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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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called for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states, critics from both political parties call it unconstitutional, unenforceable and unamerican, and despite that trump stood his ground on an interview on "good morning america.." >> we need vigilance or we'll have many more 9/11's, until our country can figure out what is going on we have no choice but to do this. >> and the front page of the philadelphia daily news had this picture of trump comparing him to adolf hitler and mayor michael nutter would ban trump from the city if he had the power to do it. vernon odom joins us now with more reaction. >> reporter: the mayor is on a rampage today, he had a broad based media section for civic
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and religious leaders after an assault on a local mosque. more on that later and on donald trump. >> mayor michael nutter released a condemnation of donald trump's comments on muslims. >> he has taken a page from the play book of hitler. demonize a group. >> rabbi author says that the afteragery brings to mine the 1930s here in and europe. >> he is the most egregious, but what is especially worrying is that a number of other leading politicians have almost tried to catch up with him. >> for someone like that to have poll ratings it just atrocious, i hope people condemn him and the republican party condemns
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him. >> this pig's head thrown at a mosque can be prosecuted as a hate crime. too many people pain muslims with a broad brush. >> we are against the terrorists and we condemn the acts by terrorists and we always stand with america. >> in the wake of last weekend's severed pig's head incident at the local mosque, the mayor set up a $2,000 reward program to catch persons that commit hate rhymes here in the city of philadelphia. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with dave muir has more on donald trump's plan. next on abc. on a lighter note, we are getting an early christmas gift,
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mild weather for the next several days, our temperatures today were pretty good and getting milder as every day goes on. lets go outside to meteorologist, cecily tynan, for all the facts and figures. >> by the weekend people may be wearing shorts and short-sleeves to pick out their christmas tree and the temperatures took a dip, yesterday's high 57 and today the coolest day of the week, 50 degrees and still 3 degrees above normal. temperatures show the stormy down to the south it's warmer and raleigh it's 50 and charleston and atlantic and savannah, as we head through the week, temperatures will turn southerly and we'll be gradually tapping into the warm air and pulling it into our region, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we did have a lot of sunshine earlier and then the clouds rolled in this afternoon and you can see how the clouds move off the coast right now, clearing skies out of pennsylvania, tonight will be on
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the chilly side and temperatures still slightly above normal and you need to dress for december, 36 for philadelphia and 28 in allentown and reading 29 and millville 28 and trenton 32 degrees and clouds are around and patchy fog early tomorrow morning, if you are in a valley you may allow extra time as you get to work tomorrow morning, temperatures compared to normal, the next three days, 8 degrees above normal. thursday 8 degrees above normal and friday 13 degrees above normal and the real warm weather comes in over the weekend, i'll let you know how warm it gets and we are tracking some rain in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. as the warm december days continue, storm tracker 6 has you covered. now to the shakeup at george washington high school, in recents months there are
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numerous fights at that school at the somerton high school. an assault on a teacher that happened yesterday, the principal is replaced and reassigned in the district. sara bloomquist is live with that story. >> reporter: well that assault on the teacher happened yesterday morning by last night the district decided to replace the principal here at george washington high. a new team is in charge now at george washington high school in the somerton section, in an unusual move the district decided to replace principal dean jones with two coprincipals, effective immediately. >> we are looking at resetting the climate at the school and meeting with parents and students and staff, to talk about how to move forward and improve the school. >> this is video of a fight here last month, a student was hospitalized after putting his fist through a window, yesterday a teacher was assaulted when three students barged into his
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classroom to retrieve a cell phone from another student, students staff and parents, like fran complained about a lack of discipline and climate of violence. >> once you get the discipline under control, and they realize there is discipline and consequences and the district allows the staff here to actually discipline, it can be totally turned around. >> jerry jordan said in a statement that the issues extend beyond this one school, saying yesterday's incident is emblematic of the complete district, the educators and students across philadelphia and washington are working and learning in unbearable circumstances. >> it's still go ago happen, nothing is going to change. people are stupid regardless. >> kids are going to be kids and they will disrespect the
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teachers, and do what they do, there was no points to get rid of him. >> as for the assault, two studentses are charged with aggravated assault and police are working to identify the third student who was involved. live at george washington high school in thesomerton section channel 6 "action news." and an aide to kathleen kane, was charged with contempt, that he did snoop through emails while kane herself was arrested for leaking confidential grand jury information. reece's attorney says he never knew about the order and was just trying to see who was leaking information to reporters, he is facing up to six months in jail. motion detectors installed by firefighters are credited with waking up a family and
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saving their lives. flames broke out on oakland street at 5:30 a.m., neighbors helped two young gishls ages 5 and 7 to get out of the burning home by jumping. >> she jumped and i had to keep her from hitting the air conditioni conditioning vent and the other landed on the vent. >> my goodness, fortunately everyone is expected to be okay. pennsylvania house republicans again are working to solve the state's budget stalemate today. house republicans will impose tobacco taxes and tax lottery winnings and get other revenue to make their plan add up. democratic critics say it's similar to a budget that passed in june that was vetoed by
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governor wolf. philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney fielded questions in center city and he spoke to the chamber of commerce and they discussed business goals and the state of education in philadelphia, kenney told them the city has some solid schools to build on. >> meantime mayor michael nutter and darryl clark and others announced their endorse many for katie mcgwinnty for for u.s. senate. coming up on "action news" tonight. those in favor of building a stadium on the temple campus may not get their wish as soon as they wanted. and the eagles are eyeing their next opponent the buffalo bills. >> i'll let you know how warm it will get and how long it sticks around in the accuweather forecast.
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temple university may not get its much belonged for football stadium in north philadelphia -- we have another story just in to "action news." the state judicial conduct board filed ethics charges against michael abrams today one of the judges caught up in the porn gate scandal exposed by embattled attorney general, kathleen kane. it could lead to his removal to
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office. he said he welcomes the judicial process and the opportunity to clear his name. and now temple university -- they may not get their football stadium, they decided to table a vote on whether to build the owls their new arena. walter perez is live with more. >> reporter: to be clear this discussion is far from over, but the plan to talk about building temple a brand new football stadium here on broad and west norris was shelved after mayor elect jim kenney voiced his opposition to the plan earlier today. >> temple's board of trustees were expected to discuss plans for a proposed football stadium in north philadelphia and the proposal would likely include more than just a sports arena. >> lets talk about retail for this location, what kind of retail goes well with a stadium on this site and retail that benefits not just the temple
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university community but the north philadelphia community as well. >> the proposal has a lot of support and also detractors, mayor elect jim kenney is the biggest. that temple would not feel the need in the eagles made lincoln financial field an equitable home field for both. >> this would forego the need for a new stadium, from what i understand the prices are outrageous and they don't share in the parking or concessions and they pay a large amount of money for every single game and opposition is coming from the protests that gathered you side of the board of trustees meeting xg the $100 million it would cost to build the stadium would be better spent wage raising the wages of temple employees. and they are afraid it could
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gentryfy -- >> the citizen and taxpayers and students, we need to start pushing back as well. >> mayor elect kenney says a main point of contention was how the stadium would possibly affect the neighborhood nearby and temple university will not discuss the matter further until they sit down with kenney to discuss it. >> thank you walter. the diocese of trenton marked the finish of the jubilee year today, pope francis instructed that a door of mercy will be open at every diocese and they are encouraged to embrace the work of mercy like feeding the hungry and forgiving offenses. it runs until december of 2016.
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time for sports and demarco
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murry not so happy he is not getting played enough and signed a contract last year and demarco murray met with owner jeffrey lury and questioned his role on this football team. the meeting happened on the flight back to philadelphia sunday night and no word on what his reaction was. murray barely saw any action and his playing time may be further reduced. fellow running back ryan matthews returned to practice today he was out with a concussion, murray has one 100 yard rushing game this season and this time last year with dallas he had 10. >> ladies and gentlemen your first place eagles thanks to the win over the red skins there is a tie for the nfc east and all
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of them arer under .500. >> if i told you you would be 5-7 and you would be in first place, would you believe me? >> negative. >> i would believe me. the means in which we get there is something i don't think anybody predicted. if this is not motivation to get up for this game. there is a guy named shady mccoy coming to town. >> i'm sure he had think game circled on his calendar since going to buffalo. >> everyone loves shady here a heck of a person and heck of a player, everyone knows about the assets as a player but right now is not on our team. and our focus is on stopping him. >> i hope he goes down. >> eagles are say things are looking up and they plan to keep
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it that way. >> however we got here we are right where we want to be, the rest of it, everything that happened up until this point is really null and void. and our playoffs start this week. >> jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." the flyers host the islanders tonight and the flyers were on a role, winners of four straight until their win streak was snapped on saturday. >> we were tired and it happens it's hockey we played four games in six nights and it just hit us and overall we were playing good hockey and we are a confident team. >> we are playing good hockey and had a bit a blunder against the columbus blue jackets but it's a different day and we are ready for the islanders. never too early to talk about baseball, we are four months away from the season opener for the phillies, but now they have to deal with the ryan
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howard problem, howard is healthy but has not had a decent year since 2011, and the phillies are unable to trade him do they play him full-time at first base or platoon him. >> we'll do what is right for ryan howard in addition to what is right for the phillies, i give credit where credit is due, i respect all the things ryan has done for the franchise and remember this guy won mvp and rookie of the year and world series, he was mr. philadelphia. >> but what is right for ryan and what is right for the team may not be the same thing. >> thank you ducis.
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meteorologist, cecily tynan is here above average temperatures, this has become the pattern. >> with the weekend it's record breaking temperatures, more than 20 degrees above normal. find the short-sleeves. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have dry conditions out there tonight but just enough cloud cover again for a spectacular sunset, this is breathtaking, kimmy posted this on my facebook page from national park, new jersey, and you can see blue skies and the clouds reflecting the yellow, reds and oranges and did you notice how early the sun is setting, it setality 4:36 and this is the sunset time through sun and then the sun starts to set later on and our days are
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not getting longer yet because we have to get the sunrise earlier and that won't happen until january, we see good amount of cloud cover north and west of philadelphia and temperatures are on the mild side and today's high is 50, 3 degrees above normal and tomorrow 55 degrees than trend continues for the week and into the weekend. stepping outside you need a coat, 46 in philadelphia, but fillville dropped down to 33, and trenton 43 and allentown 39 and wilmington 43 and sea isle city 46 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a good amount of sunshine earlier today than the clouds rolled in and the clouds are breaking up and across the midwest, there is a trough moving in moving across the region early on thursday, tomorrow morning now you may want to allow extra time, fog in the low lying areas, and it's
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typically chilly and 7:00, 39 and 8:00, 41 degrees and through the day temperatures are on the warm side, 55 degrees and partly sunny skies with the high pressure nudging offshore, on thursday this is when this piece of energy will move through, this is a good amount of cloud cover earlier in the day and peeks of sunshine turning milder and 66 degrees, behind the warm front and temperatures climbing up to the mid up to upper 60s with the record warmth, tomorrow partly sunny skies and more sun south and east, more clouds north and west, a high of 55 degrees, thursday clouds breaking for sunshine with a high of 60 and friday morning clouds mild and 61 degrees and saturday temperatures running 17 degrees above normal. 63 the record high for saturday, 65 and we are getting in record territory, and sunday we get the core of that warm air, 67
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degrees and the record high 65 set back in the 1920s, if you are heading to the eagles game, you don't have to bundle up at all, kickoff 1:00 at 65 degrees and it stays mild on monwith periods of rain with a high of 63 degrees, and behind that front temperatured cool off but still above average. partly sunny skies on tuesday and a little bit on the windy side with a high of 54 degrees, if you like it warm you'll love the weekend if you like it cold you'll have to wait a while. >> thank you cecily. abc world news with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17, and for the entire "action news" team, have a great night we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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tonight, the abc news exclusive. breaking right here. donald trump, one-on-one with barbara walters. his first on-camera interview after calling for a ban on muslims coming to america. outrage from his own party. >> are you a bigot? >> and tonight, barbara asks trump, are his words actually empowering isis, putting american lives at risk? also, breaking developments involving the terror couple in california. tens of thousands deposited into their bank account right before the attacks. and the shooter's own mother now added to the terror watch list. the new outrage tonight in chicago. the police releasing this video. the suspect tasered, dragged away, later dying. major storm hitting tonight. dangerous flooding. and now, the rescues. and after an e. coli scare across sever


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