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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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december 16th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and we're following several breaking and developing stories. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that ended with the victim crashing his car. >> people in center city are on edge where a knife wielding man attacked two people seemingly at random. >> protesters made their way into stores to denounce police brutality. >> i'm start out in a jacket. we're well above average once again this morning and this afternoon. satellite shows you how we he do have some clouds that have gotten a little on the thick side overnight. they are going to start to break apart pretty quickly once we get the sun up over the horizon but with clouds in place we've been a little bit insulated and it saved us on the temperature. we're still at 51 degrees in philadelphia. and most of the cooler suburbs also in the upper 40's a at this point. an exception would be up in the upper elevations of the poconos where we're at just 39 in mount pocono. a little bit avenue breeze but not too bad. 13 miles per hour in philadelphia currently but most of you with singl single ds and most of the time today that's what we're going to be
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experiencing so not as windy. 48 degrees by 8 o'clock. if that's when you're headed out you'll still be similarly chilly as to where we are now but by noon up to 54 and your high today is 57, a little cooler than yesterday but still not too bad. given that the average high this time of year is down in the mid 40's. when i step inside we've got a rain day on tap tomorrow in the forecast and then the other thing we're watching is that chill down for the weekend. the latest details from accuweather coming up karen. >> weather related problems tomorrow. not today as you head out the doors. looking live at i-95 the construction crews have left the scene of i-95 at allegheny. starting to see volume build approaching cottman and then from allegheny to girard looking for that on i-95. vine street expressway shut down overnight but we see traffic moving fine on the vine. it's all reopened. crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock. we had an accident involving an overturned vehicle in sanatoga right on 422 eastbound past evergreen road. it has cleared so traffic there moving better.
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we're looking at speeds now in the 50's so you can see no big problem there. construction blocks two lanes at this point for about another half on an hour so in egg harbor township on the a.c. expressway eastbound between the parkway and route nine watch for those construction crews on the scene, matt. >> thank you, karen. breaking right now a shooting victim was trying to drive himself to a philadelphia hospital crashed his car head on into a tractor-trailer. police tell "action news" the man was shot near green and manheim streets and was heading to temple university hospital when he slammed into the truck. it happened at germantown avenue and pike street in tioga-nicetown. rescue crews used the jaws of life to get the plan out of the car. once law out medical crews then discovered he had been shot twice. police believe drugs were a factor. >> inside of the 2003 chevy blazer that the victim was driving, you can see in plane view several packets of what appears to be crack cocaine.
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>> they are checking security cameras in the area where the victim was shot to try and find his shooter. also developing overnight gunfire erupted in the city's strawberry mansion section just after 1:00 this morning leaving one man wounded. this happened near 27th and lehigh streets. police say the victim is in stable condition. no word yet on who pulled the trigger or what could have motivated the shooting. >> philadelphia police are trying to track down a center city slasher. they believe one man may have carried out two random attacks. a man was stabbed near the river loft apartments at 23rd and walnut streets at 6:00 a.m. yesterday. surveillance video caught the man who police believe is the slasher as his first victim ran by. minutes later joshua mcnamara says an attacker slashed him in the face as he was walking to the gym at 21st and arch streets. we will have a live update on the investigation in our next half hour. >> ♪ >> new this morning, a woman who was set to begin classes at rowan university was killed
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in a wrong way crash in florida. the family of carmen criales says she was driving to the airport on sunday where she was supposed to board a flight to new jersey and another car slammed into her head on in miami. she was pronounced dead at the scene. two other passengers were critically injured. she was scheduled to begin classes at rowan on january 16th. >> a group of demonstrators marched their way through center city to protest police brutality. about 50 members of the group black lives matter joined relatives of brandon tate-brown. police pulled over the 26-year-old in mayfair back in december of last year. tate-brown was killed during a struggle with police which was ruled justified. protesters abandoned the streets and began entering restaurants and stores. they are planning to protest the mummers parade on new year's day. >> ♪ >> terrorism and security dominated last night's republican debate. most eyes were on donald trump who defended his call to temporarily ban muslims from
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the united states. trump insisted that the controversial plan is not an attempt to discriminate nor is it an attempt to close america off from the rest of the world. >> we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security. our country is out of control. >> if we're going to ban all muslims how are we going to get them to be part of a coalition to destroy isis? >> and jeb bush dismissed trump calling him a chaos candidate and adding "you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency." the former florida governor pits himself as a serious leader who has what it takes to keep the country safe and rebuild the economy. >> about a year or two ago any talk that the federal reserve was going to raise interest rates would have cratered the stock market. nowadays it doesn't seem that big of a deal. maribel aber has more on the fed talk live at the nasdaq if times square. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. you know i watch this closely right. the federal reserve is expected to raise its key interest rate today for the first time in nearly 10 years. so the fed has capped rates --
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kept rates near zero since the great recession to help get the economy back on track. wall street will be watching to see if the fed indicates how soon the next rate hike could follow. look for an announcement from the fed early this afternoon. interest rate talks is expected to dominate the talk on wall street today. yesterday markets rose and the dow posted a triple digit gain as energy shares rallied and lifted the broader market. right now futures pointing to a lier open. and mac trucks plans to lay off 400 people at its lehigh valley plant. that's 20 percent of the workforce at the location. the facility in lower macungie township nearly a town assembles every mac truck built for the north american market and export. workers are being let go will stay on the job through the holidays. the layoffs take effect january 25th. that's the latest in business news from the nasdaq market site. back over to you, matt and erin. >> maribel never a good time when you lose your job but bad timing. >> well, we have a decent day on tap today, a little cooler than yesterday but not as
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windy. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we're dry. taking a look outside, the temple university camera, sky6 looking south along broad street and we've got it zoomed in on city hall. notice how the camera isn't bouncing all that much. i think this one is locked down pretty well but of course yesterday we had those strong wind gusts and this morning the winds behaving themselves for most part. in the single digits in most neighborhoods. 51 degrees as you head outside with light winds, dress appropriately for that jacket and coat and you're in good shape. 47 degrees in allentown. in the lehigh valley it's really not that much different tell me-wise. 48 in reading, 48 in trenton, 48 wilmington, 47 millville and 49 in cape may. satellite shows you how we have benefited in a way from some clouds overnight and that has sort of acted like a blanket over us. we getting a little bit of a break there. the farther south you go through southern delaware the clearer you are and in any event these clouds are going to break up to a degree and we should mix with clouds and sun as we go through the day.
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52 is the high up in the lehigh valley. less wind than yesterday. that's g and down the shore 54 degrees, clouds and sun, less wind than we had there yesterday as well. then in philadelphia we'll go fore a high of 57 degrees, still well above the average high which is down in the 40's. clouds and sun not as windy with winds out of the north at six to 12 miles per hour. then here's how those numbers are going to climb today. 48 degrees by 8 o'clock. if you're out around 11 o'clock, you'll already be in the low 50's and then 56 by 2:00 with that 57-degree high probably around 3:00 or 3:30 this afternoon. as we take a look at tomorrow, future tracker6 through the morning rush hour is showing that we're basically just cloudy with maybe some drizzle or a real light sprinkle. the morning rush hour is still looking like it is very likely dry for the most part. but then we get into the mid morning hours up until noon and 1 o'clock and that's when rain starts to roll in through the region. looks like it's with us pretty much all day. that's the evening rush hour. that also looks wet tomorrow, right? and then we get into about eight or 9 o'clock and we should be seeing most of these showers pull away, just some lingering stuff here or
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there and how much rain are we looking at? probably about a half inch to maybe an inch in some spots. most of the model indications across the region would be less than an inch. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a couple of things i want to point out and have you just keep in mind during this forecast. today is not really an issue, 57. the first thing to point out is tomorrow will be that rain day so keep that in mind. you are probably going to be seeing a little slower going in the after plan to and this an and evening than you would be. breezy on friday 53. the other issue is right here the weekend. we're still looking for that chilldown i not only want you to pay attention to the afternoon highs, 42 degrees on saturday, 46 on sunday but notice these overnight lows. if you have business early on saturday or sunday morning, you're looking at a pretty cold start and you definitely are going to want the winter coat maybe some extra gear as temperatures in the mornings will be down around the freezing mark. and that's, you know, average high temperatures for december. but of course they don't last because it's winter 2015, right? 54 degrees monday and 62 on tuesday. probably warmer than that on
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wednesday. >> we would expect nothing less. thank you david. 6:10 now. and coming up los angeles public schools get the results of a security sweep and decide whether or not to reopen today. >> up later a grade school scam artist cons an elderly man, then steals his car. karen. >> we're live in exton chester county here. this is the ramp from the 30 bypass eastbound to route 100. there was a truck that was kind of stuck off to the side but he just left. traffic moving fine right there. we'll see what it looks like on the schuylkill expressway coming up. >> and the first star wars reviews were just released a few hours ago. we'll have that plus a way to avoid any spoilers its all coming up on "action news." >> ♪ [ dog barks ]
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look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ]
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. 6:13. you are taking a live look through sky6 at penn's landing river rink and it certainly looks pretty. it looks like that perfect winter scene. it does not feel like it, though. right now it is 51 degrees. expected to get up into the high 50's so another mild day in december. >> all right, karen, what's going on on the roads. >> i have a traffic report filled with construction warnings for you. looking live here on the schuylkill expressway near conshohocken. right now we see just that building volume eastbound as you head towards the curve. it's not a big deal but today and tomorrow from 9:00 until 3:00 the crews are going to be
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out here causing restrictions and you know what kind of headaches this if you so he look for that today and tomorrow on the schuylkill expressway and it's going to be westbound between conshohocken and gulf mills so look for that to be a little bit later. for now you're doing okay. pennsylvania turnpike the crews are out here as well. it's eastbound between 29 and valley forge they're blocking the right lane and we have some bridge repair going on in lindenwold camden county, park avenue is going to close and that's between lake boulevard and atlantic avenue and this is from 7:00 to 3:30 until christmas eve they're going to be doing the bridge repair and you'll have to stick to laurel road as your alternate. construction out here right now in millville cumberland county as well and that's on 55 northbound here past 49 but we can see speeds of about 53 miles an hour. overall i've got say it's a pretty good looking commute and we have no weather related problems. 51 degrees. our normal high is 44 so we've already surpassed that and we're headed up further still to 57 today. less wind, clouds and sun, nice day ahead erin. >> thanks karen.
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happening today, los angeles public schools will reopen after closing yesterday amid security concerns. an e-mail threat sent to several school board members prompted the cancellation of classes for nearly 650,000 students. more than 2700 officers searched 1500 school sites for explosives and weapons. the fbi determined the threat was not credible. new york city schools received a similar threat but police dismissed it as a hoax. new this morning, the family of an ohio teen who killed herself last year is suing the girl's school district. emily olson's parents say the relentless bullying drove the girl take her own life. her family says school officials knew about the bullying but did little to stop it. the fairfield city school district denies those allegations. the lawsuit seeks damages and reforms to the district's bullying policies. >> the embargo on publishing star wars reviews expired at 3 a.m. so here are the headlines out this morning. no spoilers. the new york times says "star
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wars the force awakens" delivers the thrills with a touch of humanity. entertainment weekly "the force awakens" delivers exactly what you want. from the guardian outrageously exciting and romantic return to a world you hadn't realized you missed so much and the verge "the force awakens" actually feels like star wars again more so than any film since 1983 and understands how audiences originally connected with lucas' films. star wars was produced by disney the parent company of 6abc. it opens in theaters nationwide on friday. >> did they give any reviews to your chewbacca impression. >> i think people are exhausted by those. >> you're right. 6:16. a man stands next to panhandlers with his own sign after the good samaritan says the needy men snubbed him. david. >> we have jackets on the kids this morning. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40's. some spots in the low 50's. this afternoon probably staying in the 50's. not as windy.
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we'll have your day planner forecast coming up next and we'll give you a look at area temperatures so that you know what to expect in your neighborhood. that's up next. >> hey there in today's tech bites facebook taking on yelp. >> it's quietly launching al a tool that allows searchers to look for local businesses and service. the new tool has not been formally announced by facebook. when word about it launched yelp stock plunge. >> today is the last day for nonprime members to receive free shipping on orders $35 or more. >> on friday thousands of retailers will participate in free shipping day. >> for star wars fans who still haven't made it to the theater, if you are worried about spoilers. >> google is out with a new chrome extension force block. it analyzing web pages for spoilers. >> in the meantime you might want to block all social media until you can make it to the theater. >> just live under a rock for a few weeks.
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>> i love those music. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day he everyone. >> bye. a warm sun. lots of water. nutrient rich soil. that's how you grow the best, tastiest vegetables. and that's how you make it progresso.
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>> should a-list stars get a tax break if they perform in new jersey? one lawmakers says yes and points to singer adele's tour announcement she's skipping the garden state. she'll play in philadelphia and new york next year but not new jersey. nicknamed the britney bill it would exempt stars who play at least four nights in atlantic city from having to pay state taxes. the bill got its name because it encourages the multi-night engagements that britney spears and other artists have done in las vegas the bill remains stuck in the legislature. >> wow. so we can call it no longer idea but not yet a law. >> yeah. >> no longer a girl not yet a woman. >> play on the words. >> let's take a look outside right now and see what's going on. this is the mid span of the platt bridge. no problems between 26th street and the airport here. we're seeing traffic move just fine. you can see the roads here, no weather related issues today. let's switch to the ben franklin bridge and see what's
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going on. not a whole lot. no delay just yet. eastbound we've got that construction blocking the right lane but that's not a big deal. a quick look at the tacony palmyra and the betsy ross. no problems there, either, dave. >> all right, karen. on the big board this morning we are looking at temperatures in the upper 40's and down into the low 50's in some spots. by 9 o'clock, 49 degrees and then by noon, 54. we are going to have a nice bounce back today but it won't be quite as mild as it was yesterday. we'll see a high of 57 at about 3 o'clock. a mix of clouds and sun overall and winds are going to be a lot lighter today. pretty nice day ahead. and as we get rid of the big zero and take a look at the big board, at the airport we still have looking at fog in orlando. no other major weather issues in any of our other most commonly traveled destinations and so far so good with a lack of any major delays in any of these places. erin. >> okay, thanks so much david. federal officials are getting into the holiday spirit by giving people a few extra days to enroll in health insurance. the deadline has been extend bide 48 hours after an
6:22 am
unprecedented number of shoppers tried to select plans on the marketplace. if you want to be covered come january 1st, you need to sign up by thursday. if you register by the end of january, you'll get coverage later in the year. the affordable care act requires americans to carry health coverage or pay a fine. >> the sixers wrap up their three game road trip in atlanta tonight. the one and 25 sixers are still searching for their first road win of the season. the flyers made a change on the ice and it was enough to make a difference. jake voracek shifted from natural right wing position to left in last night's game against the hurricanes. flyers rookie defenseman shane gostisbehere netted his shared third goal if an extra session this season clinching a win in overweight glime a good samaritan makes a bold statement when panhandlers refuse his help. >> annie mcdorm mick ismick is g
6:23 am
the search for a center city slasher. >> reporter: police are looking for a man who stabbed one man and slashed another. details coming up.
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. taking a live look at center city, city hall from our temple university camera. right now it's 51 degrees on city avenue which is a little chillier than yesterday but, hey, it's still above average. a little chillier later on today than yesterday but still above average. a 12-year-old boy from florida is accused of stealing a car
6:26 am
from an 89-year-old man. police say the boy was riding his bike last week when he told the elderly driver one of his tires was low and while the man was checking the tires, police say the youngster jumped in and took off. a detective recognized the youngster who alreadies had a long rap sheet after checking the security video. they arrested the boy and charged him with "grand theft auto." >> also new on "action news" an iowa man says he went the extra mile to help a couple of panhandlers but their response to the help has now gone viral. when he witnessed two young men begging for money outside a taco bell he offered them a job. in facebook post he claims his offer was turned down. instead of giving the men money, he made up his own sign posted it on social media and it went viral. >> if they're going to hold a sign out there and ask for money and say they're homeless, i can hold a sign out there and say i offered these guys a job, don't give them money.
6:27 am
>> mike says the job offer is still on the table for the young men. >> 6:27. a distracted driver leaves a path of destruction in delaware. >> senators spar for the second spot in the republican presidential polls. more on the war of words during last night's debate next.
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>> happening now on "action news," the search intensifies for a center city slasher as a survivor shares his story. >> new this morning, a driver wrecks in a rush to get a shooting victim to the hospital. >> trouble on the tarmac. we're hearing from a passenger who was on board a run away plane for the first time. good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins. let's go he to dave murphy and karen rogers for traffic. >> get my coat on out herely you kind of need it too. as we take a look at satellite
6:30 am
we have seen some cloud cover overnight and that has helped us. you see how it drops down from the north. we were thinking that we could actually be in the 30's in some neighborhoods this morning but that cloud cover has acted like a blanket and as you'll see now the temperatures are a little better than they could have been otherwise. still 51 degrees in philadelphia. not too bad. 48 in wilmington, 48 in trenton and even in some of those cooler spots like millville and allentown and reading, we're also in the upper 40's this morning. winds are also way down from where they were yesterday. only 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. and most of the time you're looking at a wind in the single digits. as we go through the day, a bit cooler today. 48 degrees by 8 o'clock and then 54 by noon. your high today is going to be 57. yesterday we did get up into the 60's. not so much today but with lighter winds it's still a really nice afternoon ahead. we are looking at a couple of issues ahead in our forecast. the first is rain tomorrow. and then that chill down for the weekend. i'll give you the latest from accuweather on both counts coming up. karen. >> all right, david, it's that time of the morning.
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we're starting to see delays on the roads. no major accidents so far. but delays. this is 422 at trooper and you see that eastbound traffic already pretty heavy at this point from past oaks to 23. eastbound near sanatoga we did have an accident with an overturned vehicle but there has since cleared so all lanes opened there. just starting to back up with an 11 minute ride from oaks to 202. how about i-95. southbound traffic approaching cottman, heavy here approaching cottman and again from allegheny to girard. no big problems on i-95 but lots of people getting out there and heading to work. vine street expressway was closed overnight for construction. we can see that it's opened and now this westbound traffic once again really starting to get heavy as you head off towards the schuylkill and 30th street so watch for a slow go with the westbound jamming up. on route 42 in new jersey that's are northbound traffic at creek road so if you're coming up from turnersville, blackwood or deptford you have a little bit of volume but no big problems there. matt. >> thank you karen. it was right around this time yesterday morning when a man put a knife up to two random people in center city.
6:32 am
police are following up on leads but the slasher is still out there. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live on the scene of one of those attacks 23rd and walnut streets. annie. >> reporter: and matt, police say that they're upping their patrols around this area. late yesterday they did release surveillance video of the man they say is responsible for those attacks. it appears he didn't have a motive and he picked his victims as random. look closely. this is surveillance video of the man police say is armed with a knife and kented to two center city attacks. the first was here around 6:00 a.m. tuesday. a plan was stabbed as he walked near 23rd and walnut. the victim told police he and the suspect he exchanged looks and then the suspect ran at him attacked him stabbing him in the side and hand. ralph wilson works at river loft apartments and intervened. >> i really hollered yo', cut that (bleep) out, you know, and he just stopped, kindly walked away like he didn't have a care in the world. >> reporter: minutes later and just blocks away at 21st and arch josh mcnamara was
6:33 am
walking to the gym. he became the next victim. >> turned and started to walk away and that's when this guy came back around the corner and slashed at my cheek. >> reporter: mcnamara has a cut on his face but is otherwise okay. he says the suspect yelled at him prior to the attack. police say both victims describe the same man. neither were robbed. the motive is unclear and the attacks appear to be isolated to this part of center city. >> from what we have thus far it just appears that he just approaches the individuals, pulls out the knife and begins to cut the individuals. >> reporter: and police say that the victim that was attacked here at 23rd and walnut again was established in the side and also in his hand. we are told he was taken to hahnemann hospital yesterday but was released. reporting live in center city, annie mccorm make channel6 "actiomccormack channel6"action. >> police are holding that suv as evidence. they found a shell casing inside. the driver had come back from
6:34 am
the 4900 block of dara street. someone shot a 31-year-old man there just after midnight and also struck a woman in the leg. >> a 24-year-old female after she was shot in the leg, she ran about two blocks to aria frankford hospital. we followed a trail of blood which led to the hospital. >> police have not made any arrests but found money and pills at the shooting scene and believe the motive could be drugs. the detectives are questioning the driver of that suv. >> jury deliberations begin today in a center city beating trial. katherine knott is charged with taking part in a group assault on a gay couple last year. on the stand knot said she ran toward the fight to try to diffuse it but she did not strike anyone. the attack in september 2014 left one man with a broken jaw and severe facial injuries. knot faces several years in prison if convicted. distracted driving caused a man to plow through a house in delaware yesterday. no one was unside the home at the time but a building
6:35 am
inspector has condemned the place on archer circle in christiana. police say the 23-year-old driver was texting and is now facing charges. >> ♪ >> the top republican presidential candidates took the stage in las vegas for the final gop debate of 2015. senators ted cruz and marco rubio lobbed sea ingers at each other last night. they argued over the future of undocumented workers and national security. >> i told voters in texas that i would oppose the federal government having the authority to detain u.s. citizens permanently with no due process. >> if you're an american citizen and you decide to join up with isis we're not going to read you your miranda rights. you're going to be treated as an enemy he combatant a member of an army attacking this country he chris christie says fear is the new normal is the united states. he called for a no fly zone overseer ya' and vowed to shoot down a russian plane if it were violating that air space. >> 6:35 now.
6:36 am
lehigh valley law enforcer says he's ready to be pennsylvania's top prosecutor. john morganelli announced he's going to run for attorney general. the northampton county d.a. will launch his campaign in just a few months. there are at least three other democrats who will challenge him for the nomination. incumbent kathleen kane says she's interestd in a second term but acknowledges they she may not be eligible. >> it will feel a little chilly. >> little bit cooler right. storm tracker double scan slows you we're dry across the region. that's good for the morning commute. as we take a look outside we have sky6 at the airport. it's bit of a breeze but not as windy as yesterday. you won't have to worry about that as you step outside and the temperatures to start out aren't bad. take a look. 51 degrees is what greets you as you step o outside in philadelphia. we have some cloud cover that's really settled overnight and that's held that number up a bit. winds out of the north-northeast at 13 miles per hour. mostly time you're seeing single digit winds this morning. there are the clouds that
6:37 am
swept down from the north. they're not going to be here all that long. we will start to break holes in the clouds during the morning and overall we're looking at a clouds and sun mix and it's going to be a little cooler than yesterday as matt mentioned. 48 by 8 o'clock, 52 by 11:00, 56 by 2:00 and this is our forecast high, 57 degrees probably around 3:00, maybe 3:15 this afternoon. yesterday we did get up into the 60's in the afternoon. so the 57 is a little cooler but with lighter winds, that's kind of nice trade-off i think. 52 degrees is the high in allentown, 53 in reading, 55 in wilmington, 54 in trenton, 55 degrees is your high in millville and down the shore we're expecting highs about 54 degrees this afternoon. again less wind today. and then tomorrow we've got that front that we've been tracking for the last couple of days getting closer to us. this will ahead of it bump our number up a little bit to 60 degrees for a high. but there's also going to be some rain arriving and by the time all is said and done it could bitwhere from about a halh to an inch of rain during the day tomorrow. now it looks as though on most of our recent model runs that we'll make it through the morning commute with nothing more than some light sprinkles
6:38 am
can and maybe some drizzle around. this is the 9 o'clock on the latest run on future tracker6. but as we get past about 10 or 11 o'clock and then on up to noon, the latest runs still showing some of these lighter showers beginning to move in and then during the afternoon and in through the evening rush we are going see the heavier rain. fairly steady at times. obviously the rush hour tomorrow evening looks wet. by 9 o'clock it is looking like most of the rain in and around the i-95 corridor begins to taper off. there may be lingering showers down the shore up until perhaps 10 or 11 o'clock tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 57 is today's high not as windy. clouds will eventually give way to some it's pretty pleasant overall. cloudy tomorrow with rain arriving during the morning and copterring into the afternoon and a portion of the evening. 60 is your high and then behind that the next big change. a couple of things i want you to remember in this forecast. the first is tomorrow's rain and then as we get into the weekend it is going to be chillier. 53 friday with a breeze but just 42 saturday and 46 sunday and the morning startup temperatures both mornings are
6:39 am
going to be down around the freezing mark in philadelphia. and probably in the 20's in the suburbs. so, coats all around this weekend. and if you're headed to the eagles game at night bundle up it will be chilly. then monday winter arrives and we go back to 54 and the first full day of winter on tuesday 62. [laughter] >> makes sense. >> yeah, it does. thanks, david. 6:39 and happening today, the homeland security department plans to overhaul the nation's terror alert system. >> a jailbreak way twist. one man wasn't trying to get out. he was trying to get in. karen. >> we're live in delaware county here checking out the blue route approaching broomall upper darby. we're fine right here but coming up we've got issues elsewhere on 476. i'll have all the details coming up. >> it is beginning to look a lot like 2016 in times square because mr. one and mr. six have arrived. that's next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:42. because mother nature is not offering you much in terms of getting you into the holiday spirit, we're going to do it for you. that's the river rink along penn's landing and yeah, it looks like christmas is coming. >> i'll bring my santa's hat for matt tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. you will do that too. >> i will surely i'll wear it at least. we've got a really closeup view of this guy bending over and of this car. maybe i should make it smaller. penndot likes to take very close looks. this is a disabled vehicle here. this is i-95 approaching academy southbound traffic is just off to the side but they like to watch it very closely. let's move that aside. so that's i-95.
6:43 am
watch for that disabled vehicle. it's really not causing too much of a problem. overall i-95 is starting to jam and we're seeing those speeds here 23 miles per hour at cottman and 25 miles an hour at girard at this point. on the schuylkill expressway you're mostly traveling in the 20's westbound. eastbound near girard you've got about a 33 miles per hour ride right now. no big issues on your majors though. we really haven't seen too many issues here. this is the ramp from the northeast extension northbound to lansdale. traffic can get by but we've got a disabled vehicle here. two new disabled vehicles. construction crews blocking the right lane between 29 and valley forge. let's check the temperatures for you. 47 degrees in martins creek, 48 pottstown, 50 degrees in center city currently. 48 degrees in browns hills. 46 hammonton. not a bad start for the day. usually average lie is 44.
6:44 am
we're already above that and headed up to 57 today. erin and matt. >> okay thanks so much karen. eight passengers suffered minor injuries when a plane left the taxi way in nashville, tennessee. southwest airlines confirms something went wrong with the boeing 737 was approaching the gate last night. the passengers seemed to take the scare in stride. >> we've already landed and next thing you know we're -- you think the hard part is over with and you're already -- next thing you know you're in the ditch so. >> the faa has not yet determined what exactly caused the plane to veer off course. >> happening today, the department homeland security intends to announce changes to its terror alert system. the current system contains just two levels, elevated and imminent threat. homeland security secretary jeh johnson has suggested an intermediate level. that would be used to alert americans to a generally heightened risk environment when governments -- when the government does not necessarily know where the threat is coming from or when it might happen.
6:45 am
deliberations resume today for the jury there claimed to be deadlock in the freddie gray manslaughter trial in baltimore. officer william porter is the first of six baltimore officers to stand trial. law driving the police van when gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury back in april. the judge ordered the panel back for a third day of deliberations. it is not clear if the jury is stuck on one or more of the four charges against porter. officials with the department of justice are scheduled to begin their investigation into the chicago police force today. the chicago department's interim superintendent was met by protesters at a city council hearing last night. john escalanta testified on how the force has improved police accountability since the deadly police shooting of laquan mcdonald last year. anger over the lengthy investigation into the teen's killing has led to a department shakeup and impending civil rights investigation. >> well, let the count down begin. the 16 in 2016 has arrived in times square. a flatbed truck delivered the
6:46 am
precious cargo to the heart of new york city yesterday. the public even had a chance to pose for a picture with the 7-foot tall numbers before they joined the two and the zero at the new year's eve display. and the weather slob great for anybody in times square. >> it should. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. plus the guy who wanted to go to prison so bad he tried to break in. david. >> still dealing with relatively mild care. cool enough for jackets. i'll give you your temperature profile let you know where numbers are going coming up next.
6:47 am
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all at one place. >> we've had kind of a quiet traffic morning so far but a new fender-bender on the schuylkill expresswayly i want to take you there live here. this is the schuylkill past the conshohocken curve. it's westbound as you head towards the blue route. it's off to the side right now. we could see police, can couple vehicles off to the side right there. westbound heavy from city avenue to gladwyne and then again approaching to past the conshohocken curve with that accident off to the side. these are flares or police i see with the lights right there. let's switch to mass transit. everything is on time and looking good dave. >> like to see those green bars on that graphic. karen we're off to a somewhat cool start but not too bad. 51 degrees in philadelphia. fair amount of cloud cover over most. region. cool interdover. that's because the clouds didn't make it that far south and we have managed to lose a
6:50 am
little bit more heat at the surface without that cloud cover. winds not all that strong only about 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. most of the time we're in the single digits. and as we go through the day, it's going to be a pretty nice one overall. a little cooler than yesterday but a high of 57 degrees this afternoon. i can feel that coming for like 30 seconds and man it just wouldn't hold. anyway 57, less wind than yesterday. pretty nice clouds and sun during the afternoon, erin. >> less you david. >> bless you. >> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach has the run down in her hand and is going to deliver it to us right now from the "gma" studios. hi, amy. >> reporter: right here, yes, matt and erin great to be with you on this wednesday. coming up next here on "gma" we're talking about the republican candidates facing off at the final debate of 2015. donald trump and jeb bush going head to head. the billionaire shutting down rumors that he would run as a third party candidate. who were the big winners and losers of the night? bill o'reilly joins us live to weigh in. we'll have the latest on that
6:51 am
successful if this advisor who police say stabbed a total strange intera drugstore. the 40-year-old caught and now in custody. will she reveal a motive behind the bizarre attack? plus an ohio family suing their school district after the death of their 13-year-old daughter. they say the teen committed suicide after she was bullied and that the school did little to stop it. can the school be held responsible? and then we have a big headline about your money. for the first time in nearly a decade the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates and that could have a major impact on everything from your mortgage to your credit cards. we have shark tank's barbara cork koran and kevin o'leary here to answer all your money questions next on "gma." >> i wonder if we can stump them. i don't think so, right. >> reporter: probably not. but we can try. >> thanks, amy. former subway pitchman jared fogle is appearing -- appealing his prison sentence. he's currently serving more than 15 years for child pornography and having sex
6:52 am
with underaged prostitutes. fogel admitted he paid for sex at new york city hotels with girls who were 16 and 17 years old. he also received child porn produced by the head of its anti obesity charity. that man is serving a 27 year sentence. >> a florida man who tried to break into jail to visit his friends will get his wish. police say this surveillance shows patrick rempe smashing his van through the correctional facility. glass shatters and the car starts smoking. rempe led officers on a foot chase. he scaled a razor wire fence and got stuck. authorities believe he was high on drugs. for car collectors this is the equivalent of finding a picasso in the attic. it's a dodge charger just like the general lee set to go up for auction in florida next month. only about 500 of the cars were built. a restored version of the same car was sold at an auction for almost a million dollars.
6:53 am
>> ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55. the search continues for the man behind two random slashing attacks. one victim was established near the river loft apartments at 23rd and walnut streets at 6:00 a.m. yesterday. then minutes later another man tells "action news" about how the guy slashed him in the
6:56 am
face at 21st and arch streets. a man who had been shot tried to drive himself to a philadelphia hospital but crashed his suv head onon into a tractor-trailer instead. emergency responders used the jaws of life to free the driver. another driver crashed in front of aria frankford hospital trying to get help for another shooting victim. police found money and pills at the shooting scene and believe the motive behind that shooting could be drugs. >> we've got a new accident just coming in to us. it's really hard to see from this shot. you're kind of looking through the sign but what this is is a tractor-trailer that ran into the toll plaza at two ez pass lanes blocked here. this is the route one trenton-morrisville bridge southbound so expect these delays coming south of trenton. a new accident just in involving a tractor-trailer. a quick look at new jersey, 42 at creek road a bit slow from lower landing towed 295. dave. >> a bit cloudy to start out today but not too bad temperature-wise. by 9 o'clock we expect to be about 49 degrees. right now in the low 50's in philadelphia and we're going to climb to a high of 57 which
6:57 am
isn't quite as mild as yesterday afternoon but the winds are going to be a lot less so it's actually a pretty nice day ahead. >> many uh-huh. >> karen brought breakfast. >> i did. >> so when you see us next, we'll be fuller. for tamala edwards, erin, dave murphy karen rogers, i'm matt o'donnell. serves something as sl as everyone else in the family. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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good morning, america. the republicans face off in las vegas. and the gloves come off. >> am i talking or are you talking, jeb. >> i'm talking right now. >> you can go back. >> donald trump doubles down on his muslim ban. >> we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security. >> the toughest shot yet from jeb. >> donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. he's a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president. >> the stakes never higher in the race for president. >> everywhere in america is a target for these terrorists. >> we have complete coverage from the showdown on the strip and bill o'reilly joins us live with his take. >> that passenger jet rolling off the runway overnight into a ditch. the nose and side of the plane damaged. ambulances racing to the scene. passengers evacuating down the emergency slide. eight people rushed to


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