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tv   ABC World News  ABC  December 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight," the active terrorism here in california. new images of the young mother who pledged allegiance to isis. was she the mastermind of the rampage that left 14 dead. and the voice of a killer. syed farook -- >> is not available. >> our brian ross is standing by. the couple hiding in plain sight. tonight, their car towed away. in a nearby house, police raiding saying he may be the one who provided the high-powered rifles. guns in america. sales soaring since the attack. tonight, front page outrage. a major newspaper calling
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gun control in america, a national disgrace. the heated debate. the politics of terror. donald trump's blunt talk when it comes to terrorist. >> they don't want to die. they're chicken [ bleep ]. believe me. >> the expletive drawing applause on the campaign trail tonight. from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight." >> good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday, i'm cecelia vega tonight from san bernardino. this city, the sight of the worst terrorism attack on american soil since 9/11 and the community reeling from the damage behind me. with that, there is betrayal too. the murderer, the mother of a 6-month-old, tonight a killer who appears to have had weapons training, now accused of having weapons training,
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pledging allegiance to isis. investigators tracking down twitter messages linked to a notorious isis recruiter. the couple killed in police gun battle friday night, their car finally moved from the street where they met their end. tonight, so many troubling questions remain. what inspired their violence? and how did no one know what they had planned? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross starts off us. >> reporter: in the moments before their getaway, syed farook and tashfeen malik tried to destroy their computers and cell phones, but the voice of one of the killers, farook, can still be heard tonight on a mobile voice messaging system. >> syed farook. >> is not available. >> reporter: the voice of a terrorist. and federal authorities tell abc news tonight they are investigating whether farook may have also left behind social media connections earlier this year with one of the most active
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and social recruiter who uses the handle miski. he was reported as killed but he was contact with the two who attacked in garland, texas. and he tweeted, it's time for the brothers in the u.s. to do their part. >> he is very, very effective. call him a recruiter, an insider. >> reporter: authorities believe that 29-year-old malik who died in the gun battle wednesday was the mastermind of the attack. >> it's not surprising that the women is the more ral cal of the two. terrorism is not gender specific. violence is not jernd specific. >> reporter: they are invest kbating her background with close scrutiny.
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this is her id card in pakistan. studying to be a pharmacist. she originally came to the u.s. on a fiance and authorities in the u.s. said they had no idea how the mother of a 6-month-old daughter had become a cold blooded terrorist. >> you think about your kid. >> today, an isis online post in english praised the california attacks. >> ending with both attackers being killed in the path of the law. >> and called the murder team isis supporters, a further indication the terror group inspired the couple but did not direct them. >> brian joins us now from new york. brian, the couple apparently had no district ties to isis. is this a new direct threat? >> it certainly is. the president met today with his national security team at the white house. and who advise him there is no larger plot of a terror cell. they appear to have been inspired by isis.
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but not directed by those who did direct them in paris. cecilia? >> brian ross, thank you. tonight, investigators tracking down the attackers arsenal, tracing two of their weapons to another man. was he an accomplice? and tonight, the chilling details inside the conference room when the horror began. matt gunman with me tonight, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. this is a fast moving invers gags. they have battened down the debates but they are now zeroing in on the man they suspect provided the couple with assault rifles. authorities focusing tonight on the house of this man who police suspect of having provided these assault rifles to farook and malik.
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fbi agents towing away the couple's getaway car and bringing boxes of evidence to the command center. the suv used in that harrowing shoot out that video showing squad cars screaming past in pursuit. farook and malik in that black ford suv the terrified bystanders watching it all unfold. then you hear pop, pop of the rifle fire. more sirens as police backup races towards the scene. that as we learn tonight forensic reenactment teams inside the conference room used lasers to pinpoint every shot that was fired. tracing the moment of terror four hours earlier that employees of the county's environmental health division were gathering for their holiday photo. syed farook who had been with them, earlier as he had during the previous christmas party was missing. eye witnesses telling abc news what he left on the table. moments later farook and his wife burst in blasting away apparently targeting the table where he'd been sitting. the bullets hitting a sprinkler, the water mixing with the blood the shrieks of the alarm partially drowning out the screams of the survivors. the neighborhood still reeling from what happened.
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you did ever hear anything unusual coming out of there? >> no, it was like they were anonymous to all of us. it's really weird. >> reporter: the fbi moving anything of value. but also missing there that house. the 6-month-old infant the couple left behind. she is in county custody now. other orphans created in the attack. there were 14 other people killed. as police open up the streets here, we are seeing more and more memorials like this pop up. candles, flower, prayers for the victims. cecilia? the growing memorial behind you. thank you. the mass murder here renewing the call for stricter gun control laws in the country and the "new york times" with this, the first front page id tor yal since 1920 saying it's a moral outrage and a
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displace that weapons are purr saysed designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency. these are weapons of war. but americans are deeply divided. our latest poll asked what is a priority? 46% said new gun laws. and 47% said the right to own a gun. about's kayna whitworth with the reaction tonight. >> they will go bang all the time, every time. >> reporter: tonight gun store owners across the country reporting a surge in gun sales. >> people are scared. the situation in california i think has really alerted a lot of people. >> reporter: but so many in the city don't think more guns are the answer. >> our thoughts on guns, it's not a good idea to me. >> reporter: we've seen it before in the wake of mass shootings after the sue t tucson rampage in 2011. after the newtown massacre. and today the demand for guns
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stronger than ever. on black friday the fbi running a record 185,000 background checks. that's two every second. the same day a gunman opened fire at a colorado planned parenthood. for some it's the fear one day those guns will be taken away. >> you can no longer own an ar, you can no longer own a pistol or you can no longer conceal-carry. it's one of those. is it a matter of time? probably. >> reporter: for others like luke garvey in upstate new york, it's all about protection. >> i'm doing it for me. my wife, i got my wife one. she's gonna do it for her. >> reporter: his own sheriff now urging permitted gun owners in his county to carry their weapons. >> you wonder what would have happened in that audience or in those crowds would have had a weapon. >> reporter: back in san bernardino, lines out the door at this gun range. to give you an idea how divided and scared this community is right now. i spoke who woman who is scared of guns but is here at the
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shooting range to support her mother-in-law who wants to learn to shoot. cecilia? >> thank you. it's a busy weekend for the presidential candidates. terror is a top campaign issue. abc's devin dwyer on the candidates talking for action. >> reporter: tonight, the unity of guns. >> we stop the bad guys using guns. >> you know what that is gun free zone is? that is like meat to the animals. >> reporter: the gop candidates are racketing up the tough talk. look at the new tv ad from ted cruz. >> every islamic militant will know. if you wade jihad against us, you are signing your death warrant. >> it's a call to arms for tighter restrictions on immigration. after tashfeen malik entered on a so-called fiance visa, and
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donald trump is ruling it out. >> i don't rule out anything. >> reporter: 35,000 got admitted to the u.s. after marriage, a process that takes months. >> vetting, missing someone who could carry out such a horrendous crime that should be the end of the argument right there. >> reporter: ben carson looking to end syrian refugees but hillary clinton thinks something had be done. >> visas are a problem. we have to look that and see what we have to do so tighten up requirements, do better. >> reporter: but guns remain the biggest flash point. democrats renewing demands or a ban of assault weapons and tougher basket ground checks. >> and devin dwyer is live from the house. the president promising to get to the bottom of this, going after guns and the no-fly
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list. >> that's right. president obama called it insane that people on the no-fly list with legally buy a gun. if you are a too dangerous to board a plane, you are too dangerous by definition to buy a gun. the white house tonight trying to build momentum for new gun laws, might not have prevented that shooting. >> devin dwyer at the house, thank you. we do move on now to the other headlines tonight. a disturbing incident in miami pitch caught on video. police say this shirtless man tried to rob a bank. they found him in a barber shop where he appeared to steal a straight razor. and when he appears to make a move, one of the officers fire, he did not survive. >> a black teenager killed by a black police officer. the officer arriving on scene shooting 16 times. but tonight, newly released
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documents that show what police reported that night is different than what we see on tape. here is marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: today demonstrations and more outrage in chicago following the release of hundreds of pages of police reports. documents showing an apparent contradiction between this dash cam video and what officers claimed happened that october last year when laquan mcdonald was shot and killed. officer jason van dyke who shot mcdonald 16 times in 15 seconds. described to investigators a play-by-play of that night saying that after ordering mcdonald to drop his knife the teen continued to advance towards him. while the video shows mcdonald walking away van dyke claimed he went on swinging the knife in an aggressive, exaggerated manner getting within 10 to 15 feet of him. van dyke went on to claim he acted in defense of his life. the video then shows mcdonald on the ground but van dyke later
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told investigators he appeared to be attempting to get up, all while continuing to point the knife at van dyke prompting the officer to continue firing. van dyke is out on bond charged with first degree murder and protestors are calling for a federal investigation. marcy gonzalez, abc, new york. and we have much more ahead on this special edition of "world news tonight." up next, the dangers that may be lurking in your food. tonight, the food poisons outbreak hitting more states and hitting one of america's most popular restaurant chains right in the bottom line. can you guess what this is? no, it's not the moon. some of the best photos yet beamed right down from space. smoo this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain.
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investigators are bracing for even more cases. >> reporter: tonight, chipotle who boasts using fresh, high quality ingredients is on the defensive. they say the outbreak that started in washington and oregon has continued to grow, expanding to nine states. >> i have never gotten sick like this. excruciating pain in my abdomen. was something i have never experienced. feel like your guts are being ripped out. >> reporter: but the cdc can't figure out the cause reporting that of 52 people infected, 47 ate at chipotle. at the same time, another e-coli outbreak, this time linked to celery included in food items at costco, walmart and several major grocery chains has sickened at least 19 according to the cdc. >> the two e. coli strands involved are really quite different. >> reporter: chipotle, which has seen its stock price drop 25% in two months over the scare, saying in a statement it's "aggressively taking actions to
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straight now to the index and a show of defiance. for tonight, the rock group eeg. of the death metal is returning to the stage three weeks of the attacks in paris. they were on stage when attacks hit the show. the band will join u2 for his final show that was originally canceled because of the shootings. how about a $1 billion discovery under the sea? a spanish ship wreck discovered off the coast of colombia more than 300 years after it was sank by the british. the san jose carrying $300 million in gold, silver and jewelry. possibly the biggest ship wreck find ever. from billions of miles away a close-up. take a look at
6:53 pm
the stunning images of pluto, the clearest images yet. mountains and craters in crisp detail. nasa says there is more to come. it will take about a year to beam them back all down to earth. when we come back, they started the day as ordinary americans. tonight, they live on as extraordinary heroes. the stories of amazing self-sacrifice here in san bernardino. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp.
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and finally tonight, from the heart break here in san bernardino. three heroic words from one friend to another. shannon johnson was inside the conference room sitting next to his friend. the meeting dragging on. they joked about how the clock might be broken. five minutes later, the unimaginable. denise writing, she and shannon huddled under the table. using a chair as a shield, the room under siege. shannon, a former high school football star, didn't make it out alive. denise did. she said, i will always remember his left arm wrapped around me, holding me as close as possible next to him behind that chair. amidst all the chaos, i will always remember him saying these three words, i got you. so many heroes amidst the heart break. >> i will take a bullet before
6:58 pm
you do, that is for damn sure. >> reporter: lieutenant madden was first on the scene. hearing it on his lunch break, he rushed right there. >> we wanted to get in there and stop people from being injured or possibly killed. >> reporter: denise believes she is alive today because of shannon. this amazing, selfless man who always brought a smile to everyone's face. this is shannon johnson, my friend, my hero. >> a hero indeed. as we sign off tonight with san bernardino, our thoughts are with shannon's family and the families of the victims. thrashers for watching, i'm cecilia vega. enjoy the ris of your saturday. good night.
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