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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> we're following a number of new stories on this ties december 22nd. >> a carbon monoxide investigation forced officials to evacuate three philadelphia homes overnight. >> a girl is recovering from being shot while in a car with her any other reading. >> today the department of justice will release its report on philadelphia's police department. it's a follow-up report after an increase in officer-involved shooting. >> and we're dealing with some rain this morning. good morning everyone, it's 4:30 on this tuesday. david is off. we have karen rogers and matt pelman. >> yeah, we have a few days of rain to contend with.
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starting with storm tracker6 live double scan you can see in philadelphia a couple of sprinkles. as we he look towards allentown lancaster and redding that rain is west to those areas starting to move in. storm tracker6 live 3-d showing all this moisture working its way up here. tomorrow's rain is going to be heavier. today we've got periods of rain, some showers here or there and we're looking along the mild conditions though. satellite6 and action radar slowing how this rain has moved into place and just some light showers right now but we he expect that to develop a little bit. it's not going to rain constantly just a few periods of rain some showers today. 49 in quakertown, already in the 50's in saint davids and warrington, 55 degrees already in center city so milder than yesterday. 53 in hammonton and 56 degrees in dover delaware. i think we're so used to these numbers you forget how rare it is where usually your high is just in the low 40's. periods of rain today, a mild high of 64 degrees. gets even milder even wetter coming up in the seven-day forecast, matt. >> those numbers can just keep going up as far as i'm
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concerned but i know not everybody feels that way. good morning to you karen. already this morning roads are a little bit damp. nonetheless we're watching a ton of overnight construction. some of it here on the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to the vine eastbound, cones are up, ramp is blocked. that means the vine street expressway eastbound itself also remains closed as does the westbound side where they've been doing a lot of work during the overnight hours. you can see the flashing lights, the police ou out here. they have westbound restricted to just one lane as you exit here at broad street then you're forced off entirely westbound completely closed between broad and the schuylkill but up to this point coming away from eighth street it's just one lane, the left lane that's getting by. over on 95 also a lot of overnight construction in the northbound lanes. here's some work by girard avenue. they're backing up as we watch picking up the cones. southbound work by allegheny take out the right lane so it's a bunch of road work that we're watching as we he kick things off on this tuesday morning. matt. >> thank you matt. new this morning a carbon monoxide investigation in the
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frankford section of philadelphia forced officials to evacuate three homes. this happened on the 4300 block of potter street just after 2:30 a.m. officials say a co detector woke up an elderly couple and the fumes were coming from neighbor's house. the neighbors were reportedly running a portable generator in a spot where it wouldn't ventilate. medics checked out one person at the scene. fire crews evacuated a third house and began airing out all of the homes. pgw crews were also on the scene. there were no injuries reported and residents should be able to return shortly. also new, police in berks county are investigating a shooting that injured a girl while she was in her mother's car. it happened last night in reading. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in the satellite center with the story. >> reporter: according to witnesses this happened around 8:30 last night. although police are releasing little information it does appear that the little girl was in a vehicle when the shooting did occur. well, this is video he from the scene last night in reading.
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according to witnesses it happened near the intersection of maple and muhlenberg streets in the south side of the city. witnesses say it was several blocks from there in the 100 block of 11th street when the young girl's mom screamed for help. witnesses saw bullet locals in the passenger side of the vehicle that the little girl was in and it appears her daughter was shot in both legs. >> she walked out of the car panicking and saying dial 911, my daughter was shot and so we -- we went to go look at what was going on and there was two gun shot holes in the door and when we looked at her legs, she was shot in both her legs. >> reporter: now, witnesses say that the victim was continues anconscious and talk d you go she was taken away in an ambulance. there's no word on her condition and police have not released a description of anyone they're looking for at this time. for now we're live in the satellite center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you. loved ones came out to mourn three women whose lives
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were cut snort a fiery wreck over the weekend. candles flowers and stuffed animals lay where a.m. mohney barton gianna scavo and an unidentified passenger were killed in a crash in holmesburg. barton was driving when her car lost control on torresdale avenue. she slammed into a parked tractor-trailer carrying herbicide and both vehicles burst into flames. while police continue to investigate what caused barton to crash her family is clinging to faith. >> to be honest with you i have faith in god and it's not our will but it's his will be done so we'll get through it. >> "action news" has learned that the passenger scavo was the only survivor of a murderous rampage back in 1997 when she was a toddler her father was convicted of killing her mother, her mother's boyfriend and her grandmother over a custody dispute. scavo's father died in prison. >> the philadelphia archdiocese has removed a priest from his parish. archbishop charles chaput placed father steven harris on
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administrative leave. harris was a pastor at saint bridget's jump in east falls. a letter says the decision follows concerns about father harris' suitability for ministry. it also says the concerns do not involve accusations of any criminal activity. a septa bus driver has been suspended without pay because video surfaced of him assaulting a rider. the video posted to social media shows the driver pouring water on a passenger. septa police tell "action news" it happened on friday while the route 57 bus was stopped in the city's olney section. officials believe the incident stemmed from a fare dispute. >> ♪ >> happening today, the department of justice will release its six month progress report on philadelphia's police department. today's report is a follow-up from the initial report which was announced in may. the police department is now implementing. of the 91 recommendations that that original report spelled out. police commissioner charles ramsey ordered the investigation of his
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department back in 2013 in response to an increase in officer-involved shootings. and coming to us from our new jersey news room, 176 policpolice departments across e garden state are getting money for body cameras. the state attorney general's office is distributing two and a half million dollars for this initiative. all of the funding came with money forfeited by criminals and it's expected to be enough to buy and equip more than 5,000 body cameras. in our area gloucester township camden county has been approved for the most of those, that's 123 cameras but in total seven police departments in atlantic county, 17 in burlington county, 17 in camden county, 10 in cape may county, three in cumberland county, 10 in cluster county, nine in mercer county, four in ocean county and seven in salem county will all be benefiting and that list of towns is at >> the crossfire between the two leading presidential candidates continues to intensify. last night republican donald trump used vulgar language
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describe democrat hillary clinton's 2008 loss to president obama. abc's kenneth moton reports. >> reporter: hillary clinton versus donald trump, the top contenders war of words got down right nasty overnight. the gop frontrunner used a vulgar tomorrow describe clinton's 2008 loss to president obama. >> she was favored to win and she got beep beep. she lostly i mean she lost. >> reporter: trumply at a rally in michigan called out clinton for taking a bathroom break during the abc news democratic debate. >> i know where she went. disgusting. >> reporter: trump's latest attack sparked by this claim from clinton. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: trump called that a lie and demanded an apology. clinton's campaign said "hell no" and clarified clinton's claim on msnbc. >> these comments are being aired across the middle east
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and isis is pointing them on social media. known isis sympathizers are using them. it's far's cal to suggest from donald trump that hillary clinton should apologize to him. >> reporter: instead clinton got creative. together they shout with great grinchy zeal. she released this campaign video just in time for christmas featuring the quote grinchs in gopville, we'll send them back to gopville where 93 all belong. >> clinton has not responded to trump's latest comments but her campaign chair went on a twitter rant saying she will never back down from calling out trump. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. >> it's 4:39 and still to come on "action news," targets let us peak at what its philadelphia store will look like. >> an airline's decision to use furry friends to help calm holiday travelers. karen. >> rain in place. more on the way. details in your seven-day
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forecast coming up.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here out across philadelphia international airport. we've already had some rain out there in some parts of the
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city this morning so he good idea if you're heading out somewhere for the holiday or going to pick someone up to take -- call ahead or take a look at flight tracker. it is 4:42 right now, 55 degrees. >> happy winter. >> yeah. >> to both of you. >> first day of winter so naturally we'll be talking about temperatures in the 60's, maybe a thunderstorm this week. >> yeah. >> record highs. i think the thing about this seven day as you look at this we're talking lots of clouds, lots of days where we're going have rain. >> okay. >> so not exactly pretty even though we're talking about record warmth. storm tracker6 live double scan around the region not a lot of rain in the area just yet. we have light showers but as we go in closer we can see some of the areas of yellow, the heavier rain that's out there and you can see it pushing towards our direction in lancaster you're starting to get wet n-reading you had a heavier cell that just moved through a-few showers in pottstown n-malvern. tomorrow is going to be even wetter than today. today a lot of it will be showery but we'll have a couple periods of rain during the day. let's go outside. we want to see what it looks like right now.
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fog is going to be a big deal tomorrow. as we look live on sky6 right now over the ben franklin bridge we can see that's not really a concern at the moment. we do have lots of clouds but no fog just yet. 55 degrees the temperature, the air nearly saturated, winds out of the south lighter than yesterday and the barometric pressure is falling. satellite6 and action radar showing lots of clouds and there moves the lane in place. now, the warm front still hasn't moved through the area. we're going to get some showers through the area, even more rain tomorrow as the front couples through but we can see the heavier rain right now is in western and central pennsylvania and some of that is going to shift through our area. not getting a soaking rain today. as we take a wider look at this, there's a lot of moisture but the heavier rain really comes tomorrow. today is a wet day, periods of rain, some showers, making it feel kind of damp out there, at least it is mild, though. 64 degrees for your high temperature with periods of rain today and even in the overnight hours staying very
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mild and that's when we're going to see the fog develop. overnight tonight and tomorrow we're going see some patchy fog, some of which could be dense so that's going to be a real issue as people are traveling. i want to show you future tracker6. this is a look at 10 o'clock in the morning today and we're seeing some of that rain move through the area, some of the areas of yellow and orange indicating could pick up at times. this is a look at lunchtime at 12 o'clock and i know so many people doing errands and running around with last minute shopping. it's going to be wet as you do that. not constantly through the day but wet at times. 4 o'clock, your drive time not looking so bad. let's go over your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. periods of rain today, some showers on and off. not awful it is going to be terribly heavy. overall not a lot of of precipitation. 64 for your high, very mild. dense fog tomorrow. rain at times, 64 also to be your high tomorrow. thursday we're shattering records. the record high is 64. we're going 10 degrees above the record high.
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76 degrees 10 plus for your high on thursday for christmas eve and it looks like it will be wet at times. on friday, clouds and now it's not looking quite as sunny on christmas day. some sunshine, maybe even some rain at night on christmas day. not quite as mild as it was but still temperatures well above average. 64 for your high. on saturday, the first day of kwan san the eagles, it looks like we will have a the least a period of rain or two, 59 degrees for your high. sunday rain is possible, temperatures staying mild. monday mostly cloudy skies, chance for showers and 54 so we're talking about a seven day period that is mild but that is pretty wet as well. we haven't had that much rain and we're talking about it almost each day. >> thank you karen. and don't forget that you can always get your seven-day forecast and check storm tracker6 radar any time you want to at new video this morning in from chicago. officials are trying to figure out what caused this warehouse fire. it sent flames shooting out of the windows.
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no one was hurt in last night's blaze. fire officials said the warehouse had recently been renovated. a chicago council member says the building was to become a type of culinary complex in hopes that the endeavor would provide an economic boone to the area. sea world is trying to figure out why a ride malfunction. riders were stranded for more than two hours yesterday about a hundred feet off the ground. 50 guests and two parks employees were on the ride at the time but no one was injured. >> time for your first look at business here at the big board. a bidding war continues for philadelphia based pep boys. billionaire investor carl icahn offered a dollar more for share in the company. pep boys called the deal superior and bridgestone made an initial offer for the company and has until tomorrow to make another offer. federal regulators rejected staples plan to revise its deal to buy office depot. staples wants to pay
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$6.3 billion to merge with its rival and offered to sell $1.25 billion of contracts to ease concerns that it would end up controlling too much of the office supply market. the federal trade commission believes it is crucial to keep the retailers separate to maintain fair prices. the major stock indices all saw gains yesterday. the dow jumped by 123 points and futures point to a higher open. target released renderings of a new store to be built or renovated in philadelphia. the retailer will take over the whole foods location at 20th and pennsylvania avenue in spring garden in october of 2017. whole foods is moving to a lamper space now under construction. >> it is now 4:48 and coming up next on "action news," bill cosby one of his local accuser. >> pennsylvania's highest court rules on whether governor wolf has the authority to postpone executions in the state. >> ♪
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[meow] meet one today. visit adopt. >> ♪ >> welcome back and welcome to winter 2015-2016. whatever you do, do not bundle up. it's pretty mild out there this morning, but it's also a little bit damp and we're seeing some of the damp conditions on the roadways, also we've been seeing a lot of overnight construction that continues to close the eastbound side of the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. however, we're just seeing the
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first cars move in those westbound lanes of the vine between broad and the schuylkill society westbound side in the process of reopening, eastbound side remains closed. shouldn't be closed too much longer. this is the ramp from 95 northbound to cottman avenue also shut down for overnight construction as you can see. it's one of many zones we've had along 95 but they're all in the process of clearing out right now. there's work on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past willow grove knocking out the left lane and center lane. also work on the westbound side in chester county blocking the right lane between valley forge and malvern and in newark, delaware, we're getting word of a broken down vehicle along 95 northbound at 896. one lane blocked there but at this point not a huge delay. matt. >> thank you matt. nypd detective is one of six american troops killed in an attack in afghanistan. the taliban is taking responsibility for yesterday's suicide bombing in a village near bagram air field outside of kabul. detective joseph lem who was serving the air national guard was one of the six troops killed.
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two others were hurt. it was the deadliest attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan since 2012. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he is pleased by the state supreme court's unanimous ruling that takes his side in a fight over the death penalty. the governor started issuing temporary reprieves to death row inmates essentially putting a moratorium on executions until the legislature issues its report on flaws in the death penalty system. philadelphia district attorney seth williams challenged the governor's authority to postpone the executions but the high court sided with wolf. >> comedian bill cosby is suing model beverly johnson staying she defamed him. ? and son claims cosby drugged and attempted to sexually assault her back in the 1980's. cosby's lawsuit contends johnson has been using the story to rekindle her career. she's the eighth accuser cosby has filed suit against this month. cosby has denied accusations by more than 50 women that he sexually assaulted them. >> 4:53 is the time and new this morning, officials suspect arson in a fire at a
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nome kensington. details coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> a suspected shoplifter failed his get away attempt. the surveillance video video is up when "action news" comes right back. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners.
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and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here, the view into center city from temple university. dealing with a little rain out there this morning. it is 55 degrees. your high will be 63. new this morning,
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suspected shoplifter jumped head first off an escalator while running from police in ohio. police say 21-year-old marcel wallace was running down the escalator in macy's when an officer started coming toward him so he jumped. the officer tried to catch him but wallace kicked at the officer and fell landing on his head. minutes earlier police say wallace was caught switching price tags and having his sister a cashier at the store ring them up. both are facing theft stories. >> a a new program at a suburban d.c. airport aims to help stressed out holiday travelers. a number of professionally trained comfort dogs greet guests at dulles international airport. they're part of united airlines united pause program which has been expanded to you improve several airports across the country. the travelers who get to pet the pups say it was a bright spot in their hectic holiday journey. >> still ahead on "action news" new jersey governor chris christie sao seeing gains in the state of new
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hampshire. >> a prominent doctor's body is found in a center city hotel. we are live at the with the latest on this suspicious death. >> ♪
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>> ♪
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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday december 22nd and we're working on several new and developing stories. >> a plan is dead after being slot in the head while walking his dog. >> fire investigators suspect a house fire in the frankford section may have been intentionally set. >> and we're learning more about the suspicious deaths of a prominent philadelphia doctor. we're live with the very latest. >> and we're track something early morning rain. let's turn to karen rogers in for david and matt pelman. >> good morning. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan you can see that through our region in philadelphia just a couple light showers. the rain is really building out to the west so we're getting a little bit of heavier shower near lancaster, not quite hitting reading just yet, nearly a town some showers. you see that rain that's out there to the west. i want to show you storm tracker6 live 3-d, look at the amount of moisture we have that's going to work its way through the area. the front is still well


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