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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> this friday, november 27. matt and tram off. here is what ha happening. >> full swiping and deep discounts we're live. >> and protest rerz converging check chick busiest shopping day today to contest a police shooting. >> and new surveillance shows a man suspected of killing a convenience store clerk in burlington county. >> and a look at weather and traffic. >> let's head to david murphy and matt pellman in for karen. >> the big issue is the visibility. we have dense fog add vees ray until 9:00. newcastle country and south jersey and trenton. even in parts of southeastern pennsylvania you might run into a big of fog.
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you want to slow it down. worst areas appear to be trenton and down to millville and airport, atlantic city, and in through wilmington top. couple spots like plan catser and allentown showing visibility. once we get rid of dense fog we should transition to sunshine and sun and clouds today. and that's going to be the ide idea. and 42 degrees not too cold this morning in tractor-trailer 30s reading an plan cast airport allentown and trenton. 38 millville and 37 wilmington and 54 sea isle city and winds light this morning. as we head to get the car started we come to the malls, patchy, foggy, 42 by 6 and 43 by 8:00 starting cool. winding up mild. we'll wind up with mix of sun and clouds through the day. 59 by noon and 66 by 3:00 and that's your high and that's well above average. matt pellman we have a little bit of cool down for the weekend along with clouds, rain, drizzle. that's all coming up. >> something for everyone. >> all right. >> happy black friday to you
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david. good morning everybody a lot of people of course off work on this black friday morning. those out and about may do shopping are encountering problems like this overturned vehicle crash that is still blocking southbound lanes of 0 09. right hereby the pennsylvania turnpike. if you come south montgomer montgomeryville you can sdoyt get into for the washington teen get to pennsylvania turnpike. maybe west to king of prussia or east to willow grove but not getting through on 309 south to cheltenham and/or liens. take bethlehem pike as alternate crash upper hanover kutztown near fruitville load and recon near black white mortgage has cleared out. not bad if you head to outlets 4. speeds in mid 50s there. live look in center city this is the vine under the ben franklin parkway. no construction on the vine. everything is is on along the parkway after the big parade.
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as you can see center city fog is not bad. same cannot be satisfied in south jersey and delaware where there's substantial amount of fog and if you ride mass transit keep in mind modified schedule subways and buses and regional rails on normal weekday schedule, eva. >> thanks, matt. >> shoppers have been out in full force all night looking for the best bargains this black friday. stores throughout the region are packed this morning including the target in wynnefield heights. that's why we'll find annie mccormick and annie how are things looking out there? >> eva, this is a time top go if you thought you wanted to come out but didn't want to have to deal with big crowds. we really have a lull here. right now if you take a look behind me you can see the cashiers are waiting for you to make a purchase. ladies busy ail night an day but they're expecting bigger crowds to dom throughout the day. take a look at the crowds that were here early right when they opened at 6 p.m. on thanksgiving. >> when the doors opened that
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wynnefield heights target at 6 p.m. thanksgiving day electronics and toys were hottest door busters. >> did you get everything you wanted. >> indeed. >> tell me you have a huge television. >> $93 this say wonderful place. >> i have cars, monster jam. barbie. i have some lawv and learn toys. i don't know what all i got disney princess dolls. >> a long line formed outside of the tarring wet people as early as tuesday. many with circulars in hand. over west deptford toys "r"us people on the high of great discount toldes they would keep going. black friday is as much tradition to them as turkey is to thanksgiving and this year, they are not seeing the crowds. >> we finish thank giving and enjoy thanksgiving and then, we do our all night shopping. we usually get done all on black friday. >> there's not that many crowds
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this night you know. we deposit wait in line at toys "r"us. walmart was a little crazy as usual and target was calm. >> back here live at target a lot of shoppers say the best things to do before heading out is have a plan. many major retailers have different hours. you want to check that. also to keep incentives for shoppers to keep coming throughout friday they have different door busters at different times. for now reporting live in wynnefield hite annie mccormick "channel 6 action news," nydia. >> got to get the shoppers in. thank you, annie. the action cam ran into shoppers overnight the best buy and dig sporting goods were on for business and many customers were sptd midnight madness was not that mad after all. >> it's pretty laid back. it's not really crazy like you would expect like it has been the past few years. i think everybody calmed down. yeah it's kind of you can walk in walking a round, yeah.
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>> it's a good crowd but not too crazy. black friday changed a little from cyber monday and thing like that. >> it was 1 a.m. while a lot of shoppers were ready to spend money all night long it was only ft. deal was rite. they were scoping out the best pieces especially on electronics and reminder we have everything shoppers need to know on that includes which stores are on and hours and special offers at local retailers available only to viewers in "action news" black friday play book. >> of course, people all over the country are out and about looking for door buster deals this friday. walmart's flag ship store is packed as shoppers scoop up deals from tvs to electronics and clothing. >> workers in times square fwreeded a long line of shoppers. many wore santa hats. >> many took on a serious tone in check chick protesters plan
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to march in buzzest shopping district this morning to bring attention to kyleing of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald by a chicago police officer. mcdonald, black, was shot 16 times by white officer and that officer was kharped with murder just this week. organizer say they hope their presence will discourage shoppers from venturing to the magnificent mile and they hope this brings attention to the issue of police brutality. >> officials in camden county are looking for the cause ever a house fire and the blaze broke out 7:30 last night emerald avenue in hadden township and no injuries were reported and the fire caused a good amounts of damage. >> authorities in burlington county released surveillance of the man they believe shot and killed a convenience store clerk and investigators want the public to take a close look at the man in these pictures. they say the man shot and killed 32-year-old matthew outside the quick and go storm 100 block of mlk boulevard
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wednesday nights it's not clear what head up to shooting but if you recognize the suspect call 11. >> 5:0 and mild this morning as you head out. >> and mild this afternoon too. >> stormtracker 6 double sdan shows you we are dry. stepping outside fog around parts of region and not seeing it it up along the delaware river penn's landing and nice pretty picture of the river range and unfortunately it's another afternoon coming up where it won't feel like ice skating weather and if you keep the refreming raters you could enjoy mild weather later. 7 in reading and up to 4 in philadelphia. and these numbers are all going to turn around and start marc marching north quickly past sunrise you can see plaque of any real significant high cloud cover across the region an later we transition to cloud and sunment your one issue this morning dense fog formed in parts of region between now and about 9:00 particularly in
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south jersey and delaware and some parts of southeastern pennsylvania may see that too be careful if you drive around ahead of 9:00. clouds and sun. 62. fog down the shore early. after that kludz and sun. 6 is the high there. and in philadelphia we're going for a high of 66 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun. nice conditions out there with winds on the light side only running about 6 to 12 miles an hour as we roll through the day still in the low 40s, 8:00, mid 50s, 11, quick march up to 40 by 2:00 with high of 66 around 3:00 this afternoon and tomorrow, change occurs. you fet a frontal boundy coming down from north to sock us in with clouds and high of 60 and occasional sprinkles and showers and on sunday of course the temperatures drop further and we wind up still a little unsettled let's cover saturday. up to noon it looks like dry. kind of cloudy. in the afternoon, just awe little bit piece of drizzle or light shower activity. later in the evening up to
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11:00 there's a better chance of more of this building in and if you head to temple game the chances are good it's dry. it will be fairly cloudy and cool, 55 for the kickoff and 50 for the fourth quarter for 7:00 saturday night temple uconn match-up and isolated shower can't be ruled out. sunday morning more shower activity round 10:00 southern half of the reej yoon damp an anyway not a driving rain and by later in the afternoon there's a possibility with going in the south 60. >> tomorrow cloudy and damp as you saw not a lot of rain and drizzle in spotty showers and 60 the high and 52 surprised and clouds and damp conditions in the morning and hopefully that sunsetled to the south during the afternoon hours and we're dry again on monday. 50, back up to 56 tuesday and tuesday and wednesday are undebtled and again some periods of rain. >> all right. not bad. thank you, david. >> it's now 5:10 more to come
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on "action news" it's another ugly loss for the eagles. they have now fallen to 4/, reaction from the team in sports. >> belgium lowered terror left of threats and authorities there are still on high alert. matt. >> good morning, eva. kind of a cool shot here. fog forming over the schuylkill river and over the roosevelt boulevard expressway. route 1 approaching schuylkill expressway. traffic moving okay. volume light this morning. we have a new small ush uon the pennsylvania turnpike. talk about that after the break. >> and plus ecoli kout break linked to costco led to a recall. those stories and more when recall. those stories and more when "action news" continues
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>> you're looking leave at philadelphia international. hope you had a great day and our kids were at the parade and by the end the kid took offer socks and shoes and took off every layer of kloming you could. >> it was nice and warmed up. >> it was put full. most of people are not going to work. lots of people have the day of off. they're going shopping pl bell good what better time than now to do the suburban traffic report. many are headed to the burbs and malls nydia and eva. if you come out of the burbs not so bad. you expect morning commute not
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rally to be a morning commute and expect thipingdz to remain light. had overnight crash was bloc blocking left laindz of 09 for the washington and crash involving over turned vehicle gone an southbound lanes reopened and as you come south from montgomeryville to cheltenham this morning are you getting through and if you hop on the turnpike watch out reports of broken down vehicle ooek approaching willow grove if you head to willow grove park mall it opens 6:00 this morning an stays on until 10:00 tonight. also a crash we're watching in upper hanover over mow lass as creek. no issues on northeast extension of course no overnight construction because of holiday yesterday. ongoing construction in moorestown continues to close mount laurel road, martyr avenue or church streets and ult mats around that and expect congestion the malls burlington county. it opens at 6. camden country cherly hill opens 6:00. if you travel on the new jersey turnpike this morning, 55 miles
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an hour in max. because of the foggy companies we are seeing that fog in south jersey and over in delaware as we pull into the outtaer. >> reporter: to hrping one friend using waze app foggy weather at new port and commodore barry bridge 5 miles an hour the max because of fok. nydia. >> officials in belgium say alert level in brussels has been lowered one notch because of threat of attack no ping lo are considered imminent. they didn't give over details but capital and country are now under second highest alert level that saying phase attack is possible and lookly. meantime authorities readied. >> it certainly was not a happy thanksgiving for the eagles. the birds had another embarassing loss yesterday this too many to the lions, this time the score 45-14 this is
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worst two game snrech history and the first too many the bivrdz ever allowed 45 point and five touchdowns in back-to-back games and despite losses they say they are sticking by embattled head coach chip kelly. >> he's our coach. we'll fight with him and for him. i think no one is looking and pointing fingers at anyone. >> is farts with me i'm not pointing the fingers at anybody and i don't think anybody points fingers at anybody we have to look inside ourselves and see what everybody can do. >> eagles fall 4-7 another tough road test ahead of them. they face tom brady and patriots next sunday. >> dallas together to undefea undefeated. >> romo broke his left collar bone and the eagles were out 7 gailz. he'll from more test done toda today. >> green bay packers honored one of the all time great last night apt team unveiled former
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quarterback brett farve name and the packers took on the bears and the game time down to the phoneal second. the wears would 17-13. >> 5:1 more ahead this holiday shopping in full swping and scorety company has new warping about malware scams. >> and part of country are dealing with another winter round of weather and not everyone is complaining david sdm chilly to start out. above arm temperatures. 4 by 6:00 for those headed out for the early shopping trim. 48 by and 60 by noon. i'll have the forecast fweting you through the rest of the i'll have the forecast fweting you through the rest of the afternoon coming up
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>> i cheering on the winter weather thousands of skiers and snow borders hit the slope for opening day at sky santa fay the resort has fave feet of snow. many families say they could
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not think of a better way to spend thanks giving and you get to burp offer a few calories. >> they can keep it not ready yet won't be ready. >> no thanks. >> as we head outside this morning pens lanning delaware avenue kind of where the bep franklin bridge goes over top. looking good. nose an queue they morning an a lot of people headed to the malls this morning an we like to remind people tomorrow is small bids saturday great time to get to the neighborhood. all skas between now and the new year after 7 a.m. meet rerz free. you don't have to food the meeters. and septa buses and subways running on modified weekday schedule and regional rails back to normal schedule and patco and njt tells on a holiday. >> that's every day after the fit of the year at 11 o'clock:00 in the morning. >> 59 at foop and 66 is your
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high today it will be i nice one the only issue we have is dense fog senterd in south juries and i delaware. if you head to the airport maybe getting some relatives bag on the plane doesn't look like any major delays. rain in chicago and jfk fog and same in philadelphia and little fog and low visibility and not causing big plays yet. 66 is the high today. it will be a fis one this afternoon and nydia and eva. >> david, thank you good play gound ground weather. in health check a new form of treatment is showing hope that type one diabetes's parent won't is to rely on daily insulin injections. and the treatment uses regulatory t cells to reeducate a patient's immune system and potentially chaing course ever the disease. and researchers stress though they need to do a harmer trial to cop firm the peninsula gits to part. a california farm issued app
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outbreak. taylor farms fevk has recalled until of celery and onions loosed in salad and other food foods. excuse me. costco says the farm is sole suppliers for very many tablz and khingen salad and sold at stores all across the country. [ coughing ]. >> outbreak sickened 19 people in 7 states and fda says a number of people sickened will likely grow over the next few weeks even though the sal aid removed from store shelves. >> thank you eva. >> it is 5:23 up next in "morning buzz" adele is hitting roads. >> fans in the u.s. won't be able to see her we'll tell you why. >> this is not something you see every day a blimp forced to make mnl landing that story at 5:30. first here is "america's money". >> good morning topping "america's money" auto maker hoping for a lucrative black friday. black friday deals are growing in popularity. they're hoping shoppers will
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ditch department stores in favor of car lots. >> and it's predictions pan out black friday car sales could be the highest since 2001. a new warning from security experts criminals are using black friday to hack your payment information. >> later on "good morning america" the mall ware scams you should be looking out for this holiday surprise and more holiday workers are treating themselves as they check off items for family and friends. >> americans will spend about 10 dollars on self gifting that's up a few dollars from last year. >> all right. >> we love ourselves. >> that's "america's money". >> we love ourselves. >> that's "america's money". >> have a great day
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good friday morning sky6hd taking a live look on temple university camera center city. it is still dark outside but it's pretty mild when you walk outside the temperature now 49. but a square it feels warmer than that. >> it does. >> and in today's moreing buzz adele fans in the u.s. are no doubt singing blues. she is not coming to america. she aannounceed on facebook she'll be touring next year and north europe. she just released her new album 5 and hit single hello. she sold nearly 2 1/2 million copies in over three days for
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passing single week sales record set by in sync in 2000. 25 is top sling album of the year. >> in sync to adele how does that happen. >> there's more coming up in the next half hour after "action news." family from carbon county in the spotlight today and when it presents the first family with official white house christmas tree. >> and plus ready, set, shop. our black friday coverage continues in a live report from the dmrosster premium outlets. those stories and more when the dmrosster premium outlets. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back
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we've live aas shoppers hit area stores. >> and live from accuweather how long it will last. >> bruised, battered and eagles lose third game in a row. good morning 5:30, friday, november 7. >> weather and traffic with david murphy and matt pellman in for david murphy. >> i hop you haul


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