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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  December 20, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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sunday, december 20th. nydia will be along at 9:00. fiery crash three people are dead after a car collides with a tractor-trailer and two big rigs catch fire, we're live on the scene with the breaking news. we're days away from christmas and shoppers are packing area malls to get the gifts under the tree in time. the birds are looking for a win in front of the hometown crowd at the linc today. outside, chris sowers county accuweather forecast. >> reporter: they will have the weather to their advance, temperatures feel like december down into the 20s and 30s, windchills in the upper teens
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and low 20s. it's a cold morning out here, you'll need to bundle up. reading, 29. these are the air temperatures, 26 in allentown. lancaster, 25. trenton, 31. philadelphia, 31. wilmington, 30, millville, checking in at 27 with a windchill of 19. feels like 18 in allentown, 17 in lancaster and 23 in philadelphia. salt light and radar, should be clear most of the time today. nice looking day, high pressure buildings in from the southwest, should see a lot of blue, bright blue skies and a lot of sunshine, cloud cover is quickly starting to build to the west. if you look at the left-hand side of the screen. you'll see clouds approach the area. those will get in here monday, tuesday and wednesday, that's going to set up an unsettled weather pattern for us, especially tuesday into wednesday where we could see a couple of rounds of rain moving through here. here's the day planner, 37 degrees by 10:00. noon, 42. 2:00 p.m., 45, 4:00 p.m., 44
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shooting for a high of 45. it's milder than yesterday. but not too much. and not as windy as yesterday. yesterday we had gusts up to 30 miles per hour. today it's looking like five to ten. we'll talk about the forecast for next week when i see you in just a few minutes, i have the eagles preview and the record warmth in time for christmas eve. that's straight ahead in ten minutes. >> thanks, chris. the big story on "action news" sunday morning is breaking news. three people are dead following a fiery crash on a northeast philadelphia road he let's go to trish hartman live on the scene with the latest details. trish? >> reporter: well, eva, police are still on the scene we're near the intersection of torresdale and rhawn, and now that we have some daylight we can see a little bit more. take a look behind me. you can see the tractor-trailer that's parked on the side of torresdale avenue completely burned up. police tell us pesticides were
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inside the truck and that be contributed to the fire. let's take a look at video from earlier this morning. police say it started at 2:45. they say a car driving northbound on torresdale avenue speeding lost control after crossing rhawn street and crashed into the parked tractor-trailer. the passenger car burst into flames with three people inside. the cab of the tractor-trailer completely burned up. fuel from the truck spilled into the street and caught another tractor-trailer on fire. now, let's take a look at viewer video that shows flames and explosion after the car hit that truck. [popping noise] >> reporter: police say all three people inside the car died even though firefighters and police officers tried to rescue them from the car. >> we found the tractor-trailer fully engulfed in flames. subsequent to that, the vehicle behind me, also, was engulfed,
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as well, engulfed in flames. witnesses on the scene said you could hear the people screaming inside the car. captain tried to render aid to them, but couldn't get to the vehicle because of the flames. >> reporter: an upsetting scene for the first responders. no word on the identity of the victims, police tell me they will be here for much of the day, they are waiting for a haz/mat crew to clean up the chemicals spilled from the trucks. eva, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> an air france flight heading to france made an emergency landing in kenya coastal town after a suspected bomb was found. the boeing 777 had taken off from an island in the indian ocean last night. the suspected device was found in one of the plane bathrooms.
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the plane was carrying 459 passengers and 14 crew members. everyone was safely evacuated from the plane. bomb experts removed the suspected device from the plane and examining it. happening today, services for a wilmington church that endured a devastating fire will be held at another location. the jerusalem baptist church was destroyed on westbound wednesda. one firefighter was injured while battling the blades. it was the second fire this month at the church. services will be held on the 2900 block of danby street in wilmington a at 10:00 p.m. a man was killed walking home in the somerton section on the 700 block of byberry road. a 20-year-old driver hit a man that vehicle hit another car. the man was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. both drivers stayed at the scene
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and cooperated with police. from our delaware newsroom, a white police officer seen on video kicking a black suspect in the head breaking his jaw returns to the force today. dover police chief said corporal thomas webster will return on paid administrative leave. per department policy he'll have to under go a psychologic valuation. a jury acquitted him of assault. he testified he didn't mean to kick the suspect in the head, and remaining for his upper body instead. funeral plans have been announced for the new jersey state trooper killed in a car crash. a funeral will be held for eli mccarson on wednesday who was killed when his car slammed into a utility pole responding to are a call in salem county. martin luther king, was 30 year.
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the budget stalemate continues in pennsylvania. the house voted against a proposal to revamp the states too large public sector pension. that has been the main sticking point in the impasse. every democrat and most republicans voted against the idea. next is a stopgap budget, but that may be a tough sell in the senate. there are just five shopping days left pro contrast natures -- procrastinators, time is running out. jeff chirico was at cherry hill mall last night. >> reporter: the saturday before christmas and the cherry hill mall is packed with people polishing off their christmas
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list and retailers hoping to wrap up the year in the black. the competition begins before you entered the mall. >> i was like circling around for 30 minutes trying to find a space. >> reporter: a packed lot outside means long lines inside. >> reporter: the pellegrinos who were visitorring from japan had no choice but to start their shopping today. >> we didn't want to ship everything, so we are last minute shopping for everybody. >> we got clothes from old navy. >> reporter: tyler did much of his shopping online and picking up one last gift. >>ny day and edge -- in this day and age, what else could people need that they are not shopping online. >> reporter: store sales are up by 2%, online sales have surged 4.5%. for many the time to buy the
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gifts they need to touch or may not ship inside or like gary hamilton a chance to stroll the mall with his grandson. >> it's a day out he and i something to do. >> reporter: you know this is one of the busiest shopping day of the year? >> yeah, i'm out there with all the other lunatics. >> reporter: the mall opened 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. most of next week and kohless open 24 hours until chris has eve. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> bitter sweet christmas party was held with a strong message. family and friends gathered for dinner with santa. the only difference all the children have lost a loved one to gun violence in philadelphia. a number of local groups and activists organized this
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thoughtful event. along with the fun they want to shed light on how senseless violence impacts kids and families. many showed up at the zoo not to see the animals, but to see an is it a clause. the noel, celebration. they had a chance to create their own holiday craft. tonight in front of the a national tv audience, eagles have to outpace the number one offense in the nfl. theythe arizona cardinal's, arrd at the philadelphia hotel looking kind of loose, check this out, arizona cornerback, patrick peterson dressed up as an elf. they have one of the best defenses, somehow birds quarterback sam bradford will have to find a away to get past the defense and outscore
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arizona. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. crime did not pay for run robber. the surveillance video showing customers fighting back. ugly holiday sweater has become so popular. >> reporter: coming up in weather the not only do we have a huge warmup, but we have several chances of rain, including christmas eve. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. ♪
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. captured the gunman getting the tables turned on him. he stormed into the store and demanded money. two customers decided to jump in. one hit the suspect over the head with the bottle. they wrestled the man to the floor and held him until police
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arrived. officers say they are relieved that the customers were not injured. >> water main break triggered an 8-foot mudslide that damaged two homes in california. it happened in hollywood hills. firefighters had to shut down a nearby wall. officials are testing the structural integrity of the homes. here at home locally we're looking at chilly temperatures this morning, but this is not going to stick around for christmas. >> reporter: starting tomorrow the numbers responds nicely. we're in the 50s tomorrow afternoon and from tuesday on it's 60s and 70s. feeling like april this holiday season. there's the view looking live at the center city skyline. beautiful shot, sun rising not a cloud in the sky. looking like a nice morning around the delaware valley and lehigh valleys. double scan live is crystal clear. we could see wet weather move in as early as tuesday afternoon.
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that will be the next chance of measurable rain. winds have subsided they have coming down. they were gusting as high as 35 miles per hour yesterday. now we're seeing 9 miles per hour. we can handle that. but it is enough to give us windchill problems again. down into the teens and 20s that's what it feels like right now. winds speeds are generally out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. every now and then you see a 11 or 12 number pop up. 20 is what it feels like in reading. 23 in philadelphia. 19 in millville. 27 in cape may and 29 in dover. satellite and radar we should keep the skies mainly clear as high pressure controls the weather for one more afternoon and then some of that cloud cover to the west that starts to roll on in. this is in advance of another developing storm coming off the front range of the colorado rockies that will pull east and cut north into the great lakes again and lift a warm front through the area, this right
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here. the temperatures behind this front are very, very mild compared to seasonal averages 125 to 25 degrees above average. as we look at the surface maps the front punches through monday, monday in the mid 50s, tuesday, wednesday, mid 60s and christmas eve low to mid 70s. there will be wet weather with this, as well. right now the bigger story is the warm temperatures. later this afternoon, we'll see mostly sunny skies maybe a cloud or two. partly cloudy overnight tonight and the clouds increase tomorrow they lower and thicken. monday afternoon very late in the day, 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. we'll see a couple of showers pull through, really not expecting too much in the way of wet weather until tuesday. here's 1:00 p.m. tuesday afternoon. you see the showers, maybe a heavier downpour embedded in this, but nothing too heavy, and then that continues tuesday night into wednesday. forecast for this afternoon, we
7:17 am
won't see any wet weather, blue skies, sunshine, lunchtime, 42 degrees, 2:00 p.m., had 45. that's the forecasted high. not too much in the way of clouds. western suburbs nice, as well. 43 for reading, allentown, 42. most lip sunny conditions. -- mostly sunny conscious. the numbers are where they should be for this time of the year. with a slight breeze it will feel like 35 to 40 degrees. heading to lincoln financial field, the eagles taking on the mighty cardinals. chilly, temperatures in the 30s. 38 kickoff temperature, by the 4th quarter we're down to 37. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 54 mild for monday, 62 mild for tuesday, 66, mild for wednesday and then look at christmas eve. 72 degrees that would be a record, the latest forecast modeling has atlantic city and millville up to 74 on christmas eve. we could have a passing shower
7:18 am
tuesday, wednesday, 66 degrees, christmas eve, 72. we're above the average high of 42. we're shooting for a high of 62. >> we should have warn our ugly sweater today. the ugly sweater has gotten huge. check out what happened in atlanta, georgia. people were invited to don the ugly sweater and there was an ugly sweater 5k. the unusually warm weather on the east coast made for a hot run. some say they had to take off their sweater halfway threw. there were contests including best ugly sweater, best kid sweater and best pet attire and best real/fake beard mustache.
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>> outside this morning, mixed news on drug and alcohol use by teens. according to a new stud by the university -- study by the university of michigan, alcohol and smoking has fallen. researchers say increased taxes and advertising restrictions and smoking bans in public places are likely beginning to pay off. marijuana use remained the most used drug amongst teens. millions of americans suffer from heartburn. the unpleasant burning sensation in your chest. losing weight and reducing the amount of spicy and fatty foods can lower the risk of heartburn. if that doesn't help you can take medications to get relief from that unpleabt -- unpleasant
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nice looking day planner. it should be chilly out there, we'll see sunshine, 1:00 p.m., 43. 3:00 p.m., 45. we won't have the whipping winds, but it will be breezy maybe 4 or 5 degrees cooler, nothing as cold as yesterday. yesterday we had windchills in the upper 20s most of the time. and then it's back to this pattern later this week. record warmth we have an area of high pressure sitting here. it's acting as a bermuda high with the winds coming around in a clockwise fashion. this seems to be holding its grounds for five or six, seven days. as we look at the ten today forecast there's to cold in the pattern east of the mississippi. it's all warm. we extend it to the ten to 14 day, everybody east of the continental dried is very, very mild -- divide, it is very, very mild. could be a very mild new year's
7:26 am
eve as well. >> eagles prepare to battle the cardinals at the linc, a win could help solidify their position in the playoffs. here's jeff skeverski with all your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: a lot of talk heading into tonight's game has been about larry fitzgerald, carson palmer and the cardinals number one ranked offense. did you know they have one of the best defenses too. santa claus is coming to town. actually this is his helper. pat twrik -- patrick peterson dressed as an elf. you better watch out for larry fitzgerald, seven touchdowns and career games against the eagles. sam bradford will have to put up a lot of points. he's been on his a-game of late and taking more of a leadership role in the locker room. >> i feel more comfortable saying things now, after being
7:27 am
around the guys, kind of going through battle with them. i think they respect me at a little bit more and take it to heart. >> the best part will sam he doesn't always talk, he opens his mouth, everybody knows, we say we listen. >> he has been a vocal leader of the team. it's good for the team. >> reporter: and this is not so bad. dallas sun, cowboys eliminated from contention by the new york jets. it sets up the game-winning field goal. what do you know? dallas be done, eliminated. 19-16 the final down in dallas, they are 4-10. how about them cowboys. it's been happy holidays for flyers fans. since thanksgiving we are one of the hottest team in hockey.
7:28 am
before their christmas break there was more to cheer about especially late. steve mason second straight start in net. flyers needed a prayer to come back last night. down 2-0 in the third. flyers within 1. more to cheer nine minutes later. borachek a slow start, second and three games. he ties it up at 2. borachek can win it. wide open net, denied by the blue jackets. we go to a shootout, flyers one last shot brayden shenn, nothing, flyers lost 3-2. they picked up points in nine of their last 11 games. flyers off until next monday when they face the blues. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day. >> deadly crash, three people
7:29 am
7:30 am
are dead after their car crashes into a tractor-trailer and catches fire we're live on the scene of this breaking news. the top democratic presidential candidates duke it out on stage in a debate in new hampshire. plus, we are waking up to chilly temperatures, but a warmup is on the way. outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. you still do have to wear your coat today. >> reporter: one more morning and then we are back in the warm spell with temperatures anywhere
7:31 am
from 54 tomorrow up to 72, 73 by the time we get into christmas eve. sunny skies and chilly, that's the call from accuweather. 45 that will do it, northwestern suburbs, 42, 43, south and east, 45 or 46. i want to give you a sneak peek into christmas eve. everybody saying i'd love to get
7:32 am
away. get a load of the select cities, tampa, 70. phoenix ignition, 65. jacksonville, 65 houston, 64, san diego 64. this could ham here on christmas eve. atlantic city, millville, 74 degrees, philadelphia a record high 72. pottstown and allentown, 70 degrees. unbelievable for this time of year. it will cool down a little bit for christmas day, but there's another warmup the week after that that's getting into new year's eve. weather is cooperating, feels like the carolinas than the delaware valley. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll have the seven-day forecast for you. >> the big story on "action news" sunday morning, is breaking news, a fiery crash kills three people and scorches two tractor trailers and power lines in the northeast. let's go "action news" reporter, trish hartman live on the scene with the latest details, trish?
7:33 am
>> reporter: well, eva, torresdale avenue is shut down near rhawn street. police are on the scene. now that the sun is coming up, we're getting a better look at the wreckage here. you can see the tractor-trailer mangled burned up, not too far away from that is the blackmerot crashed into the tractor-trailer. witnesses said the car was speeding. it lost control after crossing rhawn street and crashed into the parked tractor-trailer. the passenger car burst into flames with three people inside. let's take a look at viewer video sent into 6abc. [popping sounds]. >> there were a couple of rescue temperatures i understand. they did an excellent job of
7:34 am
stopping the spread of the fire and the spill containing that to rhawn street orators or torresdale avenue. >> reporter: three people inside the car did not make it. no word on their identity. we are waiting on the cleanup crew. they are expecting the cleanup crew to help clean up the fuel and the pesticide spilled from the truck. torresdale avenue will be closed most of the day. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> the democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in new hampshire last night. it was seen live on 6abc. the debate focused on national security following the deadly terror shootings in san bernadino, california it was quoafer -- overshadowed by a
7:35 am
political feud between two contenders. >> reporter: good morning, eva on this stage hillary clinton pledged no middle class tax increase and bernie sanders promised free college tuition and martin o'malley said he would speak for a new generation. it started with an apology. bernie sanders saying he would fire anyone involved in the data breach. >> i hope we can work together on an independent investigation. >> reporter: in more than two hours they sparred on regime change and guns. >> isil video training are telling people about the gun loop hole, it's because of flip
7:36 am
flopping by the political people on this stage. >> let's calm down martin. >> reporter: martin luther king came -- martin owe -- all three candidates were lively. did the debate change the election. what did martin o'malley need to do to change the dynamics. >> they have to hope for an error by hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton ending on this note. thank you good nationwide and may the force be with you. >> that star wars reference became the most tweeted moment of the entire debate. the staff said it was completely unscripted. live in manchester. >> it was a great line. on the republican side jeb bush is going after donald trump with
7:37 am
language you might expect from trump himself. >> i've got to get this off my chest, donald trump is jerk. you can't insult your way to the presidency. who is he kidding. >> reporter: bush criticized trump's call to ban muslims saying he loves creating chaos, because it's about him. bush and trump have been trading insults in recent days, friday on twitter trump called bush dumb as a rock. chris christie is on a four day campaign swing through new hampshire with his family. the first primary state. christie is portraying himself as the republican candidate who can beat hillary clinton. christie is third between donald trump and marko rubio.
7:38 am
family members gathered in philadelphia to mourn an infant. they hug and placed teddy bears lit candle outside the strgs child care center -- sisters child care center on germantown avenue. a 10-month-old baby girl was found unresponsive. an employee try tried to perforr but never called 911. autopsy results have not been released. a 28-year-old man from felton delaware is having a hart time staying out of trouble. dover police say they arrested joseph graden twice friday over the span of get this, 3 1/2 hours all for the same thing breaking into vehicles. he was first arrested at hospital. after arraigned and released he was allegedly caught again
7:39 am
rummaging through another car parked at the police station, he faces a list of additional charges. atlantic city has until tomorrow to pay $672.5 million to the borgata -- $62.5 million to the borgata hotel/casino. it owes the casino $148 million. the 62.5 million is the first installment of the tax refunds. atlantic city mayor said the city would go bankrupt if it paid the money. the city is in negotiations with borgata. police officers from south jersey gave up a big chunk of their weekend to play santa to sick kids at the hospital. they collected toys for weeks and headed to chop for more than a thousand presents. >> we do it, because we wanted to it for the kids and their families who are not fortunate to be at home like others are. >> even one present where they
7:40 am
might not have seen a proanlt -- present because are there parents are here and losing time at work makes a difference for a family. >> there's nothing better than producing smiles on the faces of kids at children's hospital. much more to come on "action news," a first for the pennsylvania academy of fine arts, we'll have a preview of the work of norman lewis. temperatures rise in the northeast chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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>> buffalo, new york has ended its snow free streak with .1-inch of snowfall. it was a new record for the latest date of snowfall. it broke an old record set 116 years ago on december 3. in average year buffalo would have seen 22 inches of snow already. we were talking about last yearly. >> reporter: it's so odd to see this kind of weather. last year at this time buffalo had 30 inches. to the south they had 09 inches. up until yesterday they have not seen a single flake. it's been mild up and down the entire eastern seaboard over the
7:44 am
past couple of months. we'll keep it going through the new year, as well. enthough it is chilly it's brief. meantime there's the shot from the temperature yufort -- university camera. clear skies, high temperature45. the low 31. the first time the city has dipped below 32. in the city we have gotten as low as 32, but not lower than that until this morning. wilmington, 28. feels like 19 in millville. 17 in lancaster. satellite and radar, we'll keep the weather nice and quiet today. high pressure in control. sitting east of the appalachians, that means a day full of sunshine. if you look to the west you can see the cloud cover buildings off the front range off the
7:45 am
continental divide. it will bring wet weather into our neck of the woods, tuesday, wednesday and even into the first part of christmas eve. here's future tracker 6 windchills in the short term, reading, 27 degrees, 19 in the poconos. 30 for philadelphia, millville. by afternoon the windchills will be biting a little bit, but not as harsh as yesterday. yesterday we windchills in the upper 20s, low 30s throughout the entire day. today it's upper 30s, close to 40 degrees. 9:00 p.m. eagles taking on the cardinals, you can see windchills in the low to mid 30s. good news, again, we'll keep the skies mainly clear. overnight tonight, partly cloudy, clouds increase for tomorrow. tomorrow we'll see shades of gray, but it's dry. tomorrow night it's dry. tuesday some of the rain starts rolling on in. some of it could come down at a decent clip. you can see the darker shades of green even a few yellows. this will persist through
7:46 am
wednesday and maybe the first part of new year's eve. there's no shot who was of a white christmas in philadelphia. areas that usually see a white christmas, the percentages are the 0, -- 90%, 95%, chicago, boston, detroit. 42 for the lehigh valley. sunny and seasonable. windchills in the mid to upper 30s, north and west. southeast, 44, windchills close to 40. the average high is 43. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 45 degrees today, mostly sunny and chilly, just the slightest breeze out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, 54 increasing clouds, it's dry. passing shower tuesday, 62 degrees. wednesday the potential is there for a record high, 66. periods of rain, thursday record warmth, 72.
7:47 am
friday, christmas day lots of sunshine, still very warm, 62 and saturday a cooler day with a high of only 60 degrees which is still almost 20 degrees above average. >> santa will have to take a different sleigh since there's no snow. >> reporter: he'll have to tank up in bermuda shorts. >> and flip flops. >> gets the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast anytime at there are a lot of family traditions at the holidays going to see the lights, eating favorite foods and reading special books, but in health matters we look at a new thing to consider. volunteering together. >> reporter: on saturday morning last month when many kids were asleep or playing video games, cub scout troop 243 was walking door to door checking bags laden with donations for the holiday
7:48 am
food drive. the boys knew what they do marmts. >> we give it to the people who need it. >> reporter: scouts are not the only ones in such efforts. students from 17 schools collected 94 tons of food. a children's hospital psychologist said community service is crucial to a child's developing brain. >> it means having new experiences and meeting new people in a valuable way. it can make a child's mind a more interesting place to live. >> reporter: it broltdens a child understanding of giving it's not just about material things. >> volunteering can help a child to learn giving your attention and time and compassion. >> reporter: while it's never too late to get the kids into volunteer activities, the best time to start is age 6 or 7.
7:49 am
>> at that point the child is getting a sense of the outer world and getting a sense that other people live different lives. >> reporter: she believes parents should be involved as role models, study after study shows getting involved is better for your own life. >> it makes up good about yourself and feel good you're able to help other people. >> reporter: tamalatamala edwars channel 6 "action news." >> pennsylvania academy of the
7:50 am
7:51 am
fine arts is pug on the first ever museum retrospeculative of.
7:52 am
>> he was fluentsal he -- influential artist in harlem. >> norman lewis has been under appreciated. >> reporter: it features 90 works dating from the 1930s to the late 1970s. his paintings and drawings and prints and some very wonderful objects that he made. >> reporter: including a handmade doll said to be a self portrait of the artist that can be seen as you walk into the gallery. >> you see it soon as you enter the exhibition. his political pieces are said to be his most powerful works. >> he was has civil rights orientedings.
7:53 am
many galleries have cases and many cases are materials that come from his estate. >> reporter: this includes embroideries that he made. >> many of the works have never been exhibited publicly from before. >> reporter: some are borrowed from public collections. succession is on display at the pennsylvania academy of fine arts until january 6. go to the arts. karen rogers channel 6 "action news." >> many are standings in long lines for the spanish christmas lottery. it will hand out 2.4 about him
7:54 am
euros or 2.2 iml -- billion dollars. up in equity, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, stay with us, we'll be right back. >> i kept learned when yoy
7:55 am
7:56 am
blow torch i thought you made it up, it's an actual weather term. >> reporter: we're trying to come up with a definition of heat wave in the winter. we know it's three plus days of heat in the summer. it's a heat wave. what about the winter.
7:57 am
tomorrow, 54. tuesday, 62. wednesday, 66 that's a record high. christmas eve, 72 degrees that's a record high. friday, 62 degrees. >> good morning weekend is next, "action news" continues later this morning. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, we continue our live coverage from holmesburg where crews are on the scene of a fiery crash that claimed three lives. the best smart watch for your buck. our boss was showing off his smart watch and showing us how it works. for chris sowers nydia han and the "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. we'll you back here at 9. nydia will be with us at 9:00.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, emergency landing -- an air france flight bound for paris forced to land. a suspicious device reported on board the boeing 777. >> it could be like a bomb. >> passengers and crew evacuated on slides. what investigators know right now. the high stakes debate. democrats sparring in new hampshire. >> this is not the type of campaign that we run. >> bernie sanders apologizing to hillary clinton over that data breach. plus, the slams against donald trump. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> the best moments of the big night, seen right here on abc. >> secretary clinton changes her position on this every election year. >> let's calm down a little bit, martin.


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