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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. trump's new target. the candidate taking his first swipes at rival ted cruz. >> oil pays him a lot of money. he's got to be for oil, right? >> the polls showing cruz and trump surging to the top. is there big drama brewing ahead of the republican convention? caught on camera. to catch a thief. a university professor accused in a daring smash and grab. sapphires stolen from a museum. his students stunned. >> i never thought hans was capable of something like this. >> what authorities are saying this morning. and are others involved? close call. one driver's brush with death. look at this. the giant metal beam that came crashing through the windshield. >> sometimes people just get lucky. and today, this guy was very
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lucky. >> how he escaped with only a scratch. ♪ fireball and on fire. the incredible streak still alive. the warriors' nail-biting win. a double-overtime victory. >> throw it in. >> big hoop dreams with their 28th straight. setting their sights on that legendary record. >> austin takes a 20-second time-out. we're on, ron. we're on. ron is asking, are we on? he's been in television for several decades and doesn't know that when the red light is on. we are on. >> vary fie it. trust, but verify it. >> the red light is on. >> let's do a show. a fascinating new dynamic shipping up in what has been to say least a lively republican race for president. >> political theater at its finest. we haven't seen much of this from donald trump.
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there is no podium. in iowa, fielding questions from the voters. it was there that he spent much of his time taking on the man who has now emerged as his numero uno contender in that key state. we're talking about ted cruz. the attacks not as over the top as we have seen in the past. out to mary bruce this morning. hi, mary. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. it was a night of firsts here for donald trump. he held his first ever town hall here in des moines. and for the first time, took direct aim at ted cruz. >> what a nice job. thank you. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump is soaring in the polls. and drawing new battle lines in the republican race. >> it's not a contest between the two of us just so we understand. >> reporter: jabbing ted cruz for the first time. >> everything i say, he agrees with me. no matter what i say. i do like ted cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba. oil pays him a lot of money. he's got to be for oil, right? the oil companies give him a lot of money.
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so -- but i'm with you. i'm with everybody. >> reporter: the texas senator is gaining on trump in iowa, where corn is king. >> if ted cruz is against ethanol, how does he win in iowa? because that's very anti-iowa. i don't know how he wins in iowa. i don't know. >> reporter: this farmer tells us, cruz won't cut it here. >> i think if anybody else gets elected, i think it will be a disaster. i don't think anybody else can do it but him. >> reporter: you think it's trump or bust? >> that's what i think. >> reporter: trump says he'll take care of his chief rival. >> will you name him your vice president, or -- or -- >> he's a good guy. he is a good guy. i would say we would certainly have things in mind for ted. [ chanting ] >> reporter: earlier, at a lunch in new york, trump took more heat for his call to ban muslims from coming into the u.s. >> all: no trump, no kkk, no racist usa. >> reporter: a clear majority of
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americans oppose the idea. likely primary republican voters are split. >> right now, i have no problem with that. i like the idea. >> i wish he would focus more on problems with the immigration system in general. >> reporter: now, with 51 days until the iowa caucuses, trump promised he'll spend a lot more time here. joking everyone will be sick of him by then. in typical trump fashion, he says if he doesn't win here, this whole thing will have been a big waste of his time. dan? >> that sounds like a trumpism. mary, thank you. let's get more from matt dowd who is joining us from austin, texas, this morning. matt, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> so given the vigor with which trump has attacked his other rifles in the past, it seems to me like he's handling ted cruz with kid gloves. what gives here? >> i think it's a couple of things. first, i don't underestimate donald trump's ability to slow ramp up to a high burn. so get prepared. i think he's already started this.
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it may get hotter later on. two, there's a big overlap between trump voters and ted cruz voters. and so i think donald trump, who is very smart about politics, is aware of that. the third thing is ted cruz, though he's said a few things, has gone out of his way to bear-hug donald trump. so i think donald trump is weighing the best way to draw the contrast. >> republican party leaders appear to be very worried right now about the convention this summer. usually, conventions are simply coronations for the nominee. now there's talk that the republicans may be facing what's called a brokered or a contested convention. what does that mean? >> i think it's better to call it a contested convention. the time of brokers are gone. what that means is no person gathers enough delegates before the convention is held to have a majority. and so that's -- i think the number is 1236 delegates.
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nobody gets enough because of how the system works before mid march. i think there is some fear, and some expectation by some, that that may be the case. i think it's a small chance. but it's an increased chance that we're going to see this. and that point is, dan, nobody knows what would happen in the midst of that if nobody goes into the convention with majority of the delegates. >> it would be history and a full employment act for guys like matt dowd. thank you vmp. >> we would love it. we would love it. >> it would be an interesting week. no question about it. matt, thank you. a reminder. on the other side of the race right now. one week from tonight, be sure to watch the new hampshire democratic debate. "your voice, your vote" right here on abc. saturday, december 19th, at 8:00, 7:00 central. if we're not talking about politics in this country, we're talking about the weather. a lot of extremes. a lot of rarities. here in the east, a lot of us are ditching the winter coats because of record-high temps. if you're in the center of the country, a new storm is about to blast you. rob is tracking it from central park. hi, rob.
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no coat i see. >> as you said, no coat, paula. it's not required here. you can hear the birds chirping. it feels like spring out here. unbelievable amounts of warmth for the east coast and the eastern two-thirds of the country. records are going to fall in many, many cities. look at some of these numbers today. as we pump up the heat. unseasonably warm temperatures. mid 70s. 70 as far north as d.c. 65 new york city. 75 atlanta. tomorrow, we're looking for these numbers to kind of nudge a little bit farther to the east. temps getting over 70 potentially in philadelphia. you see the front, that will be the trigger for some severe weather here beginning early this afternoon. from austin to dallas, up through hopewell, mississippi. we'll get another round tomorrow. let's time it out. move it with the clock. we're getting moisture from the gulf of mexico. strong jet stream energy. snow behind this across the inner mountain west.
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the two bouts of convection will take place earlier today. then pushing off to the east tomorrow from shreveport up through paducah and maybe chicago. no jackets required here. i'm breaking a sweat, dan and paula. hopefully, i can come back in the studio where the air conditioning is on. unreal. >> sara speaks bird. and what those birds are saying is, what the heck's going on, marian know? why is it so warm? >> lots of profound stuff going on in the bird speak. >> they are confused. no doubt about it. >> i'm sure they are. get back in here. we'll see you in a couple of minutes. new developments in the california terror attack. investigators are searching for the killers' missing hard drive. divers pulled objects from a lake that's been at the center of the search. this is all about trying to understand more about the motives of these husband and wife killers. and who, if anyone, may have been helping them. kayna whitworth is on the story. >> reporter: this morning, after two days of searching, fbi investigators are focusing on
8:09 am
a hard drive missing from syed farook's home computer, which may contain a trove of evidence about how the san bernardino terror attack was planned and carried out. >> we're searching for any evidence that has to do with this crime. >> reporter: that hard dive, one of the items divers are searching for at the bottom of this lake. >> whether they're able the to get all the information from these devices, that's a question as to what type of damage the water has done, and/or, if they tried to damage the devices. >> reporter: overnight, the fbi confirming to abc news, they pulled items from the lake. but cannot verify if they're related to the terrorism investigation. the fbi still holding enrique marquez in custody. syed's friend and neighbor. whose assault rifles authority say syed farook and tashfeen malik used to kill 14 people. authorities are investigating. >> enrique was a smart kid. >> reporter: the owner of morgan's tavern, where marquez
8:10 am
worked as part-time doorman for three years, remembers him as quiet and polite. >> he checked i.d.s. he had a congenial personality that people felt comfortable around. >> reporter: one of the bar's regular patrons said marquez made allusions about terrorism. >> and he would just talk about, there's so many sleeper cells. and when it happens, it's going to be big. >> reporter: they say he bragged about marrying farook's sister-in-law. which authorities say may have been a ruse to help her stay in the united states. >> he said he married her for the visa. >> reporter: marquez worked at morgan's tavern for three years. you might recall it was three years ago, in 2012, authorities say perhaps marquez and farook were planning something but got cold feet. paula? >> thank you, kayna. terror just on everyone's mind right now. now to gun rights groups planning to stage a mock mass murder near a texas college today.
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their goal is to wipe out firearm-free zones on campuses at a time when this hot button issue is on everyone's minds. kendis gibson has the details. from austin. >> help! >> where's the shooter? where's the shooter? >> reporter: frightening footage but just a drill. this morning, fear that active shooter situations have become a new norm. driving a nationwide wave of shocking simulations. at this school in connecticut, officers storming through the doors. freeing hostages before taking down the gunman. today, plans for a mock shooting at the university of texas, austin. >> the goal is to help educate the public to raise public awareness. and to really start this national conversation. that gun-free zones kill us. >> reporter: the event, originally planned to be on campus in the midst of final exams, moved 20 feet outside u.t.'s property. after backlash and safety concerns. >> i'm scared. i'm very unhappy. >> reporter: this professor says
8:12 am
the event, meant to intimidate students. >> it seems to b me to be an absolutely terrible idea. >> reporter: but organizers say they'll be using cardboard guns so no one mistakes their spree as the real thing. the deadly san bernardino massacre reigniting the gun control debate nationwide. and north eastern university making the decision to arm officers with semi-automatic rifles. despite opposition from boston law enforcement. >> knowing that they're around makes me already feel safer. >> reporter: now schools and businesses around the country conducting near weekly active shooter drills. the timing and location of today's event couldn't be any worse. it will be midday as the students take finals. and it will be near a campus that was the scene of one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history back in the 1960s. >> scenes like that the new normal. >> over to ron for a look at the other stories. you're leading with the story about the mosque fire.
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that's right. out in california. a fire at a mosque. 75 miles from the site of the san bernardino terror attacks has been ruled arson. an unidentified suspect is in custody. after police officials say friday's fire was intentionally set. federal officials have now joined local police to investigate the blaze. as a possible hate crime. overseas to a possible landmark climate deal to fight global warming. after two weeks of intense negotiations in paris, a final draft text for a global agreement to reduce green house gas emissions has been attained. organizers are hoping to reach a final international accord later today. back to california. a health scare there for hundreds of newborns who must now be tested for tuberculosis after possibly being exposed to it at a hospital. this after a nurse at santa clara valley medical center disclosed she tested positive for t.b. while undergoing treatment for an unrelated illness. babies born between mid august and mid november will be treated
8:14 am
now with antibiotics. and take a look at this. a terrifyingly close call for a driver in san jose, california. more california news. a massive metal beam smashing through the windshield. narrowly missing the person behind the wheel. firefighters say when they got to the scene they were shocked by what they saw. >> thought it was going to be a lot worse. sometimes people just get lucky. today this guy was very lucky. >> the answer to your question, paula. driver escaped with a scratch on his right elbow. officials believe the beam possibly fell off a truck carrying material before landing on that bmw. >> lucky to be alive. and soap stars from abc's "general hospital" collected several boxes of toys while filming a christmas episode of the show, that's been on the air since 1963. those toys will not be on-screen props. they'll be donated to the marines toys for tots foundation, all part of the
8:15 am
share the joy campaign headed by disney, of course, the parent company of abc news, which employs all of us. and finally, from what i call our florida file of the strange. and there really is such a file. florida file of the strange. it's a very large file, by the way. a tale of a sudden change of luck. check this out. giovanni sanchez was all smiles this past wednesday when he won half a million bucks in a florida scratch-off. but his luck then ran out. 48 hours later, his mug shot taken friday after police arrested him on an outstanding warrant for allegedly stealing jewelry from his ex-girlfriend. police say they tracked him down when they saw him come forth on television to collect his lottery winnings. >> i mean, honestly. really? you can't make it up. we're getting into your file right now. there's a w-2 in here. that's also strange. >> ron's bills from the 1970s. >> i'm telling you. it exists. >> we should say. ron, you have been out for the last couple of weekends.
8:16 am
>> we missed you. >> we did. >> i feel like i've come home to my family. but another week away from my family wouldn't have been bad. [ laughter ] >> it speaks to the dysfunction of any family. >> remember, ron, the red light is on. you're on television. >> we're still going right now. >> we love you. >> welcome back, uncle ron. advice for people panicking about holiday presents. as you may have heard, shipping companies are struggling to keep up. becky worley is here with tips to make sure your gifts arrive on time. what you got for us, becky? >> reporter: good morning, dan. good morning, gift givers of america. it's crunch time for online shopping. and those deadlines may be inching up on you because delivery services are overwhelmed with gifts bought online. two days left of hanukkah and less than two weeks until christmas, time is running out for the procrastinators to finish up their holiday shopping. and according to shipping information company, ship matrix, expected package deliveries might spell trouble. for millions of online shoppers. >> i was expecting the gifts to get here.
8:17 am
nothing will be under the tree. >> reporter: the reason, u.p.s. and fedex just can't keep up. the number of people ordering online skyrocketing this year. making on-time deliveries a challenge this holiday season. how can you make sure you don't get left out in the cold. first, get high-tech. apps like slice can help you monitor all of your online orders and show you exactly when your package is set to arrive. even easier, a new app called curbside. it lets you order on your phone from many retailers then schedule a pickup. i pull in and fire up the app. they bring everything i ordered right to the car. i don't even have to get out. >> welcome to target curb side. may i have your i.d.? got your items right here. >> thank you so much. >> okay. have a great one. >> reporter: that was convenient. if your must-have gift is only online, order in time. if you need standard shipping, you have three more days to ship with the post office. fedex setting the cutoff for december 16th. u.p.s. gives you two extra days
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until december 18th, before you have to shell out the extra cash to make sure your gift arrives on time. don't forget that ordering online and picking up in store is a great option. stores like best buy, macy's, apple let you shop online and if local stores have inventory, you can go grab your goodies all the way until christmas eve. >> we get ourselves in this situation every year. we're never going to learn. thank you for those tips. moving to a game full of heart-stopping moments. a long-fought win for the golden state warriors over the celtics. keeping up their incredible win streak. moving closer to breaking a big record. >> one on one. >> and he lays it in. >> reporter: an undefeated season on the line. the golden state warriors got it done. but not without drama on the hard court and two overtimes. >> what a game for draymond green! >> reporter: the california hoopsters came to play the boston celtics and keep their 28-game win streak alive.
8:19 am
now the second longest win streak in history. it took awhile for warriors star and reigning mvp stephen curry to get started. in the fourth, curry knox down a three. and as time expired, the celtics with a chance to win it. but the shot blocked. game went into the first overtime. and then in double o.t., the turning point. with under 1:00 remaining, the warriors extend their lead and never look back, winning 124-119. >> exhausting but fun. it's nice to get the win. we had to claw our way to it. >> reporter: up next, they complete a seven-game road trip tonight against the milwaukee bucks. >> that's what we came on the road trip to do. try to go 7-0 and keep our streak in tact. we're one game away from accomplishing that goal. >> they've won 28 straight. a little trivia. whose record are they trying to beat? >> i think it's the lakers, from '71, yeah? >> how many did they win? >> they won 33 games in '71.
8:20 am
>> you cheated. >> oh, really? >> paula told me before the piece ended. >> we're not very good liars, are we? >> no. don't miss the big day of basketball on christmas day. including a big double header right here on abc. >> boy, i remember that '71 season. it was a doozy. christmas day when we have the triple header of basketball that's not much news. happy about that, a little gift for us. check out these waves on the oregon coast pounding the northwest coast. huge waves all the way down to ventura, california. a series of storms taking its toll. that's dramatic stuff. 30, 40-footers offshore, when they come breaking in they give a good show of mother nature's force. next batch of rain, wind and snow coming in from noon
8:21 am
seattle, portland. also heavy rain this weekend pushing through the mid section of the country could see 2 to 3 inches or more of rainfall from dallas to kansas. here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. for us in the lehigh valley and delaware valley we're talking record highs for today through monday. there's a little bit of fog developing across parts of area. visibility has been reduced across the outlying suburbs. we'll keep that in place over the next hour or two. once the fog lifts, mild, 66 today. 70 unheard of tomorrow. typical jewel thief.
8:22 am
a professor, a guy with a man bun, on camera accused of stealing precious gems. plus, the abc news fixer to the rescue of restaurant owning sisters. they didn't read the satellite tv sales contract. got a huge bill. what you need to know. and the dos and don'ts of the holiday party at the office. expert tips on how not to overdo it. you'll thank us later. yoda, the force is strong with you. [baby screams] steven... i... here. you look amazing. mom hey honey, you want to watch star wars with me? i'm busy dad. dee? i am your father.
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>> good morning, 8:27, saturday, december 12 i'm eva pilgrim, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over center city. it looks gray in the picture, 53 degrees, let's head outside to meteorologist chris sowers, a wonderful 53 degrees. >> reporter: if you didn't know any better you would have thought it was october with the temperatures.
8:28 am
the seven-day forecast shows record highs today, tomorrow, monday, 66 degrees is what we're forecasting this afternoon. 70 tomorrow. 69 come monday. there could wet weather late in the day on monday, all three days look beautiful. get out and enjoy it. tuesday, wind, 62. wednesday, mostly sunny, stays mild high of 60. >> that's it for "action news," we're back in a half-hour are stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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8:30 am
and we welcome you back to "gma" on this saturday morning. trump taking on ted cruz. launching his first attack against the texas senator who is now gaining momentum in iowa. trump is referencing his cuban heritage saying, quote, not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba. >> a lot of people think that is an anti-catholic remark. also right now, holiday package thieves are targeting delivery trucks and their drivers. in wisconsin, a delivery struck stolen. a day after a u.s. postal service van was car jacked. in florida, a helicopter caught alleged package thieves driving from doorstep to doorstep over several miles swiping packages. also happening right now, mark zuckerberg on diaper duty. the billionaire facebook founder revealing how he's spending his paternity leave. he has nearly 1.5 million likes since posting this snapshot on his facebook page last night.
8:31 am
seems like he's up for the task. he wrote one more down, thousands more to go. >> oh. >> and speaking from one year's worth of experience. thousands is like right about the right number. >> and you've changed one of those thousand? >> like four or five. >> not a thousand. >> daddy of the year. >> not great percentage. >> thank you, paula faris, for ruining the next 48 hours. coming up, the restaurant that got a bill that was hard to swallow. they almost lost their business. until the abc news fixer stepped in. advice you need to hear before you sign on the dotted line. we start with the college professor who police say is moonlighting as a cook. >> police say he's the man stealing expensive jewels from the cleveland museum of natural history. mara schiavocampo is here with more. hi, mara. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it wasn't exactly a complex caper. police calling it a smash and grab all caught on camera. the alleged culprit is not the usual suspect. this morning, cleveland police
8:32 am
are questioning an ohio physics teacher accused of being behind an $80,000 jewel heist. at the cleveland museum of natural history. >> as long as i have been here, this is the first time it's happened at the museum. that any of them got hit like this. >> reporter: in this surveillance video, police say the man seen here sporting man bun and full beard is hans wrage. the professor casually strolling into the museum. 30 minutes later, allegedly slipping out of a service door with $80,000 in sapphires. this police report suggesting there was no "ocean's 12" style laser maze acrobatics. instead, according to the document, at closing time on decemberrd, security guards noted seven sapphires, over 100 years old, were missing. in their place, smashed glass. according to cops, a single
8:33 am
strand of hair. >> they don't want a lot of information to get out. we don't want to tip off anybody involved. >> reporter: john carroll university has placed wrage, a popular part-time lab tech and teacher, on temporary administrative leave. >> extremely surprised. >> very quiet. kind of down to earth. >> i never thought hans was capable of something like this. it's a big surprise to me what he would be doing with $80,000 worth of jewels. >> reporter: wrage is expected to face charges of grand theft and vandalism. as for the precious gems, they still haven't been recovered. is it just me or is the worst part of the crime the man bun? >> yeah, he's hiding them in the man bun. that's where the gems are. >> i don't mind the man bun. but if you're a professor, why not wear a mask. a disguise. >> lessons in crime from paula faris on a saturday morning. >> well, i have to imagine that the weather is probably wreaking havoc on those in the east coast that had skiing plans, right rob?it's been a tough go in the northeast as far as getting the
8:34 am
slopes covered, but hunter is open, four trails and one lift. there's a sign, but you can see it looks like spring up there. if you like spring skiing use two or three trails toalt get down. -- to get down. the trend will continue through the holidays, well above average temperatures for the northeast. the trough in the west will bring slightly below average temperatures for the inner mountain west. where the trough is, we'll get several storms that come through and big time snow. if you want to do skiing go west. mt hood meadows opening up. tahoe doing better compared to last week. rain coming into the lower elevations. >> reporter: double scan live is clear, big story continues to be
8:35 am
the warm weather, 66 degrees for the high today. potentially 70 tomorrow. 69 monday, maybe a little wet weather monday afternoon. veryth. target is amazing. >> more holiday presents, hello. more everything else that you don't need and fill up the basket when you need four things. >> it happens at target. coming up on "gma," why it pays to read the fine print. how the abc news fixer helped out. what's popping on periscope? >> i want to tell people to click on one of our old periscopes this morning. we had a bit of a sibling moment between faris and harris. child-like antics. a nanny demanded on set for you two. >> us? >> let me just say. paula was in the wrong. see it on periscope. much more coming up. keep it here. periscope. much more coming up. keep it here. you there... stormtroopers!
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welcome back, everyone. >> welcome back. that kind of -- i'm -- ron is rubbing off on me because i'm surprised with the red light on that we're on television. >> it's been one of those days.
8:40 am
yes, we're doing live television. two sisters worked really hard to start their own restaurant. but almost saw their childhood dream go up in smoke. >> that is before the abc news fixer, stephanie zimmermann stepped in. it's all about the fine print. these two restauranteurs in el paso, texas, are more than just business partners. they're sisters. vanessa and jessica marquez. whose childhood dream of running a restaurant came true last year when they opened papa pita. >> we're cooking. serving. in and out of the kitchen. >> reporter: a salesman from directv came in, they signed right up. but then, a year later, a disturbing call from the law firm representing directv. >> she was telling us that we're being sued by directv. she said $15,000. i was like, what? >> reporter: the sisters were told that the tv was on a residential plan, not a commercial plan.
8:41 am
they were violating federal law. vanessa and jessica got the penalty knocked down to $5,000 and paid some of it to avoid collections. but they couldn't afford the rest. >> our server stephanie was watching "good morning america." saw your segment. and was like, you guys need to contact this lady. >> reporter: and then things got cooking. even showing directv pictures of papa pita. that sales man had to have known this was a business. directv said the company would accept their word that they didn't know. the company agreed to stop all legal action and erase their remaining $3800 in fines. >> all: it's fixed. thanks, abc news, fixer. >> when the sisters got this giant $15,000 tv bill, the company pointed to the fine print in the contract, which said residential. of course, they hadn't seen that.
8:42 am
the first tip in dealing with any sales transaction is to read the contract. take your time and read every word. if what a sales person promised you is not written in the contract, it doesn't exist. vanessa and jessica got lots and lots of sales calls. the advice is to resist pressure. compare offers before you decide to commit. telephone salespeople and door-to-door salespeople are counting on you to make a decision on the spot. you don't have to. >> thank you, stephanie. i imagine she'll get free pitas for the rest of her life. if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer, find her at fixer. coming up, timely advice. not specifically for me, how not to make a fool of yourself at the holiday office party. your etiquette guide with rob marciano coming up. ironically. >> where is the irony in that? g up. mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor
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♪ we are full swing into the holiday season. for a lot of us, that means there's a work party or two coming up. here to help us avoid missteps that could make the office an awkward place is tory johnson. i ask this first question on behalf of my colleagues at the desk, often overindulging. how much is too many when it comes to alcohol? >> are you somebody who should avoid it because you're going to overdo it? and sometimes the answer is yes. don't test your moderation gene. if you're unsure about what moderation means for you and whether or not you're going to be able to stick to something that is not going to embarrass you, avoid it at the office party. the thing you should do is participate. participate in, i like to say, channel your inner sara haines. if there is karaoke, charades. the fun things that happen at office parties, participate.
8:47 am
it shows that you're a team player. you're not risk averse. you're willing to have fun in the right environment. so go for it. >> sara haines can play some charades. you don't want to be a wall flower. >> you don't. exactly. >> here's something else that can be awkward. you don't know what about to do about it. what do you do about giving gifts? >> it can be challenging. you don't want to be the suckup or the scrooge. the best thing is to figure out the standard protocol within your department and company. some companies have very specific rules. other times, colleagues have gathered to determine the protocol. follow their lead. most importantly, say thank you. if there's any kind of festivities going on. any kind of function that the company has planned or someone in the company, say thank you. >> and a hand-written note is not a bad idea. >> can't hurt. >> great stuff as always. back to you guys. >> holiday party etiquette with the one and only rob marciano. thank you for that. coming up on "good morning
8:48 am
america," when gingerbread turns into an extreme sport. it's going down. "pop news" is turning competitive. who will walk away champion? stay tuned. >> rob and i. i guarantee it. you're going down! you're going down! there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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♪ all right. it's time for "pop news" this morning, a gingerbread house competition. that's coming up. you actually have some "pop news" items. >> i've finally given dan something to do in "pop news" because it kills him to sit here and listen to me. >> no, no. >> that's not true. >> sometimes i sit and read the paper. >> you do. i've seen that. it's national gingerbread day. time to bust out the sculptural masterpieces. just like the contestants in the 23rd annual national gingerbread house competition.
8:53 am
more than 160 entrants are putting their skills on display in asheville, north carolina. what's known as the olympics of gingerbread. we decided to stage our own contest. very similar. very olympic-like. rob and ron versus paula and dan. >> you guys are going down. >> they have nnl tuntil the end "pop news" to decorate their houses. i gave them a head start. we'll keep going while they play with their food. pioneering toy company goldiblox is going viral. they're paying tribute to the most accomplished women of 2015. with a gaggle of mini mes dressed up as the female superstars of our time. from amy schumer, which, i want that one. beyonce. missy copeland to ruth bader ginsburg. they know how to rock it, girl-power style. how cute is that? >> we're not paying attention. >> keep working. there's art happening. celebrity chef alton brown knows a thing or two about the best tools to use in the
8:54 am
kitchen. what about the other weird, wonderful, and ridiculous products out there? well, it turns out, alton has strong words and opinions. he doesn't agree with the reviews on amazon. particularly this one from someone who bought a set of meat-handling claws. >> very sturdy. but i'm just not sure what i bought these for. a fork will do the same job. a fork? i think deep down you do. know why you bought these. you can't do this with a fork. ya! >> i'm pretty sure i can assure him that they're not using handling claws on their masterpieces. it's time to see the results. >> no! >> no! >> keep going. oh, my gosh, ron, what did you do to the front of your house? >> come on, baby. look at that. >> right now, i'm seeing art take place on the faris-harris house. >> how did that happen? >> your house looks like it's
8:55 am
been hit by the ghostbusters. >> you're not even doing anything, man. >> i know my place. i did what she told me. >> ron, ron who is in charge of squirting whatever that is. that house looks like it's melting. was that rob? >> it's snowing. it's snowing in 60-degree december heat. >> dan's been eating since they brought out the props. >> red and white. >> paula, tell us what you're doing here? i wanted to go with one theme. red and white. classic. isn't that pretty. >> dude, we need candy canes. we have to have a candy cane on the gingerbread house. >> i feel like there's a clear winner. ron, tell us what you're doing with the melting gingerbread. >> it's not melting. look. it's not melting. it's not melting. we reinforced the front of the house. which was the proper thing to do for surt and mother nature disaster that might come our way. >> i think we know who won,
8:56 am
sara. >> i don't know if dan deserves this because he's eaten most of the props. i'm giving this to paula. because paula has been a rock star at her olympic gingerbread. omething i'm eva pilgrim, i'm eva pilgrim up next on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. ♪ strike up the band, it's army-navy game. a woman with alzheimers was left out in the colder, she was dropped off by septa. "action news" gets answers and talks to the woman's upset son.
8:57 am
it's december, but it feels like spring. those stories up next on "action news" saturday morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> good morning it is saturday, december 12, i'm eva pilgrim. here's what we're following on "action news." the linc is the setting for
9:00 am
the football rivalry. army takes on navy this afternoon. espn brings broadcast to the stadium. so much for the weather for the game we're flirting with record highs. this is not our normal for the army-navy game. it's usually freezing outside. chris sowers has the very mild. i keep saying mild, because you keep saying mild. >> reporter: you can use the word warm, splendid did. the fer fer fer wait until you see the numbers in the seven-day forecast. it's minds boggling especially two weeks before christmas. you see haitz out there, we have -- haze out there, we have patchy fog. 52 in philadelphia. it's warmer than the average high for this time of the year.


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