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tv   Action News 7pm  ABC  November 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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mike hughes, the freshman from north carolina with the coverage. and gene chizik's defense getting it done once again here against the wolfpack. >> rocky: we talk about, look, as prolific at their offense has been in scoring points, this is the reason why this team is where they are right now. last year one of the worst defenses in all of college football were giving up close to 500 yards per game and 39 points. this year, given up 100 yards less and 20 points less per game. and gene chizik is allowing the play makers, the athletes, to just play. >> eamon: fourth down for brissett and the pack. trying to keep the drive alive again and he does. a solid run inside the 20. the stiff arm down to the so. jacoby brissett isn't done playing here tonight. >> rocky: and i played four years with the tennessee titans. we had a quarterback named
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steven mcnair who used to do this. >> eamon: picks up 31 yards and hands off to nichols and there's another flag. >> referee: holding, offense, number 54. 10 yards, first down. >> eamon: he's had a great career here but a rough fourth quarter. brissett doing all he can on the ground. >> rocky: he has done a good job on the ground. but they are missing the big-time play in the pass game. give the credit to north carolina's secondary. >> eamon: brissett with time for now. checks down to the underneath route. >> rocky: get the catch. no yards after the catch. >> referee: time-out, north carolina state. >> eamon: dominiquie green with
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the tackle. so the wolfpack will take a time-out. we mentioned it moments ago. it's bedlam on saturday night football. number 3 oklahoma battles number 11 oklahoma state. 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc. this game is also streaming live on watch espn and part of the revelry series presented by jiffy lube. >> rocky: north carolina fans are saying we had an ugly loss early in the season. but you guys don't like us in the polls. texas had an ugly loss -- >> oklahoma has played better over baylor and tcu and boykin can creep back in. and there is no denying the resume for oklahoma. >> rocky: not denying. >> eamon: just the mulligan for the bad loss. north carolina doesn't have those wins. >> rocky: i get it.
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they are getting punished for their early season loss. >> eamon: there is a sack for mikey bart. >> rocky: just telling you what the north carolina fans are saying. >> eamon: okay. >> rocky: not me. i'm saying what they're saying. >> eamon: bart now has six and a half sacks on the season. the junior from buford, georgia. you know, north carolina, we talked about it so much throughout the game, they're blue collar, we're not, they are showing some grit this year and they've shown it here this afternoon. and again, as you mentioned, rocky, that bad loss that's why they fell down and everyone is saying here we go with marquise williams and the tarheels. >> rocky: three picks in the game right down there in the red zone. and again, it was an ugly loss.
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south carolina lost to citadel last week. but you have to credit marquise williams and his team for getting that out of their head. there is no finger pointing after that loss. and now getting ready to win their 11th in a row. >> eamon: what a catch by freddie simmons -- make it grinnage. a flag on the play. 20 yards for the tight end. >> referee: pass interference on the defense number 26. penalty is declined. touchdown. >> eamon: second of the ball game. and this is a highlight reel grab. >> rocky: yeah. great throw there by brissett. he just goes up there and gets it. tight ends with that size that's why they are so good at this area of the field. they use their height advantage. >> eamon: go for two to pull
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within 11. brissett throwing on the run and it's complete to cherry. so they go 82 yards in 16 plays. out of time-outs. down by 11. so again they'll go back to the onsides kick. >> rocky: and it goes without saying this onsides kick, it is the ball game. without time-outs left, they were able to recover one. north carolina needs a second. >> eamon: so north carolina on the cusp of making it 11 straight wins. this has been an offensive
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onslaught for both teams. eamon mcananey and rocky boiman along with dawn davenport. north carolina jumped out to a huge 35-7 lead in the first half. every time nc state chipped away, the tarheels have had an answer. right now north carolina has to come up with the recovery on the onside kick. dave doeren hoping for a recover and a miracle. >> rocky: last time they kicked the ball to number 84, bug howard. we'll see if they try someone else. >> eamon: they're gong to the same side. right up the middle. and it's grabbed. charles brunson, the tailback. >> rocky: the same thing. in this situation, you got to be aggressive. when the ball is there, go get it. you can't be scared. bug howard did the same thing the first onside kick.
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this time charles brunson sees the middle bunt and goes and gets it. >> eamon: what a moment for this north carolina program as they line up in victory formation. trying to change their reputation. they have become a gritty team. the 21-point comeback against georgia tech. going to pittsburgh when pittsburgh was ranked. and we have been talking about it the last few minutes, the formula for larry fedora's club to get into the playoff. clemson had to remain number one. check. they needed attrition in the top ten, a somewhat check for baylor losing and they needed to win out impressively, 45-34 on the road against a rival? >> rocky: i think that's impressive. is it impressive enough? the biggest thing is how do they do next week versus clemson in the acc championship game. but i think it is still a great performance versus an instate rival tonight. >> eamon: oklahoma state winning tonight. stanford winning tonight over notre dame.
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so although as you might say, north carolina fans might say, a win over clemson would take care of notre dame. but larry fedora will worry about that at a later date. right now he is going to enjoy this one. will it him have it for 24 hours. and tomorrow they will turn their attention to clemson. what an an atmosphere next week in charlotte. >> rocky: no question. clemson has been the number one team in the nation. hasn't stumbled at all. let's see if this tarheel team can do it. >> eamon: so larry fedora last year losers by 28 at home. this year, they make the short trip and get the upper hand on dave doeren's club. they win it 45-34 and have now won 11 in a row. and they get ready for the acc championship game.
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what a performance by north carolina, the offense with eye-popping numbers and continues. 553 yards of total offense. elijah hood with a career high 220 yards and two touchdowns. they improve to 11-1. let's send it to dawn davenport on the field. >> dawn: coastal division champs and now state champs. >> eamon: those were the two goals for this year and they got them. they won 11 straight. i can't say enough about them. >> rocky: 220 yards on the ground for elijah hood what is the key to his success tonight? >> you have to give credit to the big guys up front. but he ran extremely hard and he is a beast. i mean, the perimeter blocking was really good. he's going to make plays. >> dawn: we haven't talked about
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it all week, can we know talk acc championship and clemson? >> now we reset our goals and our goal to be acc champion. we'll have to come with a great game plan and the guys will have to play football but we have enough players on the team to win. >> dawn: congrats. >> thank you. >> eamon: so an impressive victory on the road against in-state rival nc state. north carolina improves to 11-1. and now they get ready for clemson, number one clemson. that will be next weekend in charlotte in the acc championship game. for rocky boiman, dawn davenport and our espn crew, i'm eamon mcananey saying so long from raleigh.
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we're learning new details about the the suspect linked to had deadly shooting in colorado springs. surveillance cameras catch burglars in the act ransacking a local business. but the big story on "action news" is breaking news at the philadelphia park side section where four people have been hurt in a crash, one critically. investigators say a vehicle hit two young children and two adult at 5:30 tonight. the kid age two and six were taken to children's hospital. we just learned that a 30 year-old woman is in extremely critical condition at friend presbyterian hospital, other adult, a 25 year-old woman piss in stable condition. driver did stop at the scene and investigators are still trying to figure out how this whole thing unfold. we are tracking a change in the weather tonight, there was a warm cloudy day across the region but we will see he 10-degree dip in the temperature coming tomorrow. meteorologist melissa magee is
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at the big board tracking a few showers, melissa. >> storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing you light drizzlal cross the region. some showers in between wilmington and dover at this hour. little bit of light precipitation press nothing south jersey and off to the west and lancaster. this is part of the elongated system frontal boundary that continues to work across mid-atlantic region. storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing this boundary stretching back to the ohio valley and snakes north ward across our region. a as we go throughout the day tomorrow, however, this boundary will dip down to the south and take a good portion of the the precipitation with it. future tracker six is showing you during overnight hours and even as you wake up early tomorrow morning, we still that have swath of rain from reading, trenton and point south but as this boundary continues to shift southward as we get in 1:30 this afternoon cloud will be breaking for late day, sunshine. so, lets talk about what is ahead. morning rain to the south here in philadelphia, and, also
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across south jersey and delaware. it will be a dry afternoon, more sunshine to the north for some locations, and also tracking cooler temperatures, spots today were in the lower 60's. tomorrow will be in the lower 50's. we will take a closer look at that, walter with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast. >> thank you, medical list. you can find the seven day forecast and link to a live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day just go to six plenty of shoppers took advantage of the warmer weather to make a dent in the old christmas shopping list during small business saturday. it is a i day wherever one is encouraged to shop locally in support of the mom and pop shops in town. "action news" reporter trish hartman caught up with some shoppers today in manayunk with more, trish. >> reporter: small business saturday isn't over just jet. we are seeing people, enjoying restaurant, a attic is still open with some merchandise out here, on the sidewalk. now, according to american express, which started small
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business sat the day, back in 2010, $14 billion was spent on this day, by consumers last year. according to business owners we have spoke with today, it is becoming their busiest and most lucrative day of the year. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: english gardener gift shop in downtown haddonfield, new jersey is packed with people and british novelties, you will have trouble find nothing your typical american grocery store. >> mince meat pies and christmas pudding. >> irish candy bars, crisps which are potato chips and we have discounts as well. so we have special going on. so bring people in. >> reporter: it is specialty stores like these that drew holiday shoppers out on this mild small business saturday. owner of the english gardener says this day new doubles the the business that he does on black friday. >> kind of equate to it people staying and tank in line waiting for ice cream, everybody is happy. >> reporter: down the street at harrison's at haddonfield, longer than normal lines have
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marley lick feeling festive. >> we don't usually get crowd like this, so i'm very, grateful for them. >> reporter: her ornament, flags and holiday decor were going quickly but her shopping trip isn't just about the merchandise. the horse drawn carriage ride, holiday tunes and twinkling lights complete the experience. >> everyone is saying merry christmas, and happy holidays and just a real supportive environment for the holiday season. the so, you know, it puts you in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: small retailers are feeling that spirit too. >> when you support small business in your community, for every dollar you spend, 68 cents stays in the community. it is shown that it has been reinvested in everything that you do. >> now, in years past american express has offered, statement credits to its card holder who stop on small business saturday, as an incentive. according to the web site because so many people participate in their longer need to offer that incentive. trish hartman channel six "action news".
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walter. we're learning a lock door may have prevented further tragedy inside planned parenthood in colorado. new details are emerging about exactly what happened, during deadly shooting and standoff. abc brandy hip is in colorado springs with more. >> reporter: walter, police will be here for days investigating, deadly shooting in planned parenthood that left this community shaken. today several remembrances were held for victims killed and wounded, including a beloved officer. police, formed an honored guard to escort body of garrett swasey, the 44 year-old father of two died in the gunfight at the planned parenthood, clinic colorado springs, on friday. >> we have mourned the the loss of the two civilian victims, we have mourned the loss of the very brave, police officer. >> reporter: all three of the alleged victims of this man 57 year-old robert lewis dear, who police say brought a rifle to the planned parenthood building and started shooting. >> fired, one hit. >> reporter: police radio
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transmissions captured the desperate minutes. >> he is coming out. he has the the ak. >> he was looking directly in my face and he was aiming for my head. >> reporter: but the bullet missed. police officers began using armored vehicles to smash through walls and rescue those taking cover inside of the clinic. >> the exam bed pushed up against the ball and we all sat in front of the door, for about five hours. >> reporter: colorado springs mayor was among those watching drama an fold on security cameras. >> it was incredibly dramatic. he started yelling that he was willing to give up. >> calls kept coming out, and to stand up. >> reporter: on saturday police searched dear's trailer. >> ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: at a service a memorial was held for victims as they held hand and vowed solidarity. >> four of the nine people wounded here of been released from the hospital. the suspect robert lewis dear remains in police custody, without bail tonight, his
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first court appearance is scheduled for monday. in colorado springs, brandy hip, channel six, "action news", walter? >> all right, thank you, brandy. a pedestrian is being treated for serious injuries after a crash in toms river. it happened last night on the route 37 inner douglass street. investigators say the 37 year-old victim was on the street near opera blue restaurant when he was hit the by this blue chrysler. the the investigation is ongoing. the right now charges against driver include driving with the revoked license. fiery crash along new jersey turnpike ended with one person in the hospital. investigators say a tractor trailer rear ended a minivan in the southbound lanes. it happened at 6a a.m. at south brunswick. tractor trailer caught fire, truck driver was in the injured but the driver of the minivan remains hospitalized in stable condition. police in philadelphia need your help tracking down two men wanted for robbing a chinese restaurant in spring garden. this is surveillance from the golden cuisine on north broad street back on november 15th.
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two suspects quickly approached the cashier while another acted as a look out. after the register was clean out all three fled. one of the suspects has been since captured but one of the gunman and look out remain on the loose. detectives are also trying to find a couple of burglars who broke into a store in tioga nicetown through the ceiling on wednesday. cameras captured the duo ransacking the wayne food market on the 4300 block of wayne avenue. the men were seen filling both their pockets and trash bags, with cash and cigarettes, before escaping back out through the ceiling. if you recognize any of the people involved here, please call the philadelphia police. more than 20 people have to find a different place to stay after a fire heavily damaged their apartment complex. action cam on the scene there in bethlehem as fire fighters put out hot spots at the sherman wood or cherwood pines apartment. first responders had to rescue several people from the flames and a total of four victims were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. you can see units on both first and second floors are
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charred. the red cross has stepped into help the victims. so far in word on how the the whole thing started. the city's new tourist attraction is ready to draw people in. amazing views of philadelphia. the one liberty observation deck opened today, children from the boys and girls club were among the first visitors. mayor nutter was also there but this couple really took advantage of the new space. rick fry and garrett dean bought tickets and then got married.. >> we love the city so much here. it was i great view. we could not be happier. >> observation area has exhibited showcasing philadelphia's rich history. you cannot miss larger than life 96-foot tall ben franklin. deck is located in the 57th floor of the one liberty place and opened to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. much more to come on "action news" tonight a parade kick off holiday season in camden county. complete with the vice from it old saint nick.
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santa was riding in style today. we will show you, coming up. tables turned riding club men for helping inner city kid gets help of his own. plus one big football game for temple, owls are playing for division championship tonight, jeff skversky has details in sports.
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it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios.
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it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. as you can see there a steady stream of sirens mark the start of the pennsauken's holiday parade right there in camden county this afternoon. this 35th annual event showcased talent of the dance troops and musician was storm troopers and, of course, jolly old saint nick who traded in his sleigh for a sports car as you cane right there. and santa ushered in the holiday season in delaware this morning as part of the 52nd annual wilmington jc's christmas parade. the santa claus may have been the star of this popular procession but the parade also featured some high school
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marching band, the mummers and everyone's favorite fury red monster, elmo. trash covered vacant lot is one of philadelphia's toughest neighborhood and may not seem like a dream gift to many but to the president of the locally quiz tran center, it is a god send. ellis ferrell, junior had been keeping inner city kid out of trouble by teaching them to ride horses. over the years the fletcher street urban riding club has rented space in strawberry mansion. but thanks to a donated piece of land the club now has a permanent home. today the owner of local concrete business, rallied other contractors to help clear years of dewrites from that lot. act of of kindness that ferrell says means a whole lot. >> it is a great feeling. i just can't stop looking every time i start talking about it, man, would i tear up because i'm so happy. >> the focus now turns to building new stables and an office. so a group of horse enthusiast have have set up a fund raising page to help the club
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continue its mission. you can find the lincoln our web site at six thanksgiving may be over but the spirit of the holiday, was still going strong in atlantic city toy day. "action news" was there as new jersey's chapter of the islamic circle of north america handed out care packages to families in need kits including everything from bedding, winter clothing to canned food and baby supplies. group says that the annual post thanksgiving celebration, is about using their blessing toss help others. still to come on "action news" temple's football team is enjoying one of the best seasons in program history but tonight they are hoping to put cherry on the cake. the that is wrong video. jeff skversky explains how much is on the line when "action news" comes right back.
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jeff skversky has a check on sports and a huge one for
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temple. >> it is a big one, virtually do or die for tell familiar they want to accomplish their dreams. for temple it comes down to tonight, if the owls win they are in the conference title game. so temple just a win away from clinching the division and their first ten win regular season, ever. temple hosting u-conn, tyler mankevich and other seniors honored. they wanting to on top. first quarter, how about jihad thomas from the outside. watch him go and get in there. he is going. temple takes early seven to nothing lead. owls have not won at home as a ranked team since 1941. if they win tonight they play for conference championship next saturday, against houston. so what penn state playing for today? how about a better bowl game. their first eight win season since 2012 and oh, by the way, to play spoiler. penn state can keep michigan state out of the conference title game but brutal trip for penn state. road game


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