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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the mass killing in california. >> new developments are coming out about the couple suspected of gunning down 14 people in san bernadino. >> several elementary school children in new jersey are accused of explosive plot. >> more breaking news, oscar pistorious' verdict has been changed to a murder charge. >> let's go outside to david where it's dry. >> reporter: it is drying out, it's fairly overcast, we're seeing breaks in the clouds north and west of philadelphia. we're expecting the return of sunshine later on. it's getting a little bit breezy. you can see precipitation to the north and west, it's possible that the northern and western suburbs get clipped with rain. philadelphia has dipped 40s we've been waiting for that, and it has happened. we'll stay in the 40s before
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rebounding a bit. the winds are picking up 15 miles per hour and 16 in wilmington with gusts in the 20s. we roll through the day, it's cooler than yesterday, save that little bit of precipitation northwest we're looking at dry conditions. noon, 47. the high today is 52. it's going to be a day for coats because it's going to be windy with wind gusts in the 20s and 30s later on. we're looking at a dry stretch of weather and less wind i'll have the details in the seven day. >> we like dry and crystal clear, unlike the past couple of days you couldn't see anything with the fog. blue route, northbound approaching the schuylkill expressway. up head welfare a disabled vehicle watch for that as you head northbound toward plymouth meeting. i-95 approaching cottman that's southbound traffic heading toward center city. we can see there's more volume. building volume southbound
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approaching cottman and girard. no accidents a big problem on i-95. the ben franklin bridge westbound traffic coming into the city looking good, roads are drying out, eastbound we've got the right lane blocked. we have flooding in new castle, pigeon point road is closed at piles lane. use route 9 as the alternate. >> we have breaking news, police believe the mann and woman killed in a gun battle in san bernadino, california were the only shooters. >> authorities released the identities of suspected mass killers and continue to search a home related to the shootings. erin o'hern is live at the big board with the latest. >> reporter: experts say it's rare to have multiple shootings in a mass killing, but authorities have identified u.s. citizen syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik as responsible for taking the lives of 14 people and injuring 17 others.
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we don't know the motives at this time nor do we know the identities of the victims. police are investigating this home in redlands, california. it's hard to see because of the dark. it's about ten miles from where the attack occurred. authorities went to the home based on on a tip that farook lived there. while there, a black suv passed by when a shootout ensued. police say both shooters died in the confrontation which left the suv riddled with bullets and a body was scene lying outside the car according to officials, the two were either married, but a couple, were dressed in black and wore marked for identification and heavily armed. >> he did leave the party angry that was the information we were following up on when we
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encounter him back near this residence in redlands when the officers engaged in a shooting. he is one of the deceased. nchts a fire alarm went off in the building when police came. police detained another person seen running away after the shootout, but they do not know whether that person was involved in the attack. obviously a fluid situation we're keeping an eye on and bring you details throughout the morning. >> a brother-in-law said he was shocked and saddened like everybody else to hear of his involvement in the shooting. >> i love this country, i'm living in this community for a long time something lieth happened here. -- lieth happened here.
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he sits on the council for islamic american relations which took steps to deny the shooting. brian taff will report on the mass shootings live from san bernadino later today on "action news." mass shootings happen in elementary schools, college campuses, churches and workplaces, we spoke to local police about how they train to handle an active shooter. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: matt, that's right aring we talked to local officials to tell us what it is like for first responders to head to active shooter situations like the one in california. >> initial reports described three individuals dressed in combats gear with long guns that's frightening.
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>> reporter: mike chitwood know mass shootings are becoming the norm. whichchitwood said often policee the first responders. darby chief had an active shooter situation at mercy fitzgerald hospital it was there richard plotts shot his psychiatrist. it became a true test for the police department training. >> i was on the scene early, there were five tactical guys that immediately went in and up to that floor. >> reporter: and from this tragedy comes learning lessons they can apply to training exercises in the future. anne -- annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> south african olympic athlete oscar pistorious has been found guilty of murder after the south african a i
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peels court aaappeals court overturned a manslaughter verdict. he is currently under house arrest after spending a year in jail. he heads back to court for a new sentencing hearing that is expected to happen next year. funk there are more sport utility vehicles on the road than ever before, that's because more people are buying them than ever before. maribel aber has more. >> reporter: stocks were off yesterday, but now futures are pointing to a higher open. it is true, americans are buying more suvs than ever before. they account for 3035 sales this year up 30% from that's the latest in business, back to you, matt an tam.
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>> let's turn to david and talk about today. we are over the rain. we got a lot of rain, gray skies, dank, storm tracker 6 live double scan is picking up the early sprinkle activity that i talked about in the northern and western suburbs. it's popping away from harrisburg and clipping areas west of reading might pushed toward allentown. it's very light highlighted in the lighter shades of green. we look outside, sky6 live hd overhead we'll see the sun poking through the clouds. 43 in reading there might be a light sprinkle activity popping through. 50 in millville. 52 in cape may, new jersey. as we look at satellite there's the sprinkle. you can see how it changes over to light snow in northern and
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western pennsylvania and buffalo new york, 'tis the season but not here yet. there are breaks in the clouds to the west, we are expecting a clouds and sun mix as we go through the day. that's what we'll call for in the lehigh valley, testers ranging from 50 to 52. down the shore, 52, clouds and sun there, chilly conditions, across the region we'll be breezy today with good windy gusts buildings at time. philadelphia, 52, winds gusting 25, 35 miles per hour in the afternoon and they will settle down later tonight. 46 by 11:00 staying in the 40s for most of the morning. 2:00 p.m., 50, high of 52 around 3:00 p.m. tomorrow high pressure buildings in, gives us sunshine winds not as strong and another high around 52 degrees. a good afternoon. that begins a prolonged stay by this area of high pressure that
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goes through the weekend and you will see in the seven day we're looking at good weather coming up. 52 degrees today, winds and cooler, you'll want your jacket as you walk around today because of the wind. tomorrow, sunny and nice, 52. probably a jacket day, but not as windy. 54 on saturday, beautiful to start out the weekend. sunny on sunday, 56 degrees. monday we get a clouds and sun mix, 55. most of the temperatures are near or a bit above average for this time of the year. a seniles -- a nice spate of dry weather and hanukkah arrives on sunday. we have a coastal storm system that will pass us by and late in the day tuesday into wednesday morning, rain is possible. most of the models suggest this is an issue for the shore and east of philadelphia. but it's a long way off and we'll keep our eyes on it. >> police offer a face to go
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with the name of one of the accused killers in the california rampage. police break up a bomb plot you will be shocked when you hear who's behind it. >> reporter: we're looking at all the majors coming up. >> a school in the midwest will not be able to put up a live nativity scene. find out later on "action news" why. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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live look here across center city the gorgeous view from temple university. you don't want to sun to come up and keep looking at that. it's beautiful. >> i do thing the sun should come up eventually. >> reporter: whether or not you want it to. >> the sun should never come up, i agree. >> reporter: let's take a look, we'll let you argue amongst yourselves while we look at the traffic. the vine is reopened in both directions. the crews return tonight at 11:00 p.m. and shut it down for construction. you want to watch for that. the construction is clear we're looking good. on the big picture we want to check the majors, the blue
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route, 55 miles per hour. the schuylkill expressway mostly in the 40s and 50s, i-95 that's a spot you're starting to see slowing at southbound. 20 miles per hour at cottman, 41 at girard. we have the big tree lighting. you will see extra pedestrians out and about at rittenhouse square. 6:00 p.m., city hall tree lighting. be careful as you travel around. we're not seeing any issues out there. looking good. one issue we had with flooding related to the rain, pigeon point road shut down at piles lane. use route 9 as the alternate. the only suppose we're seeing any precipitation is up in the north and west, pottstown, 422 in reading. you could see a snow shower up in the poconos, very briefly. 37 degrees on the ground in the poconos. 49 in philadelphia.
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50 in atlantic city, so no rain today, no problems with fog, we're trying to help you out with a better commute. clouds and sunshine, gusts up to 35 miles per hour. >> reporter: i'm erin o'hern in the satellite center where we are following the latest developments in the california mass shooting. new this morning, we have learned that police shot and killed the two suspected shooters. they've identified as syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. now farook was a county employee at the facility with the shooting occurred. parentally he was there for a holiday gathering. police say he left angry and later returned with malik and the two opened fire. authorities have not ruled out terrorism. of course, we are monitoring the story very closely and we'll bring you the latest on air and online i'm live in the satellite center, back to you. >> at least one person was
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severely injured in a nasty pileup in south jersey. chopper 6 was over the scene in in bordentown a crash at georgetown road at clifton mill road. no word on what caused the crash or the conditions of any of the victims. >> new on "action news," five students in north jersey are under arrest they were planning to set off a bomb at a high school. we are talking about if it graders. teachers found a plan about the attack. the elementary school students were to be at the high school in the afternoon for a field trip. police say the students built the device, it had cinnamon and vinegar in it. even though they did not have the able to they had the intent. they've released to their parents. a judge nixes, a
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midwestern's high school's plans for a live nativity scene. >> reporter: we'll have the day planner forecast and let unwhere the temperatures are going. >> reporter: a target massive data breach they will pay millions in claims. 40 million credit cards were compromised 110 million people with person data stolen. united airlines is going mobile with the iphone 6 plus. 67,000 customer service reps will use matter phones to check baggage tags in the airport. instagram data said it has been used 82 million times.
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has shared over anticipate over again. -- over and over again. this is the cake. the decorator is autistic. store employees came up to her and thanked her for being to ciend and accepting -- kind and accepting and she made the decorator's day. >> reporter: we need more of that going on. we're at the blue route approaching the mid county tolls. no problems, you can see the traffic moving nicely. look at the roads, that's dry.
6:22 am
in atlantic county, ac expressway westbound at the egg hard pour tolls after last friday's big vehicle fire at the toll plaza. we expect the tolls to be closed. >> reporter: we are in the upper 40s and expect to dip into the mid 40s by 9:00 a.m. the high is 52 degrees, cooler than yesterday. only thing about today is the strong blustery wind winds in the 20s and 30s. portland and seattle moist along the gulf coast and at times to the north and west. at the airport no major delays and no sign of rain in our most commonly traveled destinations. researchers say a daily
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aspirin is showing promise against alzheimers and parkinsons. it helps to pulverize an enzyme. it is promising step toward developing new treatment. the sixers have suspended okafor it shows him in a second fight on the streets of boston. the team which hired a security guard for the 19-year-old is disappointed with his recent actions. the sixers were not able to carry the momentum a day after the first win of the season. they lost to the nicks 99-87. the sixers are off until saturday when they play the denver nuggets at home. police have released new details on the gun battle with the suspects who they are and how they are related coming up
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to warn drivers about deer especially at dawn and dusk. state police say they have investigated 125 animal related crashes in the past month. deer are more active because it's annual mating season. a judge has banned a high school from holding a live nativity scene. the suit was originally filed
6:27 am
with the american civil liberties union of indiana on behalf a student and is father who didn't like the display. the superintendent said the decision is disappointing. >> 6:27 we have a live report from near the scene of san bernadino shootings coming up next. >> the deadly rampage reignites gun control argument with president obama calling for stricter laws.
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>> breaking now on "action news," officials confirm a young married couple dressed for battle carried outer the san bernadino massacre. >> we are getting a look at the suspected killers this morning, and david murphy is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: right now, matt we have storm tracker 6 live double scan it is tracking sprinkles
6:30 am
and showers north and west of philadelphia. at the same time over philadelphia breaks in the clouds starting to form. 49 degrees breezy. 46 in wilmington, 43 in allentown. the call today, well, it's going to stay cool and, dry, clouds and sun at 3:00 p.m., 52. the only bad part about today it's going to be breezy and windy windy gusting into the 30s at times. >> reporter: the big traffic story we have no weather-related problems. on the schuylkill expressway we're heavy eastbound from the blue route to the curve. no issues there. a new accident at valley forge road at fisher road. watch for that. look look at i-95 approaching cottman southbound traffic heading toward center city jammed from past academy to cottman and allegheny to girard. one more look we'll check into new jersey, 42 northbound no big problems coming up from
6:31 am
turnersville or deptford, matt and tam. we have details that continue to emerge from the mass shooting scene in san bernadino, california. >> authorities confirm there were only two shooters armed with assault rifles, both of whom are dead. one opened fire on his own co-workers. >> there are questions about who these people are and why they did this. lauren lister is live near the active crime scene, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, matt an tam, the two suspects who are dead have been identified as a man and a woman, syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. authorities say they don't know the motive at this point and not ruling out terrorism. both suspects are dead, the investigators remain on scene and on alert. it ended much as it began with a barrage of gunfire captured on cell phone video.
6:32 am
four hours of terror in san bernadino after gunmen stormed an office buildings killing 14 people. the final confrontation on a neighborhood street lined with houses. a dusk suv riddled with bullets. >> we have reasonable confident at this point that we had two shooters and two dead suspects. >> reporter: the brother-in-law of one of them speaking out. >> why would he do something like this? i have no idea i am in shock myself. >> reporter: the suspects were tracked down two miles from the attack of the regional center. >> suspects wearing all black clothing carrying a shotgun. >> reporter: those working there including the wounded phone their families. >> she was shot and scared, she said i just want to tell you that i love you. she called us from the hospital.
6:33 am
she is doing better, she is okay and alive. >> reporter: investigators say the shooter targeted the workshop and training event inside the center. the group holding the meeting was the san bernadino health department. farook was a environmental specialist for the county. he worked there for five years. lauren lister, channel 6 "action news." >> lawmakers and politics reacted to the mass murder in san bernadino. president obama said it continues a pattern of shooting in the u.s. that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. the country should come together to make these stop. >> there are steps we can take to make americans safer and we should come together in a bipartisan basis and every level of government should make these rare as opposed to normal. president obama has called
6:34 am
for stronger gun control laws, but there has been little congressional support or legislative action. donald trump tweeted out messages of thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. democratic presidential hopefuls took a different tone calling for legislative action to stop gun violence. for now we find ourselves saying not again. here's a breakdown of growing gun violence in the country. abc news reports there have been 56 mass shootings so far this year where three people have died. that's an average of one mass shooting all week. fbi has studied active shooter situations from 2013 and found they are becoming more frequent, as well. the fbi identified 160 mass shooting excluding crimes related to gangs or drugs. who does this and why?
6:35 am
we got insight on the mass shooting in california from a former fbi agent. annie mccormick is live in center city with more on that part of the story. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the authorities we spoke to said once again an active shooting situation under control, the text step to figure out a motive and why a specific location was targeted. >> it looks like it was organized and planned. they seem very prepared. >> reporter: jj spent 26 years as an fbi agent in philadelphia. he spoke about the shooting spree in california. authorities there including local and federal are working to unravel why the gunmen opened fire. witnesses told lawmen, it appears the shooter was on a mission. >> this was not a random event. it's probably likely you'll see some relationship between these
6:36 am
people. the reason they targeted it why it was chosen and why it unfolded. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey said you can never fully prepare for a situation of this magnitude, but police expensively train. >> uniform one of i had -- idiots with gun and violent and vicious people who don't mind killing and that's a shame. >> reporter: police say they learn from tragedies in california and paris and they can apply lessons to their training exercises. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> "action news" anchor brian taff touched down in southern california overnight he'll begin live reports from san bernadino later today on "action news." 6:36 breaking right now, a homeowner is hospitalized with head injuries after a robber broke into his home in the city's nicetown section.
6:37 am
the action cam was along where it happened west butler street. the man in his 30s was pistol whipped. he is hospitalized. it is unclear if anything was stolen in the house. >> time for a look at accuweather. >> reporter: we have a little bit of rain north and west of philadelphia. you can see it on storm tracker 6 live double scan. it's mostly out around reading and north and west of reading. this is pushing toward the poconos and allentown may get clipped by this. it's breaking up, it's very light. in philadelphia, we have a few breaks, let's look at sky 6 and see what we can see. overhead in the up right-hand side of the picture, it's brightening. we'll see clouds early, but there will be sunny breaks and they will continue to open up a little bit as the day goes on. the temperature is 49 degrees, so a little bit cool. notice how the winds have picked up to 15 miles per hour. we have gusts up in the 20s
6:38 am
across parts of the region, as well. a little blustery this morning, the temperature of 49 dips a little bit over the next hour before we turn it around. there are the sprinkles and showers, you can see how they are floating through. it's cold enough early this morning to change over to snow in northern and western pennsylvania that's falling apart. overall you get the morning sprinkle out up north, we end up with clouds and sun mix, 44 at 8:00. 46 by 11:00. breezy through here and rather cooler this morning. this afternoon, cooler when we got to 06. it's raining yesterday, it wasn't real pleasant. 52, cooler, clouds and sun, windy. high temperatures north to south, 51 in reading, 50 in trenton. 52 in millville and atlantic city and 350 is the high in cape may. tomorrow, less wind high pressure starting to build in. we'll wind up sunny, high of 52.
6:39 am
similar high temperature, but less wind overall and a lot of sunshine basically from start to finish tomorrow the way things are looking. we're not looking at a lot of rain, the 20% chance is in the morning. next week into early next week a lot of sunshine and no precipitation. 502 the high, 52. to start out the weekend saturday, lots of sun high of 54. hanukkah arrives sunday mostly sunny skies, 56 degrees, a nice weekend ahead we're keeping that pattern going on monday with a clouds and sun mix, high of 55. looks like we cool down to the low 50s on tuesday and wednesday. there will be a coastal system that will dish a lot of clouds in, late tuesday into wednesday morning, rain is possible. most of the models have it toward the coast, because it's a coastal storm that's providing us with that.
6:40 am
so hopefully philadelphia stays dry. when we come bank we'll talk about what's -- when we come back we'll be talking about what's going on san bernadino. and deadly gunfire that left a trail of damage on a philadelphia street. >> a big big-box store's meat selection was only for the birds. >> reporter: heavy from 322 to 113 we're heavy on 422. i'll take you there live coming up. >> of course, we continue to keep an eye on what's going on in california. as we get the information we'll be sharing it with you and bring you the latest coming up. >> 6:43, starting to get bright
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6:43 am
out there. at least for the commute it is dry for a change. >> beautiful start to your thursday, karen rogers what can you tell us about the commute. >> reporter: that was a beautiful shot. the big thing about the commute we don't have fog out there. things are looking better at this point. 422 is heavy we're not without the traffic. eastbound heavy from oaks to 23. we can see a 12 minute ride that's a five minute delay eastbound from oaks to 202. we have a couple of new accidents coming into us, one in upper merion gulph road look for that accident. as well as one lafayette hill and germantown pike and center avenue. another one valley forge road at fisher road.
6:44 am
one issue with flooding, one spot, in new castle, personal pn point road is closed at piles road. use 9. 43 in allentown. 50 in millville. 37 in the poconos. we're looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan this is basically a dry day, but we have a couple of showers trying to reach ground in the northwest suburbs, in reading, 222 and 422 it's looking damp and north of i-78 you're seeing that. swells mount pocono you could see a brief snow shower there, but not just yet. today, clouds and sunshine, winds gusts up to 35 miles per hour high of 52 degrees. >> reporter: i'm erin o'hern in the satellite center where we are following developments, the latest developments in the mass shooting in california. new this morning we learned that two of the suspected shooters
6:45 am
were killed by police. they have identified as syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. we know that federal authorities say the weapons used in the massacre were purchased legally in the u.s. two of them by someone who is now under investigation. so we just learned that. authorities have yet to discover a motive. they have not ruled out terrorism. of course, we are monitoring this very closely. stick with for the latest information. live in satellite center, erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, erin. a fight leads to homicide in hunter park section. police watched the surveillance of the could confrontation, some gave the victim a ride to the hospital before officers arrived on scene. bullets hit a parked car and house. no other injuries report reported and no arrests. >> action cam on marshall
6:46 am
street as crews did a sweep of the building. heavy fire was showing on the first floor of the row home when they arrived. a light pole snapped in two when a car slammed into it. you're looking at video from lincoln drive at fairmont street peco had to shut off the line that was powering the light. delaware and lehigh valleys are drying out, david murphy is tracking a windy forecast. >> reporter: it's going to be windy today. we have fairly decent coats on the kids with the temperatures in the 40s and the winds in the teens, this afternoon they may ease up on the gear a little bit, but it's going to be cool. alhave the day planner forecast mapping it out in a a couple of minutes. >> new this morning, there's no
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
longer a mystery surrounding the death of the mayor of juneau alaska, an autopsy confirms stephen greg fisk died of natural causes. he was the mayor for over a month when his son found him dead on monday. britain launches airstrikes against isis. prime minister david cameron lobed for the strikes. -- lobbied for the strikes. the state of texas has filed a lawsuit to block 6
6:50 am
syrian refugees from settling in dallas. the state is uniformed about the migrants and they say that's a security risk. >> a customer caught a disturbing site on the cell phone on a walmart in massachusetts, he was shopping when he saw birds pecking apart packages of meat. the local health department removed 17 birds try to store and the maet was thrown out. enjoy your cheerios. i'm naming this the best commute of the week so far. but we have time for it to go downhill. we had an accident on i-95 southbound approaching girard, they just cleared it out, blocking two lanes involving a truck. extra slow i-95 southbound
6:51 am
jamming past academy to cottman. and the betsy ross bridge approaching girard. we have penndot out there, you can see that right now. in norristown halls avenue at main street another accident there. >> reporter: all right, karen we're dry on the roads, cool, though, 44 degrees in pottstown. 42 in quakertown. 44 in warrington. 43 in saint davids. 43 in chester. in south jersey, a lot of 40s on the maps, 48 in hammonton. 50 in buena and woodbine. 50s up and down the state of delaware. later this afternoon we'll get milder high of 52 degrees, all the way today we'll have strong blustery winds in the 20s and 0s, it's jacket weather and hood, too if you're walking around. >> barbara walters is out with her list of most fascinating people of 2015. bradley cooper made the top ten.
6:52 am
walter also reveals the most fascinating people that will air december 17. taylor swift is taking her team to australia they deserve the trip after all their hard work. >> the city of philadelphia ushers the holiday season tonight. mayor nutter flips the switch on the christmas tree at dilworth park at city hall. rick williams and cesily tynan will bring you all of the celebration at 7:30 tonight on 6abc. snrl top stories, authorities
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
have identified the two suspected gunmen in the shooting rampage in san bernadino california. they say syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik killed 14 people and seriously injuring 17 others. hours later they died in a shootout with police. breaking no this morning, e action cam is live on the seen of a home invasion in tioga nicetown philadelphia. the man is hospitalized after
6:56 am
being pistol whipped. let's go outside and look at the schuylkill expressway, westbound traffic is jammed from past the boulevard to gladwyn. eastbound is jammed. we have no weather related problems affecting you. lafayette hill minor injuries reported at germantown pike and center avenue. the accident on gulph road just cleared. >> reporter: all right, karen we're looking at light rain and sprinkle activity in berks county pushing toward the lehigh valley. windy, winds up to 15 miles per hour bumping up to 18 at the top of the hour. we're looking at a blustery day. today's high, 52 degrees, cooler than yesterday, but after that morning sprinkle activity finishes up we'll be dry with a mixture of clouds and sun. winds gusting 25 to 35 miles per
6:57 am
hour. jackets a all around. >> "g.m.a." will pick up the coverage. mass shooting in san bernadino, and our brian taff will be there and we'll have live reports throughout the day. for karen, matt, david, i'm tam. have a great thursday. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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good morning, america. california rampage. police kill the two shooters behind the latest deadly attack stunning the nation. >> shots going off like crazy. just one right after the other. >> a man and woman heavily armed and in tactical gear. fire inside a facility for the developmentally disabled. >> we have several down in the conference room. several down. >> killing 14. >> oh, my god. it's an active shooting. >> putting an entire california city on lockdown. >> she just said that she was in a room. she locked herself up. there were shooters. >> women and children trapped inside rescued by police. >> i'll take a bullet before you do. just be cool. >> then a dramatic police chase caught on camera. ending in a fierce gun battle on this residential street. >> this did end in a barrage of


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