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tv   Action News 7pm  ABC  November 27, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> we want to enjoy this one. they have tonight and tomorrow, then sunday we'll figure out what we'll do for the next week. they certainly deserve to enjoy this a little bit. >> adam: if the spartans beat ohio state tomorrow, they'll play iowa in the big ten championship. that's all from lincoln, nebraska. the hawkeyes are undefeated, 12-0, with a potential shot at the college football playoff. and tomorrow, ohio state and michigan, noon eastern, on abc. for kelly stouffer and olivia harlan, our crew, adam amin saying so long.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from out west. at least four police officers have been injured in colorado springs. that during exchanges of gunfire with a shooter at a planned parenthood headquarters. at least seven people have been taken to area hospitals. one witness says she heard as many as 20 shots in less than five minutes and saw an officer fall to the ground. there is no indication that the gunman has been contained. hundreds of black friday protesters were blocking off entrances to high end stores and shutting off traffic in chicago at the ritz seest shoppinshopping district.
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the police officer was charged with murder three days ago. in king of prussia, it was a matter of packed parking lots not o protests. it will take days before we know the facts and figures about the black friday economic impact but a quick look at the parking lot at the king of prussia mall is a promising picture. let's go inside the mall to "action news" reporter christie ileto. what's the story at the malls today? >> reporter: well, jim, the crowds are still pretty steady here at king of prussia mall where shoppers have been lured in for the best bargains and retailers are cashing in. the day after thanksgiving means one thing,. >> they have things like five dollars, $10. >> reporter: savvy shoppers flooded king of prussia mall in search of the best deals. >> i got pants and a blanket. they gave me a free blanket. >> reporter: shoppers aren't the only one cashing in. mark downs are a big boost for
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retailers' bottom lines. >> we're talking open almost 24 hours straight. >> reporter: many open thanksgiving night. >> we're busier this time of the year than any other time. this traffic and new customers really important to building our brand. >> reporter: national retail federation expects almost 130 million people nationwide to shop in stores thanksgiving weekend. >> you have to have a plan. if you don't have a plan it gets too crazy. >> reporter: some are anxious to trade crowds for the comfort of online shopping. >> going to a.m. on. >> on cyber monday you're literally sitting at a computer. better to go around and see. >> reporter: a mentality shared by many hunting the best bargains. now, the mall opened at 6:00 a.m. and it is expected to close at 10:00 tonight. officials for the mall already say they've seen a 10 percent increase in foot traffic for black friday compared to last
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year. that means there's more people coming to the storm. reporting live here at king of prussia mall, christie ileto, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you christie. a lot of people aren't waiting for black friday any more. the holiday shopping spree got under way soon after thanksgiving dinner was served. some say they swapped a good night's sleep for good bargains. >> nd clock at the local target spent about an hour and a half there. then headed to wal-mart kohl's and then to the outlets. >> we he slept in the car for an hour. >> supposed to be the best sales of the year. >> reporter:. >> most of the early shoppers were motivated by door buster deals but others say getting to the stores when the doors opened was just a black friday tradition that they have followed for some years. they were lacing up their skates for first day fun in wilmington. "action news" was at the horizon riverfront rink which opened for the season at noon today. the rink hosts 350 skaters at one oh timone time.
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jeff, we've got skating but it felt more like spring today. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jim you didn't even need a coat until just a couple hours ago. you take a look behind me. this is the blue cross river rink winter fest a perfect opening day for this. in fact it was a perfect day to do just about anything outside. as the sunset over the schuylkill river andy an end to an unusually warm november day in which summer gear got another go. >> i'm wearing shorts and short sleeves and yeah it's actually pretty warm. >> we rode bikes, we wound to trader joe's, now we're walking back. >> reporter: with temperatures in the mid 60's plenty of people hit the trail. any excuse to be outdoors, a welcome change for these women who are visiting from western pennsylvania. >> last year it was snowing. we had about 8-inches of snow coming east so it's a lot better than last year. >> it's crazy unusual, yes.
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you have to suck these days up when you get them. >> reporter: in south philadelphia it's beginning to look a lot like christmas even if it doesn't feel that way. joe took advantage of the break to begin decorating his home on tree street. he says he goes all out every year and for every holiday. >> i took the halloween lights down. now i changed the bulbs for christmas. then i got to do the windows. i got a lot of stuff to put up here. >> reporter: is this the warmest you ever recall putting up christmas decorations. >> y-definitely, yes, definitely. i mean, i've been out here with gloves before and freeze, you know. >> reporter: meanwhile the blue cross river rink river fest was packed with people getting in the holiday spirit playing games roasting marshmallows and taking their turn on the ice. these sisters brought three dozen family members. >> we're trying to make eight yearly thing. it's the second annual. >> we're one of nine so it's a couple of the sisters and brothers and then their kids
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and their grand kids. >> it's fun because none of us really know how to ice skate. [laughter] >> reporter: and back out here live you can see the ice is packed with people, some of them still not even wearing coats but if you're skating around i guess you really don't need a coat. now the rink and winter garden remain open for the season until february 28th. jim, i'm hoping for many more days like this. we are live at penn's landing, jeff chirico, channel6 "action news." jim. >> you have to make a plea to accuweather. thank you jeff. be sure to check in with and the 6abc app this holiday weekend. you will find easy access to storm tracker6 radar and the hourly forecasts from accuweather as well as the latest traffic conditions and traffic cameras on area roadways. the day after thanksgiving brought traffic tragedy to the atlantic city expressway late this morning. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has that story. >> reporter: this viewer video shows thick plumes of smoke billowing above the atlantic city expressway after
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a hyundai sedan slammed into a tollbooth at the egg harbor toll plaza. the car burst into flames trapping the driver inside where he would succumb to his injuries. >> state troopers took 15 minutes to respond. we're only a few miles away. >.>> reporter: the tire burnt part of the tollbooth. the one hit bite sedan was unoccupied but two others were manned. >> booth 10 and 11. one person in each operating those. both were able to escape safely. they heard the crash. one saw the crash and they're being interviewed. >> reporter: new jersey state police say they received a phone call shortly before the accident reporting that the hyundai sedan was operating erratically here on the atlantic city expressway. so far they have not been able to rule that drugs or alcohol were involved as the investigation is ongoing. the driver has been identified as 39-year-old joseph crawford of egg harbor city. crews had to cut his body out of the charred wreckage. traffic was largely unaffected as the express e-z pass lanes
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were opened to all traffic. >> i'm sure they're going get a lot of hits on the cameras, the people might get some things in the mail. a few people stopped. we're just letting them know to stop by the admin building to let them know if they traveled through here on this day and time. >> reporter: in hamilton chad pradelli. >> a deadly shooting at a car wash in bear. the incident happened at the american car wash in the 1900 block of the pulaski highway at 8:40 new york. troopers arrived to find a shooting victim behind the business. the unidentified victim was taken to christiana trauma center where he later died. police have no suspect or motive for the shooting. new jersey state police are investigating a fatal boating accident in monmouth county. at 1:30 this afternoon police say a pontoon boat with seven men on board capsized at the manasquan inlet. unfortunately two people did not survive.
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four victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. a fifth person declined treatment. well, the deck rehearsal is complete. philadelphia's newest tourist attraction is set to open tomorrow. with floor to ceiling windows the one liberty observation deck will offer extraordinary views. there were also interactive experiences and installations including a towering ben franklin sculpture. the deck atop one liberty place will be opened from 10:00 to 10:00 every day. coming up on "action news" tonight despite time and distance, a four decade old tradition among high school friends continues in montgomery county and jaime apody with an update on the sixers jahlil okafor after his nightclub scuffle was caught on video he. >> and it was balmy black friday a couple record highs across the region. we're tracking a front with some showers. we'll let you know howett it will be over the weekend coming up in accuweather. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪ >> we have an update from colorado springs, colorado. it is breaking news. the mayor of colorado springs says that active shooter situation at planned parenthood has been resolved with the arrest of the gunman. at least four police officers were injured during exchanges of gunfire. at least seven people were taken to area hospitals. that is the latest now from colorado springs. the situation has apparently been resolved. a tree he grown in lansdale will be the
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centerpiece of christmas at the white house. j and glen buster of buster christmas trees delivered the official christmas tree to first lady michelle obama this morning. the 18 and a half foot fraser fir will be on display in the blue room. the 25th annual santa express rolled into center city philadelphia today ushering in the holiday season. santa and mrs. claus were greeted by smiling children as they departed the market frankford line. the group walked up to dillworth park and that's where santa hit the ice to spread more cheer around the rothman ice rink. a lot of ice skating tonight. dickens village such and running in center city philadelphia. the life size display depicts the holiday classic story a christmas carol. the display is open daily through december 24th. it is free of charge. the christmas light show also opened and will run through every two hours through
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december 31st. for one group of buddies in lansdale it's all about sneakers and sticks. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the story. >> might not need a goalie this year. >> reporter: a few minutes before 10:00 at montgomery fellowship park in lansdale the players begin to arrive. the basketball court becomes a hockey rink and about a dozen childhood friends continue a 40 year tradition. >> i think we're still pretty competitive. sometimes we still argue over goals and there kind of things it's just got a little slower. >> reporter: the guys all graduated from north penn high school in 1975. they went to different colleges but always came home for thanksgiving. hockey became their go to black friday activity thanks to tom morrissey he who moved to lansdale from boston where hockey was all the rage. >> it was starting to catch on fire down here with the flyers so timing was great. i met a lot of wonderful friends here and we just started playing street hockey.
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>> reporter: for something that's been going on for 40 years there's really very little planning involved. there's an open invitation to show up at 10:00 a.m. on black friday at this spot. one of the players even came in from denver, colorado, missing thanksgiving with his family just for this. >> my wife is very supportive. she's met everybody here realizes how important this is and thought it was great idea. it's a tradition for tom morrissey's 93-year-old mother marion who always stops by. >> i think it's wonderful i've never seen anything like it in my life. i didn't do that with any of my school friends and yet these boys have come to this. >> they play until they get tired and then they eat lunch its a black friday tradition they say isn't really just about hockey. >> these are true friends and they'll help you out whenever you need anything. as life throws us challenges they're all there for you and during the course of the year so it's great guys. >> reporter: reporting in lansdale, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." >> ♪
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>> boston police issued their first reporter in that jahlil okafor fight outside of a bar in boston. what's the story. >> it was definitely dumb on my part those are the words of sixers star rookie jahlil okafor who spoke for the first time since video surfaced of his involve n a street fight in boston hours after a loss to the celtics dropped the sixers to oh and 16. the video obtained by tmz sports shows okafor punching someone who he says had been heckling him outside a nightclub. okafor says the altercation it started after someone said the sixers stink. the man filed a report saying he was the victim of assault and battery and needed stitches. okafor will suit up tonight against the rockets as the sixers try to avoid setting a nba record for consecutive losses. he admitted today all the losing is getting to him but says he's embarrassed about what transpired. forget black friday, it's orange and black friday. the flyers gave us our money's worth today with some afternoon hockey.
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facing former coach peter laviolette mcdonald's gave the flyers a two-one lead. with 20 seconds to go they sent to it overtime when mike fisher's rebound got past the nets. 52 seconds left in overtime he does it again clutch kid for the second time this week gives the flyers a three-two overtime win back to back home games they win for the first time since mid october. >> it's a fun ride. i don't have any plans getting off it. i never scored that many ot winners in my life. it's a real moment but we're going to keep going and look forward to new york. >> jhailyn watkins is an eagle once again. watkins will replace nolan carroll who was lost for the season with a broken ankle. eagles lost just more than carroll they lost the game, they lost some respect they might even have lost some
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hope. watkins will step in on a defense there has allowed 90 points and 10 touchdown passes in the past two weeks. yesterday's debacle in detroit still sings. nobody was fired, nobody was cut yet. >> we got a lot of winners in this room, people with great attitudes and guys who know how to fight through adversity. we're in a really good test right now and it's going to test you down to the core and we'll see what this team is really about and if these guys are really about the team or not but i really think that we have good people and good people make good football players and i think we got enough talent to win games. we just got to keep fighting through it. >> thankfully we have villanova our local hoops team that's the opposite of the sixers looking to stay undefeated in the championship of the nit tipoff today. judging by that look on jay wright's face not so sure it will happen. second half against georgia tech brunson killer crossover and the layup put the cats up two. triple made it a 10-point lead and they cruise from there.
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villanova wins 69-62. they're six and oh. >> we've got that going for us. >> yes, we do. >> thank you jamie. phillies and citizens bank park opened their doors today. all merchandise was buy one get one free. the perfect opportunity to get great deals on items to adorn your own phill philly phanatic.
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>> gorgeous weather for thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> gorgeous weather for black friday. >> yeah. >> i got a hunch -- >> i'm being honest. kind of goes downhill this week. not going to be horrible this weekend but temperatures start to dip and we see a couple showers both days. as we take a look at double scan live radar all is dry and quiet and it is still warm this evening and in fact as you take a look at sky6 live overlooking the center city skyline and right down broad street towards city hall and our temple university camera, not seeing much in the way of a bounce in the camera so really no wind and overall pretty clear skies above with
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a few high clouds streaming in from the north and west. as we look at the high temperatures across the region today in atlantic city we hit 68 degrees. we are 1 degree shy of the record which was 69. millville 66 degrees today, wilmington 65 and it was also 65 in allentown and reading both theisk allentown we broke the record. for philadelphia we hit 66, way off that record which was 73 degrees set back in 1896. this morning 40 degrees, 4 degrees above that normal low and the record low 16 degrees with your sun setting close to 4:30. the numbers are still not bad as we look north and west. 56 in pottstown, 55 saint davids kennett square 52. levittown 56 and as we head to the south many 50's but they're mixed with a couple 40's like hammonton 47, woodbine 48 degrees the state
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of delaware in the low 50's and also in the upper 50's still along the shore. here come a few clouds from the west. you can still see some clear skies to the south. there's the frontal boundary with a few showers on the u.s. canadian border and it's really stretching its legs all the way down to the deep south into texas, bumps into some colder air in the central part of the u.s. where it does mix to some sleet, freezing rain and a little bit of snowflake looks like a lot of moisture but it's going to fall apart as it pushes to the east over the weekend. for tonight some clouds around, mild for november, 50 in center city when she should be close to flicks, 3 36, 37 fo. that the front can comes in tomorrow late in the afternoon but it's still mild at 65 degrees, maybe a few peeks of sun early in the morning. clouds take over, a couple showers throughout the afternoon and then that front will be pushed down to the south as we get into sunday. a morning shower, some clouds and then some breaks of sun especially north in the afternoon but as that front sinks to the south, temperatures are going to drop
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the second half of the weekend to around 54 degrees. if we time this with those showers here on future tracker in the afternoon you can see it's very light. this is 3 o'clock mainly north of philadelphia. then they kind of spread out and push to the south saturday night into early sunday morning at 6 o'clock. some showers especially southern new jersey, delaware. not much going on sunday north and west of philadelphia and sunday afternoon, if you take a look you can see how gray the clouds are north of philadelphia. that's where we could see some breaks of sun sunday afternoon but you could see the brighter white clouds down to the south in the afternoon where they're thicker but doesn't look much in the way of heavy rain both saturday and sunday just a few showers on either side of the day. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast the best chance for a scattered shower or two is tomorrow afternoon at 65 and then very early on sunday morning and then maybe some pops of sun from north to south sunday afternoon but cooler at 54. it stays cool but is bright on monday as high pressure is in control at 50 degrees and then
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that system lifts back to the north on tuesday with some periods of showers, again doesn't look overly heavy and they could linger into early wednesday morning, cloudy in the afternoon at 58. then the sun is back in full force on thursday, seasonable 50 and still looking dry despite some clouds increasing late friday with a temperature of 50 degrees. so overall not that bad. >> not too bad. thank you adam. some of the philadelphia zoo's newest residents now have name. we would like to introduce you to benjamin and betsy. the red panda cubs were born on june 26th. they debuted to the public on november 18th. 17,000 visitors and social media followers have cast their votes for the winning names. of course betsy and benjamin are nods to betsy ross and one benjamin franklin. so there you go. wheel of fortune is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis


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