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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, december 21 we're following several breaking and developing stories. >> one person is dead and several dozen were injured after a driver plowed on the sidewalk on the las vegas strip. we have details live in the satellite center. >> a man was severely burned when a fire breaks out nidz home. >> -- in his home. >> steve harvey makes a gaffe while announcing the miss universe pageant winner. >> you will laugh and be surprised when you see it.
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>> reporter: we have clouds up above, satellite and radar showing that right now him for the most part there's thin clouds in the morning. they will lower and thicken as the day progresses. you see the rain to the northwest. that doesn't impact us until the overnight house into tomorrow. it's cold in the suburbs, 32 in pottstown. 34 in quakertown. 36 in warrington. 39 in center city. 33 in chester. in new jersey we're doing better in spots, 44 in hammonton, 50 on the boardwalk. 35 in glassboro and 32 in hockessin delaware. the after will warm up to 56. 8:00 a.m., 42 degrees, sunshine coming through with the clouds. by noon, clouds and sun, 52. 3:00 p.m., i think by then the clouds will take over and 56 that's the high today. by 6:00 p.m. coming down from that, 53 degrees. we are tracking rain on the way as well as record warmth. i'll have the details in the
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forecast. >> reporter: i'm getting my christmas tank top ready. good morning, we expect everybody to be off work as the christmas week continues. we are expecting lighter commutes on the roads. expect slowing on i-95 approaching girard after. vine street expressway was closed overnight. we have two more nights before they take the holiday break. it will close again tonight and tomorrow night. it's open now approaching the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway. on the schuylkill expressway eastbound past city avenue there's a brown down truck on the shoulder. police are helping out, but the lanes are open. we have a crash along remington road along 30 lancaster avenue. we had a crash 422 eastbound lanes that's gone, speeds on 422 are in the mid 50s. we have an accident investigation shutting down keith valley road, park road or
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lime kiln are alternates. we wrapped up an opening at the burlington bristol bridge for the southbound bridge everything we opened there. i would expect an opening at tacony-palmyra bridge as the morning progresses. >> fire broke out in the parkside section of philadelphia leaving a man with burns. the blaze ignited on north 354th street after 1:00 a.m. the fire victim suffered burns to his face and arms. the 59-year-old man was stabled on the way to the hospital. police say a woman intentionally drove up on a sidewalk along the las vegas strip hitting several dozen pedestrians, one is dead and several more hurt. katherine scott has been gathering overnight details and joins us live in the satellite center. >> reporter: police have ruled out terrorism and they
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investigating to see if she was under the influence. there was a 3-year-old child in the car with her as this was taking place. let's go to video of the emergency vehicles parked near the fame out fountains. this happened along a busy stretch along the las vegas strip. police say the driver drove on the sidewalk 30 to 40e miles per hour hit pedestrians and went back on the street. parentally she drove back on the sidewalk again hitting more people. police believe it was intentional. one adult was killed, 6 in critical condition. 37 people were injured. the crash happened in front of paris and planet hollywood hotel. the miss universe pageant was being held nearby at the time of the crash. people were trying to stop the driver to no avail. >> i saw the car on the sidewalk coming towards us. there was an african-american
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lady in it, she had both of her hands on the wheel and looking straight forward. there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle. they couldn't get to her. they were yelling stop, stop, they wasn't trying. >> reporter: the suspect did drive away, the police caught up we are and she is is custody this morning. back to you. >> record learning new details about a deadly and fiery crash in philadelphia's holmesburg section. this viewer video shows the raging inferno. witnesses say a black car was traveling at high speed and went airborne hitting a parked tractor-trailer. two of the victims were amonie hill and gia abgarian. we'll have more in a live report in the next half-hour of "action news." >> a 91-year-old woman the victim of a violent home
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invasion is speaking out about her ordeal. 3:00 a.m., two men burst into the home in west philadelphia. one was brand dishing a -- brandishing a gun. one made off with her cell phone, police tracked the cell phone to the robber. the robber was injured having shot himself during the robbery. >> when they got ready to leave, he pulled it out and the gun went off and he shot his self in the foot. that's how i got it back, he was in the hospital. >> montgomery was shaken up, but not injured. she thinks the chris thought they were breaking into someone else's home. the second suspect is on the loose. >> pennsylvania lawmakers are unable to come up with the agreement to end a 6 budget long stale mate.
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the governor's budget collapsed in the state house yesterday. the governor and republican leaders in the senate oppose the short term bill preferring a bill on the whole spending plan. >> you've been saying that 74 on christmas eve. >> reporter: even on christmas day, temperatures will be 20 degrees above average. the crazy weather continues. storm tracker 6 live double scan we are dry, we are tracking rain. not today, today is the dry day. we're looking live with the temperature university camera on sky6 live hd looking down broad street looking good through the region. how about the current numbers for you, 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. we have lots of clouds, but we'll see early sunshine. they are mostly thin clouds. the dewpoint, 35. the at will moisten up in the overnight hours. tomorrow we get showers, the winds are out of the southwest a
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light breeze at 10 miles per hour. the southwesterly flow will be milder than over the weekend. satellite and radar showing clouds, they are breaking up. for the most part they are thin, we'll see sunshine early on mixes with the clouds. here you can see the rain developing out to the northwest. it has a way to go. today's high, 56 degrees, better than the weekend. 8:00 a.m., 42 degrees mostly cloudy skies. 11:00 a.m., sunshine mixing with the clouds and 50. by 2:00 p.m., 54, the clouds taking over, 5:00 p.m., coming down from a high of 56. it will be about 54 degrees, the winter sole -- solstice it will be our longest night. our shortest day. if one of the people impacted by the lack of sunshine it will get better after this point. it's better news.
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the first full day of winter. mild, 64 degrees for the high. we'll get showers, even a period of rain possible tomorrow. temperatures will be on the mild side. we'll be off to the races with the temperatures as you see in the seven-day forecast. mostly cloudy skies, milder today, 56 degrees is the high. tomorrow, showers, even a period of rain, 64 degrees for the high. very mild. wednesday, rain at time. 66. that would tie the record on wednesday. thursday, record warmth for christmas eve. 74 degrees. the record high is 64. well above the record high. we have a chance of showers early on. friday, mostly sunny, christmas day, 64 degrees. still mild. saturday be periods of rain, one period of rain during the day. 61 degrees for the high. mild. on sunday, cloudy and damp and 59 degrees, so as you look at
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the seven day you talk about temperatures way above average. overall we're featuring clouds and chance of showers here and there, as well. loon -- lunacy. >> a massive landslide in china we have an accident in the gore point penndot is out there. construction crews have work to do over the next few days, we'll tell you where you don't want to go after the break. >> see what happens after the pageant host reads the wrong name for the winner of miss universe later on "action news."
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live look at the river rink at penns landing. right it's an ice rink. later in the week it may be a swimming pool with some of the temperatures. 42 degrees, 55 will be our high. >> this must be a rough week if you're an ice cube, you know. >> reporter: i would think so, you're all drippy and melty and
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sad. we're not sad on the roads. drivers are happy because things are moving nicely. holiday gift from penndot they moved the traffic from 202 in the frazier area. you have two northbound lanes, so it will be congested. heads up as you travel through chester county. things look different than they did on friday when the northbound lanes were moving in the center of the roadway. now they are over on the right side of the newly constructed surface. they will start work on the center lanes and eventually 6 months down the road we'll have three lanes in each direction along 202. we'll have wait for that. in horsham we have an accident investigation shutting down keith valley road near davis grove road. use lime kiln or 611. a couple of works zones along 611 during the midday today in
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abington they will be working on the old york road portion. cruise susquehanna road. reiglesville they will be closing 611 between durham road and durham street by the tavern. hamilton township, atlantic county. clone avenue will close at holy street. construction on the ac expressway at the tolls following the vehicle fire a few weeks ago. >> happening today, belgium authorities are expected to reveal more on a search of a house that may be involved in the paris attack. police are trying to establish what connection they may have
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had in connection with theris attack. a plane crashed en route from san jose in california to las vegas, it was raining and cloudy when the plane went down. they have pulled five bodies from the wreckage. >> the eagles must win the last two games to make the playoffs. the eagles lost to the cardinals 40-17. they were within reach before the half. coach chip kelly talked about the meltdown. >> we didn't tackle well that's where i look at it, defensively we didn't tackle, offensively we turned the ball over. >> we have to have a short memory and get ready to learn for saturday, because it's coming quick and the next two games are important. >> the eagles could clinch the nfc east and make a playoff spot
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if they beat washington and the giants on the roads. >> steve harvey has some explaining told hear what he has to say after crowning the wrong contestant. >> reporter: 44 degrees in philadelphia, 39 in wilmington, 32 in reading. 56 degrees it's mild. >> reporter: important news for drone owners. >> reporter: any one with a drone weighing more than a half pound must register. $5 to sign up. you could fails a 50,000-dollar fine for failing to register. sonny is working on a battery that could extend battery life by 49%. they are developing sulfur and
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. >> the 2-year-old son of a slain philadelphia police officer received quite a christmas surprise. santa surprised robert wilson iv in delaware county. he wanted a power wheels for christmas, but his mom couldn't afford it. robert wilson iii was shot at a game stop store in march. >> i'm thanksgivingful for everyone's help. he won't know his father. it's going to be rough.
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>> a go fund me page was started to help the family. collingsdale fire department made this special event happen. they are helping 29 other children this holiday season. >> that's the good stuff we like to tell you about. >> reporter: no better time of year than this to do that. we have a couple of new incidents since last we spoke, like a crash on the southbound side of the blue route. the vehicle ran off the road into the grassy median they got it pulled out. everything is off to the side. not a huge deal there. a couple of fire locations in up gwynedd rosemont avenue a whites road. activity at dekalb pike at colonial drive, we're getting word of a crash skipper seafood at whiting road. >> in the endurance you're horving around the freezing mark. it's in the 40s.
6:22 am
9:00 a.m., 40 degrees. 352, a nice afternoon, milder than over the weekend. 3:00 p.m., 56 degrees, that's height. clouds lower and thicker as the day progresses. 6:00 a.m., 53 degrees, we're dry during the day and overnight tonight we get showers, mostly cloudy skies and milder today. 56 is the high. tuesday a few showers around even a period of rain possible. 64 degrees milder. wednesday, rain at times. 66 degrees which would stie our record high -- which would tie our record high. thursday, christmas eve. 74 is the forecasted high as with showers around. friday, christmas day we expect sunny skies, 64 degrees, temperatures 20 degrees above average by then tam. >> new on "action news," at least 91 people are missing after a massive land side buried dozens of buildings near an industrial park.
6:23 am
emergency workers are looking for people who may be trapped. sunday's landslide buried 3 buildings, 1 million square feet is covered up. no actual deaths have been reported, but they are looking. obama administration is extending endangered act protection to breeds of lions. the u.s. order will require a permit to import a sport hunted lion displd deny that permit -- and would deny that permit convicted of wildlife laws. >> coming up at 6:30, young scouts help their leaders survive a bear attack. >> a terrifying night for tourists on a las vegas strip.
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the action cam was in the kensington section of philadelphia as one of the newest acts prepared for the mummers parade. this is the first time the puerto rican band will march with the mummers on new year's day. there will be a bunch of of other new acts as they make the
6:27 am
parade cultural diverse. >> host steve harvey is apologizing for a huge mistake. he announced the winner of miss universe and had to admit he messed up and take back the crown. >> okay be folks, there's -- i have to apologize, the first runner-up is columbia miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> wow, stunned miss philippines walked to the front of the stage where the coveted crown was taken off the head of miss columbia, ouch! and put on hers.
6:28 am
harvey wrote i don't want to take away the night of the pageant as well as the contestants it was amazing. >> at least he didn't blame anyone else. but he could use a time machine. >> meteorologist karen rogers is tracking record warmth for christmas eve. >> friends and family are remembering victims of a fiery wreck. the latest on the investigation coming up at 6:30. >> breaking now on "action
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6:30 am
news," deadly gunfire ends a good time at an eagles watch party. >> a woman steers into the path of dozens of people along the las vegas strip. police thing they did it on purpose. >> there's a new jersey bear scare and three young scouts are credited with saving the scout
6:31 am
master's life. >> david murphy is off, karen rogers is here and matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: we have high, thin clouds and they will lower and thicken as the day progresses. you can see the rain to the west. that affects us overnight and into tomorrow. north and west, it's 30 in allentown. 31 in lancaster. 39 this wilmington. a little better in millville. 46 degrees and 50 in sea isle city this morning. the afternoon high, better than the weekend. 56 degrees we're getting back to the milder temperatures that we've seen so much of this season. 9:00 a.m., 44 degrees, partly sunny skies, by noon, 352. and by 3:00 p.m., the clouds start to take over more. 56 that's the high. coming down from the high at 6:00 p.m. 53 degrees, we're tracking mild temperatures and tracking rain in the seven day. details on all that in the
6:32 am
seven-day forecast in just a few minutes, matt. >> sounds like a nice easter. good morning, everybody we're outside the schuylkill expressway where things have gotten less nice, there was a crash in the westbound lanes by spring garden. the damage is done, we're seeing delays on the westbound schuylkill expressway coming away from south street. they have spilled back on the westbound side of the vine from broad to 76. there's a wall of traffic now. on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway by city avenue near the off ramp there's a broken down truck off in the gore point. they got rid of the crash remington road. things are slowing i-95 from academy to cottman and southbound approaching girard. we have an accident investigation in horsham that's shutting down keith valley road close to county line road. park road or lime kiln pike or 611 are alternates. in the plymouth meeting area there was a crash in the
6:33 am
southbound lanes of the blue route. they have that towed out and away. in burlington county watch out for a crash close to skipper's seafood emergency crews responding to that scene on monday morning. >> thank you matt. breaking overnight, one man is under arrest for a deadly triple shooting it happened on the 1100 block of east mount erie avenue in west oak lane around midnight. four men were watching the game when the argument broke out. one man killed the homeowner and wounded two others. it is unclear how the men know each other. detectives are searching for the gunman's weapon. we follow a developing story out of the log vacation strip a horrible scene as the female driver killed one and injured dozens more. she seemed to purposefully drive
6:34 am
on a sidewalk and deliberately plowed into the people all with a child in the car. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: there was a three-year-old child in the car while all this was taking place. one person died and dozens injured. the car was on a busy stretch on the las vegas strip around 6:30. police say the driver of the car drove on the sidewalk hit pedestrians then went back on the street before driving back on the sidewalk again hitting more people. one adult was killed, 6 in critical condition. police believe there's a total of 37 people injured. the crash happened in front of paris and planet hollywood hotels across from the dancing fountains. the miss universe pageant was being held at planet hollywood at the time of crash of this was a busy evening, a lot of people were out.
6:35 am
witnesses couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> looked like she wasn't trying to stop the car. she was looking straight forward there were men running after her. >> she came to a stop at the paris intersection. people were punching the window to get the child out of the back seat. she accelerated and kept mowing everyone down. >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras nearby, so police are reviewing the foot annual. they are investigating if she was under the influence at the time. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a memorial is growing for three young women killed in a fiery wreck in the holmesburg section of philadelphia over the weekend. annie mccormick is live near the scene of the crash along the 8100 block of torresdale avenue. annie. >> reporter: torresdale avenue is back up and running after it was reopened around midnight. there was so much damage left
6:36 am
behind, cruise have a a lot of work -- crews have a lot of the work behind me. witnesses say they heard screams moments after the fiery crash, but it was too dangerous to save the three women inside the car. police believe the car was driving at a high rate of speed north torresdale. the car crashed into a tractor-trailer carrying chemicals. it fueled the fire. haz/mat was out here until the night. even though there's no park signs, truckers park there all the time. >> i've lived here 40 years and they are always there. >> reporter: last night friends gathered for the vigil ychg -- identifying two of the women killed, 25-year-old amonie hill
6:37 am
and 22-year-old gia abgarian. >> she was my best friend. >> she definitely loved you more than you loved her. definitely showed a lot of love all the time. >> reporter: now the driver of that tractor-trailer the one that was hit and up in flames he was not in the cab at the time, it is unclear if he will fails fails -- face any penalties. >> a scout leader survived a bear attack in north jersey due to bravery and quick work of three i couldn't think scouts. the bear pulled the leader into the cave rock away township yesterday. 89 boys called 911 and tried to lure the bear away with snacks. when that didn't work they smoked the bear out of the cave. the smoke helped the first responders find the kids in the
6:38 am
woods. >> they have started a fire possibly for a smoke signal. >> we have a helicopter we have a party here all of us are going for the kids. >> reporter: the boys were not hurt. the scout leader has life threatening injuries. >> the eagles played sloppily against the best team in the nfl. they trailed the cardinals by one touchdown at the half. but then the meltdown began. the cardinals routed them 40-17 clinching nfc we also. nfc west. they play the redskins saturday night and the giants on the rooted. they must win both games to
6:39 am
clinch the nfc east. >> we hope so. >> reporter: hang on to the hope. >> let's talk about accuweather because if you were hoping for snow for christmas, it's not happening. >> reporter: we're dry through the area we're tracking showers overnight. today is a good day to get out there it will be dry. we're looking at the rink in penns landing. here's what we're watching the highlights for the accuweather forecast. we'll see clouds and rain tracking this week, we're chasing record highs. moderate temperatures i think you will notice in the seven day it's how many days we're featuring clouds and showers. satellite and radar, showing we have a lot of cloud cover up above. we are starting to see it thin out here and there. we'll see sunshine mixing with the clouds early on and then the clouds lower and thicken ahead of the rain that arrives overnights and tomorrow.
6:40 am
leaser the always on day planner to help you out hour by hour throughout the day. what to expect, mostly cloudy skies, milder than over the weekend. 56 degrees for the high temperature. 8:00 a.m., 42 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 50. 2:00 p.m., 54, that's when the clouds really kind of takeover. 5:00 p.m., 54 coming down from a high of 56. overnight tonight showers and period of rain at 2:30 a.m. we advance this to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. we see showers out there. here or there it won't rain all day, but it's going to be a bit wet. 2:00, showers and heavier rain off the coastline. we advance this to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and a shower in place. today is a dry day, tomorrow showers, you will be wet if you're shopping or doing whatever you're doing for the holidays. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy skies today, milder than over the weekend.
6:41 am
56 degrees for the high. overnight tonight and tomorrow we get showers even a period of rain. tomorrow even milder 64 degrees, 66 on wednesday and that would tie the record high of we are talking about rain at times on wednesday, it's another wet day as you travel and get ready for the holidays. thursday, christmas eve, record high, the record high is 64. we'll shatter it with 74 degrees. we'll have showers around early on. friday, christmas day, mostly sunny skies, we get a break with the clouds and the rain. temperatures 20 degrees above average. saturday we begin kwanzaa and the eagles play. we'll see a period of rain during the day. 61 degrees for the high. sunday, clouds, damp, drizzle, 59 degrees for the high. we're talking about temperatures staying well above averages, but we are tracking rain come tomorrow. >> 6:41. new from the overnights,
6:42 am
embattled president of fifa learns his future with fifa. >> reporter: we have accidents including a bad one in burlington county. we'll tell you about that and check the schuylkill expressway after the break. >> a lotto scam in the midwest could have implications in states around here. that's up next on "action news."
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>> 6:44 taking a live look at philadelphia vrnl airport. i'll -- international airport. i'll tell you we have more zany weather this weekend. it's going to get up to 5 degrees and winter starts tonight. >> if you say so, it doesn't feel like it. let's go over to matt pellman looking at the commute. >> reporter: the commute is going downhill. the vine street expressway, things are slow from 8th to the schuylkill expressway up ahead on the westbound side of 76 at spring garden there was a crash. it's gone, but cleared out of the way and it got us off to a bad start on the vine street expressway. which will be closing overnight two more nights until the holiday break. at 11:00 p.m. it won't be open. a ramp along i-95 won't be open until september. the ramble from aramingo avenue
6:46 am
to the southbound side of i-95 is closing today. trucks will be detoured to the allegheny avenue ramp. cars detoured to the girard avenue ramp. that ranch aramingo avenue to i-95 southbound closes today. the one from delaware avenue to the northbound side of i-95 closes until wednesday. we're in the process of getting used to that. bad crash in burlington county, shutting down 72 and 70 and chads worth road. stay on chads worth road to get around that closure. we have a down pole closing route 9 in toms river. use ridgeway and whitesville road or new hampshire avenue as alternates around that. starting in 15 minutes in hamilton township atlantic county, cologne avenue closes. lleipsik satisfy is the way
6:47 am
around that. enreek co-mar -- enrique marquez is charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists along with two deadly plots along with the september 2 attack in california custom. fifa has banned sepp blatter for 8 years and micchel platini faces the same punishment. they were suspended because of a 2 million-dollar payment. >> a lottery official in iowa is being investigated for fraud across the country. the former security director with the multistate lottery association made millions off the scam. now investigators are taking a second look at jackpot drawings
6:48 am
in 37 other states including pennsylvania and delaware. tipton is appealing his conviction in iowa. is
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morning america." >> let's turn to dan harris with a run down of what you will see. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good to be with you matt and tam. an accident on the strip in las
6:51 am
vegas killing one person and mowing down dozens of did the driver intensally -- intentionally hit them. the wrong woman crowned miss universe. we'll have more on the teenager who killed four people while driving drunk is on the run. >> we have all you need to know the great deals out there. we'll see you soon. >> matt o'donnell if you didn't complete your christmas shopping. >> reporter: lots of work to do this week some of us more than others. if you're heading out it's slow
6:52 am
on 422 eastbound from approaching trooper into 23. the volume is building. 42 northbound now heavy from lower landing road to 295. not unbearable but a slow go, as you can see. a new crash kirkwood highway eastbound side by st. james church road. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m., 44 degrees, noon, 52. we'll see partly sunny skies. the clouds lower and thicken as the afternoon progresses. 3:00 p.m., 56 degrees, clouds, 6:00 p.m., 53 we're staying dry overnight tonight and tomorrow we get showers even a period of rain. as we look at the travel cities we're not looking at any days. in chicago you may see delays form, but they have not happened yet. what are the chances of having a white christmas? zero. not only in philadelphia, chicago and boston and detroit.
6:53 am
we're getting mild along the east coast and staying that way for a little while tam. >> thank you karen. there's a crash prevents system on amtrak's route between philadelphia and norkz, positive -- new york city, the positive train control went into effect over the weekend. the safety system can take control of a train before the speeds through a curve where it's meant to slow down. it can work if the engineer becomes disabled or distracted. septa trains are expected to have the same system up and running by the end of january. ♪ this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last minute deals at target.
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more about the victims of a fiery crash in the city's holmesburg section. three women were killed when their vehicle slammed into a tractor-trailer. it took an entire day to clear the scene because of downed power lines and chemicals that spilled from the truck. >> reporter: slow from the vine to 8th street out to the schuylkill expressway because of an earlier crash on wednesday schuylkill. there's a crash at dublin pike and ridge road. >> reporter: 45 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in allentown 39 in wilmington. this afternoon high of 56.
6:57 am
noon, 52. partly sunny skies, clouds increase as the day and evening wears on. >> what a week. we'll send you off to "g.m.a." and see you in 30 minutes for updates. for matt matt pellman, david mu, matt o'donnell, karen rogers, we hope your week is starting on a high note.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. deadly attack on the las vegas strip overnight. a woman driver with a 3-year-old in the backseat mows down pedestrians outside the city's biggest casinos. one person killed. dozens hospitalized. police saying it was intentional. searching for answers right now. war of words. hillary clinton on the defensive this morning after going after domd trump. >> he's becoming isis' best recruiter. out of this world mistake. the wrong miss universe crowned last night. host steve harvey with the epic error. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia.


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