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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 10, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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people need to know victim that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment
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fact at a chipotle restaurant near the boston college campus. that restaurant now closed temporarily. a spokesperson for the fast food company says these illnesses appear to be isolated and there's no evidence to suggest that they are related to the e. coli cases that have turned up in nine states. an incredible scene in central florida where a huge sinkhole opened last night. it measures 20 x 30 feet and was caused by a water main break. even though the hole is in the middle of the street, several homes where is evacuated and utilities were turned off. >> if you're going to steal an appliance from a home, why be hassled by disconnecting it. video from mississippi shows a teef taking the easy way out stealing a new refrigerator still in its box. he then loads it on to a pickup truck and you've got to sort of admire the guy. loading a refrigerator is normally a two-person job. >> totally. >> maybe police should check local hospitals for hernia victims. i feel like applauding him.
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>> oh, boy. there's a will. near san antonio though, he took the time to disconnect what he was stealing watch as a man calmly walks up to an inflatable snoopy christmas lawn decoration. he takes it away. he didn't take any of the other figures just the dog. the homeowner says the crook is a grinch. look at him walking away. we're going to catch you because you're on home video. >> why does that happen more often? >> i think it's pathetic. you're going to steal decorations that people spent their hard earned money on. >> the fact it happens so rarely makes me like humans. >> on the other hand, may be the thief didn't need any of the other snoopys or decorations. coming up, a remote controlled gift guide. >> we're riding along with the toy insider mom with the hottest toys on the go. you're watching "world news now." >> you are.
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>> announcer: "world
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♪ many of us can remember when we made the jump from playing with little kid toys what the big boys and girls play with. if you got a big boy or girl in your life or maybe you're one yourself, you want to check out
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the selection of radio controlled toys. laurie schacht, thank you for joining us this morning. >> there are so many cool things about radio control these days. we'll start with the smart rover voice command helicopter. i have a headset on. we're going to see if i can fly this helicopter by just using my voice. it's going to talk and tell me when it's ready. take off. smart hover. >> wow. >> well, so it takes off by itself. you can tell it to make a right or left turn. and it's really a lot of fun. you can also use the regular remote control on this. sometimes in the studio, i don't know. >> maybe it picks up great shoes it wants to land next to. >> maybe. all right. so kids love video games. they love the ones that turn to life in the video games. sky landers super chargers is what the kids are playing with. now those sky landers super chargers come to life.
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we have our crib crusher and hot streak. look at these cars. they have cool lights. >> sandy our director says i have experience in crashing cars. >> look how much fun they are. what i love about them is boys and girls both love them. >> really girls? that's to think about radio controlled. >> the girls love them, too. these are a lot of fun. now, let's move on to some 4 x 4s. are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> i'll give you the controller. this is the rock roller 3 xl. look at this. it's gorgeous. it's big. it's got huge wheels. if you pick it up, you will see it's very lightweight. >> can you take it to the beach 1234. >> not to the beach but it will tackle any terrain. go ahead. you have a hobby grade controller for this. you can turn the wheels. it will tackle boulders, mountains, hills. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. major crash. major krsh. >> just about anything. now i have the vaporizer two
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here. forward and backward. but look at this. 360 spins. >> wow into really, really cool. and what i love about this is this one you can take out. you can run this in the snow, in the water. it will go anywhere. both of them are a lot of fun to play with. >> heavy duty on that one. >> yeah. the world of nintendo. so this is mario driving the racer rc. what i love about this is if you want to start, you can go forwards and backwards in this with this controller right here. but watch. watch the wheels. we have now gone into just like the way the kids see him drive around in the mario car 8 game, it's like that anti-gravity motion. it is really, really a lot of fun. he'll take on any kind of walls, curves, anything. awesome. >> if only they did it in a vacuum cleaner too, that would be terrific. >> right. are you ready for the smallest helicopter in the whole wide
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world? so this is our nanofalcon xs for extra small. it is just a little over 2 inches. >> wow. >> what i love is this little case is what it comes in. your controller, your charger. you can make it your landing pad. i don't know how good i am at that. let's see if we can get this up in the air. >> wow. it's so tiny. >> it's so tiny. >> it reminds me of those micromachines from the '80s. the tiny little cars. oh. there you go. that's great into but it is great. it's pretty easy to fly. sometimes the larger, the quad copters the drones are a little bit easier to fly. it takes work but it's a lot of fun. a lot of these toys are for kids a little bit older >> boys or girls or older folks clearly. toy insider mom laurie schacht, we love when you come to visit us. for more information please head to our facebook page, you're watching "world news now." got to try out that helicopter.
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plus oxi boost and febreze. it's our best gain ever! >> yeah, it's that time again for one of our favorite features. we've got a handful of stories where you can only really say this happened. >> indeed. first up another so-called porch pirate with a twist. police in dallas are looking for a woman who walked up to a stranger's porch and stole a package. there is a twist here. if you look closely, you can see the alleged theeb drop in the mail slot a note. that note says merry christmas. >> oh, stop. >> really. that thief polite. huh? thieves get a bad rap. >> all you need to do is steal a package is say merry christmas. >> you've not got any presents. >> next to germany's famed autobahn known for not having a speed limit in more rural parts.
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it's a farm tractor hauling a trailer passing a driver. >> he's going over 100 kilometers an hour. it's unusual someone that outrageous would also own a caravan. it's one or the other. it's time to choose. next. an orangutan enjoying a magic trick. this affects me. there's a chap performing a magic trick. okay. watch how the orangutan reacts to the trick. >> he's looking in the cup. >> he's laughing because it disappeared. things like that really get to me, a, because the orangutan reminds me of my daughter ivy who would react in the same way. >> it shows how much they're really like humans and they're smart creatures. that's pretty funny. >> that's point too why it gets to me. it reminds me how close they are to humans and three, how the hell does he do that magic trick. >> had he appreciate good humor and magic tricks.
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makes me think of getting an orangutan instead of a dog, too. finally a newly wed couple symbolizing hair union for letting go of two heart balloons to float on together together forever. they go up, up, boom. they get caught on that little power line. sizzle and burn. >> it reminds me, have you seen the episode of the simpsons in which marry pop bins comes to visit and at the very end she says good-bye to the kids to lisa and to bart and to maggie. she opens her umbrella. she floats up into the air and goes into the engine of a jumbo jet. >> that's actually pretty funny into that is it for this half hour into remember to follow us on facebook at we'll have more news. stick around.
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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this morning on "world news now," disturbing revelations about the san bernardino attacks. >> investigators are uncovering new details about the radical couple. their desire to wage jihad and terror plots they may have planned years ago. drama in court. the outburst from the juneman accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic. what happened in front of a colorado judge. trump uproar. outrage over the presidential candidate's plan to ban muslims goes worldwide. there's a new poll reveals he's as popular as ever. >> and later all of the singing and dancing on youtube and the viral videos that exploded in popularity in the past year. did your favorite video make it to the top of the list? >> they're good. >> he loves them. it's thursday, december 10th. . >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." >> good morning. i think i said good morning four times. >> you know what? we're going to cut you off on coffee starting an hour before the show. he is not allowed any more coffee, folks. >> the truth is, i do drink three or four cups before the program starts. look, i like welcoming the audience to the show. so i'll say it for a fourth time. good morning. let us begin with the main story this evening. with the investigation of the couple responsible for the san bernardino terror attack. >> apparently according to the fbi, they're saying syed farook and his wife had violent intentions for years and what's being learned since the attack last week really raises questions about the program that allowed them to be together here in the u.s. the latest on case now from abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: a terror plot years in the making. the fbi director revealed san bernardino killers syed farook and tashfeen malik discussed
3:02 am
waging jihad as early as 2013. >> they were actual radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online and were working very, very hard to understand did they have other plans. >> reporter: authorities are now investigating whether the san bernardino area high school may have been their next target. photos of the campus farook visited as a health inspector were found on a cell phone the couple tried to destroy. >> when somebody launches this type of attack, typically, there are other sites. >> reporter: and now word of an earlier plot. members of congress tell abc news farook's friend enrique marquez accused of purchasing the rifle claims he and farook planned an attack in 2012 but got cold feet. one of the biggest problems for investigators the electronics are encrypted. malik was able to enter the u.s. on a so-called fiance visa raising new fears whether terrorist fears are using similar relationships to gain
3:03 am
access to the u.s. >> do you agree with me if it was arranged about i a terrorist iroperative of an organization, that is a game-changer? >> it would be a very, very important thing to know. >> reporter: the fbi director says terrorists are successfully using encryption to hide conversations. as investigators work around the clock trying to decode the killer couple's message. >> abc's brandi hitt in los angeles. thank you. turning to chicago and another day of protests. hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets again intensifying calls for the mayor to resign over that growing police scandal and allegations of a cover-up. crit disks accuse emmanuel of concealing that incriminating dashcam video of a white police officer opening fire on a black teenager till he secured his second term. >> i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch. and i'm sorry. >> the justice department is now investigating the chicago police department. mayor emmanuel has also
3:04 am
appointed his own tack force to recommend police reforms. it was a stormy session in court for the man as you coos of the planned parenthood shootings in colorado. robert dear yelled in court more than a dozen times and admitted his guilt saying lease no need for a trial. more from abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the man accused of opening fire at a colorado springs planned parenthood office, killing three people, wounding nine, in a five-hour gun battle was in court, restrained by handcuffs and leg shackles. >> protect the babies. >> reporter: but defiant. in more than a dozen outbursts, robert dear says he is guilty. claiming to be a "warrior" fighting for the unborn. >> kill the babies. that is what planned parenthood does! >> reporter: dear is facing 179 felony counts, including first degree murder in the deaths of a police officer and two others. his public defender is the same attorney who represented aurora theater shooter james holmes at his insanity trial. >> do you know who this lawyer is?
3:05 am
he's the lawyer for the batman shooter that drugged him all up. that's that they want to do to me. >> reporter: the attorney suggesting that dear may not be mentally competent for the trial. >> you're trying to silence the truth. you're trying to make me -- you want to make this -- >> i think the problem is obvious, judge. >> reporter: dear has not yet entered a plea, and prosecutors have not yet decided if they will seek the death penalty. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. proof an if i weretive action and college admission has again blown open a deep divide win the supreme court. justices antonin scalia and others questioned whether the action at the university of texas mutts underqualified students in programs they may not be prepared for at the expense of better qualified applicants. the ruling against the university could endanger affirmative action at colleges and universities across the nation. >> now to the presidential race and donald trump hoing no weakness in the polls following his proposed ban on muslims
3:06 am
entering the u.s. a new poll in south carolina has trump leading the republican field by 20 points. that fox poll was taken both before and after his controversial comments. it is your voice, your vote. details from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: facing criticism here and abroad, donald trump now insisting his ban on muslims coming to the u.s. somehow has nothing to do with religion. >> wouldn't a ban on muslims violate the constitution's freedom of religion? >> no, because these are people that aren't in the country. these are people outside of the country. so we're not talking about the constitution. and it's not about religion. this is about safety. this has nothing to with religion. it's about safety. >> reporter: but president obama taking a veiled shot at trump, at an event commemorating the 150th anniversary of the 13th amendment banning slavery. >> we betray the efforts of the past if we fail to push back against bigotry in all its forms. >> reporter: hillary clinton
3:07 am
telling supporters in iowa trump traffics in prejudice and paranoia and that other gop candidates are one and the same. >> their language may be more veiled, less, you know, dramatic, but their ideas aren't so different. >> reporter: trump, who loves to win, laufrt the title of "time"'s person of the year to german chancellor angela merkel. but "time" did release this >> how's my hair? >> no good. >> no good. >> reporter: behind the scenes footage from their previous trump cover shoot. >> this bird is seriously dangerous, but beautiful. >> reporter: trump sharing the camera with an ornery bald eagle. who at one point tries to bite the billionaire's finger. >> and angela merkel was selected in part because of her decision to accept syrian refugees into germany. trump tweeting i told you "time" magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big favorite. they picked the person who is ruining germany. tom llamas, abc news, new york.
3:08 am
>> tom, thank you very much indeed. in britain the parliament has been -- there's been a vote in parliament or an attempt to force a vote in parliament to ban donald trump from going to the united kingdom. if in the uk if ten downing street the home of the prime if on their website they get more than 100,000 votes for a topic, it has to be debated in parliament. >> interesting. >> they're getting very close to that number. the only issue is if you think about it, is that you can't imagine donald trump will be very hurt by the prospect of not going to britain. a, in fact, b, they never would ban him anyway. c, i imagine he thinks it's hilarious. >> our side of the world has already banned him in one of the cities in america already. my hometown tampa across the bridge in st. petersburg, the mayor of st. pete, rick criesman tweeted out he said i hereby barring donald trump from entering st. petersburg until we
3:09 am
fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all trumps. >> quite funny. i imagine that is about as legal as donald trump's attempt about muslims coming to america. i think the thing in the british parliament, he will enjoy that. an attempt to ridicule him is actually something i think he will find beneficial. we will talk about, by the way, the "time" person of the year a bit later. >> okay. hillary clinton south carolina in for a challenge. nine days before the next democratic debate, a poll of new hampshire democrats shows bernie sanders in a ten-point lead over the former secretary of state. clinton has not led the new hampshire poll since august. in south carolina, more than 40 points over sanders in the latest poll. >> a study finds an added benefit to mcdonald's from its all-day breakfast. bringing in new customers. the survey found a third of the customers buying breakfast foods later in the day hadn't been to mcdonald's for a while. breakfast food also accounted
3:10 am
for more of the sales at the golden arches with many customers combining lunch and breakfast items in the same order. >> we're going to have to try mcdonald's at some point. all right. the skies are getting friendlier for united airline passengers. free snacks, richard. you don't have to be in first class. going to economy passengers, the airline says it's trying to make flying more enjoyable. the perk returns in february. passengers will still be offered a chance to buy more substantial items is what they're calling it, but boy, it's the little things in life. you want your cookie or pretzel when you get on board and don't want to pay for it. >> damn straight. what better than sliced bread. how about sliced chocolate. a japanese company is offering thin flat slices individually wrapped much like those singles that many of us use to make grilled cheese sandwiched. they're made of nama chocolate a rich and thick combination of cacao and heavy cream described as richer than regular milk chocolate but not as sweet as
3:11 am
fudge. >> did you just call coco cacao? >> that's what you call it. >> yeah. >> for now they're only available for the company called bourbon. you have to buy 12 bags each. that's nothing. each containing five slices costing about $26. >> you raised an interesting point. >> jack loves bourbon. >> i love bourbon. >> i think he's had a lot of bourbon. i think that's what's happened. this is what happened the other night when we get heckled but can't quite tell what he's saying. we're going to talk over him. no, we raise an interesting question. chocolate unsweetened pure chocolate is pro announced cacao. the plant is the coco plant. >> we call coco like hot coco. >> i think you can call it both. can someone explain? this is an interesting piece of information. >> cacao versus coco. what is the distinction. did i use it in the right or wrong context. >> in new york city, don't go out saying i would like a cup of
3:12 am
cacao. that's not going to work. >> it would be disgusting because it would be unsweetened. by the way, @ripped p bacon. >> the top events that burned up facebooking this year. you won't guess number one. >> speaking of social media, the hottest viral videos of 2015. is your favorite on youtube's list. >> first the invisible problem putting an exclusive community in danger. >> remember, check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. it's abcwnn. you are watching "world news now." [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting cough relief. delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night...
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oh, look at this. the pollution levels in beijing are inching downward as the city enters a third day of its unprecedented red smog alert. schools closed. plants on hiatus and half the cars ordered off the road. a cold front today could bring clearer skies. >> now to southern california where a gas cloud is hanging over the upscale los angeles neighborhood of porter ranch. families there say it's making them sick. >> the leak was discovered six weeks ago. hundreds of families are being relocated. kayna whitworth has the latest. >> reporter: what looks like clear skies in this southern california community is actually a town under a giant cloud of gas. >> we've got to close the windows. >> reporter: this infrared video appears to show methane gas leaking from an underground oil field owned by the southern california gas company.
3:17 am
>> the fact is, they should have evacuated these people a long time ago. >> reporter: lawyers say -- representing residents in the community say they've been complaining of headaches, nose bleeds and vomiting. >> the company temporarily relocating 700 families all right. >> we just thought it wasn't safe for our family there. >> reporter: the company saying methane gas causes no long-term health problems. but officials say residents can be sicked by the foul-smelling additive they minimum with natural gases to signal a leak. >> there's no threat to public safety. the area is closed off. >> reporter: the company says they're working as fast as they can to fix the leak. but the health department says more testing is needed. >> as the incident dragged on to a week to two weeks to over a month, we now have to bring in greater focus on the trace chemicals. >> reporter: socal gas says it could take three to four months before this leak is fixed. residents here want them fined to make sure this never happens
3:18 am
again. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles an. coming up in our next half hour, and the beauty and the beast 37 which one is which? a former pageant queen facing criminal charges after killing a bear she shouldn't have. accused of trying to cover up. she says it was just an accident. first youtube's greatest hits. we're counting down the top viral videos of the year. how do they match-up against the biggest of all time? find out. you are watching an "world news now."
3:19 am
viral videos have become more plentiful than pop songs. with each big hit, we get glued to our smaller screens into this year we definitely did. this year saw more than its fair
3:20 am
share of youtube sensations. for the ones that pulled in the most clicks we turn to abc's you. >> you chang. >> reporter: 2015, a year of prolific pranks and sensational spoofs youtube releasing its top ten trending global videos of 2015. at nine, the dover police officer who couldn't help but shake it off in his cop car. ♪ 37 million dancing along with him. roman atwood with this crazy plastic ball prank coming in at number three. a whopping 56 million views and counting. number two is the clash of clans can revenge super bowl commercial. liam niecen battling it out for more than 3 million views. >> youal regret the day you crossed angry nissan 52. and at number one, if you have an 8-year-old in your life, have you it on repeat. heaven king with this rendition of "watch me."
3:21 am
as in whip and nae nae. taking the crown for 116 million views. none of these come close to the most viewed youtube videos of all time psy's seemingly untouchable gangnam tile. nearly 2.5 billion views and no end in sight. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> come on. admit it. they're fun. >> they're fantastic. the policeman dancing is the best one. it seems i demand a recount. >> why? >> because he's at number nine. >> you think he should be higher? >> yeah. it's a problem with democracy. you can't trust the public to get it right. that was a great list. i met why you ju today. she's sensational. >> we love our juju. it's one of the benefits of working on the show. we get to see the "nightline" crew. >> she's the real deal, right? >> your eyes suddenly turned very starry. they're like glimmering like
3:22 am
glistening in the lights here. >> am i that transparent? >> yes, she's married, my friend. so are you. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. welcome back. it is time for "the mix" on "world news now." top story is about top stories. we're looking at the topics that have trended most on facebook during the course of the year. we're going to look at the top three. we'll look at all ten. what's striking is people are more serious than he would imagine. you would think "star wars" might be in there. >> the top facebook post is not in there once. it's nepal earthquake, planned parenthood, baltimore protests. the top three the charleston shooting at three and the debate over the confederate flag. number two, marriage equality and number one, you can guess number one. the u.s. presidential. >> really? that was what was popping on facebook for this year? >> yeah. you know, let's listen to
3:26 am
hillary and donald. actually, we've heard enough. i guess it's skewed slightly. whenever any of the other major topics come up that i mentioned there, then the presidential candidates will comment on that. so therefore, how popular they are the topic is entwined with all the other stories. >> when you boil it down, i think what americans want is harder news. they're into substantive issues. not just the light-hearted stuff. >> i agree. that stands out. that seems like a great thing, doesn't it? >> it truly does. >> what have you got? >> do you and your family on christmas put out christmas cards? is that big in the uk. >> yeah. >> you're too lazy to send them. apparently one family in utah do a christmas video. they pick one pop song and learn a dance routine. check out this family. look at there. >> there it is. >> this is justin believer. >> this is justin bieber's "santa claus is coming to town," a rendition of that.
3:27 am
they are from highland, utah. this is the 2015 holiday video. it's gone viral. we're talking more than 100,000 hits on youtube and more than 3 million on facebook since they uploaded it december 1st. >> it's a lot of work. i always look for the family member who is a little bit behind. whenever you see something like this who is the person behind in the routine. >> they're pretty good. they're wearing mommy's christmas sweaters she's put together. that's impressive. >> that like christmas cards i would like to be part of if only i weren't chronically lazy. the final story, this is a chap on electric guitar. he's playing the "star wars" theme but he's playing it on several electric guitars and mixed it together. it's just him, several guitars. listen. it sounds good. here's the thing. this film has to be the biggest film of all time. it's the actual marketing, stuff like this. viral marketing. > impressive, huh. >> love
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," political pressure demonstrators demanding the resignation of chicago's mayor. they say his apology over a growing police scandal is not enough. terror investigation. disturbing new details about the california couple who killed 14 people in san bernardino. were they planning other attacks? the developments overnight. and new this half hour, mystery on the shores of south florida. >> a treasure trove of coffee, wine and other valuable products washing up on the beach. how did they get there? and later in "the skinny," "the little mermaid" remake in the works. and you'll notice something quite different about this classic character and it's already upsetting some fans. it is thursday, december 10th. sday, december 10th. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." >> hey, everyone, good morning. on this busy thursday, i'm reena ninan. good morning. i'm richard bacon. we begin this half hour with another day of angry protests on the streets of chicago. >> demonstrators marched toward police headquarters calling for the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel over a growing police scandal and allegations an of a cover-up. >> but the mayor giving an impassioned speech to the city council is refusing to step down. here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: another evening of protests in the streets of chicago. the cities embattled mayor rahm emanuel in apology mode as he grapples with a growing police scandal and allegations of a cover-up reaching all the way to city hall. >> i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch. and i'm sorry. >> reporter: the mayor is at the center of the firestorm following the recent release of dashcam video showing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald
3:32 am
walking away from white officer jason van dyke who opened fire, hitting the black teen 16 times, killing him. >> critics have repeatedly accused the mayor of keeping the video under wraps till he secured his second term. >> what did you know? how much did you know? and did you suppress those tapes? >> reporter: it sparked days of protests. hundreds marched in the streets yet again closing down the city's famed magnificent mile. >> shut it down. >> reporter: emmanuel has scrambled to contain the crisis. the normally combative mayor was emotional as he shared a story about a young black man who asked him a question about a run-in with the law. >> do you think the police would ever treat you the way they treat me? and the answer is, no. and that is wrong. and that has to change in this city. >> reporter: the justice department here in washington is investigating the practices of the chicago police department. but mayor emmanuel has appointed his own task force to
3:33 am
represented police reforms. reena and richard? >> thank you so much. now to another police shooting controversy. a baltimore cop accused in the death of freddie gray testified on his own behalf. william porter says he didn't call for an ambulance because gray appeared alert and uninjured during a ride in a van after being arrested. gray died about a week later after suffering a spinal injury during that ride. there are alarming new details emerging about the couple behind the san bernardino massacre. the long-time friend of syed farook admitted he and farook considered a plot as far back as 2012. the fbi saying farook and his wife tashfeen malik were radicalized even before they met, and there's new evidence that together, they may have looked into other targets. details from abc's brian ross. >> reporter: authorities say they are investigating whether this high school in san bernardino county and its 2,400 students were to be the next target of the terror couple. photos of the complex have now been discovered on syed farook's
3:34 am
cell phone, and according to these forms it is a place he came to at least twice last year as a health inspector. >> we're working very, very hard to understand did they have other plans, either for that day or earlier. >> reporter: the fbi says even before farook brought pakistani-born tashfeen malik back to the united states in the summer of 2014, even before they started dating, they were already committed terrorists. >> and online, as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom, before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the united states. >> reporter: which also means that whatever u.s. background checks were done for malik's so-called fiance visa, they failed to discover that someone espousing jihadist violence was being allowed into the country. >> the united states government does not normally ask the intelligence community to look at the e-mails of somebody just because they've applied for a visa. there's just too many of them. >> reporter: an examination of malik's photos shows her evolution.
3:35 am
as she went from wearing a loose scarf and make-up at the start of college, to a more and more conservative dress. malik's facebook account has been taken down, but abc news was able to recover posts from the profile page of an account authorities believe was hers, showing a picture of a goat and a screen name in the urdu language, meaning a girl with no name. in august, 2014, she wrote, "woe to coconut muslims," a derisive term for one considered brown on the outside, white on the inside. the fbi director said his agents are investigating whether terrorist matchmakers are using fiance visas to get their people into the u.s. >> do you agree with me that if it was arranged by a terrorist operative of an organization, that is a game-changer? >> it would be a very, very important thing to know. >> reporter: the fbi has been interviewing farook's friend who provided him the assault rifles enrique marquez.
3:36 am
according to members of congress briefed by the fbi he claims they planned an attack in 2012 but got cold feet when the fbi busted up another terror plot in a nearby city. the fbi is trying to verify those claims and also marquez' mental stability. brian ross, abc news, new york. donald trump doesn't seem to be suffering in the polls following his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. a new south carolina poll shows trump with a 20-point lead over his nearest rival, dr. ben carson. that fox poll was conducted both before and after trump's controversial proposal. in tv appearance yesterday, trump said the ban is about safety, not religion. and on cnn last night, he defended himself against claims of bigotry. >> i am the least racist person that you have ever met. i am the least racist person. >> last night, trump told bill o'reilly his proposed ban on muslims would not impact relations with arab nations and he claimed that the u.s. doesn't need help from those countries to defeat jihadists.
3:37 am
trump was a finalist for "time" magazine's person of the year but that honor went to german chancellor angela merkel. the magazine praised the 61-year-old merkel for her leadership on everything from how europe is dealing with tens of thousands of refugees to greece's debt crisis. she is the first woman to receive the honor in nearly 30 years. a, i kind of like that water color painting of her. >> you do. >> you don't like it, do you? >> i don't like it. would they have done that if it was a guy? why not a beautiful picture of her. i know it's kind of artsy. >> i know an artist who uses a similar style. and does paint the guys like that. i quite like the texture. i know what you mean by not flattering, but i -- >> it makes it looks like she's got rosacea. she doesn't. what i have found, we've mentioned on the show many times is her poll numbers have completely tanked over the past couple of months in germany because of her -- a lot of
3:38 am
people within her right wing party have really turned their backs on her. her whole mantra has been don't worry, we'll manage the refugee crisis, we can't turn our backs on these folks. talk about having political backbone to do something you know is not popular but trudge forward. i think that's why she got the cover. >> i agree completely. that's what it's about. that's why she's an impressive politician when you do something that is unpopular that goes against the grain that will probably damage your poll numbers but you do it anyway as a point of principle, that's a terrific thing. >> we've got a twitter question. >> i was thinking i have a twitter handle. you'll know this if you've been watching this week. if you have, thank you. if you haven't, hello. my twitter handle is @richard p bacon. love to hear from you. here's our question. i think it's a way of getting to know the viewers better. who would be your person of the year? i don't mean famous person. i don't mean politician. i mean within your own life. >> okay. >> you can be sarcastic and funny if you want. >> sure. >> you can play it however you
3:39 am
like. tweeters, who would be your person of the year within your life and why? make the why short because it's twitter @richard p bacon. >> moving on, president obama welcomed israeli president reuven rivlin to the white house. for the annual hanukkah celebration. mr. obama said he was deeply moved by what he called rivlin's commitment to equality and justice. president rib lynn lit a menorah that was made in israel during the 1920s. look at that, that's remarkable. then he wished christians around the world a merry christmas. this is a big deal. it's really funny thing that a lot of israeli politicians even though they kind of tangled with the obama administration, everybody wants to get to the hanukkah party even if they don't agree we president obama's policies. they want an invite to the hanukkah party at the white house. >> that's beautiful, isn't it? we all know that march madness is a few moments away. so for those basketball fans needing an early fix, well it doesn't get better than this.
3:40 am
it happened in a high school hoops game in minnesota. >> these kids from austin high were down by two. a free throw with less than two seconds left, missed and a kid -- went in. look at that. >> wild celebrations there. >> that's remarkable. >> it's hard not to feel a sense of joy when you see other people enjoying themselves that much. >> boom. >> bounce in. thrilling. isn't it thrilling? >> the other team goes down with that one shot. oh, well. >> coming up in "the skinny," politics meets pop culture. what they're watching and listening to at the white house. >> great, yeah. coming up shortly. also ahead, the excitement over bruce springsteen's new concert tour. high ticket prices and warnings about ripoffs. >> and the former beauty queen in trouble after a bear hunting trip. the controversy and allegations over a cover-up after a look at the forecast map. more storms in the northwest. you're watching "world news now." >> you definitely are. you're watching "world news now." >> you definitely are. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural
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moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
3:44 am
feel the difference with k-y ultragel. florida's east coast, everything kind of like a virtual grocery store washed up along florida's east coast, everything from coffee and wine to dog food and laundry detergent. people who live nearby are taking advantage. loading up whatever they can carry away. the coast guard believes goods came from a cargo container that fell from a barge. but do you really want coffee that sat in sea water all this time? >> when i dream of treasure washing up on the shore, it doesn't mean old cartons of milk. >> and dog food. >> and dog food. there is -- there's more trouble for a former miss kansas.
3:45 am
the beauty queen and outdoor channel host theresa vail is facing criminal charges for illegally killing a bear. >> yeah, if convicted. she could face one year in prison. abc's neal karlinksky explains why. >> reporter: theresa veil is no stranger to controversy. the former miss kansas was the first miss america contestant to openly display tattoos. and she had to choose a new skill for the talent competition when they wouldn't let her shoot a bow. it's a bear hunt in alaska that has her in hot water. the star of the outdoor show "limitless with theresa vail" faces charges for accidentally killing a bear and allegedly trying to cover it up. during a legal hunt, police say veil had permission to kill one bear but accidentally killed a second one, then tried to falsify what's called a locking tag to make it appear the second bear kill was illegal. >> it's very important they operate well within the boundaries of the law.
3:46 am
if they operate outside of the law it undermines the purpose of having a professional guide organization in the state of alaska. >> michael renfro was one of the guides on the hunt with veil and has also been charged. >> if i could do it over again, i would do it differently. there was no personal gain to myself or my business. the only gain was hopefully theresa wouldn't lose her career. >> the outdoor channel says the hunt in question never aired and that they are committed to ethical hunting. >> vail says she followed poor advice and allowed the second bear to be improperly tagged adding she reported the incident and has fully cooperated with authorities. i am deeply sorry for my mistakes. arraignment is set for next week. neal karlinksky, abc news, seattle. >> thank you very much indeed. the man you will have to befriend if you want to listen to the wu tang clan's new album. >> a hair color debate on one of the disney's most beloved princesses. "the skinny" coming up next. album. >> a hair color debate on one of the disney's >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny hey there, welcome back. here's "the skinny." we are finally getting a window into what goes on in the white house as far as special interests, by special interests, i mean pop culture wars. >> i like this stuff. >> it's pretty cool. >> not to interrupt, but i am interrupting. briefly, it's relevant. the president released his ipod play list. >> oh, yes.
3:49 am
>> apparently what he does like how does a dollar cost? kendrick lamar. that song. have you heard that song? >> yeah, it's from a big grammy nominated album. >> kendrick lamar. >> i do know this song. let's have a quick lesson. ♪ >> who knew. >> that's what he could be playing in the only office, right? you feel bad by talking over it because it's a great track. there is something when you get that insight of what a president listens to, through his ipod play list, it's an interesting insight. >> you know what the first lady liked? michelle obama? "uptown funk." i love that song. i run harder on the treadmill with that song. >> i call that inarguable as a choice. >> this is her. she's got moves, doesn't she? she can dance. we should get her on "dancing with the stars." she's not doing anything next month, right?
3:50 am
she's got moves. >> she's definitely got moves. you know what else she likes, tv show, "black-ish," the abc show "black-ish." even more than music when people tell you what shows they watch. >> it's a good window. >> a great window into a person finding out what telly they watch. >> we should ask the producers of "black-ish" to get her a walk-on. >> why not. let's also talk about another story. >> little mermaid. >> so the little mermaid is being remade as a live action film. so there is the original. you can see that in that clip there, the little mermaid has red hair. however, in the real life action version, chloe grace moretz playing the little mermaid has blonde hair and will have blonde hair in the film. it has caused a degree of outrage. this is a person on twitter called stephanie marie who says i will not be watching an the new little mermaid movie.
3:51 am
ariel is a redhead, not a blonde. however, i would say this to stephanie marie, whilst i understand your anger, hans christian anderson, the author of the original story never in the book specified the color of the hair of the little mermaid. >> it's too late because television has intervened and she's a redhead. she's not a blonde. she's a redhead. >> disney intervened. >> disney. >> there's one funny story which is particularly interesting. a chap has bought the wu-tang clan for a reason no one understands and will never be explained. they made one album. by one album, i mean they printed one copy of this album they made. and the guy who bought it is a chap who managed to inflate the price of a life-saving drug. he invested in it and made a lot of money off the back of it. so the guy who's got this precious album is a guy lots of people don't like. now the only way you can hear that wu tang clan album is if you befriend that man than no
3:52 am
one likes and goes around -- in other words, it's a rack and you'll never hear it. >> stick around. we'll be back with more. ♪
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♪ you can't start a fire without a spark ♪ ♪ this gun's for hire, even if we're just dancing in the dark ♪ >> this, this one right now. that is "dancing in the dark." we're playing it just to get things moving, just because we like it. >> dancing in the dark. there's excitement in the building. the boss is returning, richard, next month. >> there are already some questions about the very expensive tickets being offered for sale this morning. they may be a scam for over eager fans. ♪ can't start a fire >> whether it's the allure of dancing in the dark with the boss or recapturing those glory days -- >> reporter: millions are
3:56 am
willing to journey to thunder road and beyond for tickets to bruce springsteen's just announced 2016 concert tour. tickets already on sale for as much as $6,000. on sites like stubhub, ticket network and vivid seats. even for those willing to take the pricey plunge, the new york attorney general says be warned. if you try to buy them, you might find yourself -- ♪ going down down >> reporter: that's because these tickets don't actually exist yet. posted by scalpers trying to lure in devoted fans to tempt to pay a premium. even scalpers can't buy tickets till they actually go on sale december 11th. it the attorney general alleges they take those regularly priced tickets and try to pass them off as premium tickets to early buyers pocketing the difference in cost. adele has also lent her star power to the fight saying on her website, the resale of tickets will not be tolerated. it's kind of sad somebody would try to take advantage of that, no?
3:57 am
>> it is. it's an interesting debate resale. don't you? if you've bought a ticket you could argue that you own the ticket. therefore, it is up to you if you want to resell it. >> i always dance in the dark. i know him personally. we go to the gym together and have the same guns. you can tell. >> i'm incredibly gullible. >> here's the thing. i'm just really gullible. when people tell me something, i automatically think it definitely happened. so when that photo came up and you spoke about it as it came up on our screen, you spoke about it with great sincerity. so for a brief moment, i genuinely believed. >> that's us. he asked me to come up and dance in the dark with him. when the boss asks you to come up, you come up and you dance with the boss. >> i don't know if you were really on that stage. i guess i'll never know. never going to find out. >> go to our facebook page, e 50 to 85:
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, uproar in chicago. protesters storming a police meeting, city streets and a crowded store. the mayor getting emotional. new calls for him to step down. terror investigation. new details about the husband and wife who went on a shooting rampage in san bernardino. the pictures on a cell phone showing what could have been another target and investigators trying to unravel the couple's encrypted messages. dramatic collapse. inches from people on the swaublg. a roof comes crashing down. long shot. an amazing winning basket from one end of the court to the other.


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