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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 3, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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people were killed and 10 other victims being treated in the hospital today we know more about the two shooters linked to the deadly violence, "action news" reporter, brian taff live in san bernardino, with the very latest from the scene. >> reporter: hi there rick, just to set the scene for you, we are standing a stones throw away from the regional inland center, that is the scene where yesterday's mass shooting played out the deadliest in america since that in connecticut. ambulances were rushing back and forth yesterday carrying the dead and wounded. 14 dead at this point and 17 wound sd. today that road remained closed down as investigators try to figure out why and how this happened. lets look at video from the scene as we tell you what we know right now wrerks waiting for a news conference to begin,
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police say that syed farook was attending a holiday party in the building yesterday morning after some type of dispute you left agitated and angry, he returned later with the mother of his 6-month-old daughter armed to the teeth and carried out a precision attack. it's not known the relationship at this time with tashfeen malik. handguns, automatic rifles were found. and after the search for the black suv that the pair escaped the scene, both of them died in a shootout with police two miles from where i stand. what continues to confound the investigators is the motive in all of this, president obama referred to the mixed motive, was this pair planning a terrorist attack and carried it
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out sooner than expected over the dispute yesterday. we are waiting for a news conference to start. to give you a look at the media assembled for that news conference, it's 30 minutes behind schedule now and should begin in the next minute or two, we should point out that in addition to media across the united states, there are reporters here from paris as well. a sad reversal of fortune as they watched the terror play out there weeks ago now the world is watching here in san bernardino, california. once that conference gets underway we'll bring it to you live. for now brian taff, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you brian. when that news conference gets started we'll go back to you in california. we are continuing to update all aspects online as well at we posted dozens of
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photos and videos. a philadelphia teenager is behind bars after he allegedly threatened another student online, the 13-year-old boy attended olney high school, this from a fight he had with other students there yesterday. last night the student received a text message showing a suspect with a gun. a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after being injured in a crash in the port richmond section of the city, the crash happened at the intersection at east allegheny avenue on east jab per street. a second vehicle was involved and the driver is in the hospital suffering from back pain and the police officer is in stable condition at temple university hospital. no word yet on how this
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happened. the weather wise the rain has moved out and the sun is actually shining, looking at our action cam at the center city skyline, david murphy is outside with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> you can see the camera bouncing a bit as the winded rip through the region, at satellite we look at cloud cover sweeping down from the north and evaporating when it gets to philadelphia. and localized sunshine coming through and north less of that and could be a sprinkle or wet snow flurry or shower in the poconoss. 41 in allentown and 39 in reading and 39 in lancaster and 45 in millville and 46 in wildwood, those were the morning lows, as we look at current temperatures, not much change, 47 in philadelphia right now and 48 in washington and 48 in new
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york city as the temperatures have held pretty steady with the northwest wind coming in from the morning low to where you are right now. the wind gusts are a factor, a 30 miles per hour gust in millville and just about any area, we could see them pop up that high or higher, and blustery the rest of the way or into the evening, 53 at 2:00 and 46 at 6:00, and the winds are an issue at 10:00 and it will get chilly too. definitely bundle up in layers and brick a scarf and hat later tonight. we are looking at better conditions into the weekend and i'll have a look at that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. right now coats and maybe a hood if are you outside walking today. >> david, thank you. a philadelphia homeowner is hospitalized with head wounds he suffered during a home invasion and police are trying to find the person responsibility. annie mccormick has more on the
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home invasion that happened on west butler street. >> northwest detectives are hndling the case and the victim thinks he was targeted and that he was followed home after his job as a differently man. according to detectives two men wearing masks one armed forced their way into a home on the corner of butler, and inside the resident and his girlfriend fought attackers, the suspect pistol whipped the victim multiple times and dislocated his shoulder. they took their xbox system and dropped in the street. and the police think the moltive was robbery. and it concerns the neighbor. >> it concerns me, anybody can be a victim it doesn't matter what time of day, they just rob you. >> the victim received stitches
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at temple hospital and he is expected to be okay, he put up a fight and he thinks that is what saved his life. reporting in west oak lane, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." a fight in the hunting park section led to a homicide, here in the 1100 block of west moreland street and someone gave the victim a ride to the hospital before officer as rived on the scene and he died 30 minutes later. no other injuries werer reported and so far no arrests. we are looking into what caused a pileup in montgomery county in bordentown, four cars were involved, two people in the vehicles, were killed. one other driver was treated and released. a firefighter is recovering after injured when battling a fire in north philadelphia, the
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action cam was on the 1300 block of north marshall street as firefighters did a sweep of the building, heavy fire -- a light pole snapped in two when a car slammed into it on lincoln drive on rittenhouse street, the driver had minor injuries, and peco shut off the line powering that light as crews removed the car. police take action after people set up an encampment to protest the shooting of a black man.
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five good samaritans helped to save a man in his wheelchair when he fell on tracks in oregon. they just now released the video, you can see the man fall on to the tracks with a small dog in his lap, the five people
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were able to carry the man to safety in the nick of time. a family in houston texas is fighting to get a speed bump put in their neighborhood. this after several cars crashing into their home. the surveillance cameraed caught this car crashing into their home monday night. the family recently spent several thought on pillars and fences to protect their home. now according to the claim a resettlement organization and the federal government left them uninformed about the migrants. and top officials responded that refugees from syria and iraq are victims of terrorism not the perpetrators. former vice president, dick cheney, is honored today on capitol hill, a marble bust was
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unveiled today on capitol hill, and who's who was there today. the tradition of busts honoring former vice presidents dates back to the 19th century. police broke up an encampment set up weeks ago, about 50 demonstrators were protesting the shooting of an unarmed black man, they say he was handcuffed when he was shot and police dispute this. controversy this afternoon in parts of wisconsin -- are we going to san bernardino, california, that news kofrps is about to start, law enforcement updating yesterday's mass shooting. lets listen. >> i have sheriff mcmahon with me and congressman aguilar. and james ramos joins us as well. i want to start this off by
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reiterating how incredibly tragic this is and we have a lot of families that are clearly devastated by what happened here. and we need to be sensitive to that and i want it put out to those families out there that our prayers are with them and we are here to support them any way that we can. updated numbers. same as yesterday, 14 people confirmed dead in this incidents. the number of wounded is risen to 17 to 21. they are treated at various local hospitals, we were asked yesterday about the number of officers that responded, we are still compiling that number that responded here at 11:00, the rough count now is about 300 officers from local, county, state and federal agencies that responded for the initial active shooter. and helped to deal with the
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crime scene here, many of those assets moved and were part of the investigation in the officer-involved shooting that followed. here at the scene at the ridge land center, what we have total is that the suspects fired 65 to 75 rounds from their rifles as the scene, we did locate the one pipe bomb, there was actually three pipe bombs combined into one and it was like a car remote control, and rifle magazines dropped by the suspects and left in there as evidence. i can confirm that the suspects were wearing the black style tactical gear that we talked about yesterday, they were not wearing ballistic vests, bulletproof vests what they did have, tactical style vests that
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held equipment and magazines and ammunition and that sort of stuff. load bearing gear. on the officer-involved shooting that took place after the interests defrnt. we talked yesterday how that came to be and how we ended up at that point and what we were following up on. we have seven police agencies involved in that shooting including our department, the sheriff's department and 14 of our police officers were involved and various other agencies part of the local task forces that came to assist. of the seven agencies we had 23 officers that fired their weapons at the suspects and law enforcement fired 280 rounds at the suspects and both of them were killed at the scene, the suspects are believed to have fired 76 rifle rounds at the officers. >> how many? >> 76 is the number we have
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right now. however on their person and on their body and vehicle, they had over 1400, .223 millimeter rounds and .209 millimeter rounds. they had assault rifles and pistols with them. 1400, 223 rounds and 200 9 millimeter rounds. on their person and around the vehicle. we had two officers that were injured in the incident. one of them was a samuel police officer that sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg, he was taken to the hospital last night he will probably be released this morning. i did visit with him and he is
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in good spirits and we also as of this morning, we learn there had was a second deputy injured in the incidents, cutted to his leg that probably came from broken glass or shrapnel, but two officers total were injured in that exchange. the house in redland that became part of this focus, i will confirm that the search that took place revealed 12 pipe bomb type devices found in the house or in the garage to that house and hundreds of tools many of which could be used to construct iud's and bombs. and another 2,000 .9 millimeter rounds and 100 .223 rounds and
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additional 2700 long rifle rounds that were found there. so with that, i'm here to talk about the specifics of the investigation. and what we discovered evidence wise, i think the fbi has comments to make later in this, do you have any questions for me? >> do you believe they were planning another attack? >> we don't know clearly they were equipped to do another attack. >> somebody had to know about this? >> the investigation is still going on and i don't think we are prepared to talk about other people, we are confident that the two people involved in the shooting here are the two dead suspects at the scene and we don't have any credible information to claim an immediate threat to anybody in the area or the region. >> the remote control car with the pipe bombs can you elaborate what that was. >> i'm not an expert but somehow
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it was three pipe bombs together attached to the remote control, and it was designed so that the remote control device would trigger or set the device off, we don't know if they attempted and failed or what the story is. >> it was found at a bag in the scene. -- >> the go pro is not confirmed. we don't have any information that the suspects had go pros or any cameras of any sort. >> based on your inter viewers with all the eyewitnesss, can you tell us what happened in the room or can you say if theres way dispute, this seems preplanned. >> we have people in the room that indicated that the suspect was in the room during the early part of this meeting or party type event. it was a county public health
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christmas holiday type gathering luncheon, that is what it was, he was part of that and there early on, we had initial information that he left under some kind of durresas if he was angry and others said he just kind of disappeared. i don't know if we know enough about that yet. we can confirm he was there early on. >> do you have a motive? >> we don't. >> were they targeting anyone in particular? >> this building, you all have aerial views, this took place in the southern most building on the port and the doors were on the east side and they enterred from that parking lot into the east doors that went drekts books directly into the room -- the doors were unlocked. >> -- >> they sprayed the room with bullets, i don't know if there
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was one person they targeted. they killed 14 people there. >> is there any idea how much type lapsed -- and any idea where his wife -- >> i meant to follow-up on that information. i'll try to tie that up later on today. >> it's hard to believe this is spontaneous. we said yesterday there appears to be a degree of planning. nobody gets upset at a party and puts together that type of elaborate scheme. >> is there any indication of how long -- stockpile -- >> i don't think we are far enough into the investigation to really definitely say that, knowing where they have been
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over the past several months or years. that is the part we are work on. >> did he have a grudge against his co-workers that you were able to find out about? >> not that i am aware of but we'll probably have a comment from his employer later today to talk about. >> why was he invited? >> it's my understand he was still an employee. the two handguns were legally purchased by him and the rifles were not. all four guns were legally purchased. >> did he have a record? >> there is no criminal record we are aware of. we zbl we were told a utah
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license plate. a black ford excursion -- expedition i'm sorry, it was a rental car, he rented it three or four days ago, it was due to be returned yesterday. that is why it had utah plates but he rented it locally. >> anything about the trip -- >> i'll let the fbi address that. >> our plan today is a morning press concerns and throughout the course of the day, sheriff mcmahon and the coroners office will start releasing the names of the victims. we are working throughout the night to get the identity of those folks and make notifications, we'll put the names out here fairly soon and we'll try to get some pictures out for you as well and move the media closer to the scene for you and we'll come back and do a press conference later on but
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later on today we anticipate we'll release names of victims. >> were they county employees? >> i don't know if they all were but we believe some of them were. >> can you talk about this community, how can they get past this in the coming days. >> i read an article by the sun this morning and she talked about the recilientsy of this community, this community has been hit hard but we are resilient, and we'll survive that and we have enormous support from our communities and well wishes from all over the place, i know there is a candle light vigil at the stadium on east street and you'll see tremendous amount of support. as far as the officers, everything that i have seen, all the officers from my deputy have
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contacted, they are doing extraordinarily well, i say we are proud of the way our folks responded, not just the response here but the regional partners but the way they engaged, that was nothing short of heroic. >> were your officers wearing body cams -- >> there are questions if they were california legal guns? we have not gotten to the bottom of that and we do know at this point that the four guns were purchased, a legal purchased and registered. >> were your officers wearing body cams? >> our officers weren't, i don't know about the other officers. >> the child -- >> don't know where she is? >> can you possess that much
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ammunition legally. >> i don't know if we have restrictions on ammunition. >> anything on the ammunition that is illegal -- >> i'm not specifically aware. >> what else may have you found to help you find a motive and who lives there? >> both suspects were listed on the rental government for the property as i said yesterday, i don't know if we can definitely say they were living there or elsewhere, and what exactly that house was used for the house became a focus of the investigation based on information we had from witnesses that identified him as an employee was there that they thought was potentially involved and followup to that person that took us to that house and led us to that vehicle and that results in the following and pursuit. obviously once we were involved in that the house became a
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primary focus and we took time securing it and cleared it safely and discovered the pipe bombs and i think some other evidence, cell phones and things like that are recovered from there. >> i think there is a lot of helpful information -- >> those people that gave you help -- are they able to provide you with information on how many people were going in and out of that house other than the people that live there? >> we are still working on that. we have heard the rumors that you guys have heard and we have information but we are still trying to verify it. information that went out yesterday is likely to change, already the wounded number has changed, i want to be as accurate as we possible can. >> regarding the phones -- computers -- talk to us about
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what that means -- who they knew -- >> there is a number of electronic items from thumb drives and cell phones and computers that are taken, i don't know what analysis is completed yet. >> real quickly dave from the fbi is here he has a few comments. >> chief was there surveillance at the building? >> there was no specific surveillance inside of the room where the shooting took place but we are in possession of surveillance cameras from the area and we are going through that. >> good morning, i'm assistant director of the fbi in los angeles, i want to focus on two points, again our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims and families of this heinous act. and be patient we are trying to give you little bitted as we can
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as we ascertain more and more facts. you can tell by this investigation and the media response, this is not your average investigation, we have multiple scenes and many victims and it will take time. there are a tremendous number of assets being employed to this investigation. we are an organization fixated on facts, i would rather be slower and correct with the information that comes out to you than fast and incorrect, it's incredibly important for us, the integrity of this investigation is paramount other than taking care of the victims. so we are applying a number of federal resources, we are continuing to work very, very carefully with our partners. sheriff's department, police department and atf. these resources are being
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applied for a number of reasons. we flew in a team to do some -- from washington to do some reenactment of the crime scene. we have continued collecting evidence and are continuing to collect evidence at the multiple scenes. we are going to fly some evidence back to our laboratory in washington, d.c. today on evidence. as far as the digital media asked about earlier, the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet know the motive and cannot role anything out at this point and we're hoping that some of that digital media exploitation will help us in obtaining some of that. again, it would be irresponsible of me and it would be way too early for us to speculate on motive of why this occurred. any questions for the fbi? >> h


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