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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> breaking now on "action news" a deadly double shooting in montgomery county. police are on the scene and so are we. >> digital deals await. it's cyber monday, "action news" has a sneak peek at the hustle and bustle of online shopping. kobe's curtain call. he announces this season will be his last. tamala edwards is off we have erin o'hern and karen rogers and matt pellman george. >> reporter: we have high, thin clouds and we'll have earlier
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sunshine filtering through. we have the rain suppressed to the south. today is a chilly day with lots of clouds, tomorrow is the rain day. 27 in allentown. 21 in reading, 38 in millville. adding to the feeling of the cold and the air right now is the wipped out of the northeast at -- wind out of the northeast at 13 miles per hour. 9:00 a.m., 40 degrees, we'll see lots of high clouds with some sunshine. noon, 47, the clouds will lower and thicken as the day progresses getting ready for the rain. 3:00 p.m., 47 degrees. by 6:00 p.m., 46, our high only 48 degrees. so temperature a little bit below average. we're tracking the rain, we'll show you when it hits us later tonight and into tomorrow in the seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i got excited for a minute i thought you were going to sing to us. baby it's cold outside -- no. a little taste for you on this monday morning. good morning everybody we're
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live on the schuylkill expressway where it meets up with the 676 the vine street express way. this is the worst bottle neck in the entire country. we're moving okay on the schuylkill expressway and the vinyl. no delays on i-95 approaching cottman avenue on the southbound side we expect the delays to return later this morning. right now the southbound traffic is moving at a good clip. however there's an issue in plumstead township bucks county, a dump truck struck horses and brought down utility pole. it's a mess 413 at durham road between stump and old durham. in middlesex county there's a tractor-trailer fire accident on the northbound new jersey turnpike near heights town it's in the outer drive, stick with the inner drive on this monday morning. >> we follow breaking news here, gunfire killed two people
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in a quiet montgomery county suburb. annie mccormick is live at the scene in hatfield with what we know this morning. annie? >> reporter: and matt this time we're seeing more police activity behind us here in the 100 block of diamond street about an hour ago two vehicles from the coroner's office did arrive at the scene. we are told by authorities at this point they are not actively looking for a suspect at this time. well, take a look at this video we're told by authorities this happened around midnight again in the 100 block of diamond street when they did arrive with medics on the scene. they did discover at least two people that were shot to death. this time we're waiting to find out more information police have been on the scene since midnight when they arrived combing the home and front yard for any evidence they could find. neighbors that we spoke to, didn't hear anything that happened, they are curious to find out any information. >> it's quiet, everybody gets
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along, everybody is friendly. mostly the neighbors are friendly with each other, they get along. now the montgomery district attorney's office is handling this investigation, there are detectives on the scene, again we're waiting to hear more information from them, of course if you have any information you're under to contact police. for now, reporting live in hatfield, montgomery county. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you so much. five philadelphia firefighters suffered minor injuries when their truck slammed into four parked cars. at the top you see the big red truck slide to its right crushing cars in its path. once it came to a stop, laureled 13 had taken out a utility pole and four cars. jonathan smith heard the crash and ran downs to find his -- downstairs torched -- to find
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his dodge badly damaged. it took four hours to tow away the truck, investigators are trying to figure out why it went out of control. first responders rescued a truck driver who rammed his semi into a pole at a dealership. the pole went down on the property of chapman chevrolet. some of the vehicles have significant damage. it is cyber monday, online retailers are busy getting ready. katherine scott has been inside at amazon's distribution center in robinsville, new jersey. a busy day there, katherine. >> reporter: it is erin, you can hear all the equipment around me, it might be early in the morning, but this place has not
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stopped. in robinsville it's one of their busiest fulfillment centerlines in the -- centers in the can country. there are 4,000 workers in this buildings alone and more seasonal employees in new jersey. last year on cyber monday, amazon customers ordered 500 items per second that's 43 million items per day that was their busiest day ever. they expect to you are -- expect to surpass that number this monday. be black friday, sales were down a billion dollars. instead shoppers turned to the internet. it was up 14% from last year. today they will spend more, it's a huge facility it's more than a million square feet, about the size of 28 football fields.
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the use of robots makes operations more efficient. >> in the facility there are 20 million products. we have 4,000 people working here today, and the robot shelves bring the packages or the products to our associates. >> reporter: amazon has been rolling out black friday deals for weeks now, yet today is expected to be the busiest day for them, part of that is tradition for people. it's cyber monday, people will look on online, even if they are at work they will fire up their computers and see if anybody is offering any deals. star wars is popular. it's another big day for frozen. it's a peak day for amazon, they expect to be busy throughout the holiday season. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> hear those mouses clicking out there. kobe bryant is retiring from the nba, the pride of lower
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merion high school and future hall of famer he posted a poem that said my mind with handle the grienld, -- grind, but my bobby knows it's time to -- >> my body -- my mind was always drifting toward the game. it's something i can't obsess over. retail ticket prices jumped overnight. brienlt has won five championships and made the all star team 17 times. else third on the nba all time scoring list in front of wilt chamber handle. washington redskins through the eagles got a lifeline.
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the eagles are one game out at 4-7. the eagles face the patriots in new england on sunday. the pats are coming off their first loss of the season. do the eagles have a chance? everyone else gives them one, because everyone else is losing, too. >> if you ask siri she is not saying eagles. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region, we're dry in philadelphia. we're tracking sprinkles trying to reach ground in dover and cape may. much of this has been absorbed into the atmosphere. watch for that if you're in dover or cape may. let's go outside and lee what -e what the day looks like, it looks good, looking at the center city skyline. the clouds are high and thin, we'll see early sunshine poking
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through. the current temperatures, 37 degrees. 27 in allentown. 38 in millville. here's the always on day planner to help you sort things out through the day. it's going to be a chilly one. satellite and radar showing high clouds in place, here's the rain we're tracking most of us it staying suppressed to the south. you can see the sprinkles trying to work its way through in delaware and cape may. much of the day today is dry. we're tracking a chance for a shower tonight. it is overnight tonight and tomorrow the rain hits us. sunshine fades behind clouds it's chilly, 47 degrees for the high there. down the shore, 50 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and cool breeze out of northeast. cooler in the city, increasing clouds through the day, early sunshine when the clouds lower and thicken as the day progresses. we'll see cloudy skies by day's end 48 degrees for the high. 8:00 a.m., 38 degrees,
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11:00 a.m., 43, 2:00 p.m., 48 degrees, by 5:00 p.m., 46 degrees and it's later tonight you get showers moving through, overnight tonight and tomorrow we have the periods of rain and future tracker 6 showing that at 9:00 p.m. we have scattered showers, it gets heavier in the overnight hours. here's a look at 6:00 a.m. when someone is starting to commute. we'll have periods of rain, a wet commute. 1:30, rain here or there through the region. it's a good soaker. 7:30, tuesday night we're seeing periods of rain move on out of here. let's look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy skies today, 48 degrees for the high. some showers later tonight, but the real rain hits us in the overnight hours. tomorrow, periods of rain, 57 degrees, it's just rain, but it's a wet one. wednesday, more rain at times, not all day, but the rain doesn't end on tuesday. it's going to linger into the first half of wednesday. it's mild with 61 degrees. after that we're clear, the
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temperatures drop to 53 but we keep the sunshine. thursday, mostly sunny skies, 53. friday, staying nice, 52. saturday, 51, sunday clouds and sun, 54. we're tracking rain it's later tonight the rain arrives and it sticks with us tuesday and wednesday. >> still heal on "action news," a driver is facing charges after crashing a bus filled with college students. chicago police are adding more body cameras in the wake of a protest of an officer-involved shooting that left a black teenager dead. >> reporter: route 63 over the boulevard. route 1, no proximate on either of those -- no problems on either of those roads. there's an issue on the new jersey turnpike after the break. >> a seafood staple in philadelphia is closing its
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taking a look at the platt bridge. the volume is picking up a little bit as people are heading back to work and back to school this monday morning after a nice long holiday weekend. chilly out there, 38 degrees. >> all right, matt get us ready. coming out of the burbs on this
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early back to work monday. the countdown clock is on, 25 shopping days left for christmas we're along the target no problems to report along 100. the on going widening project along 100 in exton scheduled to end in february, a couple of more months of that construction. watching accidents in montgomery county one in lower providence, austin beverage, someone struck a deer. without for an accident at that intersection. in plumstead township bucks county we have a dump truck that struck horses and brought down a utility pole. durham road is shut down between stump and old durham. stay on 611.
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no word on when it will reopen. cranberry township middlesex county. we have a truck fire on the new jersey turnpike exit 8 for highlights town. stick with the inner drive. a terrible accident on the new jersey turnpike westbound at the egg harbor tolls friday morning, they are making repairs there, without because some of the toll lanes are shut down. business 896 remains closed for construction, but only through today, after today glasgow avenue should reopen. developing this morning a charter bus carrying college students overturned. 51 people were on board. one person was seriously injured. 34 others suffered minor injuries. police say the driver lost control going up a ramp. bus driver has been charged with reckless driving. police are sealing the
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warrants related to a deadly shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado. that means they will not share a time line or a motive for the ambush. sources say robert dear expressed anti-abortion and antigovernment views after he surrendered on friday. he will make his first court appearance by video this afternoon. >> chicago police force plans to equip more officers with body cameras. mayor rahm emanuel announced the new program. protesters filled the streets last night outraged by the squad car video that shows the deadly shooting of a black teen by police. that officer who faces charges was not bearing a body cam. the new equipment will arrive in 6 months. still ahead on "action news," pennsylvania governor tom wolf honors an officer who was gunned down over the weekend. >> donald trump backs out of a
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news conference that was scheduled for today. we'll tell you why. a seafood joint in
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philadelphia at queen village section served up its final meal. the owner of the oyster house celebrated with a champaign toast. they opened back in 1912. they added the customers made the farewell bitter sweet. >> if there is any sadness on my part it is 0 outweighed by the warmth and the affection that was sent out by our regular
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customers, just the customers over the years. >> the brothers say they are looking forward to spending their free time relaxing at the jersey shore. good luck. >> reporter: 130 years. >> reporter: we get so many new good restaurants in the city, but it's bad when the old stand byes go away. standing by spring garden street at the schuylkill river no problems at eakens oval. everything is cleenld up. mass transit is back on schedule. route are 45 operating between center city and south philadelphia, karen. >> reporter: if you're in town visiting grandma and you're about to head back out of town. as you look at the travel weather. philadelphia boston, chicago, temperatures on the cold side, but dry, no weather-related delays, good to go there. 9:00 a.m., 40 degrees we'll see some sunshine filtering through
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a lot of high clouds. noon starting to cloud up, 47. it's a cold start and chilly day. 3:00 p.m., 47 degrees, by 6:00 p.m., 46 coming down from a high of 48. later on tonight we get showers overnight tonight and tomorrow we get periods of rain. it's a wet one coming your way. you can find the seven day, forecast anytime of the day on our website. head to republican presidential candidate donald trump canceled a joint news conference with black evangelical religious leaders. his campaign said many planned to endorse him. many said they have no intention of supporting the billionaire businessman. trump is meeting privately with pastors today before a rally in georgia. a influential newspaper in new hampshire is backing chris
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christie. the publisher added the republican seems to have the most potential to take on donald trump in the presidential primary. the democratic presidential candidates attended the jefferson jackson dinner party in new hampshire. hillary clinton unveiled her five year $750 billion infrastructure plan. they called it a quote down payment on our future.
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wolf ordered flags to be flown at half staff on allstate buildings in honor of a state officer. a memorial continues to grow for lloyd reid. 31-year-old ray shelter shot and killed him on saturday night. he respond to a 911 call of a woman being assaulted. shelter has been charged with homicide. >> happening today philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenny will hold his first town meeting at 6:00 p.m. olney high school. there will be another town hall meeting tomorrow night 7:30 at south philadelphia high school. >> time is 5:57. breaking right now, police are sorting out the details of a deadly shooting in mccounty. live update is next. >> two people are preying on the community by posing as police officers. where residents need to be on alert next.
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6:00 a.m. monday, november 30. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us we are working on several new and breaking stories. right now police are at a house in montgomery county where two people were shot and left for dead we're live with the details. >> world leaders are meeting in paris for a meeting to keep the earth from overheating. >> we're tracking the workweek weather. >> karen rogers is filling in for david and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: i want to show you satellite and radar, we have clouds up above. we'll see a peek of sunshine


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