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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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alive. shoppers are doing what they do best on this black friday and hope sales figures will not disappoint. "action news" is next. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is tragedy in colorado springs. details are still emerging but
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tonight the we know that three people have been killed in a standoff with a gunman who barricaded himself inside of a planned parenthood building. killed were two civilians and a police officer from the university of colorado at colorado springs who just showed up to help. nine other people were shot and wounded abe that includes five police officers. >> the officers, you know, they are obviously in some pain but thankfully they are alive and we have been talking to them and they are heroes. the absolutely heroes. the courage they displayed today, saved many, many lives. >> they're in good condition at the hospital. law men hussled the injured out of the harms way in to ambulances. and late tonight, the alleged gunman was arrested. this video shows them being put into a car, and then driven away. there is a report that possible explosives have been found inside of his car. authorities know little about
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him or if planned parenthood was a specific target. six will have continuing updates as this investigation into the colorado springs standoff unfold. we have posted the latest from police as well as pictures from the scene. hundreds of protesters spent this black friday, blocking off, one of the chicago's luxury shopping districts, to draw attention to the killing of the black teenager. demonstrators stood shoulder to shoulder along what is known as the magnificent mile to remember 17 year-old laquan mcdonald. some chanted 16 shots which was the number of times that the chicago police officer allegedly fired. that officer was charged with murder earlier in the week more than a year after the killing. the the protesters are demanding the resignation of the police commissioner and a federal investigation into, the chicago police department. this is the scene, we have
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become accustomed to seeing on black friday, the absolute frenzy over deep discounted items n georgia they grabbed as many appliances as they could, in new york's hurled square some 15,000 shoppers, crushed the front doors of the macy's to get their hand on this season's hottest items. people in our region were out in force, trying to make a dent in their holiday wish list and retailers were certainly ready for the the business. area shopping malls bus with the shoppers bringing bags and gifts from store to store. it definitely felt like the holidays inside the king of prussia mall today but once you stepped outside it felt more like early objecting. exercisers worked off their thanksgiving meals wearing shorts and short sleeves shirts along the the schuylkill river trail. we have live coverage tonight, "action news" reporter jeff chirico is at the blue cross river rink at penns landing. the meteorologist cecily tynan is standing by with the weekend forecast, but first
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lets go to christie lleto who spent this day, with shoppers. the christie is live at the king of prussia mall, hi there, christie. >> reporter: hi there, jim. the crowd were very steady here at the mall, for 16 hours. that is how long the mall was opened today. shoppers looking for best bargains and retail are cashing in. dominic mcdaniel came from dayton, ohio for this best black bargain. >> this jacket right here you would get it for hundred bucks we got for 20. >> reporter: mark downs for shoppers lured shop tours king of prussia. >> they had things like five, $10. >> reporter: over at philadelphia premium outlets shoppers lined up to get inside the coach store. >> i know what you are trying to get. >> yes, we know. i am in the sure if they have it or not. >> reporter: national retail federation expect 136 million people will shop in stores thanksgiving day weekend.
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>> many retailers, the the quality of the season is november, december period. so it accounts nor, you know, a significant amount of their annual sales. it is make it or break it time. >> reporter: not everyone is sold by the the black friday hype. and eager for cyber monday. >> i'm going straight to amazon. >> reporter: for many, hunting for the mark down is a annual tradition, not wanting to be missed. are you heading out after this. >> no, no. >> reporter: as for those marathon shoppers, we still have small business sat the day and cyber monday, ahead of us. the reporting live at king of prussia, christie lleto, channel six a "action news". >> thanks, christie. "action news" was up bright and early with shoppers in cherry hill. they sacrificed sleep to get a jump on their holiday shopping and they were rewarded with longer store hours, fewer lines and deep discounts.
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>> at 10:00 o'clock at the local target, spent an hour and a half there and then headed to wal-mart, kohl's and now here to the outlets. he. >> we just slept in the car for about an hour. >> best sales of the year. i'm spending my money all at once. >> reporter: national retail federation predicts 140 million people will be out shopping, this holiday weekend. hopefully you enjoyed the clear skies during the past few days, because tomorrow, we will be dealing with some rain. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board with more on that cecily. >> it is not a lot of heavy rain. the just some showers in the afternoon. temperatures will still be pretty mild. so, past two days does not get much better then this for november. yesterday for thanksgiving for the parade, family football games and eating that turkey, 64 degrees the high today. 2 degrees warmer then that. that is 66. that is 14 degrees above normal. the record high for philadelphia is 73. so not a record here but atlantic city, 68 degrees,
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millville 66. wilmington 65. allentown and reading did hit record highs, 65 degrees, both days there. even tonight, pretty mild, 64 degrees currently in philadelphia millville 53. sea isle city 55. allentown 48 degrees. double scan live is showing a cold front that i'm track ago this will be pushing in during the the day tomorrow. it stretches all the way from new england through ohio and over to texas and oklahoma where they are dealing with some rain, and, snow and ease and this whole system is moving slowly our way. this is what is ahead. we will have a warm start to the weekend. tomorrow still mild. i'm tracking a round of rain that will be moving through tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and parts of the region on sunday morning and then behind that, a cooling trend. i will give you details what to expect in the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. >> all right, cecily. lets head to "action news" reporter jeff chirico who is live at penns landing. jeff, it still looks reasonably warm out there.
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>> reporter: it is, jim. today what a great opening day here at the river rink, winter fest, you can see plenty of people here on the river rink getting in on the spirit and available, pan to the right, you will see lots of people still here at the winter garden, a beautiful night to spend here n fact it was a beautiful day to do anything outside. it looks more like a summer evening in center city, shoppers, theater goers and diners out and about in rittenhouse square with temperatures around 60, a few enjoyed a rare november dinner outside. >> it is not bad, not bad, i like it. weather is nice today. >> we figured it would be cold they are time of the year. we have been pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: so is just about everyone else. this afternoon the schuylkill river trail was pack with walker, cyclist and skaters giving their summer gear another go. while it felt like spring, it bee again to look like christmas here on jewelers row and in south philadelphia, joe desarah spent the the day hanging lights.
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>> is this the warmest you ever recall putting up christmas decorations. >> yes, definitely. yes. i mean i have been out here with gloves before and freeze, you know. >> reporter: this is a little better a lot better. very good day for me. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: meanwhile the river rink river fest was packed with families playing games, roasting marshmallows and taking a spin on the ice. >> it is unbelievable. it is crazy it is this warm and we are not wearing coats in november. it is wonderful. >> we just came out because of it being thank giving. >> it is really nice. they added cottages. >> reporter: if there is one drawback to the warm temperatures it is that the heated cabins may work too well. >> it is borderline too warm but it goodies. we he were saying we should put our beers outside because it is toasty in here you are taking a live look at the river rink are, folks still out the here the nice
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and hey, you can still get out here. it remains opened until 1:00 tomorrow morning. in fact, the river rink will remain opened throughout the season every friday, saturday and sunday through february 28th. we are live at penns landing, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". take six along with you this thanksgiving. you will fine storm tracker six radar, hourly forecast from accu weather as well as latest traffic conditions and traffic cameras on area roadways. still to come on "action news" tonight, itchy eyes, running noses and sore throats, winter allergy season is upon us, what sufferers should watch out for coming up on health checks. "action news" captures this romantic marriage proposal over the summer. perhaps you will remember. tonight that couple walk down the aisle and we will hear from them. talk to jamie apody with the sixers, flyers, eagles. and of course cecily returns
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with more on the weekend accu weather forecast when "action news" continues tonight.
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it it was tragedy this afternoon, on the manasquan inlet in monmouth county. when a pontoon boat capsized with seven people on board . two people were killed. the other passengers were treated for non-life threatening injuries. new jersey state police and the coastguard, and a good samaritan in a private boat, all helped in the rescue. a driver was killed in a crash along the the atlantic city expressway this morning. this viewer video captured billows of smoke after a hyundai sedan slammed in the toll booth at the egg harbor toll plaza. the the car burst into flames and trapped the driver inside. >> it took troopers a few minutes to respond. we were a few miles away. the the car was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: body of the driver had to be cut from the vehicle. new jersey state police say that just before the the accident, they received a call about a car, operating erratically. so far they have not been able to rule out the involvement of the drugs or alcohol, bye
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there were in other injuries. state police are looking for this man, three two-year old bobby taylor, in connection with a deadly shooting in a car wash in bear, delaware today. police believe taylor shot and killed 41 year-old aloysius taylor as the victim was sitting in the car behind american car wash, in the 1900 block of pulaski highway. the men were not related, but they work together at the car wash. penn state says it has settled with six more victims or accusers of the jerry sandusky bringing the pay out total now to nearly 93 million-dollar. the university's financial statement showed 33 million-dollar in new payments over claims related to the sandusky scandal. the reports say that more claims could be paid in the future but provides no details. sandusky is pursuing an appeal while he serves 30 to 60 years in prison on a 45 count child sexual abuse conviction.
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on health check at 11:00, ready or not winter allergy season is almost here. experts say typically, trace amounts of the cedar tree pollen, shows up just a couple of weeks from now during a quick spike in early january. they say if we get more rain the season won't be as bad. but it is still a good idea to get ready. >> what do you want people to do right now is go to the store and buy their antihistamines and your nose sprays and eye drops and start those pretty soon. >> doesn't sound promising. typical symptoms are itchy eyes and running nose but some people develop asthma and will neat albuterol treatments. california farm is recalling a vegetable mix believed to be source of the e-coli in cost tan chicken salad. nineteen people in seven states became ill. there have been no reports of the e-coli in the delaware valley. taylor farms pacific inc. recalled a mix of diced celery
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and onions used in costco chicken salad. f.d.a. says they are acting out of an a bound ants of caution. this years white house official christmas tree has arrived in the nation's capitol and the tree has a special connection to the delaware valley. first lady michelle obama received the the white house tree this morning. officially kicking off the holiday season the at 600 pennsylvania avenue. the 18 and a half foot frazier fur was grown by jay and glenn bus to ter, on their farm, in lansdale, pennsylvania. they personally presented the tree to the first lady today. philadelphia's awe new tourist attraction is set to open up tomorrow. one liberty observation deck has panoramic views with its floor to ceiling windows. also interacted experiences and installations including a towering ben franklin sculpture. deck atop one liberty place is opened from 10:00 to 10:00 every day. large group gathered tonight the in haddonfield for
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holiday music. performance was part of the candle light shopping kick off for black friday. families paused for a few moments to enjoy festive songs before going off to shop. a tree light nothing pennsauken drew a crowd tonight. evening cloud ride on the carousal and real horse drawn carriages, spectators were also treated to the first official performance by ice creative entertain: winter fest ice skating rink at cooper river park is opened seven days a week there are performances several times a week, and every weekend, until february. as we noted at 6:00 o'clock tonight there are a lot of folks ice skate to go day, in the tri-state area. >> just to get outside. you want to do something with temperatures in the 60's. the the parks were crowded, i took my family hiking. then we went to the flyers game. it was so much fun. but we had their jackets on inside. you come out and you take them
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off. so much warmer outside. >> yes. >> it stays mild, first half of the weekend. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we have dry conditions, out there tonight. very mild. the action cam out and about, looking up, what a great shot of the city hall and you can see the the trees, they are all set for the holiday season. although it is real willly not feeling like late november at all. temperatures still even this late at night, it is 19. still 54 degrees in center city. average high for this time of the year is 52. quakertown 54. tannersville currently 50. saint david 52. kenneth square currently 51 degrees. woodbine, new jersey 51. cinnaminson, 52. little bit cooler in delaware, 48 degrees and satellite six with action radar showing the cloud are beginning to move in, they are high, thin, we will probably see filtered sunshine early in the day but
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all of the cloud in advance of this cold front and this cold front stretches all the way from new england through the ohio valley, and texas and oklahoma where they are dealing with snow and ice. what this front will do is bring us some showers really tomorrow afternoon into sunday morning. so next 12 hours tonight, some cloud, still mild for november, 35 in the cooler suburbs. temperatures in the dropping much overnight. future tracker showing tomorrow morning at 7:00 o'clock some peaks of sunshine out of philadelphia it cloud up as we head through the the day. then in the afternoon, some showers developing but you can see it is not widespread, heavy rain and then that front will push out to the south, wave of low pressure develops along it sunday morning. this is the the best chance of rain early sunday morning south of philadelphia look at what happens through the afternoon. that moisture band shifts out to the south and we will see sunshine late on sunday and temperatures dropping down in the the 50's. so the the first half of the
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weekend stays warm. 65 degrees. building cloud. a few afternoon showers. the second half of the weekend cools down to 54 degrees and then again early showers giving way to some afternoon sunshine. that high pressure brings us a cool but dry, monday, before more rain moves in and returns on tuesday. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, it will be mild tomorrow. afternoon and evening showers, for the temple game but not widespread, heavy rain. 65 degrees the afternoon high. on sunday a morning shower, in philadelphia, and afternoon sunshine, seasonably cool, 54 and on monday was i sunshine. tuesday we will need umbrella with period of rain, could be heavy at times, 56. showers continue in the first half of the day on wednesday, lots of cloud, 58 degrees. so thursday it will be seasonal and dry, 50 degrees and friday increasing cloud with a high also of
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50 degrees. weekend not quite as perfect as past few days but all and all looking nice for november and no really big cold on the way. >> this story is perfect, all right. >> okay. >> do you remember when action news got involved in this story at the very beginning. in july, "action news" photographer dann sheridan happened to catch on video chris proposing to his, girlfriend mary in logan square. okay, i got it, we aired the video and phone calls started to pour in identifying the couple. tonight they got married and once again, we were surprised by them showing up, at their reception. >> greatest day of my life. >> it has been amazing. we have been taking it all in. just amazing. >> newlywed said they plan to dance the night away, they will head on their honeymoon to saint martin in just a couple of weeks
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it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios.
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it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. continued today, and it had nothing to do with shopping, but a dozen childhood friends, get together at the montgomery county fellowship park, in lansdale, every year, for a game of hockey. the guys graduated from north pen high school in 1975. they went to different colleges but they always come home for thanksgiving, one of the players even flew in from
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colorado to be here. >> my wife is very supportive. she's met everybody here. she realizes how important it is and thought it was a great idea. >> battle lines are simple, they play until they get tired, which every year seems to be a little quicker, and then they eat lunch. well, more heart break tonight for your philadelphia 76ers. >> i really feel badly for this team because they fight so hard. you could argue they fight harder then eagles and they have no wins to show for it. tonight that hit a record setting level. sixers are now the the most how do we saying it, most losing franchise in the history of the four major united states professional sports. >> jahlil okafor did start despite the investigation into him. more in a minute. despite being down 16 in the second half they for the back. tj mcconnell gave them the lead. on transition how about jeromy grant who had a career high
11:28 pm
with 18. put sixers up by seven, with six minutes and 40 seconds left. but they had no answer for james harden. he scored 50 points. fifty. once again, the sixers fall just short losing 116-114. ill is their 27th straight loss dating back to last year. that is a new record for all u.s. professional sports. as for okafor he says it was dumb and he is embarrassed. he used those word to describe his street fight in boston. video obtained by tmz sports shows okafor punching someone who had been heckling outside a nightclub. okafor said altercation began when someone yelled at him that the 76ers stinks. tonight police investigating after that man filed a report saying he was a victim of an assault and battery and needed stitches after the altercation. okafor an ad mythed that all this losing is starting to get to him. he is only 19 years old by the the way.
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forget black friday it is orange and black friday. flyers gave us our money's worth with afternoon who can which the predators. game tied at one facing former coach peter laviolette, colin mcdonald, gave the flyers a two-one lead. would you believe, with 202nd left, nashville with an extra attacker they sent to it overtime. mike fischer, past michael neuvirth. fifty-two seconds left in overtime, shane gos here, the second time this week, gave flyers a three-two win. the first time a rookie has done that in this season let alone five days. eagles make a roster move and villanova looks to remain perfect when "action news" returns. ♪
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cut just why only move eagles made day after that detroit debacle was sign jaylen watkins replacing nolan car will ol. eagles lost the game, they lost respect, they even lost the hope. watkins will step in on a defense that allowed 90 points and ten touchdowns in the past two weeks. is what left to be seen will they pick up pieces or shatter into even more of them. >> we have a lot of winners in this room. we have people with great attitudes and guys that know how to fight through adversity. we're in a good test. it will test you down to the core. we will see what this team is really about. >> college hoops drexel zero and 56789 they fall 71-65 in the great alaska shoot-out. thankfully, we have villanova who remains undefeated despite
11:34 pm
jay wright's face here. second half with georgia tech, jay len brownson to the cross overlay up. he would make it a ten-point lead. they win 69-50. they are now six-zero. thanks, jamie. >> temple tomorrow. >> and temple tomorrow. >> that is right good when does penn play. >> all right. that is true. >> jimmy kimmel live is next. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line, "action news" continues, at 5:30, new for cecily tynan, jamie apody, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardener. have a good night and great weekend. >> ♪
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, liam hemsworth. from "black-ish," tracee ellis ross. and james bond. and it's mashup monday with music from jewel and the gang. with with cleto and the cletones. now in person, here's jimmy kimmel!


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