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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara is off, in the news a philadelphia police officer is recovering after he was hit by a car while on duty. and the stage is set in las
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vegas for the republicans final presidential debate of the year. but the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of los angeles, an electronic threat has shut down the los angeles unified school district, the second biggest school district in the country, according to officials, the threat talked about backpacks and other packages and targeted many schools, local police are searching the district's more than 900 schools in order to determine if the threat was credible. >> we are taking this action in an abundance of caution to make sure that every child in l.a. unified school district and every employee is absolutely safe. >> officials say that the schools commonly get threats but
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this was credible. more than 640,000 students are affected by today's closure. we are also following breakibreak breaking news in our area. they are investigating a potential hate crime in the mt. airy section. john rawlins live at the scene with more. >> reporter: hi rick, this started at 8:00 this morning, at this point police are waiting for homeland security team to take over the investigation, the attention is just over my shoulder behind me, a 25-year-old man that lives in the house nearby and he is a practicing muslim and he made the discovery and called 911. >> 14th district officers and northwest detectives converged on this rowhouse, on the front
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step what appeared to be uncooked meat and a newspaper weighed down by stones. >> a muslim newspaper and muslim prayer with it. >> does it mean anything to you? >> my son does the muslim thing, but i don't know anything about being a muslim. >> do you think it's directed at your son. all i can say is that it appears on the steps, it wasn't there and then it was. >> reporter: it wasn't there and then it was and that is where it remains at this points, as we wait for the homeland security unit to arrive to get clarification of what happened here. philadelphia police are investigating two center city stabbings that happened two blocks apart season police got a call for a stabbing at the river
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lost apartments at 23rd and wall mutt and a person was slashed in the face at 21st and walnut, "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live at 23rd and walnut street with the details. >> reporter: central detectives are actively looking for a suspect that appeared to pick two people at ran done and attacked them with a knife early this morning. detectives say a chance passing of two detectives led to a stabbing on walnut street. >> i heard screaming and i look the out the window and it stopped. >> reporter: neighbors rushed to help the victim and the suspect allegedly gave the victim a nasty look and chased him and he said he fell and the attacker was on top of him and he attacked him with a knife, the maintenance worker pulled the
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victim to safety and the suspect walked down 3rd street. he was wearing a gray hoody and carrying a white plastic bag, and then a man with the same trips slashed a man sometime later at arch. today they scoured the scene for surveillance video and residen s s reacted to seeing police activity on their front steps. >> this is center city it's suppose to be a safe place in philadelphia. >> it's not a representation of the neighborhood. >> the victim of the 23rd and walnut attack is at hahnemann hospital and is in stable condition. police hope to release surveillance video sometime this afternoon. reporting live in center city, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." turning now to the accuweather forecast and the stretch of record temperatures
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continues for the delaware valley, looking live from our temple university sky 6 cam, philadelphia broke another record putting the unseasonably warm temperatures in the record books for a fourth straight day, we have a cool down today and blustery conditions as well. david murphy is outside with a look at the forecast. >> reporter: it's a clouds and sun mix out here and the big thing you notice when you step outside is the wind, it's on the blustery side, lets start with satellite, we have clouds and sprinkles left over and now the clouds are digging in a bit, the farther south you go through south jersey and delaware and over to the east, you have more sunshine, we are looking at temperatures that are still on the mild side for this time of year, but they are certainly cooler than yesterday. 62 in wilmington and 60 in philadelphia and upper 60s in allentown and reading and 58 in
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sea isle city. this is the wind, down the shore 35 miles per hour and 31 in philadelphia. definitely on the blustery side and allentown you are dealing with blustery gusts up to 37 miles per hour, where are we going from here? probably not far temperature-wise, we hit a high today at 69 degrees that was 2:54 in the morning now only getting up to 63 in the afternoon, that won't be the daily high but your afternoon high, well above average though and same tonight a high of 43. when i step inside we'll look at another nice day tomorrow but the next day to look at is thursday, there is rain on the way and i'll show that you on future tracker 6 and what comes beyond that for the weekend. >> thank you david. meantime, the stage is set for the next republican debate tonight, the man front and center, donald trump, only
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continues to solidify his frontrunner status, he has 38% backing and his highest number to date, and his nearest competitor is ted cruz with 15% of voter support, tonight trump and cruz take the main stage along with new jersey governor, chris christie. >> reporter: and they are all coming after me. >> hours before the big showdown, donald trump telling supporters at a rally he is ready. the gop frontrunner is center stage again in lossvation, but this time standing next to a new rival. >> trump -- 41. cruz 14. and everyone else much lower. >> new polls in iowa shows that ted cruz is in a virtual tie
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with trump but the junior texas senator is refusing to respond to trump's insults, i don't think the american people are interested in a bunch of candidates bickering like school children. >> on the stage is ben carson, a one time frontrunner who plummeted in the polls and marco rubio opting to take aim at president obama instead of his rival. >> last week he spoke to the nation to make us feel more comfortable and i swear to you i wish he hadn't spoken at all. >> they believe that trump will be a punching bag in the debate. >> i'm ready, it's going to be good. >> the democrats are set to debate a third time this saturday right here on abc. in new york, channel 6 "action news." and you can follow tonight's
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debate with our own brian taff, he will follow the debate with an analyst on facebook, join in by going to >> and we'll take you on to the red carpet for a big premiere in u.s. history. and a texas plumber is losing out on bus because of isis who he is now suing after his truck ens up thousands of miles away in syria.
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a russian space capsule carrying astronauts blasted off for the international space station it's carrying an american a russian and the first brit to go to the international space station. a north jersey homeowner is facing off in court for shooting and killing a bear and her cub.
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37-year-old robert kelling took down the bears on his property, first he tried to scare them off, when that didn't work, he shot them because he was fearing for his wife, the prosecution rejects claims that this is a case of self-defense. >> when you went out there with that loaded gun, if that bear was not going to leave you were going to shot it. >> that bear was aggressive i would have to do something. >> kelling is fighting a summons for $200 each. a texas plumber is suing a used car dealer after his truck ended up in the hands of isis overseas. the dealer told him that his company's name and number would be removed before the sale and that never happened. the truck was sold in an auction in texas and turned up in syria.
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pictures of it popped up on twitter in the colbert report and his family is getting death threats now. >> calls and threats and nothing about plumbing. >> he is seeking a million dollars in the lawsuit, money he says will be for lost business due to poor pr. a young man is talking about a terrifying ordeal stranded in deep snow with his wife and two brothers, on mt. hood, oregon, they got stuck on a path and the temperature was 20 degrees and there was no cell service there and hope seemed lost, jose carea hunkered down for the night and ate snacks for the night and prayed someone would find them. >> if i panicked they would panic too, i was calm and told
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them everything would be okay. >> he ventured out and ran into snowmobilers that helped out and his mother sent out a facebook post with their last known location in case someone came along and everyone now is doing okay. still to come on "action news" at noon, good news for drivers hitting the roads this holiday season. a break at the pump. when "action news" at noon continues.
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. if you are hitting the road this holiday season you are in for a break at the pump, the average price for gas is 2.04 there's, the lowest since 2009. and philadelphia $2.09 and gas is also down 65 cents in a year in delaware, a gallon there is averaging $1.99. turning to elth check this noon, the last day to sign up for health insurance under the
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affordable health care act. if you want to make changes you can tweak your coverage online, the obama administration says a million new customers enrolled this year alone. >> living single may be easier when it comes to your physical health, it finds that living without a partner whether you are divorced or never married is associated with lower body weight and on the other hand, someone that lives with people has a higher body index. are you likely to cook more and share more meals leading to greater consumption overall. now the "action news" team is working on stories for tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with a preview. >> reporter: coming up today at 4:00, a new push from mayor michael nutter to help people unemployed find jobs but this specific initiative involves a specific would be employee, we'll let you know where they
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are available. plus they showed up to pay for their gifts online only to find out someone else footed the bill, a secret santa gave tens of thousands of dollars to make other people's holiday's happier. and you can take us with you on the go, you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. love the secret santa stories for the holidays. really warms the heart. >> i think you are my secret santa this year alicia. >> looking live at sky 6 hd at the center city skyline, david murphy has your accuweather forecast when we come right back. welcome.
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an architect in asia wants to build a ski slope on top of an apartment building, this is kazakhstan, it has no hills to ski on, it's stretching 1,000 feet down, nicknamed the slalom house and would cost annest made $70 billion to build. >> here we are not talking about skiing. >> kazakhstan here i come. >> the accuweather forecast still on the mild side. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry with a little rain this morning be down to sprinkles by the time we went on the air at 4:30, and now we take a ride on chopper 6 hd, a little sunshine and clouds are mixing in but obviously a bright day and fairly kfrmts, the
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problem today is the wind, it's very blustery and gusty out there. 60 degrees currently and your dew point well below the temperature, and an indication that the air has dried out, there are the winds west northwest at 20 miles per hour and gusts up over 30 miles per hour and up as high as 40 miles per hour later on today. 57 is your current temperature in allentown and 55 in lancaster, and 60 in philadelphia and 62 in wilmington and 60 in millville, as you look at these numbers, 3 or 4 degrees for your afternoon high, keep in mind that our locations around the region actually set another record high when you were sleeping. we got up to 69 and we won't see anything close to that for the rest of the day, 20 miles per hour wind speed with gusts going up to 30 and you can see how the entire region is dealing with a decent sustained wind and then a
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gust comes through and have you to hold on to the steering wheel. and a clouds and sun mix that is what we expect for the majority of the day and some sunshine getting through though. 60 is your high in the lehigh valley, and it's breezy up there in allentown, 61 and sun and returning at the shore as well. some places at the shore by the coast have bright sunshine with less cloud cover, 69 is the high in philadelphia and there are the gusts going up to 40 miles per hour at times. 43 is the overnight low than is philadelphia's low and winds start to die down a bit, some suburbs die down a bit and we have your evening commute looking okay, hold on to the steering wheel in case a gust kicks up and tomorrow cooler and we have the frontal boundary with the rain away from us, delivering more of a northerly
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flow and we ease the temperature down to 58 for a high and a front comes in for thursday, and that produces a little bit of rain and we have a big trough in the jet stream coming over and back to reality with high temperatures closer to normal, we have not seen much in the cool weather season thus far, we are doing 63 today and mild and windy and 57 degrees and sunny and cooler and wednesday and thursday cloudy skies and we do have the rain arriving and the bulk of it arriving until after the morning commute and periods of rain through the day and then dry for a while and friday cooler 51 and there are the seasonable chilly highs saturday and sunday in the 40s, closer to normal but monday back up to 52. >> we'll take it. still ahead on our next half our of "action news" at noon, opposing legislation that
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long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at welcome back the big story on "action news" at 12:30, is breaking news. all schools in the entire school district in los angeles are closed due to a threat, it's
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described as an electronic message that referred to schools but did not identify if i specific campuses, the superintendant made the rare call to shut down the district when they learned of the threat at 5:00 this morning. >> he shared with me that some of the details talked about the backpacks and talked about other packages. >> administrators say they shut down out of an abundance of caution after the nearby attacks at san bernardino. they will reopen schools when they get the all clear. a hit and run left a philadelphia police officer hospitalized. the officer was hit so hard he was sent sailing into the air according to witnesses, katherine scott has the latest on the investigation, the officer is from the 27th district and remains in the hospital in stable cond


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