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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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restaurant serves final meal after 10 years as a local favorites. after 10 years as a local favorites. that's next on "action news." >> we have a warping tonight about two people reportedly pretending to be police officers. investigators say they tried to
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rob three separate victims early this morning all in south philadelphia. sunday night sarah is off i'm walter perez and the big story on "action news" is the search for a pair of alleged thieves accused of pulling a fake badge and acting like cops. "action news" reporter jeff skversky is live at 16 and east passyunk where one of the incidents unfoaled yes. jeff. >> walter, those rick items were simply walking done the street when they tell police they were approached by a man an woman in a car and then robbed. >> you can't even walk in your own neighborhood without being accosted by a crazy person. >> tony says he's watching his back after learning a sires of robberies in south philadelphia by a pair posing as please. >> i have no clue how it happened but it's pretty scary things like that can happen and round here. >> it's definitely alarming. i would probably trust people if they told me that. >> one incidents happened 6:30 before sunrise east passyunk
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avenue and 21-year-old victim told police a man driving gray car with female passenger approached him and identified himself as police and flashed a badge and demanded to see id. imperson nateer frisked and served him and took 14 from his wallet. people living nearby said it because unusual for the area. >> this is one of the safest spots in this area. that's what makes it all the more vulnerable to something like that. that sound you know you get a lot of trusting people here. >> police report similar ips dents two hour earlier fourth and jackson. a man was robbedsp undetermine amount of cab erin a woman fled when. >> they say christmas time they go shopping for regular people. >> they're looking for surveillance that may have captured robberies. dewreako said he'll stale alert and suspicious. >> i carry no money when i leave the house in the morning i'm broke. >> you're suspicious of people,
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yeah, even you guys, i'm us is person us of everybody. >> yeah, and those suspects wearing dark colleges not uniform and if you think you stop by a plain clothed police officers you can ask to see their photo id and badge and call 91 and give location and ask to send a marked vehicle. live in south philadelphia, jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news". "action news" is following a developing story out of southwest philadelphia. first responders were able to rescue a truck driver after he lost control of his semi-. the truck hit a utility pole as you can see there and parked cars outside of a car dealership. this all happened around -- crews are working to as the damage at the chapman's cheverolet along essington avenue. the truck driver was not injured. >> well, one of the buzzest travel days of the year just about you wrapped up. a whole lot of people packed traenz and waited in long security lines and sat through
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traffic jams. all that to spend thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. >> "action news" reporter trish hartman spent the day talking with weary travelers and joins us live from philadelphia international airport, trish. >> water no surprise it's been a puzy night at the airport. travelers were wake making their way home on the air and road. >> when you're in stand still traffic and pumping the brakes and pumping brakes that makes a long ride just horrible. >> fill ma is johnson she's tired and driving her caught home to anyone side after spending thanks giving in disneyworld. they hit the road 9 a.m. and stopped here at the pennsylvania welcome center after a long day. >> today, traveling was really hectic. it was a lot of traffic jams and so we warmed it. >> ka cording to aaa almost 42
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million were expected to take a road trip this holiday weekend and because gas prices are lowest we've seen since 2008 the number of drivers up from mast yearch the little family from berwick spent thanksgiving in virginia and swpd the ride sglom if you look at the gps we veered off the regular plenty of travelers packed the baggage claim area. many relieve the trip was so easy. >> it was buzzier we theft thursday taken seemed buzzier today than thursday. and but everything was pretty smooth. and then there were the will sons. >> i have a frustrated, tired, ready to be home. >> they messed connecting flight to new haven connecticut because of delayed flight in norfolk, virginia because the
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thanks give iting trip is not over. >> we'll hopefully be able to get bags spend a night or get a rental car and go home. >> reporter: now, there are delayed night this evening if you pick someone up at the airport you want to check flight status before you leave. we're live at philadelphia international airport, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, trish. for the most part travelers had weather on their side this weekend in earn eastern part of u.s. after ice starmz out west seasonable across the country including here in the delaware valley. changes are on the horizon for workweek. meteorologist melissa magee at the big board with first check of the exclusive accuweather forecast, melissa. >> walter we have changes today as we wrapped up the second half of holiday weekend. it will certainly cooler with northerly wind coming in at 42 at this hour in philadelphia and 32 freezing mark in allentown and 27 poconos and same thing in dover. so if you're traveling back
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home after enjoying thanksgiving holiday or you know someone on their way back we have the green light as far as weather is concerned. there's some major east coast hubs and no weather related travel delays. fast forward into start ever the workweek and we have more changes on the way. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you more wintry precipitation out across the plain states and we're tracking frontal boundary that lifts north as we go throughout early this week and some of that precip will start to the dmreep our region as early as tomorrow night. future tracker showing you 6:00 in the morning few high, thin clouds around and clouds will continue to build and thickening and by days end tomorrow tracking moist fewer tour for city and points south. we'll talk about what is ahead. stays cool monday and we're tracking patter change that brings return of rain and details coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you, talk to you then. >> first responders battle house fire in harple delaware county late this afternoon. you can see lots of smoke billowing from the roof of the
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home 200 block first after and firefighters reported heavy flames in the basement and nobody was injured and it took crews quite some time get the plays under control. >> fire fighters are being treated for injuries after their fire truck slammed into a row of parked cars it happened this morning in west philadelphia and this has slowed down surveillance video "action news" received from a nearby business on baltimore avenue an you can sigh the big red truck slide right, crushing cars in its path. once it came to a stop ladder 134 taken out a utility pole and four cars. jonathan smith heard the crash and troon see what became of his 2007 dodge charger. and the battered truck was towed awaim 4 hours to it later and investigators are trying to figure out why the truck went out of control. injured firefighters are listed in stable condition tonight. >> major news tonight from nba great delaware valley native kobe bryant is retiring from basketball and made announcement tonight on playe
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player's tribune web site in a poem called my basketball. he made at noupsment days before they traveled there for the sixer. much more on career in sports and kobe sits down exclusively with robin roberts on gma. >> much more to come president obama pay respect victims of paris terror attacks and sight at all the hor ror ahead. >> it was a pleasure doing business with them. we had a lot of very, vo loyal people that came here. >> after serving up seafood for more than 100 years a local restaurant closes doors for good. and sixers draw ago teption for all the wrong reasons tonight. that and more coming up in all the wrong reasons tonight. that and more coming up in sports with jeff skversky.
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>> the accused gunman behind the deadly shooting at planned parenthood in colorado springs makes first court appearance tomorrow and police are trying to determine the motive of friday's attack which lasted povrd are for hours. the alleged shooter turned hi himself in and then made rambleings and hostile comments about planned parenthood. they were killed and 4 44-year-old fwaret swaze a police officer at the university of colorado in colorado springs. nine others were injured in the attack after going straight. >> president obama was talking about deadly terror attacks. he joined france's president to visit the theater where the attacks unfolded two weeks ago. mr. obama laid a fluer at growing memorial outside of heater where 89 were killed and since those deadly tags security across brands hite end to the head of the leader summit. they'll meet to reach an agreement to reduce manmade ash
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on emissions. >> and earlier today in paris police clash with pro testers upset that environmental march was cancelled and protesters said they would cover a city landmark with shoes to silence the marchers going to have contempt. some threw the shoes and others were arrested. >> the pontiff visited central african republic torn apart due to fighting between christian christian and muslim factions. fearly a fifth of that population called to the community to fight isis. they had you lay down your .reponderance and dpr >> they served their final meal tonight. the owners of snokie's oyster house held a canteen host to tell vait the last evening.
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103 years later frank's grandchildren ken and skip said fine gal byes. they say the customers made tonight's farewell bitter sleep. >> any sadness on my part it's so outweighed by this warmth and affection sent out by all other regular customers. not even steady customers. just customers who come over the years. >> and both brothers now say they're looking forward to spending their free time relaxing down the jersey shore. >> and more than 150 crew members involved with the fil filming of movie creed celebrated opening weekend in chester county and creed is latest installment in the rookie franchise this weekend it was different. creed relied on philadelphia not for iconic sights but dozens of cast and crew members and tonight the cash and crew were invited to special screening at the movie tavern
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were invited to special screening at the movie tavern in exton
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>> starting tomorrow thousands of hupders will go into the woods to get their deer. it mark two week hunting season tomorrow they expect 750,000 it to take part and they expected to hunt down more than 300,000 deer. >> seems like more back to normal this week. >> seasonable tomorrow and tracking bouts with rain and with that we have a change in temperature. a lot going on walter we talk about it all. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar it's dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation. although it time tomorrow we might be tracking some moisture creeping north ward across the delaware and lehigh valley especially areas south of city. we'll talk about it and show you the picture outside and action cam was outside earlier tonight looking in center city at city hall and we've got a mostly skleer okay and high clouds drifting through the
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region as overnight hours ware on. so far the month of november has been a wild one. temperatures averaging 5.9 pov where he should be. this today is going down as second warm easton record in philadelphia. the warmest month of november was back in 1931. it has been dry, however, we've only seen 1.7 5" of precipitation. when you factor in the wind chill feels like 36, 27 poconos and 365en town and along the dmooingt sea isle city 43. 40s lower midville and dover. >> mostly clear to partly cloudy across the ream condition with high thin clouds streaming moisture and tracking west. once again another bought of wintry precipitation out across areas in the midwest and northern plains as early as tomorrow night. we're tracking this frontal boundary that will look north ward as we go throughout the
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day tomorrow and really for the startup early this week. setup for us monday 51. seasonable. where we should be this time of year. high pressure to the north and east and we tap into the cool northeasterly wind and sun giving way to increasing clouds as this warm front continues to lift north ward late monday night and through the day on tuesday. so closer to our region we have that on and off train contend with however it's a mild day with high temperature of 57. and there's that snow setting up once again across areas in the plain states and midwest. and future tracker 6 timing it out for you. 6:00 in the morning we say few high, thin clouds across the region and sun giving way to to increasing clouds as we go throughout tomorrow afternoon and by days in tomorrow future tracker showing you tomorrow morning tomorrow wet weather on the way. a lot of moisture will hold off closer to the midnight hour and we have to allow for some sneaking into the region as we get into early late tomorrow night and 6 a.m. tuesday it looks like that moisture will
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per signature cross the regionch the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast showing you sun to clouds on monday and high 51 and rain arrives late monday night. and tuesday, on and off rain. however mild day 67. wednesday period of rain and 61. we'll dry out nicely as we go throughout the day on thursday and sunny and breezy and 53. on friday it's seasonable at 5 and on saturday clouds and sun in at 51. sunday it's partly sunny and 54 degrees we start dry and tracking rain by day's end. >> not bad. >> thank you melissa. >> roman catholic high school in center city wrapped up 125 anniversary celebration this morning they begin with school annual alumni mass at the kath he'd rool basilica of saint peters and paul. the communion breakfast followed at a hotel nearby. it was founded in 190 and was first catholic die os san high
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>> jeff skversky has a check on sports and it's gotten ugly with the sixers. >> that's fair to say. >> woo tough to watch. same night. same story. same outcome. don't shoot the messenger but the sixers continue their embarassing start to yet another season. if you thought last year 0-17 start was bad this year was worse. sixers in memphis tonight without nu nerlens noel still looking for first w. sixers showing hustle. diving all over the place. gentleman car sam son scoops it up and slams it. sixers fight back in the third minute. later jeremy grant gives them the lead. sixers up as many as five in the fourth and they fall asleep and blow another 4th quarter lead. this carter all alone. what's going on out there. 15-1 run. final xhipts, jeff green. sixers lose 92-84 they're 0-18
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tied for worst start in nba history. tuesday e next up for sixers kobe bryant and lakers and turns out this will be kobe's last game ever in philadelphia tuesday night. former lower mayor yn high school star is calling it quit quits. kobe will retire at the ends of the season and lakeer guard spent 0 years in la he went to 17 all star games and won five nba titles, kobe scored the third most points in history. my body knows it's time say good-bye. >> don't take good-bye to playoffs yet. eagles played more like a team in contention for top ten pick. believe it or not as crazy as it sounds the eagles are one game out of first place thanks to familiar face desean jackso jackson, and desean jackson helping out the eagles, kirk
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cousins to jackson. 63 yard score. eagles minimum him. washington will take 20-0 lead new york trying to mack a come back. final five minutes eli manning through beckham junior what a cash. wow, giants down 6. but too little too late and that's three interceptions today catching up with him and 20-16 they took over first place and check this out. this is the nfc east or nfc least. redskins at 5-6. eagles one game out of first with five to go and next up the undefeated patriots on the roa road. with temple football having their best snn school history could matt rhule be history the temple coaches reportedly interview for the missouri job today. temple has no comment. here's what rule had to say last night. >> you guys know me i'm not going to talk about anything. this program is about these kids and i mean anybody that
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throws my name in things it's credit to the players and administration. so i won't talk about dogs. >> let's talk about the football team. 20th ranked owls honored at the basketball game after winning division and they'll play conference title saturday in houston and could they be soon playing without rule running the show here's what players have have to say tonight. >> it's another distraction you know. we've been fighting it all yearch the biggest things you can do is ignore all that outside noise and focus on what we have in front of us. >> we go out and play and not think about everything on the outside. whatever is in the locker room that's what we listen to. >> you don't have to listen to the owls, conference title game you can see it right here on 6abc. saturday at noon. temple and houston playing for the skvrns title. . all right, college hoops here's temple home-opener against delaware first half ended on a
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14-2 run and quintin to cozy and baseline slam right here. temple wins by 19, it's their 0th straight over delaware. and penn was also their best start in 14 years. it's fall ago part. down 15 pe half. never recover. lafayette two out of 15. penn losses. they lost two of they much more coming up in a few minutes including stuff for the eagles. coming up in a few minutes including stuff for the eagles. >> we'll be right back. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, sale ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number.


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