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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m. monday, november 30. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us we are working on several new and breaking stories. right now police are at a house in montgomery county where two people were shot and left for dead we're live with the details. >> world leaders are meeting in paris for a meeting to keep the earth from overheating. >> we're tracking the workweek weather. >> karen rogers is filling in for david and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: i want to show you satellite and radar, we have clouds up above. we'll see a peek of sunshine early on.
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we're watching the rain down to the south. that will move in later on tonight. tomorrow is a wet day. 27 in allentown. 37 in philadelphia. 44 in sea isle city. we have a chilly breeze out of the northeast. look at what's it's doing to the timplets. here's the -- temperatures, here's the windchills, 16 degrees is what it feels like in the poconos. 27 in allentown. 28 in philadelphia. 24 in trenton. feels like 31 in millville and 32 in dover, delaware. so it's a cold start to the day today. today's temperatures are staying in the 40s. 8:00 a.m. we'll see sunshine mixing with high clouds and 38 degrees. noon, 47. 3:00 p.m., really cloudying -- cloudying up and 48 degrees. we're tracking rain on the way. i have future tracker 6 standing by to show you what it's looking like that's coming up in just a few minutes.
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how are the roads, matt? >> reporter: we have hay, we have bails of hay. penndot just arrived on the scene, you can see they are pulling the bails of highway. no need to bail on i-95. stay to the left side. butler pike at hagueys mill road no issues there. had a crash at ridge pike and cross keys road that cleared out. as did one in lansdale broad and hancock everything reopened there. plumstead township bucks county a dump truck struck horses and brought down a utility pole. durham road is shut down between stump and old durham road.
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in cranberry township we're seeing slowing in the northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike because of the truck fire and accident north of exit 8 for highlights town. the outer drive is blocked standing in the lanes as you head north in jersey, on this monday morning. breaking right now, police made a gruesome discovery in montgomery county. a shooting inside a home left two people dead. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live near the scene on the 100 block of diamond street in hatfield. annie. >> reporter: matt a little over an hour ago we saw the two vehicles from the coroner's office arrive on scene, moments ago, one of the vehicles did leave the scene with one body inside. take a look at the video this unfolded according to authorities around midnight on the 100 block of diamond street in hatfield, borough. authorities say they arrived on scene to discover two people dead inside of the home. they did spend the majority of the morning combing the area
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around the home for evidence. again, we're waiting to find out much more information from the authorities. montgomery county district attorney's office is the lead on the investigation. we're waiting to learn more about what happened. the neighbors say this is not something that they thought would happen here. >> the 7-eleven gets robbed pretty regularly, actually, but never any murders that i can recall since i've lived here going on 8 years now. >> reporter: now, according to police they say they are not actively looking for a suspect at this time, but they also tell us it appears to be a complicated scene. they've here for 6 hours since making the discovery around midnight last night. reporting live in hatfield, montgomery county. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thanks for the update. well, police are looking
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for a man and a woman accused of posing as police officers to rob people in south philadelphia. police say two of the incidents happened near 4th and jackson early yesterday morning. two hours later another person was approached possibly by the same pair at 16th and passyunk avenue. fortunately none of the victims were injured, but some of them were robbed. people living nearby say this is unusual for the area. >> it's a great city, it's a great neighborhood, but they say christmastime they go shopping for regular people. >> police are looking for video from nearby surveillance cameras that may have captured the robberies. >> new from the overnight, nearly 150 world leaders are gathering in paris for climate conference. scores of security personnel have been employed at the venue of the conference. president obama and other world leaders hope to make gains in the global fight against climate change. president obama visited the bataclan theater where one of the attacks in paris unfolded
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two weeks ago. security across france has heightened since the deadly attacks. all signs are pointing toward a strong cyber monday. online traffic topped store traffic on black friday. amazon fulfillment center in robinsville is busy now. we'll have a live report from the hub at 6:30. let's switch live to maribel aber at the nasdaq in time square. i hope you had a great thanks. >> had a great one, hope you did, as well. stocks little change, a full week of economic news construction spending and motor vehicle sales and jobs reports due out. november jobs report could be the deciding factor for an interest rate hike. the report is due out friday, economists forecast 200,000 jobs were created unemployment rate
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should hold steady at 5% or dip to 4.9%. that will be enough to raise rates when federal reserve meets in december. creed took in $42 million nationally, that's good for third place overall. the variety club created a massive box office success where the movie is set. entertainment trade said the city is almost a sporting character in the film. what else no to love about the story. characters you love, favorite balboa quote nobody owes nobody nothing. >> that's my favorite quote. >> the movie has so much in philadelphia. it's great for us. >> reporter: i feel like we're all winning. storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region, we're dry through most of the area, we've been watching a couple of sprinkles trying to reach ground
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near dover and cape may. in a minute i'll show you the wider view and you will get to see way. let's go outside and take a look at our beautiful city we're looking good, but feeling cold that's all. the temperature 37 degrees. the dewpoint, 24 degrees, the atmosphere not entirely moistened up yet. the winds out of the northeast at 14 miles per hour. it's the northeasterly wind that gets you, with a little bit of a chilly breeze it's chilly out there. the barometer is holding steady. satellite and radar showing we have clouds in place, but for most part they are high, thin clouds. we'll see earlier sunshine filtering through, the clouds will lower and thicken as the day progresses. all the rain to the south that will effect us later on tonight. keeping a close on the rain to see if showers sneak in. today is basically dry. it stays on the chilly side, 48 degrees is the high.
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we're starting cold at 8:00 a.m., 38 degrees with sunshine filtering through high clouds. 11:00 a.m., 43, you can see how it clouds up during the day. 2:00 p.m., 48 degrees. 5:00 p.m., 46 degrees we'll be watching to see when the showers start to move in. when you look at the highs around the region. 48 for the high in the city. 47 in allentown. a little bit better in areas down to the south. millville, 52. 53 in cape may today. future tracker 6 showing us the advancement of this rain. looking at 8:30 p.m. some of the rain starting to take place. in the overnight hours we get a good soaker. tomorrow morning's commute we'll see periods of rain, you see that right here. we progress through the morning on and off getting heavier in the afternoon. this is a look at 2:30 p.m. for the most part the steady rain pulls out of here at least round one tuesday night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today is a
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chilly day, cold to start this morning. in the afternoon staying in the 40s. it's basically dry, we have mostly cloudy skies, we'll see the rain develop later on tonight. we may get a shower sneaking in in our southern zone. tomorrow is the wet one, periods of rain, 57 degrees for the high. wednesday, more rain at times, but mild, 61 degrees for the high. after that we clear things out, it's cool and nice. thursday, sunny skies and 53. friday, staying nice and 52. saturday keep the sunshine and add clouds, seasonable for this time of the year. 51 degrees. saturday, -- sunday clouds and sun, 54. >> campus on lockdown, an online threat forces a college to close for the entire day. >> icy roads and heavy rains make it for a dangerous ride home from the thanksgiving
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holiday. >> reporter: police on the scene helping penndot clean up the bails of highway that fell off a truck. you can get by without too much of a delay. we'll check delays on 422 and the new jersey turnpike where there's something going on. >> drone delivers may have taken another step closer to becoming a reality that's next in tech bytes.
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you're taking a live look at the platt bridge, and again, things are starting to pick up. people probably a little groggy from the long holiday weekend all that turkey and stuffing and leftovers, back to work. we'll take a break for us, deals and steals, cyber monday. right, matt? >> i'm not much of a shopper. >> reporter: i did some in person a few weeks ago,y do a lot online -- i don't do a lot of online shopping i'm from another era. we're starting to see the crowds on 422 at the saint gabe's curve. the delay is starting to form along 422 eastbound. we'll see construction 9:00 a.m.
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to 3:00 p.m. both ways near trooper road that will cause delays in the midday. heads up on that one. heads up on this, a vehicle broke down along butler pike there's restrictions be aware as you travel through the ambler area. we have a down pole involving the dump truck and horses 413 is closed at stump and old durham roads. stick to 611 until they get things cleaned up. we're seeing delays 19 miles per hour speeds keep dropping in the northbound lanes fortunate new jersey turnpike tractor-trailer fire an accident that happened northbound north of exit 8 for heightstown, the arturo drive is blocked off. expect -- the outer drive is blocked off there. stick to the inner lanes.
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they closed 130 south of center square road. it will stay shut through march. a good spot to avoid. 259 is a good local alternate through salem county. >> the university of chicago has canceled all classes and activities at the hide park campus -- hyde park campus. the school will have an increased and security presence around the campus even though everything is closed. investigators are trying to find out who made the threat. 14 people were killed by a band of storms across plains. three days of rain and low temperatures added to an inch of ice in oklahoma. parts of texas measured such as 8 inches of rain leading to flood rescues and evacuations. >> we could learn more about what could have caused a deadly
6:17 am
crash in bear, delaware. a 20-year-old woman was killed and five others including a baby suffered minor injuries. the car collided at route 1 and red lion road. the cars rolled down an embankment. troopers do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors. a man stuck in a chimney died after trying to break into a home. a homeowner lit the a fire and heard the screams from the man still in the chimney. firefighters dismantled the which i chimney, but too late to serve the would-be burglar. the local creed crew gets a special thank you. >> reporter: if you're about to head out of town, no weather-related problems causing any delays in any of our travel cities. we'll check our local weather and tell you where temperatures
6:18 am
will go. >> reporter: in tech bytes it's cyber monday, 120 million people are expected to shop online. that's down from 126 million from last year. one reason dot comsales are going earlier. they are up 14% compared to last year. many are gearing up for cyber monday. we get a look at sam sown's -- amazon's fulfillment center in new jersey. >> amazon's drone delivery program one step closer to becoming a reality. the tech giant releasing a prototype for the prime air drone that will deliver items in 30 minutes or less. >> reporter: they will launch once they have the regular story support, those are tech bytes. have a good day.
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nothing else. involved in the filming of the
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movie yes, he did celebrated the weekend in chester county. they were invited to the movie tavern in exton. critics are raving about the 7th film in the rocky franchise. it set a record for best opening of any rocky movie. we're hearing oscar potential. best picture, supporting actor. >> reporter: who would have expected it this far out. >> reporter: getting great reviews, i-95 two thumbs down early this morning. as we look live near cottman avenue there's a crash. three vehicles in the southbound left lane by cottman were park south of academy through this appointment right in the work zone at cottman avenue. we'll keep tabs on it. northbound we have bails of hay in the right lane. mass transit back on schedule. the route 23 bus will run between chestnut hill and center
6:22 am
city and the new route 45 bus is operating between center city and south philadelphia. >> reporter: we enjoyed such mild temperatures last week. not today. it's cold out there. 29 degrees in quakertown. 31 in pottstown. 32 in kennett square. 37 in center city in the suburbs of new jersey, low 30s in browns mills. 31. 33 in cinnaminson. 39 in glassboro and 39 in dover, delaware. 9:00 a.m., 40 degrees, sunshine filtering through the high clouds, noon the clouds start to lower and thicken a little bit, 47 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. 3:00 p.m., 47 degrees, 6:00 p.m., 46 in the evening nighttime hours we'll watch the first showers move in because tonight and tomorrow those are the rain days, erin. >> in "healthcheck," loneliness is more than a feeling. it's also a major health risk. loneliness can make you sick or
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rather make you more susceptible to falling ill. it leads to flight or fight stress signaling which could affect the production of white blood cells. this can impair the body's ability to fight sky russs. we're -- viruses. >> we're on the scene of breaking news in montgomery county. >> annie mccormick is on the scene with an update. >> reporter: we're live in hatfield with authorities are on the scene of a death investigation where two people were shot inside a hatfield home. we'll have more details in a live report.
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or macchiato for $1.99. hunters in pennsylvania will hit the woods with their firearms in search of deer. today is the first day of two week big deer hunting season. they are expected to hunt down 300,000 deer. >> the sixers are 0-18. nerlens noel missed his second straight game with the right knee soreness. they were up 5 points in the 4th quarter, but the grizzlies went on 15-1 are you positive to take control of the game. they host the lakers and the retiring kobe bryant tomorrow night. matt rhule was honored at the
6:27 am
owls game last night. they beat ucon saturday night securing a spot in the inaugural championship game. coach rhule reportedly met with the university of missouri yesterday. he has not commented on speculation that he may leave north philadelphia. the owls play the houston cougars in houston on saturday. if temp wins, they will be eligible for either the fiesta or the peach bowl. >> cyber monday is underway, we're live at one of the busiest amazon hubs in the region. "action news" is live on the scene of breaking news, two people were shot to death in a suburban home. that's next. son, the holiday season's just like football season...
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we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. news" a deadly double shooting in montgomery county. police are on the scene and so are we.
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>> it's cyber monday and "action news" has a sneak peek of the hustle and bustle of online shopping. kobe's curtain call, the hometown champ announces this season will be his last. this is the last day in november, tamala edwards is off, erin o'hern is here and karen is filling in for david. >> reporter: bundle up today and tonight it will be a wet finish. we're dry in the region we're watching sprinkles trying to reach ground near dover and cape may. satellite and radar showing we have clouds the rain is suppressed to the south and west. that will hit us late tonight and in the overnight hours. in anticipation of a wet day tomorrow. look at the numbers, it's cold, 27 degrees in allentown. 37 in philadelphia. we're at 48 in sea isle city.
6:31 am
when you factor in a chilly breeze out of the northeast feels like 28 in philadelphia. 31 in millville. feels like 32 in dover, delaware. a cold way to start the day. in the poconos, the windchill 16 degrees, the winds making a difference today. here's how the day will look. 8:00 a.m. we'll see sunshine and high clouds, 38 degrees by noon, 47 throughout the day, the clouds will lower and thicken. we'll watch to see if a sprinkle tries to reach the area during the day. for the most part we stay dry during the day. 4:00 p.m., 38 degrees. 4:00 p.m., 46. the rain comes in later tonight and tomorrow the roads are dry right now how you doing with traffic. we have which he chilly feels a, as we head back to work and back to school a crash on i-95 in the work zone southbound by cottman avenue. three vehicles involved taking out the left lane. you see police on the scene,
6:32 am
penndot is pulling up. southbound lane is out of commission leaving us at a standstill approaching academy road to cottman. on the accident scene left lane blocked i-95 southbound at cottman not a good way to start the new workweek. on the northbound side we have bails of hay by tasker everything pushed off to the side. route one southbound close to route 13. a serious accident, you see a lot of police on the scene taking out the left lane as you come south of the trenton miss i miss -- morrisville bridge. plumstead township they have route 113 open from the dump truck accident. still in the teens on the new jersey turnpike because of a
6:33 am
truck fire at exit 8. >> gunfire killed two people in a quiet montgomery county suburb. annie mccormick is live on the scene in hatfield with what we know this morning. >> reporter: the coroner's office has been out here for two hours, in a little over a half-hour ago they did remove a body from the home after police made the discovery around midnight. take a look at the video. this is video from around midnight when authorities made the discovery. they discovered two people shot to death inside the home. the detectives from from the montgomery county district attorney's office has been here along with the police. they have called it a complicated scene. even though authorities say they are not actively looking for a suspect at this time. neighbors are concerned. >> of course, of course, you
6:34 am
don't know what's going on in the world today. it could be anything. like i said i didn't hear anything all night, i heard nothing. >> reporter: and back out here live you can see down here there are two police officers that are in front of the home where this all happened the 100 block of diamond street we're waiting to hear more from the montgomery county district attorney office who is the lead on the case. if you have any information contact police. reporting live in hatfield, montgomery county. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much. five philadelphia firefighters suffered minor injuries when their truck slammed into a row of parked cars. this is surveillance video "action news" received from a nearby business on baltimore avenue. at the top you see the big red truck slide to its right crushing cars in its path. ladder 13 had taken out a
6:35 am
utility pole and four cars. jonathan smith heard the crash and found his dodge badly damaged. >> i come downstairs and my car is trying to come upstairs. >> it took four hours to tow away the truck. investigators are trying to determine why it went out of control. >> first responders rescued a truck driver who rammed a semi into a poll and parked cars at a dealership. the utility lines started smoking and arcing. some of the vehicles have significant damage. kobe bryant is retiring from the nba. he made it official last night. the laker's legends posted a poem online. he talked about those words and his decision after last night's
6:36 am
game. >> my mind starts drifterring it always -- drifting, it always drifted towards basketball. it doesn't do it all the time. that was the first indicator that the game is not something i can obsess over too much longer. >> he brings his farewell tour to philadelphia as the lakers face the sixers tomorrow night. retail ticket prices jumped dramatically for that one. bryant won five championships and made the all star team 7 times. the washington redskins threw the eagles a lifeline, they beat the giants yesterday. they puts the redskins and the giants in the nfc east. the eagles are one game out. the eagles face the patriots on sunday. they are coming off their first loss of the season. the eagles continue to be in it
6:37 am
as long as everybody else keeps losing, too. >> reporter: you keep hoping other people keep losing. let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region. looks like a couple of sprinkles near cape may. the rest of the area is dry. we have a lot of rainier the area. let's take a look outside, what a beautiful shot, the sky is trying to brighten a little bit now. you can see we have high, thin clouds out there, but we'll see early sunshine peeking through. 37 degrees the current temperature, the dewpoint, 24 degrees, the air not saturated just yet. the winds out of the northeast at 14 they are a factor making it feel cold out there this morning. the barometer is holding stealed there's the always on day planner that will help you sort things out through the day. satellite and tray the car showing clouds in place, high, thin clouds. during the day the clouds will lower and thicken as the rain moves in. right here you can see the rain
6:38 am
for the most part suppressed to the south and west, a wider look you can see as the area of low pressure draws near this will be impacting us. with the rain so close by we'll have to see if a shower or two workers into the region today. for the most part the daytime is dry. it's later on tonight when you get the rain. normally we see a high of 50 degrees. today's high, 48. 8:00 a.m., 38 degrees with sunshine mixing through high, thin clouds. 1 1:00 a.m., 43 degrees, the clouds start to lower and thicken as the day progresses. 2:00 p.m., 48. lots of clouds. 5:00 p.m., basically dry, and 46. i want to show you when it looks like on future tracker 6. at 4:30 this afternoon we see a couple of sprinkles here and there. we watch it progress into the nighttime hours, by 10:30 we have sold rain. we'll see periods of rain in the overnight hours. by 6:00 a.m. when you're driving it's a wet morning commute.
6:39 am
you can see in spots the rain will be heavy. the rain will be on and off through the day. by 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon a good deal of rain through the region. by 7:30 we're kind of drying out. let's take a look at what to expect with the seven-day forecast. for today, the story is mostly cloudy skies. maybe a shower sneaks in with the rain so close to us, most of the day is dry. it's later on this evening, when you see the rain build in. the high 48 it's a chilly day. tomorrow, periods of rain through the day. even in the overnight hours, temperatures are well above freezing. the high 567 degrees. but it's going to be a wet one tomorrow. wednesday we have a bit more rain, it's going to be on and off, mild, 61 degrees. looks like the second half of the day we'll be drying out. thursday, mostly sunny skies and 53. the weather pattern changes, dry and sunshine. friday, 352. saturday, seasonable 51 degrees,
6:40 am
sunday, clouds and sun, high of 54 degrees. we're tracking rain for the most part it arrives overnight tonight and tomorrow is a wet day. >> happening today the suspect in the planned parenthood shooting heads to court as police make a pivotal decision about the case. >> a bus carrying college students crashes on the way back from thanksgiving break. >> reporter: drivers are backing up and bailing out of southbound route 1 in bucks county. there's an accident just up ahead close to route 13. we'll talk about this and a crash on i-95 causing big delays early this morning coming up after the break. >> amazon let us us in on there secret to a seamless cyber monday. >> 6:43, let's get anotr
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
workweek started here. last day of november. 37 degrees on city avenue. getting up to 47 today, so it will be chilly. >> matt pellman they don't look like holiday lights behind you. >> reporter: we wish they were for sure, a lot of people putting them up in time of year, we're heading back to work on this monday morning, we're live in bucks county falls township route 1 not so super highway, the southbound lanes close to route 13 accident continues to knock out the left lane. tow truck on the scene a lot of time police officers on the scene, as well. that's the flashing lights. we're seeing a substantial jam as you come south on route 1
6:44 am
away from the trenton morrisville bridge. if i were you coming into bucks county, do so with i-95 southbound with the scutter falls bridge. once you get southbound to cottman you're moving at a sluggish pace. three vehicles in the southbound lanes cottman have cleared moved off to the side. while it's slow it's better on i-95 southbound heading toward the city. but still, speeds like 11 miles per hour. on the northbound side we had the bally's of hay delays on the schuylkill expressway start to form. in upper dublin watch out for a broken down vehicle along butler pike. several issues in new jersey, 13 nicer on the new jersey turnpike because of a truck fire north of
6:45 am
exit 8 in heightstown. use 130 instead. robinsville there's a crash 195 eastbound at 536 pushed off to the side. a charter bus carrying college students turnover on a high in richmond, virginia. the driver lost control and the bus landed on its side. the bus driver who had pliern injuries has been -- minor injuries has been charge with reckless driving him. police sealed the warrant for the shooting at the planned parenthood in colorado springs. rabbit dear expressed antiabortion and an toy -- an antigovernment views after he sure -- surrendered on friday. jury selection begins today
6:46 am
for 6 police officers set to go on trial for the death of freddie gray. in april, gray died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van. all six officers have pleaded not guilty and all tried straightly. >> a live preview of "good morning america" is next. also we're live at an amazon nerve center in new jersey on this cyber monday. >> reporter: 27 in allentown. 38 in millville. here the temperatures now, where are they going? details coming up. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte ♪ ♪ discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it.
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any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. morning america." >> amy robach has a look at what's coming up shortly in the "g.m.a." studios. hey, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt and erin great to be with you on this monday morning. we're talking about the breaking news overnight, university of chicago canceling classes after fbi counterterrorism officials warned of an armed attack on the main quad. we're live in chicago with the latest. the race for the white house, donald trump canceling a press conference, he has been touting an endorsement from black religious leaders, will that stipulate happen. star wars, director is here to talk about the film which is
6:50 am
making hollywood history that's coming up next only "good morning america," back to you matt and erin. >> i have my tickets. tam got her tickets. >> reporter: we have not dealt with a lot of the these morning delays in four days and now they are back this morning are they ever back. route 1 in bucks county a backup near route 13 accident. ben franklin bridge, a backup from the mid span 8ing and vine -- 8th and vine. inbound walt would be a better bet. >> reporter: it's chilly out there, this afternoon, in the lehigh valley, chilly day, 47 degrees. at the shore, 53. most of the daytime today is dry, we're tracking rain on the way. it starts later on this evening, and into tomorrow. today, increwsing clouds,
6:51 am
48 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 38, a cold start and colder when you factor in the winds out of the northeast. we'll see sunshine and high clouds early on, the clouds will lower and thicken as the day progresses, 11:00 a.m., 43 degrees, 2:00 p.m., clouds and 48. 5:00 p.m., 46 with those showers starting to arrive, erin. thanks, karen. it's not any monday, it's cyber monday and online retailers are busy getting ready. katherine scott has an inside peek at amazon fulfillment center in robinsville. we can get a look at all the gifts behind you. >> reporter: i feel like i have lot of pack knowledges i ordered yesterday zooming around the floor. it will be a huge day for last year was record breakfasting for -- record
6:52 am
breaking for them. this is one of amazon's' busiest fulfillment centers in the country. there are more than 4,000 employees who pick, pack and ship customer orders in the building alone. they take on thousands of seasonal employees many will transition into full time after the holidays. more abbey more people are going online to tick off their holiday lists. this black friday sales were down a billion dollars. instead shoppers turned to their computers and smart phones spending $2.7 billion online, up 14% from last year. let me give you an idea how bestowed will be. last year on cyber monday, amazon customers ordered 500 items per second that's 43 million items that day, that was amazon's busiest day ever and they expect to surpass it today. >> this day in particular cyber
6:53 am
monday is our busiest day of the year. last year it was our busiest day of all time. we expect today to break all owes records. >> reporter: there are tens of millions of products in this facility with more than 14 miles of conveyer belts robot technology helps fulfilling orders more efficient. as far as what people are buying, star wars is popular. and frozen. today might be amazon's busiest day of the year, maybe their busiest day in history they expect a lot of busy days to come in the coming weeks. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." impressive, katherine. our top stories are next. >> top stories at 6:56, police
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
in montgomery county say they are not searching for any suspects in a shooting that left two people dead overnight. it happened inside a home on the 100 block of diamond street in hatfield. police are looking for a man and a woman who are posing as police officers and robbing people in south philadelphia. police say they approached three people in three separate incidents early yesterday morning. back to work this morning extra heavy on i-95 southbound past woodhaven into cottman where a crash is off to the side. and locked up from coles road to 295. >> reporter: 26 in allentown, 37 in philadelphia. 37 in millville. the winds have picked up. feels like 19 in allentown. 29 in philadelphia. 30 in millville. 24 in trenton. it's cold to start us off.
6:57 am
we have a chilly finish, 48 degrees for the high, increasing clouds through the day and the rain arrives later this evening, and tonight. >> we are playing the song they have to go. that's our cue. for david murphy, tamala edwards, erin o'hern, karen rogers, matt pellman, i'm karen rogers, we hope you had a great thanksgiving week and have a great week!
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- fbi counterterror officials warn of a violent attack at the university of chicago. the college campus on lockdown. classes and all activities canceled. police on high alert right now. new details this morning about that deadly rampage at a planned parenthood in colorado. what we're learning about the victims. the iraq war veteran, the mother of two, and the hero officer who skated with nancy kerrigan. and why the secret service is now investigating the alleged killer. donald trump digs in, denying he was mocking a reporter with a disability on the campaign trail. as he canceled a highly publicized press conference with african-american religious leaders this morning. and it's "star wars" week on "gma." >> you might need this. >> "the force awakens" with the big stars, right here. >> chewie, we're home.


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