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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. a major holiday storm hitting the midwest. flash flooding near dallas, one officer washed away during a rescue. snow and ice making roads treacherous. hundreds of flights canceled. and millions more americans on high alert this morning. security scare. this man jumping over the white house fence while the first family celebrates thanksgiving inside. the secret service swarming within seconds, guns drawn. the white house on lockdown. how did he get over the fence? trump in trouble. the republican front-runner accused of mocking a reporter from "the new york times" who is disabled. >> oh, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> the newspaper is outraged but trump is not backing down. what he is saying this morning. ♪ here we go ♪
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and they're off. the black friday frenzy in full swing this morning. crowds busting through the doors overnight. more than 100 million americans racing to the stores today fighting for the best deals and just plain fighting. this morning, how you can beat the crowds and find the biggest savings of the season. ♪ hey, good morning. i'm dan harris. alongside paula faris. this is -- don't adjust your sets. a weekend takeover of the weekday show and sara haines, tom llamas who we consider an honorary member of the weekend team and rob marciano is hiding behind the weather wall right there. >> hey, rob. can you see rob? >> you might be able to see him? >> peeking through. >> we do want to say happy friday, everyone. unlike that video you just saw everybody here is playing nice. no fighting. hope you had a great thanksgiving and now it is time for the shopping. >> look at all these people storming the stores out in force
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this morning trying to grab those great black friday deals on this, america's annual orgy of consumption. >> oh, wow. >> washer and dryer and the vacuum i had my eye on today. don't go near them. >> you're going big. >> i'm going big but could clicking bring better deals than door rushing? our shopping gurus are standing by with the hottest online deals to what not to buy on black friday so you can save even more which is what we like to hear. >> gurus for sure. we start this friday morning with that dangerous holiday storm slamming the middle of the country causing flash flooding and blanketing parts of america with snow and ice and abc's aditi roy kicking us off this morning from denver. aditi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. boy, these hand warmers are coming in handy. it is frigid here at the denver airport with temperatures in the single digits and across the middle of the country, heavy rain creating treacherous conditions. this morning, flash floods
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pounding texas. >> be advised doing a water rescue right now on i-17. >> reporter: the raging waters swallowing vehicles in its path prompting at least ten emergency high water rescues near dallas, one deputy officer washed away during the search for a missing driver. >> she saw a lady's life was in danger and she dropped her gun, dropped her heavy equipment and went into the water to make that rescue. >> reporter: later the officer found hanging on to a tree. >> located the deputy. we are trying to get her out of a tree right now. >> reporter: heavy rain putting the yearly total at more than 53 1/2 inches, a new record. meanwhile, huge swaths of snow and ice sweeping the heartland. turning turkey day into a white thanksgiving for millions. here in colorado more than 200 flights delayed at denver international airport. triggering a travel nightmare for hundreds of stranded passengers. >> it's frustrating. >> you can see large parts of
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the runway glazed in snow. >> when the weather hits you will see the increase in accidents. >> reporter: accidents plaguing holiday travelers across the prairies. slippery conditions ditching cars to the roadside. one after another. gusts of 30 miles an hour blowing the ice. >> the sleet's actually pretty painful. >> reporter: and back here in denver, the snow has let up. that's certainly good news but with those icy conditions that he big challenge. >> stay warm. this storm is a beast on the move this morning and rob marciano is tracking it all. we ha've allowed him to emerge m behind the weather wall. good morning again, sir. >> a lot to talk about. a multifaceted storm system and ongoing water rescues across parts of texas. look at these advisories across the plains. winter storm warnings, ice warnings, more importantly for the next 48 hours is the heavy
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rain falling from midland to dallas up through tulsa and st. louis. there's your ice, obviously, but the rain keeps going for a good two days so we're looking at flooding rains here, dallas has already broken their record for the year and we're not even into december. could see another 8 inches of rainfall. much more on this plus the fog in the northeast. dan, paula. >> i think whether we like it or not winter is coming. are we ready to accept that fact? >> you sound like "game of thrones." >> i didn't mean that. holiday scare at the white house. a man draped in an american flag jumped over the fence while the first family was inside celebrating thanksgiving. the white house was put on lockdown for several hours and abc's mary bruce is right there for us this morning. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. well, the president and the first family planned to have their holiday meal right here inside the residence, but they probably didn't plan on an uninvited guest breaching white house security showing up right here on their front lawn.
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a thanksgiving security scare in the nation's capital. this man jumps over the white house fence as the first family celebrates right inside. it's around 2:45 become when joseph caputo dressed in white and draped in an american flag is spotted leaping over the fence onto the north lawn. >> took a huge deep breath and he kind of just said, "all right, let's do this" and before you know it he jumped over the barricade, took off, jumped over that white house fence. >> reporter: caputo steeps to raise his hands in victory. but drops to his knees within seconds as the secret service swarm, their guns drawn. officers carefully search him before taking him handcuffed into custody. part of the white house is locked down for nearly three hours. >> in a park across the street. >> reporter: secret service clear pennsylvania avenue of pedestrians and comb the area before determining there is no threat. now, this latest incident comes just months after new spikes
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were added to the fence here after a string of security lapses. but the new precautions clearly not enough to stop this holiday guest who this morning faces criminal charges. dan. >> hectic scene, mary, thank you. the race for the presidency now and this morning donald trump provoking fresh outrage, this time the republican front-runner is accused of mocking a reporter who has a physical disability. trump, however, says he doubts he ever actually met the reporter in question and tom has more on that story. good morning, again. >> dan, good morning to you. all over the country trump tells his crowds how much he hates the media. that 70% of journalists are dishonest then imitates some reporters he permanent atly can't stand all part of the trump stump speech but now some say he may have crossed the line just to get some laughs. in a campaign of firsts donald trump appearing to go where no presidential candidate has gone before, the republican front-runner at a rally in south carolina this week appearing to
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mock a journalist who is disabled. >> now the poor guy, you got to see this guy, i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember. >> reporter: that reporter, "the new york times" serge kovaleski who has a chronic condition affecting his joints that limits flexibility in his arms. on thanksgiving trump tweeting, i do not know the reporter f for"the new york times" or what he looks like. i was showing a person groveling to take back a statement made long ago. "the new york times" saying we're outraged that he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters. it came as trump defended his claim that he saw people in new jersey cheering on 9/11, law enforcement and government officials now denouncing that as false but this is hardly the first time trump has come under fire for offending someone from some mexican immigrants in that campaign kickoff speech. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: to senator john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. i like people that weren't captured, okay. >> reporter: to women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs.
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>> only rosie o'donnell. >> oh, i don't know what i said. oh, i don't remember. >> reporter: trump not backing down this time either also tweeting, "if mr. kovaleski is handicapped i would not know because i do not know what he looks like. kovaleski says he covered trump for years and in an interview with "the washington post" kovaleski says, he was sure trump remembered him and his condition. and if you think this may be the end of trump, think again. nearly every time he's had a controversy his poll numbers have gone up and up. we'll see what happens with this controversy, guys. >> if his past has told anything those indiscretions haven't hurt him. >> true. we move to the black friday frenzy, more than 100 million americans are expected to flood stores today. the mad rush actually began last night but if you'd like to skip the chaos and still get great savings all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> thank you, sara. only sara joins me on that one, abc's rebecca jarvis is at a target store in chicago with all the details.
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good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: i'll join you, good morning, aye would like to get the deals without going into the stores. target announcing they had record sales online and that's because so many of the record deals are now online. the top seller, the ipad at target. they say they sold a new ipad every single second. yesterday. they came. they shopped. they conquered. overnight crowds of people flooding in stores across the country, walmart, best buy, target and toys "r" us all hoping to catch consumers first with doors open before you could digest the turkey. >> they have a bluetooth speaker, panasonic blu-ray player, beatsheadphones. >> get our thanksgiving early to come get in line early. >> the deals is why we're shopping on black friday. >> reporter: this black friday brawl breaking out in one
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kentucky mall. fists flying as shoppers flee. but overall this year's thanksgiving shopping scene seemingly a bit more tame. in part because many retailers touting online deal the same if not better than what you'd find in stores making it easier than ever to avoid the commotion completely. >> i thought maybe the line would be a few blocks. took us only five minutes to get in. >> reporter: if you weren't among the crowd, there's still plenty of time to join the expected 136 million people who plan to shop over thanksgiving weekend. 75% of those shoppers will be out today for black friday deals. and for anyone who is planning to hit the tors today google as this new future called think with google and they tell you all the peak times, the times to go to retailers, the time to skip retailers. this he say between 2:00 and 4:00, that will be maximum capacity. that's when the most people will be hitting stores so you go before or after that, dan, and you are likely to have a little
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less stressful time in your holiday shopping. >> does the app tell you when to sit on the couch and watch television? >> reporter: that's all day long especially if "gma" is on. >> fair enough. all right, rebecca, thank you. we should say one of the most prominent players in the black friday binge is, of course, toys "r" us. we have a live look at the flagship store right across the treat from our studio right here in times square and joining us in our studio is the new ceo of the company, dave brandon, good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> so we have footage of people invading the stores yesterday when you opened on thanksgiving itself. i understand you were actually working in the flagship store right here in times square. how is business thus far. >> it was fun to be there last night. we had lines going around the block and when the doors opened at 5:00, it was quite a scene and the store was really full and people were actively shopping and it was a good sight for those of us who want to have a great start to the season. >> yeah, music to your eyes. so we have toys here. walk us through what you expect to be the hot toys this season.
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>> well, we have a broad array of toys, you're going to have your staples. sell a lot of barbie dolls and play-doh and legos and games but a lot of what you're seeing this year is technology being brought to the toy industry and so we have everything from this is clever keet, it sells for $39.99. a parakeet you can own. you don't have to clean the cage. he'll speak to you. he'll learn your name. he'll swing, he'll dance. you can carry him around on his little perch. he'll eat. he'll do everything that a real parakeet do except little cleaner, little easier. >> fewer droppings. what else you got? >> this is smart toy bear. we have a smart toy bear and a smart toy on ki. this is actually a cloud-based toy. you can plug this into your phone and download information as a parent and get this toy to help your child learn how to brush their teeth, learn how to eat well. dance, it's got a scanner and a camera in its nose where you can
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actually put flash cards in front and it will actually perform different tasks and interact with the child in a very educational way. >> that's really cool. we have a few seconds left. "star wars" is coming out being released by our parent company disney in the not too distant future. will this play a huge role in the coming season, r2-d2. >> we have a part of our store dedicated to "star wars." this drone is a perfect example of the kind of thing we have. this makes noises, it spin, it goes forward and backwards. it flashes a silhouette of princess leia up on the wall. it does all kinds of cool interactive things and we have just about everything you could imagine "star war" related in am anticipation of the upcoming movie. >> one i would play with and not let my son have. >> r2-d2 sounds a lot like you, dan. where to score the best deals and how to get strategic, we have answers this morning. abc's becky worley joins us from
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san francisco with all of the secrets. good morning, becky. help us out. >> reporter: good morning, paula. yeah, the big news this black friday, the online deals are final finally comparable to the in-store deals. walmart says 96% of the deals they offer in store are also available online and that 4%, it's mostly limited inventory doorbusters that have already come and gone. what's new we're seeing retailers push shoppers to mobile by offering app only deals. one i saw, rebecca minkoff bag, 55% off. >> so walk us through some of the other deals and tell us if we should wait for clothing for cyber monday. >> yeah, today is the day. let's start with phones. buy a phone today if you need one, the samsung galley s6, their note 5 both only a penny at target. love those. also at target, apple watch deal. $349. that's list but bundle it with a $100 gift card.
7:16 am
staying on apple, the mini 4, 399 at meijer bundled with a $125 gift card. kindle fire tablet, $35, that's just insane and you asked about clothing, kenneth cole, 50% off. the gap 50% off. cole hahn, 30% off. some may be more discounted on cyber monday but lots more we'll dig into. >> i know all the info is on our website online at "gma" on yahoo! see you in a little bit. the other stories breaking this morning and tom has that. >> that's right. we start in chicago. protesters angry over the shooting death of an african-american teen by a white chicago police officer are threatening to shut down black friday shopping. after days of protests demonstrators will march along the city's famed magnificent mile calling for justice for 17-year-old laquan mcdonald who was shot 16 types by officer jason van dyke. to the latest arrested
7:17 am
linked to the deadly terror attacks in paris, two weeks after the massacre two more people have been detained during raids in belgium. officials say one person is being held as a suspect and the other may be a witness. meanwhile, the 130 people killed in the attacks were remembered this morning, france marked a national day of mourning with an emotional ceremony. a blimp flying over holiday traffic in new york was suddenly blown off course hovering close to power lines. the pilot knew he couldn't reach the airport so he found a baseball field and touched down safely. >> there you go. >> finally, one nfl quarterback had the day off yesterday and we know exactly what he was up to. too bad his kids didn't. there they are innocently playing around in the backyard of leaves unaware they were being stalked by a 6'4" turkey. that right there. >> oh, my word. >> oh. >> guys, that's tom brady scaring the heck out of his kids. turkey tom's facebook post now closing in on 1.5 million views.
7:18 am
there's two camps here. the camp that says that's really funny and there's the other camp that is really creepy. >> the other camp says years and years of therapy. >> daughter knows that? >> that was amazing. >> dan, how do they say scary with a boston accent? >> i'm not going to pull -- wait until the 8:00 hour. i'll pull out my boston accent. >> rob marciano can do it quite well. >> i sure can. we should point out that >> dense fog advisory until 9 a.m. for i-95 coastal sections and this improves your local forecast 30 seconds away. first weekend get away brought forecast 30 seconds away. first weekend get away brought to you by walmart.
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>> david murphy here with an update from accuweather hope thanksgiving was nice and black fridaying starting out okay dr dry, chilly, chance of fog south of philadelphia. in the city it appears to be clearing out nicely. here comes the sun. your exclusive accuweather 7-day a beautiful afternoon. clouds mixing with sun. high of 66. light winds. tomorrow, cloudsy and damp with afternoon sprinkles and showers here or there and maybe a few more in the evening. hopefully dry for temple football a high of 60, cooler hopefully dry for temple football a high of 60, cooler sunday. minutes.
7:20 am
back over to you. >> you can go back around the corner now. we love you. >> see you later. >> we have so much more ahead. beware of black friday hackers. how to spot a cyberthreat that might steal your personal data. mystery in the paternity ward. a mom who thought her baby was gone after a hospital nightmare. the remarkable reunion. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me.
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>> good morning i'm eva pilgrim 7:24 this friday let's head to matt pellman in for karen rogers with the "action news" traffic report. fog throughout this morning. >> that's one of our concerns, eva, a little fog and other concern extra traffic around the area malls with all the eager shoppers getting out on this black friday morning. as we look live bellmar, camden county, 42 freeway. no northbound delay.
7:25 am
you have to slow it down a little because of the fog. if you head southbound towards gloucester premium out len and deptford mall no problems at this point. this was a cool shot. we're in the clouds in the fog here along 95 delaware county you cannot see it there's no delay northbound 95. no need to worry about that center city everything reopened ben franklin parkway after the big parade yesterday and no issues or delays or vine street expressway and king of prussia mall and looking good clearer skies here and moderate traffic along 202. eva. >> all right. thanks, matt, "action news" >> all right. thanks, matt, "action news" continues after the
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>> okay 6 hd look agent temple and fog hanginging over and david murphy looking at the forecast it's rm warming up. >> sunshine over the horizon here there's some fog around more on that in a moment. let's get you numbers, 4 degrees and that's is current temperature in philadelphia. some of the suburbs down in the 30s. and here's the fog visibility at the airport in philadelphia actually all the way down to tenth of a mile. so third of a mile elsewhere. do be careful especially around philadelphia and points south this morning until about 9. 60 tomorrow's high. 66 today, 60 tomorrow.
7:28 am
over the weekend clouds and little drizzle. eva. >> thanks, daivdz, we send you now back to "good morning >> thanks, daivdz, we send you now back to "good morning america." ♪ i'm ginger breadington with your 10 day deal forecast. every day for ten days, expect new deals with historic low prices across target and hey! ginger! yes, ken? great forecast! are coffee makers on sale? yes! yes they will be... ginger! what about cameras? oh yeah, yeah. cameras-- ginger! how about christmas lights? yeah! lights, cameras, it's all in on the action. [ laughs ] see what i did there? ♪
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hey, happy friday. welcome back to "gma." the race is on. more than 100 million shoppers flooding stores today trying to grab those door buster deals and find the biggest savings, black friday shoppers are expected to spend an average of nearly $370 each, up 25% from last year. >> how much time are they spending out there, as well? a lot. >> that's a stat i don't have. i'm sure it's a lot. >> which you can never get back. you know it's black friday when you come to work at 4 a.m. and you see people with huge shopping bags. >> yeah, i'm not quite sure what those shopping bags were filled with. >> we routinely see people at 4 a.m., not with shopping bags in hand. the major storm in the middle of the country could wreak havoc. more than 25 million americans are on alert for flash flooding,
7:31 am
snow and ice from st. louis to dallas and donald trump stirring up controversy this morning on the campaign trail again accused of mocking a "new york times" reporter with a disability. the republican front-runner says he doubts he ever met the reporter. people aren't just gearing up for the holidays by hitting the stores. sara, tell us about that. >> it is time, paula, time to put up those christmas decorations. you'll never guess what song this family synced their lights to. it's not this one. ahead in "the speed feed" and why some neighbors want to pull the plug on decking the halls. >> what song? >> we talk about these displays all the time. would you want to live next door to that. >> never. >> absolutely not. >> or live in that. >> blackout blinds. >> for sure and soundproof windows. much more from sara coming up. a black friday warning while out hunting for the best deals you should be on the lookout, sad to say, for hackers trying to access the personal information on your phone and
7:32 am
abc's gio benitez is here with how you can protect yourself. gio, good morning. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. retailers are offering shoppers good deals exclusively through apps but hackers are now taking advantage of that so this morning pay close attention to this warning. black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. but while shoppers are swarming for this season's hottest gifts, hackers are after a treat of their own, your personal data. >> you're being tricked into installing this application and you're giving it all sorts of per migs. >> reporter: that's right. malware that one company says is disguised as an android app supposedly offering early access to deals. cybersecurity firm zscaler said they discovered the impostor. >> you're installing a trojan horse on your phone effectively. >> reporter: you get a link to download this fake app. it appears on your smartphone. >> has the word amazon in there so you really have no way to
7:33 am
tell by looking at it it's not the real deal. >> reporter: when you try to open it it gives an error message. even if you delete it zscaler says the malware is now installed and runs in the background. >> you're giving it access to your text messages, access to your call logs, they can tap into your contacts, attack friends of yours. >> reporter: zscaler said hackers could use your phone to make money by programming your phone to call or text premium 800 numbers, since the hackers register those numbers, zscaler says some of the money goes straight to the hackers. in a statement to abc news, the real says we take security very seriously and we encourage customers to download content only from sources they trust such as amazon. google developer of android says the fake app has never been available on google play. now, there are ways to protect yourself. >> first off you don't want to install things from third party app stores. >> reporter: don't forget to read that fine print. >> when you're installing it
7:34 am
it'll show you all of the per migs and if you're paying attention and you should, you'll see that you're giving it all kinds of access, so you should really pay attention to those when you install an app. >> that's right, pay attention. now one cybersecurity firm says they've discovered the most advanced scam yet. right at the point of sale. hackers have now developed malware to infect store computers and they're going to steal your credit card info from that so the best advice, check those statements often. you're not responsible for any of these fraudulent charges. >> it makes me not want to use my phone ever. the only way to really protect yourself. >> the new scam is at the store when you're swiping your card. >> i'll do all your shopping for you. >> sounds perfect? happy holidays. we want to move to a startling story. a mystery in the maternity room. a mother and her baby separated at birth finding each other decades later. it's an unbelievable story with so many unanswered questions and we get more now from abc's deborah roberts. >> my daughter.
7:35 am
>> mom. >> reporter: zella jackson-price's heartwarming reunion with her long lost daughter diane. it all began with this message from diane gilmore's twin daughters. >> said like hello my name is mehiska jackson. i believe you're my grandmother and your my mom's mom. >> my mother was born november 25th, 1965, she said in st. louis, missouri in homer phillips hospital. does that ring a bell. >> reporter: sure did. she agrees to a donald trump test and guess what, it's a match. >> and it came out 99.9997. that's my baby. >> we found your mom. we found your mother. >> yeah, mom. >> reporter: but how mom and daughter were separated five decades ago is a mystery. >> when she was born i was by myself. nobody was with me, no one. >> reporter: she says she gave birth here at homer g. phillips hospital but minutes later she says it's a nurse, not a doctor who takes her newborn baby girl
7:36 am
and vanishes. >> they came and told me your baby passed. >> reporter: but now she knows her baby lived and has hired a brash tough-talking attorney al watkins to find out how it could have happened. >> babies were being sold out of the parking lot. it was pay for play, cash on delivery. >> reporter: the day we visited watkins office here's the scene we found. one anxious mother after another, all with the same searing question, could my child still be alive? >> they just took my baby and i want my baby back. >> reporter: u.s. attorney richard callahan began an investigation. >> if true, it was something terrible going on at the time that nobody knew about. >> reporter: but "20/20" conducted its own eight-month investigation examining hospital records that tell a different story. the results stunning. >> this sounds like, what, the stuff of mystery novels. >> the only mystery is why the allegations were made to begin with. >> reporter: for "good morning america," deborah roberts, abc
7:37 am
news, new york. >> some pretty outrageous claims. can you imagine? >> absolutely not and the way they did that story, i now really feel like i have to watch the show tonight. >> i know. "20/20," we do want to mention as deborah said they actually conducted a month's long investigation on zell's story as well as the claims that babies were sold out of the parking lot including dna testing, another possible long lost moth mother/daughter reunion. tonight at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central right here on abc. it's a show you don't want to miss. >> absolutely not. we want to say coming up new video of that hero medical student shot trying to represent rescue a young woman. we'll tell you his status this morning. >> what he did was extraordinary. "gma on the money" revealing travel insider secrets to making your dream vacation come true without busting the budget.
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the money" and black friday is not just about deals from retailers, dan was looking forward to this story. you can save big on travel at abc's rebecca jarvis joins us again with how to cut your vacation costs even more. hi, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, paula, yes, it is a great time of year for that. we've shown you the great deals on tvs and toys and ipads, but did you know right now is one of the best times of the year to book that travel? day-to-day life in the feinstein house is -- >> very crazy. three busy kids. >> reporter: so a family vacation is a much needed time to keep them connected and relaxed. >> we need to hit our reset button. >> reporter: but their dream vacation to key west is proving to be cost prohibitive. with a budget of $4500, their current itinerary is over budget. >> the cost dramatically affects our ability to take vacation. >> reporter: enter genevieve brown, abc news' own travel insider. her first point of business,
7:43 am
flights and rental cars. they want to fly directly into key west. >> it's a little more remote than a lot of destinations and that makes it a little bit difficult to get to. >> reporter: instead, always fly into larger airports. changing the arrival airport to miami and driving to key west. >> philly to miami. all of a sudden that $480 flight is $138. we have now taken the price of your flights from $2400 to $700. >> wow. >> reporter: that's a savings of $1700. >> rental cars, intermediate car priced at $33 a day, that's a big difference from $78 a day. >> reporter: next hotels. use hotel booking websites like backbid which asks show at thes to bid for your business or hotelied that uses your social media profile and matches you to hotels. if you're less than 30 days out tayful is great for last-minute deals. our family wants to stay at a
7:44 am
four star hotel. so backbid is finding them a comparable deal for close to $1,000 less. >> $214 a night. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: with this revised itinerary they're now under budget from over $5,000 to $1720. >> reporter: in all our experts saving this family more than $4,000. more than $4,000 in savings. imagine that. you don't have to because right now like we said is one of the best times of the year to save on those hotel, on those airfares. we've seen a number of offers this morning as low as 75% off and crunched the numbers on this. they found that december 1st if you want to get the very best deals on hotels, december 1st is the day to book on average, 15% off, dan and paula, so all i ask is where are we going? >> that's exactly right. >> we'll get back with you on that one. how about that?
7:45 am
under budget. that is music to our ears. we can invite everybody actually. i think we can expand the party. >> we can let rob come out from behind the weather wall. it's going to be awesome. >> thanks, rebecca. coming you, the craziest christmas lights you've ever seen coming up next in our "speed feed" with the inimitable sara haines. >> i like that title.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
time for "the speed feed." hainesy, what you got? >> 25% of americans tart their holiday decorating the weekend after thanksgiving but a lot of people just can't wait for that and, in fact, 43% start their decorating before thanksgiving week. just check out some of these over-the-top displays getting hundreds of thousands of views on youtube. heavy metal lights posted by, of course, slayer bob. noisy but otherwise pretty maybe a little christmassy and what about these giant lightsabers, another bob, the guy who made them says he knows they're crazy and ridiculous but the kids think they'll great and end up as part of a larger christmas display but sometimes people are not so cool with this stuff. in plantation, florida, authorities are trying to pull a plug on this massive display calling it a nuisance, too noisy and saying it causes excessive traffic understandably.
7:50 am
the hyatt family that puts up the display says it's their tradition and use it to raise money up to charity, up to several thousand dollars each year. we hope for patience with your neighbors and understanding. >> if i lived next to the heavy metal people i'd make a nice call to my attorney. >> you would take your drum set out and play along. >> what was that, slipknot. >> was it slipknot. >> do you think i know a heavy metal band. i listen to the indigo girls. >> nothing says christmas like slipknot. >> not quite. but when we come back at the top of the hour, super shopping secrets, what you should buy right now and what you can wait for, also tom will have all the latest headlines, keep it here, much more "gma" coming up. coming up "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving brought to you by walmart. share wonder every day. from the gifts they want, to the ones they really want.
7:51 am
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. welcome back to "gma." time for our weather update. the snow or at least the ice is smiling up in celina and advisories out, ago layings that could get over half an inch and that's going to cause problems with trees coming down. this weather report brought to ♪ today, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [both] 40%! [quickly] the news is good! [quickly] sports win! [quickly] let's go shopping! 40% off apparel and accessories at target.
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7:56 am
>> good morning, ever apilgrim. let's head to matt pellman in for karen rogers with the "action news" traffic report. >> the fog is letting up. >> in most spots we have seen fog this morning. live at 42 what we're not seeing are normal morning delays and frankly we don't miss them. here in the eastbound lanes traffic is moving fine headed in towards king of prussia or if headed to the mall or westbound towards preem yawm outlets no problems 42 aside from patchy fog. just off 422 upper providence there's a vehicle fire along black rock road trap road watch for fire crews on the scene there and worcester township it watching for an accident whitehall road beam road no problems this morning on pennsylvania turn pike if you head to willow grove park mall no issues 611 there's a crash in abington township along mill road southbound side morton road and this is scene bellmar camden country 42 creek road no
7:57 am
delays and nothing like that to worry about still a little fog in this neck of the woods. eva. >> all right. thanks, matt, sky6hd tag a live look now at the ben franklin bridge. meteorologist david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. hi, david. >> eva, wear off to a sunny start. there's some areas still experiencing fog. let's start you with temperatures. 44 not bad considering we have sun up in philadelphia with light whipped and we have had reports of pretty bad visibility around wilmington and philadelphia improving a bit. if you run into patchy areas of dense fog you slow it down. 66 this afternoon, though, mild, light wins and minimum of sun and clouds looks likes good looking day. tomorrow cloudy at times in the afternoon and evening damp with drizzle or spotty shower. high of 60. 52 sunday and few more sprinkles around particularly in morning, eva. >> thanks, david, reminder this black friday we have everything shoppers need to know on you will find store hours and special offers for local retailers only for our viewers.
7:58 am
and that's it for now. "action news" send you back to and that's it for now. "action news" send you back to "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. dramatic new video of that hero medical student who helped rescue a young woman. the miracle that saved him from a deadly bullett and how he's holding up this morning. holiday toiler. the holiday craze that might have you pulling your hair out. >> we threw bunchems at each other. >> why bunchems have parents going crazy. >> is your kitchen in leftover overload? the mouthwatering recipes you've never seen before and the surprising ingredients to make your perfect post-turkey day sandwich. ♪ fireball >> all that plus superstar pitbull and mariah carey as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we do want to say good morning, america. something looks different, the weekend crew has invaded your friday. >> taken over times square. >> the bosses are nervous. >> you know who's not nervous and who else is taking over, mariah carey, taking on a few firsts. talking about her new book this morning as well as her directorial debut. we cannot wait for that especially dan. >> we have a great crowd here at times square on a friday morning. thank you for coming out. on a holiday weekend. let's be honest, they're here to say sara haines, we're cool with that. >> it's okay, i know. >> we should say millions of americans are heading to stores all over the country. they'll be packed with shoppers hunting down those black friday bargains this morning but you might, might score a better deal if you hold off on your shopping spree just a little longer. our becky worley is here with some clever ideas coming up. >> i love it when you talk about getting a bargain, dan.
8:02 am
>> because you totally don't shop. >> there's nothing sexier. inside to tom llamas with this morning's rundown. >> the big story, high water rescues near dallas. flash flooding pounding parts of texas, swallowing up vehicles with at least ten people rescued overnight. during the search for one missing driver, an officer was actually washed away. she was later found hanging on to a tree. the national weather service now says this officially the wettest year ever in that area. rob's forecast just ahead. a holiday security scare at the white house after a man draped in an american flag jumped the fence. the first family was at home celebrating thanksgiving when this happened. the man joseph caputo was quickly taken into custody. you can actually see it happen, the secret service moved in. the white house was on lockdown for several hours because of this. a charter flight carrying more than 140 people to mexico city hit the tarmac hard after its landing gear collapsed. you can see it there. witnesses say they could see the left side wheel buckle.
8:03 am
passengers nervous as you can imagine were shocked. nobody injured. a clearer picture of the moments before and after a horrific attack in new orleans. new video showing a medical student staring down the barrel of a gun after stepping in to help a stranger. more from abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: a new look this morning at the bravery of a good samaritan. his willingness to help nearly got him killed. this surveillance video first obtained by fox station wvue shows 25-year-old med student peter gold checking on an intoxicated woman on a new orleans sidewalk just after 4:00 a.m. friday. the man who just robbed her pulled a gun on him. gold was shot once in the stomach, police say the shooter then tried to finish him off with a few bullets to the brain, but remarkably, his gun jams. >> male shot in the stomach. >> reporter: new orleans police have since arrested euric cain and charged him with attempted murder.
8:04 am
the new video shows people trying to help tulane university student peter gold after he was shot. even the young woman he saved comes to and tries to crawl toward the good samaritan. gold is spending this holiday at the hospital, a place he normally works. this morning he's in stable condition and his family says he continues to improve. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> and we thank ryan for that story. new details in that e. coli outbreak linked to costco that sickened at least 19 people in 7 states. so it turns out the veggie mix used in the costco chicken salad is being recalled. the celery and diced onion mix from taylor farms is used in salads in packaged foods sold at target and starbucks. finally forget about playing dead or rolling over, this dog has much more of an impressive trick up her sleeve. check this out, a black lab named lyle overbay la can fetch your dinner. she's been trained to dive for
8:05 am
lobsters, people. her owner simply has to point in the right direction, lila goes down, jumps in, scoops up a live lobster and brings it back to the boat. her owner says the key to success is associating training with fun as he devours lobster after lobster. i don't know. this could be the greatest dog ever. >> i hope he gets some of the lobster afterwards. [ cheers and applause ] >> i can't get my cats to do anything. that is just fantastic. >> because they're cats. >> because they're cats, dan. they don't do anything. how do you stay lobster in -- >> i did say i would use my boston accent in the second hour. lobster. you're welcome. sara, that's going on? >> the black friday frenzy is just getting started. why you should focus more on the when than where to get the best deals. plus, mariah carey has "all i want for christmas is you" for your kids. how her holiday hit inspired her new book and delicious recipes
8:06 am
for your post-turkey day leftover, the surprising ingredients you'd never think of, how about a little bit? is that sin upon and almonds in there? >> how delicious. >> yum, yum. i'm going to take a crack at that. all coming up live on "gma" right here in times square. what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts,
8:07 am
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8:09 am
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have you felt it? >> yes. >> i don't have words for how excited a many for this. welcome back to "gma." a thanksgiving treat or a post-thanksgiving treat for "star wars" geeks everywhere. that was new footage of the new "star wars" movie, "the force awakens." it's a tv spot, a whole lot of action in there and all of the stars of the highly anticipated movie are going to be here in times square starting on monday. >> are you allowed to actually come to this studio on monday? >> i'm allowed to stand in the room and just watch them. it's going to be awesome. >> i'm so intrigued. my kids are getting into it. i want to know who the new darth vader is. >> you'll find out. all will be revealed in a few weeks. abc's becky worley joins us again, tells us what to buy today and what to wait until cyber monday to snag.
8:12 am
hey, becky. >> good morning, dan. yeah, sometimes the best price is based on where you buy. sometimes when you buy so let's get right to our black friday buy now list. clothing, it's seriously discounted today, the gap, 50% off everything. athleta, 20% off, trina turk, 30% off, uniqlo, has deals. overseas bane suits, $129. more discounting cyber monday but you got to try it on. >> huge sales on electronics yesterday. was that the day to buy or are there any deals left there? >> yeah, tv prices were slashed yesterday. they're always a hot door buster item but there are plenty of good deals left today. you need a tablet, the ipad mini 2, this isn't the most current but it's still a good device, it's $199 at walmart. that's 70 bucks off. today's the best day for
8:13 am
headphone, speakers, beats are on sale at radio shack over 25% off. and over a million drones are expected to sell this holiday. this is the parrot drone. it's $100 off at target. by the way, this is not the toy we're worried about getting caught in children's hair but it could happen so i'll put that down. >> i'm sure the faa is delighted about the million drones being sold. i understand you're big on discounted gift cards. any deals there today? >> it's like free money. you should look for itunes gift cards in the 20% off range today. amazon has a great gift card deal. buy a $50 card, you get a free $10 credit and the best source, the gift card hub at ebay where the company sells directly to you. this is not buying from other ebay users, really good deals there. >> becky, thanks so much. we want to tell everybody for more on today's sales and the inside scoop for the best deals on cyber monday you can go to
8:14 am on yahoo! >> these are the little toys getting stuck. >> the bunchems. >> don't stick it in your hair. >> his hair is like a thing of magic. one of the hottest toys as some parents say it's causing a bunch of problems. get it, bunch. bunchems are colorful building balls but the story we first saw in "wall street journal." when not used properly they don't just stick to each other they're getting stuck in kids' hair. >> they stick to each other and build like no other. they're -- >> all: bunchems! >> these bunches of bunchems have kids going crazy. >> the amazing new shapeable bit that sticks and stays and pulls away for endless play. >> they're essentially little building blocks to bill and create all these different shapes and even animals. >> the trendy must have toy this season had texas mom bonnie brushwood tangled in knots, literally. >> the hair came in one direction and then it came in another and then it really just kind of tangled together and we
8:15 am
were lost. >> reporter: for over three hours she picked and pried over 65 colorful mini balls out of her daughter and two friends' hair. >> i thought it sounded fun so we threw bunchems at each other. >> there's others with bunchems conundrums. one mom writing online have a 5-year-old who gets on your nerves? then give them this and let them play with it unsupervised. another dad on amazon posting i can't feel my arms now after attempting to pull this spawn from hell toy that matted itself into her hair like nothing ever witnessed before. well, bunchems maker spinmaster has warning labels on the box the company told abc news we recently changed the color of the warning to make it even more identifiable. we are also very careful to avoid depicting any creations in our marketing materials that show an end result that could be worn or placed on or near hair. and since receiving complaints, spinmaster posted on how to untangle tutorial.
8:16 am
>> gently and pull and slide to the end. >> reminds me of burs like you found outside. >> me and dan are hair. >> i did that at commercial. >> what a way to ruin my toupee. >> you don't have a tu pew. >> came out eastly, though. an unconventional family being called the new kardashi , kardashian,s, the keswanis have fans glued to their web series, take a look. move over, kardashians, meet the new reality tv family, taking the internet by storm. the keswanis as complex as they are popular. dad anil, doctor turned hospital executive, mom, vaishali, on tom miss turned family manager. big nik, a vine superstar with almost 3 million followers. living with a rare medical
8:17 am
condition. sarina teenage pageant princess and baby devina, 6 years old and transgendered all-stars of "the keswanis" a mott modern family. >> what we're about and what our family is about is teaching acceptance and demonstrating it. >> reporter: nism k, no stranger to the limelight. battles a rare form of dwarf ivenlg that's left him partially blind and deaf never once stopping him from entertaining his fans. >> i don't care how popular i get as long as people enjoy them. >> reporter: devina knowing herself at a young age. >> i was born a boy but i didn't ever felt like a boy. >> reporter: her parents learning to accept another daughter into their family. >> i saw the signs very early on and frankly i didn't want to see them. it got to the point where i could no longer deny her. >> reporter: believing their acceptance will have a greater impact beyond their family of
8:18 am
five. >> i truly believe that we are going to change the world by having other parents understand that accept your child. >> so pretty interesting family that i think my eyes will be glued to for sure. >> my eyes are glued to this table. >> doesn't even smell like leftovers. so what do you do with all those leftovers? some ideas to help you spice things up joined by stephanie smith, the senior editor of yahoo! food author of "300 sandwiches." please welcome, stephanie, everybody. [ applause ] and there you go. so nobody wants to waste a turkey or ham for that matter so it's all about kicking it up a notch. what's your number one go to bit of advice? >> to have fun you have all that turkey and all those trimmings in your refrigerator and so many different combinations of things you can make so get creative. >> okay. >> you can have so much fun with what you make. >> all right so what are we making? >> first the "gma" thanksgiving -- >> called the "gma."
8:19 am
>> i made it up for you guys. you guys have your own sandwich. >> 301. >> monte christos are ham and i did it with a thanksgiving twist. with cranberry sauce and turkey. first all you do is smooth on a little bit of cranberry sauce on to your bread, use whatever bread you like. i like to do two sides because i like it sweet. >> that's what i'm talking about, a little sweet. >> and put a little bit of brie, i use it because it melts down nicely. >> do you need help? should we help you. >> it's sticky. >> layer that on. >> yeah. >> then i like to do -- >> cheating? >> cheating. >> wait 30 seconds. that's okay. >> she can't even wait 30 seconds to eat, everybody. >> that's what happens at my house too. people can't wait -- >> she's pregnant. give her a free pass. >> exactly. exactly. >> okay, so that's assembled.
8:20 am
egg wash and combine egg and milk. cinnamon and nutmeg, just dump that in. >> then you put that in there and that's the monte christo. >> that's the one i should have tried. >> and i like to serve it nice and hot. take it out. bitter hot. >> see your next one. >> exactly, exactly. >> now you take that, paula. i want to make sure she gets it. the second sandwich. >> the second one -- that's delicious, right? >> i love it. it's pretty good, right? >> good food. >> this is my favorite sandwich. this is a shooter sandwich. basically what you do is aisle pile all of your leftovers into one sandwich and take a round loaf of bread and layer on what you like, press it down and cut it into -- >> what about the third? >> that is the curry turkey salad. it's usually mayo. i shush it with curry.
8:21 am
>> give it a little pop. >> use whatever bread you like. wheat, white, whatever. >> take a bite of this. go to on yahoo! for the monte christo plus other treats. we want to send things over to rob and stephanie. oh, my word, this is amazing. want a bite? >> sure. >> oh, yeah. how tasty is that. the holiday is not only about food but obviously about giving back. especially to children of families in need. for more than six decades our parent disney has supported the u.s. marine corps reserves toys for tots with a $5,000 donation this year. joining me is gunnery sergeant benjamin ortiz. why is this important for the marines to be part of it. >> it's important because it gives us an opportunity to give back to our community and gives hope to the children that are underprivileged that don't have a toy for this christmas. so it's super important. >> well not only do you serve and protect us but you're giving back. we appreciate both of you
8:22 am
somethings dressed this their dress blues looking good and we've got families donating. this is a wonderful program. here's how you can be a part of it. >> every kid deserves a little joy. a toy, it's not just a thing it's a chance to spread joy from one person to another. this holiday season be inspired. donate a new unwrapped toy to toys for totsome. go to to go to to toys >> sthait quick check of national outlook. here's what's happening locally for you. >> mild in the east today, rob, david murphy here. nothing showing on stormtracker 6 live double scan as we look outside starting out a little on the cool side of course not much wind and you see that with the steam rising over the air conditioning unit north broad temple university. and your 7 day sews a nice
8:23 am
afternoon. mix after clouds and sun and high of 66 winds staying light and mainly cloudy and dammingp and a drizzle or spotty shower saturday afternoon to sunday morning. saturday afternoon to sunday morning. not too bad temperature-wise. >> all: sara, back to you. >> oh. i good a little nervous. best throw ever. thank you, gentlemen. >> speaking of flowing, you know, tom and i have a bunch of these. >> keep your bunchems on your side of the couch. we still got a full serving of celeb instagrams. one direction's liam dressed to impress in the kitchen across the pond wishing their u.s. fans a happy turkey day then supermodel super chef chrissy teigen baked some fab sweet potato streusel pie. >> is she wearing clothes. >> of course she is. carrie underwood was not so lucky calling this dish pumpkin
8:24 am
failure a la mode and saved it with the a la mode. meanwhile, the rock shared a video of his adorable french bulldog hobbes who doesn't seem especially thankful right now. don't read that that face. >> on this thanksgiving, we got to go, buddy. let's roll. >> oh, wow. >> tuckered out. >> that is totally not the kind of dog i would think the rock would have. i would think he would have a rottweiler. >> i got to meet him. he's really like sensitive on the inside. perfect kind of man. i guess he did not want to smell what the rock -- i had to. >> if you're really good you can have the rest of this. >> two more to go. we've got a little music to set the mood for this next big announcement. ♪ that's right, guy, monday marks the 50th anniversary of "a charlie brown christmas" and we are throwing a huge party. kristen bell will host "it's your 50th chris ma'am, charlie
8:25 am
brown." a look back. wah-wah. >> isn't that how the teacher. >> wah-wah. >> that's usually what dan and rob say we sound like in it is. there will be live performances of iconic songs from the series and hollywood notables are set to take a trip down memory lane reminiscing about their favorite charlie brown christmas moments. you can catch it all here on abc monday starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and finally i love this, beyonce has long known the many benefits of the wind machine as most of us girls do and thankfully pets are getting in on the action. check out these pups whipping their fur back and forth as they get a blow dry. >> sexy. >> jess captures her customers in slow motion and then sets the video to music to match the pet's personality. this pamper poodle loves taylor swift. ♪ ♪ daydreams look in your eyes >> it should go without saying
8:26 am
that jess and her dogs are a huge hit. >> greatest "pop news." i didn't throw one bunchem at you. >> because you love me. mariah carey talking about her new book and directorial debut and, yes, totally love you. next week "star wars" explodes on to "gma." monday "star wars" director j.j. abrams, tuesday, han solo himself, harrison ford. plus, the cyber monday "deals & steals" to die for in realtime on "gma."
8:27 am
snv it's 8:27 friday morning i'm eva pilgrim and let's check in with matt pellman in nor karen rogers. >> karen is busy shopping as many this friday. if you head blue route to springfield mall baltimore pike things moving well here. light fog. no delays whatsoever on any of our major highways this mornin morning. >> couple accident hoe in the neighborhood and upper gwynedd montgomery county crash sheer street gauge lane and norristown along marshall street and george street. as we look outside 9 a5 fog starting to lift and speeds up southbound lanes no normal morning delay. if you ride mass transit couple adjustments it's septa buses and subways operating on modified weekday schedule and
8:28 am
regional rails on normal friday schedule and patco and nj still riding owe and i holiday schedule. >> let's head out to meteorologist david murphy with the accuweather forecast looking sunny out there. >> sunny, mild eric, winltsz light eva was we look at temperatures, 46 degrees newspaperer 30s allentown and reading and things fast improving and we have fog around. improving in philadelphia. but down in south jersey and down to wilmington still thick pock totes slow down if you hit that. 66 today's high mix of clouds and sun and over the weekend, more clouds and at times damp with drizzle and maybe a light shower and the best chance of this will be on day afternoon and evening and into sunday morning may ling are by the shore. 52 cooler sundays and 50 and dry on monday, eva. >> thanks, david, that's it for "action news" right now we'll be back in a hof hour. we send you back now to "good be back in a hof hour. we send you back now to "good morning america."
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ from the night to early morn [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." what a great crowd we have out here on the plaza. we have another half hour ahead. pitbull is bringing us into the weekend heating up times square with a fiery performance of his brand-new single. we can't wait for that and i promise that the guys are going to be dancing to pitbull, right? >> everything is better with pitbull. >> tom is his biggest fan. >> he refuse toad answer the question whether he'd be dancing. he will be dancing. >> do the stanky leg. >> stanky leg. the whip, the nae nae. we'll do it all. we'll start with another pop star, mariah carey, the best-selling female musical artist of all time, a singer who has become synonymous with the
8:31 am
holidays. ary song augus"all i want for christmas is you" is a classic and she set her words to a children's book. we talk to her about the holidays in the carey home. >> welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> you are one busy lady. >> i've been a little busy, yeah. >> "all i want for christmas is you" is one of the all-time best-selling songs, christmas and otherwise, 14 million copies plus sold around the world. i know you said -- >> i didn't even know that. >> it was your dream for it to become a christmas classic. can you check that box now? >> i guess so. it's kind of amazing to me because i wrote it just out of love for christmas and like really loving christmas music kind of like my most famous song. ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ ♪ there is just -- >> and for those who want to share this love of this song with their children this book it's beautiful. i just was looking through it. >> thank you. >> why did you want to write a book?
8:32 am
>> well, first of all because it is the song and the lyrics to the song but the way that little kids react to the song is so amazing to me. so we made it with a little girl, she wants a puppy for christmas and just thought it would be something nice to share with my own kids, as well. >> we mentioned you have a lot of holiday projects. your tv movie airs "a christmas melody." star in it but your first time directing a movie. what was that like. >> my directorial debut. >> how do you compare the two? >> well, it's less abusive to the feet because you don't have to wear your shoes, your high heel shoes. >> just flats. >> i put on a pair of flats. like slippers. it was cool. i really loved it and because it was christmas and you know i start getting into the holiday spirit early anyways. >> what is christmas like at mariah carey's house gentleman. >> christmas is quite the affair. i have santa claus comes every year. he's my good friend. real reindeer there, as well. it's been fun through the years
8:33 am
for the people who have shared the holidays with me. >> "gma" is celebrating its 40th anniversary here and found footage of you. >> i'm frightened. >> quite spectacular. let's take a listen. >> oh, dear. ♪ i have a vision of love and it was all ♪ ♪ whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh that you turned out -- turned out to be ♪ ♪ turned out -- >> i don't want to interrupt. >> interrupt. >> it is so beautiful. do you remember that moment? >> vaguely. >> to be able to sing like that at 7:00 in the morning. >> getting up letterman and singing and getting used to that is tough. >> mariah carey, thanks as always for stopping by. >> thanks so much.
8:34 am
>> amy asked mariah carey if she's working on her music, her answer, there's always something brewing. >> yes. >> kind of a tease. "all i want for christmas is you" is out now -- what's that? >> all you want for christmas is us. >> all i ever want is you guys. love my colleagues. and we should say that a christmas melody premieres december 19th on the hallmark channel. sara. >> now to our countdown to thanksgiving. yes, you heard me right. just go with it, you guys. the holiday is over. if you're tired of eating turkey we have some other ideas for you this morning. i went to one of the top restaurants in the city for a cooking lesson from one of the best chefs in the world. new york city, home to some of the world's finest cuisines and one of those culinary havens is at the nomad hotel. i am headed to the nomad to get inside secrets on what maybes their food so delicious. i already smell it. i got an exclusive invite to
8:35 am
happening out with the duo masterminds behind "nomad cookbook." daniel humm and will guidara. >> i'll cook for you. >> i'm official now. >> reporter: i'll admit it, the kitchen, not my forte but i'll try to learn the elusive nomad recipes and surprise pie foodie friend amy robach. >> amy is eating all my food. >> she'll eat anything. >> reporter: with a multicourse meal. >> making a beautiful salad. >> why do you rip these? >> i think they're just a little too big. >> just that obvious? >> yeah. i thought there was something about the flavor. >> now we get to the hot dog. the sausage is wrapped in bacon and then it is fried. >> mind if i taste it? mm-mm. amy loves food. this hot dog will be her favorite. >> okay, here we go. we have cookies and cream. yes, put a little bit on there. cheers. >> mm-mm. why don't we ever start with dessert. >> this is nice, no? >> after cooking a up a storm.
8:36 am
amy is waiting for me and i'm not telling her i made it until the end or she won't it. thanks for letting me share your kitchen. mwah. >> enjoy your meal. >> my really crazy morning. >> really nice to meet you guys. >> nice to meet you, as well. >> welcome to nomad. we have a lot of food prepared so i hope you brought your appetite. >> always, you can count on us for that. >> what makes this place so special. >> about our cocktails. it's about the food. we wanted to just re-create through the modern lens a sense of old school luxury. >> all right. time to let the feast of food and cocktails begin. >> enjoy your meal. >> this chicken is like crazy. >> oh, it's so good. >> full confession right now. i actually helped cook all this. >> that's incredible. >> i know. >> you actually did a really good job. >> i do want to give you a gift so you can cook for me next time. the "nomad cookbook." this looks like a bible. >> this is my favorite part. the secret passage, cocktail
8:37 am
book. >> bible within a bible. how i can cook like you. >> in a few weeks i'll be coming to your house and expect a spread like this. >> just keep waiting for that invitation. do not hold your breath, i warn you. >> for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> i just want it put out i know my friend amy robach. she did say she was nice on camera. but if she had known it was that i cooked it she may have been a little more tentative with her trying. >> who could blame her. >> tom and i were talking. we've both been to that restaurant, it's delicious. >> the chicken people. >> hard to get a reservation. >> when you come in with amy robach you get a reservation. and the "nomad cookbook" is available now so, rob, i hope you have food or something good. >> i have 30 seconds so stay away from the cocktail cookbook. this is an often neglected
8:38 am
>> northeast looking mild and cold air gown to lass ang less. this weather report brought to you by macy's now your local forecast. >> mild here, rob, nothing showing on stormtracker 6 double scan your exclusive accuweather 7-day moving from 40s to high of 66 this afternoon with a mix of clouds and sun looking really good later on. and cloudier and cooler over later on. and cloudier and cooler over the weekend. post-thanksgiving day like we do. >> we want to talk about rooney mara generating so much oscar buzz once again you remember her from "the girl with the dragon tattoo" so fierce in that role now sharing the scene with cate blanchett in "carol" and nick
8:39 am
watt sat down with her. >> reporter: certain films just smell like oscar contenders. "carol" is one of them. >> do you enjoy that speculation. >> i try and like turn that station off. >> your first name? >> therses. >> reporter: a 1950s love story that really takes you back. >> we shot in cincinnati for new york which i thought was a crazy idea at first. >> reporter: turned out to be a master stroke from director todd haines, new york can't look like this anymore. >> that did feel like we were stepping back in time. you know, with the cars and the props and the costumes. >> reporter: and the smoking. >> and the smoking. >> all the smoking. >> yeah, todd was very generous in sort of sharing his homework with all of us and made us all these mixed cds of music from the time and gave us films to watch and made this beautiful book of visual references for what he wanted the film to look like. >> where did you learn so much about train sets. >> oh, i read too much probably.
8:40 am
>> reporter: cate blanchett is carol a gay woman forced by society's conventions to live a lie. >> is this a political movie? >> i don't think it is a political movie. maybe people will get things like that and that's great but really at the core is a love story and in that sense, anyone can relate to it. >> reporter: carol falls in love with rooney mara's shop girl, therese. >> i like the hat. >> how hard is it to pretend to fall in love with cate blanchett. >> very easy. these as magnetic in film as she is in real life. there's no one like her. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> we thank you for that report. "carol" in theaters right now. coming up one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, two of the stars from "the hunger games" coming up. ♪ "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving brought to you by walmart. share
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8:43 am
how did something so joyful as a daughter finally finding the mother she never knew, even introducing her to her granddaughters lead to a scandal? was she stolen at birth? tonight -- >> babies were being sold out of the parking lot. cash on delivery. >> the mothers who say their babies were taken. >> they just took my baby and i want my baby back. >> the mystery, the controversy and the american hospital at the center of it all. an explosive new "20/20" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. welcome back, everybody. "the hunger games" is burring up the box office. you guys want to go see it a little later? the final i belienstallment wasr one and amy robach sat down with two of the stores. >> here with "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" stars mahershala ali and jena malone. she plays joanna and mahershala plays bogs, one of the few people katniss can trust as she
8:44 am
tries to take down the capital. what does it feel like the final, the epic of this movie is over. how does it feel to have it out. >> a bittersweet thing because you get to travel so much and form a friendship which is like a family on the set but really you sign up to the films because of the books, you know, and the last book is so epic that to really have, you know -- i mean, i just love the ending so much that i feel like i've just been sitting on my hands waiting for it to come out. >> as much as it is bittersweet i think i definitely appreciate the closure getting to start something and see it coming to an end and be able to kind of encapsulate that experience and walk away. >> tell me about boggs and katniss. their relationship evolves. >> i think boggs has grown to really respect katniss and he sees her put herself out on the line like several times and so i think he becomes distrustful of coin and begins to really trust katniss and really be a really great ally for her. >> and joanna, she's a feisty
8:45 am
chick, isn't she. >> she is but it's funny like i'll pretty much all my stuff is with katniss this time. i like they both speak their blinds to each other and they're oddly each other's confidantes to have a woman like joanna mason who has had everything stripped from her, her hair, strengths, family, clothes and katniss can see herself in her. >> i tease you because i said you'll always be remy to me, "house of cards" all awaiting season 4. want to give us any sneak peek about what we can look forward to to those of us counting the day. >> from what i hear it's really strong season. yeah, i've -- yes, i'll put it like that. >> when have you ever gotten anything interest an actor this way. >> we can't talk about it. >> reading your fares. i'm reading your face. i saw -- >> i hear it's a great season like i really -- that's what i've heard. >> and there's a lot of speculation about an upcoming you have "batman versus
8:46 am
superman" alongside ben affleck. want to say anything? >> we can talk about bagels, hike a lot of things, it's jut -- >> "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" is in theaters now. >> and just a reminder, because if you didn't hear amy just say it, it is in theaters now and we are going to go see it together, right? >> the four of us, sara will baby-sit our children. >> no. i'm pregnant. >> no baby-sitting needed when pitbull joins us with an incredible performance of his new single.
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ it's always a party when our friend pitbull stops -- sorry. help me speak. >> do you want me to take it? mr. worldwide was just here for our 40th anniversary the other day. has a new album out and here he is with his latest single "free.k." ♪
8:49 am
♪ mr. worldwide to infinity you know the roof is up big up wiggle and dance like a roof on fire ♪ ♪ we're going to dream and take sides until we fall down and set the roof on fire never give up take off your clothes and light the roof on fire ♪ ♪ baby baby baby baby baby i'm on fire ♪ ♪ i said baby baby baby i'm on fire i'm a fireball ♪ >> yes. ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby i'm on fire i tell her baby, baby, baby, baby ♪ ♪ i'm a fireball ♪ i wanna freak in the morning and freak in the evening just like me ♪ ♪ i need a roughneck brother that can satisfy me just for me ♪ ♪ if you are that kind of man 'cause i'm that kind of girl ♪ ♪ i gotta freaky secret everybody sing 'cause we don't give a damn about a thing ♪ ♪ get loose now ♪ 'cause i will be a freak until
8:50 am
the night until the dawn we have off for the night till the early morning ♪ ♪ you wanna know i'll take you around the hood do the gangsta lean cause we can any time of day it's all good for me ♪ ♪ do you wanna get at on the weekend do a little freakin' ♪ ♪ go ahead and be the freak girl ♪ ♪ nurse by day but at night she's my type whew go ahead and be a freak girl ♪ ♪ teachers let your hair down take your glasses off teach go ahead and be a freak girl ♪ ♪ all my polish women that like it rough in the handcuffs whoop whoop let's freak girl ♪ ♪ my exotic dancers that ain't with romance go ahead and be a freak girl ♪ ♪ all my business women that just got a big deal yeah go ahead and be a freak girl ♪ ♪ all my real estate girls with their button down breasts out take it to the house you a freak girl ♪ ♪ now freak with me go ahead and be free baby freakaleak whoa ♪ ♪ i wanna freak in the morning and freak in the evening just like me ♪ ♪ i need a roughneck brother that can satisfy me just for me ♪ ♪ if you are that kind of man 'cause i'm that kind of girl i gotta freaky secret everybody sing ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't give a damn about a thing ♪ ♪ 'cause i will be a freak until
8:51 am
the night until the dawn we have off for the night till the early morning ♪ ♪ you wanna know i'll take you around the hood do the gangsta lean ♪ ♪ 'cause we can any time of day it's all good for me ♪ >> gma let's go ♪ ♪ working hard can a kodak ♪ or better yet go to times square take a picture of me with a kodak ♪ ♪ took my life from negative to positive i just want y'all know that ♪ ♪ and tonight let's enjoy life pitbull, nayer, ne-yo that's right ♪ ♪ tonight i want all of you tonight give me everything tonight ♪ ♪ give it to me ♪ for all we know we might not get tomorrow let's do it tonight ♪ broets break it down ♪
8:52 am
♪ break it down ♪ turn a negative into a positive ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ give me everything tonight give me everything tonight give me everything tonight ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax, the this is black friday. oh my god. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to twenty percent cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back?
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8:56 am
>> 8:56 friday morning sky6hd taking a live look for us now over center city. let's check in request matt pellman and the latest own the
8:57 am
"action news" traffic report, hey, matt. >> good morning, eva. shop around for traffic delays this black friday morning and not finding any at all quite the bargain or drivers if you head to the ing king of prussia until it do shopping. heelts northbound on 202 turning into mall boulevard and overall traffic is fine not encountering any jams that point. 95 delco we can see it get. fog lifted so northbound traffic is moving fine and headed to the blue route and airport this morning. and in center city also looking good here. ben franklin parkway completely reopened after the parade. no issues on the vine express way. mass transit still on modified weekday schedule and septa buses and subways but the regional rails running on normal friday schedule. eva. >> thanks, matt, now let's head outside to meteorologist david murphy with the accuweather. >> really feeling comfortable out here now. 47. plenty of sunshine over the horizon. even cooler suburbs are now into the 40s. and your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a nice
8:58 am
afternoon. with a mix of clouds and sun and light winds and high of 66 very mild. tomorrow, cloudy and little damp in the afternoon. high of 60. there could be a little sprinkle or drizzle make a light spotty shower and then surprised a bit more of that in the morning and probable did drying in the afternoon and cloudy. schooler too sunday and 52, eva. >> reminder this black friday we have everything shoppers need to know on you will find store hours and special offers for local retailers that are only for our viewers. liver with kelly and michael is next here on 6abc i'm eva liver with kelly and michael is next here on 6abc i'm eva pilgrim, have a great friday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, here to talk, jesse tyler ferguson. stars of "2 broke girls," beth behrs. plus, performing, carly sigh mob, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] noup and now here are your emmy-award winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. ♪ you think this song is about you ♪


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