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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with developing news at this hour, federal investigators are searching for a motive to yesterday's shooting in san bernardino, california. and they are identified as a couple that may be married or engaged. syed faroomalik opened fire and thread in a black suv.
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we turn now to lauren lister she is following the developments from san bernardino. >> reporter: the two suspects may be dead but the story is far from over, the shooters were targeting a san bernardino county event and one had worked for the county for five years and attended the event that morning. they don't have a motive and they are not ruling out terrorism. >> the end of yesterday's manhunt is today's crime scene, this suv is the get away car for the suspects. a reminder of the carnage that took place. >> it's a sad day for the community and a sad day for the country. >> it started when the two stormed the regional center with automatic weapons on wednesday morning killing 14. >> i saw two bodies in the back of the building and neither were
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moving. >> 17 people were injured. >> like kevin ortiz, recovering from shots in the neck and shoulder. >> his vitals are stable but unfortunately he is in a lot of pain. >> another family member remembering the phone call an injured family member made. >> he called my father and let them know he had been shot and had told my father that the police van was next to him and guiding him out. >> the suspects killed in a shootout with police, are identified as syed farook and tashfeen malik. abc news confirmed that the couple dropped off their infant daughter with their parents saying they had a doctor's appointment. >> i have no idea i'm in shock myself. >> according to law enforcement
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sources, all four guns used in the shooting were purchased legally, two purchase bid the shooters and the other two by another party. >> thank you. president obama spoke about the attack this morning saying that the fbi is taking over the investigation into the suspect's back groubd. >> it is possible this is terrorist related but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. >> our own "action news" anchor, brian taff arrived there this morning and will begin reporting live there from san bernardino beginning on "action news" at 12:30, we are constantly updating all aspects of the story at including live streaming video and we are awaiting a news conference from san bernardino, california, expected to happen any moment now and when it does we'll bring
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you it to you live. back here two people are hurt including a philadelphia police officer following a patrol car accident when it collided with another vehicle this morning. it happened in the port richmond section of the city, eva pilgram has the latest. >> reporter: a police suv sat smashed against this pole for several hours, the officer that was driving rushed to temple hospital in stable condition. >> we heard the sirens down the street and he was responding to the call and the car hit the suv and we helped and pulled him out of the car. >> we all couldn't believe he could not hear this cop, we could all hear this cop flying. >> they were worried about sparking wires above. >> he is banged up bad but he was conscious and asked did the guy get away? >> the driver of the white toyota camry did stay and is said to be in stable condition.
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back out here live you can see the white toyota camry is here at is the corner of allegheny, this intersection is still closed so if you are traveling in this area, you'll want to avoid this intersection. >> thank you. a philadelphia homeowner suffered head wounds during a home invasion, the victim was pistol whipped when the suspect burst into the home at 5:45 this morning, the victim is in stable condition and the woman in the home was not injured and the robbers stole an xbox gaming system. the on going budget battle in pennsylvania is impacting early childhood education, it caused counties to drop social and human services, the department of education says that 15 pre-k counts programs
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have closed in the last 15 months. and turning now to the forecast, accuweather says we have a nice few day as head of us now that the rain has left finally. sky 6 hd taking a live look from our temple university cam, it's a bit windy but at least the sun shining and dry. lets check in with meteorologist, david murphy, welcome back. >> thank you rick. it's nice to have the sun coming back and most of our rain in new york state and some of it is changing to snow in the western part of the state and it's a possible that this little spoke heads to the poconos and you may see a snow shower there, i don't think it will do a lot but there it is. and a little bit of rain mixing in as times as well. as far as cloud coverage, it's up north and for areas close to philadelphia and south, lots of
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sunshine, the farther north you go this afternoon the better chance of seeing the clouds. you will want to grab a coat, 47 is your current temperature and 45 in allentown and 43 in reading and sea isle city, and there is a wind blowing out there as rick mentioned. these are sustained winds and this is what the wind is constantly doing and you are running at 17 miles per hour in philadelphia, 22 in wilmington and 22 in millville and 15 in allentown, but when you factor in the occasional gusts of 35 miles per hour, they might even go higher than that in the afternoon. the high temperature is 52, a few above average and we are into december and today it's windy and an extra reason to put on layers. we'll see the winds die down over the next 24 hours and we are heading into a nice stretch of weather with lots of sun and i'll let you know where the numbers are going and the bright
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conditions in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. still to come on "action news" this hour, a drug used for diabetes could be a weapon in the fight against wrinkles. >> plus, a simple birthday cake decoration sends a message to people all over the world.
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a group of new jersey fifth graders are under arrest, teachers say they. >> reporter: plotting an attack at clifton high school in north jersey, they were set to go to the high school for a field trip and the students build a fake device filled with zinman and vinegar. oscar pistorius has been found guilty of murder by a south african appeals court, it overturns the previous conviction of manslaughter. he killed his girlfriend, revoo steenkamp after shooting her
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through a locked door. he is due back in court for a new sentencing next year. two pilots were killed when their helicopter crashed in tennessee last night. the apache helicopter was found at a river bottom and it's not clear what caused the chopper to go down. a new report uncovered 143 security breaches or attempted ones by ones guarded by the secret service over the past five years, they say that the secret service is in crisis and they blame budget cuts imposed by congress. a customer captured disturbing cell phone video inside of a massachusetts wal-mart, scott conway was shopping there and saw birds flocking around the meat section, they were pecking at
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food that could have ended up on customer's dinner tables. >> when i looked they were literally eating from the packages. >> they removed the birds from the store and threw the meat out. wal-mart now has safe guards but it's unclear what they are. this is the cake that lisa aldridge purchased from a michigan grocery store for her sister, she asked for a custom message and didn't think twice about it until she was walking out of the store, and they informed her that the girl that decorated the cake has autism and was suppose to have someone else do the writing, she shared the story on facebook along with this picture. she started to receive messages from families all over the world. >> thank you for sharing your story, my granddaughter was
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recently diagnosed with autism. >> i shared it so people would consider that maybe they should be nicer. >> the post has been shared more than 100,000 times from jamaica to ireland to australia. coming up here at noon, the deadline for medicare's open enrollment, is next week, we'll tell but a free program to help you navigate the options:
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amazon says it's trying to address traffic problems by its fulfillment center, they said that rush hour traffic stopped more miles when the employees are going in and out of the facility. but amazon says they invested millions on a bus route that brings people directly in from trenton and they hired off-duty police officers during shifts to assist with the traffic flow. cyber monday was the biggest online shopping day ever. shopping by phone, laptop or tablet jump 21% with americans spending $3.11 billion on monday, the top online shopping destinations were amazon, wal-mart, ebay and best buy. >> health check this noon, we
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could be closer to finding the if the of youth. scientists have the green light to slow down the aging process. a recent study on worms caused them to age slower without wrinkles and become healthier, they are trying it out for anti-aging trials for humans. the tests are expected to begin next year. >> nice for the worms. deadline for medicare open enrollment is approaching, you have until december 7th to sign up. tamala edwards has more on a program to help seniors in philadelphia navigate the plans. >> do you have a little more flexibility. >> christine is the director of a program that offers senior on group and individual medicare options. >> everybody is concerned about
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their costs and their deductibles. >> the mission is to not only help seniors understand their benefits but to maximize their coverage and saving them as much money as possible. >> the medicare system is so complicated, we all need help. >> even if you all need medicare, it's important to do your homework. >> many of the premiums and co-pays can change from year to year and people can do themselves a disservice by not investigating, because they are costs can go up significantly if they do nothing. >> they counsel on the phone in 30 languages, but the one-on-one counseling is the most useful. >> they send you things and you don't understand the small print, what is it exactly saying? you need someone to help you unravel that. >> can you connect with them by calling the pca help line.
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the enrollment deadline is december 7th, tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00 that includes the legal battle between a man that never wanted to be a father and the same sex couple that is raising their biological daughter, but what makes this unusual is that neither state wants to be involved. plus, listen up, you desperate parents, this pediatrician found the secret to quieting crying newborns in seconds. it's just four steps. meanwhile, accuweather is up next, david murphy has the seven-day forecast as we look live at the center city skyline.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here now with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> time for christmas shopping. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan right now we are looking at dry conditions after we had sprinkles earlier in the morning, they appear to be gone anz we take a look outside, nothing but blue above the flowers in fairmount park this morning, pretty pictures on the action cam and a few fair weather clouds that have popped
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up since the blue skies took over. 47 in philadelphia and it's on the cool side and part of the story is the wind, running from the west at 17 miles per hour and gusts as high as 30 miles per hour and as we roll into the afternoon the winds continue to roll at that same pace. 45 in allentown currently and 43 in reading and 47 in wilmington and almost 50 in millville and 47 in cape may, new jersey, satellite and radar showing you how the cloud cover is thicker the farther north you go and less clouds the farther south and generally speaking some sun getting through and there are the sprinkles that came through earlier. it will try to pop a snowflake or two in the poconos. in terms of the wind gusts the rest of way, from now until 6:00, we start out with gusts of 30 or so. and by later in the evening, most spots are dropping back into the upper 20s.
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you see winds die down even more, if you head out on the town you'll want to bundle up, and the temperatures are chilly and the winds gusts are an issue, a high around 50 to 52, and depending where you are, at the shore the clouds and sun mix, and the winds continuing to blow and in philadelphia, the high around 52 with the clouds and sun mix and windy conditions, winds gusting up to 25 to 30. you may see a gust here or there and the mix of sun and clouds the rest of the way, overnight tonight the winds ease back a bit, mostly clear, and chilly, and getting down to 37 degrees and some suburbs getting down closer to the freezing mark and we have the partly sunny skies cover fading as the sun drops below the horizon, 50 at 4:00 and 47 by 5:30 and 44 degrees as soon as 7:00 and still windy and
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layers are personality, today's high 52 degrees and the rain maker now getting out of the way and rotating precipitation around it moving out and tomorrow we have high pressure moving in and another high of 52 and sunshine in store tomorrow in the afternoon and even the morning looks pretty bright and the winds won't be quite as bad, 52 is today's high and windy and on the chilly side and yesterday we hit 60 with the rain falling and cooler, tomorrow 52 and sunshine overall and not as much wind. weekend is looking great 54 and up to 56 on sunday, as we welcome the arrival of hanukkah and still dry and a nice stretch of weather, more clouds rolling in off the coast with the storm passing by, and the best chance of rain is in the coastal counties and we'll keep tracking that. >> thanks david, the city of philadelphia ushers in the
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holiday season and tonight mayor michael nutter will flip the switch on the christmas tree next to city hall. cecily tynan and rick williams will be there with bells on to bring you all the festivities. our coverage starts at 6:00 on 6 abc. >> thank you. much more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at noon. our coverage from san bernardino continues and brian taff is live from the scene and we got an update from investigators coming up. and a firefighter was injured battling a fire at a home in north philadelphia, we have the details about what happened. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad,
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fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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. "action news" at 12:30 continues. here are the stories we are following today at 12:30, a teenager is faces charges after a threat involving a gun. and there is new information for parents after a popular high tech toy maker was hacked. >> now, the details, at 12:30, we are following the latest developments from san bernardino, california, 14
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people were killed and 10 other victims being treated in the hospital today we know more about the two shooters linked to the deadly violence, "action news" reporter, brian taff live in san bernardino, with the very latest from the scene. >> reporter: hi there rick, just to set the scene for you, we are standing a stones throw away from the regional inland center, that is the scene where yesterday's mass shooting played out the deadliest in america since that in connecticut. ambulances were rushing back and forth yesterday carrying the dead and wounded. 14 dead at this point and 17 wound sd. today that road remained closed down as investigators try to figure out why and how this happened. lets look at video from the scene as we tell you what we know right now wrerks waiting for a news c


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