. 63 is the high, partly sunny skies, light winds.
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64 in wilmington. down the shore you'll stop in the low 60s. early tomorrow morning, 48 degrees by 6:00 a.m. that's cool, but not as chilly as it is right now and better than it was yesterday. so we are continuing a mild trend starting early in the morning tomorrow. 50 by 8:00. 54 by 10:00. early afternoon we're getting into the low 60s and moving on up from there. tomorrow's high, 66 degrees and high pressure even though there will be morning cloud cover and fog around you'll want to be careful of, you'll wind up seeing sunshine as the day goes on. saturday, the frontal boundary comes down and slowly pushes its way through the region. that will knock the high temperature down to 60 degrees, there could sprinkles and drizzle perhaps a shower here or there. in the afternoon there's a chance of more of that, if the front continues to push south of us and continues to move we'll push the chance of rain to the south of philadelphia in the
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afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today no rain, 63. nice and mild. tomorrow, 64. clouds in the morning and sun returning later on. and then that damp start on saturday, that rain could linger through a portion of the day, south of philadelphia. honestly it depends on where the front winds up, maybe we wind up with a damp start and damp finish in spots. we'll see how that evolves. hoping it dries out in time for temple, in any event i hope it's not a driving rain and more of showers and sprinkles and drizzle. sunday, cloudy and damp, 352. monday, clearing and cool, 52. temperatures seasonable as we go into next week, in the 50s. >> 5:40, a police officer's dash camera catches a wild pursuit. find out why a woman who left her newborn at a nativity
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scene at a church will not face charges. >> reporter: we're looking at the l.a. fitness which we won't be worried about today, maybe tomorrow. things looking good on this portion of city avenue. philadelphia cheerleaders are working to make this thanksgiving a little cheerier for some folks. details later on "action news." ,
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taking a live look at philadelphia international airport on sky6 live hd across the country seeing all green dots which means you should not see any delays if you're traveling today. >> it's quiet on the roads, matt. >> reporter: busy travel day yesterday, that leads to a not-so-busy travel day today. if you're heading toward plymouth meeting. there's the headlights heading toward the mid county tolls, lansdale, quakertown, lehigh valley to see grand ma on this thanksgiving. there's no overnight construction. on the the schuylkill expressway there's a crash at the end of the gladwyn on-ramp to the eastbound lanes off to the side. not a big deal. we're watching an accident route 1 at wynnewood road by saint
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charles borromeo seminary. they finally opened route 213 maple avenue bridge over the neshaminy avenue bridge. that's been closed since july 2014. it's newly refurbished. great progress in langhorne along 213. newark, some of the ramps that connect i-95 to 896. the one on the north side is closed through january. the one on the southbound side of i-95 is closed through december 7. about a week a and a half more on that construction work. time for the waze app. richmond street is closed close to the girard avenue interchange. good news for you, richmond street reopened on monday, so early this week we got that back. matt? >> i'll take this, thank you
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matt. police released dash camera video of a 30-mile 20 minute chase through new york and new jersey. 45-year-old david compos stabbed a woman to death and took off. his car was spotted on the palisades parkway near fort lee. he was weaving on the shoulder and between cars up to speeds at 90 miles per hour. they arrested him when he got stuck in the traffic jam. >> the pennsylvania state trooper who was shot during the police chase on the vine street expressway is happy to be home on thanksgiving. new viewer video shows the standoff involving trooper pat casey. drivers were washing from their -- catching from their cars -- watching from their cars feet away with police officers and their guns drawn. the shooter faces attempted murder and other charges.
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officer casey said he feels okay. >> reporter: feeling okay? >> much better. >> reporter: pretty hairy experience, huh? >> you could say that. >> reporter: happy to be going home for thanksgiving. >> very happy. >> his father weighed in on the situation. >> i wish he wasn't shot, but what are you going to do. that's the job he chose. >> one facial additional person is wanted for questioning. police are looking for kameer lewis. who was in the car. police are looking for five people who were caught shooting. none of the wounded protesters were seriously injured. three other suspects turned themselves in on tuesday, the
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rally stemmed from the fatal police shooting of 23-year-old jamar clark earlier this month. prosecutors say a mother who left her newborn at a church in queens did not do anything illegal. the 5-pound baby is healthy and in protective custody. surveillance shows the mother buying the towels the mother wrapped her baby in in new york city. district attorney said she followed the safe haven laws. the mother returned the next morning to make sure the baby had been found. we have similar laws around here. still ahead on "action news," good news for an insufferable pig trio. >> and we have the chewbacca
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roar. >> reporter: if you're heading out to grandma's house, dry out to boston and richmond and pittsburgh. if you're flying no major delays all the way out to denver. we'll be back with the day planner forecast coming up next. >> three animals have forged an
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unlikely friendship have found a forever home. patty the pig and her pickles and pap reek cana, have been adopted. a shelter has been trying to find a home that would take all
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three. they are heading to a farm in pennsylvania. >> they will go hog wild. >> reporter: if you're heading 0 over the river to get to your thanksgiving destination, let's get a bridge check, the platt bridge westbound go the tail lights toward the airport looking good. the ben looking good, we have on going construction on the eastbound side, but there's not a whole lot of traffic out and about on any of the bridges. the tacony-palmyra, burlington brings tall no openings this morning. >> reporter: it's chilly this morning, 29 degrees in pottstown. 29 in saint david we're on the cool side in the northern and western suburbs. across the river in south jersey, a little better, but not by much. 34 in glassboro, just about the freezing mark in cinnaminson and more of the same up and down the state in delaware. if you're heading out to the parade. it will get better as the day
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goes on, 38 by 9:00. 58 by noon, there's the high, 63 by 3:00 p.m. light winds today. you'll find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar head to pope francis kicked off his first full day in of africa, wia message of tolerance and peace. he met in kenya before celebrating his first public mass on the campus of nairobi. he said religious leaders have little choice to engage in dialogue to prevent extremist islamic attacks. he travels to uganda tomorrow. >> dallas fans lined up for a chewbacca calling contest. the prize is two free tickets to
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a 3d showing of star wars the awakening. the movie is produced by disney the parent of 6abc.
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this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> a local cheerleading team traded in a night of practice to dedicate time to those loss fortunate. the june -- juniata cheerleading team served thanksgiving meals
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last night. >> they are hard working young ladies. >> we like to give back and be thanksgivingful for what you have and who you have to share it with. >> the team will be in disney world in two weeks for the pop warner cheerleading ships. the thunder cats came in 35th in the nation last year. later a robber rummages around a dresser while the homeowner is asleep in the very same room. >> good morning, it s
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6:00 a.m., thursday, november 26. happy thanksgiving, tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> the parade steps off in hours, we're live apt inflation station. >> shoppers are preparing to rush to clear the shelves and find the best deals. >> county eagles turn the losing tide against the lions. karen will be featured in our parade coverage later, we have matt pellman and david murphy. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, we're off to a chilly start, take a look at satellite. we have stars showing through. we have clouds filtering in, they are high enough we'll get sunshine through the clouds during the day. 40 in philadelphia. 29 in allentown. 30 in reading. 35 in trenton. 33 in wilmington. 31 degrees in millville. wind are not very strong. in philadelphia they have


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