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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 9, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 9th. we're working on a developing story. >> flames have been coming from a barn in berks county all night. we have more of this new video. >> one of philadelphia's most wanted will be brought before the court after being on the run for five years. >> another cold start to the morning here in the delaware and lehigh valleys but our mild december continues. we could hit a record high this weekend. >> let's find out more about that, head on over to dave murphy. he's got your accuweather and matt pelman is in for karen rogers. he has traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're starting out on the cool side this morning. we have clouds mixing with some breaks. overall we're looking at a sun and clouds mix today and it is starting out chilly. 37 degrees in philadelphia and actually slipping down to the freezing mark in allentown, below freezing in reading and lancaster, only 27 degrees currently in millville. still 34 in wilmington, 35 in trenton and run in sea isle
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city. a little bit of an issue with some patchy fog. looks like most of the worst of this is s over to the west of philadelphia although he some areas closer to the city are beginning to see a little bit of that. doubt it's a major problem for you this morning but you always want to slow it down when there's fog. we have partly cloudy skies as we head out the door to get the car started or head to the bus or train station, 34 degrees by 6 o'clock and by 8 o'clock still probably sitting in the mid 30's but things are going to get better as we roll into the afternoon. by noon we'll be up to 51 degrees. by 3 o'clock 55. that is your high today and that is 5 degrees better than yesterday and then down to 49 at 6 o'clock. winds today are going to be on the light side. we'll continue to raise those temperatures heading into the weekend maybe even hitting a record. matt pelman giving the thumbs up there. >> i like the december that doesn't feel like december. it's definitely good thing. good morning to you david. we're also liking at the vine street expressway westbound is now back in business. construction crews have pulled away from the westbound lanes. the same cannot be said of the eastbound side.
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eastbound vine still shut down at this point between the schuylkill and broad street. should be opened any minute. of course we'll keep you posted. it was scheduled to clear at 5 o'clock. other than that construction, looking good this morning on the schuylkill and the roosevelt boulevard. had some police activity in holmesburg at torresdale and rhawn but that cleared out. everything is reopened along torresdale there by al's corner deli. nearby this is a live look at 95. now we're looking at the burlington bristol bridge. the reason we're going that is because it's set for an opening in a few minutes for a northbound ship. start heading for the turnpike connector bridge instead, the triple bb this morning. several construction zones out there in burlington county working on 130 northbound near riverton roadblocking a couple lanes for the next hour. of course they're working on a long stretch of 38 between marter avenue and 206 blocking a lane until 6:00 and construction was supposed to clear at 1:00 a.m. on the turnpike southbound near exit four but it's still going so a lane is blocked there as well on this wednesday morning. matt. >> thank you matt. developing right now several crews are still on the
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scene of a fire in berks county. the massive flames erupted before 11:00 last night at a barn along moselum springs roads in richmond township a portion of route 662 lab shut down. it's still unclear what started the fire or if anyone lab injured. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the morning. a philadelphia fugitive is finally behind bars after five years on the run. authorities caught 22-year-old kayree reid yesterday near jacksonville florida. he was wanted for murdering a grocery store clerk back in november. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with the details on one of the city's most wandered now caught. now -- wandered now caught. >> reporter: a dramatic chase in florida led to the arrest of a philadelphia murder suspect. this morning family and friends of the victim are now relieved. this is the man u.s. marshals took into custody last night in florida, 28-year-old kayree reid. the marshals arrested him outside of jacksonville.
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when marshals moved in reid allegedly jump need a vehicle and fled way friend he was staying with and gave chase. the duo crashed into law enforcement vehicles with a child inside. authorities found narcotics inside the vehicle as well. reid is charged with the shooting death of 22-year-old maurice mcdonald. mcdonald was gunned down november 10th inside j and r perez grocery in manchu. what this morning his family and a clerk that were there the day of the shooting are relieved there is an arrest. >> we need him off the streets. you know, so -- and i appreciate everything the detectives, whoever was in charge or whoever, uh, i appreciate them very much. >> reporter: and reid will face an extradition hearing in florida before he heads back to philadelphia to face homicide charges. for now reporting live at police headquarters, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> okay, annie, thank you for
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that. this morning two men are in jail after leading philadelphia police on a wild chase. it all started at cottman and torresdale in the mayfair section of philadelphia t as narcotics officers moved in to arrest two drug suspects sitting in a car the driver took off and hit two unmarked police cars. but the car had a flat tire and didn't make it far so the suspects tried to bail. police arrested the 51-year-old driver and his 30-year-old passenger. they also say they recovered pills and crack cocaine. no officers were hurt. >> ♪ new this morning, former wrestler jimmy super fly snook today will go on trial in march for the death of a girlfriend. that woman nancy argentine no, sir was found dead in a motel back in 1983. snuka was charged earlier this year with third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. he's pleaded not g his lawyer says argentina's death was an unfortunate accident. >> michael vick is pushing for a pennsylvania bill to protect pets that are left in hot cars. vick went to harrisburg
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yesterday to lobby lawmakers about the legislation that would allow first responders in the state to break into vehicles to rescue dogs or cats without being held liable for the property damage. vick has worked on a number of animal welfare issues since he served 21 months in prison for his knoll a do role in a dog fig ring. >> i know i'm an unlikely advocate. i was part of the pron blimp when i was at my lowest. >> vick is currently a backup quarterback for the steelers. >> it is 5:06 and the day after someone tossed a pig's head onto the steps of a philadelphia mosque manner main announce add permanent reward to be given out for information on hate crimes. the city will pay $2,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in a hate crime. mayor michael nutter says there's noplace in our city for that kind of behavior. philadelphia already has rewards programs for tips on homicides and illegal guns. >> ♪ >> rowan university students responded to a hateful act with a show of solidarity.
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they came together for a menorah lighting at the student center. the ceremony took on new mean after someone carved swastikas into doors at a freshman dorm last week. the dean of students richard jones told the crowd last night's event was to reavenue official the university's core belief that all are welcome. >> turning now to accuweather an improvement from yesterday. >> yeah, yesterday we got up to 50 claw above average but today little bit better. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we are precipitation free this morning. as we we take a look outside we're looking at the airport and you see how the camera is steady this morning. winds are calm currently in philadelphia and not really getting all that strong even after sunrise when they do have a tendency to pick up a bit. 37 degrees in philadelphia to start out. so, we are beginning the morning cool again. 34 degrees in wilmington. and down around the freezing mark in lancaster, reading and allentown. 35 up the pike in trenton. 27 cool degrees down in millville and 41 in cape may. satellite shows you how there has been some cloud cover kind of breaking up overnight.
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some patchy fog is possible early this morning, particularly out to the west of philadelphia. but that's not going to last all that long and we are going to wind up with a pretty good looking day overall. get those shades ready for those sun and clouds mixes that you're going have above. partly sunny is our call for the lehigh valley. a bit milder than yesterday with a high of 50. down the shore we'll also be a tad milder with sunday partly sunny skies and a high going up to about 56 in allentown. then in philadelphia we're going to call it 55 degrees today. partly sunny. winds are going stay on the light side only running out of the south at about six to 12 miles per hour. but that southerly flow will bounce our number up about 5 degrees over yesterday. by 8 o'clock still cool, 36 degrees. and then on the chilly side by 11 o'clock, 47. by 2 o'clock 54 degrees. most of the afternoon we're just spending in the 50's and feeling pretty comfortable. your high of 55 as is pretty typical this time of year around 3 o'clock and we'll probably still be holding onto the low 50's as we head
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towards dinnertime. tomorrow a weak disturbance passes through with some clouds in the morning. might see some of this light sprinkle activity in the overnight hours while most of are you sleeping but i think by the time we're on the air we're very likely dry and then in the afternoon the clouds give way to some sun and we get an even better high of 60 degrees and as this warm front gets past us and we get into the heart of this next storm system, the warm sector of it, it gets even milder heading into the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 55 partly sunny today. winds are light. it's not a bad afternoon ahead. and then tom all the way up to 60 with clouds giving way to increased sunshine. on friday still mild, a high of 61 but we're saving the best for the weekend. on saturday very comfortable, a high of 63. the army-navy game in philadelphia of course on saturday. it will be great football weather. and great baseball weather on sunday. we're looking at record warmth, 67 degrees for the forecast and you'll still need a jacket if you're headed to the eagles game but that is a very nice forecast for mid-december. and for the eagles and buffalo bills. on monday a front comes at us,
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more clouds will help lower the temperature to 63. and late in the day or at night we'll see a bit of rain. looks like that kicks out of here on tuesday and we're left with a sunny cooler and probably breezy day. that high of 54, though, still above the average highs which are in the 40's now. >> which are typical for this time of year. >> right. >> thank you david. 5:10 now. all new on "action news" the ad on craigslist that captured the attention of authorities down south. a woman used the site to try and find a baby for her teenaged daughter. >> a new study breaks down the real meaning behind those texts you send if you don't ends them with a period. matt. >> we're studying the vine street expressway tam and finding that there construction crews are running late again. the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to the vine eastbound still shut down. vine westbound has reopened as you can z and we'll see if construction is out of there on the pennsylvania turnpike yet after the break. >> and my interview with the newest star of the star wars franchise, he plays a storm trooper or does he? that's later.
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>> ♪ >> hey everyone. taking a live look at philadelphia from our temple university camera. 40 degrees right now. it's going get up to a high of 54 degrees which would be warmer than yesterday. >> let's go over to matt pelman see what your commute looks like this morning. good morning, matt. >> almost halfway there, guys. we're getting over the hump on this wednesday. good morning to you as we come out of the suburbs. so far so good in most spots. this is i-95 in bucks county, bristol township right by the
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exit for 413. overnight they were scheduled to start some new construction on the northbound side of 95 between street road and this point working on the bridge there over the neshaminy creek. it's a project that's going to last for the next couple weeks so watch out for restrictions but this morning everything is opened here along 95 and moving well so far as you travel through bucks county. meanwhile on the pennsylvania turnpike's northeast extension overnight construction has now cleared out. all lanes opened between mid-county and lansdale. but they're still working in chester county on the east-west turnpike. it's eastbound between route 29. the e-z pass only interchange in valley forge you're without the right lane. they're still working in bucks county on the westbound side giving us a little slowing between delaware valley and street road because the left lane out of commission there and of course that's near where they're working on that big new neshaminy falls toll plaza that's scheduled to open right after the new year. at that point you're also going to get a new cashless toll that's going to take effect at the delaware river bridge which means they're going to be monitoring your
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car, if you have e-z pass you'll just automatically be charged. if you don't have e-z pass you're a cash customer they'll be taking photos your license plate and you'll be getting a bill in the mail after you gopher over that delaware valley bridge. speaking of bridges, burlington bristol bridge up right now for a northbound ship. head for the delaware river bridge at this point. speaking of delaware time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. reports of a pothole in the road along 295 south near wilmington manor. watch outer for that. never real good for your tires. matt. >> thank you matt. now to the latest in the california mass shooting. authorities investigating the murders in san bernadino are preparing to charge who they call an accomplice. investigators say enrique marquez bought the guns for mass murderer syed farook four years ago. the 24-year-old could face criminal gun charges. federal authorities also say $28,000 was recently deposited in farook's bank account. they say he had taken out a loan to care for the infant daughter he and his wife left
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behind. >> happening today, the u.s. senate is expected to vote on a sweeping makeover of the no child left behind act. physical enactd states would gain greater control of school accountability and the way testing is used to evaluate teachers schools and progress. federally mandated reading and math exams would continue. senate approval would send the bill to the white house where president obama is expected to sign it. and new this morning, a georgia woman faces charges accused of trying to use craigslist to find a baby for her teenaged daughter. detectives received a tip about the craigslist ad suggesting mothers drop off any unwanted baby in a baby box. investigators say the 47-year-old woman placed the ad to get a baby for her 14-year-old daughter. the woman told police are daughter wanted a baby wouldn't find a way to get one so she decided to help. the teen says she did nothing wrong.
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>> the reason why it's okay if you don't want your child, if you -- if you can't afford it or whatever situation you're in, then okay, well maybe we can work something out. >> the 14-year-old faces juvenile charges related to the ad. >> the flyers fell to the islanders in a shootout at home last night. the flyers had overcan come a shaky start by goalie steve mason and played one of their best offensive games of the season but it wasn't enough. the flyers lose four to three. they face the saint louis blues tomorrow night. espn's college game day will broadcast from philadelphia for the second time this season. lee corso and the gang will be in town for the army-navy game at lincoln financial field on saturday. the crew will host their pregame show at x-finity live from 9:00 to 11:00 that morning and as always fans are encouraged to come and show their support and dover forget those creative signs and make sure they're not profane. >> yes, clean but creative. it is 5:17. crash tests for cars are about to get a lot tougher.
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>> researchers offer a reason why life expectancy in the united states has flat lined for the last three years. david. >> all right, guys, we are off to a chilly start with temperatures down around the freezing mark in some suburbs so winter gear going in but on the way back a little bit milder than yesterday. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next and we'll get you travelers to the airport see if there's any delays there. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. >> new on "action news" grammar can make all the difference when you're texting especially if you want to be seen as trustworthy. researchers at binghamton university found text messages ending with a period are perceived as being less sincere. >> hm. >> they say what punctuation you use or don't use could misconstrue the meaning of your message. some participants in their study read the same exchanges that were handwritten. no such differences were found. >> that's a little overboard i think. >> well, maybe we should just talk to each other. >> okay. >> oh, i don't know about that. [laughter] >> remember calling people on the phone, remember when you
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used to do that? back in the day, back in the day. let's head outside. do you remember that construction on the vine street expressway? i bet you do. it only cleared out a couple minutes ago but it did clear out now. the eastbound ramp from the schuylkill to the vine reopened. westbound vine lab opened for a little bit. still a little bit of overnight work going on in haddon township camden county along 168 both ways near collings avenue by the crown fried chicken. watch out for a traffic shift there for the next 40 minutes but mass transit, those trains and buses looking good so far on this wednesday morning. david. >> funny you say that because it's been twice recently where i've had conversations with my daughter where we start out this text stuff and after awhile i'm calling you. it's fun. 39 degrees by 9 o'clock. we are off to a chilly start right now with some suburbs down around the freezing mark but the afternoon looks good, a high of 55 degrees with partly sunny skies overall today and winds remaining on the light side. that's about 5 degrees milder than yesterday by the way. and across the country no big problems. we got a little bit of precipitation pulling up over the great lakes.
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looks like southern florida maybe a couple of showers down around miami and the pacific northwest still kind of socked in with precipitation. as we take a look at the airport in philadelphia and checking out all of our more commonly traveled destinations no rain out in chicago or down to orlando. all green aircraft, too, so no major delays developing in any of these paths just yet. tam. >> okay, thank you david. going on to health check, life expectancy in the u.s. has stalled for three straight years. new numbers from the government show a child born last year can expect to make it to almost 79 years old. that's the same prediction as the last two years. experts think suicides and fatal drug overdoses are probably playing a role. >> 5:22. up neck in the morning buzz i sit down way 23-year-old actor who is now the face of star wars. >> loving his interviews. can't wait. the dover police officer who sent the web into a tail spin a back. that story next at 5:30. first here's america's money. >> a reboot for america's car
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safety rating system. >> starting in 2019 to earn five stars vehicles will be required to have new safety technologies including collision avoidance system and crash test dummies will get a makeover to be more anatomically correct. >> last month's terror attacks in paris are costing air france is bundle. reports a loss of $54 million from cancellations, bomb threat hoaxes and other disruptions. >> ticket sales are also up but the airline is seeing more red ink this month. here are this year's top earning musicians from forbes. number five, the eagles, taylor swift, garth brooks and one direction. >> and roaring her way to number one, katy perry pulling in 135 million. >> who doesn't like katy perry, right 80. >> right. >> that's america's money.
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>> time for the morning buzz. you know george lucas decided to use largely unknown actors in the very first star wars movie. current director j.j. abrams made that same decision introducing john boyega the 23-year-old british actor who plays the storm trooper fin in the force awakens who is seen without a helmet so maybe he's no longer a storm trooper or never was. they just won't tell us. return of the jedi which precedes this episode was released in 83. this was before you were born. is that significant. no i'm young and i like that. and the great thing about star wars is even despite my age you a able to go back and
5:27 am
watch the originals and relate to them as if i was born back then. >> fin is conflicted i sense. >> yes. when you're conflicted you sweat a lot and he's trying to find, his place in the galaxy and his place within this fight of good and evil. >> now, some commented on social media that it is unusual for a black plan to play a storm trooper assuming that were all white skinned clones. boyega says the chatter didn't bother him because he is a strong man. watch the entire interview on my facebook page right now and see my interview with his co-star daisy ridley at 6:00 a.m. disney the owner of the lucas films is a parent company of 6abc. >> aren't all the storm troopers clones? >> personally i have no problem with john boyega being in the movie. great actor. >> see it. he was awesome in it.
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it's 5:27. still ahead holiday drama. a display honoring the popular movie a christmas story is causing some strife in a berks county office building. >> new information on one of the suspects in the deadly paris attacks. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> happening now on "action news," new information on the paris attack, heightened fierce of a home grown plot. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter tells everyone what he really thinks and would like to do to donald trump. >> a local official proves he really loves the movie a christmas story but other administrators don't seem to be fans. >> good morning everyone, its 5:30 on this wednesday, december 9th. karen is off. we have dave murphy and matt pelman. good morning. >> we're heading for a slightly milder afternoon. there's cloud cover that's been trying to evaporate and clear the area. some low lying clouds and fog still possible in some spots out on the westly i'll show you that in a moment. we'll see whether or not that's improving. temperatures this morning 36 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in trenton, 34 in wilmington. so, coat weather again this morning of course. 32 the freezing mark in


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