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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday december 15. here's what's happening. >> a violent hit and run crash lands a philadelphia police officer in the hospital and now a manhunt is on the way portman behind the wheel. >> police say two women attempted to turn a berks county wal-mart into a boxing ring in two separate incidents. the story is brand new. >> after a 10 year hiatus star wars is back. there was a big premiere last night. the rehe contraction so far too thumbs up. we'll give you the latest. >> and we have some crazy things going on with the temperatures this morning. let's turn to david and karen. good morning. >> it is still mild out here. it actually was even milder a few hours ago just before 3 o'clock we set a record high for this date at 69 degrees but the temperatures have settled and they won't go quite that warm later this afternoon. we also have some clouds overhead although you can see he some breaks around philadelphia and moving up to the north and overhead on the terrace right now we are seeing some stars break through.
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so, we do expect the return of a good deal of sunshine today. 61 degrees is your current temperature. still mild. although a bit breezy across the region. 57 in allentown, 56 in reading and 61 in millville and trenton, 58 down in sea isle city and there's that wind i talked about. 17 miles per hour breeze right now in philadelphia and we're going to get gusts as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour as we roll past sunrise and in through the day. still going to be on the mild side today. just not quite as warm as the last several days. 59 degrees by noon. your high is that 63 at 3 o'clock and then by 6 o'clock down to 54 degrees and breezes easing back and falling back a little bit as we head into the evening hours. we do have a nice one tomorrow, then rain on thursday and some chillier air coming in. after that karen rogers i will check all of there in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right dave. on the roads we're drying out but just a bit damp. this is i-95 approaching cottman. some building volume here southbound and again some building volume approaching girard. no big delay just yet though.
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a 14 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. i want to show you the vine street expressway. scanning our cameras and just noticed a problem here. look at how this westbound traffic really jams as you head off towards 30th street and the schuylkill expressway. so, watching for this jam on the westbound vine and all the ramps near 30th street are currently jammed. expect a delay right there. that's something we're looking into. the vine reopened from that overnight construction that closed it. crews will be coming back again tonight at 11 o'clock and shutting down the vine so although it's reopened we've got a real jam-up here westbound on the vine as you head towards the schuylkill expressway and towards 30th street. we had a problem with construction blocking both of the northbound lanes on city avenue past conshohocken avenue. you can see those crews have cleared, traffic moving better right now so no big problems. we're open in both directions now. we have a downed tree causing an issue in bucks county right on state park road near skinny lane. crews are on the scene trying to break up this downed tree but in the meantime it's blocking a lane. also new accident coming in to us in clementon camden county
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right on the white horse pike eastbound at gibbsboro road. matt and tam. >> thanks karen. the search is under way for a driver who struck a police officer and then took off from the crime scene. we are told the impact was so violent that the officer's body flew up and landed on the windshield. "action news" reporter katherine scott is lie at the 17th police district with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: matt, police say they know who the suspect s they just haven't been able to arrest him yet. as for the officer, he remains at the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, he's in stable condition. he's an officer from here at the 17th district. he's 26 years old. let's go to the video of the volkswagen that the suspect abandoned at 22nd and ellsworth. the windshield is shattered from where the suspect hit the officer while trying the flee. police say the officer was hit with such force he was thrown and landed on a parked car crashing a hole in that windshield. this all started around 6:30 last flight on the 2700 block of sears in grays ferry. seventeenth district police
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had responded too report of a man with a gun when the suspect jumped into a vehicle and tried to get away but going the wrong way down a one-way street. that's when he struck the officer who suffered a severe head injury and broken bones. neighbors rushed to help the officer. >> just goes to show that there's some really good people out here that are willing to help the police at times of emergency. >> reporter: well, the suspect abandoned the car, there were two passengers left inside, an 18-year-old woman and an 11-year-old boy. police say they're possibly related to him. again, the search is on for the suspect this morning. they know his identity. they just haven't arrested him yet. we're live in point breeze, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> keep us posted. the gunman who opened fire critically wounding a woman in philadelphia's kensington section is still on the run. the 37-year-old victim was standing in front of a home on the 300 block of east somerset street when she was struck in the head last night. she remains hospitalized.
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police are unsure if she was targeted or randomly hit. >> new this morning, one woman is in custody and another one is wanted by police in connection with two separate assaults at a wal-mart in berks county. both assaults happened in the wal-mart along allentown pike in muhlenberg township over the weekend. mary silsky is hack caused of punching a customer in the back. on sunday police say another woman seen in this surveillance video assaulted a customer standing in the checkout line. >> the woman who was on a cell phone dropped a jar. the other woman in line said something to the effect that if you wouldn't have been on your cell phone and paying attention you wouldn't have dropped the jar. >> police say the confrontation turned physical and then the suspect ran out of the store and may have been picked up in a car driven by a man. >> new information on a deadly tour bus crash that happened in the pocono mountains over the summer. a truck driver says a medical condition caused him to black out before the impact. the crash in tobyhanna township monroe county left
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two italian tourists dead along with the bus driver. franklin wyatt says he hasn't operated a tractor-trailer since the june 3 wreck. one of the surviving bus passengers is suing him and state police are still investigating. >> it is now 6:06. happening today jury deliberations will resume in the first trial related to freddie gray's death. the city of baltimore is now on alert as it waits for a verdict for officer william porter. porter was tried on four charges including involuntary manslaughter. if convicted, he could get up to 10 years in prison or probation. this is one of the first of the six trials in the death of freddie gray. gray died in april after suffering a spinal cord injury while he was in in police custody. bill cosby fired back at seven women who are suing him for defamation. in a counter suit he alleges that the women made "opportunistic and defamatory accusations against him." the women have claimed that cosby defamed them when his representatives branded them as liars. the women went public with allegations of rape and other sexual misconduct by cosby he
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from years ago. while cosby has been sued, he has never been charged with a crime. >> the price of oil keeps dropping and so does the price for a gallon of gasoline. it is almost sub two dollars nationwide. maribel aber has your market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. hard to believe, right, oil fell to below $35 a barrel at one point yesterday. its lowest level since early 2009. the most recent drop it's due to fears of a surge in oil from iran once economic sanctions are lifted next year. so the slide in oil continues to push gas prices lower. the average, the national average for a gallon of regular is now just slightly above two dollars, down 54 rents yes from a year ago. in the philadelphia area the average is that $2.24 a gallon, down from $2.78 a year ago. talking stocks, stocks rebounded from last week's selling yesterday with a triple digit gain for the dow. right now futures pointing to a lier open. reports on consumer prices and business conditions in new
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york state have due to be released today. finally seattle is the first city he to let uber drivers unionize over pay and working conditions. seattle city council voted unanimously to give drivers of uber lyft and other services the right to form a union but there's plenty of opposition to the move here. the decision is likely to be challenged in court and seattle's mayor says he will not sign the bill. that's the late of the in business news from the nasdaq market site. back to you matt and tam. >> thanks maribel. >> let's turn to dave murphy. it is unbelievable it's december 15th and you step outside in short sleeves. >> a little cool this morning and a little breezy, too, butter things are still on the mild side certainly for most of this week. as we take a look at storm tracker most of our rain from last flight is done. we had some earlier sprinkles and they also look like they are now off the map and as we take a look outside we have the river rink at penn's landing and i don't know, is that ice melted down there? almost looks like it might have over the last couple of days. of course they got the ac units going so that always
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helps and pretty holiday lights down there, too, around the rink. love that christmas tree on the left. blue lights are really cool. 61 degrees in philadelphia currently, 60 wilmington, 57 allentown, 56 reading, 58 degrees in cape may, new jersey. satellite shows you cloud cover still out there. it is starting to break up a little bit across parts of the region and i mentioned a moment ago i can see the stars out overhead. mixing with some clouds over channel6 right now. to the west we are expecting some more breakups, some more dry air coming in and we should return a fair amount of sunshine during the early morning hours once we get past sunrise and then even more sunshine this afternoon. sun returning in the lehigh valley today, breezy, 60 degrees is your high. cooler than yesterday but still well above average for mid-december. same story down the shore. sun returning, breezy, 61, a little cooler than yesterday but still pretty nice. and in philadelphia, we'll go for an afternoon high of 63 degrees with sunshine returning, breezy conditions. winds are actually going to be rather blustery gusting as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour through the day.
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notice i said afternoon high. today's actual high is 69. we hit it several hours ago just before 3 a.m. and that was a record high for this date. so, you're not going to feel it in the afternoon but technically we did hit yet another record, that's four in a row in philadelphia over the last warm stretch. 56 degrees by 8 o'clock. 58 by 11 o'clock and obviously this afternoon we will not get quite that high. 62 by 2 o'clock and then the 63-degree high false at around 3 o'clock. tomorrow with that system off the coast and high pressure to our north delivering a bit of a northerly flow, we'll cool down to 57 but this is still well above the average highs which are sitting in mid 40's so still warm tomorrow under the sun, less wind. then this next front comes through with rain for thursday and after that cooler air gets in for at least a couple of days and it starts on saturday with a trough in the jet stream. remember how that ridge has been in place with the jet stream well above us for most of the last several weeks. we are going to get a little dip in which is going to push our temperatures back down into normal territory for saturday and sunday.
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your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 63, still mild and breezy today, 57 under the sun tomorrow, less wind, nice. and then cloudy with rain with that that front on thursday. i think the rain probably holds off until after the morning commute the way it's timing now but periods of rain off and on and a high of 60. that system gets out of here and when we're knocked down to 51 degrees by friday, but as i just showed that you little trough dips through on saturday and sunday and we get highs in the 40's much closer to the average highs for saturday and sunday. chilly for the eagles at night. and then of course we're back up into the 50's on monday as that is just a quick dip into the 40's. wild and wacky stuff. >> yeah, thank you david. 6:11 and still ahead more stories you didn't see last night including new fallout for an american business owner whose truck was used by terrorists. >> texas grinches grab something more valuable than a holiday package off of a porch. karen. >> the commute has not been too terrible just yet. we're looking live in lansdale montgomery county. route 63 west main street is moving very nicely at this point, starting to dry out. we're going to take you to the
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schuylkill and see what it looks like there coming up. >> star wars awakens. we have new reaction from the red carpet premiere later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here, the view of the commute
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going up and over the platt bridge right now it is 6:14, 60 degrees. you see the camera jumping a little bit. dave murphy tells us there will be a bit of a strong breeze out there today. >> what does karen rogers tell us. >> well, what we can say about the weather affecting your morning commute is that we just had a little bit of drizzle every night and the roads are really drying out so no big problems, no fog like yesterday so we're doing all right. we're looking live right now and this is the schuylkill expressway at the vine. westbound a little bit of slowing right here and eastbound looks okay as you head towards 30th street. we saw some extra heavy congestion westbound on the vine that's leading to the schuylkill and 30th street but it doesn't appear to be any big problem but just something we're watching right now. let's go to the maps and show you some other issues out there. we've got a new accident, it's on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at langdon street it's blocking the right lane in the outer drive so you might want to stick to the inner drive and here we've got this disabled vehicle, it's been out here awhile in springfield township on bells mill road at paper mill road. downed tree blocking a lane,
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crews on the scene trying to fix it but state park road near skin flee lane in bucks county look for that. let's check the temperatures as you head out the door. we hit a high overnight nearly 3 a.m. of 69 degrees yet again another record setting day. temperatures coming down from that a little bit. we're in the 50's. 56 in martins creek, 57 warrington, 56 in chester. a pretty nice start to the day. we're drying out a little bit. 60 in hammonton, 63 in dover, delaware. as you look ahead by the afternoon we'll have a afternoon high of about 63. the sun returns. we are going to see a gusty breeze. gusts up to 30 miles an hour at times but a nice day all in all. matt and tam. >> thanks karen. new on "action news" t-one swift leg swipe took down an armed robbery suspect who took off during his court hearing. oklahoma county courthouse video he shows the 19-year-old dashing through the hallways after his hearing didn't go his way. district attorney david prodder stepped in and helped take down the teen. no one was hurt during the incident. the teen is facing additional charges for his escape attempt. >> also new a texas family
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says thieves swiped packages off their doorstep but one of the packages had nothing to do with the holiday and it's worthy $40,000. surveillance cameras at this houston home caught the bandits in the act. the family says the package may not look like much but the men actually snatched medical equipment that they need that ups just delivered. it appears as though the two men drove away in a dark blue chevy impala. no arrests have been made. >> 6:17. the first reviews are in. does anyone dare spoil the plot twist of star wars for for the rest of us? the answer later. first up tech bites. >> in today's tech bites registering drones. >> yeah, it will be required by late february for the hundreds of thousands of drones currently flying but if you get one as a gift you'll have to register it right away. the faa registration web site opens next monday. >> google map rolling outer new features features. >> you will be able to quickly pull up a store's holiday
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hours and retailers busiest time of days. facebook getting in on all the star wars excitement. >> click the try it button for the star wars accounts post and you can choose between the blue light sabre the color of the jedi or a red sith light sabre many what's it going to be richard. >> blue. blue is my generally sincere answer. >> i prefer the color red. >> the debate settled. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day, everyone. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life.
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was l-o-v-e, and not s-a-l-e. that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> we now all know what president obama will be getting for christmas. first lady michelle obama let the news slip during an event at the children's national health system. she said she plans to get the president workout stuff adding it's not going to be a very interesting year. one of the children suggested maybe she should get him more ties instead. i don't think that would help. the first lady also read to the children and brought along the family dogs beau and sunny. >> he does wear a tie every day. it would be useful. >> men don't wear ties as much
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as women want them. >> presidential seal on them. >> those are probably free. >> we're looking live at 422 past oaks. eastbound traffic starting to slow a little i'd say from past oaks to 23 but it's not looking too bad. don't forget with the septa regional rails new schedules went into effect on sunday so you got to grab the new schedule before you head out and the media elwyn line between 49th and secane board all the trains from the northbound platform. they're doing ongoing construction dave. >> on the big board we have the kids dressed in a jacket, light stuff this morning as we have got temperatures in the low 60's in many spots and we'll probably wind up back in the low 60's later this afternoon. it is going to be very windy and blustery out there today with winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour but pretty mild. 56 degrees by 9 o'clock. then up to 59 by noon and your high today is 63. the afternoon high anyway. we already hit the daily high around three in the morning at 69 and that was yet another record. four days in a row we've had record highs in philadelphia but this afternoon that 69 is in the rear-view mirror and
6:22 am
this is all you'll see for a lie. as we take a look at the airport today, haven't got a whole lot of rain. boston had some a little while ago and still does this at this point but not enough to create any morning delays. all green aircraft on the big board at this hour. matt and tam. >> going to health check living single may be better when it comes to your physical health. the study in the journal of family issues finds that living without a partner whether because it's you're divorced or never married is associated with lower body weight. on the other hand people who live with someone or are married had a higher body mass index. researchers think when you live with someone you're more like to cook more and share more meals leading to greater consumption overall. >> the eagles are now in a three way tie for first place. the giants and dolphins were all tied up in the fourth when odell beckham jr. scored the go ahead touchdown on this pass. the 31-24 win over miami gives new york the same record as the eagles and the redskins. the 3 nfc east rivals are all tied at six and seven. >> it is now 6:22. coming up at 6:30 a police
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officer is hurt that are a hit and run. >> katherine scott is updating the search for a suspect. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam. the search is on for a suspect who hit a police officer with his car and then took offly we're live in point breeze with all the latest details coming up at 6:30. [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪ [cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪
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>> a texas plummer is suing the company that bought his old truck and then turned around and sold it to isis. the image of the terrorists riding in the mark one plumbing truck went viral last
6:26 am
year. since then the company said it received death threats and lost revenue. an attorney has filed a lawsuit against auto nation. the company resold the truck at auction to someone from turkey. "gma" will have more on the court action coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> star wars is back in theaters after a 10 year hiatus. the cast and creators of the force awakens joined fans at the world premiere in los angeles. insiders tell us audiences at hollywood's tcl chinese theater began clearing from the very first moment the film's first words appeared on screen. it was impossible to convince anyone to reveal secrets after the movie was over. >> it was great. it was everything i expected and more and there was a lot of surprises. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> what was the biggest surprise. >> i can't tell you that. >> the movie will be released nationwide on friday. some predict it will break box office records. star wars is produced by disney which is the parent company of 6abc. so if you just can't get enough of star wars head to for more. you can watch my interviews with the cast and photos from
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my trip to los angeles and there is still time to enter our star wars sweeps stakes to win a pair of tickets to opening night. >> 6:27. meteorologist, david murphy is tracking more mild temperature in the accuweather forecast. >> and coming up brand new at 6:30, a california doctor puts the elf on the shelf craze on the naughty list. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> happening now on "action news" a philadelphia police officer is nut a hit and -- hurt in a hit and run. >> detectives continue to search for the gun plan who fired a stray bullet that struck a young girl as she walked home from school. >> elf on the vessel. one doctor warns the fun holiday tradition might be giving kids a complex. >> good morning everyone it's 6:30. find out later on this tuesday. let's send it to david and karen for weather and traffic.
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>> all right guys. we're off to another mild start. i've got kind of a wind break here on the terrace. some of you out in the open probably have have breezes to deal with. rain from last night is gone but there are some breaks in the clouds now and we should transition to some sunshine pretty quickly today and maybe even wind up with mostly sunny skies later on. 61 degrees in philadelphia currently with a breeze blowing. 60 degrees in wilmington. 61 in trenton. these are all mild numbers. by the way today's high was already hit back around three ooh::in the morning. we were at 69 degrees. temperatures have fallen since then and we'll stay below that but that 69 yet another record high in philadelphia. 17 miles per hour winds right now so again some of you are dealing with a breeze and as we roll through the day the gusts are probably going to go 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. for your school commute this morning 56 degrees by 8 o'clock. and by noon, 59 and on the way home from school that's your high, 63 degrees under the sun, blustery today but still on the mild side. when we step inside we'll talk about the next chance of rain in the seven-day forecast and then a back to reality kind of
6:31 am
forecast for the weekend, karen. details coming up. >> we knew it was coming eventually, right. as you're heading out we have no big weather related problems to affect you, no fog like yesterday that we had and we have some showers. we're pretty much drying out so the roads are in pretty good shape. starting to jam on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look past the blue route. eastbound traffic headed towards the curve and that eastbound traffic pretty jammed from the blue route to the curve and again from montgomery to girard and westbound jamming from past the boulevard to gladwyne. no big problems on the schuylkill expressway much we had a disabled vehicle that cleared on bells mill road at paper mill road. things moving better here and we had an accident still out here on the roosevelt boulevard. it's blocking a lane in the outer drive so the right lane blocked in the outer drive as you head on the boulevard southbound at langdon street. give yourself a little time and maybe stick to the inner drive to avoid that accident on the boulevard. let's check i-95. starting to get little heavy. this is southbound traffic approaching cottman. pretty heavy past academy to cottman and again from allegheny to girard its a 24
6:32 am
minute ride so you could see that volume really building from woodhaven to the vine. we had an accident on the white horse pike just cleared here in clem men ton so traffic now moving better there. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. we have breaking news in center city philadelphia. >> one person was injured in a establishing that happened outside of an apartment building at 23rd and walnut. >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick just arrived at the scene and joins us live with the latest. annie. >> reporter: and matt and tam, police tell us that this happened around 6:00 a.m. what we know right now is that there is one victim. he was stabbed and has suffered puncture wounds in the side and also in the hand. he was transported to hahnemann hospital where he is right now in stable condition. well take a look behind me. you can see that area that police have cordoned off right in front of the lobby, the front steps to the river loft luxury apartments at 23rd and walnut. they're still piecing together a lot of the information like if the victim lived here or if he was just walking up the street. we're told by police that
6:33 am
they're actually possibly investigating whether or not this stabbing could be linked to another incident where a person was reportedly slashed possibly in the face at 21st and arch which is only a few blocks away. they say that the suspect description is the same in both cases so that's why they're trying to figure out if these two are connected. that suspect was wearing a gray hoodie and also carrying a white bag. so, right now they're looking at that surveillance video. they're also trying to talk to the victim at hahnemann hospital and also the person who reported the other possible stabbing at 21st and arch. again they're saying that he did suffer a garb t a gash to t. we know there are two victims within of the past couple blocks just apart from each other. if you have any information you're urged to contact police. for now reporting live in center city, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> thanks for those details annie. and a hit and run driver knocked a philadelphia police officer airborne and left him badly hurt but police say they know who they're after and an
6:34 am
arrest could can come at any time. katherine scott is live now outside 17th district police with the latest on that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the 26-year-old officer remains in the hospital in stable condition. he works here at the 17th district. as for the suspect, the search is on for him this morning. police say they know who he is but they haven't arrested him yet. let's go to video of the suspect's volkswagen. you can see that shattered windshield. police say that gives you an indication of the force that the officer was hit with. police say the officer was hit with such force he was thrown and landed on a parked car smashing a hole in that windshield. investigators say this happened just after 6:30 last night on the 2700 block of sears in grays ferry. seventeenth district police had responded to the report of a plan with a gun. when the suspect jump need a vehicle and tried to flee by going the wrong way down a one-way street. that's when he struck the officer who suffered a severe head injury, a broken leg an
6:35 am
shattered kneecap. the suspect later abandoned the car at 22nd and ellsworth with passengers inside. >> when he fled on foot in his desperation to get away he left his two passengers in the vehicle, an 18-year-old female and an 11-year-old boy were in the car. >> reporter: and again police say they have a good idea, they know who this man is. they just don't know where he is at this point. we are live in point breeze, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thanks katherine. a stray bullet struck an 11-year-old girl who was walking home from school. it happened on the 700 block of west luzerne street in the city's hunting park section yesterday afternoon. police say the child was just a half a block from her house when someone fired four gun shots and one struck her in the foot. she is recovering at saint christopher's hospital for children. no arrests have been made. >> ♪ >> and new this morning, a woman with a gun held up a gas station in north philadelphia. police arrived at the exxon on the 3100 block of north broad street a little bit after 2:00 a.m.
6:36 am
they're reviewing surveillance tape. so far the woman has not been caught. no injuries were reported. and philadelphia police and the fbi are searching for a bandaged bank bandit. surveillance photos captured the suspect with a wrapped up hand and he was wearing a 76ers cap. he held up the citizens bank branch on frankford avenue in mayfair yesterday. the man handed the teller a note grabbed some cash and ran away. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. a reward is being offered for information pleading to his -- leading to his arrest. >> 6:36. tonight is the first gop debate since the attacks in paris and san bernadino and so immigration and terrorism are expected to be big topics for the nine candidates. donald trump will be at center stage again. ted cruz will share in the spotlight. the two are in a virtual tie in iowa, the nationally trump still holds a sizable lead. new jersey governor chris christie will join the prime time pack. john kasich carly fiorina marco rubio ben carson jeb bush and rand paul round out the lineup.
6:37 am
follow the debate along with our own brian taff. he will host a live chat with voters and a political analyst on facebook. join him with your questions and comments at news. >> turning now to dave murphy to talk about accuweather for today and for this evening. going to be a little bit of a change. >> yeah, a little bit. it's been really warm the last several days. cooler today but still well above average. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you the rain has gone. outside we have clouds overhead but there are breaks in the clouds. you can kind of see those bright lighter shades of gray. that's clear skies beginning to build in and we're looking live on sky6 across from temple university down towards center city. a little bit breezy out there. can't really see any flags or anything in this picture that will show you that but mild still certainly. as we take a look we're at 61 degrees in philadelphia. in fact the coolest numbers right now are in places like allentown and reading where you're already in the upper 50's so not bad. winds out of the northwest though at 17 miles per hour. and we will see some gusts as
6:38 am
we roll through the day even higher than that. i want to quickly cover monday's highs. all of these numbers highligh highlighted in yellow with the asterisk next to them those are records we set yesterday n philadelphia that 70 was a third straight day in a row with a record and today we've actually already set the fourth straight record high when we hit 69 in the bree dawn hours -- predawn hours back around 2:54 this morning. we're not going to see 69 this afternoon but we did earlier and that will officially go down as a record high again for today. so record warmth in play yesterday. now things are easing back a little bit. you can see some breaks in the crowds. we expect more of that out through the west as we go through the morning. we'll wind up way fair amount of sunshine today. 56 degrees by 8 o'clock. 58 by 11 o'clock and then a high of 63 around 3 o'clock. so, again, mild today, just not as mild as last several days and again those blustery winds are part of the package today so kind of ahold onto the your hat sort of afternoon ahead. 60 degrees is your high in allentown, 60 in trenton, 62 in wilmington, 60 in cape
6:39 am
play. all these numbers below yesterday but still well above average. the average fly philadelphia for example is from the mid 40's today. tomorrow with that system out of the way and high pressure funneling a bit of a northerly flow we'll ease that number down to 57 for a high tomorrow but there won't be as much wind. there will be lots of sun. then a frontal boundary couples at us for thursday. we'll get some rain out of that during the day thursday. lined that, even cooler -- behind that even cooler air is on the way as we head toward the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 63, still mild breezy. tomorrow not as windy sunny and cooler though with a high of 57. thursday is the cloudy rainy day. if i could see rain maybe holding off until after the morning rush hour but then periods of it throughout the day and then in the evening. 60 is the high. friday 51 then we get a quick dip in the jet stream. it drops below us. we get what we call a trough versus a ridge which brings cool air down from canada and on saturday brisk and chilly a high of 42. sunday still chilly with a high of 46. those numbers are a lot cooler
6:40 am
than what we've seen recently but they are very close to average. on monday we're back um to the 50's so this is a quick dip coming. >> thank you david. a heated exchange let's the coffee fly wean a customer and a clerk at a drive through window. >> an ill advised romantic gesture ends up causing a big traffic jam in texas. karen. >> and that has bad idea written all over it. looking live in chester county this is the 30 bypass at 322. pretty heavy now from 322 to 113. we're getting word of a new accident on a busy highway in new jersey. i'm going to get to the latest details. heads to the big board and be right back with that one. >> ♪ >> if you're a parent with little ones you probably have an elf on the shelf. one doctor says it might not be such a good idea. why coming up on "action news." >> ♪
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♪ ♪ discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday >> ♪ >> 6:43. do you think that river rink might need a little ice. they have devices beneath the ice to keep it cold. >> yeah. >> but what's going on above it is not helping matters right. i'm sure they're work those things overtime making sure the ice is icy. >> everybody in the apartments just open their freezer door, whatever they can get. >> i think there will definitely work, tam. very high tech. you know, that's right, these mild temperatures not good for everybody i guess. as you head out right now, we had a little drizzle in the overnight hours that has since dried out and the roads are pretty much in good shape as you look live. we're seeing some volume out here. this is the vine street
6:44 am
expressway approaching the schuylkill. westbound traffic right here headed towards the schuylkill. you see we're pretty slow as you head towards 30th street westbound. you see how traffic is kind of jamming up. we've made some calls in. no one reporting any problems but seeing some extra heavy traffic right there on the vine street expressway westbound headed towards 30th street. let's look at the big picture. couple of problems that are out there. we've got this accident that's been causing problems on the roosevelt boulevard. it's in the outer drive. it's southbound at langdon street and it's blocking the right lane so stick to the inner drive if you're on the boulevard southbound. also a new accident in wynnewood. look for it on lancaster avenue at city avenue blocking a lane there as well. overall we're seeing speeds start to slow down 35 miles an hour on the schuylkill westbound past belmont. eastbound about 32 near girard. and look at i-95. 15 miles an hour southbound at cottman. 26 at girard. so that normal morning volume really starting to kick in at this point. let's take a look right now in bucks county. we've got a problem here with a downed tree. we've got crews on the scene trying to clear it and here we're looking on 295 southbound at mount holly
6:45 am
willingboro. this is a new accident that came in and it cleared just as soon as it came in. this one in burlington county so watch for that new accident, kind of came and went very quickly and you may see some residual slowing. how about the temperatures as you head out the door. it is nice and mild. overnight it was near 70 degrees much we've dipped a little bit its 56 in warrington, 55 in chester, 54 in center city. but you're still in the 60's in some spots in south jersey. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. and breaking right now, one person -- actually i think this is -- >> this is the coffee fight. we can go with this. newly released video showing a employee throwing hot coffee at a customer. customer says he asked a female employee to toss out his old cup of coffee. she refused and when she handed him his fresh cup of coffee he began to drive off. then the customer says a male employee threw the hot coffee. the customer returned to the drive through window threw cold coffee and spat at the employees. the coffee shop released a
6:46 am
statement saying it has taken the appropriate steps to address the matter. >> ♪ >> breaking root now one person was you. >> a louse fire in philadelphia's west oak lane section. the fire broke out at a row home on the 2100 block of 65th avenue about an hour ago. the crews were able to get it under control within 30 minutes. one person was taken to einstein medical center. no word yet on that person's condition. and happening today, president obama will speak at a naturalization ceremony in washington, d.c. the president says he plans to use the occasion to put a human face on the syrian refugee crisis. yesterday the president assured americans that airstrikes by the u.s. and its allies have knocked out key isis leaders in syria. his message to the remaining terrorists is isil you're next. >> falling in love can make you do crazy things. case in point. a houston man proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a highway. it was her favorite spot to see the city skyline. friends followed the couple in cars and stopped across all lanes to block traffic.
6:47 am
the romance was lost on drivers who honked their horns and sped by on the shoulder. houston police say they didn't really even get any calls of complaints though people were clearly complaining on the road there. in hindsight the man admits this probably wasn't a bright idea. his girlfriend said yes. >> it's 6:47 and a preview of "gma" is up next. also, a psychologist is warning parents that the elf on the shelf could lead to bad things for kids. david. >> looks like a bad thing for that elf right there. we have light jackets on the kids. we're on the mild side. right around 60 with a breeze blowing currently and only getting up to the low 60's later only i'll have area temperatures. we'll take a look at the current winds and we'll give you your day planner forecast. that's coming up next.
6:48 am
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>> time now for a preview of "gma." >> let's go to amy robach see what's coming up on this tuesday morning. hey, amy. >> hey, good morning, matt and tam. coming up next on "gma" the race for president. the candidates gearing up for tonight's big republican debate in las vegas. donald trump center stage once again still leading in the polls. ted cruz though catching up.
6:51 am
we're going to have the latest on all of that. and then the successful financial advisor now wanted for attempted murder. the suspect on the run after stabbing a woman for no apparent reason in a drugstore. the manhunt is under way right now. plus a dramatic rescue on mount hood. four members of an oregon family trapped every night in deep snow. the family is sharing their incredible survival story this morning. and the count down to star wars is on. hollywood heavy weights all out last night for the world premiere of the force awakens. we'll tell was they're saying about it this morning. matt, tam, do you have your tickets yet. >> yes. >> yes, we do. >> yes, we do. i'm sure you do, too. all righty. >> i don't yet. were he have to get on it. i want to see it too. let's take a look outside right now see what the roads are looking like. already heavy on route 42. that's your northbound traffic coming from coles road to 295. a bit of a slower go. let's check delaware county for you. no big problem here. this is a good shot of the roads, too. we're really drying out after some leftover sprinkles early
6:52 am
this morning. blue route approaching baltimore pike. building volume in each direction. no big problem. also a you head out new schedules went into effect with septa's regional rails on sunday, dave. grab a new schedule. >> all right, karen, that we will. it's mild out there this morning. a little breezy, though. winds can kicking around in the teens. 61 degrees currently in philadelphia. northern and western suburbs still in the 50's and we have a couple up are 50's down the shore. winds are a factor. 17 miles per hour right now and we're actually going get gusts up to 20 to 30 miles per hour as we go through the day. so, blustery out there but on the mild side. if you're running errands, 56 degrees by 9 o'clock, 59 by noon. your high today is 63. at least in the afternoon that's the afternoon high. we actually already hit the daily high back around 3:00 in the morning. 69, another record high in philadelphia but we won't that be mild later on today, matt and tam. >> thanks, david. a doctor from los angeles has is putting out an i wasn't usual warning. the elf on the shelf can make children paranoid and parents lazy. dr. stephanie marcy of children's hospital in l.a.
6:53 am
are concerned parents are using the elf craze as a way to scheme their children in behaving so they don't have to do it. they say it can serve as an intrusive surveillance. the doctor advise parents to assure they keep the tradition height hearted and humerus. >> ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> ♪ >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick has new information on two separate attacks in center city. annie. >> reporter: and matt take a look behind me at 23rd and
6:56 am
walnut in front of the river loft apartments. this is where after 6:00 a.m. police say that a plan was stabbed. he did suffer a puncture wound to his side and to his hand. they're still trying to sort this all out whether or not the man lives here, whether this was a robbery attempt but they also learned that there was a report of a man who suffered a gash to the face. the suspect description is each the same. a man wearing a gray hoodie carrying a white bag. they're still trying to work this out. victim in this case -- actually in both cases is expected to be okay. the victim in this case was transported to hahnemann hospital. again police say if you have any information you are urged to contact them. for now reporting live in center city, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> all right annie. let's take a look outside right now and check your traffic. this is i-95. roads are drying out. not too many big problems. looking live at allegheny. southbound traffic pretty heavy from past academy to cottman and again approaching allegheny to girard. dave. >> the rain is gone. sun is coming back big time later on today and it's still
6:57 am
going to be mild but not as mild as it was the last couple days. your afternoon portion of the day sees a lie around 63. and we actually get up to 69 a couple hours ago but 63 later. >> crazy, crazy weather. all right. that's it for us. we'll send you on to "gma." for karen, matt, david, i'm tam. we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. everything in one place. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru,
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good morning, america. dramatic showdown on the las vegas strip as donald trump and his supporters face off against protesters overnight. >> [ bleep ]. >> as trump prepares to go head-to-head with his republicanal rivals in that crucial debate tonight. >> it's gonna be big and they're all coming after me. >> the gop front-runner reaching new highs in our latest poll and why many are talking about what trump's doctor said about his health. the fbi busted a disturbing new isis plot. a maryland man arrested for supporting the terror group charged with taking thousands of dollars from overseas operatives to plan an attack on u.s. soil. a successful financial adviser now a woman on the run wanted for attempted murder. this surveillance photo taken moments after she stabbed a random person at a


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