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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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advantage of holiday deals but we start with melissa magee with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> we had nice mild conditions, we have done some math and did some research, thanksgiving, the coldest was 1901 a high of just 27 degrees, so far today in the city 63 and the record is 75 set in 1971, today is the nicer end of our thanksgiving holidays. 62 in the city and 49 in the poconos and beach haven. and people are getting a head start on shopping tomorrow and a few clouds of low level moisture tomorrow morning and clouds will break for sunshine especially by the afternoon and the day planner for black friday, 46 degrees and mostly cloudy
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perhaps you are still outdoors, 64 under a mostly sunny skies and 62 by noon and it looks like the numbers will get higher than that during the day. we'll show you more on that and a big dip over the weekend. coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> melissa thank you. the philadelphia tradition, the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade today that show rolled down the ben franklin parkway for the 96th time and the whole parade played out live here on 6 abc. >> there was pomp and circumstance and big performances and lots of local flair and glamour and style. go!
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the parade started with singers and dancers. philadelphia mayor michael nutter was one of the first special guests to pass by the art museum. mayor nutter and his wife lisa and family passed by in a horse drawn carriage and other special guests arrived as well. mickey and minnie mouse waved to the crowd as they made their way down the parkway ♪ ♪ >> of course a huge part of the parade, the wonderful performances that take over the parkway, the cast of the walnut street performers that includes nicholas williams, the son of "action news" anchor, rick williams. ♪ ♪ more than 600 young singers
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eased on down the road to the broadway musical the wiz, they were joined by the pennsylvania music school for the deaf and cassandra lewis from the voice-. ♪ ♪ and you got to love that, grammy award winner, dion warwick joined her son for a show stopping performance, they sang burt bacharach's what the world needs now is love. ♪ ♪ >> how about that sirnging voice, our own alicia vitarelli tried her hand at singing, alicia, karen rogers, adam joseph talked to people that came out to see the show up close and in person. doeses of marching bands from around the counted also
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participated in the parade, they traveled from both near and far including the dew point tigers from wilmington, delaware. and santa was on hand to close out the show, he and mrs. claus arrived on a sleigh to climb up the museum steps, we have a slideshow of all the highlights and the sneak peek at our website go to >> speaking of santa claus, ready for this there are just 29 days until christmas now and shoppers are hard at work and one store opened for black friday shopping and some were set to open in a matter of hours, annie mccormick is live now. lots of shoppers out there today? >> reporter: i just realized there was 29 days and the pressure is on, people are taking care of business at kmart and these lines are steady since
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6:00 this morning the kmart opens every thanksgiving but some may not start their shopping for a couple of hours. the blue light specials started early saturday morning for shoppers at this port richmond kmart. >> we started at 6:00 a.m. and the line was down the sidewalk. >> we open at 1:00 and some places open at 5:00 or 6:00, we are one of the few that opened all day, so far so good, we see a few people come in. and they expect runoff from customers that hit retailers nearby that open at 5:00 or 6:00 this evening, this wal-mart was open and an entrance for the big sale, customers were allowed to line up at 4:00 and will receive wrist bands, this target on caster avenue --
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>> nice gentlemen out here laughing and joking and hoping the eagles win, a brave cowboys fan listened to the radio as they waited for discount tvs. >> we are getting a deal on a tv and going home for turkey and it's 60 degrees out here right now, you can't beat that. >> and this kmart is open throughout tomorrow until 10:00 at night. they are deals to offer for the shoppers to continue to come out until they close tomorrow at 10:00 and throughout the holiday season. for the employees that are working hard here, they have a buffet in the back. reporting live in port richmond, channel 6 "action news." >> good to know the employees are taken care of. thank you. of course thanksgiving is not just about shopping but gratitude and helping others. today the holy communion in
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center city embraced the holiday and opened the doors and served hundreds of meals to the homeless. a reminder for our viewers, you can take "action news" with you, using, you can get live updates from live double scan live radar and up to the minute traffic scans around the area. all right, don't shoot the messenger. eagles fans don't have much to be thankful for, the loss to the bucks last week was the worst game, and today they lost to the lions 45-14, you heard me right. jaime you have highlights but there reasonable any. >> i feel horrible at the parade today and everybody is talking to me like i'm the bearer of bad news and that was before the
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game. and this team is that awful. this point on thanksgiving day the eagles are in the same condition as your turkey, stick a fork in them, they're done. sanchez is not cutting it, he managed just one touchdown pass excuse me, he hit celek to tie in in the second quarter and they failed to show up for the second straight game and that great grab made it 24-7 in the third and this one 38-7 and stafford threw for five touch downs, you thought last week was bad, eagles blown out worse, the lions largest win on thanksgiving. chip kelly almost looks shell shocked. >> it's right at the top -- we did not -- didn't coach well
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today didn't really do anything well today so it's very disappointing. it's not the outcome that anybody is looking for. >> the defense allowed 90 points the last two games, it's like someone has to get fired for this, the eagles 4- 7, don't forget the birds travel to pay the patriots who are undefeated next week. back to you in the studio, sharrie and brian. >> deep sigh right? >> you saw the microphone that chip kelly is talking into it like a metaphor for the whole team. parts of the white house is on lockdown after someone jumped the building's newly upgraded fence, and for people in south philadelphia we'll show you why the brick oven inside of kocha's bakery is working overtime.
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we are following breaking news out of washington, d.c. today, part of the white house was put on lockdown after someone jumped the fence along the north side of the grounds, alongside pennsylvania avenue where the white house fence is upgraded. the situation is described now as under control. and we are following developing news from overseas, russian president, vladimir putin, says his country is ready to cooperate with the international coalition against isis. he hosted french president, francois hollande. he is trying to gain support after the terror attack in paris. he is open to coordinating with the united states and france
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when selecting air strike targets. we'll have more coming up at 12:30? police were on high alert at the macy's day parade, a record breaking crowd turned out for the holiday show and the parade saw its biggest police presence ever including 1300 counter terrorism officers. all right it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast, my against a gorgeous day out there. lets head over to melissa magee in for adam on this thanksgiving. >> hi sharrie and brian, no complains on this thanksgiving thursday, we'll show you the picture outside, looking at philadelphia international airport, if you are trying to get away, they shouldn't have weather related travel delays, and mild conditions, right now in philadelphia, we drop down to 62, after being as high as 63,
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average is 52, so well above the normal. 59 in allentown and 60 in cape may. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have got a mostly sunny skies across the region, the skies remain clear as we go throughout the first half of the nighttime hours, the clouds trickle in from an east-west direction, the call from accuweather, we drop down to 44 degrees and allentown 39 and 42 in trenton for the overnight low and cape may 48 degrees and fog and clouds developing. over to the eastern pacific, we are keeping a close eye on hurricane sandra, this is a category 3 hurricane, and this will more than likely scrape the baja penance what on friday, and some of that getting syphoned up into the southern plains and affecting positions of the lone
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star state. we zoom in to stormtracker 6 live double scan, the rain is moving into dallas and oklahoma and kansas city, on the backside of that system colder air funneling south ward and cold and snow developing in the midwest. that moisture is not heading our way tomorrow but we'll tap into a piece of that in the second half of our weekend, for black friday, afternoon sunshine and 68 in the city and records north and west of town, and 65 in reading. future tracker 6 showing you 9:00 in the morning, it's mostly cloudy and showers north and west of the region, as we go throughout the day on saturday, you can see that weak system getting closer and closer to our region and some showers are not out of the question and a mostly cloudy skies and cooler day into saturday. your four day at 4:00, clouds to sunshine on friday, it's mild and a high of 68. saturday mostly cloudy and showers are around and not a
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washout and 60, on sunday 62 and rain developing and points to the south and chilly next monday with a high of 49 degrees, as we get into the weekend, the temperatures dip. >> all right melissa thank you. "action news" report dann cuellar is serving extra company for their holiday dinner, he is live at the hatfields on burn road in northeast philadelphia, dan it looks like a family affair happening there? >> oh, yes, we have a houseful of family here, look behind me there are 29 people here, 14 adults, 14 children there is no room to move around but we are going into the kitchen and they are preparing dinner, mary is here, mary hatfield preparing dinner all day long. what is fwog on here today? >> the turkey is in the oven
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early in the morning -- >> lets see lets look at the off ebb. >> stuffing and turkey in the oven dinner is in the oven. and the soup simerring from all the left over bones. >> and gravy ready to go. >> and brussel sprouds and turkey, white meet. >> it looks so good. >> we have a 30 pound turkey and mashed potatoes. that is my favorite. >> i could eat them every day. and then amy greenfield over here. what do we have over here. >> we have the sweet potato sausage stuffing, this is a family recipe doing it since 1969, my grandmom family found it in her woman's day magazine. >> god rest her soul. >> yes, she passed away a few
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years ago. god rest her soul. >> and ham. >> progress is on the way, we'll have dinner with the hatfields, you want to say three, two, one! >> happy thanksgiving. we'll check in with you later! bye bye. >> protect that food from dan i think he will eat all of it. dan you have fun out there. >> a south philadelphia tradition, people woke up earlier to bring their turkeys to kocha's bakery in their famous brick oven. eva pilgram was there. >> reporter: the line he stretched down ritner street before the sun came up. >> the oven died overnight and i have no clue. elexmurphy found herself with a thanksgiving crisis this morning.
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>> i'm here to save the day. >> they normally bake bread but every thanksgiving since the 60s they put turkey in their oven. >> each turkey is brought in with seasoning ready for roasting and covered in tinfoil. everybody makes sure they get their turkey, they numbered each turkey so they can tell them apart. >> over atville ari brothers bakery joe is making his bread the same for 40 years. >> flour and water and we bake the bread. his customers say the a must have. >> the family eats together. >> back at kocha's --
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>> picking up my turkey. >> the turkeys are out of the oven and trod go. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> so much joy. i love this holiday. the food you can't help but smile. still to cox on "action news" at 4:00, a holiday themed show to supour men and women in uniform. we'll take you to the turkey dinner on the uss new jersey. the oscors are still two months away, who is getting the attention of hollywood this holiday weekend. ♪ ♪
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you heard them. the eagles cheerleaders helped
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to pump up the crowd at the thanksgiving day parade. they were led by the mascot swoop. runners woke up early on this thanksgiving day -- it was the 37th annual tnc bank run walk for ms in wilmington, thousands of people pounded the pavement to burn calories before enjoying the holiday dinner, tom carpenter was on hand to kick off the race. it turned out that movie goers have a lot to be thankful for, several new releases hit the theaters in time for thanksgiving and 6 abc at 4:00 will be right back.
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tuesday night previews were record breaking the good dinosa dinosaur eclipsed frozen's debut two years ago and "creed" made more money than any thanksgiving preview in history. after a lackluster year hollywood is hoping after your holiday turkey you buy a ticket. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once.
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. "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> "action news" continues with the video that we guarantee you'll talk about over pumpkin pie tonight, it involves adorable twin babies and a turkey. from the dinner table to the discount aisle if you plan on hitting the stores after seconds and thirds, are you in luck, if you plan on having your shopping spree which deals you can fine online. there are many people that gave back today. the action cam was there when people gathered in the mana kitchen, mayor michael nutter.
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more than 2800 homemade meal kits and side dishes and mana pies were delivered to critically ill people in the region. there was a festive -- in wilmington. sunday was a breakfast mission on north popular street, for people that would have gone without, got a helping of food and the company of others. all the food served today was gathered over the last several days and weeks and those that requested it were able to get counseling today. "action news" john rawlins was on the battleship new jersey as brave men and women were treated to a dinner. >> a dinner for our men and women that protect our country. thanksgiving dinner served on
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the battleship new jersey. for some this is their first holiday way from home. >> i love my family i miss them dearly but i have my family around me. >> pat jones an event organizers, paused to think about the violent threats these young men and women could face. >> it's a threat that we still do not quite understand that hopefully our military minds are getting their handed around it. ♪ ♪ >> there was an earlier welcoming ceremony, this san annual event. erin was born in ghana and she appreciates this hospitality. >> this is my first time. sitting at wilson's table the battleship ceo, a young roman who was an air man in the war.
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>> i know what it's stuff to be on base on thanksgiving. >> and his wife jessica and daughter erica, there are prior thanksgivings they have not been together. >> often times he is on the road and an i'll see you when i get back hope you are safe. and erica is thankful their family is together this year. >> thankful that we can spend the time together this year. >> and as you heard in john rawlin's story the fight against terror was on the minds of many even as they sat down for a meal. several raids took place in belgium on this thanksgiving day, we have details on the raids and also a meeting between the presidents of russia and france. >> that is right sharrie, the president of france, francois hollande, is on a world tour of
4:33 pm
global leaders to gain their support in the country's war against terrorism pledge that france will not back down. france and russia say they are united in the fight against terrorism. russian president, vladimir putin pledged greater cooperation with president hollande. >> terrorism has a name it's isis. and the naval ship arrived off the coast of moscow and despite the cooperation there is no decision on the leader, assad. less than one week since radical terrorists stormed a hotel in mali, they are working on a global fight against terror. david cameron worked to get the britain parliament to join the
4:34 pm
fight. >> the military advice and the security advice say yes the risks of inaction are greater. >> and in brussels the threat of an attack is no longer considered eminent as residents return to routine. >> we hope it's going back to normal and children going back to school. >> it's hard to be more skittish, when there are so many armed people around but i'm very worried. >> while in the united states it has been blessedly quiet today, also in germany, two individuals were arrested with suspected ties to terrorism at the same time that the german prime minister announce they had would add more jets to the french led fight against terror. back to you sharrie. >> lana thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir will have more on the agreement between france and russia and as well as the terror alert level in belgium.
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that begins after "action news" at 6:00. here at home security was heightened to assure that america's oldest thanksgiving day parade went off without a hitch. people packed the ben franklin parkway to see the 96th edition. including south jersey's own carly lloyd. ♪ ♪ that stunning rendition of god bless america was performed by lauren hart was a tribute to the limbic gold medalist and world cup winner, and aerial barrel a classical singer hitch aid ride alongside a 10 foot tall turkey before belting out a disney
4:36 pm
classic ♪ ♪ >> she is just 12 years old, the floats and musicals are not the oath thing capturing the eyes of the crowd, beloved characters like strawberry shortcake and red from fraggle rock and giant balloons floating down the parkway. >> it was really impressive and i made a last minute decision to go to the parade today, i'm glad i did, i am on the 6 abc float there is wendy saltzman and trish hartman and her adorable baby, nadya, and i had a chance to meet so much viewers who are just wonderful, thanks everyone for making my first thanksgiving day parade so much fun. >> aren't you glad you went down there. >> i am. it was great. >> the balloons and floats take you back to childhood a little bit. >> no question about it.
4:37 pm
i brought my little boys back down there, we are off and the sidelines, they are 2-year-old boys and they don't do well on floats yet. everybody that goes to the parade just loves it. >> it's a great start to our thanksgiving and the afternoon not bad either guys. we'll show you the picture outside, sky 6 hd looking from the temple university camera down broad street, a gorgeous shot, mostly clear skies and the dew point 43 and winds from the west-southwest at 6 miles per hour, the pressure 30.70, as you look at the 24 temperature ching, warmer in trenton and 14 degrees warmer that sea isle city. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan there is a storm we are tracking across the midwest, on the milder side and snow on
4:38 pm
the backside and mixed precipitation, we'll have to track a piece of this energy for the second half of our weekend, it will do so in a much weaker fashion. we can keep the shovels away and last year there was a trace of snow and temperatures in the 40s. just because we are working today that doesn't mean we don't get to enjoy a home cooked meal. this time it was the hatfields in northeast philadelphia, our dann cuellar pretending to be a hatfield today, you are hanging with the family dan? >> that is right sharrie, i have my place at the table, the hatfields are gracious to let us into their home today for the wonderful thanksgiving celebration, dinner is out of the oven, what is going on now. mary hatfield -- >> making the gravy now, waiting
4:39 pm
to thicken it up. >> she is a good helper, this is the gravy that goes on the mashed potatoes and stuff. >> everybody loves that. >> what are you guys doing over there? shouldn't you be doing something? you guys are slackers. so these guys are starving and i'm starving and dinner is almost on the table and we are getting set to have thanksgiving dinner here, greg you want to say something to delaware valley out there. >> just from our family to everybody out there watching, happy thanksgiving and we hope everyone has a safe and healthy holidays and thank you very much. >> there you heard it all right there from the hatfield family in northeast philly, happy thanksgiving philly, we'll check in again later. sounds great dan, still ahead double turkey trouble, how a father found out that his
4:40 pm
8-month-old twins may be vegetarian. and free black friday sales are upon us, and which are available online. the post thanksgiving discounts and melissa magee returns with the full forecast from accuweather your holiday forecast for the weekend when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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pummeled with a hammer, a piece of wood and fist, the beating left him in a coma and three teens were arrested. a car crashed all the way into a gas station convenience store in mt. airy, thankfully
4:43 pm
nobody was hurt in the wreck this morning on stenton avenue, police are trying to determine what caused the accidents. >> a mother that left her newborn at a nativity scene will not face charges. brand new surveillance video showed her carrying the infant into a nearby store to buy a towel. the mom used the towel to wrap up the newborn before leaving them in a manger. the child was discovered by a custodian a short time later with the umbilical cord attached and the mom returned yesterday to make sure her son was found, she will not be charged because a church is considered a safe haven by law, but the baby is to be handed to a responsible person and not left unattended. at least one parishioner offered to adopt the boy. a man has trouble sleeping
4:44 pm
for a time thanks to a creepy burglar. he heard a noise and realized something bigger than a -- was in his room and he shouted and scared him off. and after seeing video he realized how scary it was, he was crawling around with a knife in his mouth with a knife next to his bed. he got off way cell phone. charles ramsey was honored in north philadelphia, the one day at a time drug and alcohol program saluted ramsey for his life of service, he urged everyone to hold their head up. >> some days are better than other days, that is true for all of us, if we can make it through the day we will make it through the next day and the next day will be a little better and maybe another challenge. >> incoming police commissioner
4:45 pm
richard ross commended one day at a time for being there for people in need.
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♪ ♪ how can you not move to that, the big hit was the fantastic rendition of the movie and broadway show, dream girls, it was pulled together by the talented members of the creative and performing arts, job well done to those people. >> i am glad you could not see the three of us. >> we all got caught. don't show us behind the cameras. it was fun. >> the weather is so good, you want to move. the picture outside the "action
4:48 pm
news" cam in manayunk looking at the wissahickon creek, a bright blue sky, on this thursday, really comfortable conditions as well. we'll show you stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d, dry and quiet with high pressure staying in control and no issues here on our holiday, in fact everyone in the 60s, in philadelphia, 64 average for us this time of year 52 well above the mark today, allentown 60 and trenton 62 and same thing in wilmington and atlantic city at the airport 66 degrees, 9 degrees warmer in philadelphia than yesterday. 49 in the poconos and 59 in reading and along the coast coming in at 59. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have really dry conditions in the region and a few more clouded drift into our region in the overnight hours, we have a big storm system out
4:49 pm
across the midwest and plain states, we are tracking a area of low pressure in the plain states and rain on the milder side of this system and rain and sleet and even some snow on the backside where the colder air punches south ward and we tap into a piece of that energy in the second half of our weekend here, the call from accuweather, clear early and late day fog and clouds and drop down to 39 in the suburbs and 44 in philadelphia, here is the setup on our black friday, 68 in the city and early clouds and bright by the afternoon, tracking the from the same one coming out of the northern plains, mostly cloudy and a few showers around and in at 60 degrees, we are tracking a area of low pressure with a wave of energy that looks like it wants to ride up along the front as we get into the day on sunday, it looks like we have a drop in our temperatures with that chilly air invading into much of the mid-atlantic region, the call from accuweather forecast as we look to temple,
4:50 pm
they are playing at the linc and an isolate the shower is possible but not a bad start to the game, kickoff 55 as we get into the fourth quarter we drop down to 50, here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouded and sunshine for friday, a milder afternoon in at 68, on saturday, mostly cloudy and a couple of showers are around and not a washout and dreary and a high of 60, on sunday mostly cloudy and rain develops not south and 52 and once the fronts dips down south and east of us, sunday and monday mostly sunny and 49 and tuesday late rain and high of 56, gradual clearing next wednesday, high of 54 and thursday a high of 50 degrees and sunshine and clouds, a nice end on friday and cooler with showers to contend with into the weekend guys. >> thank you melissa. if are you trying to decide whether to hit the stores tonight, stay tuned.
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you need to know at, including which stores are open today and when door buster deals begin and local retailers with specials, available to our viewers in our black friday play book. at 4:00 for many of us thanksgiving is all about the turkey but not everybody is passionate about that holiday staple, take the 9-month-old twins, their dad snuck in turkey during their applesauce. >> turkey -- >> you don't like that? how about you? still adorable, they were not fans. they will learn to love it. there will be plenty of turkey left overs in the days to come. >> that is right you two. >> that will do it for "action
4:57 pm
news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli, melissa magee and adam joseph i'm brian taff. next at 5:00 as you eat your holiday meals today or the days to come, there are important things to remember about food allergies.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it is thanksgiving day and all across the region people are giving back to those in need. and also on this holiday philadelphia celebrates for the parade on the parkway, a tradition that has been around almost 100 yours. zbri love the floats and the bands and everything else it's really great. >> i feel the love from philly. feel the love? it's thanksgiving night. rick and monica are off. >> i'm sharrie williams, first lets get the latest on the forecast for the rest of thanksgiving and your long holiday weekend. meteorologist, melissa magee, she is live outside in for adam
5:00 pm
with the details from accuweather. melissa happy thanksgiving. brian and sharrie we had a spectacular thanksgiving with a bright blue sky, we'll take you back in time, we did some number crunching today, the coldest thanksgiving on record, low of 27 and today we climbed up to 64 and the warmest here was 75 degrees, down in 1941, we are definitely on the nicer side of our holidays. currently outside in philadelphia, 57 and the poconos 46 and trenton 57 along the coast in beach haven 58 and lancaster 54. perhaps you are stuffed with turkey and stepping ougt on the town to kind of walk it off, it's mostly clear and 7:00 p.m. 56 and 55 at 8:00 p.m., and 9:00 tonight we drop down to 54 and a few more clouds moving in


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