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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 11, 2015 2:05am-2:41am EST

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>> it ithursday nht aunt big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from
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washington whip, new jersey washington township, new jersey. this is amateurideo of fire tonight that attacked a home in the 00 block fayette street and that ho authorities of the house say this is a crime e. for what that means exactly let's go live to the fire location and "action news" reporter jeff chirico. jeff what you can tell us from there. >> jim, sources tell us that this y have been started after a mtic dispute and that o person isn police custody right now. let's take a look at the scene. you can see the washington township fire department wrapping up this job and this fire was relentless. you can see it destroyed the garage. there's a he in t ro above iand another hole in the roof above what appears to be living room. now let's sw what you ts looked like 8:0 tonight this is viewei'm sorry witness vio just after the neighbor's called 911.
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you elames shooting through left side of th hse. we are told that 6 people we inside e time. two adults and their fr grandchildren and wre told grandmother ran out of the house with the kids screaming for help. >> wjust heard yelling and carrying on when we e door we realize the the house was on fire and called 911 and they're running dn the street. >> terrible. we're two weeks bere christmas. it's -- the house looks like it will total loss. it's heartbreaking. >> you can see the mily had hung christmas wreemings rht there on the id window. we can on math tlin re christmas gifts inside this house for those four children likely damaged or very likely destroyed. once agn everyone inside made it o okay and those four children and their grandparents are okay. and we do t have an identity on that pson in custody however police here tell ushe
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fwlosster county prosecutors office will be releasing details shortly. we're live in washington township new jersey jeff jeff chirico "channel 6 action news". >> thank you je. firefighters in delaware county battled bn fire tonight e blaze broke out after 9 i400 block of west 24th up land and no animals were in the karen. unseasonably warm temperatures brought out the rlers in manayunk toght than is st start of a strch wsee temperatures soar to near record levels. let's get the full story from accuweather and cecily tynan at the "tion news" big board. >> temperatures rising all week long and today they spiked into the 60s. 6 ges. that's 16 above normal high f this time year and mperatures will beising as we head through tomorrow and actually even throughout weekend. each day we get warmer. rights now it's sti not that cold 49till above normal high this time of year in philadelphia. allentown 41.
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wilmington 4. millville 39 and sea isle cy currently 51. we ve clouds cover. satellite 6 and action radar showing a t ohighhin clouds over us and al with calm winds we could have fog developing in the overnight hours. there could be fog for morning commute and temperatures even at the low rhe day tomorrowot that cold for december. 44 degrees in philadelphia. and millvie, 38 allentown 37 and lngton 40. what's ahead i'm trackingv warmer air for the next three days and record highs and th this warmth wl end wi ra i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecasti >> thank you cecily >> thank you, cecily has everybody you ne to know for the days ahead iluding realtime scans from stormtracker 6 live. philadelphia cond is casino is major step closer to rlity tonight. philadelphia city council today unanimously
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approved zoning r the new tas facility which will be called stadium casino. the pject will rise at 900 packer avenue dith rnt holiday inn will be rebuilt to luxury hotel and casino will be accompanied by a conference center and 2600 car garage a restaurant and entertainment venues and official say stadium casino will produce 3,000 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs. people of all religions gher people of all religions gathered in rittenhouse sare to show solidarity tonight. to show solidarity tonight♪ an o rabbi and christian pastor gave prayers at th vigil t faith for the terror aacks th se are blaming on islam. donald trump ai-islam and anti-muslim stance has n hurt him in the presidential polls
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or so it would seem quite the opposite. republican front runner continue to soar. a n c times poll taken before and after trump sa we should b muslims from the united states says trump surged 13 points since ter to 35% 13 points since october to 35%. cruz trails t16% and carson 13% d rubio a9%. >> and this was t scene today as fbi sent differs into the suxt cmbee lake in san bernardino lornia 13 miles north of where 14 parakilled in holiday party sotings of december d fbi officials say they are searching for possible evidence only because they learned sy farook and tashfeen malik spent time here
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from time time katherine knott faces time sgrail convicted after salt for the incident 16 and chancellor last september and prosecutors y knt and friends were on the town last year when they saw the couple and spewed profanity laced slurs and e dispute turned physical. knott's attorney sa his client never touched victims. two other suspect pleaded guilty ithis ce. >> west chester university students are warned about man exposing mlf near campus. the fit incident happened saturday morning at 3. a student was walking inhe 40 a student was walking in the 400 block of south new stwleet a man stepped out from alley. a similar incident happened to two students sunday at 4.m. long south dling t and police say the suspect is a bald than his 40s with glasses and possibly drvz a dark blue mini van and police charged 7
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lehigh university football players in nction with an apparent revenge cre. investigators say unts broke f campus home last month and police y they were seeking retribution for alleged attack on fraternity president. but it turns out they went to the wrong house. police charged 21-year-old brian githens assault for punching a man and the others face criminal eass. >> america's military men and women around t world will have eyes fixed on philadelphia this weekend and play the 6 army-navy game athe li saturday and the cy is welcoming svice academies with on arms and "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in center city a dann not to be crass about it but city is hoping thousands of sors that will be here will on wallets. >> oh, absolutely jim. >>reporter: as you wl know the rivalry between army-navy
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football is huge and e economic impact if in our ci it's seen asur bowl game in economic terms. the mnavy game has a rich history of t just rivalry but pomp pageantrynd patriotism unmatched anywhere. >> there's a ton of pple that come to the game and they spend a whole lot of money a there's significant economic impact for usere in philadelphia which is why we always want to be the host city forearmy navy games. >> and the game may be twob days away and feingtstive 'tis have ge and at the i league they gathered for the gala which supervised on behalf of vet rapz and military communicate. >> i it kicks off the whole weekend with the army-navy sglaim we all know oill sglin go navy. >> as you can s there's rivalry here today. >> i have something to tell you >> i have something to tell you. >> all right. >> oh, no. >> here y go. >> they have nchance. >> army has
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ance. >> the rson he s a shirt like that he knows what part he should aopt front we're hoping they show up. >> i think you see how it shapes up for the game. they're expecting 0 visitors for t city a as for mey spent on hotels r and restaurant. >> we did a u saevrl years ago that showed a $5 mln economic impact for the city. we think aat this point that's probably conservative number. >> last time they posted in 201 they played in a driving ow storm. that will not be the case with temperatures expected in the 60s. >> whether >> weather will be great and we think pple will come early and stay late and ce and enjoy all that philadelphia has owe offer. >> by the way the city is in thehird year of fe year contract as hosts of the army-navy football game. and next year it will be back in baltimore before coming ck to pladelphia in 2017e to philadelphia in 2017
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we're live on the parkway center city live on the parkway center city, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> contract negotiations for the next five years. thank you, dann. philadelphia city council held its final stion of 015oday and mayor nutter took the opportunity too bid farewell the chamber where he once worked. >> the many ups d my downs and tragedies and triumphs we've seen together over e last eht years has just be an cdible experience a think for all of us certainly for me to be mayor of my hometown. >> and nutter also thank ited council for providing 400 million in new annual revenue for schools and helping to drive down violent crime rg his tenure and his term ends next mth. >> they left flowers at his statue arowan under arrest glassboro to hon ar the men that tnsformed t school and henry rowan di e age of 9 and donated 100 mii dollars tolassboro state
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college in 199. and the money created a sool of engineering and began to turn the college into a major university and economic engine for south jersey. >> and sll to come on "action news" tonight, runaway train. officials are investigating how a sn tin got away from the aon without an operator and building bikes. volunteers spent the night assembling gts for children in need. cecily. >> temperatures climbed to the low 60s today. even warmer air is waiting in the wings and it's -- i'll let you know how wm it gets and when it hoovz out. >> and several major airlines got a popular -- been a popular grivt planes and shawn darco and ithe saga continues when "action news" coinues.
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>> the train left the sthaition morning at 6 and did soithout an engineer. the train had 50 people on board and ran through four stations fe they could bring it to a halt by cutting off power. fortunately nobody was rt and officials say the train was tempered with bsomeone knew what they were doing. >> k minaj pledged to a philadelphia judged to eher boyfriend on track with his parole rules. 28-aold meek mill violated par o 2009 dg and gun case brepeatedly cnge s court approved travel schedule. the judge threatened to throat rapner jail over his infractions d menage testified that he never had structure in his life until she came along and he's "getting a customed to being an adult. >> rlity tevision personality kristin cavalari
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told eaxly they located her brother's body. he was rorted missing november 27 when his car was found abdoned in u taw. his cellphone and ltop wered in the the vehicle and there was no blood or any sign of foul playch the cause of death has yet to be determined. the three largest u.s. airlines are baning a popular item on my wish lt this holiday season. delta, american d united airlines announced today they are banning hor boards in checked or carry ggage and the problem here is potential fire danger fr t lithium ion bteries tt power the motorized devices. jetblue airways already prohibited hover board. >> volkswagen said the program to cheat on emissions tests traces bk to 2005. executives said today engineers began workingn the cheating software ten years ago and after they could not find a technical solution to help them
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pass s.mission tests. back in september the company admitted to building th software into 11 million cars around e world. >> in bucks country tonight they honored police officers that gavehe tate sacrifice. they oingted poj ekt holiday blue hiteing d the minimum blue hiteing under the minimumry of police officers killed in the line ever duty. and the f annual camden holiday parade rolled down market street ang with marches bz a fire police and vehicles and the was appearance ant reindeer. the parade ended with the parade end the parade eded with santa claus ding on top of a re truck. >> assembling 100 bicycles 0 wheels is awheretive than ghan 2008. they donated deserving children. organizer say the project gets bigger every year because the need is there.
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>> we teedback osocial services we partner with and they tl us the need they ha and impact that one tt action has. it's tremendous. >> since the beginning the program has delivered ov 530 bicycles. tremendous ft at holiday time and we vjust extraordinary accuweather forecast the getting warm ep and warmer. >> i think youngsters will got a lot of use outf bikes this weekend. it will fl like spring. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have dry conditions out there and we have cld cover. but sk tang a lo overbroad street and city hall. this is temple university sky6 camera and these clouds are high d in enoughhat temperatures dip a te and still compared to december standards it's not that cold. 49 currently in philadelphia. and normal high for this time year in the afternoon 46. each warmer than that no
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allentown, though, a little cooler, 39. the same imillville. trenton 47 wilmington 44nd reading 43. and some ofhe surbs temperatures drop to dewpoint. we'll see patch patchy fog again overnight and satellite 6 and action radar showing agn we have cloud cover now eus and center of this low pressure is ming well up north. these clouds dnot contain rain and they'll be breaking up quickly e morning and e bus stop fecast against patchy clouds andog especially suburbs and mi already. by 00, 47 jack set necessary sary and kid don't have to bundle up dog breaks quickly and temperatures off to races. 7:005. by 10:00, 55. 1:002. that was high today. 4:00, 63 i think we'll kit up of 5. and that will ehe record highs and next three days t record highs all 65 deges and
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all different years and tomorrow we'll likely tie that. saturday cld bak it by one degree and sunday rng up to 68 degrees. shattering old record high of 6 shattering old record high of 65 three degrees. where is coldir. cold air is locked way up to the r. jet extreme north of us when the cold air arrives wwill not be getting cc air. temperatures next week will be well above normal. not as l athe next four days. >> sohe exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast you like the warm air getting outside tomorrow and maybe ta a lunch break in and out park. 65. mostly sunny i. tieing at record if you cannot get outside tomorrow don't worry saturday warmer, 66 don't worry saturday warmer, 66. army-navy game on sday 6 also on new cd. definitely don't have to bdle up for eles game.
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monday, 68, clouds building through the day and rain developing ithe afternoon and evening with acold front of that cold front slip will you quickly monday night, tuesday breezyoer b stl mild for mid december. 56 degrees. wednesday sun and clouds with high of 58 degrees and then on thursday moisture moves innd buttock we're not talk snow we're talkg rain showers most we're talking rain showers mostly cloudy and hh of 56 degrees. so the ne four days record warmth e way and then even when it cools off it's still relatively mild. i actually saw people driving convertibles with the top down today. >> tnk you'll see a lot more of that. >> wm enough for that. >> que an theeng was at kimle center for performing narcotics philadelphia and children's hospital presented evening wh vienna boys khooir vienna boys khooir chair. >> and the program featured vevring holiday favorites and us tree an waltzes to classical masterpieces
2:29 am
and the e will benefit the oir and department of international medicine at children's hospital. that was jt some of the sounds from t overbrook school rhe blind winter star holiday concert tonight and performances given by encore singers and nr choir and soloists. definitely a picture wthy at a moment for loved ones tonight. >> the francis phil center was spreadingheer in north philadelphia. dozens of children were treated to a pizza party and short chat with y know who. at the end of event everybody went home
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>> to say there are a few subnrots going into the ge would be. >> just a fe >> chip says look shade>> chip says look shady is not on the te. it was too pricey and agent didn't want to regotiate. mccoy does not want tshake chip kelly's hand we know th.
2:33 am
and chip says he doesn't ple him. wow the gs' coach ct blames himself for fumbling trade. how about a very candid chip kelly tay. >> how hwas traded w not handled right and i said that before. i did not get an opportunity to talk to him. and it's a lson we should never and ielt d did not get a chance toalk to him i called h he didn't answer my phone ca i know he is missed and should be pissed and rightly sew and he was disrespected taken was wrong an because i was part of it's on me. i understand where he's coming from if he doesn't want to shake my handy understand tt i will always shake his handen if he extends sand to me i would always shake his hand. >> mccoy's replacement demarco murray is happy here and loves the eagles and believes he's a good fit. murray claims hs n one top go to cp kelly jeffery laury to complain about the carries and he has no idea why
2:34 am
his talk on the plane with e owners talk of the town. >> it's not t first time i sat next to yevr sat next to tory. he's my bs. communication is there. >> are you surprised it became as big as as a deal as it is. >> gentlemen, ry surprise>> gentlemen, very surprising like i said i can't ctrol anything i can't control and i don't know how it got out there and like i said, it jt communication with my boss the guy i work for. so i think s definitely made a lot bigger than what i really is. >> he's just talking to t boss. >> flyers had every right to singt blues when hgo to st. louis a they have not w there iten years and in fact the flyers have not scored a goal out there in five yes. and flyers g another shot tat in st. louis after 173 minutes without a goal and they get three in t second. matt reed on the rebound. flyers take the lead and two to go in the second and claw giroux what a vand what finish. flyers oto win 4-it's
2:35 am
their first win re since december 200
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. >> six eringz t guard tony roton in the starting lineup since last season. doesn't make a difference. what do you think. sixers trying bound in brooklyn after losing by 51 monday. end of third jeremy grant scores xoints off the v sixers upour as we gto the fourth. but they blow. it sixers tcored 30-17 the
2:38 am
the rest of the w andrea barnyarny sixers lose 191. they're 1 in 22. one of the greatest players in nba history has pass away. former sixer and hall of famer shays died at the age of 8 because of complications from cancer. he is third on the sixers all time franchise scoring list and check bednarik award named after late eagles great is not as prestigious asaturday's heisman but n tell that the temple. matkevich is recognized as best defensive player and senior linebacker ll tne last shot this play for me owls in twelve days. >> do you think the notre dame temple ga that got smuch national plicity helped him. >> i would think. >> i would think the tt
2:39 am
line he's tremendous le back erin he'll be the nf >> please touch museum was sights of family fun tonight salvation army and wells fargo hosted party for families in need. the winter wondrerland included car sell rides disit from santa claus d wls fargo donated toys for youngers d 50,000 check to the valsation army. >> jimmy kimmel is live. next. "action news" continuest 4:30. now, for the entire "action news" team i'm mardner good
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