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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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ignited a political firestorm is president obama calling for stricter gun control. >> good morning, 5:30, thursday, december 3, let's find out what's going on with weather and traffic. >> reporter: we have a fair amount of cloud cover, you can see breaks in the clouds, even though we start out cloudy, others will see sunshine. we have transition of light snow in western pennsylvania a prong of that changing over to rain and clipping areas north and west of philadelphia. that could wind up out farther than reading and lancaster. we'll see. 43 in allentown. 43 in reading. 49 in wilmington, 50 in millville. temperatures not too bad, they will dip a little bit over the next couple of hours, it's breezy, 12-mile an hour wind continue to go hold steady in
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philadelphia. 13 in wilmington, wind gusts going up to the 20s and 30s later in the morning and afternoon. lots of clouds, chilly, 45 degrees by 6:00. 44 by 8. temperatures hovering in the mid 40s on the backup we roll through the morning. as we go through the rest of the day, noon, 47. your high today, 52 degrees, again a breezy, bluster day ahead with windy gusts in the 20s and 30s. looks like we'll see the winds die down and increase the sunshine heading into tomorrow, karen. details coming up. >> reporter: it's about time, we've had horrible commutes later. today we'll turning things around, no weather weather-relad problems, no fog. the vine expressway is reopen in both directions, it will shut down again at 11:00 p.m. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city no problems,
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no delays on i-95 at this point. we have an accident that cleared quickly in horsham, county line road at keith valley road. traffic moving better there. i want to warn you about a roving construction crew 295 and route 1 working until 6:00 a.m. creating problems there. shut down the ramp 195 westbound to 206 closed until 6:00 a.m. 42 traffic at creek road moving nicely. >> breaking details continue to emerge from the mass shooting scene in san bernadino, california. >> authorities confirmed there were two shooters both armed with assault rifles both are dead, one opened fire on his own co-workers. >> that was the male shooter, he was identified as syed rizwan farook. this photo was released overnight e.
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we have more from an -- san bernadino. >> reporter: it ended as it began. four hours of terror in san bernadino, after gun mern stormed an office -- gunmen stormed an officer building killing 14 people. a dark suv riddled with bullets, a person with a gunshot down feet away the other dead inside. >> we are confident we have two shooters and two dead suspects. >> reporter: the brother-in-law of one of them speaking out. >> why would he do something like this? i'm in shock myself. >> we have suspects wearing up a black clothing carrying a shotgun. >> kind of sounded like a shooting range. >> reporter: those working there
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phoned their families. >> she was shot and scared. she called us from the hospital since we are locked out of it, she is doing better, she is okay, she is alive. >> investigators say the shooter targeted a workshop and training event inside the center. >> reporter: the groom holding the meeting was -- group holding the meeting was a is san bernado county, farook worked as a environmental specialist. president obama said it continues a pattern of shooting in the u.s. that has no parallel anywheres in -- anywhere else in the world. the country should come together to make them stop. >> we should come together on a bipartisan basis that everyone in the government can make these rare as opposed to normal. >> president obama has called for stronger gun control laws
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following other recent mass shootings, but there has been little congressional support or legislative action. many gop hopefuls tweeted out prayers for their families. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders took a different tone calling for legislation to stop gun violence. >> mass shootings in the country are happening at a staggering rate. abc reports there have been 56 mass shootings this year where three people have died that's an average of more than one a week. the fbi has studied active shooter situations from 2013 and they have found they are becoming more frequent, as well. in that time frame fbi identified 60 mass shootings
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excluding those related to a gangs or drugs, 1,046 victims were injured or killed. we have more from the fbi who provided insight into the minds of the suspects. annie mccormick is live in center city with more. >> reporter: good morning, tam, authorities we spoke to said after getting a situation like this under control, the next step is to figure out 0 a motive and why they picked out that location. >> it looked like something that was organized and planned. >> reporter: jay jay spent 26 years as a special agent with the fbi in philadelphia. he spoke about the shooting spree at a social services buildings in san bernadino, california. authorities are working to unravel why the gunmen opened fire. witnesses told lawmen, it appeared the shooters were on a mission. >> this location was targeted for a reason. this was not a random event, as the investigation unfolds it's
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likely you'll see some relationship between the people, the reason they targeted this to why it was chosen and why it unfolded. >> reporter: charles ramsey monitored the situation, ramsey said you can never fully prepare for a situation of this magnitude, but police extensively train. >> unfortunately you have idiots with guns and violent and vicious people who don't mind killing and that's a shame. >> reporter: authorities say they can take something from the tragedy and use it as a learning experience for active shooting situations that could happen in the future. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, annie. brian taff touched down in southern california overnight elgin live reports from san bernadino later today on "action news," we have extensive coverage at including photos from the scene and many other reports from what happened in southern california.
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>> we'll continue to touch on the story throughout the morning, for now we want to turn and talk about accuweather. a brighter day. >> reporter: brighter, there's a chance of a sprinkle well north and west of philadelphia, but generally speaking we're trans as i say,ing to drier weather today. storm tracker 6 live double scan, there's a blip of precipitation on the other side of pottstown that's shooting toward the north and toward the west of philadelphia. so not really an issue for us in the immediate future. as we take a look at the current conditions, 50 degrees for the temple, the dewpoint 38%. there's the winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. as we take a look outside and see what we see, there's the airport, everything is looking dry and mighty at philadelphia international airport. you see the cloud cover, that steam coming out of the smokestack going sideways. that's an indication of the winds a little blustery we'll get gusts in the 20s.
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as you look at satellite there's a chance of breaks in the clouds as we get past sunrise. there's the blip of precipitation pinwheeling to the north and west. if you're going to the northern and western pennsylvania you might find a snow shower out there. 46 by 11:00. cool dipping into the 40s most of the morning. 2:00 p.m., 50s, the high 52 degrees, it will be blustery and we'll see the sun and clouds mix. 50 in allentown. 50 in trenton. 51 in reading. 52 in wilmington and philadelphia and millville and atlantic city. the high in cape may will be 50 degrees, a clouds and sun mix overall and windy conditions with winds gusting into the 20s and 30s. tomorrow high pressure gets closer any morning cloud cover gives way quickly to clear
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skies, we should see sunshine, high of 52, generally less wind than what we're seeing today. it does look good, but the pattern continues straight into the weekend. if you look at a chance of any precipitation over the next five days. this 20% chance is up in the northern and western suburbs. the rest of the way into monday, no chance and lots of sunshine. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 52 is today's high, windy and cooler, sun and clouds, tomorrow, sunny and beautiful high of 52. another gorgeous day on saturday, high of 54. the weekend starts out great. it finishes on a nice note, too, generally speaking sunday looks sunny, 56 above average high and hanukkah arriving at sundown. clouds and sun, high on monday, high of 55 degrees there. tuesday and wednesday, it might be damp tuesday night and wednesday morning because of a
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coastal storm coming by. some of the models have the rain over by the shore, east of philadelphia, western suburbs probably staying dry. that's along way off, we'll keep watching it. >> philadelphia police are work being to find the gunman responsible for a deadly shooting overnight. >> grocery shoppers spot birds eating package meat inside the walmart store. >> reporter: that's gusting, exton, commerce drive, clear and dry, dry i say. we'll check 309 coming up. we have details on the tree lighting ceremony at the city hall courtyard that's later on "action news."
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! live look here, the view of the commuters out there trying to make their way to, up and over the platt bridge. a beautiful shot not least of all, looks like they have an easy commute right now. 5:44, 50 degrees. >> tell us it's a good ride on the roads. . you probably just domed us. you're right it is better. you can see the road, the past couple of days that didn't
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happen because of the fog. we're at least nice and clear, no current precipitation. fort washington, 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. we're watching a brief shower far north and west in the poconos. looking good on 309 and the turnpike itself. let's go to the maps. we have construction 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. lynn field trap road stick to church road. one issue we have left over with the rain that we got pigeon point road is closed at piles lane. stick to route 9. 43 in martins creek, 42 in coatsville. 49 in center city. the suburbs in new jersey in the upper 40s and 50s, 50 in woodbine, 51 on the boardwalk in ac. 53 degrees in dover, delaware. we'll have gusts up to 35 miles
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per hour. >> reporter: i'm erin o'hern in the satellite center here with the latest developments on the california mass shooting. we have learned police killed two alleged shooters. they have identified as syed rizwan farook as tashfeen malik, now, farook it was a county employee at the building where the shooting occurred. he was at a holiday gathering left angry and returned with malik when the two opened fire on the people inside the building. now, we do not know a motive yet. but authorities have not ruled out terrorism. of course we are following the story very closely we have updates throughout the morning and log onto, as well. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." matt. >> new this morning, a fight leads to homicide in the city's hunting park section. it happened on the 1100 morocco of west moreland street. police say they watched surveillance of the confrontation, someone gave the victim a ride to the hospital
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before officers arrived on the scene. he died 30 minutes later. bullets hit a parked car in a house and there are no arrests. a firefighter was injured battling a blaze in north philadelphia. heavy fire was showing on the first floor of the row home when they arrived late last night. it is unclear if anyone is living in the house. >> lawmakers in p-a will be working over the weekend to try to accomplish something they should have done back in june. we have information on the sudden death of the mayor of juneau, alaska. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the 50s and we'll drop into 40 ins before before -- 40s in the afternoon. i'll have the day planner forecast coming up next.
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it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. >> a customer caught a disturbing site on his cell phone at a walmart in massachusetts msm. he was shopping on saturday when he saw birds pecking apart package also of meat. the local health department removed 17 birds from the store and the meat was thrown out. walmart has put additional safeguards in place. >> i don't know birds liked their meat rare. >> reporter: that was up setting to watch. he's something else that upset you. you like this ramp, guess what it will close for a year and a half. the ramp from i-95 to girard will close, it will not open until mid 2017.
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make a right on richmond and northbound to delaware avenue that she had be loads of fun. ho ho ho, 50 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. a little bit cooler and breezy with winds in the teens in spots. every now and then you get a gust in the 20s. 44 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 47 degrees by 10. generally speaking clouds and sun later on, high of 52 which is cooler than yesterday, but dry which is good. we are going to have winds gusting through the day as high as about 30 miles per hour. so hold on to your hats and dress warmly, because despite the fact that 352 is around average we'll have the blustery breeze. >> you can find the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live radar at any time at new this morning, there is no longer a mystery surrounding
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the death of the mayor of juneau alaska. stephen greg died of natural causes. britain has launched their first airstrike against isis and syria. prime minister david cameron lobbied for the motion. the royal airport has been striking isis target in iraq since 2014. the state of texas has filed a lawsuit to block 6 steerian river syrian refugees from settling in dallas. ♪
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. live look that's gorgeous the view in center city from temple university, it is 5:55, 50 degrees out there, a nice thursday morning, we're done at least for now with the rain. amazon said there's traffic problems created by the new jersey fulfillment center. traffic is stopped up for miles
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when glees employees are going in and out. they fire off duty police officers to assist with the traffic flow. the bodies of a missing new jersey mother and her 3-month-old baby were found in cumberland county. 34-year-old and her daughter were recovered at a boat ramp. her boyfriend, ricardo assistant assistant -- santiago has been held on full cash bail. close doors talks continue between governor would feel and gop leaders in the state legislature. dave reid told reportsers they are trying to -- reporters they are trying to find an agreement on weather to raise sales tax and pension reform and liquor stores. philadelphia ushers in the
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holiday season tonight. our rick williams and cesily tynan will be there to bring you all the festivities our live coverage against at 7:30 p.m. on 6abc. >> 5:57 our coverage. california mass shooting continues. police released new details about the shooters as they continue to try to discover their motive. a relative of one of the suspected mass killers speaks out overnight and is dumbfounded. hear from him next. pre-owned vehicles...
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6:00 a.m. on this thursday, december 3 we're gathering new details on the breaking news,
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the mass killing in california. >> new developments are coming out about the couple suspected of gunning down 14 people in san bernadino. >> several elementary school children in new jersey are accused of explosive plot. >> more breaking news, oscar pistorious' verdict has been changed to a murder charge. >> let's go outside to david where it's dry. >> reporter: it is drying out, it's fairly overcast, we're seeing breaks in the clouds north and west of philadelphia. we're expecting the return of sunshine later on. it's getting a little bit breezy. you can see precipitation to the north and west, it's possible that the northern and western suburbs get clipped with rain. philadelphia has dipped 40s we've been waiting for that, and it has


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