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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this has been a day of swift developments here in san bernadino as investigators continue to probe just what led up to that massacre wednesday morning inside that building behind me, the inland regional center. well, in addition to their fact that they're now calling it a terroristic act the big question now becomes how deep did this plot run? >> as of today, based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: with there a now three day old investigation has been fully transferred to the fbi responsible for tracking done just how deep this terror plot was and how farook and tashfeen malik went undetected. >> law not under active surveillance. i am not aware and i do not believe there was any type of an investigation pending on him. >> reporter: investigators now say a preponderanced of evidence has surfaced to conclusively call this massacre an acts of terrorism. among that evidence, a
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facebook posting by malik pledging allegiance to isis posted almost simultaneous to the attacks getting under way. there post was then quickly deleted. also discovered two cell phones smashed and discarded in a dumpster nearby the couple's apartment. >> we have retained those cell phones and we do continues to exploit the data from those cell phones. >> reporter: of particular interest to the fbi today is whether or not farook and malik acted alone or in concert with others. right now they do say the couple was in phone contact with individuals that investigators are monitoring but they will not say if any arrests are imminent. >> there is a person that we know of their location who purchased those weapons. >> reporter: meanwhile at the couple's home today a chaotic scene reporters scrambling inside the apartment with the fbi says it had cleared broadcasting images of a seemingly normal life. a life that we now know was anything but normal certainly
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since this couple met each other, first online and then in person. in pakistan and saudia arabia in the last several years before they became man and wife. we should point out that as you heard there, there is the possibility that other arrests may come in particular with who bought the weapons, two of the guns that were used by farook and malik but the fbi director james comey today said it is very clear at this point the evidence does not yet suggest that there was a larger cell or a larger plot at play. of course that all very much subject to change in the next several days as they said they will go wherever the evidence takes them no matter where that may be in the world. we are live in california tonight, brian taff, channel6 "action news. guys. >> thank you, brian. and our coverage of the mass shooting in san bernadino, california continues of course on there you'll find dozens of photos and videos and the very latest information on all aspects of this story. >> in other news tonight a bucks county math teacher is facing child sexual abuse
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charges. joseph becker who teaches at penn ridge north middle school turned himself in to authorities this afternoon. investigators say he sent sexually explicit pictures and videos to a female student. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is following the story and joins us live from the district justice office in warrington with more. eva. >> reporter: rick, there middle school math teacher was pulled out of the classroom and arrested today accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. the penn ridge school district where he teaches says it is fully cooperating with authorities. penn ridge north middle school math teacher joe becker walked silently into the officers in warrington bucks county today. >> he was a teacher, he was a math teacher and he clearly took advantage of a 14-year-old student violated his duty as a teacher and the public had put trust in him as a teacher. he violated that to his own advantage. >> reporter: becker was
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arrested earlier at school. he is facing charges for having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student. detectives moved quickly on this case after the student's parents came to police. >> we had information that law asking the victim while this was under investigation to lie to her parents and to destroy some of the evidence. >> reporter: becker is accused of asking for and receiving pictures and videos from the student, behavior that he admitted to detectives according to court documents. in court today, he apologized and said law a good person. >> we'd like to spare the victims from having to testify so any incriminating statements that a defendant might give can be helpful to the commonwealth. >> reporter: becker walked quietly out of court today. any comment at all? he had no comment. and investigators are concerned that there could be other victims in this case because becker taught at two other schools in this area. they are asking any possible victims to come forward and contact the bucks county
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detectives. the judge set bail at $250,000. becker is due back in court on december 14. in warrington bucks county, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." >> thank you eva. philadelphia police arrested two suspects accused of pretending to be police officers. "action news" first told you about this case sunday night. a man and woman allegedly stopped folks in south philadelphia multiple times flashing a police blatche had badge. 48-year-old terrence jacobus and 28-year-old kelly rowan are under arrest each charged with impersonating an officer with robbery and other related offenses. a local lawmaker is trying to change national laws about hoax emergency calls. the fake cries for help often elicit massive emergency responses putting others in danger and of course costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. "action news" reporter vernon odom has that story from delaware county. >> reporter: swat teams from jurisdictions in delaware county charge into a active shooter situation at a
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hospital in lansdowne. swat teams in southern california this week chargeing into danger at the scene of the san bernadino massacre. these were real confrontations but on all too many occasions the 911 calls that trigger these police responses are a hoax. >> there are hoax swat situations, at least 400 times a year across america. >> reporter: congressman meehan sponsoring a new bill to create uniform federal laws against so-called swatting hoaxes. local laws are now in place in most jurisdictions but the claim here is a federal statute is needed to close any gaps. every swat call-out costs taxpayers at least $10,000. >> there people out there whether it's for fun or whether it's to get back at somebody will be able to utilize the 911 system in a criminal fashion and be able to what they commonly refer to is swat a call. >> imagine the horror on somebody who has no idea and 33 wake up in the middle of
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the night with swat officers pointing weapons at them. >> reporter: a host of delaware county police chiefs were called in to describe swatting hoaxes that were called in to their department. >> we're getting fed information that the person is being held at gun point, that there's a bomb in the house, the law enforcement response is swift and it's a large response. >> reporter:. >> father comes charging out front door and is confronted with several heavily armed officers who don't know him from adam, don't know what we have in the house and he's prone down on the lawn. >> reporter: delaware county d.a. says there have only been two or three swatting hoaxes here in the last two years but each time it happens he says it is dangerous and expensive. especially during these tense times across the nation. in middletown township, delaware county, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news. >> a camden county homeowner says her dog saved her from an early morning fire. the flames broke out on south three avenue in runnemede at 2:00 a.m. this morning and started spreading quickly.
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video recorded on a witness' cell phone shows flames shooting from the roof. the woman inside says her dog started barking which woke her up. they were able to get out safely. no word yet on how the fire started. a fire also tour through a two story twin house here in norwood delaware county this morning. heavy flames were showing when first responders arrived on the scene here in the 200 block of chester pike. crews were able to get the fire under control. no one was injured in the process. >> time for a check of our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> t.g.i.f. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. kind of been a long week matt. >> yeah, a lot of them are but this one felt especially long and the ride home is going to feel especially long rick and monica. the pennsylvania turnpike our biggest problem of the afternoon is an eastbound accident approaching willow grove blocking multiple lanes. you're looking at speeds in the teens unlucky 13 miles per hour now the whole way from approaching norristown on out to approaching willow grove. you don't want to get stuck in this mess. stay local on roads like
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germantown pike, route 73, route 63, county line road, bristol road, even stick with the schuylkill expressway over the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound this afternoon. it is a mess and we'll continue to keep tabs on it. this however is just normal on a friday afternoon, 202 in malvern southbound side stacked as it always is from approaching 29 dune to four we . langhorne bucks county bellevue avenue slut down because of the dickens night and christmas tree he lighting there. 413 gets you around that. in maple shade there's a holiday festival going on closing main street. 38 is your alternate around that blockage until 7:00. 42 northbound backing up towards 295. southbound not too bad though if you're headed down to cape play for the big christmas parade down there which happens tomorrow night. we'll check it again, rick and monica, coming up from the next half hour. >> 'tis the season. sounds good. >> tomorrow is a big day for temple football. the team is playing for the american athletic conference
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championship and you can watch the game right here on 6abc. the owls are on the road to take on the houston cougars at noon tomorrow and if temple wins they'll be eligible for either the fiesta bowl or the peach bowl. >> good luck to them. much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. new jersey is hoping to take a gamble with celebrities to boost online gaming. the details on this new plan to bring in revenues straight ahead. cecily. >> monica, the gorgeous friday and i'm tracking even warmer air over your weekend. i'll have details and also track our next chance of rain in the accuweather forecast. rick. >> cecily more athletes especially young adults are pushing their limits when it comes to fitness and many are seeing their bodies push back caving to injuries. how you can prevent getting hurt coming up in health check. >> we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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get out of the past. get fios. >> lawmakers in new jersey are trying to help veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. today there was a public hearing at the american legion post in stone harbor. it was a chance for people to talk about how ptsd has affected their treatment in the judicial system. the findings will be used to implement new strategies to help veterans. the public hearing was put on by a task force created by the
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new jersey senate and the general assembly. >> on health check tonight more young people than ever are pushing the limits of fitness and sometimes they're paying the price in hip injuries. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us at the big board with more. ali. >> hey guys obviously we wander people to live healthy and exercise but as the saying goes, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. and some orthopedic surgeons say they're seeing more of a certain problem due to extreme workouts. nan d'antonio wasn't an athlete in school. >> i was in drama club spanish club. >> reporter: but as a young adult she got hooked on running and cross fit. >> at first i said i don't think so. there's no way i can lift more than two shopping bags and then i found myself dead lifting 250 pounds. >> reporter: last year, just as she thought she was hitting her peak she developed pain in her right hip. >> i essentially went and got it checked out because i couldn't go walking around the
5:15 pm
mall for more than 15 minutes. >> reporter: dr. eric frost of temple health says it was hip impingement. when the ball and socket don't move smoothly. >> the femur or the thigh bone impinges or abuts up against the socket and that creates pain. >> reporter: ladies gaga and baseball star alex rodriguez have both had it. some people are just born with a mismatch. but activity can also be to blame. dr. frost says recently he's seen more cases in young adults who do extreme workouts. >> squatting is now a sport. and you're doing it to a lie level of repetition and a high level of power. >> reporter: to fix the problems doctors do minimally invasive ah. arthroscopic surgery. >> it's an outpatient procedure. so the general anesthesia takes about that 1990's two hours. back to most function and competitive sports by three to four months. >> reporter: she took it slower worried she'd hurt herself again but she returned
5:16 pm
to cross fit a year later and is back to her old form. >> i've actually been able to get my full range of motion. >> reporter: and dr. frost says many people with hip impingement will eventually need joint replacement but the arthroscopic surgery will push it back much later. now as for preventing the problem it's best to do cross training meaning try to do different types of activities throughout the week so that you're not doing the same thing every day. rick, i know you know all about that. >> yes, i try to do something different every day, a flap in one room, a nap in another room. >> reporter: that's not the kind of cross training you a talking about. >> saint christopher's children's hospital celebrating its 140th anniversary. they hosted a history lesson for parents patients and staff. they learned how the hospital began back in 1875 and got to check out some old pictures of the building. >> still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight there's new ideas on how to draw more online gamblers in new jersey. we'll tell you about it. >> that's right. the plan uses some famous
5:17 pm
faces to boost revenue. we'll explain how when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> new numbers show november hiring exceeded expectations. the federal government says
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211,000 jobs were added last month. those numbers are keeping the unemployment rate at 5 percent its lowest level since 2008. analysts say the strong report suggests the u.s. economy is maintaining its momentum. >> new jersey wants to use celebrities now to boost internet gambling. the state's proposing letting casino companies hire celebrities to play online poker with the public. celebrities would gamble with money that the casino gives them. companies could pay the celebrities and let them keep any money they win. if the casino chooses to keep the winnings though the money would have to be reported as revenue. >> the urban league of philadelphia took time to honor local leaders and companies today. awards were landed out to those who advocate for and improve the condition of minority communities. today's annual whitney m. young lunch chen was held at the lowes hotel in center city. there were four different awards handed out one of them acknowledged mayor michael nutter for his eight years of service to the city. >> dozens of philadelphia firefighters received much deserved promotions today.
5:21 pm
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>> time to check accuweather at the "action news" big
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board. meteorologist cecily tynan here with the all important weekend word. we can't wait to hear it. >> looking great for the week. today was beautiful as well. this is a picture from our sky6 atop the pagoda in reading and this is not live because the sun now sets before 4:40 but this is about 5 o'clock. twilight in reading and you can see not a cloud in the sky and that really will be the case as we head right through the weekend. today 's high is running about 3 degrees above the normal time for this time of year. philadelphia 52, reading and from end ton 50, wilmington 51, atlantic city 52 degrees. lots of sunshine especially the second half of the day. temperatures right now are beginning to cool off. it's 50 in philadelphia, it's already down to 40 in millville. 45 in reading. trenton 47. and cape may 48 degrees. so, tonight will be seasonably cool so if you're heading out tonight you definitely do want a winter coat but the winds have relaxed from yesterday. yesterday we had wind gusts more than 40 miles per hour in some areas. now winds generally about three to 10 miles per hour so it's a light wind and the
5:25 pm
clear skies, we'll have some pretty good radiational cooling tonight. satellite6 along with action radar showing we did have some high thin clouds early this morning. they eroded very quickly giving way to loads of sunshine and with strong high pressure right over us through the weekend get used to the sunshine because it will be here right through the weekend. tonight clear and seasonably chilly with that light wind 26 degrees in the cooler suburbs, 35 for center city so it's definitely going to feel like december tonight. future tracker slowing after a seasonably cool start to the day tomorrow by the afternoon again temperatures up into the low to mid-50's and then on sunday, temperatures this time of the year should be dropping not rising but sunday we're looking at temperatures up into the mid to upper 50's by 3 o'clock in the afternoon so the weekend will be great. this is a good thing to do this weekend. go ahead and decorate the outside of your house if you haven't done so already. i haven't. you guys done it yet? >> no. >> that's my priors paul's
5:26 pm
house. >> oh it. >> he's got santa, reindeer there looking great. mostly sunny in those mild afternoons maybe go ahead and get your christmas tree tomorrow. so the exclusive accuweather five day forecast showing tomorrow's sunny. very nice with a high of 54 degrees. on sunday, we bump it temperature up even little bit more. 57 degrees so a dry and mild start to hanukkah. and monday still really nice. we'll see some late thin clouds move in with a high of 57 degrees and tuesday i was talking about that coastal storm. looks like that will be heading out to sea so beale just get some clouds tossed in from that system, 52 degrees and wednesday partly sunny and still very mild with a high of 53 degrees. so, great looking forecast for the next five days. great weather tonight to head to west chester to meet adam joseph and i hear you actually are feeding the crowd, adam. >> reporter: you want a cookie? i baked all of these cookies and i wrapped them all myself as well. handing them out to all of the folks here who are gathered for the 36th annual west
5:27 pm
chester christmas parade. it's my ninth year doing this parade going on the route also broadcasting it from the booth up here and you know what, it is perfect weather this year but we need a little snow, don't we? >> yes. >> reporter: can we have a little -- we don't have snow but you can see the confetti, we got that. we got a lot of magical things. check it out here rick and monica in the next half hourly i'll give you the performance and a performance as well and a jingle off. >> i'm going to win it all. >> reporter: 6:30. >> be there. we want more snow, too. >> we conine snow. you can keep the cookie. much more still to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 tonight. septa stepping up its efforts to help families in need this holiday season and we'll show you how. >> reporter: in an effort to improve relations between police and the public a summit was held in westampton. i'm nora muchanic. we'll have that story coming up. >> temple owls one win away from a conference title. we'll have those stories and
5:28 pm
more when "action news" comes right back. [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪ [cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪ [everyone singing] ♪ oh, instant games! ♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪ ♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'!
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>> ♪ >> new developments tonight in the investigation into the san bernadino mass shootings. this as we get a better picture of the 14 people whose lives were taken by two shooters with an agenda.
5:30 pm
>> today the fbi confirmed they are now investigating the san bernadino mass shooting as an act of terrorism. >> investigator say suspects syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik smashed their cell phones possibly in an attempt to conceal their communications with others. however there are no indications they were part of a large are operation. >> abc news has confirmed tashfeen malik used an alias on facebook and then wrote a post pledging her support for the leader of isis. that was just hours before the attack. >> let's get the very latest now from brandi hitt in san bernadino with more on the investigation. brandi. >> reporter: this is the biggest break yet in a search for motive. sources tell abc news one of the shooters pledged her support for isis as we now learn that this investigation is being called a terrorism investigation. [gunfire] >> reporter: an attack inspired by isis. sources tell abc news the wife
5:31 pm
of syed farook tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to isis on social media using an al yass minutes into the attack. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an actor of trim. >> reporter: the fbi says it has no evidence yet that isis directed wednesday's attack on farook's colleagues that left 14 people dead. >> we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us. >> reporter: new video from inside the killers home shows it ransacked by authorities. clothes and personal items left behind, a crib for their six month old daughter. they also left some 6100 rounds of ammunition and 12 unexploded bombs in their garage. >> we were all friends with the man that did this and even though he they knew he was muslim, they had no idea that he had become radicalized.
5:32 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: at a vigil thursday thousands gathered to remember the victims. their ages ranging from 60 to just 26. daniel kauffman was among them. >> the world will suffer from having one less person like him. >> reporter: the fbi says there's no indication these killers are part of a larger terror network but agents have long warned of isis's online campaign encouraging people overseas and here at home to kill. reporting live in san bernadino brandi hitt abc news. now back to you. >> thank you. our coverage continues on there you'll find dozens of photos and videos and of course the very latest information on all aspects of this story. >> also "action news" anchor brian taff will be reporting again from san bernadino throughout the evening. he is the only local tv reporter on the scene and you can follow his reports on social media and right here on "action news." brian will have another live update in our next half hour. >> in other news a northeast philadelphia school was temporarily locked down after someone spotted two men with a
5:33 pm
gun nearby. chopper6 over lincoln high school about 8:00 a.m. investigators say somebody called police after reportedly seeing a person with a gun near the 3100 block of ryan avenue. police recovered a bb gun and then took two men into police can custody. now to a story out of our delaware news room. they have been following this all day. 28-year-old dwight smith a former soldier who says he has quote had become adds dicked to killing pleaded guilty but mentally ill for murdering wilmington resident marsha lee. this attack happened while smith was onley in december 2011. the 65-year-old victim was abducted while walking her dog. police previously said smith targeted lee at random. he faces a mandatory sentence of life without parole when he is sentenced in april. >> improving the relationship between the public be on law enforcement was the goal of a conference in new jersey. "action news" reporter nora muchanic has the story from burlington county. >> reporter: a taser
5:34 pm
delivers 50,000 volts of electricity and can stop a suspect in his tracks but when is it okay for police to use these devices. that was just one of the topics covered in westampton during a community summit with police and prosecutors. the goal was to educate community leaders on the use of force, procedures and how investigations are handled when there's a police-involved shooting. >> i didn't realize that the arresting officer is not required to tell you why he's asking you out of the car. >> i was not aware of all of the regulations that were in place for using the taser. >> reporter: in an effort to open the lines of communication the burlington county prosecutor's office hosted faith based groups educators and others who watched demonstrations of tasers and body cameras. they also learned that when there's a police-involved shooting in new jersey, it must be investigated by an outside agency. >> this kind of information needs to be out in the public and we need to be able to understand their side and they need to understand also the community's side. >> every black person you pull
5:35 pm
over is not a criminal. and every white police officer or black police officer that stops you is not a bad guy. >> they have a job to do and we've got to respect that. they have to keep peace. this forum i think is -- was designed so that we can have that peace. we got have dialogue with one another. >> reporter: given the current tensions between law enforcement and the public nationwide prosecutor bob bernardi says forming closer relationships with local leaders is a necessity. >> if there's a problem we feel we'll be able to pick up the phone call them up and try to calm the community if there is god for bid one of these rain showerly charged shootings. >> reporter: the attorney general has ordered summits like this be held all over the state to help improve relations between police and the public. in westampton i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> septa asked and its customers delivered all for a good cause. septa stopped hunger at your station food drive collected more than 14,000 pounds of food. during a span of two weeks, customers and employees
5:36 pm
donated food that will benefit philadbundance. over the past six years septa customers have donated more than 123,000 pounds of food. >> the anheuser bush budweiser clydesdale horses will be stomping through west conshohocken next week. this parade is part of the annual tree lighting service planned for thursday night. today leaders held a news conference encouraging folks to arrive early to see them though because several roads will be closed. now, to make it easier to get around traffic there will be a special path available. you put that on your dashboard and then officials will wave you through. we have a link to that pass on our web side at >> well, it is beginning to look like christmas in west chester tonight. we're in full holiday mode. winter not too far away and the folks in west chester gearing up to kick off their celebration this evening. >> that's right, meteorologist adam joseph is on another outdoor adventure. he's there with a preview of the old fashioned west chester christmas parade. hi adam. >> reporter: yeah this is the 36th annual rick and monica.
5:37 pm
it's the ninth year in a row that i've been a part of this parade. i keep coming back because it is a ton of fun. you can see the folks are starting to couldn' congregate. expecting 30,000 parade goers. there's 4500 in the parade but this is the all-star twirling and dance team and for over 20 years their motto has been being the best you can be and loving it and they are all stars at both the state and national level. also i have mark yoder the president. i love coming back. you welcome me back every year. >> i love having you here. >> reporter: what does it mean to have all of these folks congregate here every year. >> this is a great town. we're proud to show it off and have people come out and see what west chester is all about, support the businesses, support the community. we're so excited. >> reporter: the favorite part of your parade. >> got to be santa claus. >> reporter: one of the top 10 places to see santa claus. come here guys.
5:38 pm
are you excited to see santa. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you want to see your dad twirl a baton. i did it last -- you got it. >> rick and monica i have gloves on. you want to try. try to twirl that. he doesn't want to try that. >> reporter: i don't blame him. but you will, right. rick and monica, we'll have that seven-day forecast coming up with more performers. >> cute. >> reporter: not bad. >> you have to use two hands. >> it's not so easy. stay with through the weekend. you can find hourly forecasts at your fingertips. >> matt pelman has that job. >> he's a good twirler. >> going to be twirling as you sit through these delays this evening. they're not so pleasant. this will drain the holiday spirit right out of you. eastbound turnpike 11 miles per hour as you travel past norristown passing fort washington we're in the 20's. out toward willow grove, that's where our crash is now
5:39 pm
on the shoulder but damage is do. miles and miles of delays this afternoon on the eastbound turnpike. speaking of that turnpike, it's another one of those weekends when they're going to close the northeast extension sunday morning midnight to 6:00 a.m., mid-county to lansdale this time. if you're out and about overnight saturday into sunday stick with 309 instead. also this weekend in newport delaware, the james street bridge is going to be closed for bridge deck resurfacing. stick with 141 starting at 7 o'clock tonight to get around that. the media elwyn and airport lines are not running this weekend. it's going to be buses all weekend long tomorrow and sunday. so heads up on that if you ride the regional rails. this evening coming out of delaware into delco watch out for this broken down vehicle on the shoulder 95 northbound by 452. not jammed too badly there but here plenty of jams on the vine street expressway in both directions river to river. rick and monica, enjoy your weekend. >> okay. >> thank you. you, too. >> thanks matt. >> all right still to come on "action news" for you tonight new information was just released in the investigation
5:40 pm
into the death of former stone temple pilot frontman scott weiland. >> temple owls gearing up for their championship show down in texas. adam joseph in west chester where the holiday season is in full swing when "action news" at 5:30 continues tonight.
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sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen. >> taking a live look at the temple main campus in north philadelphia. a lot of excitement brewing. the owls going for the conference title against houston tomorrow and you'll see it right here on 6abc. another big step for them. >> it is a big game. jaime apody is here with temple owls all season leading up to tomorrow. wow. >> cherry and white baby. here we go. >> are you wearing temple's colors. >> on purpose. on accident. but either way. tomorrow at this time temple could have a shiny new trophy and potentially new year's day bowl game that could come along with it. the owls have arrived in houston for the inaugural american athletic conference championship game again the cougars. do the coaches look like brothers? little bit. >> matt rhule knows what's at stake tomorrow. >> my concern has been more is
5:44 pm
this going to be too big of a moment for us. are we going to get so nervous and so -- a just try to get them to say it's all that we control, it's how we play and i think the kids echoed that sentiment. >> we are so excited to be your home for the temple owls as they play for the conference championship. temple-houston can be seen right here kickoff at noon tomorrow on 6abc. from the awesome owls to those other birds, the eagles, remember them, nine and a half point underdogs in new england again the undefeated patriots on sunday. doubt anyone thinks it will be that close. if they were to actually win, well, they got their work cut out for them. so does espn nfl analyst ron jaworski. >> ♪ >> my three keys to an eagles victory over the new england patriots. key number one. make tom brady uncomfortable in the pocket. tom brady loves to throw from the pocket. the eagles defensive line and
5:45 pm
line backers when they blitz must make sure he moves his launch point. key number two. the eagles offensive line must protect sam bradford. sam is coming back from a concussion and injured left shoulder. he must be kept upright. key number three. the eagles must win on special teams. historically the eagles special teams have generated big plays. they're going the need big plays on special teams to beat the patriots. >> ♪ >> of course i said that the pats were undefeated. they lost that overtime to the broncos so this is going to be hardy for the eagles because they're mad, too. on paper looks good for the flyers tonight looking for their fourth straight win against the devils trying to avoid their fourth straight loss at home. jahlil okafor took the floor with his teammates at practice despite the fact he's in the midst of a two game
5:46 pm
suspension. brett brown spoke about his rookie's state of mind. >> when you look at his face and i talk daily with him he is pained and i think that it's just one more example of he's pained 'cause he cares enough, he's start enough, he knows he messed up. >> finally everybody is talking about it. did you see it? even if you didn't it is worth seeing again and again. they call eight hail mary because it frankly doesn't have a prayer of working but last night was with no time left on the clock against detroit aaron rogers launched a ball 61 yards to the end zone. it miraculously lands in the hand of richard rogers no relation for the game winning touchdown. the packers scored all 27 points after half time. rogers said he had never successfully completed a hail mary pass in his life. even in peewee football and some mathematicians are looking at the arc that of ball and they say because of how high he threw it it
5:47 pm
probably went over 100 yards. guys got a cannon. >> that's amazing. >> like monica. >> not that far. >> she's thrown hail mary's but different types. >> i don't know if that's -- >> police investigating the death of former stone temple pilot scott weiland. 33 reportedly found cocaine in the tour bus where he was found dead. loafer still not clear he who publically struggled with drugs was under the influence he and his band the wild abouts had been scheduled to play a show in minnesota tonight. we'll land was 48 years old. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year.
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>> all right. back we go to meteorologist adam joseph live in west chester for the annual old fashioned west chester christmas parade. hey, adam. >> ♪ >> reporter: hey and they're singing, not me because you would want to hit that mute button. you're listening to the winter village carolers. they'll be here all night. this is the 36th annual west chester christmas parade. fantastic event and it gets bigger and better every single year. 4500 participants in the parade. you get over 30,000 fans that come out and parade goers that line up market and gay street. get out here. it starts at 7:15 and the weather perfect this year. take a look at the numbers rider now in philadelphia under a clear sky. we're coming in at 50 degrees. 44 in the lehigh valley.
5:51 pm
40 in millville. 47 right now in trenton. as we look at the satellite and radar high pressure is positioned over west virginia and this is a beast of a high that is really end ca real encom the midwest which means a string of days like today. tonight clear and chilly with a light wind. temperatures will be dropping back into the 20's in the lehigh valley, 35 or so for philadelphia and if you're up near trenton temperatures are freezing by tomorrow morning and take a look at that weekend outlook. saturday, sunny and nice, no complaints. temperatures 6 degrees above average with a high of 54. and then on sunday, mostly sunny, 9 degrees above average as we soar to 57 degrees. sunday a big day, also, by sunset as we say happy hanukkah at 4:36. it will be clear, it will be comfy at 52 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, sunny and nice, 54 for the beginning of the weekend and then again we
5:52 pm
hit 57 here on sunday and then monday sunshine, some late clouds at 57 degrees and then tuesday right now the coastal system looks like it's going to stay off the coast at 52 degrees. and then on wednesday partly sunny, 53. and then increasing clouds come thursday, 54. and then on friday, mostly cloudy, 56. really a rare seven-day forecast in december that you have highs in the 50's from start to finish. with me now we've got my co-host for tonight we have carolyn gracie and dan hughes from qvc. great to have you back. >> thanks adam. >> rain the last two years. >> well, we blame that on you 'cause you were the weatherman. >> christmas elves. >> and now we have no umbrellas which we're thrilled about and it's so great to be here. the crowds are going to be massive 'cause they even came out last year and the year before with lots of rain so i can't even imagine tonight. >> reporter: are you guys glad it's not going to rain this year. >> yeah.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: this is your third year doing it. >> third year but how many years have you done this. >> reporter: ninth. >> nine years in a row. >> reporter: what's your favorite part. >> got to be santa claus. >> my favorite part is seeing all the folks here who watch us on tv all the time so great to see you guys in person. >> reporter: right in your backyard. >> i know. >> reporter: we have to thank this man right here, from under the sun productions this is your tenth year producing this. you do the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. you got your mic. you scream a lot. but you put this altogether. >> i try keep everything under control. it's our honor. we do this as a gift to our community. we had a vision 10 years ago to do that and it's just amazing to think of what this has grown to be and it's really a thrill. >> reporter: all right, get the carolers over here. come on. can you guys -- can anyone sing back here? what about you? how many years you been coming to the parade. >> this is my first time. >> reporter: your first year. you are in for it because an hour and a half or so parade, you see santa at the end. hope you have your list ready. >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you want for christmas.
5:54 pm
>> um, i want these cards called pokemon cards. >> reporter: i know those pokemon cards. do you think santa can bring him those. >> i think so. >> reporter: if not todd will. thank you to the carolers as well. rick and monica, come on down. you got plenty of time. starts at 7:15. it's going to be a ton of fun. get over here guys. >> looks amazing. thank you. >> ♪ >> sounds fun and thank you adam. >> thank you. meantime santa claus took a break from getting toys ready to swim with the fishes today. dozen of can kids got to see santa scuba diver in the 760,000-gallon ocean realm tank at the aquarium in camden. he took time to feed the sting rays. it was the official kickoff to the aquarium christmas celebration. >> quick break. we'll be right back. stay with us.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> people in parts of italy got quite the show last night. fire and lightning lit up the sky over sicily and mount etna
5:57 pm
erupted. it's one of the most active volcanoes in the world. how about those images. >> gorgeous. >> jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories. the fbi now investigating the california mass shooting as an act of terror. brian taff in san bernadino for us with the latest on that investigation. also a bucks county middle schoolteacher is under arrest charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> and a family that fell on hard times is back home tonight thanks to the generosity of strangers. nice story there. that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a good night. >> good night.
5:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night and a norwegian man is charged for bomb threats called in philadelphia international airport and dozens of recruits graduate from the philadelphia police academy. but the big story on "action news tonight comes from the federal bureau of investigation. it is now investigating the mass shootings in san bernadino as an act of terrorism. one of the discoveries that may have led law men to that point is the fact that tashfeen malik who with her husband syed farook killed 14 people posted her allegiance to the leader of isis on facebook just hours before the attacks. live in san bernadino tonight is "action news"'s brian taff. brian, it's possible that profiling may have played a part but it seems that many americans were out in front of
6:00 pm
the fbi on this one. >> reporter: indeed, jim. you know many here in san bernadino, california and across the country he have been calling this terrorism since became painfully apparent this attack was well orchestrated and precisely carried out. the fbi has maintained they have a specific set of criteria by which the word terrorism is used. tonight it appears that criteria has been met. >> there's a number of pieces of evidence that has pushed this off to cliff to say we are now investigating this as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: that official designation by the fbi comes other heels of two days of handling. federal investigators unwilling to call this mass can kerr an acts of terrorism despite the early confession it was clearly well planned. today 33 say the evidence leaves no doubt. >> what i'm ready to confirm is there are some telephonic connections between these two individuals at least one of these individuals and other subjects of our


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