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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we are following breaking news on this monday morning, two people are shot and killed in a quiet montgomery county community. police are gathering clues. five philadelphia firefighters are injured in a crash. the whole think was captured on surveillance video. and kobe bryant is retiring from the nba after this season. he talked about his decision overnight as he heads to philadelphia this week. good morning, it is 4:30, tam is off, along with david murphy. we have erin o'hern and karen
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rogers and matt pellman. >> reporter: let's look outside, we have clouds and rain down to the south. the clouds will lower and thicken as the day progresses. we'll see peeks of sunshine early on. 29 degrees in quakertown. below freezing in much of the area. 31 in coatsville sitting at the freezing mark in saint david, as well as chester. 38 in center city. 32 in browns mills. 33 in dover, delaware. the winds are a factor out of the northeast. current ten miles per hour in philadelphia. a little higher in millville and dover. adding to the chilly feel this morning. as we look at the high today. temperatures in the 40s, 48 degrees is the high. increasing clouds. maybe a peek of sunshine, but for the clouds, they will lower and thicken. overnight tonight, a shower and 43 degrees is the low.
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we have rain to the south and tonight and overnight into tomorrow it's a rainy day. the details on the seven-day forecast. >> reporter: karen, did you get good bargains on friday morning. >> reporter: i did. >> reporter: cyber monday, today, a lot of people will be heading back to work this morning. however, so far it is very quiet. no delays along i-95 near allegheny avenue. same is true on the vine street expressway opened overnight it is scheduled to close overnight tonight starting at 11:00 p.m. but 676 by 76 everything is open and ready for you this morning. there's a problem in plumstead township bucks county, 413 durham road shut down between stump road and old durham road because of an accident that happened after 3:00. you stay on 611 and use weeshim
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ormer road. mass transit is back on the normal schedule. a couple of changes on the route 23 bus terminates in the center city and 45 bus operational between south philadelphia and center city. >> breaking overnight, a normal peaceful montgomery county community became the scene of a grizzly crime. two people were shot to death inside a home. annie mccormick is live at the home on diamond street. >> reporter: hatfield police are on the scene. the coroner arrived moments ago. the montgomery county district attorney's office is handling the investigation is stopping short of calling this a murder suicide. this happened around midnight in the 100 block of diamond street. when authorities arrived they found two people shot to death inside the home.
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it is only described at this time as a complicated scene. they are stopping at this point of calling it a murder suicide. we talked to a neighbor who had a lot of questions. >> it's really quiet, everybody gets along, everybody is friendly, you talk to mostly your neighbors are very friendly with each other and they get along. >> reporter: and back out here live, the neighbor saying he would like to know what happened out here, some other people telling us they would like to know as well whether or not there is someone they should be looking for or someone on the loose or a case of murder suicide. we'll hear more information throughout the morning as authorities sort this out, reporting live in hatfield, montgomery county, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, annie. developing this morning a chartered bus carrying mostly college students overturned on a
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highway in richmond, virginia. one person was seriously injured and 50 suffered minor injuries. the bus driver who had minor injuries has been charged with reckless driving. happening today the accused gunman in the deadly shooting rampage of a plant parent hood clinic in colorado springs is due in court. >> reporter: while investigators process the snowy scene outside the colorado planned parenthood clinic, the victims families process the loss. ke'arre stewart was a iraq war vet. he was the first to be hit telling others to take cover. he has some questions for him. >> you don't even know him, my brother was not for abortion. he was not participating in
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abortion. >> reporter: jennifer markovsky was a mother of two. the 44-year-old police officer garrett swasey was a pastor at his church. >> he would have gone into the clinic to serve the people because their lives matter. >> reporter: did you work the five our siege at the planned parenthood people scrambled for their lives. rabbit dear made hostile comments about planned parenthood. he was on the minds of many in colorado throughout the weekend. >> we forgive him, we can't not. car -- garrett has forgiven him. >> reporter: dear is being held without bond and expected in court this afternoon. in southwest philadelphia a semi crash caused a path of
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destruction. the big rig took out live wires on the 6500 block of essington avenue. crews needed almost an hour to turn off the wires and free the truck driver. fortunately he was not injured. the build at the dealership was not hit. 5 philadelphia firefighters suffered minor injuries when their fire truck slammed into a row of parked cars. "action news" obtained this slowed down surveillance video, actually looks like it's going regular speed from a nearby business on baltimore avenue, at the top you saw the big red truck slide and crash the cars in its path. once it came to a stop, ladder 13 had taken out four utility poles and four cars. >> i come downs and my car is trying to come upstairs. crews spent four hours
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together away the fire truck. investigators are trying to figure out why it went out of control. >> kobe bryant is retiring from the nba, the pride of lower merion high school and a future hall of famer made it official last night. he wrote quote, this season is all i have left to give. my mind can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind, but my body knows it's times to goodbye. >> once i decided i wanted to speak to the game itself. that's weird, i've never spoken to the game it's always been to the fans or teammates or things of that nature, but never told the game, my mind starts drifting, always drifted toward basketball, always, it doesn't do it now, it does it now, it doesn't do it all the time. this is the first indicator the
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game is not something i can object sells -- obsess over. >> bryant has won five championships and made the all star team 17 times. he is third on the nba all-time scoring list in front of another philly icon, wilt chamber handle. 4-7 eagles are incredibly one out of first place. the next game is sunday at new england. patriots lost their first game of the season last night in denver. there's the game there. chip kelly will hold his weekly news conference at 12:45 this afternoon. >> time 4:39 and today is the super bowl of online shopping. it is cyber monday. we have the forecast of
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retailers. plus, amazon rolls out what it hopes will be a prime attraction, but will it ever take off. >> a queen village restaurants pops the cork on a bitter sweet celebration. >> reporter: we'll have rain today later tonight and on tomorrow. we'll have that coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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is time to go back to work and school, looking live at center city philadelphia from a temple university camera. we'll head over to matt pellman, no, we're not. >> reporter: i'm here, i'm not doing anything, i may as well do the weather. >> it's chilly out. >> reporter: we're wearing the long sleeves we're good to go. storm tracker 6 live double scan as we look around the region. we're mostly dry, there's a sprinkle trying to form near dover, delaware. the rain is down to the south, it will take a while for it to hit us today. let's go outside, hey why not do ice skating.
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it's a bit early riebility, -- right now, but it feels like that kind of weather. it's cold out there. the temperature right now is 43 degrees. the barometer currently holding steady. we have a northeasterly wind and dewpoint 23. we are going to watch the rain move through the region later on tonight. much of the daytime will be dry. we'll see lots of clouds. we're looking at the clouds now, these are mostly high clouds, i think we'll see early sunshine peeking through them, and the clouds lower and thicken as the day progresses and the rain nudges closer to us. 48 degrees is the high. temperatures a few degrees below average. we'll start out with clouds. the clouds lower and increase and thicken as the day progresses as we watch the rain
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build through the region. today is basically dry, we watch for showers later tonight and periods of rain develop tonight, 43, tomorrow, on and off rain relatively mild 57 degrees is the high. temperatures are better than today, but we have periods of rain. future tracker 6 we advance this until 8:30 tonight we're seeing showers here and there. it is in the overnight hours we see the rain. tomorrow morning at 5:30 we have periods of rain. we advance this through the morning commute. it's on and off, a look at 1:00, heavier rain trying to build through the region and coming right through the evening drive on tuesday. today you're basically dry a few showers sneaking in later on today and tonight. tonight we get good periods of
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rain, a good soaker coming our way. early peeks of sunshine, 48 degrees is the high. on the chilly side. tomorrow, 57 degrees, and rain. wednesday, mild, 61. thursday, sunny skies, 53. we're dry and quiet after that. friday, 352. saturday, 51, but it's seasonable for this time of year. sunday, clouds and sun staying in the 50s and 54 degrees. last week we were talking about this mild trend we had the temperatures really bumped up, this week not so much. >> of course you can get that 7 day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live radar at any time at [cheers and applause]. the owners of matt thathew's oyr
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house celebrating the end of their oyster house. they said the customers made it bitter sweet. >> if there's any sadness on my part, it is so outweighed by the warmth and the advection that was sent out by our regular customers, not even steady customers, customers over the year. >> both brothers say they are looking forward spending their free time relaxing at the jersey shore. congrats. >> black friday is in the books and now it is on to cyber monday. retail experts predict today's sales will be up more than 10% compared to last year. retail sales for black friday fell by a billion dollars and more americans shopped online
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than in stores. amazon released a new service called drone air. there are several regulatory hurdleses before they can be proved. the dow fell by 14 points. the others were up. futures appoint to a slightly lower open. there would be a change to menus at new york city restaurants. chain restaurants have to label dishes with the amount of sodium. they have to have more than 2300 grams of sodium have a salt shaker on the men sue. >> chris christie gains an endorsement and donald trump cancels a press conference. >> freddie gray case in baltimore trial starts today, 6
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fantastic if you're heading out bright and early on this monday morning. eastbound goes the traffic on the schuylkill expressway, this is the roosevelt boulevard extension right here. no problems on the major highways this monday morning. we have an issue in plumstead township bucks county. a dump truck struck some horses and brought down a utility pole. a strange situation that requires cleanup along durham road at stump and old durham roads. we'll be watching that as the morning progresses. springfield mall watch out for a crash along sprole road. our good buddy ben franklin bridge is looking good. donald trump has canceled a news conference with black
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evangelical religious leaders. his campaign said many had planned on endorsing. many said they had no intention of backing him so he canceled the event. he is still meeting privately with pastors today before exargt for a recally -- departing for a rally in new jersey. new hampshire paper has endorsed chris christie, saying he has the most experience. jefferson jackson dinner party in new hampshire last night. hillary clinton unveiled her five year 275 billion-dollar infrastructure plan. she called it a down payment on
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our future. "action news" is following breaking news out of montgomery county. two people were found shot to death inside a home. a live report is coming up at 5:00 a.m. jim kenny is holding a town hall meeting tonight we'll tell you when and where next time on "action news." what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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for the first of 6 baltimore police officers set to go on trial for the death of freddie gray. william porter is facing several
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charges including manslaughter. back in april gray died after suffering injuries in the back of a police van. all six officers pleaded not guilty and will be tried separately. memorial continues to grow for saint clair township lloyd reid. police say ray as the result shot and killed officer -- ray shelter shot and killed officer reid friday night. he responded to a domestic incident of a woman being assaulted. shelter has been charged with homicide. jim kenny holds his first town meeting tonight. the public will get to ask him and his transition team about the plan to address the city's struggles. there's another one for tomorrow night at south philadelphia high
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, november 30. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us, we're working on several new and breaking stories. right now police are at a house in montgomery county where two people were shot and left for dead. >> world leaders are meeting in paris to come up with a plan to keep the earth from overheating. >> david is off, karen rogers is here, matt pellman is tracking the roads. >> reporter: we're looking at storm tracker 6 live double


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