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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  December 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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in the aac championship game. >> get ready for a mild weekend, lots of sunshine, although it doesn't look like it in that shot. let's go over to chris sowers we will have sunshine. >> reporter: there's pleasant of sunshine out there, the camera is shaded a bit. you summed it up right, sunny and beautiful. from the jersey shore to the poconos the far western suburbs, everybody in the city enjoying bright blue skies, it's a nice start to the weekend. it was cold first thing this morning. boyertown 25 degrees. a ton of frost out west. bethlehem, 26. glassboro, 28. hockessin 29. philadelphia bottoming out at 35. we're rebounding slightly now. 33 in reading. 32 in lancaster. 42 for philadelphia. 40 in millville. 39 in trenton. satellite and radar, we're not worried about any storm systems here not only for the weekend,
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but most i -- mostly the upcoming week, high pressure is firmly in control. any cloud cover you see on the satellite shot out west, it will stay out west. sunny skies, 54 is the forecasted high. actually it gets warmer as we head into sunday. looks like a gorgeous weekend on tap for the delaware valley. temperatures staying in the 50s. no arctic air in sight. as we get into the seven-day forecast we make a run at 60 degrees, i'll have the details when i see you in just a bit. >> a fight leads to a double stabbing outside a center city nightclub. it happened outside club voyeur on the 1200 block of saint james street. three men got into a fight one stabbed the other two. the suspect is on the run. both victims are in critical condition. new this morning, an elderly couple using an oven to heat their home was overcome by
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carbon monoxide. crews were called out to the rhawnhurst section after 1:00 p.m. a neighbor called 911 after they developed symptoms. both were taken to the hospital in stable condition. a p government w crew was -- a pgw you crew were called to the scene to investigate. police say an argument between a man and woman in nearby morton, the guy saw police and hopped in the car and took off. police went after him. after crashing his car he was taken to taylor memorial hospital. else expected to survive and will face charges. now to the latest on the deadly mass shooting in san bernadino, castle california. isis is praising the attack. it was carried out by two
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supporters. ups facility discovered a package addressed to the shooters. >> police evacuated a ups facility and called in the bomb squad to investigate the package addressed to the home of syed rizwan farook. it posed no threat. this comes as the fbi announced that the mass shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism. >> we are spending a tremendous amount of time as you might imagine trying to the modivation of these killers and every detail of their lives. >> reporter: a revelation about tashfeen malik the shooter in the massacre that left 14 dead and 24 wounded she posted allegiance to he will -- el baghdady on facebook.
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it may be a case of self radical lation. a possibility that left family members baffled. >> if i had called and asked him what he had doing and what he was up to, maybe i could have stopped it. >> reporter: meanwhile, the police are downplaying that farook appeared anger yes when he left the luncheon from the center only to return heavily armed with a wife. >> we have information from a person that provided information, that he left upset and there was indication that he was there, there was nothing out of the ordinary and suddenly he was gone. >> reporter: in san bernadino, california. >> we're getting another look at tashfeen malik this morning this time as a college student. abc news obtained this photo of tashfeen malik.
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attorneys forehusband's family described her as a soft-spoken housewife who spoke only with female relatives. she wore a veil that covered her face. she became a more zealous follower of the muslim faith three years ago. she used to wear western clothes and began covering her had he had with a burqa. "action news" has learned that one of the victims of the mass shooting was a pennsylvania native. 46-year-old harry bowman grew up in york county, the father of two daughters and worked in california for 15 years. he was a co-worker of farook at the san bernadino health department. a devout catholic he frequently taught religious classes. we have more at we'll be posting updates throughout the weekend. a mass teacher in bucks
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county is facing child sex abuse charges. police say 34-year-old joseph becker had an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old female student. becker asked for and received photos and videos from the student. behavior over a 50 month period this year that authorities say he admitted. the students parents came to police. >> we had information that he was asking the victim while this was under investigation to lie to her parents and to destroy some of the evidence. >> investigators say becker also taught three other schools. they are asking any other victims to contact bucks county detective's. bail has been set at $250,000. philadelphia police hope new surveillance pictures will get two cooled killers off the street. the men are want the for a murder of a 21-year-old on thanksgiving day. chad perdelli has the story.
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>> reporter: police want these two men for the thanksgiving murder of ryan kelly, a young man who always had a smile worked hard at this northern liberty acme and liked his lunch from george's pizza across the street. >> it's insane, i can't imagine how his mom is feeling right now. >> reporter: kelly was gunned down a block from the home he shared with his parents. police say he was walking home from wawa when the two men pulled up in the stolen white mazda you see in the background of the surveillance image. >> i don't know if it was an attempted robbery or not. >> reporter: the two men are wanted for two other robberies that day. this is a surveillance image from a td bank in the port richmond neighborhood. the suspects unsuccessfully tried to use a stolen debit card. the stolen card has been recovered and being checked for clues. police are releasing few details about the other robberies.
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>> the victims' identification was taken, we don't want to put anyone in harm's way. >> beyond. >> reporter: the neighbor has known kelly since he was a boy. he said he was a quiet gentleman whose parents are devastated. >> if you wanted a favor, you ask he would do it. >> reporter: the city has offered 20,000-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. outside police headquarters, chad perdelli which really which i k channel 6 "action news". >> donald trump is enjoying a commanding lead in the race for president. his closest competitor, ted cruz trails by 20 points and ben carson is in third with 14%. a quinnipiac poll released this weekend had trump as the frontrunner as 27% with marco
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rubio in second and carson in third. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders wants more accountability in the chicago police shooting. jason vandyke is under arrest for laquan mcdonald. police claim mcdonald was swinging a knife at vandyke. 89 officer back pedaled because he feared for his life. sander said if anyone suppressed evidence they should resign. the comment was directed but not by name of mayor rom emanuel. -- rahm emanuel. he forced the police chief to resign. 20th ranked owls play 17th ranked houston. the owls and cougars square off for the american athletic conference title. the winner goes to the peach or
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fiesta game. a win gives the owls 11 wins which is something they have never done before. as we mentioned you can watch the big game on 6abc. coverage starts at noon. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. cyber monday may be over, but that doesn't mean the online deals are done. coming up, we have simple tips to help you save. chances are you have never seen a nun quite like this. she is making headlines for her love of hunting. >> reporter: coming up in weather if you've been enjoying this lovely weather that we've seen, you're in luck, because we have more coming up. details when we come right back.
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about the facebook picture shows a ten point buck taken down by a western pennsylvania nun, sister john paul borrower said she learned to shoot while serving in the navy. she finds hunting to be spiritual. >> when you're up on a tree stand you're still you're quite, you listen. the frosty ground comes alive. it's like creation all over. >> people on facebook say hunting is cruel.
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it's about conservation, without the harvest, other animals would starve. as a kid her dad and brother would not take her hunting. >> reporter: okay. i don't know what to say. she doesn't look like a hunter. talk a little weather. let's get you outside and show you what's going on here, we've got a beautiful weekend coming up. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow, and once again we're talking about unseasonable mild temperatures shooting for highs in the mid 50s over the next couple of days. double scan live you'll like this, as well. we're not expecting any precipitation not only for the weekend, but that string of dry days could last through the entire seven-day forecast. it's a tranquil and quiet weather pattern for us. temperature-wise we've seen this before, haven't we? normally we should be around 48 degrees, we were ten better than that on monday, 58. tuesday, it was miserable and rain, 56.
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wednesday, 60 degrees, thursday, 56. dewpoint is # -- 31. upper 20s reading allentown, 33. 34eu8ville, wilmington -- millville, wilmington and dover, sea isle city, 43 degrees. what we have going on, you can't see this on the satellite shot. in the middle of the atmosphere there's a huge area of high pressure east of the mississippi that means everybody east cht mississippi will enjoy bright blue skies and mild temperatures. that high will act as a brick wall. the activity coming off the front range packed northwest getting slammed all that weather will run into the high and it weaken. that means today, tomorrow,
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monday, and tuesday, so on and and so for forth. it will mild. today, temperatures peaking in the mid 50s. tomorrow, same thing. monday night into tuesday, that cloud cover that was the coastal storm we were worried about earlier in the week. now it's nothing more than cloud cover as the storm develops a coastal low. you can see how far it is from the delaware valley it's not coming up it's going out. we will not have to worry about anything tuesday into wednesday. the entire seven-day forecast, dry. nice one in the lehigh valley, 52 degrees, you should be anywhere -- nowhere near that. jersey shore, ton of sunshine,
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slightest breeze out of the west. 53, philadelphia, 54, clear and cold overnight tonight. the pine barrens south jersey, pottstown, 29, 35 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, normally we should be around 48 again, nowhere near that this entire stretch. 54 today. 56 tomorrow. monday, partly sunny, 55 degrees, tuesday, combination of sun and clouds, 52. wednesday, quiet, sun and clouds, 52. thursday, 56. friday we make a run at 60. 59 degrees turning warmer, next weekend looks nice, system with. saturday anticipate sunday, upper 50s low 60s. no arctic air. this is an el nino year they
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usually do this early on, as the winter marches along, the pattern starts to change. january into february are that's when it it's game on for winter weather fans. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [cheers and applause] >> our own vernon odem and dave roberts helped to ring in the delaware spirit in wayne, even santa claus came out to celebrate.
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record lows later this month. christmas is less than three weeks away and if you're not finished shopping don't worry there are still ways to save big, especially online. >> reporter: this is the season for cyber shopping. and some online tinseltown tricks that won't leave you feeling like the grinch. enter author of bargain fever and self described super shopper. first up a trick known as cart abandonment, log on into any web store you love and place an item in your car and close the browser window. we went to seven different retail websites and put items in the cars and clicked off and got
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that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant. >> look at that sunshine, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over wilmington, delaware. it is 9:25, 44 degrees outside. in sports, the flyers are rolling and temple football and the word championship usually don't go hand-in-hand, but they could after today. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: there's a football team in town this season, the temple owls have their sites set on the 11th win of season today. that would break a record and give them a shiny new trophy and title conference champion and nice bowl berth, as well.
9:26 am
matt rhule knows what's at stake today. >> my concern is this will too big of a moment for us, i try to get them to say it's all what we control it's how we play. i think the kids be co-that sentiment. -- he echo that sentiment. >> reporter: temple houston can be seen here kickoff at noon on 6abc. dare i say the orange and black are back, the flyers are finding another groove. last night fighting for their 4th straight win against the devils team that has beaten them three straight times. they got a late lead, they like to mess with our blood pressure they let it go, but go into overtime, flyers won 4-3 they
9:27 am
head home having won five of the last 6. the eagles 9 1/2 point underdogs in fox borough. jason peters is questionable, it will be demarco murray show on the turf which has not been so great. he is on pace for a thousand fewer yards last season. he realizes they are major underdogs. >> they are a good team, they have a lot of pride they will be juiced and ready to play coming off the last game. so are we. >> we have five more opportunities to show what we can do. this is the first week of it. we got to have it. >> reporter: yes they do, that's sports, go out and have a great day. >> there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: hi, i'm matt o'donnell, this is ringo one of
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the many beingles rescued by the beingle rescue league. our "shelter me rescue of the week" of the -- you'll meet him and many of his friends coming up you on "action news."
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>> happening now on "action news" saturday at 9:00. two cars collide on a on-ramp in
9:30 am
fairmont park leaving a man fighting for his life. new's highest -- new jersey's highest court weighs in on a legal challenge to the state bear hunt. what the new york times is doing first time since 1920. first up, let's go outside to chris sowers and all that sunshine. >> reporter: hey, eva, bright sunny skies, temperatures on the chilly side. we were in the mid 20s this morning. and now we're in the 30s. pilots, 37. saint david, 31. center city is up to 43. cinnaminson 41. agenda beach 43. dover, 40. woodbine 43. on the boards in atlantic city not too bad 43 degrees just a light breeze out of the west. satellite and radar, showing cloud cover to the north and west, but it's high, thin cloud cover across the great lake states it should stay out west
9:31 am
today. looking at mostly sunny skies from start to finish. call from accuweather, mild, 54 degrees that's the forecasted high, the normal is 48. once again it's a day well above average. november actually was the second warmest november ever for the city of philadelphia. it finish 6 degrees above average. so far in december, we're just getting into the month of december. the first four days we're up to 90 degrees, the trend continues to show a lot of mild weather in this part of the country. as we look ahead, the temperatures stay mild in the seven-day forecast. there's no threat of rain. thursday and friday we have 20% probity of precipitation -- pro ability of -- problem precipitation. the family of syed rizwan farook said they are in shock.
9:32 am
they've questioned by the fbi and hired layers. they sat down with abc. >> it is shocking. it is unbelievable. >> reporter: this morning, syed rizwan farook's older sister and her husband telling abc the couple that allegedly took 14 lives were like any other family. >> they kept to themselves a lot. they were a good couple. we thought they went together well. >> reporter: they were stunned to learn of there sister in law's radical allegiances. when you hear the news that tashfeen malik pledged allegiance to el baghdady. >> i don't know who it is first of all, i have no idea who wishes pledging allegiance to and why she is doing it. it's horrible, i mean, how do we deal with that. >> reporter: family attorneys addressing the media friday.
9:33 am
>> they are very traditional, they have never seen her face, because she wore a burqa. in the stockpile of amunition in the bomb making facility, the family remembers his garage as the place he like to work on cars. >> his hobbies was building cars, he liked to work in his garage. >> reporter: now his sister has a personal message of sympathy for the families police say he and his wife killed this week. >> i can't imagine what they are going through, waking up one day and finding out they got shot at and fired at, it's horrific. left in the wake a baby girl now in the custody of child protective services. >> reporter: as a mother yourself the thought of leaving behind a gocialgous -- george and you say baby girl it's hard for us to understand.
9:34 am
>> it's harder for us to understand especially because he was our brother, how can he leave his only child and how could the mother do it? >> reporter: as she grows up? >> for the time being we want to enjoy her innocence, we don't want her to know everything, eventually she'll find out probably on her on. >> this latest mass shooting has sparked renewed calls for gun control. a gallop poll finds a majority of americans supports stricter laws. the poll was taken in october after nine people were killed in a mass shooting in oregon. 355% of americans support -- 55% of americans support stricter gun control laws and 86% support a background check on all gun purchases. a majority of americans think background checks would do
9:35 am
little to do mass shootings. new york times is weighing in on gun control doing something it hadn't done in 100 years cruising space on the front page to call for greater gun regulation. it is the first page one editorial since 1920. they are doing it to quote to deliver a strong and visible statement of frustration and anguish about our country's inability to come to terms with the scourge of guns. they suggest eliminating large categories of weapons and munitions. a man is rushed to the hospital after being thrown from his car in fairmont park section. two cars were on the boulevard on-ramp heading on to the schuylkill expressway when they collided. the impact caused one of the cars to flip over and ejecting the driver. medics rushed him to the hospital where's in critical condition. it's not clear what caused this
9:36 am
crash. new overnight a tanker truck goes up in flames on route 2950 in gloucester county. firefighters responded to the blaze in the northbound lanes near the route 322 exit in logan township. the truck was on the shoulder of the road. drivers took a look while skirting by. no injuries were reported. investigators are working to learn the cause of that fire. officials in the lehigh valley are trying to figure out what sparked this deadly blaze. flames shot from a home 5700 block of old carriage road in east allen township last night. it took two hours to bring it under control. one person died at the scene. new jersey supreme court will not block monday's bear hunt. the league of humane voters wanted to block the hunt. the court said that the matter is not a genuine emergency. state wildlife officials say the
9:37 am
hunt controls the population and protects the environment. happening today, more closed door budget talks are scheduled in harrisburg, part conversation is there support for possible tax increases? that's a sticking point in the five-month-old stalemate. the philly potassium gave their first -- the philly pops gave us their first holiday concert with a tribute. jeff chirico was there. >> reporter: a start to the christmas spectacular, the opening night performance a tribute to the audience itself the men and women who serve and protect. >> it's a way the philly pops give back to the military and first responders. if we didn't do this they probably would not be able to come to the concert. >> reporter: what a welcome they got, military and emergency vehicles lined broad street. victorian carolers serenaded.
9:38 am
it's a rare night out in the city for the sergeant john of the air national guard and his family from lehigh county. >> it's nice to put the blues on once in a while and see everybody in their dress blues and dress uniform. it's great. >> we appreciate enjoying a night like this especially during the holiday time because we have family and friends overseas and fighting for us. >> reporter: they say veterans from world war ii and korea say they are grateful to have been remembered. >> it's great to be honored, i know all the other fellas that worked in putting in their time in the service and harm's way. >> reporter: the pops recognized real tiring police commissioner, charles ramsey for his service with the golden baton award. >> the honor goes to the men and women in public service and the military.
9:39 am
>> reporter: the concert a small token of gratitude for those who do so much. there's nine more performances of the christmas spectacular, the show runs through december 22. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. losing weight isn't easy. while diet and exercise can help they are not the only things that work. details in "healthcheck." imagine winning the lottery not once, but twice in the same day. it happened to a california man. we'll get another check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" returns.
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the luck when he hit the lottery not once but twice in a matter of minutes. it started when he purchased $30 scratch off tickets from a mini matter. he uncovered one thousand dollar prize, in the parking lot he decided to go back for moore. >> he bought the last three and the third one, that was the ten million. i can't believe what it looks like. >> i don't know how to count that many zeros. he was in such disbelief he had to check his ticket twice, he doesn't know what he will do with all that money. >> i'm sure there are people that could help him make that decision. >> reporter: it's the movie, the
9:43 am
grits --d vacation, put a quarter in the slot and win a car. anyway that reminded me of that. let's look at the weather and get you outside, that was a great flick. there's the view in cape may. we have cool temperatures, a ton of sunshine, those numbers will be warming up nicely this afternoon. double scan live crystal clear, no issues to talk about. actually the next several days look dry, we're moving into a fairly tranquil pattern everywhere east of the mississippi river. look at november, only five days the entire month feature temperatures below seasonable averages. 22, 24th, 14th and the 30th. every other day was above norm 58. that trend has continued through the first four days of december. it will keep going and going and
9:44 am
going until we get around the 17th or the 18th around that time frame the pattern will start to change. from now until then it will be unusually mild. allentown, 35. millville, 40, trenton, 39. satellite and radar, again we'll keep it clear in the mid atlantic, actually most of the country is enjoying quiet whether. you have to go to the colorado rockies and out across the packed northwest they are getting slammed again in places like seattle and portland oregon, heavy rain and mountain snows, everyone else enquiet and tranquil -- enjoying quiet and tranquil conditions. bismarck, 30 degrees, their normal high is 26. we're at 8:44, their time, they are at 30 degrees. omaha, their normal high is 36. they are above their normal highs, it's 8:44 in the morning.
9:45 am
these numbers look cold, they are not cold compared to where they should be. 24 in he had -- he calgory thats above average. if we get a cold shot it will modify because there's no snow on the ground up here across the u.s./canadian border. if you're a snow lover or winter weather fan this pattern needs to change. unfortunately for you guys it doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. cold air bottled up out west, warm air east of the mississippi. it will be nice and mild, this will allow for the southerly winds this will get temperatures in the 50s all week, upper 50s by the time we get into thursday and friday, we could make a run at 60 degrees. now, looking at the
9:46 am
precipitation, here's future tracker 6 we were worried about this upper level piece of energy hitting the coast and throwing back rains monday into tuesday, now it looks like it's going to develop too far to the east and be a miss for the delaware valley. 54 degrees, sunny skies, beautiful, pick out your location. everybody enjoying mild temperatures. cape may, 52, lancaster, 50 degrees, here's how it plays out start to finish, a ton of sunshine, temperatures climbing from the 40s into the 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 56 degrees for sunday, partly sunny monday, a pair of 35s, tuesday and wednesday, cooler, both days in the 50s, 52 both days. 56 thursday, there's the run at 60 by the time we get into friday, mostly cloudy, saturday has the potential to top out in the 60s, as well. >> mike our director said it's vegas vacation. >> reporter: that's it. >> you can thank him later. remember you can get the
9:47 am
exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live radar at any time at this week's shelter me success story we met a foster parent and shelter that specializes in saving beingles. >> reporter: in saving beagles. >> reporter: i foster for a complof months. the pair have been with nancy for three years now. >> if it wasn't for the people at the rescue and bringing these guys into my life i don't know what i would have done. >> brandy and lucky came to the program we bring in dogs from medical facilities dogs 8 weeks to 9 years old. the beagle rescue league has been in operation since 2011 and
9:48 am
managed to find homes for 250 beagles. >> reporter: all volunteer nonprofit organization we don't have a facility we have foster homes. >> reporter: 6-year-old grouper is looking for a home. he loves dogs and cats and would prefer one that's home. >> he is just a general all around good family dog. >> there's 7-year-old baby face. else a mellow guy, he could go to any home especially one that's not a high energy home. >> reporter: 6-year-old jelly likes to snuggle on the couch. >> reporter: and this is ringo a 7-year-old beagle that likes to cuddle a lot, he likes children, he does well with cats and dogs, or he could be an only pet. if you're interested in ringo or any of the animals you met today visit the beagle rescue league
9:49 am
website. if you would like to share your success stories post-it to the facebook page and use the #6abc shelter me. tell us about your pet and what they mean to you. matt matt channel 6 "action news." >> here's what's happening in
9:50 am
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and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. catch a train ride with santa claus, courtesy of patco. they will make three trips from the lindenwald station the first train left at 9:30, there are two more at 11 and 12:30. shop at christmas village in love park and check out the light show and much more. time to dig out the ugly holiday sweaters and head to absecon lighthouse to light up the holidays. the ugly sweater contest will be held tonight the official lighting of the holiday tree and prize give aways from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. most people focus on
9:52 am
physical aspect when they lose weight, diet and exercise, there's an emotional component this could help people lose weight and keep it off. ali gorman has the details. >> reporter: this woman has found a way to shake off extra weight and keep it off, with exercise and healthy diet she lost 100 pounds, but said the secret to her success was changing her mindset. she used to be an emotional eater she would eat to relief stress from her job. >> coming home from work the first thing i would go to would be the refrigerator. >> reporter: a inure scoilings said most people -- a neuro psychologist don't realize that food releases dopemsm --
9:53 am
dopemine in the brain. >> reporter: to break the emotional connections keep a journal to track a what you eat and moods, identify foods that make you feel good and the reason why. before every snack or meal, ask yourself am i heating because i'm hungry. if the answer is no, units a strong emotional component you can say what's wrong with me. >> the fact that i was able to overcome that struggle is so freeing. we have an emotional connection to food it starts tanl early age. strengthen depression and anxiety have been linked to unheaty eating habits. join the support group or see a scoilings to help you break
9:54 am
that -- see a psychologist to help you break that habit. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> next meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. stay with us we'll be right back. your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol®
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>> let's get a check of the weather,. >> reporter: not too bad for the weekend overall. we're looking at sunny skies today even tomorrow. 54 degrees this afternoon and up to 56 for your sunday. so the weekend overall looks good. monday looks nice, as well, 55. tuesday abbey wednesday we cool it -- tuesday and wednesday, we start to cool it down a little bit, but both days above average. 56 for thursday, and 59 on friday. there's a shot of showers on friday, but only 20% chance.
9:57 am
minimal. >> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next only channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight. we'll be back tomorrow morning beginning at 6:00. here's some of the stories we're working on for you. the invention by a western pennsylvania man that will keep kids safe in a -- in case of a shooting. we'll look at the showcase of art made ofrought iron at the barns foundation. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great saturday.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." did you know that sometimes the sweetest-looking animals can be the most dangerous? oh! i shouldn't have done it. today, i've got 6 stories of deception and danger. look at that. look at the mouth open. >> look at the mouth open, yeah. >> like giant mammals raging out of control. fuzzy marsupials with savage appetites. and tiny, candy-colored frogs that can kill with a single touch. >> he's get a very strong poison on the back. >> poison? >> yeah. >> and ler


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